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Screen Recording Programs?

Q: Screen Recording Programs?

Does anyone know any software that i can use to record my computer screen? i have a Rig i build running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits, i wanna use it to record my games. Any suggestions? i dont mind paying for it.

Preferred Solution: Screen Recording Programs?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Screen Recording Programs?

One of the alternatives is FRAPS. (I am not sure how favored it is nowadays.

Others will post others I am sure.

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I have a very unique problem with my computer. I'm not new to them, so it's okay to talk tech to me. Here are my System Specifications:

Windows XP SP2 - Professional
HP xw4400 WorkStation
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU
- 6400 @ 2.13 Ghz
2.00 GB of RAM

My problem.
Running an exe does nothing but load for half a second. The only reason I say load, is because the mouse changes to the appropriate icon. However, some of them still run, the problem is that I can't really find a link as to why some run and some don't. Now, please don't tell me I need to reinstall my operating system. My computer does not have a virus, and it's not spyware or anything else like that. The system boots in under 3 minuets and I've got plenty of anti-anything software.

Some software, such as firefox, obviously, stuff run perfectly fine. No programs run from certain places, which I can't really relate to (see video). They where all working about a week ago, and I can't say what the last thing I did before it was working was. This is due to the fact that the first time it happened I assumed it was the program I was trying to update. An updated had been released and I tried to run the upgrade and nothing happened. Thus I assumed it was a bug with that particular program and moved on with my day.

I'm a webmaster, and I own a webserver, so most of my work is done over the internet or on my server, I don't run exe's all day like other people might s... Read more

A:Solved: I've got an intresting problem. Programs wont launch (screen recording included)

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Hi I have a Tuner installed on my computer but I have Windows XP installed I'm looking for suggestions on programs that record tv that work.

A:Tv recording programs?

What tuner? Many tuners come with software to schedule recordings.

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I've got some questions, some problems and something to get off my chest before getting into my own struggles on this subject.

In various forms DVD recorders have been with us for a decade now. I include the DVD recorder *consoles - made to interface with TV's and Monitors - as well as 'computer' DVD disc recorders.

The common thread in both, (tho aimed at different users), was that they both read & write the same disks, the same way, and can be adapted to the same digital language/formats. I.E. 100% compatible. Or so the public is told.
How was anyone to think otherwise, than to know that the two - "TV shows and Computers" - were bound to find each other.

But a decade later we [still] find the two, not overtly - but 'covertly' engaged in counter espionage against one another – with the consumer public caught in the crossfire between the two.

If this titan <-> (i.e. Big Money), battle were fought in the open - consumers would not be kept so utterly in the darkness between the two combatants. But, remember &#8211; this is a covert war, which means &#8220;we don&#8217;t see it&#8221;.

That way; the consumer electronics industry can Make, Sell and Profit off making all this stuff &#8211; while the screen actors guild marketers can sell consumers at the sales counter with: &#8220;yea, you can do that&#8221; &#8211; only to see the happy customer arriving home to open their new $$$... Read more

A:TV programs, Computers & Recording

Dude that would be easy if every HTPC was exactly the same and ran the same PVR application, and no new versions or updates ever came out for anything. There is never a miracle, generic answer for everybody, especially with computers.

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I want to transfer some recorded TV programmes on to blank DVDs, but not having done that previously, I am not certain whether I should buy DVD-R or DVD+ R blanks in order to do so, or does it not matter which I buy? I would not need to buy disks which could be used again, if that helps. Any advice appreciated - Thanks.

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Are there any free recording programs for guitar that use the mic-in jack for and input?

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First off, I read your forum rules, and please understand that this is not a question having to do with enabling p2p or copyright violations. I don't want to do that, or enable the same.

I have a friend who insists that it's possible to record cable television programming directly to a DVD. My contention is that this, as a practical matter, is impossible. My understanding is that no consumer DVD recorder will record DRM-protected content, either from live programming or from a DVR. He points to this tutorial, and contends otherwise. I strongly suspect that the DRM code would foil both the live and the DVR-to-DVD recorder efforts.

So, Question 1: Who is correct on that point?

Question 2:
Let's say you have a vacation home with no internet connection, but you want to watch cable TV programming you have somehow recorded at your main residence with, say, a DVR. As a practical matter, doesn't the only way to view that content at the vacation home involve:
1) placing the programming on a DVR, and then, when he goes to his vacation home,
2) physically taking the DVR with him, and,
3) connecting it to the monitor in his vacation home, and,
4) playing the content he recorded earlier at his main home on the DVR?
​Question 3:
Besides DVRs, what devices will record 1080p cable tv programming? Obviously you could literally put a video camera in from of the monitor. But I'm asking after legal consumer devices which one might purchase on Amazon. I... Read more

A:Recording television programs

1. Not all content has DRM. Not all hardware restricts playback. So yes, the tutorial could work in some situations, with some content, with some hardware. It will not work all of the time. And it's more likely to work with SD material and most likely not going to work with HD material.

2. Yes, assuming the DVR will even function not being connected to the network in which it is registered.

3. There isn't any 1080P TV programming. All broadcast stations use 720P or 1080i. But assuming you are simply referring to HD content, you can use a Windows 7 (or 8) computer with WMC (Windows Media Center).

4. Remote access? No, not without broadband internet.

The easy solution is to get SAT TV. Activate it while on vacation and deactivate when you go home.

Or simply take a stack of DVD movies.

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my DVD-R/CD-RW drive is not being recognized in my recording programs and media player. If I right click the
drive itself, it shows that it is working fine and that windows recognize it as a recording drive. However,
neither Media Player nor Nero recognizes that there is a drive. Nero keeps trying to create images, not burn a CD / DVD.
It worked fine in the past.

A:DVD-R/CD-RW drive is not being recognized in my recording programs

reload driver..

I would reload the driver for the dvd writer; that driver could be corrupted.

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Hi just wondering if there are any free sound recording programs out there for free, i need to be able to record sound streaming from the internet like youtube so i can use some of the audio clips in movie maker.


and i dont have a microphone so i need to be able to get it like straight from my soundcard

A:Free Sound Recording Programs?

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I've been looking for a decent, free video recording program for my pc (Win 8.1). The one that comes installed in the pc programs is awful and has no settings I can find so I can change some things.

I've found a few free video programs that are free and look decent, but they either are tagged with labels/ad's or they only record for about 3-5 minutes.

I need a program that does not have any ad's or tags, has a basic editor, changeable settings, and can record up to an hour. Also needs to be used for online video calls.

Does anyone know of such a program?

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I'm trying to record myself playing a game on the PC, I wish to use Fraps, but I have also used Camtasia and Bandicam during my testing, all of them work fine except none of them record the game audio... it would seem Windows XP has issues with this.

I'm on Windows XP SP3, my soundcard is an M-Audio revolution 5.1.

A:Windows XP having sound issues with recording programs

Recording what is coming out of speakers needs "StereoMix" option that some sound-cards doesn't support, does Camtasia shows "StereoMix" in "Input Audio" menu ?

Maybe this post would useful to record what you hear.

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I'm after some freeware software to record online music streaming and all of the programs that I have downloaded up to now only record in between 1 to 5 minutes then cease recording. (i need it to be able to record between a 1-1 1/2 hours)

Any recommended?

Thx in advance.

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Hello, I would like to use my monitor and tower to watch TV, DVD's and play my xbox over my monitor. Also, I'd like to be able to record TV programs.
What hardware do I need? Do I need a special monitor? Or will even the 6 year old models work?
Can I do all of these things using Windows XP? Or do I need a Media OS?


p.s. Do I need a specific type of cable service to hook into a TV card or will my old coaxial work?

A:Building to play TV/DVD/xbox & recording TV programs..what do I need?

A TV card would do the trick no problem if you have a spare PCI slot, the cable would depend on the TV card but you can get the cables for most combinations now........you could even get one with a remote control...saves getting outta the chair. I use the Hauppauge TV card it will record in mpeg format using its own hardware , leaving your CPU free.

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I am really desperate with this issue. I need to get microphones working pronto, it's a requirement for a course I would like to enrol in. I've tried asking them for support or if there is a workaround or alternative and they were like "no, deal with it or don't enrol, bye".

Everything checks in fine under Sound --> Recording. Plugged into the pink jack (tried both the front and back), got a green OK tick, volume up, not muted. If I hum or speak some sound into the microphone, sound plays back through my speakers loud and clear. Sounds all fine right?

Nope, it's never that simple.

If I attempt to use the microphone for anything, be it a video recording program or Skype, the program itself won't detect the microphone even though the computer very clearly does! Skype won't even let me enter a call, it kicks me as soon as I try to join because of a "problem with the sound recording device". How weird is that?

I have an ASUS motherboard, tried finding the drivers for it but it's just a bunch of strange obscure files I have no idea what to do with. I don't even think it was the driver I downloaded, just some techie files I wouldn't be able to understand. I can only rely on using the windows driver update feature, which alleges that all drivers are up-to-date.

Tried the same thing with the sound driver, it said it was the latest driver but caused a new sound thingy to launch every time I start the computer. I... Read more

A:Solved: Microphone - recording heard through speakers, but won't work in programs

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I wanted an application that records my screen, so i can upload my game play videos onto a website, like youtube or wherever. but whenever i start recording, it just laggs the crap out of my computer. i got a good computer and im even trying to use it with really crappy games, but it still laggs really bad. i even change the fps, but when i go too low, it laggs, and when i go too high it laggs...any help?

is it the application im using or what? cuz there is no way it should be lagging my computer so bad, it goes from like 60 fps to 20 fps when i start recording. whether i put it on 1 fps or 1000 fps recording, it laggs the same....any help please.


A:recording my screen

hmm, erm i havn't really come across a good screen recorder tbh, used quickscreen recorder once and that was awful and is it fraps? i could never get that to work either, so i dont think theres a great deal of solutions out there, maybe one you would have to buy *cringes* sorry carnt really think of anything else, unless you want to go down the webcam pointed at screen route...thats always a laugh lol

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I am trying to use a screen recorder to record my DOS 7.01 virtual machine. I have VM Additions installed. When I am not in full-screen mode, the DOS window is quite small on the desktop, so I want to shift to full-screen. But whenever I do, both Camtasia and CamStudio glitch in some way. Are there any better solutions beside a standalone? I guess I could use a video camera.


A:Screen recording DOS VM?

I suggest changing the MS-Dos window to a larger font size, and leave the window 'windowed'. Switching to full-screen MS-Dos causes the video driver to actually switch down to a plain VGA mode which is also character-based resolution rather than pixel-based.

If you click on the upper-left corner of the MS-Dos session, select 'properties' and pick a Lucida Console font -- maybe 20 points or higher. This should make your screen recordings readable

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Hi All

I need to put together a tutorial on MS Excel showing how to create graphs.

Does anyone know of S Ware that I can use to record myself doing it, preferably with sound ?



A:Screen Recording

Try SCREEN2EXE, a freeware screen recorder with audio.

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Hi, Its DARK RIDER here
I really want to know about if there is any smooth and good and free screen recorder which does not drops the fps and does not crash the game or screen.

Hoping for a quick response,
Thanks in advance.

A:Screen Recording

have a look at Open Broadcaster Software. a Free, open source software for live streaming and recording. see link
also, one of many basic setup vids to help with the program:


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So I am needing to do some screen recording using my system audio. I currently have camtasia 8 which works great w a microphone. I've recently tried it using my system audio and it won't work. After researching some I've found out that the issue is w realtek audio driver on xp. Does anyone know a workout around or another good program? Thanks

A:screen recording

This could be worth a shot CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software

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i would like to know how to record online screen with audio and video while earphones connected as i dont want to disturb others with the sound.

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whenever i try to record my screen,whatever software and settings i use,when i play back the video it shows on the top half of my screen and the rest is just black,either on windows media player or on the movie maker.
heres a screenshot of what im talking about:

A:help with screen recording

when i play back the video it shows on the top half of my screen and the rest is just black

The whole screen is black so I'm not getting it. Anyway, try the Free Cam Studio Screen Recorder in the "full screen mode" and it should do the job:

CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software

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I am trying to make a YouTube channel (like mrtechnicaldifficulty's) and do screen recording while i go on chatroulette and have fun. I would like to have the myself and the stranger recorded and seen. What will i need to be using for all of this to work properly. Also, later i will have to edit the video to delete arts i don't want in the video.
Please help me with this because i am clueless,
Greg Belyayev

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Say does anyone know a good program which records whats happening on your screen & saves it as mpeg or avi?

A:Recording On Screen

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My PC Specifications:

1 GB Graphic Card (976 MB)
core 2 duo E7500 @2.93 Ghz
500 GB Hard Disk.

I want to record GTA 4 Gameplay, with all this, which software is suitable for my pc specs,
Right now I am playing GTA 4 in very low graphic, it takes only 293 GB out of 976 MB video card.

A:Which software can be used for screen recording for my pc?

I use this for capturing gameplay - https://obsproject.com/

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Hey guys, if you could help me out with a little problem that would be great. I have been trying to record Starcraft 2 replays while I am casting but when I look at the video afterwards it is constantly blinking/flashing black screen and then the game and then black screen again. I have used both Snagit and camstudio and I have the same problem with both programs. I can record my desktop and web browsers fine but once I start recording a game of starcraft it starts the flashing. If you have any idea how I can fix my problem please tell me in the comments. Thanks!

A:screen recording problem

what are your system specs?

I wonder if you have to adjust the frame rate in camstudio?

here I found this link

Look near the bottom for the tip... "Recording Thread Priority"

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Everytime I try using a screen recorder it only shows up on the top left, flashy, I've tried about 7 programs and they are all the same. Just like this video SAMP New Server! [Refund/Hiring] - YouTube
How can I fix this?

A:Screen Recording fail

You have all the correct drivers and software installed?

See if the same issue happens with FRAPS.

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last thread expired i guess a while back so here we go with a second try...

looking for an alternative screen recording solution. alternative to software such as fraps and growler. I am a gamer and i like to record my gaming footage but the process can kill my frames. I am usually playing with 125-200 frames but i have to record some where in the neighborhood of 40-50 to maintain a steady rate and avoid spikes PLUS when it comes to editing afterwards, if i record and at lower framerate it looks bad after i add effects and filters but with high frames it looks WAY better.

so basically i guess im looking for something standalone that doesn't need much cpu resources. thanks in advance for any help

A:screen recording alternative

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Im looking for a great screen recording program. Any help would be awesome.

A:What is the best Screen Recording Software

Camtasia Studio works fine!

They have a codec called TSSC (TechSmith Screen Capture) works pretty good

TechSmith | Camtasia Screen Recorder Software, Home

TSSC is a downloadable codec that works along with Camtasia Studio and it's available on the same website

TechSmith Products: Snagit Screen Capture, Camtasia Studio Screen Recorder, Morae Usability Software from TechSmith

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i like to record myself playing BF3, but it is very difficult to doso because of quality, fraps slows to 5fps, though i have friends with lesser riggs than mine who record crisp...

i have have been recording with afterburner, but it slows down the recording if it is interfiering with gameplay, problem, its blurry, and after bout 5 min it will drop from full 30-40 fps, whatever i set rcrd speed at, down to 5fps, the 30, then 20, then 5 again, all in a matter of several seconds, and will repeat for the duration. also the recordings colors are off ever so slightly.

if anyone knows of a recorder i may try that may fix these problems im having, id appreciate it.

A:Screen Recording Software Help


Have you tried Camstudio with either the Camstudio Lossless codec (if you can get it to install as I have had issues with it) or using the Inno Screen Capture Codec (my personal favourite). Recorder and lossless codec availible here CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software and Inno codec availible here: iSCC (inno Screen Capture Codec) - Download.com. Adjust the recorder priority as well as that can help


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I have used a few different programs for recording my computer screen and capturing either the whole or part of the screen but the video or picture that is recorded or captured seem to be large files for the length of the video of size of the screen capture. Does anyone know why that might be or how to convert them or something to make the files smaller? What is the best free screen recorder and capturing program you have used?

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Hi everyone.

Im new to the forum and I have a question about recording my laptop screens.

I have a work laptop that is locked down fairly well. I would like to connect it to my home laptop so I can create some instructional videos on there.

Can I connect my work laptop to my home laptop so I can potentially have it open in a window where I can record the screens?

home laptop (sony vaio VPCF13MOE)
work laptop ( lenovo T400)

Thank you

A:Recording laptop screen

Yes it is possible, but difficult, and requires way too much information to post here. Have you tried a few Gurgle searches to see what help is available?
Be prepared to spend some time on it... and spending some cash for additional equipment.

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when i record screen with any screen recorder (camtasia,camstudio) it records slow choppy , especially when i drag windows they move at 5 fps , it flickers. all in all is too slow. I have the same issue on 3 different computers . one with p4 , one with core 2 duo 2.8 ghz with 9600 gt 4 gb ram, and on a q9500 ati 4770 4 gb ram. the same results. I believe it's windows 7 , coz this is impossible. the same thing happened with windows vista, but they record fast in windows xp , even on my p4 machine . all computers record the same on windows 7. Do not tell me to adjust the setting coz i will laugh at you. I been douing that for 3 years. camtasia forums and support are not helpful. their products sucks. Do you know what is wrong with w7? or can you recommend a different program (free or trial)?
thanks for reading.

A:recording screen: always slow

Try turning off Aero.

Next time, try asking for help nicely.


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Hello! I could really need some help choosing a good screen recording program. The program needs to be able to record my screen live, like someone can stream my screen via a third party program. What has the best quality?

Please answer quick.


A:The best screen recording program - Which one?

Have you looked at Camtasia from TechSmith?

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Is there a good 3rd party app to use that is good for recording screen (tutorial or games) that records and you DON'T have to upload,

Currently I am using EZVID, its ok but I would like something where I can record and make my own video rather then upload it to youtube then save the file.

I was told programs like Banditcam works how i want it too, but I don't plan on streaming

A:Screen recording software

TechSmith | Camtasia, Screen Recorder and Video Editor

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I'm using Camtasia Recorder to record my screen while playing a computer game, MMRPG. I am recroding at 5 frames per second and it is still so laggy! Does anyone know how to make it less laggy? I remember before I reformatted my hardrive, I could record with minimal lag. Someone please tell me what I am doing wrong. Or attempt to anyways Thank you.

A:Screen Recording Too Laggy!

taicheng said:

I'm using Camtasia Recorder to record my screen while playing a computer game, MMRPG. I am recroding at 5 frames per second and it is still so laggy! Does anyone know how to make it less laggy? I remember before I reformatted my hardrive, I could record with minimal lag. Someone please tell me what I am doing wrong. Or attempt to anyways Thank you.Click to expand...

The video is laggy or you're lagging? If the video is it, it's because of the 5FPS capture rate. If you, camtasia is probably limiting the game to 5FPS so you it can capture.

Also, you might wanna check out FRAPS. It's a game video capture program.

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I am using Windows 7 professional (Think Pad).

I usually attend webinars. I tried to record the same with webex record from my laptop.

I observed that the sound from speaker is not getting captured by laptop Mic.

Do I need to do some configuration to direct the speaker output to Mic ?

i did some googling and some understood that it is not possible to record audio output from speakers.

I need your suggesion..

Thx in advance.


A:Screen recording with audio.

In most cases, you need to have the Stereo Mix (also called System Mixer) set as the Default Recording device. Then whatever is heard on the PC's speakers should be able to be recorded. (The Stereo Mix is also needed if you want to record streaming audio from the internet.

Go to the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound and finally the Sound Panel, Recording Section. If the Stereo Mix is listed, enable it and make it the Default Recording Device. If its not listed, RIGHT click in a blank area in that panel then Click to Show "Disabled" and "Disconnected" Devices. The Stereo Mix should now be listed and you can enable it and make it the default Recording Device.

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Hey guys.

I have a BenQ G2220HDA 1920x1080 display right now and I'm going to buy a computer that will run Win 7 on a maximum resolution, for sure. The problem is that I want to record screencasts, very smoothly, with no lags, like it happens on original mac machines (not hackintosh ones). So, I need an advice in configuration of a PC, what's more important in recording a screen with such a big resolution? CPU, RAM, video? Thank you!

Maybe you can suggest good PC specs?

A:Smooth screen recording

Get the fastest CPU(dual core minimum), the most RAM(need a 64 bit system if you want more than 4GB), and the fastest video card(512MB minimum) that your budget will allow, especially if you plan to use 32 bit color. You'll also need a dedicated sound card if you want audio.

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Hey all,

I've been spending the past week evaluating screen recording applications for my company's training dept.

So far my favorite is Camtasia by Techsmith.com for features, price, and ease of use.
($299 or less depending on number of licenses ordered)

Are there any other good ones I should try out?

It needs to be able to do AVI, WMV, SWF formats, with quiz/survey ability and have decent features for editing the recorded video.

We would probably need 5-10 licenses and not want to go over $250 per license.

Thanks for the info. JP

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Hi all. What's the best screen recording software out there? (If possible is there one that can record voices from chats (ex. Skype)?)

A:PC screen recording software

HyperCam or Free screen recorder - BB FlashBack Express

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Hello there.

i love to play games on my pc . And i would like to record them.
Is there a good software to record programma's? =D

A:Screen recording software

Camtasia Studio, TechSmith's Screen Recording Software

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Hello there!
I chatted with a Microsoft technician and he referred me to this forum.
I would like to download the same screen recording program as Microsoft use to record the tutorials on the Windows website (if you have no idea what they use, please suggest another program (but let me know if Microsoft are using it or not)).
Here's one of the videos: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/help/videos/personalizing-your-pc#tab=newto
Please c/p this link, I'm not able to post links until my account is verified.
Also, how can the screen recording program in the video be invisible? There are no running programs in the taskbar.

I don't know if I posted this in the right forum category.


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What is the best/easiest way to get a recording (video or pictures) from the windows screen.

Is there a good portable Application to do this.
What application do you use? (nonAdmin)

Is there a way?

A:Screen recording (portable/nonAdmin?)

I prefer Camtasia Studio to record my work on desktop.

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Hello everyone,
Recently I have been screen recording gameplay footage, and I noticed that it started lagging my game. I lowered my settings, and it worked well for a couple of games, followed by lag once again.
I lowered settings once more, and recorded gameplay, which worked well. But the second time I attempted to do this, with these same settings, once again I had major lag issues with the game. (This is not for streaming so I assume it has nothing to do with my internet connection)
What could be causing this?
edit: I am using OBS

A:Screen Recording Issues (was not sure which section to put this in)

Try some other recording tools and you will know whether it is due to the game or the program.

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I want screen recording software.
I need to record 60+ minutes of video.

I have Windows 10. I found it has a built in screen recorder. Which is OK.
But it records in avi (I think) and I get huge big files.
60 minutes would be under 5GB.

So, need something that records to a much smaller file format.

Free and spamware free would be great.
Else, happy to pay a small amount.


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Anyone know of any good programs that record the screen?

I would like something that i can use to record parts of a game when i am playing it. I tried FRAPS but it lagged the game and the video playback was real fast.

Anyone know of any others?

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Hello everyone,
Recently I have been screen recording gameplay footage, and I noticed that it started lagging my game. I lowered my settings, and it worked well for a couple of games, followed by lag once again.
I lowered settings once more, and recorded gameplay, which worked well. But the second time I attempted to do this, with these same settings, once again I had major lag issues with the game. (This is not for streaming so I assume it has nothing to do with my internet connection)
What could be causing this?
edit: I am using OBS

A:Screen Recording Issues (was not sure which section to put this in)

Try some other recording tools and you will know whether it is due to the game or the program.

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