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Error loading operating operating system

Q: Error loading operating operating system

I'm trying to fix my friends Hp and I usually know what im doing. But here I have no idea what to do.

I tried going into the bios to change the boot order to cd to format and I can't. Can anyone tell me what to do.

-I changed out his hard drive with mine and it does nothing. just posts and goes to a black screen instead of trying to boot and blue screening as it usually do when you change hardrives between two computers

-Changed the Ide cables no luck.

Any ideas

Preferred Solution: Error loading operating operating system

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Error loading operating operating system

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Hey all! I am pretty new to this kind of Win7 issues, so I hope some of you will be able to help. Story goes...

After few hours of gaming the computer died. (It happened right after switching keyboards.) Now, on every setup BIOS(?) comes up with list of options (F2 enter BIOS, F11 boot options, F6 Flash etc.). After that a black screen with error message comes up: Missing Operating System.

I tried rebooting from USB (since I have no disk-drive) and I keep on getting the answer: Error Loading Operating System.

Any ideas?


A:Missing Operating System/Error Loading Operating System

All unlikely, but possible - (a) your HDD died. (b) your bios became corrupted (c) your HDD boot sector became corrupted (d) your HDD partition is corrupted.

Does the drive spin up when you switch on (feel it)?
Check the bios to see if the HDD is reported correctly and is at the top of the boot order.
Find a bootable CD - an OS installer, or create Easeus partition manager bootable CD http://www.partition-tool.com/personal.htm and boot from it. What does the HDD look like with Easueus?

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I'd be grateful for anyone's thoughts on this one.

I downloaded the latest security patch from MS [the one about remote takeover of computers] installed it, restarted and then got a horrible error message - error loading operating system. Its like an old fashioned command prompt that you see in the movies - just that single line on a completely blank screen with a flashing cursor awaiting instruction.

I'm running a dell 8200, with windows XP home, service pack 2 and all other patches etc. installed. Everything was fine prior to this. What happens is that I switch on, the graphics card details flash on the screen [as normal] followed by the Dell splash screen with F2 and F12 prompts and bios version [a08] then the above blank screen. Nothing works once the above screen is reached.

From reading the web I've kind of figured out that this is a problem on the bios and that, somehow, my bios has become corrupted. One solution offered on a few sites seems to be go into bios and then change the hard drive access mode from auto to large, but i'm not sure about this and it sounds a bit scary.

Any thoughts?

My prime concern is that I have a lot of data on my hard drive [stupidly only partly backed up - I know!!!] and I'm really worried about losing it.

I should confess that I'm a bit of a newie at these things and my technical knowledge is very limited so please, phrase any replies in simple terms.


A:Error Loading Operating System

My prime concern is that I have a lot of data on my hard drive [stupidly only partly backed up - I know!!!] and I'm really worried about losing it.Rightly so, but who among us have not been caught in this situation?Without addressing your original issue, I just want to speak to getting the data off of the hard drive. You could always remove the hard drive and install it in another computer as a 'slave' drive. The working computer should still boot up from the 'good' Master hard drive, and then you will be able to navigate (start > my computer) to the slave drive and recover your data. More info on how to install a second drive can be found HERE.But of course, if you need help with this or any other procedure you can just ask for help here and we can explain it in more detail or refer to somewhere on the web where it will be explained more fully.

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Model: Dell
Unit: Latitude E4310

The screen is all black and then there is a sentence saying: Error loading operating system...
I tried rebooting it (I have 3 options) and neither of them has been really... uh effective.

What could be the possible reason?
Is it repairable?

> P.S I've been using it 24/7 can it be one of the reason(s)?

A:Error loading operating system

Dont panic.. Whether you able to enter into BIOS?
DId you see the Hard disk is detected there?...
Post the image picked up by your camera if possible..

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There is a problem with my old PC (Windows 7 x32, Intel duo core processor, 2.5 GB RAM) which was custom or assembled, it says 'Error loading operating system' and I have been trying to fix it for hours..
Earlier when this happened (A lot of times), I fixed it from the Repair option when I press F8 contineously, but when i keep on pressing it, nothing happens (System Repair Blackscreen does not come).
It happened when I pressed the restart button in my CPU when my PC was stuck for a long time, instead of waiting and manually restarting.
The biggest problem is that I LOST my Windows 7 CD. All I have now is just a USB with backup files.
When I put on the USB while booting, it says 'BOOTMGR is missing, Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart' but it shows the same thing when I restart.
When I pressed F10, It showed the Boot Option Menu, it had 3 options:
• SATA: Optiarc DVD RW AD-72203
• Realtek Boot Agent
• MBIC SS MMoser Baee Disk PMAP (That one is my USB)
These 3 didn't work either....
So, Please help me to find a way to fix it.
Ask me if you want any more information.

Thanks now its solved

A:Help!! Error loading operating system

If you dont know, please ask your friends also.. please...

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I went to start up my computer today and I am just getting a black screen with the message " Error loading operating system." I don't know how this came about cause I have not added anything or changed anything. Any ideas....

A:Error Loading Operating System

Look at the bios and see if the hard drive is detected.

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I have a desktop computer that I tried starting up and I got the message "error loading operating system" Its a older Dell with windows XP. I ran the diagnostic disk and got the following 7 errors.

Diskette Drive B Disk Drive Seek Test: Fail
Msg:The drive did not respond in a fixed time to an access attempt

Diskette Drive B Disk Drive Read Test: Fail
Msg:The drive did not respond in a fixed time to an access attempt

Diskette Drive B Disk Drive Write Test: Fail
Msg:The drive did not respond in a fixed time to an access attempt

IDE CDRW 3 - Confidence Test: Fail
Msg: IDE device failed: incompatible cd for testing

IDE CDRW 3 - Read Test: Fail
Msg: IDE device failed: incompatible cd for testing

IDE CDRW 3 - Seek Test: Fail
Msg: IDE device failed: incompatible cd for testing

IDE CDRW 3 - Write Test: Fail
Msg: IDE device failed: incompatible cd for testing

It worked fine before but I just got that error when trying to use it.
Any help would be great and not losing my files also.
Thank you

A:Error Loading Operating System

What happens when you try to Boot in Safe Mode?

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Hello everyone.
I have a Notebook IBM ThinkPad running XP. One day l was trying to go back to windows 2000 but i did know how to, so i went to system 32\osuninst.exe then l restared my computer and when l tried to open it agian , there was a message in a black screen "Error loading operating system", Now l don't have acces to anything in my computer, What can l do?, I have an External Hard Disk , and The Windows XP CD,, is there a way to fix it with those things... Please Guys.. I hope someone can help me..This thing has given me a real HEAD ACHE
Thank you.

A:Error loading operating system !HELP!

are you booting from the cd/dvd drive you might wana try to format it then try and install your 2000. if your computer will not boot then put your windows xp disk in your drive then boot using that as your primary boot device then use repair utility on your xp disk then use bootcfg. this should restore your boot driver. i think the bootcfg command line is bootcfg /rebuild but i cant remember that well as it has been a while since i used it

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I have a Dell Inspiron 2600. I turned it on and got only a blue screen. someone looked at it to see if they could fix it and they were unable to do so. they have given it back and now i just get a black screen that says Error loading operating system. I cant even get into the set up menu or anything. Is there any way to fix my computer?

A:Error loading operating system

Can you boot into Safe Mode. Press F8 immediately after you start the computer begin pressing F8. This will take you to a page that looks very similar to the picture below. This is the Advance Boot Options. You need to use the up and down arrow keys to navigate on this page. Once you have moved the cursor to the option you want press Enter on your keyborad.

You have or have access to a retail XP installation CD that is the same version as the one installed on this Dell, eg. Home or Pro?

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computer not new-computer was working I left for a few minutes and when I came back it had shut down and was trying to re-boot but only was showing error message. What I did from there: OK then: no discs in drives no usb's except the ones pugged in back of compute( ie;. mouse etc.) no power serge, running IExplorer, outlook. Run nomal boot, IDE CD Rom boot with dell window's CD. goes through set up i choose R for recovery console it comes up-- nothing happens have to exit.can only bring up the help menu.fast boot on nothing, off nothing. IRQ available , Shows hard drive capacity and on auto. I've turned off auto and ran boot from CD drive same message.Have run system tree test every thing passes except System lock up tests... IDE disk read test : Error code 0F00:0244and 0F001A44 . Many uncorrectable data errors or media is write protected on this test. and IDE Disk verify test, many uncorrectable data errors or media is write protected on this test. Error code 0F00:0244and 0F001A44. Test windows blue screen: Same codes as above in tests--IDE confidence test--ICE disk Read Test--IDE Verify Test ( Messagne block 5935700 and message block 6988126).. Not related to this test I saw a code 5 somewhere along the line while re-booting Ready to throw in the towel. Can I take the hard drive out and put in and other computer and possibly save my files if nothing else works? Windows OneCare also did a backup to my other computer and i think moved the file MEDIAID File I... Read more

A:Error Loading Operating System

You could connect it to another PC as a slave drive, get all your important data from it and then reformat it and reinstall your OS.
Before you reinstall the OS, download to disc the Disc Utility for your particular Hard Drive, ie; Maxtor/Seagate, WD and run a
disc check to make sure your drive is still in good shape and if shows the disc is good, use the same utility to ZERO out the drive,
then format and reinstall

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Hi I was updating the software for my brother printer on my Dell inspiron 600m when i went to reboot it started giving me an error loading operating system message. I have tried using the restore consol as well as using the updating feature on my windows disk. I can access it if i connect it to another computer I have scanned it and done a virus scan I have checked the partions and nothing comes up no error I was hoping some one on here could help me if so I would much appreciate it.

Regards El Dude

A:Error loading operating system

IF you can boot to Safe Mode, uninstall the printer software and reboot and see if it will boot normally.

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Hi, I was programming on my computer and a few days ago, my computer shut off on me randomly. I don't know how and today, I restarted my PC and come to find out that I receive an error saying, "Error loading Operating System.". I'm not sure why it can't detect my OS. I've looked it up on what caused it and how to solve this issue, but no solution has come to me yet. They say I have to update my BIOS, but I came here to make sure if this was true or not. If this is, how would I update it since I cannot go into safe mode nor regular. I can't re-install Windows XP; I just get an error. The error is written in binary, "0x00000000". It says that three times. I'm not that good with binary and I was wondering if anyone knew about what it meant. I was also wondering that if I did need to update my BIOS, and if I were to do it with a USB drive, how would I format the USB in order to boot from it? Help is very much appreciated. Thanks.

A:Error loading Operating System?

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I turned on my Dell Dimension today & got this message on a black screen - error loadinIg operating system. The Dell screen comes on, then goes to black. I didn't load any new drivers, hardware or software. I'm running on Windows XP Home Edition. Please help!

A:Error loading operating system

The first thing I would try is connecting the hard disk to another system and running CHKDSK /R on it.

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Hello, My two month old acer aspire 5735z is giving the above message when I boot up,I get a black screen a flashing curser an the message-error loading operating system ,I did not make a recovery disc (I know!).

I took it back to p.c. world but they wanted 60 to sort it .

Is there any recovery software I can use to fix or reformat (last option),

Thanks for reading ,Tinbasher,.........o.s. is vista basic

A:Error loading operating system

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Hello all - happy Monday (or not). I have received the dreaded shut down of all my programs and the white lettering with black background, i tried to follow instructions provided on this topic previously but only got so far as i believe i need someone to look at my mbr. I have created a cd that i can boot from that allowed me to create said mbr on the usb key via xPUD but honestly am a newbie when it comes to all things technical. I did try to use the F8 key after BIOS (Dell Inspiron 530 Bios 1.0.13) but no avail just clicked - i am able to get to xPUD via the boot disk but not sure where to go from there - if you need a copy of the mbr this can be provided. Any help is appreciated would really like to fix this. It is our hub for our family network and obviously is a drag. The wireless is still kicking and all can still use the network so no issue there.

the first error that started all this was an invalid disk partition or something like that - that is what lead me down this road and eventually to you!

thank you all for your assistance!

A:Error loading operating system

Welcome aboard I'll ask appropriate helpers to take a look at your topic.Hold on there.

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I come home from work, open the lid on my comp, and see this black screen. I've never messed with the HD, or have had any problems like this in the past. When I left the computer everything was fine (I left the power on) After seeing this message I hit the power button and tried to reboot again, only to have the same issue. What the heck happened? Anything I can do? I have windows 7.

A:Error loading operating system.

Hi -

Boot with your Windows 7 DVD or via the HDD recovery partition and try system repair or Windows System Restore.

Regards. . .



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My computer appears to be running perfectly normal apart from the fact
that whenever I try to restore a partition, clone a drive or attempt
do a clean install, it will not boot and I get the message saying, error
loading operating system. It can't be the hard drives because it
happens even with my brand new hard drive. If the drive I'm using
boots perfectly and I clone it to another drive, surely they are both
exactly the same. So why will the newly cloned drive not boot?

A:Error Loading Operating System

Because the new drive isn't exactly the same as the old one (even "identical" drives aren't the same).
But, I don't think that this relates directly to your problem (since a clean install wouldn't suffer from this issue).

Could you describe what you're trying to do in a bit more detail so we can start troubleshooting it at the appropriate level?

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Just built up my first desktop. Want to install OS. With the OS disk, it formats the SATA-II HDD and copies everything needed, after the reboot , it says "error loading operating system".

some says it is the HDD drivers problem and I need to update it by press F6 sometime before it copies the files.

My system: E4500, WD 500GB SATA-II, ASUS P5K Pro, ASUS 8600 ,
Kingston 4G PC6400

A:Error loading operating system

I think the CD you use to install Windows maybe have some file corruped or some files on the cd was missing, make sure you are using the original windows setup disc.

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I recently made my 2 partition laptop back to one partition and on reboot I get the error message 'error loading operating system' how do I fix this?

A:Error loading operating system

What steps/how did you, make two partitions "back into one"?

It sounds like you wiped the hard disk.

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I was reinstalling Windows XP yesterday and everything was flowing like it should until it rebooted. When it reached the Press any key to boot from CD point it gave me the message "Error loading Operating System" and I can't get past it. I have tried using a different setup disc and I have tried using the 2nd CDrom drive. When it reaches that point it is the same result. I researched it a bit and I believe that doing the low level format from Western Digital may solve the problem. I downloaded and burned that program. My question is this. How do I run the low level format on that computer when it won't boot past the error message.

If anyone knows of any other solution to the
Error loading Operating System" problem I would love to hear it.

A:Error loading Operating System

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Hi guys, tired man here.

All was well... until an error message chose to appear every time I boot my pc.

"Error loading operating system"

I've tried switching from Auto to Large (no change), I've tried mounting my windows partition in linux (doesn't even work although is has before) and It's looking like im screwed for good.

Does anyone know anything that would help me?

The best solution would be actually loading the operating system, but if that's not possible then the next port of call would be somehow backing up files (read something about hooking it up as a slave to another machine?)

Well, thanks for taking your time to read. And hopefully one of you wizards can help me


A:Error loading operating system. Help!

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Howdy all. I was hoping someone -- ANYONE -- could help me with what has become the bane of my existence!

Long story short, my first SATA drive, a Maxtor 6B250S0 died a few months after I got it, and was covered under warranty. Upon receiving the new drive, I wanted to GHOST (v10) the old EIDE ATA Drive onto the new SATA drive. The operation succeeded except I could not make the new SATA drive the system drive. I eventually gave up and decided to rebuild the system. I mention this only because I was able to successfully move all the contents of the old drive onto the new one (and I could access and manipulate the files, I just couldn't boot from the disk) -- the consistent problem was that after navigating the BIOS on boot up, I would receive "Error loading Operating System" when the OS should have taken over.

Now to my existing problem. Actually, the same problem. I have killed the existing partition and low-level reformatted the drive. After copying all of the XP files onto the hard drive, I'm getting the same error -- "Error loading operating system". Here is what I have tried in no particular order:

1. Fixboot
2. FixMBR
3. Tried using Maxtors MAXBLAST to establish the a full 250 GB partition (running original XP disks; not SP1 or SP2)
4. Tried utilizing standard 137 GB partition via XP
5. Removed all EIDE cables except those utilized for CD-ROM/DVD access
6. Diag'ed the disk using Maxtor's Powermax (it&... Read more

A:Error Loading Operating System - XP

Does the BIOS actually try to boot from the drive? Maybe you have to tell it to boot from SATA? Did you perform the fixboot and fixmbr procedures with only the SATA drive attached too?

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when i turn on my computer, it shows a black page that says error loading operting system. what does this mean and how do i fix it?

A:Error Loading Operating System

Is that all it says on the page?

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I was trying to fix my dad's computer for him after he got a virus. He tried a couple of different virus removal programs and none of them were successful at removing it so I told him I would format his hard drive and reinstall Windows XP on his PC. I've done this many times before on my own machine but it seems like with more recent computers they (probably in an effort to make them more user friendly) they've avtually made it harder to do formatting etc in DOS.

I have a Windows XP disc that came with the computer. It doesn't appear to be a restore disc but the actual operating system itself. I tried just booting the computer off the disc and finally was able to get in to where I completely reformatted the portion of the hard drive that Widows was installed on. I figured when I rebooted the machine it would just load windows off of the CD Rom and everything would be back to normal but now I am just getting an "error loading operating system" on the black DOS boot up screen and I can't do anything from there except just reboot the computer. I've tried everything including going into the system setup and making sure the hard drive is recognized and runing a diagnostic on the harddrive and everything checks out OK. I've even swapped out the CD Rom just to make sure that wasn't the problem. The only thing I can think of, if the hard drive was evidently partitioned (I'm not too familiar with partitioning) and I removed the partitions... Read more

A:Error loading operating system

You are not booting to the cd. If the disc is a retail, XP CD you CANNOT get that message if the system boots to it.

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Hey all, i have an issue trying to load up windows xp pro. the other day i was running spybot, ad-aware, and avast. after everything came out ok i reboot to finish the install of an avast update. upon reboot i got as far as the screen that shows system information, and at the bottom of the screen it said searching for floppy boot record. then the screen goes blank except for the message "Error loading operating system". cannot get into safe mode or setup. have checked hd cables and reseated. any tips would be greatly appreciated.

A:Error Loading Operating System

It sounds like something in windows was corrupted. If you have a windows xp cd, try booting from cd and running recovery console. Here is a microsoft overview of how to use it.http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documen...e_overview.mspxIf you have trouble booting from cd, go into bios setup and change boot order to have cd drive ahead of hard drive.

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Hey basicly i have a slight problem and i am running out of ways to resolve it.

I have a custom built computer and every time i go to turn it on i grnt an error just befor its about to start loading windows XP

" Error Loading Operating System "

Both hard drives and Disk drives are recognized in the bios setup.

I have tried booting from CD with no responce even tried UBCD and Linux to see if they would boot

Failing that i checked weather the disks were ok so i poped into my other computer they seemed to load up fine.

its like the system wont let you do anything at all.

Any help much appreciated

A:Error Loading Operating System

Go into the Bios. Try changing the Boot priority. This is not the same as 1st boot, 2nd boot etc.

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my computer froze when i was useing dvd shrink and i turned it off
at wall and tried to start again but now it wont start up. i comes up
(boot from cd
error loading operating system)

if i try to boot from cd it will still come upas above.
plz help

A:plz help error loading operating system

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OOOOOOOOK, this has been my own personal Headache for a couple days now and i'm really running out of options. I'm trying as hard as i can not to resort to reloading a system, so i come here for possible assistance.
Start from the begining, get a Gateway GT5622 that was apparently viral with a corrupt operating system. Unfortunately those weren't the only issues with this system, the hard drive has actually failed in front of my eyes. Now, i have attempted a windows in-place upgrade repair, XP PRO SP3 install disc. it had no problems in the start of it. rebooted after files were copied to continue setup, got a kdcom.dll is missing or corrupt, so i copy from another XP Pro machine the kdcom.dll to a flash drive, now when trying to boot to a mini xp, via hirens, it continuously locks up on me. so i pull the drive and attempt to move the file externally, this is when i realize the original drive is bad. so i image over what i have on old drive to new drive, i was surprised to see it actually work considering how much ticking and clicking original drive was doing. So i attempt to boot with newly imaged drive and get a blinky cursor on a black screen. so i boot to recovery console /fixboot /fixmbr, ran a plethora of chkdsks until they came back with no errors detected, and have even attempted the inplace upgrade repair again... and of course none of these have remedied the situation. anyone have any suggestions, ideas, SOLUTIONS?!?!  please post back. i check my forums... Read more

A:Error loading operating system

The only logical answer/solution for a system with such problems...is a clean install, IMO.  The system dates from 2007, so it's probably still capable of adequate performance, assuming there is no evidence of a motherboard problem.
If the owner user created recovery disks...as specified in the manual for this system...then I would employ those.

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I really need help here. I am not very computer savvy so I'm completely lost at this point. When I turn my computer (Dell Dimension 8400 running Windows Media XP) on it looks as though it's going to start but then the dreaded blank screen stating "ERROR LOADING OPERATING SYSTEM". I read a bit in the forum that I may need a recovery disc, which never came with my Dell computer. I called Dell and they will not send me a recovery disc because I'm out of warranty, big surprise. Is there any way I can download it from the internet or is there something else I can do. I unfortunately have no back up CD. My priority is to keep all my programs, internet bookmarks and documents. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. Remember I?m not that computer savvy so I?ll need very detailed instructions on what to do. Thanks to all.

A:"Error loading operating system"

Well, you could try...Follow the directions at How to Create a Bootable XP Recovery Console CD - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/276527/how-to-create-a-bootable-xp-recovery-console-cd/.Once that is done...follow the directions for How to use CHKDSK in the XP Recovery Console - http://pirules3.14.googlepages.com/recovery_console_chkdsk.If any error messages appear onscreen...write those down and post in your next reply.Do not exit after the chkdsk /r command completes.Type the command fixboot and hit Enter.When that completes...type exit and hit Enter.Typically...the error loading operating system indicates a failing hard drive, from what I see.Louis

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Anyone encounter this problem all of a sudden?
I just happened to be working on my pc, deleting some old apps and things stored in My Documents.

I am an advanced pc user running Windows XP Pro SP2.

After deleting a lot of things I had stored in My Documents, I decided to reboot before running a defrag.
Upon rebooting, I got this black screen immediately saying "Error loading operating system".

I ran an advanced test on my Hitachi HDD using their Fitness Tool and no errors came up.

After thinking about it, I decided to boot up off my Windows OEM CD. At the menu I chose "R" to go into the Recovery Console.
At the prompt I typed "HELP", and it gave a list of commands.

I figured my Master Boot Record was corrupt so I typed "fixboot" and hit Enter.
I exited the Recovery Console, removed the cd and rebooted.
Problem solved!

I would recommend trying this before trying most of the suggested options that come up when you Google this problem.

A:Error loading operating system

Appreciate your sharing your solution to this, happy computing .


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I have a Sony Vaio VGN-N130G, Model PCG-7T1L.
Attempted a system recovery, but while on step 2 of 4, it froze at 12%, then flashed an error 400 message. Computer restarted and now it's a black screen with error loading operating system.
Tried resetting the BIOS to default, but still doesn't work.

I do not have a recovery disk, was told it's all built in. I do have a Vista upgrade CD that I have not installed. Not sure if I can restore from there. I have no problem starting over from factory settings, nothing on the computer that I have to save.

Thanks for your help!!


A:Error loading operating system

Hi .If XP is the operating system installed...you cannot use a Vista CD/DVD to do anything other than remove the XP install and then install Vista anew.The only Error 400 message I am familiar with...has to do with Internet connectivity. Can you post the exact error message?http://www.docs.sony.com/release/VGNN100series.pdfPage 108 of the above link starts listing the steps users with problems should take. I can't suggest anything beyond that because Sony modifies the way that their systems boot, etc.Louis

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Hi everyone. I really don't have a clue about what has happened to my pc. I shut it down fine last night - no problems. I haven't installed anything new either. This morning i turn it on again only to see a black screen with: ERROR LOADING OPERATING SYSTEM.

I tried putting the pc into safe mode but no luck. I tried F1-12, DEL,ESC etc on boot up but it just refuses to go into safe mode. The error message remains and doesn't budge. All i hear is a beeping everytime i'm pressing one of the buttons mentioned above. I honestly don't have a clue where to start with this. I'm really worried about losing my files as i only have half of them backed up and they are really important. Is there any way i can fix this problem and retain my files at the same time? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

EDIT: here is a pic i took of the problem:


A:Error Loading Operating System! HELP!

The line just out of sight in the screen shot would be the Pri. Master drive. Is there a drive listed there? It looks like it's trying to boot from CD, possibly because there is no hard drive found. There is a distinct possibility that your hard drive has gone south.

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I just got my new windows 2000 laptop at work. I was poking around in it to see what new stuff was on it, and decided to backup the hard drive...
Here's my problem.
1) I don't know what the program was that I was using. It said Do you want to take a snapshot of your hard drive?
I clicked yes.
2) It then said that it would reboot in DOS and continue taking a snapshot of my harddrive, and that it may take 2 hours to complete.
Again, I clicked OK.
3) It shut down and tried to reboot (in DOS, I guess) but I got an "error loading operating system" instead.
4) I don't have an ERD made yet.
5) I tried pressing f8 to go to the last known good config, but (of course) that only works with an OS.
6) I have no clue what to do next.

A:error loading operating system

Welcome aboard, I see this is your first posting.

It sounds like you are able to recover and access Windows 2000, but cannot get the backup to work. Is that your problem? It sounds like a drive image utility which can be used for backup was installed but it is broken or damaged. Windows 2000 does not come with one. The two most popular ones are Norton Ghost and PowerQuest DriveImage. To fix the problem you would need to reinstall the utility that was installed.

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anybody know how to get my computer to boot up and start? it's a dell dimension 4550, shows IDE device fails to read portion of test, things like error code 0f00:0244 etc...tried everything I can think of but still get the error loading operating system message..

A:error loading operating system

Hello and Welcome to TSF,

Enter bios: press F2 when pc first turns on
Boot order:
cd/drive rom
other devices (varies)

First lets test the harddrive.

Go here for a HD utility:
use seagate tools if yours is not listed, otherwise you can use these below:

dban - http://www.dban.org/download
killdisk - http://www.killdisk.com/downloadfree.htm

Burn the image to a cd:

perform a harddrive test, if harddrive test passes then
perform a full erase of harddrive.

if everything goes smoothly, proceed onto installing xp windows

After windows is installed, install drivers next.

Go here for the drivers for the pc:

Note: install the chipset first before any other drivers, reboot pc after each
driver install.

install protection - antivirus and antispyware protection for the pc.
Update windows using the window update icon under start button, all programs

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I am trying to load Windows XP on a 500 G hard drive that I have just formatted. I checked the Bios and changed it to boot from the CD ROM, and when I turn it on, it goes through the initial start up checks and then I get this error message, Error Loading Operating System. Any one have any ideas.

Thanks in advance

A:Error Loading Operating System

Could be something to do with the BIOS, check for BIOS updates. Also, make sure that you are deleting the partition and creating a new one, then formatting. One other thing, make sure that you don't need to install a driver for the hard drive during Windows setup if all else fails.


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I recently downloaded a media file, im not sure if its corrupt or not but i have reason to believe it is.
The colours went dodgy (only 4 colour bits and 600x800 sommin resolution and it wont allow me to change anything).
Then i shutdown windows and tried to restart, i out in my recovery diskette but that made it worse. now i started the computer, its about to load up but a message says "error loading operating system".
I tried using a AV disk using BIOS setup and tried reinstalling windows, but it doesnt help.

Any ideas to fix this?

A:Error loading operating system

Assuming you have Windows XP from your 4bit colour setting. Sounds like it might be a display driver problem. If you completely re-intalled Windows, you need to install motherboard drivers and video drivers if they are seperate.

If you need more help, please try to post more details as to what happened and what you did exactly.

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I'm looking for solution for my friend's laptop using WinXP SP2. She keeps getting the "error loading operating system" when WinXP starts.
Does she need to format the whole harddisk to get things work again? is there any better solution as she does not want to lose anything on her harddisk if possible.

A:Error loading operating system

I guess you could just boot from the win xp cd and say 'repair previous installation', or if that doesn't work, just re-install windows (by booting from the cd again). Data on other partitions will not be lost - only you might need to format the partition you're installing xp in if you decide to do a reinstall.

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I recently bought a new hard drive, and decided to upgrade from Win98 to Win2k. I put the new hard drive in the computer, and started to install Win2k. The setup program ran, then rebooted the system, and I got the 'Error Loading Operating System' error. Nothing I did seemed to fix it. I repartitioned, I tried NTFS and FAT32 partitions, that didn't help. I tried fix mbr and fix boot from the recovery console, nothing. I was able to install Win98 without a problem, and decided to upgrade from that, but I still got the error.

I finally found a message somewhere that gave me an idea. The new HD was a Maxtor, so I went to Maxtor and got their PowerMax drive checkout software. I did a low-level format of the drive, and then Win2k installed without a hitch.

I'm not exactly sure WHY I had to do a low level format, as this was a brand new drive that had never had anything on it. But, the point is, it worked.

So, if anyone is having problems with installing and getting the 'Error Loading Operating System' message, try doing a low level format of the hard drive and see if that helps.

I had seen a few messages about this error on this message board while I was looking for a fix, so I thought I would post my story and how I fixed it, so that someone else may have an easier time than I did.

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new member, hope I did this right.
My laptop is a Lenove (IBM) 3000 N100
Has been working fine. Turned it on a few days ago
Checked my E-mail.Turned it off, went to Town came
back 2Hrs later turn it on, all that comes up on the screen
is Error Loading Operating Systems__<flashing dash after writing.
A friend said try booting in safe mode F8 It will not work.

Thanks carbman!!


You may need to perform a chkdsk /r How do I use chkdsk /r?

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Would someone please help me.
I took my C: drive out of my computer to use on other system as D: and when I replaced back to my computer I get " Error loading operating system " is there some utility I can use on a floppy disk to correct this problem on my harddrive?

harddrive Barracuda 7200.7 - 160 Gbytes
Amd 1200 cpu
Abit kg7-lite-raid
Mem - 262144k
atapi dvd-rom 16x
Elsa Razor-x Video card
Zip 100
400 Watt Power Supply

A:Error loading operating system!!!!!!

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I was attempting to load XP on a separate drive from my Vista machine. Booted in the XP CD, formatted and began the installation. After the setup files were copied to the other drive, the computer rebooted to finish the installation. Upon reboot, I got "Error loading operating system".

Reading further, I see that the mbr, boot sector and boot files were overwritten on my computer. I booted from my Vista DVD, navigated to the Boot directory, and issued "Bootsect.exe /NT60 All" at command prompt. Says it was successful. I reboot and still get the same error.

I also tried the automatic repair option. It didn't find any problems and didn't fix the error.

Booted again to command prompt from the Vista DVD. This time tried:
bootrec /FixMbr
bootrec /FixBoot
bootrec /RebuildBcd

When I issued last command, it said it was successful but # Windows installations found was 0.

Also did a chkdsk on my hard drive and came back clean. All files and directories are still present as well.

Rebooted and still getting the same error. What do I need to do?

A:Error loading operating system

If your xp installation went through smoothly without skipping any of its files then i'd suggest you to download EasyBCD. This one will allow you to modify your mbr at ease, it works fine in vista but in xp it requires dot net framework 2.

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Hi guys, Newbie here! i did join up to the forum about a year ago when i last had a problem with my PC but my account has been closed. I'm no expert but if someone guides me through something then i'll be ok.

Right can anyone help me? here goes: Basically my problem stemmed from disabling my gfx card to play an old game (destruction derby 2) as per usual making XP run in win 98 mode didnt run the game and after reading a few posts on other forum's i thought turning of my gfx card would do the trick.
anyway..................it didnt. the game did load but kept freezing up when starting a race, so i tried playing around with the pixels settings and re-started the PC. When the PC started the usual stuff came up when re-booting then the screen went black, windows was working because when i pressed enter the XP intro theme came on through my speakers. but nothing was there just a black screen. I have 2 ports for my monitor, one for my gfx card that i currently use and the other being my old onboard GFX, neither worked.

So i went into BIOS and had a tinker with the setting where you can change something to AGP or PCI, and i put the setting to optimal setting and saved it.

then when re-booting i get the message: ERROR LOADING OPERATING SYSTEM. even when i put the old setting back on in BIOS this message comes up. so then i tried to re-install XP by formatting the C: drive where XP is installed but when re-booting after formating the message ERROR LOAFDING OPERATING SYSTEM ... Read more

A:Error Loading Operating System???

Hi and welcome to TSF

Try popping the motherboard battery out for 20 -30 minutes and see if that helps.


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I am a newbie here so bare with me. I attempted a new install of Xp and it failed and I have no idea what to try next. My last new install of Xp was about 3 yrs ago with this same equipment so it did all work together no problem.

I placed the Xp cd into the dvd RW and rebooted and the setup began. I cleared the partition first. Step two was to create the partition and it went ok. Then step three was to install. It went along fine and then it said something like it was not able to install it completely and something to do with partitions. I clicked it back to look at step one about the partitions and then it asked me if I wanted to do a quick install or regular install and then I tried the quick install to see if that would work better. After that it didn't work and since then all I get when I reboot is "error loading operating system".

I have tried to reboot from the disk but it will not. I have set the bios to the defaults with no luck. I do not have a floppy drive anymore. I even swapped out the dvd RW to the old cd player to see if it was the dvd that wasn't working. So that hardware is not the culprit. Same error message. I checked the cables and etc and everything looks normal. I do get a good posting beep.

My machine is an older Dell Demension 650, PIII, 650MHz, 256 cache, 256 memory which I upgraded with another stick. I did flash the bios several years ago to upgrade to win2000. I did learn that they didn't write the driver that well since I had t... Read more

A:Error loading operating system

update, well I stepped away from the machine and tried more variations on the same theme. It helped. I had changed the boot order several times with the hard drive being either the first or the second to other drives. This time I put it last. For some reason it liked this. I think that bios I flashed from Dell maybe the culprit. I was able to get it to boot from a cd. I placed the Xp cd in and it began the setup process only so far but then it stopped and asked for the Xp cd again and hit enter and I did this, nothing but requested cd again. So instead of putting in Xp, I tried an old Win98 cd and then it liked that for awhile and then it asked me for the Xp again and I put it in and the formating is going right now. When set up started it asked me if I wanted to install or fix an installation. I had tried the fix the installation but it gave me this prompt in dos c:\> but I wasn't able to switch it to just c: to try fdisk and start over that way. I am thinking that this maybe related to the file systems and Xp is having a hard time being read by old bios file system that was poorly written in the first place. I am hoping the Win98 was able to partition the drive in the old language and Xp can now install into it.

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Hello everyone I am having a big problem here. I will explain step by step what happened.
My mom was on her laptop and it froze suddenly then black screened and shut off. Immediately hearing this i knew i could solve this by reinstalling windows but not deleting all her old information, so i tried that and it didn't work I can't remember exactly what it said , but it said that it was unable to. So i left it and the next day i try again and put in the disk and now it says this...
Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:

1. insert your windows installtion disc and restart your computer.
2. Choose your language settings, and then click "Next."
3. Click "Repair your computer."

If your do not have this disc, constact your system administrator or computer manufactureer for assistance.

File: \Boot\BCD
Status: 0xc0000098

Info: The windows Boot configuration Data file does not constain a vaild OS entry.

So after this i research some of this stuff on Google, and turns out i needed to make a windows repair disc so i did and put it in and it took about 50 minutes for the repair options to finally come up. I tried this http://support.microsoft.com/kb/927392 and had nothing... So i try every option system restore and everything else and it STILL does not want to work. So I shut it off. I start it up normally and the same message still came up Error Loading Operating System... So i put ba... Read more

A:Error Loading Operating System

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can anyone help me

everytime i boot my computer up, i get error loading operating system, its a dell dimension 9150

i need to recover the files on the hard disk, or somehow repair it so it can boot
need help asap

A:error loading operating system

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When I turn on my computer it comes to ??verifying dmi pool data?? and after about 10 seconds it says ??error loading operating system??. than i restart my computer and it boots normally. it happens over and over again. can anyone expain me whatş that, ty

A:Error loading operating system

Hello Saketis, welcome to the forum

This could be caused by a few things, have a look here it is old and out dated but the info is good (except the bit under the header "Corrupt boot files on the computer" you should ignore this paragraph) (and the boot order should be CD then HDD) Computer stops at verifying dmi pool data....

Things you can do to sort the problem are;

Run Disk Check

You could try a Startup Repair

and you can use this to test your drive WD Support / Downloads / SATA & SAS / WD Caviar Blue / SE / SE16 (SATA II)

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