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USB headsets' mics do not work

Q: USB headsets' mics do not work

Yesterday, my G933's mic stopped working. Windows recognizes the device, but it can't transmit any sounds (on the bar in the recording tab), Skype, Discord, or anything. I've tried using another USB headset and had the same problem. Then I tried an old G230 with 3.5mm cables and the mic worked. However, the person I'm talking to on Skype says my mic keeps cutting out and they can hear sounds coming from my headset. (Might be a whole other problem. It seems like it'll mute every time I'm playing something loud on my computer.)

I built this computer about 2 months ago. Using an Asus Maximus 9 Hero. I've tried updating the audio driver and plugging in the headset onto other USB ports.

If anybody has any suggestions, I will greatly appreciate it.

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Preferred Solution: USB headsets' mics do not work

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I first discovered this on counter-strike a long ways back. Through the use of the ever-so-useful steam games console Ive been able to determine a few things. When i use the mic, my voice sometimes can and sometimes cannot be heard for about one second. Then the last of what i said begins to echo louder and louder, then whatever was heard after that + static begins to echo louder and louder, and it just keeps growing until i have to shut off the mic. At first i thought it was a problem with my mic, but then i tried unplugging it and then using voice. Sounds from the game (like footsteps) were broadcast and echoed louder and louder like before. So with the mic unplugged and the headphones unplugged it still did it (just without my voice or any input from the actual mic), and it does it with two different headsets.

The only thing i can think of that could be causing this is some Realtek HD sound effect manager that has alot to do with my audio even when Im not using it.

I know its not a steam problem either because when i tried to use ventrillo "layers of echoes" is what people heard.

Ill give you any computer specs or settings you need to help me with this. Its been bugging me forever.

A:Mics wont work, not mics fault.

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I bought a custom gaming computer from ibuypower running Windows 8. It came with Turtle Beach Z1s, and I have also tried this with several other headsets to no avail. The tower doesn't have traditional colored headset jacks, so I have the red plugged into the mic slot and the green in the speaker out slot. It also has slots for speakers in, CS out, and RS out. I can hear through the headset fine, but nobody can hear me. I have used several other headsets and earbuds to get the same problem. Microsoft support wanted $150 to have "advanced" technicians call me to help troubleshoot, which is ridiculous because it seems to be a windows issue. iBuyPower support was completely unhelpful and the lady wanted me to pay expensive shipping back to the factory so they could look at it. Estimated time for that was 4-6 weeks. This is extremely frustrating because it seems to be a basic issue and I have spent hours and hours trying to fix it. I installed the drivers that came on CDs and it didn't fix it. So I installed them again with the same result. Please help me.

A:My headsets get sound to them but none of the mics indicate they get sound to them

Hi, until more help comes along you could try this link if you haven't already tried it:


Good luck

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I reformatted my PC which I bought from a LAN center awhile back, and I haven't been able to get my mic to pick up sound since. I have tested the mic and another mic on a laptop I own and both of them work there (using the sound recorder). Neither work on my PC that I reformatted and I don't know why..I have messed with all kinds of settings and to no solution.

They're not USB slot mics, and I haven't tried one of those..but, they worked before the reformatting so I don't think that has anything to do with it.

Any help is greatly appreciated. (I do get sound out of the speaker parts, they're headsets, but the mics don't work on either of them). I have downloaded the AC'97 audio drivers.

A:Mics do not work

Please put your System Specs in your Profile

If you have a proprietory computer like Dell; HP; Acer etc, please manually write this in the mobo field (ie Dell Dimension 3100 - as an example)

Waiting for specs ...

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I have a problem with microphones. I have a plantronics gaming headset with a lime and pink plugs, not usb. I also have an old logitech headset too and I can't get the micrphone from either of the headsets to work. So I am guessing it is something in windows.

I can't imagine what the problem is. I tried looking in volume control and audio properties for things I found off google but none of those things seem to be the problem. The mic tab is not muted in playback and I have no soundcard so I'm going through the motherboard with the ac97 drivers.

AFAIK it should just be working, I thought my headset was going but I tried another headset and that doesn't work either.

Does anyone have any ideas? I get sound, I just can't get any microphones to work.

I have Windows XP and my motherboard is a Asus K8MM-V.

Edit; I tried reinstalling the drivers. I am still using the latest vinyl ac97 drivers (7.00b). I'm out of ideas. If ANYONE has any other clues I would be VERY appreciative...

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Yesterday I log onto vent and try talking and my friends tell me that they can't hear me. So I go into my volume properties and i find that the volume for my mic is muted. I unmuted it and my mic still wont transmit. I restarted my computer and i STILL cant transmit. Today I tried using my sister's mic (which works on her computer) and it wont work on mine. Does anyone what is wrong with my pc!? Thanks.

A:Mics wont work on my pc

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i have been trying to get both my desktop and headset mic to work on vista. i have pluged them in to every port on my pc. there is no sound coming from the mics or very little that u cant understand. i even have put the mic volume and mic boost up and nothing. i have updated all the drivers as well. im at my wits end. i will attach a everest report to email to see what the problem might be

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Upon re-boot (no other apps using  built-in HD cam) now Youcam 5 does not record; will not save cam setting & display sits blank. It did work when it was intsalled (HP Support center advised a free upgrade to this version) about a year ago. After a few days, I thought I'd test the original Youcam1+ app & it seemed to work, video camera was on & picture displayed but upon recording I get error 0x80004005 (related to memory?) . I've 350GBs of memory left free so I cannot see this explanation an issue.  (I installed latest patch for Youcam 5). The warning on Youcam 5 is either make sure HD cam is connected or make sure another application is not using the camera. None are.  I updated the Bios just now, as per recommendation along with Windows updates but no change.   When in Youcam 5 I select  built HD cam /  mics, but next time I open settings it is set to blank. (Original Youcam 1+ has camera selected with OK display, generaloperation yet also simply will not record/take snapshot.) In Device Man. the cam is fine & enabled. No warnings not issues. Drivers are up-to-date. Knowledge base is a bit frustrating details wise but I spent time there trying to make sure I did all I could.    Thx for your time... all is much appreciated. :-)

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I'm trying to connect my Bluetooth headset to a Windows 7 PC so that I can receive and make Skype calls. The headset seems to have successfully paired with and connected with the PC, but I can't get anything to play through it.
How do I check what is going wrong?
If I look in Devices and Printers, I can see the headset there.
If I right click on it and select Properties, and then look in the Services tab, it says that the headset is enabled for Audio Sink, Handsfree Telephony and Headset.
If I look under the Hardware tab, I see Bluetooth AV, Bluetooth hands-free and Bluetooth Headset.
If I look in the Sound control panel, under the Playback tab, the only device I see is Speakers. Should I see the headset here, if it's connected properly?
If I look in Sounds under the Recording tab I see Microphone (default device), Line in (currently unavailable) and Stereo Mix (currently unavailable). Is this correct, or should I see the headset here too?
How do I tell Skype to use the headset and not the speakers or the built in microphone? If I plug in a wired headset, it automatically switches off the built in speakers and microphone, and any phone calls that I then make will use the headset - why doesn't this happen with the Bluetooth device?

How do I debug all this stuff? How do I see how the headset is connected? How do I see what profile the sound applications (Skype, Lync, Media Player etc.) are using? How do I see what messages the answer button on the headset is sending?

I just... Read more

A:How do Bluetooth Headsets work?

I searched your question ( How do Bluetooth Headsets work? - YouTube ) You just need to find your bluetooth headset there

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I heard that there are some other headses that work with PS2 besides the ones that sony provides. I think they might be logitech but not sure can someone help me findout? i am only really interested if they are cheaper but any comments are appreciated thanks.

A:[PS2] - Other headsets then the official ones that can work on Ps2???

I think the Logitech ones are considered to be the SONY ones. Those our the only ones I see on the shelf. I have seen other makes in second hand shops like GameStop and Electronic Boutique.

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Thank you guys for hearing me out, this problem has been bugging me for a while. I have a Turtle Beach Earforce Z11 Headset for PC, which connects through jacks as opposed to USB. There is a splitter for the primary plug, which splits the options into both a headphone and microphone. On this HP, however there are two jack options in the front : headphone and one that shows both a microphone and a headphone.  Upon connecting the plug in the headphone jack, I'm able to hear everything. Sound is perfect and I couldn't be happier, however it fails to recognize the mic...because it isn't in a microphone slot. Once I connected the plug into the combined audio/mic jack, I get nothing. I hear a tiny bit of static as it is inserted and suddenly my sound option on the taskbar appears with a little red circle and an "x", which tells me that "No speakers or headphones are plugged in". However on skype, I am told that my microphone is working just fine. The problem with that is, my actual microphone isn't picking up sound, but the headphones are picking up sound. I'm currently speaking into my headphones (which are plugged into the mic/audio jack) and I was told that I they could hear me, but I sounded muffled. The only other piece of relevant information is that a headset I had that worked through USB had no problems whatsoever. Thank you for the help.

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Earlier today I emerged from a bathroom break to find my headphones in the middle of the floor with the plug bent thanks to my dog. Now the strangest thing has happened: My speakers won't work. I know they're on; when I turn them up I can hear a hiss, but there's no other audio. There's no evidence to suggest my dog got to them and it's almost impossible for him to reach. What has happened? The speaker plug is in the computer rock solid. The only remote possibility I can think of is that the computer somehow didn't realize the headphones have left the audio jack, but looking around I have seen nothing to suggest that the headphones are still registering.

Does anybody know what has happened?

UPDATE: I got the headsets fixed. It seems my theory might be correct, as the PC does not notify me anymore when I plug them in or remove them.

A:My headsets are broken, so my speakers don't work?

Were the headphones plugged into the computer when the dog got to them? If so, my thought is that the thing the headphone plugs into may be damaged.

What is the make and model of the computer?

Orange Blossom

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The volume when I plug in the headset is super low. I use earbuds and there is no inline volume control. I have my laptop turned up all the way and no matter what i can't get the sound of the earbuds to work. They worked before I installed windows 7 and now they are super low. I have upgraded the newest drvier for my sound card which is a

Realtek ALC861 16-bit stereo software sound

It's integrated with the mobo that came with the laptop. Is there any fix for this. I have tried everything I've found online even getting a normal headset with inline volume control. Nothing works.

A:Internal Speakers work but headsets are super low

Quote: Originally Posted by Vorbias

The volume when I plug in the headset is super low. I use earbuds and there is no inline volume control. I have my laptop turned up all the way and no matter what i can't get the sound of the earbuds to work. They worked before I installed windows 7 and now they are super low. I have upgraded the newest drvier for my sound card which is a

Realtek ALC861 16-bit stereo software sound

It's integrated with the mobo that came with the laptop. Is there any fix for this. I have tried everything I've found online even getting a normal headset with inline volume control. Nothing works.

Welcome to sevenforums, Vorbias.

Have you checked the volume control to ensure that when the headphones are plugged in it is set to a high volume? I had the same issue and making the volume control visible on the taskbar and then opening the "mixer" when I plugged in the headset and setting the volume up fixed it.

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I have a compaq 610 notebook. it says charging everytime i plug in the charger but does nott exceed 0% and its internal speaker does not work but the headsets work. this has taken sometime, and has disturbed me alot esspecially when power goes off abruptly. please help me

A:internal speaker not working, but headsets work, and battery...

Dear HP Customer, I understand that you have 2 issues on your Compaq 610 1. Unit not charging the battery and shows 0%  2. Internal Speakers not working.  

I work for HP

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I play online games and use ventrilo. My mic worked fine till 2 days ago, not sure what happened to it. It still picks up sound but only if i put the microphone IN my mouth and make low growling sounds. My troubleshooting went something like this:

1. Unplug mic and replug
2. check vols in windows (control panel)
3. check vols in ventrilo
4. removed mic filter (foamy thing)
5. update audio drivers (and codecs, just becasue)
6. purchase new mic

problem persists. Id like to mention that i also tried the mic(s) on serveral applications with same results, i find it quite difficult to concentrate on games while choking on my mic.

Specs are as follows:

3.4gh intel P4
1g mem
Nvidia gforce 6800 go
windows xp, home
realtek audio (realtek high definition audio)
DirectX 9.0c

not sure what else would help

oh an im using a laptop so it has a built in mic, i think i turned it off but im not sure. Im looking up my mobo info too, ill post that asap cause its onboard sound.

A:Know something about mics?

you may not have disabled the onboard mic of and it might be interfearing with the mic your trying to use

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Q: Mics

How do I get my mic to work? It use to work real good on in yahoo chat and in paltalk. I rebooted my computer and now it dont work at all. I still have sound. So this is weird. I am running windows xp.


have you checked to see if its muted?

have you updated any software - drivers recently

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so instead of buying a mic, i thought i would be abl to use one of the three earbuds/mics i have. however, when i plug it in, it reconizes the mic, but only responds when i blow into the ear bud peice. not the mic built into the wire...... ive tried 3 different headsets, and tried switching between line in, and mic in. any idea how to fix this? im on an MSI 970A-G43 MOBO

A:help with Mics!

Quad looking at the I/O panel it is usually the green for phones and orange for mic from what I have doe in the past.

Have a look at the jacks the phones should have three "sections" that go into the socket the mic two. see pic. - they should be coloured coded as aruel.

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Hello, I am wondering if there is any way to have 2 USB headsets plugged into the same computer and you can talk & hear in both of them.. Because when I have both plugged in I can only hear/talk in 1 of them and the other one you cant. So is there any way to get em both working? Thanks.

A:Having 2 Mics In At Same Time?

that really depeneds on who makes them, and/or what the drivers let you do... you may have both head sets pluged in (assuming they are the same head sets) windows will reconize two, but windows will only interact with one. just like computers with more than one sound card, windows will only send sound to one of them... so google your head sets to see if it has been done, that is your best bet

Chads Computers

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Im starting a podcast and to start ill be using 2 att2020 condenser mics. My Yoga only has 1 USB hook up so i plan on getting an adapter for the second one. Im wondering if this will actually work out. Will it recognize both mics and allow me to run them through my editing software. Can anyone help out this first time podcaster??

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This is my problem.
I have a fairly old computer with a 120mhz pentium one. I am borrowing it. It has a Pro Audio Spectrum 16 sound card. My Mic is plugged in mic jack (I have also plugged in input jack), and it doesn't work. The questions asked on this site about mics not working say's to mute mic on playback. I can only select mic (win 98 problem?). I have deselected and selected it on both playback and record. With volumes up and down. Mic is good, been tested. Is there a driver I should install for PAS/16 being on windows 98? I have uninstalled the sound, and rebooted computer, reinstalled, and still the mic is not working? Any thoughts?

A:Pro Audio Spectrum and Win 98 and Mics

I've heard of this one before, the problem's probably your sound card not pumping out enough juice. If that's the case, you'll have to get a auxillary power supply. I know Andrea Electronics makes one and its 17$, but you could probably find it cheaper.

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I would like to connect 2 electric condenser mics (bm800's) into my laptop after connecting them into my phantom power. As I would like one to be for left side (left ear to hear through head phones) and one for the right. Anybody knows how to connect 2 xlr mics into a laptop?

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So far I have tried my 3 favourite headphones on my new build system - Creative Wraths, Corsair vengeance 2100, and G35s. First 2 are wireless, all are USB.

Installation goes fine, and I can hear wonderfully. However using the software for each to test mic gives nothing at all. Working through Windows (v7 pro) shows sound is being detected through the mic.

Any ideas? Seems very strange that all 3 have the same problem, considering they all work fine on my 2nd rig. Stuck!!

Edit: System spec as profiled.

A:Solved: Headphone mics not working

not sure what program you are trying to use the mic in, but could it be that your mic is not set as the default mic (even if its the only one you have plugged in)? you should be able to check this somewhere in the program's settings. If you tell me what program you are trying to use I might be able to help further.

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it just happened randomly, my built in mic has always worked fine and it just stopped. plugging in mics doesn't help at all either. im assuming i need to re download a driver or something. im not the most computer literate person ever so i figured i'd ask instead of downloading random shit i know nothing about.

i have a
ASUS Republic of Gamers G74SX-AH71 17.3-Inch

Intel Core i7 2670QM Processor 2.2GHz
750GB 7200RPM Hard Drive
17.3-Inch Screen, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

A:Built in mic and external mics not registering

Hi there, Welcome to Seven Forums.

Sounds like you will need to re-download the driver for the audio card.

Go to the ASUS website here: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download

Choose your product either by name or service tag ID

Then choose you want to download drivers and then choose audio drivers.

Download and run the file and you should be good to go .

Let us know how you get on,

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Audio samples at various gains/input levels

My microphone is picking up sound WAY too quiet (even with it at max input level). I can boost up the gain to max (20% for Soundcard, 30% for on-board) and the voice quality it picks up is good, however with the amount of gain used there's hissy noise in the background (to be expected with that much gain).

I have done a lot of searching on google and found many people with the same problem with Windows 7. Some people have had no issues on previous OS's (XP or Vista) and when upgrading to 7 have instantly had mic volume issues.

To troubleshoot this on my own before posting here I have not only tried my headset in my soundcard, but also in the on-board (realtek) inputs. I have also tried a second standalone microphone and had the same exact results. Extremely quiet with no gain. I used the latest drivers for both soundcard and on-board, although I did not have them running at the same time to avoid conflicts. Also, I wanted to try my headset in another machine not using Windows 7 but unfortunately don't have access to one at home or at work.

The only way to get myself audible is to also have hissy noise from cranking up the gain. I find this unacceptable with a good quality headset/mic as I've heard crisp/clear/noiseless dialog on youtube/streaming videos with much lower quality mics.

My guess is there's some conflict going on with my hardware combination and windows 7 that is difficult to pinpoint.. I also reformat fa... Read more

A:Microphone way too quiet. Tried two different mics and sound cards.

Are you using both the onboard sound and dedicated sound?

Unless I'm mistaken, you need to disable onboard sound in the BIOS if you want to use the Creative sound card as the default sound settings.

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Title says it all. I was watching a video then my sound kept going off and on then just went kaputt. I tried reinstalling the drivers and then rebooting but all it did was give me sound back without my mic plugged in ( i think. it might've been able to do that before but i didnt check that). Im afraid of doing a system restore because A) couldnt the problem come back/isnt it better to fix the root problem and B) dont you lose all the stuff youve done since the point you restore to?

my computer specs are done with that tool thingy and I dont know what else to say. I did check the mute in the sound. and i did do the reinstall of the drivers with the mic in so that couldve been the problem.

I just tried pluggin the mic in a couple of times with a constant sound in the background and it seems to be working now although I dont know if it will last long i'll still post this.

thanks for any help in advance.

Edit: i can get the mic to work while also having sound now, but it's incredibly soft. I can't get the sound to work while i have headphones plugged in.

A:Sound stopped working when mics plugged in

have you attempted to poke around in the sound setting in controll panel? have you configured your mic and speaker settings from the controll panel? do you have a mic booster you can turn on? my computer has 2 mic boosters that make the gain incredibly loud, you can get to that setting by double clicking on your speaker icon in bottom right of screen, and going to the advanced options. my other 3 systems dont have this option though for some reason, dont know why as i used the same retail xp cd with different keys. anyways take a look into those settings. if that doent work, confirm if your using a sound card, or on board sound. if your using a sound card, try just using the on board sound, if your already using on board sound, try using opposite jacks, for example, if your plugged into the sound jacks in the front of your conputer, try using the ones in the back of your computer, if your using the ones in the back of the computer try using the ones in the front of the computer. report back with updates =)

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The microphone won't work (Or at least it's extremely unresponsive that if you scream into the mic port it might flicker.) I've read other forums and lots of people are having this problem but none of the solutions given are yet to work. I've tried them all. People seem to think it's a problem with the Bang & Olufsen driver. Any help welcome! 

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Trying to record a tape in desktop, but either mic input I use,  will automaticly mute and turn level down within a few seconde. Have done driver up dates several times.  Internial mic on my monitor works with skyps. None of inputs on tower stay on. Anyone have a possible clue about what my problem could be. Thanks, Mike 

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Hello all,

I'm having trouble with a mic static and echo on one of my computers. I have tried plugging it into the audio jacks in the front and back, and I even bought a pci audio card to see if that would work but the issue persists.

I have tried multiple headsets with the same result, and I have tested the headsets on my other computer with no problems.

I'm not sure what to do from here.

Thanks for any help.

Windows 7 64 bit
Micorstar MS-7596 mobo
AMD Phenom 2.6ghz
4gb ram
Radeon 4800
PPA 1431v Sound Card

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Hello and thank you for viewing this post.

So here's what I need to happen; I require two usb headsets to both function on one PC. I need the sound to be delivered to each individual headset and the microphone from each individual headset to be picked up by the pc.

I connected both USB headsets to the computer. They are both listed within Control Panel > Sound. I opened voice recorder and both mics recorded successfully. I played back my recording, but it would only come through on the default headset. Switch the default headset and the play back would switch as well. Both headsets would test just fine without having to change the defaults.

So is there a way in Windows to deliver the output to both headsets? Or perhaps within Media Player to play to both default and secondary headsets?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Windows 7
Dell Optiplex 360

A:2 USB headsets on 1 PC

Not that I'm aware. Windows only allows a single device for each type of audio.

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Will a Steel Series 5H v2 usb or no usb work on a 32 bit motherboard
here is the web sites
with usb http://www.steelseries.com/us/products/audio/5hv2-usb/information
without usb http://www.steelseries.com/us/products/5hv2/information

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Anyone know what headsets with a microphone are compatible with the Aspire V series? I have the V3-572G-543S. I need a headset to play games but my current one doesn't have a place to connect the microphone.


Hi agirl17,
You might want to look at USB headsets with a mic, or if you dont plan on moving around with the notebook just a USB microphone.
Hope this helps,Cory

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Anyone know what headsets with a microphone are compatible with the Aspire V series? I have the V3-572G-543S. I need a headset to play games but my current one doesn't have a place to connect the microphone.


Hi agirl17,
You might want to look at USB headsets with a mic, or if you dont plan on moving around with the notebook just a USB microphone.
Hope this helps,Cory

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New usb headset when hooked to front usb port are not recognized , same with 10 port usb hub. Have 5 other things hooked to hub and all work. When hooked to ports at rear of computer they work great. But when I want tol enjoy my speakers I have to crawl under desk and disconnect headset. Im 82 yrs and that aint easy Could it b diff between usb2 and usb3? Hub is usb2. Dont know what front usb ports are. Help!, Thanks

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Hi,Since I upgraded to Windows 10x64 anniversary edition, I don't have anymore sound on headsets. After installing and uninstalling several drivers I got my sound back, but for some reason it doesn't work anymore.What I tried:- installing/uninstalling several drivers for the same hardware (only from HP, spXXXXXX).- reinstalling Windows 10x64 AE, and installing the latest audio driver for my laptop found on HP webpage.- running Linux Mint live, and installing a small app to switch manually between outputs. It works: I can have sound either on speakers or headsets.

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I'm looking for suggestions for wireless/bluetooth headsets with mic for PC gaming. Must work with Teamspeak or Vent as well as ingame voice comms

A:Wireless Headsets

Welcome to Tech Guy Forum.
I suggest that you look at these.

Personally, I like Plantronic & Sennheiser.


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I have windows 7, clean install(upgrade), MOBO- ASUS P7P55D Pro. Intel I5 2.66, 2-2gig Corsair ddr3 Ram. 750w power supply 1tb hdd, 1-550gig hdd. Headsets- Cyber Snipa USB 5.1 surround headsets. I installed Beta Drivers from Cyber, I set the Headset program to use the headsets. I set the Audio program to use the headsets. No Sound card. All programs are up to date. Problem- No Sound from the headsets. I can, however, by using the control on the headset set the volume and mute. No matter what I have done I cannot get any sound from the headsets. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.I do not have speakers

A:No sound from the headsets

Welcome to the Forums! Go to Control Panel>Sound and post a screenshot.

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This is an interesting/wierd problem.

I just invested in a headset. When I connected it to my computer, it got recognized and all the drivers were installed. I blew into the mic and I could hear myself. I then tried to play some music through itunes. iTunes refused to play (the bar didn't even move) any of my musik. I then tried to listen to musik through VLC. Same problem.

I tried to buy a new headset. I have exactly the same problem.

Any ideas?


A:Problem with all USB Headsets

Are you connecting through USB or the audio/mic jacks?

The best idea when trying to test a headset is to use the sound recorder.

To access this you go to Start>All Programs>Accessories>Entertainment>Sound Recorder

Click record and speak ito the mic. Click play to play it back. If it works, then you have a software problem. If not, then it's a hardware/driver problem

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Anyone have any knowledge on pc gaming headsets?

was thinking about getting these http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B000RVD89M

or these http://steelseries.com/products/audio/steelseries-siberia-v2

help if you can. or mehbeh just say which ones seem best bang for the buck

A:PC gaming headsets?

These have a much better review. Those Logitech only got 2.5 stars

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I have two headsets that I've used in the past with ps3, 3 win7 laptops and my iphone with no issues and are still working fine but win8 cant discover them however its finding my ps3, xbox and a cellphone

Connecting the headsets to the computer with usb shows the devices names but no drivers install

(link to computer specs)
HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop 6GB Memory 1TB Hard Drive s5-1554 - Best Buy

A:Bluetooth headsets not being found

I appreciate having so many views on this thread but after two days and not even a reply I'm beginning to doubt anyone here will help me with this and I guess its to be expected.

~Feel free to lock

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I have a laptop running both windows 10 and ubuntu. The audio worked just fine but since yesterday I couldn't hear a thing  on windows or ubuntu.. There is a red circle with a white 'X' on the speaker icon in the taskbar. When I hower my mouse over it, it says "No Audio Output Device is installed". 
I tried to find solutions online but I couldn't solve the issue. I don't have the  "Sound, Video and Game Controllers" option under Device Manager. Sound/ Playback gives the message  "No audio devices are installed". I can't open the Realtek app. When I ran driver easy, it said that Realtek audio is unplugged.
Please do help me. I've been working on this for a while now and have had no luck. Any help is appreciated.Thank you. 

A:No audio from speakers or headsets

theodorebear,Click the link below to choose your computer model and then the OS you have installed. Download and install the chipset drivers first and reboot. You can then download and install the audio drivers and install them as well. Reboot the machine. Depending on the system Dell may not have Ubuntu drivers.

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Hey all,

I recently began playing some online games (left 4 dead, etc) and now want to upgrade my analog headphones and separate analog mic to a Headset / Mic combo. I am using Vista32 Home Premium

From what I hear, USB is the way to go for audio quality as wel as the fact that the headset is treated as a separate sound card - which opens up some additional configuration options (assignment, etc) if desired.

Now, my question is, is every USB headset treated as a separate sound card? When people say this, will it actually show up as a sound card? Or will it just be recognized in device manager as headphones?

How are the Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 (HERE) ?

This ABS AZ1 (HERE) seem like a good deal as well...

I want something that is decent for gaming as well as music....

I would like to choose a decent (covering the ear) set for around $30 online. Any suggestions?

Also, are the analog sets that have the usb adapter the same as a 'native' usb Headset?

Thanks in advance,


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Hey there folks!

It seems I'm having issues with USB Audio. I have an ASUS P5N32-E SLI motherboard with up-to-date nVidia chipset. I am running Windows XP Pro 64-bit, but the issue also arose on the same system with XP Home 32-bit.

It came to light when I bought a new wireless Logitech G930 and it didn't work once installed. I went to Logitech but have not yet found a solution to what I initially thought was a Logitech product issue.

I was preparing to reformat my HDD and set up Windows XP Pro 64-bit, so I decided to do it promptly and see if that would help out the situation. I got XP up to date and attempted to use the G930 without its software. The sound was incredibly distorted and off-pitch with a lot of static. Sometimes it wouldn't work at all. I even tried to use my older wired USB Headset (Plantronics 770) which worked the last time I used it, about two months ago. It suffered the exact same distortion/static issue.

Here are some details of what I've tried:

- All of my other USB devices work perfectly fine on any USB port I plug them into. I currently have only a wireless mouse and keyboard in use.

- I've tried the headsets on all USB ports to no avail.

- I've tried both headsets on my girlfriend's laptop running Win7, both worked without issue.

- There are no yellow exclamation points in Device Manager.

- I seem to have WDMA_USB.INF and WDMA_USB.PNF in my windows/inf folder. (I had read some suggestions regarding the ... Read more

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Hi Everyone

Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

Is it possible to play my music through 2 headsets plugged into 2 seperate usb ports in windows xp? They are different makes/models. I just wanna be able to listen to music with my son while my daughter watches movies on my laptop.

Is there anything i need to purchase or software that can do this?

Thx in advance.


A:Can I play audio through 2 usb headsets?

Im guessin its a no????

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I have a wireless Bluetooth headset for my phone, a Jabra BT250v.

I just bought Battlefield 2 and want to use a headset (VOIP).

If I buy a wireless Bluetooth USB dongle to connect my headset to my computer. Can I use it for Battlefield 2 to talk to other people in my squad?

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I'm looking to purchase a multifunction Bluetooth stereo headset with a microphone. I'd like to use one device to listen to music and online broadcasts as well as use interactive tutorial programs and the online telephonic services, e.g., Yahoo Messenger. I've been using a wired stereo headset and a separate wired mic with success but too much wired hassle. Any suggestions for such a Bluetooth product? I've seen the Kensington Bluetooth Stereo Headphones with microphone, but nothing descriptive enough to assure me it will function as I wish on my Toshiba Tecra 5-M5332.


A:Bluetooth multifunction headsets available?

Toshiba might have a list of suggested accessories.


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