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No Administrator Account Exists

Q: No Administrator Account Exists

My problem is no administrator account exists any longer. I found your conversation with someone about this but I can't seem to get back to it again. Please forgive me I am so technology challenged. Last night my son was using my computer and deleted the administrator account on me now the only access I have is through my daughters user account which of course has limited access. I am trying to follow the "safe mode" instructions you had posted but can't get into safe mode due to the computer asking me to by pass the administrator which no longer exists. What do I do?

Please help!! I thank you in advance and appreciate any help you can offer.



Preferred Solution: No Administrator Account Exists

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: No Administrator Account Exists

Hello Jennifer, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Have you already tried to enter you password for that account to see if it may let you into Safe Mode afterwards?

If you did, then you might give Method Three in this tutorial a try to reset the password to nothing, then see if you can boot into Safe Mode.

Reset User Account Password

Hope this helps,

If you can get into Safe Mode afterwards, see if you can create a new Administrator account. You might also look to see if your son just changed the administrator account type to something else (ex: Standard) instead of deleting it. If this is the case, then you can just change it back to a administrator account instead of creating a new account.

User Account Type

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Running Windows XP, Service Pack 3.

Trouble started three weeks with Live Care crashing system. Finally got everything running last night after a two day battle to install IE7. However, in the process User Accounts were damaged.

After reinstalling Windows XP and all software except IE7, everything worked fine. Had three accounts: Admin, and two limited accounts. pw protected. After IE install and lots of talk with MS tech support, only Admin appears on log in screen. Tried to create the two accounts since all data existed in C:/documents and settings, but error message is that account already exists. Created two new accounts with new names, transferred data, all is ok.

However, I would like to return to the old account names, so I changed login procedures to require typing in Account Name, which worked for the "lost accounts" so the profiles and data must be OK.

Is there any way to restore these original account names??


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I was having problems with one of my accounts in Mail, so did what I have done before - deleted and re-installed. Except that Mail says that account already exists and will not allow me to install it.I have looked through all the postings in MS forums related to this topic and found some good comments and suggestions. I tried the Powershell scripts to uninstall Mail, which worked (after a very long time), then re-installed Mail. It immediately recognised my Gmail account, which surprised me, as I expected to have to re-enter each of my accounts. When I added my other account, it came back with the very same message "Account already exists".

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Ok, I have 2 problems here, really hoping someone can help me out.

Problem 1
I just built a computer and installed a hard drive from another computer. Everything was taken off of it except for the accounts. I deleted the accounts and then made a new one along with changing the computer name. Everything went great, no hitches. I got a system message saying that I had to activate Windows XP because it detected a different motherboard, no problem. I went ahead and activated it, so far so good. Then I go ahead and reboot and what happens? I have the previous owner's login screen (Luckily no password required) I go into Windows, create another account, change the computer name and then go to delete their account but their account is not listed in the User Accounts? Any ideas on how I can delete this?
Problem 2
Prior to reactivating Windows, I had no connectivity problems, now I do. I get the correct ip addy when I do a IPCONFIG but I can't connect. It's saying more than likely it's a firewall issue, which I know it isn't. I checked, rechecked, and checked some more and positively have no firewalls running. Any ideas on why this is happening and how to fix it?

Any assistance anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.Any ideas on what I can do?

A:Previous Account Still Exists And Connection Problems

Everything was taken off of itthe operating system had drivers from the old computer/motherboardthis makes a mess, in device manager there may be all kinds of hidden conflictsyou should do a clean install of the operating system even if you have to buy a new copy of windowsIf I was trying to repair an oem machine after replacing the motherboard I would at least boot to a generic oem disk and run windows as a repair diskwindoze can get very confused

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I am trying to get a domain join VBS script to work, however am having issues with computer accounts that "already exist".
It is set to use the current name of the computer and join the domain. Every time it tries to join the domain, it usually comes up stating that the account already exists on the domain. Now, I have removed the AD account and already let replication take
place for a couple days now. Every time the script is ran, it continues to say that it already exists.
I tried to do an if statement that if it said the account already existed, only do the JOIN_DOMAIN part of it. It then says Access is Denied.
Not really sure where to go from this point.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I posted the code. I didn't include the variables, but they're there.
Const WIN9X_UPGRADE = 16

Set objNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network")
strComputer = objNetwork.ComputerName

Set objComputer = GetObject("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=Impersonate}!\\" & _
strComputer & "\root\cimv2:Win32_ComputerSystem.Name='" & _
strComputer & "'")

ReturnValue = objComputer.JoinDomainOrWorkGroup(strDomain, _
strPassword, strDomain & "\" &... Read more

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My PC: HP Mini 1035nr running Windows XP Home w/SP3

I did a System Restore on my machine. Before the restore, when I turned my machine on it would go straight to my desktop. Now it takes me to the XP Login screen, but there is only one user available to click (user name= Hewlett-Packard, no password). When I get to my desktop everything runs fine. The strange part is that it looks as if System Restore made a new user account, because when I navigate Windows Explorer, under Local Disk (C:)/Documents and Settings/ I have the following folders... All Users, Default users, Hewlett-Packard, and Hewlett-Packard.PC12131968. If I want to save a file from online, it defaults to saving the file in my Hewlett-Packard.PC12131968 folder, which leads me to believe that I am logged in as that user. When I go to Control Panel > User Accounts, it only lists Hewlett-Packard as a user, not the .PC12131968 user account (if it is in fact a seperate user account at all. Furthermore, when I hit the Start button on my taskbar, it lists my user name as just Hewlett-Packard.

It is totally confusing me and I just want to use my old Hewlett-Packard account. Can anyone offer any advice or explaination to my situation. I would really appreciate any time and help that you can offer. Thank you very much. I can upload a screenshot or two if needed.

A:After System Restore, seperate account exists under Docs&Settings, but no where else

You assumption is correct. It seems like you logged in to windows as one user but use applications as another.

This is what I would do and do when I get to peoples computers.

1. Create a different account. Probably you should use your name
2. Log in with the new account and see if you are still having the same issue.
3. If the issue was resolved then you will have to move your documents, favorites etc to your new profile. DO NOT COPY THE ENTIRE PROFILE ONLY WHAT YOU NEED>
4. IF you still have the issue where does it save to now?

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Win 8 Pro, Malware bytes pro. runa every PM total scan. Nothing recently detected in the logs, Chrome and IE 10
I have not opened an Email from the Hotmail account for 24 hours or more. I did however delete all the spam and trash from G Mail this AM (selected all deleted the page and did the same for 5 pages.

I have my Hotmail account forwarding to Gmail. I get mail in on a daily basis.
I received the notice below from the Hotmail postmaster
I tried to log in to my account to change the PW as this appears to be a hijack of sorts and when I try to login
I receive a message that this account does not exist. I've tried using [email protected] and oulook.com
I can send a message to the address @Hotmail and receive in forwarded to Gmail with no problem and I can send via Gmail using the Hotmail ID with no problem
This is the first of several alerts. I've received in the past few min.

[email protected]
3:47 PM (53 minutes ago)

to xxxxxxxxxx
This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.

[email protected]

Final-Recipient: rfc822;[email protected]
Action: failed
Status: 5.3.4
Diagnostic-Code: smtp;530 5.3.4 This message was not sent because it contained suspicious content. (-951119879:1210:-2147467259)

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Well, I think I've done something terribly wrong, I first asked not so long ago about changing my users profile and so I did. I made a new account -and- I put it to be an administrator account, I erased the one that HP made for my father when he bought the laptop. I've forgotten one program that asked me for administrator rights for it to finish instalation because I just disregarded it as not important but I have Corel Draw X3 and for me to actually use the program at all it asks me to get on an administrator account to run it the first time and that then it'll be available for all users, but I only have this user and I've verified that it is most definately an administrator account, what's going on? Did I do wrong by erasing the other account? What?

I'd like to thank anyone beforehand for their patience and effort to helping me out.

Vista Home Premium
Intel core duo
1024MB RAM

A:Solved: A program asking administrator's rights but my account is administrator

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how can i fix my asus k553m windows 8 that once it starts up and the asus logo appears it displays a message saying preparing for automatic repair and will only boot straight to the choose an option menu which i've tried everything but it says there aren't
any administrator accounts on this PC it dosnt even appear under the user option on the easy flash utility menu everything is a dead end i have no access to anything tried every boot options in bios nothing the one thing i did notice on bios on the OS selection
menu that seemed odd was that instead of saying windows 8 it says windows 8.x also in the easy flash utility menu there are a few unknown weird files that i believe may be corrupted they have weird symbols and stuff and when i tried opening them the laptop
would freeze and a whole bunch of question marks pop up everywhere tried using my hot keys to access command prompt resetting it booting into safe mode nothing i dont know what else to do please help

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I am using Windows 7 Pro 64x and apparently the default user account (Owner) that I use is not working correctly. Unless I have UAC set to Never Notify, I cannot open Control Panel or UAC again. I have created a second user account as Administrator and it works correctly.

I would like to know if there is any way to fix this problem short of a clean install of Windows. If not, is it possible to move all of my settings to the user account that works correctly and delete the one that does not.


A:Solved: Default User Account (Administrator) acts like Standard Account

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Hey, I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium on my HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop and I need help getting my Standard user account back to Administrator. I can't run certain programs and I also can't install and uninstall anything. I don't have the Windows 7 Installation Disk to do restore. I have already tried Safe Mode and I can't enable and built in admin either. Please help me! Thank you!

A:How can I put my Standard user account back to Administrator when the ASP.NET Machine account is admin?

How are you trying to change the type of account?I don't have the Windows 7 Installation Disk to do restoreDo you mean System Restore? If you are, you don't need the installation disk to do this.To use System Restore click on the start orb. In the search box type in System Restore. In the list of results click on System Restore, if you are prompted for an administrator password type it in.Follow the prompts to choose a restore point and restore your computer.

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Suddenly, the Windows 7 doesn't allow me to access my Admin Account and showing error msg (The User Profile Service service failed to Logon). I am left with only the Guest Account with limited access.
I tried copying the cmd.exe, using Fix It Program, login through Safe Mode but all didn't work.
Would anyone help pls?

A:The User Profile (Administrator Account) Service failed to logon and then left with only Guest Account in Windows 7


Occasionally, Windows might not read your user profile correctly, such as if your antivirus software is scanning your computer while you try to log on.
Please try restarting your computer and logging on with your user account again.

If the issue still persists, please restart in safe mode to log on with the built-in administrator account:
1. Restart your computer and hit F8 multiples times until you see a menu-like screen, if you see the Windows splash screen then repeat this step
2. Highlight and hit enter on Safe Mode with Command Prompt. Try logging in there.
3. If you are able to login, once a command prompt pops up, type: net user administrator password /active:yes (you can specify whatever password you want for the administrator
4. If you get a message saying "The command completed successfully", then restart your computer by typing: shutdown -r
5. Boot up again pressing F8, but this time choose just Safe Mode.
6. You will be able to login as Administrator with the password you set in Step 3.

Then try the following methods:
Method 1: Fix these user account profile on these computer

Method 2: Log on to Windows and copy your data to a new account
Method 3: Delete the error SID and create a new profile
For the detailed information, please refer to this article:
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/947215Karen Hu
TechNet Community Support

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Hello to all,
I am using W7 Ultimate 64 bits. I am have a what has been described on this forum as a quasi-administrator account. It is not called Administrator but seems to function as one. UAC prompts, when admin rights required in user accounts, this account's password will fulfil the requirement. Might someone care to discuss the differences, values and problems. Which should I be using??
I do my regular computing under a user account. I am lost at this depth of computerocrasy!
Thanks for any assistance!

A:Quasi-Administrator account versus a true Adminstrator Account?


If you havent changed the permissions there are only three types of accounts. Admin, Regular user, and guest.

What does your user say under your name in user CP?

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I just realized that I am unable to access my other users accounts (which are limited) desktops. I use documents and settings folder to get there, but I get this error:

"C:\Documents and Setting\Natalie and Dave\Desktop

Access is denied."

I can access the other limited account, but just not "Natalie and Dave's" desktop. I don't know why either, I am the only administrator account and I am able to access one of two limited accounts desktop.

Is there anything I can do, besides removing the account? Thanks!

A:Administrator account unable to access limited account's desktop?

You can try taking ownership if you're really an administrator.
I don't know what effect that will have when Natalie and Dave try to log in though (if they'll have permission to access their own Desktop that is).
The other possibility is corruption in the file system. If that's the case, run chkdsk /f from the command line (click start, (all) programs, accessories, command prompt, and type chkdsk /f press y and then reboot). When it reboots it will run the disk check, then reboot again. You can see the results of the chkdsk in your event viewer. (control panel (classic view), administrative tools, event viewer, application log, and look for events named winlogon).

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I have two accounts on my XP laptop. I have the Administrator account and a regular
User account. I had to do some administrative work with my User account so I logged
in as the Administrator, changed my User account to an Administrator account, went
and did my work.

I then logged back in as Administrator and tried to change my User account back to
a normal user account, but it wouldn't let me telling me that I have to have at least
1 Administrator account for me to be able to do this. I'm not sure why it's telling
me that because I still have my Administrator account.

I logged in as Administrator, then went into Control Panel, and then User Accounts.
Then I clicked on "Change An Account". Then I clicked on "User1". Then I clicked
on "Change My Account Type". But then on this page, the "Limited" radio button is
grayed out and I cannot change it, and above it, it says, "You must assign another
user on this computer with a computer administrator account before you can change
this user's account type. This ensures that there is always at least one user with
a computer administrator account on this computer."

Don't know why I'm getting this seeing as how I'm logged in as Administrator.

A:Problems Changing Administrator Account To Normal User Account?

Nevermind. I figured out how to fix it. Instead of going through Control Panel->User Accounts, I go to Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Computer Management, and I'm able to make the change through there. Not sure why one method works and the other doesn't, but it does!

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I was having some trouble with a newly installed program failing to run. Their tech support had me create a new user account (start, control panel, user accounts, create new account). I did not realize that creating a new administrator user account by following their instructions would make the original Administrator user account inaccessible. I dug through folders and found my documents and made sure they were all on my expansion drive. Now, I want my account back. Otherwise, I have to set up my entire computer again. The thought of this makes me turn into a velociraptor who wants to destroy the tech support that told me to do this.

As of right now, I have not internet connection on my computer. I tried searching forums from my phone, but it was extremely difficult (not the best phone). If this topic already exists and I just could not find it, please accept my apologies for the duplicate and post a link. Thanks!

A:Created new user account, original Administrator account disappeared

I just remembered that I could CTL ALT DELETE twice at the Welcome screen to get to the logon and type in Administrator. I haven't used it in years, so it did not occur to me. I am now in my administrator user account. If I delete the new user account, will it go back to the way it was before? Or will I screw something else up by doing that?

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I am using Windows 7 Pro 64x and apparently the default user account (Owner) that I use is not working correctly. Unless I have UAC set to Never Notify, I cannot open Control Panel or UAC again. When I try, I get the error message listed below. I have created a second user account as Administrator and it works correctly.

I would like to know if there is any way to fix this problem short of a clean install of Windows. If not, is it possible to move all of my settings to the user account that works correctly and delete the one that does not.


A:Default User Account (Administrator) acts like Standard Account


Right click Computer and click manage. On the left hand side there will be local users and groups. Go to the Administrators group and just confirm that the Owner account is in there?

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HELP!!! I've accidentally had Control Alt Delete on my Logon Screen. And from my laptop, I couldn't type it in with my keyboard, so I have to use Ease of Access and use the On-screen Keyboard. From there, it had a "Other User" Account which asks for a username and password, which I don't have because THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I've encountered an "Other User" Account.

I don't know how to retrieve my administrator account. I've been guessing several usernames and passwords for the "Other User" account (even my admin. username and password) but no luck.


Here's what my logon screen currently looks like:

ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting

ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting

ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting

ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting

A:How do I disable Other User Account in Vista and retrieve Administrator account?

Hello, wow , i have never seen this before, here is an idea, couldn't hurt to try it : force a shutdown by pressing the power button, it will then shut down, Then restart it, it should go to the F8 screen automatically, see if you can enter into the restore or repair functions or last known working configuration. Just a thought. Post back results please.

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Hello everyone,

Ahh, don?t you love just Microsoft and its OS designed by a team of idiots led by Alfred E. Neuman? Why do people keep buying new products from these worms to keep them in business?

This problem is more ludicrous than having to remove IE7 and go back to IE6 in order to repair XP, when you can't boot into Safe Mode or anything else.

I recently got a machine that was part of an internet caf? or so I was told buy the guy selling it.

Caf? software has options to limit what the users can do. Evidently it is not dynamic; the changes are made in the registry and affect the whole machine even when not part of the Caf? network.

I logged into the Administrator Account (which is a complete joke in the real computing world as Bill never got the concept of what a real a Administrator is or what it is they actually do.) and I find that I have no right-click option. I can?t get to the Run Command and there is no Administrator menu for getting to system services, group policies or anything else.

So I open a command window from the Accessories menu and try run regedit and I get a notification that "The Administrator has disabled modifications to the Registry"? Gee and I thought I was the Administrator.

The login did say Administrator didn?t it? Yup it sure did Myrtle.

I found a third party registry editor, but I would rather not have to spend the time searching for every single registry entry that has been changed to gain control back.

I am... Read more

A:How do I Restore Administrator Privileges to the Administrator Account?

The Account may be called "Administrator" but it is not the built in Administrator account. go to Start/Run and type compmgmt.msc and hit enter. Open Local Users and Groups. Open the Users folder. Here is a list of the user accounts on the computer. The First one to the right will say it is the built in Administrator account (the actual name may have been changed by the previous owner) You will have to log into this account with it's password to be an actual Administrator to make changes or create your own Administrator account

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Hi, I have an Acer laptop which came with one user account, Acer, with the administrator right. When I tried to rename it to Administrator or administrator, I got an messages saying that user name has already existed.

How do I rename Acer to Administrator? Thanks.

A:Renaming the administrator account back to Administrator

Hello, Yky, welcome to the Seven Forums.

The username Administrator is reserved for a built-in administrator account. If you want to use the name for another account, you need first rename it to "free" the name. Instructions here: Built-in Administrator Account - Change Name

Please keep in your mind that even if you change the name of the user account Acer to Administrator, it's userprofile folder's name remains Acer. Renaming a user account does not change the name of the user folder.

An example: my username is my real first name, Kari, and that's the name I also use for my userprofiles on all of my rigs. If I now decide to change my username on this computer to LarryLaffer, it's OK. Easy and fast done. BUT: it would mean that on this computer, user LarryLaffer's files would be located in folder called C:\Users\Kari, because renaming a user account does not change the name of the folder. Windows user folder name stays always the same it was when the user account in question was created and user logged in first time.


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I'm running Win 7 Pro x64 and Office 2007. I installed a Bluetooth transceiver recently and developed a problem when replying to email in Outlook 2007. When I select an email to reply, the email editor pops up with a "Custom UI Runtime Error in Send to Bluetooth." The solution to this issue is to disable the COM Add-In "Send to Bluetooth" in one of the other Office applications such as Word.

However, when I attempt to uncheck the "Send to Bluetooth" option, I get an indication from a pop-up warning box that "This add-in is installed for all users on this computer, and can only be connected or disconnected by an administrator.

I am the only user on this computer and my user account is an administrator account. I have the system to start to the desktop without any intermediate log-ins or any intermediate screens.

How do I let Word know that I am an administrator so I can disable the COM Add-In and stop the offending pop-up every time I reply to an email?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


A:User Administrator Account won't allow Administrator Privilages

You could try right clicking the program and choose run as administrator. Then try to disable the addon.
Although with Microsoft software it usually is smart enough to prompt you with uac when you need to change something like that.


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Some applications like Google Chrome, Yahoo Messenger which installed in administrator account is not available in limited account. I'm using windows xp. Is there any work around for that?

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My Windows7 suddenly displayed a default desktop. I then did an unsuccessful system restore, tried the undo and got stuck.

From there on, when I want to log in I end up at the error message "The user profile service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded".

I tried to activate the administrator account by using "net user administrator /active:yes". The command executes, but administrator never shows up on the login screen.

I cannot start Windows 7 in safe mode. A few seconds after the safe mode login screen appears the computer restarts automatically. No administrator account is listed here either.

I tried kb/947215, but only S-1-5-18, 19 and 20 show up (regedit from the command prompt, since I cannot log into Windows 7 in any mode.

The startup repair doesn't find a fault. What now? I want to avoid a clean install, if at all possible...

A:User account corrupted, administrator account not accessible

You could try a Repair Install: Repair Install

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Since this a security forum, I thought it would be nice to see how many of our members bother creating a Standard User Account or simply use the default Admin User Account.

Anyone is free to explain their own reasoning for choosing a type of account if he/she wants to.

Currently I use a Standard User Account. Decided to try one a few days ago, and so far I like it. I don't find it that much annoying or bothersome(so far)

A:Administrator Account vs Standard/Limited User Account

I do beta and malware testing, so a SUA\LUA doesn't make much sense for me; for what I do - processes need elevated privileges on a frequent basis - making a SUA\LUA impractical.

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Hey guys. Im having a problem with my computer!somehow my administrator account has turned to a guest account. Today I tried to unistall a program and it didnt let me saying i needed to be admin. . Also I tried turning it to admin by using cmd command but it says access not allowed.

A:My Administrator account turned to Guest account

Ok I have these

Administrator - Built-in account for administering the computer/domain

Guest - Built-in account for guest access to the computer/domain

Homegroupuser$ - Built-in account for homegroup access to the computer


VSA Server Account - Account for the Visual Studio Analyzer server components

I cant even unistall or delete simple things like shortcuts

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Hello all,

First post for me -- glad to have found this site. Extremely useful !!!

I've recently noticed that I've lost adminstrator account priviledges on both my laptops. I've got Windows 7 Home Premium edition. When I am logged in to my original account, which was set up as an Administrator account, and I go to Change Account Type, the "Standard User" button is active. When I click on the Administrator Account button to change it, the Apply button becomes greyed out. I have two accounts that were set up as Administrator and both show the same thing. Curiously, the account icons that show up on the login screen and on the control panel screens still carry the label "Administrator". Maybe this is normal for Windows 7, but if so, very confusing.

What I've tried so far:

1) Activated the built-in Administrator account, logged into it, tried to elevate the two accounts to Administrator with the same results above (becomes greyed out when I click on the Administrator account type button).
2) Ran virus/spyware scans using SpywareDoctor, Malwarebytes, and Windows Security Essentials. No serious threats found other than the cookies, etc. on SpywareDoctor scan. Malwarebytes and Security Essential scans were clean.
3) Started up in safe mode -- same result.

I originally noticed the problem due to the fact that Itunes would not update -- gave me the message that I didn't have administrator proviledges even though I was lo... Read more

A:No administrator account -- cannot change account type

At what level is the User Account Control?

(Open the start menu type uac and hit enter.)

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I've recently installed Windows 8.1.
During Windows installation, I created my microsoft account but I can't change its type from guest to administator..
In the User Manager from Administrator account, this Microsoft account doesn't appear, so I can't manage it...

Any tips?


A:Primary account not in Administrator account list

Hello n4w4k, and welcome to Eight Forums.

While signed in to an administrator account, see if you may be able to use an option in the tutorial below to change your account to be an administrator type. You may need to use OPTION FOUR with an elevated command prompt though.

User Account Type - Change in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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I am wondering how do I get a administrator account on this computer. There is only a limited account and I can't get rid of certain stuff for them. Even in safe mode there is no administrator account. Is there a registry key you could give me to get a administrator account on here and make it the default account to boot with the logon process. The computer is on a network and it has Novell Client if you can figure out how to fix this problem it would be very much appreciated.

A:Limited account on the computer. There is no administrator account.

Very weird problem??

Are you able to create a new user profile with admin access?

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Hi, I've been caught at school playing games on my computer .. so they took it from me, they deleted all of the games, and they changed my user account into a standard account! Do they even have the RIGHT to do this? Anyways, I want to change my standard account into an administrator account There's another account on my laptop called "Iconnect". This is an administrator account, and it's password protected. Can I get into this account and change my account to administrator? Please help me as I'm on spring break and I wont go to school for another 2 weeks !

A:How can I change my standard account into an administrator account?

No one can help you here about this problem I'm afraid.......

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OK, i've seen this problem before, except in my case I can't fix it:

My main user account has disappeared from the welcome screen. I know all about pressing Ctr+Alt+Del twice and typing in your account and if that doesn't work, to use the "Administrator" account to enable your main account. The problem is that my administrator account doesnt even seem to have any administrator privelages... its just as useless as the guest account, or so it seems.

I don't know what to think. If i go to computer management and check out the users i see: Administrator, Guest, and some other SUPPORT_388... but not my main account.

IF i go to documents and settings, i see all the accounts, including administrator and guest and my main account. So what's happening?

help is greatly appreciated
EDIT: btw, i just looked at the size of the user folders in documents and settings and they appear to be empty.. is all my information still there. it looks like that my account has disabled, and all the files have no place. but how did it happen? a virus? i also just upated to SP2.

A:Main account gone and Administrator account useless

It's a longshot, but if they were not physically deleted, they may have "disappeared" due to drive corruption. In all likelihood they are lost forever.

But you might try running chkdsk on the drive and see if that finds and restores anything.

System Restore will not restore "My Documents", but it may restore other aspects of your User Account if you can run it.

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hello ever one,
i am mahesh,
accidentally i disabled administrator account in local users and groups-users-properties of administrator account-put tick in ACCOUNT DISABLED.I have on guest account.now i am accessing that one.but i can't able to login in ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT.any body help me how to enable administrator account from guest account by command mode or registry.I know administrator account password.

If any body known plz give me best suggestion.

Thank u.

A:how to enabel administrator account in user account

Hi Mahesh,

Which version of XP, home edition, professional or media centre? I think the procedure depends on this.

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I recently logged onto my account about 2 days ago to finish a project. The music file I used for the account was could not be found and when I went to locate it I was told I didn't have administrator rights. I went to Control Panel because I was sure I was an Administrator, but sure enough, I was set as a Standard User. I tried changing it up but it wouldn't change. I tried changing the account name also, and it wouldn't change. I could only change account picture. I can't open UAC, I click it and it blinks but nothing opens.

I went online and tried these suggestions:

I deleted any recent program installations,
I booted in safe mode, however I was still not able to change my account,
I tried activating the hidden administrator account but I received an "access denied" message,
I tried creating a new account but I received the following message:

"The specified account name is not valid, because account names contain the following characters: /\[]":;|<>=+,?*

Please type a different name."

I didn't use any of those characters in the account name.
I ran 2 different virus scans, and they came up with nothing,
I turned the computer off, unplugged everything, and pressed the power button for 30 seconds, and rebooted, but still nothing!

My roommate shares this computer with me, and her account is still an administrator. However she has traveled and I haven't been able to get hold of her yet. We share music files and the file I ... Read more

A:I can't change a standard account to an Administrator Account!!!

You are going have to wait for your roommate...
Anything we could do would be consider hacking and that is against forum rules.

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I hope this is the correct forum for this question.

I currently have Windows 7 32bit installed on one partition ( D: and I just installed Windows 7 (64bit) on another partition ( C:.

I log into Windows 7 64bit using Administrator BUT when I try to do things like move where the Administrators 'My Documents' folder is (I put user folders on a third partition) I get a message that I do not have permission and I should contact the administrator.

I AM the administrator. The only user account on the machine is Administrator. I have double checked that the account IS a member of the 'Administrators' group.

So, I am really confused.
How is the Administrator NOT an administrator ?

Any help/suggestions/ideas much appreciated.


p.s. Does anyone know how to get the 'swirly windows logo' back as the boot graphic ?
I had to do a restore on the 32bit install and now I just get this green bar when it is loading.


A:Administrator account isn't a 'real' administrator :(

Hello Angahran,

Welcome to Seven Forums.

The account that you create when installing is not a true administrator account. It is a standard user account with administrator privileges. There is a disabled true admin acct. but I don't recommend using it unless absolutely necessary.

Also 'My Documents' is not an actual folder, but a hard link used to point older programs to the correct folder to install whatever would have gone into the My doc folder, which is now called simply Documents. If you move that you'll create problems. Same for the other 'My ...' folders. They should be hidden unless you have 'Hide protected operating sys files' unchecked in folder options.

Hope this helps.


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Hello Members
The OS system being used is Windows sever 2003 R2.

If a user has log in to the server on there account, and his/her rights are not administrative, and say during his use an application crashes, where does an administrator also login at the same time to gain access to administrative rights to
make any changes, or teminate applications (Task manager)?

Kind regards

A:How can i make administrator changes in a non administrator account?

You can hold down shift and right click on taskman.exe (in the windows folder), and select the 'run as' option.

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Windows 8.1 Administrator Account says Administrator but..

My laptop is working fine and perhaps I should leave well enough alone.
The issue came up I guess when I wanted to use the Metro Apps, I seldom do. I was getting an error, the infamous: abcde App cannot be opened using the Administrator account.
Note: Using Windows 8.1 Home Edition not Pro-cannot use secpol or gpedit and registry tweaks on LUA, Token and one other entry did not help.

Perhaps I am using the built in Administrator account, Not sure.

I do not want to create another Admin account and lose all my hard work, settings, icons in this profile , etc. I mainly 99.99% of the time use Desktop view (I use Start 8 - which is like Classic Shell to give that Windows 7 look and boots into Desktop view-no lectures please).

1. If I log in using the local acct, then I am okay and Metro apps will work

2. I was hoping for the best of both worlds and not have to log out of one into the other.
I attached a few screen shots where it says "Administrator" as the account name under my email address BUT in "properties" it says " Standard user" - and I cannot change such: grayed out.

Perhaps it does not matter as everything but metro apps under this account work perfectly.

Sorry-Long winded but I am tired.


A:Windows 8.1 Administrator Account says Administrator but..

Hello Peter,

If you are signed in to the built-in elevated "Administrator" account, then that would be why since modern apps do not work when either the user account or explorer is elevated.

As a test, sign out, and make sure that you are signed in to your "Peter" account to see how it your modern apps work.

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Hello, until today I have had no problems, but a few minutes ago while trying to install real player (well, Real Alternative), I was told that due to being on a restricted account I could not install the software (no registry access). Even though I was on an administrator account (not THE administrator account), I figured it may just be that I needed to run the installer as the Administrator account, so I did... Unfortunately I also got the error telling me that I didn't have registry access rights...

Any suggestions?


A:No Administrator Rights on Administrator Account

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I have the same problem! can't delete accounts, rename accounts, change picture or type of account. I have one non-admin account and one administrator account (my guest account.) I can't change back or add/delete accounts, cannot switch guest account off, please help!! what should I do?! I have tried running "control userpasswords2" in start menu, but that does not work either. please help me...

A:guest account is now administrator account

This super adminstrator may be able to help.
Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable - Windows 7 Forums
For Vista or Seven

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the "run as administrator" option? If you're the administrator, aren't all programs "run as administrator" by default?

The reason I ask is that I'm trying to delete something via Spybot, and a message appeared on the screen saying I need to run the program as an adminstrator in order to perform the deletion.

A:If my user account is the administrator account, why the need for...

By default, an administrator account behaves in exactly the same way and with the same privileges as a standard account. Some programs, however, need to be run at a higher privilege level, even when run from an administrator account. In these cases, you need to right-click and select Run as administrator. Depending on the account you are currently using, you will be asked to provide administrative credentials (from a standard account) or confirm that you want to elevate (from within an administrative account).

This is part of the improved security in Windows 7, and is designed to make it harder for malware to get on your system. Of course, it isn't infallible, so you must always keep alert.

This is controlled by means of tokens, and a standard account has just one whereas an administrator account has two, a standard token and an administrative token. In normal use, both types of account use the token with standard privileges. When you right-click and select Run as administrator (see above), you are instructing the program (and that program only) to use the administrator token and to run with full administrative privileges.

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Hi i got relly bad problem with my vista. (Windows Vista Home Premium)
My admin account has changed to debugger account some how..why?..i dont know..
The worst part of this is that there is no other admin account so i cant accsess admin tools, i tried to log on as local admin with safe mode, i cant hit local admin on normal login becous the ctrl.alt.del dosent work on login screen
I have all ready tried cmd with few commands for ex.
"net localgroup administrator "my account name" /add"
but still it dosent work.
...please help...

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my guest account has been switch to administrator account.i've tried to switch it back and nothing happens.can someone tell me what to do.i've tried to switch myself back to administrator account but it keeps saying access denied,i did the command prompt it still access denied can someone help

A:guest account is now administrator account

Do a virus scan if nothing comes up format the drive and reinstall windows.

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It's apparently a lot safer to use a limited user account, and that's what I'm trying now, but it's also a pain-in-the-a$$.

I also don't understand why the XP installer forces you to create another admin account, when you could simply login as 'Administrator'.

You're supposed to login to the admin account to install everything, but when you do, in most cases, the shortcuts seem to only be created for the account you're logged into at the time. Very messy.

The list goes on, and these things have probably been discussed before, but why is there a single 'Program Files' directory, which all users have access to? Surely there should be a separate directory for each user, so user A cannot access programs installed by user B, unless of course it was meant to be shared?


A:Do you use a limited account, or an administrator account?

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I'm trying to add a new user account to my Windows XP machine. However, When I use the User Accounts tools I can't add a specific name. I've had this username on the machine before, but deleted it a long time ago. I must have erased something else by accident too.

I thought it could get to it from Computer Management tool, but when I expand the Local Users and Groups I get, Unable to access the computer ********. The error was: Invalid Syntax.

Any suggestions?

A:New User "The account already exists" ???

I found this on http://www.x-setup.net/forum/archive/index.php?t-582.html.
Being one hell of a tweaker I often break my machine. The latest break came about due to a bug in earlier versions of XPLite which upgrading to the latest copy didn't seem to be fixing, and I couldn't wait on the patch.

Anyway, I reinstall Windows XP using a slipstreamed SP2 disc. Once that was up and running I patched Windows, installed Media Player 10 and .Net 1.1 and all the latest drivers. All is well, I opened Local Users and Computers via Computer Managment and removed the accounts for Help Centre and Remote Assistance. I took a quick look at ASPNET and left it there.

Then I changed the security settings, stripped out elements of Windows using XPLite and applied my usual X-Setup and WinGudies Tweak Manager tweaks. Once they were in place I rebooted and moved to create an account for myself seperate from the admin account I had created.

It was at this point I found the Local Users and Groups MMC within Computer Managment had a red cross by it and displayed the following error:

Local Users and Groups

Unable to access the computer MY COMPUTER NAME. The error was: Invalid syntax.

Now, I applied a lot of tweaks in one go, so lots of points of failure you say? Well, the reason I did so many in one go is that it's pretty much the same set I always apply, including the elements of Windows I stripped. However, I'm not so familiar with the newer Local Security Policy opti... Read more

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I have only one account on my computer, and it's an administrator account.
However, I still have the "run as admin" option in the context menu. How come?

Often I get issues when running installations, because they don't have the necessary permissions until I run them as admin. But Windows already states I am an admin! That makes very little sense to me.

A:My administrator account isn't really an administrator

Ever since vista windows has used a dual token system of administrator security, the administrator actually runs as a normal user until elevated to full administrator status. this is a vastly more secure system than used by many home users in XP - the XP system meant that any malware that entered the system would run as a full administrator and could do untold system damage the Dual token system now in use limits any malware damage to a much reduced level, It's basically a semi auto method of the security used by professional users for many years even before XP

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Recently started having issues with my laptop (it is about 3 years old). When I sign into my administrator account it takes a very long time to load up and when it finally signs on- nothing else happens. Some of the desktop icons show up but I cannot press or click on anything. BUT the guest account is perfectly fine. Someone suggested to me that I turn my guest account into administrator but I do not want to lose pictures, files, and music from my administrator account. PLEASE HELP!!

DDS (Ver_2011-06-23.01) - NTFSx86
Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16421
Run by Dede at 14:19:39 on 2011-07-23
Microsoft? Windows Vista? Home Basic 6.0.6002.2.1252.1.1033.18.1978.913 [GMT -7:00]
SP: Windows Defender *Enabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k rpcss
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k secsvcs
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k GPSvcGroup
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService
C:\Windows\... Read more

A:Administrator account is not working while guest account is working fine!

Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer! I am HelpBot: an automated program designed to help the Bleeping Computer Staff better assist you! We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here. To help Bleeping Computer better assist you please perform the following steps:***************************************************First, I need to know if you still need help! To tell me this, please click on http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/logreply/411017 and follow the instructions there. If you no longer need help, this is all you need to do. If you do need help please continue below.***************************************************If you still need help, I would like you to post a Reply to this topic (click the "Add Reply" button in the lower right hand of this page). In that reply, please include the following information:If you have not done so already, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.A new DDS and GMER log. For your convenience, you will find the instructions for generating these logs repeated at the bottom of this post.
Please do this even if you have prev... Read more

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ok here's my problem
my friend gave him a brand new pc with windows 8 installed as a gift
but he had previously set himself up as the administrator upon start up

so then i had him make another account for me
and made me the administrator
and after all that's done, i deleted his account.

but now even though my account type is administrator,
i can't even alter or save any documents in my c drive
as everytime i tried to do that it prompts me saying i don't have the right
to do such things because i'm not the administrator.

please help, this is driving me crazy.

ok sorry i should rephrase,
i can't alter or save documents or create new documents
"in my c drive folder"
to be exact
other documents can be as long as they're in sub folders under c drive

this is the part driving me crazy

and i don't even know if it is because of the situation aforementioned
in my previous post.

sorry for the confusion, but still need some professional help,

A:How to make my account the "true" administrator account?

Hello Mastachao, and welcome to Eight Forums.

This was the same in Windows 7 as well.

This is a security feature of Windows to protect it's system files and folders from being tampered with to prevent making Windows unstable.

Nothing can be saved from an external source directly into a Windows system folder. Instead, you need to save it to one of your user folders (ex: Desktop or Downloads), then save it into a system folder if you like and approve (UAC prompt) doing so.

For what you are wanting to do, it would be best to keep your documents either in your Documents library or "C:\Users\(user-name)\Documents" folder instead. This way you will not have any access rights issues.

Hope this helps,

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Newbie here, I am running a Dell XPS laptop. I recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate over vista.

I went to update a program a few moments ago and was given the "Must perform this action logged in as an administrator" error.

Funny thing is, I am in an administrator account. So I pull up the accounts list, and noticed that while mine is listed as an admin, it is currently running under a standard setting. I click the bubble to select admin, and when I do, the change account type button grays out and I am unable to perform the change.

Well this is inconvenient...

So, what do I need to do?

(From looking at another post: I do have the correct password, I am logged into an admin account.)



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