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Viglen Laptop unable to read CDs

Q: Viglen Laptop unable to read CDs

Hello all,

i recently got hold of a laptop free its a viglen 2700T laptop specs

Pentium III 1ghz
512mb RAM
Win 98SE

Basically the cd drive did not work, it would be detected in bios and would show in windows under my computer but if you double click on the drive it would display the message Cd drive is not accesble please try again. I tried booting with a XP Pro cd and it did not rekonise the cd.

I have bought a new cd drive and got PC WORLD (uk main pc store) to fit it. This cost 30 and i have just got back to test it and its not working (same problem). I forgot to take my power lead to PC WORLD so they could not test it themselves... i agreed to let them do the work without testing (i kno my bad)

My question is does anyone know what is wrong with it? I now know how to fit these myself so if it involves going into the laptop i will not hesitate.

Please please please help me i need this to install format the hdd as its in such a mess.

Thanks alot in advance

Preferred Solution: Viglen Laptop unable to read CDs

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Viglen Laptop unable to read CDs


Had something similar recently, found out that there is a small plug (two pin) on the back of the CD unit which makes it into Master, Slave etc, move it along and see if that helps.
Other than that it may need a new unit as wear and tear occur.

Regards, Ellgor.

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Morning all,

From what I can see, this seems to be a fairly common problem across computers...

My Dell Inspiron n5010 (Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit) sporadically won't read DVDs. A couple of nights ago, it took a couple of tries - last night, I couldn't get it to play one at all.

Having looked for various fixes, I have tried the following:

-Updating drivers
-Disabling and re-enabling the drive in device manager
-Going into the registry to remove recommended entries (high/low filters i think? I only had the "high" option, which apparently means that fix isn't for me...)
-Uninstalling any DVD-burning software that may be interfering with my laptop's own DVD player/software.

I'm at a bit of a loss now, I'm not a complete moron when it comes to computers, but i have a fairly limited array of solutions which i am able to attempt before i must ask for help.

So, i apologise in advance if this has been posted before...but does anyone have any suggestions as to how i might fix this?

Many thanks,


A:Dell Inspiron laptop unable to read DVDs

Hello and welcome to the forums, PastorofMuppets! (I see you like Metallica too.)

You've mentioned DVDs, does that include CDs and any kind of other optical media too?

Do you have an external USB CD/DVD drive you can try to plug into your system to try out DVDs on?

If you do, try plugging it into your system via USB and playing a disc from the external drive.

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I am getting "a disk read error occurred
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"

When I do, I just come back to the same screen.
This is a Dell Studio (1555?) laptop runnings Windows XP. Warranty expired.
It was running fine Tuesday, and just started this when I booted Wednesday morning.
I have not added any hardware, software or updates. All I have done is try several times to Ctrl+Alt+Del, remove the laptop battery and reinstall, and went into Boot Options (F12), Enter Setup and Selected F9 (Setup Defaults). No luck.

I have also removed the hard drive and tried to hook it up with EZ-Connect (Kingwin) to try to pull my files.
However, the little install disk would not install on the 2nd laptop (Vista and pretty crumby itself...), and I was not able to see it from the 2nd computer.

And I have also tried Ubuntu (running from a flash drive and a live cd) to try to pull my files. I have not been able to successfully mount the drive and see any data.

Any thoughts on how I can first, pull my files (if still possible) and second, troubleshoot to find out what the issue really is.

I am running the Dell diagnostic tool (in setup)... to see what info it yields.

Any help would be so gratefully appreciated.

A:Disk Read Error - unable to boot laptop

Since you pulled the hard drive out once, please do so again and tell us who the manufacturer of the drive is so that we can link you to the appropriate hard drive diagnostic tool. The Dell BIOS one is pretty generic but does a good job.

If the drive fails replace it.
Any clicking noises like a clock would make?

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Hi All,

The SanDisk ultra 16 GB class 10 card that I use with my camera was working fine with my Lenovo Z50-70 (OS - Win 10) laptop till last week. One fine day it stopped reading the card and since then I have not been able to read the card transfer any files or pictures. The card works fine with other windows 7 laptops and my laptop is able to read other camera SD cards. Am at a fix here and I am wondering what can be the cause for concern here. I have formatted my Lenovo laptop and have reinstalled windows and its drivers from the Lenovo support site which obviously didn?t help. Any suggestions would be welcome.

A:Unable to read SDHC card in windows 10 laptop

I have a Lenovo B575 and my Card Reader stopped working as well. I fixed it by downloading an updated Win 10 driver directly from Realtek; however, I would check for an updated Lenovo driver first (which you may already have done).

good luck,


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Help Please

i have a Viglen Laptop. I am running win XP. My problem is that I have to restart my PC 4 or 5 times before it picks up the mouse. When it eventually pics up the mouse, I can shut down and restart as many times as I want and it would pick up the mouse. Only if I leave it unused for a day or more, it would not pick up the mouse. It has a touchpad mouse but I have tried it with a PS2 mouse and the exact same thing happens. I have tried removing the device and re-installing it. I formatted the hard drive and re-installed my opperating system and software but no joy.

Please help.

A:Viglen Mouse


Have you searched for an updated driver set for the mouse? And perhaps try a USB to P/S2 connector to see if you have any better luck that way. (the port could have problems)

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Viglen p200 locking on the net it has a ATI Rage Pro PCI Card and locks up when five or six pages in on the net have swopped the memory, and reloaded the svga drivers.
any help lpease
regards Alan

A:Viglen p200 locking on the net

what type of Browser do you have and how old is it?.

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Apologies for the rookie question, but I have been given an old Viglen Omnino all-in-one desktop pc. I want to install more RAM but how on earth to you remove the case so as to install it?! Does anyone have any experience with this type of desktops? I know how to install the ram, just need some help to get the cover off!


A:How to open up Viglen Omnino?

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Viglen Connect 10

Did have Window 10 v: 1709 and was fully up to date.

Did a drvPackage update from Viglen, which I thought was correct for my Tablet where I used the Serial No.

Then the dreaded Blues screen continuously looping trying to repair and stopping for awhile with a Stopcode: Driver Overran Stack Buffer.

Used a recovery USB stick and able to enter the recovery screen.

Command Prompt show the Windows Ver: 10.0.16299.64

The only thing that has any result is the Command Prompt.

Command Prompt show the Windows Ver: 10.0.16299.64

No restore points are found etc.

Will not restore/recover from stick using the EFI or any EFI file when selecting disk 0, list volume in diskpart.

Tried sfc /scannow which will complete 100% but 'Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation'
Tried attrib -r +a -s -h /s with results>
access denied - C:\Windows\PLA\System Diagnostics.xml
access denied - C:\Windows\PLA\Performance.xml
access denied - C:\hiberfil.sys

Tried net stop wuaserv > but The service name is invalid. More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 2185

Tried C:\powercfg -h off > but Hibernation failed with results>
The following items are preventing hibernation.
'Windows does not support Hibernation during upgrade'
'Windows Reinstallation Environment does not support Hibernation'

The main thing that worries me, is that if it means doing a complete new reinstall. I dont have any Disc's etc as the... Read more

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I'd be grateful for help/advice. My Windows 7Ultimate is BSODing frequently - the bluescreen says DRIVER IRQ NOT LESS OR EQUAL or similar.

The machine is old (I bought it secondhand ~ 15 months ago), but it has had the motherboard, RAM & graphics card replaced since then. It's not used for any task more demanding than downloading/watching AVIs/Libreoffice/GNUCash/Thunderbird. The BSODs occur practically every time MS Security Essentials does a full scan, as well as up to ~5 times a day when the PC feels like it!

The Windows 7 is a retail version (32 bit), and replaced Win XP that came installed when I bought the machine. The Win 7 was originally installed on 050710 and worked flawlessly until the motherboard broke earlier this year - the current installation dates from ~060611.

Any help or advice will be gratefully received!

A:Frequen BSODing on Viglen desktop


Try flashing the latest BIOS version from here: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Deta...nloadType=BIOS

Try running the EXE file, and if it doesn't work, use the DOS version.

...Summary of the dumps:


Built by: 7601.17592.x86fre.win7sp1_gdr.110408-1631
Debug session time: Sat Jul 23 12:36:08.337 2011 (UTC - 4:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:53:13.306
Probably caused by : storport.sys ( storport!RaidpAdapterDpcRoutine+51 )
FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: 0xD1_CODE_AV_NULL_IP_storport!RaidpAdapterDpcRoutine+51
BiosReleaseDate = 01/22/2004
SystemProductName =
Built by: 7601.17592.x86fre.win7sp1_gdr.110408-1631
Debug session time: Sat Jul 23 11:42:24.350 2011 (UTC - 4:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 20:21:42.319
Probably caused by : storport.sys ( storport!RaidpAdapterDpcRoutine+51 )
FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: 0xD1_storport!RaidpAdapterDpcRoutine+51
BiosReleaseDate = 01/22/2004
SystemProductName =
Built by: 7601.17592.x86fre.win7sp1_gdr.110408-1631
Debug session time: Sat Jul 23 13:35:24.835 2011 (UTC - 4:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:58:33.789
Probably caused by : storport.sys ( storport!Raid... Read more

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So I turned my computer off last night, everything was working fine. Then when I woke up today, I turned it on and BAM, could no longer read my SSD (Vertex 2) and would get a message telling me to insert my windows install disk.

So I decided to humour it, and tried putting the disk in, checked the recovery options and was unable to find the SSD to perform recovery on. I carried on a few more steps to install a fresh copy and it wasn't listed there either.

I spent about a hour fiddling around with the hardware, swapping around wires and harddrives to check if it was the wires messing me about, turns out everything worked fine.

I then reset my BIOS and then checked the boot settings, but my SSD wasn't even displayed on the list.

So I was stumped.

On the POST screen, when the SSD was not plugged in, nothing would show up in that slot, however when the SSD is plugged in it says 'None'

(SSD currently plugged into C1 Master)

This problem has been bugging me all day, and I was hoping someone might know what it going on ?


A:Unable to read SSD

Have you tried to plug the SSD into another SATA slot on your board? If that dosen't work, try and connect a spare Hard Drive to the cable your SSD is currently connected to - just to rule out whether it's actually the SSD or a problem with a SATA port on the motherboard.

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Hi Guys,

I'm unable to read or copy the data from the CD which is in the external DVD drive. Getting an error message: I/O Device error. I tried restarting the LT when it is plugged. Still no go. I went to device manager as well, expanded IDE ATA, right clicked on the drive - properties - Advanced settings - Transfer Mode - PIO only.. but still no go

A:Unable To Read From The CD

Does the drive work right when connected to another pc?

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Need help with the following error:

Network Error Unable to read URL from host g.msn.com: Connection reset by peer

I have ran Spybot and AdAware to no avail. Windows 98 is OS.



A:Unable to read URL

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Hi everyone,
I am having problems with this particular software,
I cannot understand anything on the software since it shows codes like "Èí¼þÃû³Æ£º" and "¢²¼ÈÕÆÚ" t\ etc...
There is an instruction in Note Pad but those same codes are written there.
Any help would be much appreciated. 

A:Unable to read "ƣ"

What software is it?

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I'm having trouble with a pair of DVD's that I used to store data, in this case movies, I insert the DVD and the computer reads it, however nothing happens, I cannot acces the data. Any help is appreciated.

A:Unable to read DVD-CD

Hello -
A few basics first - If you check Device Manager, is there any ( ? ) or ( ! ) showing near your Optical Device ?
When was the last time that you could read these DVDs, and was it on this, or another computer ?
Please list Computer Make and Model (if known) and Optical Device also. It should be listed in Device Manager.
You could try to put it in another computer as a test, or look for updated firmware for the Optical Drive.
Thank You -

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I have jusy purchased a new duo-core computer,running windows vista.
I opened an email with 4x attachments. Icould open 2x only the other 2 I was asked to look up a set association in the computer control.
Can you please walk me thru this.Can you make it fairly basic.

Thank You

Floppy Poppy

A:unable to read

The attached link is a Microsoft articlehttp://support.microsoft.com/kb/307859 that should help you

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I have an Excel document that I have attached a password to. When I try and get into it now it comes up with message unable to Read and will not open the file - Can someone please help me urgently

A:Unable to Read

If it's on a network drive, copy it to your hard drive via Windows Explorer. If that doesn't work, I'll be happy to attempt recovery. Send me a private message and I'll give you an email to send the file and password to. I have other programs, like Smartsuite, that I can use to attempt to recover your file.

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I am unable to open a CD I created on my old PC. Not sure why...

It was created with HP software read only and I think can be read through a specific drive only. Had two cd drives on my old PC - new one has one.

It has 34 files on it as I scanned it with ant-virus. Can't format it OR open as it's read only and not compatible with my recording software.

Free space 0 bytes
Total size 0 bytes.

Am I going to have to wait until the new software arrives for the other CD writer until I can access it? Is the CD damaged?


A:Unable to read CD

No the cd is fine try putting it in the old computer and use acrobat reader to make the cd closed but viewable on other computers.

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A customer gave me a CD which she claims she was able to read on a previous PC. We've since upgraded her to a new laptop (Compaq -WinXP home) with a CD/DVD combo and now she cannot read it.

The original laptop was an IBM Thinkpad... it crapped out so I can't verify if it could be read.
When inserted in a drive it appears to repeatedly spin-up/shutdown... then long time before a message says "Drive empty insert disk".

Action so far:
1) Tried reading in various PC's with various CD-Rom Drives and operating systems - even Win95, Win98
How do I determine if it is actually defective.

A:Unable to read CD-R

Mark Resolved....

I can read the disk in a WinME PC. (Not sure why... I had just installed an new CD/RW in it and tried)

Now, FYI, the CD appears to be corrupted in a few places as I was abel to recover most of the disk.. but some files wouldn't copy .. I assume due to scratches and blips on the surface.

(Hope I got the files the Customer needed.)

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I have a Sony combo drive that can read DVDs and write CDs. Previously it was working perfect but now it just doesn't read DVDs. It is working perfectly as cd burner and can read disks other than DVDs. I think the problem started after i reinstalled windowsXP with SP-2 but i m not sure. Please help me out.

A:Unable to read DVDs

Doesn't it just read DATA DVD's or Video DVD's?
Try using it from a linux live cd, and mounting a few dvd's from there.
That might help isolating the problem.

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I have a direct read CD on which I have entered and deleted files. Using it as a back up for personal files. Up until now I have accessed the CD and can read and or process files. The CD had shown 50% used with 50% available. When I accessed the CD today none of the files appeared. In properties it showed completely full. This CD is used in a program where I can use the CD in the same manner as another drive or a floppy disk. I want to know how I can acces the files that were on that CD


A:unable to read files on rw CD

Are you attempting to read the files on the same machine and in the same drive they were written? Are you able to read and write other CD-RWs?

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Can anyone help me on this please. I have a disk with a .igf file. (inset systems metafile) I think it's for a cad application. Would anyone know of a reader for this so I can open it? Thanks in advance for your ideas.


A:Unable to read file

You can click on it, select 'open with', then use Notepad. Likely that will not tell you what it 'really' is for you'll see a bunch of code. Occasionally you'll get readable text.

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Unable to read sd/ card , in the sd slot or through the usb port adapter.
states something is wrong with search folder. can someone please help. I am running windows Vista. Any and all help would be appreciated.... Thank you. you can also reach me at nstgtr03[email protected]
Greg B

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i am creating an excel files through a standard C++ library. When ever i creating workbook with one sheet it is working fine. Problem arises when no of sheets increase.
Whenever there are one or more sheets i used to get following error
"Unable to Read file"

Error log description is given below:

Microsoft Office Excel File Repair Log
Errors were detected in file 'D:\Personal\rav\research\xlsLib\stress.xls'
The following is a list of repairs:
Damage to the file was so extensive that repairs were not possible. Excel attempted to recover your formulas and values, but some data may have been lost or corrupted.
Can anybody help me out as i am unable to get the problem & also the list of repairs is empty.
My first sheet is ok (sometimes) but i am getting my second sheet blank(always).


A:Unable to read files

Since I don't know what library you are using, my first guess is that you are using an incompatible version of Office. For instance, you have Office 98 and the library is writing for Office 2003 files.

If the error is in your code, double check that you are catch()ing all errors and checking return values for errors.

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I recently use a recovery disc to restore my computer back to factory settings. The first time I turned my computer one, I recieved some sort of notice asking me if I wanted to disable my CD/RW capability in order to have DVD-R capabilities? I can't quite remember. Anyway, after all was said an done, I put in a CD to the the CD drive and it was not readable. After running my computer for a little bit longer, some of the CDs that worked eariler, no longer worked. I've been able to rip about half of my CDs onto my computer, and the other half go undetected (all my CDs are store bought, none are burned) . My DVD playback was really choppy too.

Things I've done to try and fix this have consisted of:
1. Uninstalling my D: Drive.
2. Uninstalling my IDE channels
3. Running the recovery disc again
4. Making sure all drivers were up to date
5. I've put the discs into another computer to make sure that it wasn't the discs.
6. I completed all the windows updates recommended.
7. Went into the properties of my CD/DVD drive and "Enable CD recording on this device."

Are there any other alternatives to get my CD/DVD drive back to 100% functioning? This could be a hardware problem, but considering it worked fine until the recovery makes me sceptical.

Thanks in advance for the help!

A:CD/DVD drive unable to read some CDs

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Located in Denmark. Just returned from Hong Kong with 2 Wii games for the kids, and now I get this "Unable to read disc - consult the operating manual".
The discs look in really fine shape, and the console reads our existing pool of games fine.
What can I do here to win back my kids

A:Wii - unable to read disc

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When I insert a cd into the disk drive I can hear it spinning and grinding but it never plays the disk & If I insert a blank disk to copy music, I get an error reading 'insert blank disk'.
Any ideas???

A:Unable to read disk?

Likely a bad drive. You do not state whether or not it's a CDROM or DVDROM or CD or DVD burner.

Autoplay may also be disabled, which isn't a bad thing but maybe you weren't expecting this. Simply open an explorer window to browse the CDROM. Does it read the disk or do you get an error? If so copy and paste the entire error back here.

The error you mention above isn't really clear, can you again post the exact error.

Also check the event viewer for any error messages that are logged onto the machine. Perhaps you have some problems and errors here that should be reviewed.

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Within the last 2 months my CD ROM drive doesn't read my disks. In 'My Computer', the drive exists (drive letter E. I'm able to press the 'open' button on the drive, opening it for me to put a CD into. When it's opening, the LED flashes on the drive.

The problem is when I have a CD in the drive, go to the drive in 'My Computer', and right-click to open the drive. I'm told to insert a CD.

How could I fix my problem so that I could read CDs again?

A:CD-ROM drive unable to read CDs

Boot with a boot disk w/cdrom support and go to a dos prompt. Try getting a directory on the drive there.

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Hello Everyone,

I have two Windows 98 machines and one XP machine that are all experiencing the same issue. None of them will read cd's of any type.

Regarding the Win98 machines, I am wondering if the startup disk will resolve the issue? Is there a way that I can reinstal the cd drivers without reformatting my hard drives?

Regarding the XP machine, the McAfee Security Center recognized a program as a trojan and quarantined the program. In my haste, I deleted the program. Since that day the cd will not read any cd. McAfee has not been any help with this issue. Is there a way to reinstall the cd drivers for the XP machine?

As always, thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer in this matter.


A:Solved: Unable To Read CD

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I was unable to read some files. It appears like rows of square shape instead of the normal letters and words. How can I read the files again in the correct format?

WinXP with SP2, Office XP


A:Unable to read some files!

Word? Excel?

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I have a CD-RW that has been working fine, until my boyfriend downloaded some type of software that enabled him to download music. Now the CD-RW refuses to read any CDs that are not audio. I don't know what he downloaded, so I don't know how to fix it. Please help!! I can't use any CDs...even installation CDs.


A:Unable to read CD-Roms with CD-RW

I don't know if I can help but you should also place this question in the Hardware Forum.

Anyway it was probably napster that he downloaded but maybe not. Do you get any errors when inserting a program disk in the drive? Does it spin up?

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I formatted my hard drive a couple of days ago, but before formatting, I copied My Documents folder to a CD. After replacing the OS (Win ME) and all the software, I tried to load the files from My Documents back-up- disk and all the yellow folders loaded but the Word documents wouldn't and I couldn't get them to open direct from the disk. I tried using Bad Copy software to retrieve the files but although I could now copy them to my hard drive, they still wouldn't open. Can anyone assist please.........Dave
Incidentally, I used Nero 6 to burn the backup disk. I've done it plenty of times before quite successfully. I have 512mb ram, pent3 700mhz processor and 2X20gb Harddrives

A:Unable to read Word Doc

Is the problem with the docs or with the Word prog? Can you start Word ok and create new docs?

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i've been using my WD HDD for 8months but today got an error 'do you want to format the disk now?'. i've tried doing the DLDIAG from WD and getting fail. i've done the testdisk,reboot the machine but still it can't read the drive. under dskmgmt, the drive can be seen from there,also changed the drive letter but still the same problem.

A:Unable to read my external HDD WD 1TB, need help please

Hi lexie017,

Welcome onboard.

Please post a screenshot of Windows Disk Management with only the WD 1TB external HDD connected. ( Please remove all other USB storage devices. )

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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Hi every1 my TEAC-CD224E can read audio CDs but sometimes can't read CD-ROMs. I rang a helpdesk, da guy said it might b dirty.

A:unable to read CD-Roms

Some drives just can't read some CD-ROMS Usually burnt ones. You need to use a different drive.

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I recently FDisk my drive and now I can't read my CD-RW disks. I get the following message " This disc contains a UDF file system and requires an OS that supports the ISO-13346 UDF file system specification." My OS is Win 98 second edition. My CD-RW software includes a UDF reader and I can locate it in the run command. I did download an Adaptec UDF reader but that didn't help. How can I access my CD-RW files???

A:Unable to read UDF file

If you launch the UDF program manually, does it work? Maybe you could try reinstalling your original CD-RW software?

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My daughter bring me an USB key where no file could be read. PC does recognize the 4 partitions, but when I try to read them, an error message say "Insert disk" I did try with CHKDSK: An error message say unable to access the drive

I tried with RECOVA: application to recover data, again, a message Not able to open the drive.

Anything I can do more?


A:unable to read file on USB key

Was it used on a Mac or some other non-windows device ?

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Hi everybody,
I have a HP Computer with Windows XP OS. Computer is unable to recognize any CD inserted into the E drive. Once, the CD is inserted, it keeps showing a message "Please insert a disk into E drive", even though it is already inserted.
Is it possibly the dust, so that I will only have to use a CD cleaner? Or, could the E driver (hardware) be kaput?


A:Computer unable to read CD - Need help!

How old is the CD Drive and is it just a CD drive and not a DVD/CD combo drive?

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Please can someone try and help me. I have a excel document which I have a password on. When I try to open the document even using the correct password it is coming up with the message Unable to Read File and wont let me have access

A:Unable to read file

Hi Joanne, welcome to TSG....after moving this thread to the correct forum, I noticed you'd already posted here as well.....please post only once, it'll help everyone be able to help you better. Please respond back to your original posting.


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When I put my camera's SD memory card into the card reader slot on my computer it no longer reads it.

I have an Acer desktop computer with Vista OS. It's not the memory card cuz I can read it on my wife's laptop. I can read the card when its in the camera and camera is hooked up to desktop via USB cable. Everything I google says to check the device manager but when I do that it does not even show the slots for the card.

Thanks in advance.

A:Unable to read SD card

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Hi there,
Seem to be running into a strange problem. I can't for the life of me remove read only, this is effecting both my drives (seperate units, not partitions) across every folder. I've tried he standard way of simply removing through properties, once complete all folders return to "read only" again.

I tried http://support.microsoft.com/default...b;EN-US;326549 without success.

If it helps, I'm running Spybot and AVG Free Edition.

System Specs:
----System Summary--------------------------------------

Video Card : NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200
Video Driver : nv4_disp.dll
Driver Version :

Sound Card : Realtek AC'97 Audio
Sound Driver : ALCXWDM.SYS
Driver Version :

DirectX : DirectX 8.1
Operating System Windows XP Service Pack 1 5.1.2600

----EASy System Output---------------------------------------

Computer Name : GOD

CPU Info

CPU Count : 2
CPU Type : 2399 MHz GenuineIntel Pentium IV
15 2 9

RAM : 1024 MB Total
446 MB Free
Virtual RAM : -1630 MB Total
-1984 MB Free

Operating System ... Read more

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I am getting an error message fairly often when trying to open attachments to my E-mail which states "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing the action. Create an association in the Folder Options Control Panel." I can't find the aforementioned control panel and if I could I wouldn't know what to do. The "help" programs herein are of no assistances since they don't list this panel either. Any suggestions?

A:unable to read attachments

Hi tech(once)

What file extensions do these attachments have?
What operating system and email program are you using?

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Hi, since I switched my ISP, I keep getting a message that IE has encountered a problem and has to close. I also get messages that something could not be read. I know there is something in Yahoo that it doesn't like, I think something in the ISP toolbar. As soon as I have time to figure it out, I am switching my ISP. This one has had me re-install 4 times and gets worse everytime. Thanks for your help.

A:Unable to read messages

This is being taken care of in this thread


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Hey man I think during all those things that we did to fix my virus problem with hijackthis something that wasn't suppose to be deleted was cause now my computer won't read any disks, it says there's no cd in drive E even when there is!

A:unable to read Drive E

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My friend?s computer got crashed and when he brought it to me it was showing error it was missing some system files in system32 . He has window professional in it so I copied some of the files from window proff system disk. It started but it missed some of his files (I don?t know what exactly he did but he tried a lot of stuff by himself!! ) but now he asked me to retrieve some of his old files he had on his computer. So it was an excel file. With the help of PC recovery tool software I m able to get a *.tmp file with name filename.xls~ RF30526.tmp but my problem right now is , I cant read this file. Its view is totally different now . So I tried changing Its extension to .xls and tried to open it with excel but still unable to read it. Could anybody please help us to open this file. This is very important file for my friend so he cant afford to loose it ..
Please help !!

A:unable to read .tmp file ?? please help

surely its saved elsewhere on the hard drive..so what if he loses his temp one, he can use the presaved one he opened.
If he didnt then...if it was important why not save at every 10min interval lol?

But you could ask if its in his my docs folder anyway.
Slave the drive to your machine and find it that way?

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Hi, it appears no one has an answer for me. The messages I am getting are :

The instructions at 0x62308d19 are unable to read reference memory 0x0227385c

And the add on that appears to be causing the problem is yiesrvc.dll

Can anyone tell me what I can do about this? My computer is freezing up so bad tonight I can hardly get anything done. Thanks

A:Re: Unable to read messages

Go to add/remove programs and see if you see Yahoo toolbar listed. If so, remove it and see if it fixes this. If it is not listed, post back.

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Hi all,

I am unable to read empty DVD in my laptop, i am able to read DVD with data written on other systems, DVD movies and CD, i can able to write CD's also, previously i written data in to DVD suddenly up to one year of purchase after 1year of purchase i am unable to write on empty DVD and is not detecting.
I tried writing with Nero9 and cyber link power2go6.0 softwares but no use, and i also tried different types of DVD's (Mosember,Sony etc)

Another thing is it is Unable to read 8.5 GB DVD+R DL (Double Layer) but it is reading 4.7GB DVD having data in it.

I am giving here my laptop details

Laptop Model: COMPAQ C40-327TU,
OS: Windows Vista,
DVD Drive: Slim type DVD A DS8A2S-A ATA Device

Can any one give a solution.

Thanking you

A:Unable to read Empty DVD

It's possible that it's simply time for a new DVD Burner. I go though about 1 a year.

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Hello -

When ever I try to open an office document, be it word, excel or access, I get a message that says "Uable to read file." Everytyhing worked just fine last week, and I haven't installed anything recently. I tried deleting the Normal.dot to see if that was the case, and the problem still exists. I'm running a virus scan right now, and I guess I will try to reinstall Office next. Anything else I should try before doing that?

I'm running Office 2000 on XP pro, and again, all of these files worked fine last time I tried to open them.


A:Unable to read file

Looks like this issue.

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