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user account denied access workgroup

Q: user account denied access workgroup

WinXP, SP3
domain: Workgroup
4 user accounts
3 accounts normal
1 account shows Domain: *uknown* and will not allow access to change back to Workgroup. while this account is logged on, the computer does not appear in the local network workgroups

somehow i need to reset this account

any ideas?

Preferred Solution: user account denied access workgroup

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: user account denied access workgroup

Try booting into the safe mode and try and change the network from there.

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I have a Compaq computer that came with a System Recovery feature. My Dad decided to enable the feature which wiped out most of my Win XP Home OS settings. All the user accounts were deleted, leaving me with the default Owner and Administrator. I need to access the folders for the old user accounts that were deleted. When logged on as Administrator, under Documents and Setting there are folders for the deleted user accounts. However, I am NOT able to access the folders for the users accounts that required a password to logon. I get a "Access Denied" message. I checked the ownership of this folder, and it is the Administrator. I have ran "control userpasswords2" and no accounts exist except the Owner and Administrator. I can't access this folder and really need to recover that data. Is there any way I can get to this data? It has a NTFS partition. Thanks for any input!

A:Deleted User Account - Access Denied!

Try this.


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Hi COursework deadlines are coming up and my acess has been denied to my folder. Please help windows couldnt find my user profile so i had to go to safe mode log on as admin create new account. I also deleted the old account and kept documents and settings. I could not access this. after searching i found out i had to go back to safe mode log on as admin and go golder options ---> view then there would be an advanced tab yet this wasnt there what do i do.. :/

A:Access Denied To files after deleting user account

Google "taking ownership of files" and follow the how to.

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Hi,I must have downloaded a particularly nasty piece of malware on my home PC (running XP Home edition) because now I can't access things like the 'run' command, Control Panel, My Computer (they have all disappeared when clicking the Start button). Also if I press the Windows + E keys to get into Explorer I get the message 'This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator' I also get the 'Virus Alert!' message next to the clock in the system tray. I am able to get into safe mode I can also get into the 'Family' account (which has admin rights) and this works fine with access to everything I would expect. My concern, apart from the obvious lack of access, is that I cannot access my main profile from any account ('access denied') so no documents, firefox bookmarks or ability to copy my mail file. This would be a concern if I had to rebuild. From the 'Family' account I've run AV, spybot, Adaware as well as SDfix with no success in terms of fixing the access issues. They have found and cleaned some malware.I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me with this problem as it's driving me mentalLogfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 19:59:02, on 02/10/2008Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16544)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS... Read more

A:Malware Infection - Now User Account Access Denied

Hello. I am PropagandaPanda (Panda or PP for short), and I will be helping you with your log.I apologize for the delay in response. We get overwhelmed with logs at times, but we are trying our best to keep up. If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following so I can have a look at the current condition of your machine.If you do not make a reply in 5 days, we will need to close your topic.You may want to keep the link to this topic in your favourites. Alternatively, you can click the button at the top bar of this topic and Track this Topic, where you can choose email notifications. The topics you are tracking are shown here.Please take note of some guidelines for this fix:Refrain from making any changes to your computer including installing/uninstall programs, deleting files, modifying the registry, and running scanners or tools. Doing so could cause changes to the directions I have to give you and prolong the time required. Further more, you should not be taking any advice relating to this computer from any other source throughout the course of this fix.If you do not understand any step(s) provided, please do not hesitate to ask before continuing. I would much rather clarify instructions or explain them differently than have something important broken.Even if things appear to be better, it might not mean we are finished. Please continue to follow my instructions and reply back until... Read more

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My wife's user account (set up as administrator) on our Dell laptop cannot access any internet sites via Internet Explorer. Each time it returns an error message: Access Denied (policy_denied) and a direction to contact the network administrator.... unfortunately, I guess that's me....

This looks like a Content Advisor problem, but it's not enabled on her account and it's set to the most permissive settings in any event. This message occurs for even the most basic requests, e.g. www.google.com

Other user accounts on the laptop are able to get to their home pages.

We recently converted to Comcast Cable internet access and noted this issue thereafter. I found some discussions regarding Comcast branding IE, which it did, so I removed their branding, but this didn't solve the problem. The laptop is wirelessly connected to a Linksys router and then to the Comcast modem. We also have a desktop which isn't having any internet connectivity problems. We're running Windows XP Home edition on both computers.

I can't detect any differences in her user account settings (Tools/Internet Options....) but maybe I'm missing something.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: User Account: Access Denied to all web sites

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I'm trying to transfer the data from my administrator user account (C:\Documents and Settings\Owner) to a new administrator user account (C:\Documents and Settings\Erick). But, when I try to paste the data from the Owner folder to the Erick folder, I get an access-denied error for some folders during the transfer process. I tried using the XP Home Safe Mode Administrator account to perform this task, but same result. How do I complete the data-transfer process?

A:Access-denied error trying to paste data from a user account to another.

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I have a computer running windows 7 64bit ult. I changed settings on the Network-PC\users\BOB to deny all access to BOB. Immediately after doing this my desktop disappeared and things stopped working. I thought it was a simple fix.

I went into the Admin account and changed it so that user BOB had access to the directory BOB. As far as I can tell, I've given BOB every possible ability to access anything. However, logging into BOB results in the inability to use windows search, unable to open video files in %appdata%, almost every program is broken either saying corruption (which isn't true) or out of memory or access denied.

I attempted to create a new username but certain programs will not open under this username. Is there ANY way to simply UNDO that one step. According to admin and everything BOB should have unrestricted access to everything but everything is broken. Could not even get simple things to run like Handbrake.

All permissions on every drive is set to allow BOB full control. Attempting to set permissions within the account called BOB results in the false error message that the file doesn't exist or BOB doesn't have access. Right click shows full access.

I need to figure out how to undo ONE mistake, you'd think it would be as easy as undoing what you did but apparently windows error messages are generating errors that are themselves: errors. I've tried adjusting "owners" but that is practically a field of quantum physics. Ran SFC /scannow as suggest... Read more

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It is easy to share a folder with Everyone, or to share it with other user accounts on the same computer, but how can I share a folder with a specific user account on ANOTHER computer in the workgroup?

Reason: in my neighborhood, four friends are connected by cable to the same router, and we all belong to the same workgroup. Each computer has a folder (named "public") that we share with everyone else, but I also want to have another folder (named "private") that I can share with only other computers in my apartment, but not with my friends (on other apartments). How can I do this?

Thank you.

A:Share folder with a user account on ANOTHER computer in the workgroup

Hi there,

if you want to share a folder with a specific user account on another computer you have to create the same user account on a local computer. It is not possible to create a user account on a separate computer and use it on another computer in the same work-group unless you create the same account on both the computer. if you want to do without doing this then you have to go into a domain evn.


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I have a small network of a few computers that are all running Windows XP Pro, and they are all assigned to the same LAN workgroup. I have File and Print Sharing enabled, and Simple File Sharing disabled, on all of them.

The first time that I ever connected to any of the workgroup computers via Start-->My Network Places-->Entire Network-->Microsoft Windows Network--> <workgroup name> , I was asked for a login name and password for the remote computer. I entered these, and checked the checkbox to save this login info. From that point on, I am able to connect at will to that remote computer without entering any credentials.

The problem is that yesterday I disabled the Windows user account on the remote computer whose credentials have been saved (for security reasons), because I no longer use it (it has been replaced by another user account). Now, any time I try to connect to that computer using the above path, I get the following message:

"\\Computer_1 is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permisions. Logon failure: account currently disabled."

I encounter similar problems anytime I change the user account password for a remote computer. The problem is apparently that because the login credentials are being saved permanently, and I am not being asked for new login credentials after disabling the remote account.

If I go back into the r... Read more

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Hi, I have 3 PC that are in the same workgroup. 2 of them are windows 7 ultimate x64 and 1 xp 32bit.
Here is the my network and PCs set up. each of those 3 PCs have 2 user accounts, and of those 2 user accounts 1 has password the other has no password (or blank password).
The working part: from XP PC, I can access to both W7 PCs' shared folders/drives using either user accounts (from XP PC). It will ask for user name and password; and I would enter/use user name and password of password protected account from W7.

the problems as follow ....
user1 from PC1 (user account without password in PC1, running W7) CANNOT access shared folder/drive in PC2(W7 also). it will give some kind of error when trying to access in that manner.
Neither user accounts from W7 CANNOT even see XP PC in the workgroup (it shows XP PC sometimes) ... which is fine for me because I don't have anything sharing from XP PC.

I can, however, use user2 from PC1 (that is the user account with password in PC1) to access PC2's shared folders/drives. It will ask for user name and password .... just like when I am accessing from XP PC.

So, what do I need to do so that user1 from PC1 can access shared folders/drives in PC2?
I know one simple solution is to create a password for user1 in PC1, but I am hoping there are other solutions I am overlooking.

.... solved one of the problems
Enabling NetBIOS over TCP/IP fix the issue where W7 can't see/access XP PC. Now, I can access XP PC from W7 PC.

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Hello, I have a domain environment and my current windows 7 is in domain, (I'm logged in with local admin credentials) I'm using command "net user <user> /domain" which gives me access denied (<user> is domain account) Can't figure
out why, hope you can help. Thanks.

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I have a windows 7 domain account and used to have a share set up on a workgroup server. Now I can see the server but none of the shares. If I log in with my local account I can see the shares. Not sure why my domain account can't see the workgroup share. 

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I have a Windows 2003 Exchange Server with Windows XP Professional Users on my Workgroup. I removed it from a domain, and added a workgroup. The easiest thing to do, would be start from scratch, but I am not afforded that luxury Everything is fine in the Intranet and Internet connectivity...

My problem is this:

I need one user to be able to access EVERYones pc's, including the desktop, and My Documents folders at anytime... and restrict Users from doing the same... I have the one Administrator account set up on the main pc, with a few other end Users on other pc's, but still can't remotely "see" the desktop, only the standard "Shared Docs" folder and the shared folders I set up, on another pc...

How can I give one user access to everything? Is Remote Desktop the best answer? There must be some simple policy I am missing here...


A:How do I access a user's desktop, documents, etc as a Workgroup Admin?

You could try RealVNC....

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I have a set of folder I encrypted from my user account. I haven't figured out how to access them from my admin account.

In reverse, while logged on my admin account, I droppped some files into folder encrypted by my user account. I can't access those files when I log on as a user.

How can I get access to all my encrypted files regardless of which logon I use?

A:Access my user account encrypted files from my admin account?

Umm...if you could access encrypted files from another user that would remove the whole point of encrypting the files to begin with.

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Omg my comp is so screwy.
First thing I noticed was that my help and support didn't work, but i managed to reinstall some dll's and fixed it. My system restore doesn't work. It just says windows can not find <link tree> please type in name correctly and try again.

I could not fix that one.
Then I changed my SID with a SID generator to use a program. Then after that, my sister can not access her files in her account ne more. It just said access denied as soon as she logs in. Only recycle bin is on the desktop. Wallpaper reverted to original. All her icons on desktop is gone. I tried accessing her account through my own, whcih has full admin priviledges, but i got denied. (btw, i also get denied looking at d and e drives sometimes)
I tried making a new admin account but that one couldnt access my sisters account also. Then I read somewhere I should go into safe mode and make a new admin account. But when I tried, I couldnt even load into safe mode!!!

My comp loaded a bunch of what I assumed to be files or processes or sumthing, and then restarted, saying it failed to load. So now I had to load in normal mode and create an account here and type all this...


A:Access Denied on Admin Account!

win xp sp2 btw

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HI. Need total help here. I have a Dell computer. Desktop. Windows 7 Ultimate. I have an administr account with a password. Then, like 2 years ago or a bit longer I created a guest account without password. I am using it since then. And have stored a bunch of important files. Now, I can't access that account. The message says: " THE GROUP POLICY CLIENT FAILED TO LOG IN. ACCESS IS DENIED"
And thats it. No more access since 10 days. The administrative account has access with the password. And I created a third account without password which also has access. The problem is that guest account. No way I can access anything. NO idea what to do!
All your help, with detailed steps will really really save be eternally appreciated!


A:Guest account access denied.

Try adding a password to the guest account, such as "guest"

If that doesn't work try looking in the Group Policy Editor to change the policy. Something may have changed a Registry setting. GPE is just an editor that stores the info in the Registry.

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So Im using Windows 7 and I made an account for my nephew so he can use without nagging me about entering in a password. But I wanted to make it so that he cannot download anything or edit any files on the C: Drive without a admin password.

Long story Short, I changed the security settings on C: so that it will not allow anyone who is not Admin to acces any files in the C: folder. My problem is that it locked everyone (Everyone!) out of C: ... Any UAC settings or account settings cant be done. My account is an admin and anytime it try to acces anything or run anything as administrator, It says Access Denied. (BTW I never get a prompt to put in an admin password).

Ok So I went on safe mode and made it so that the Built in admin would show and I logged on it. I opened an elevated cmd and tried to change the uac settings.. but all I get is an ACESS DENIED!! I dont know what to do and I do not want to have to reset the whole computer

Also: I cannot use system restore because it says acess denied.

A:Access Denied! On Administrator Account?

Well of course you are locked out you are part of the same group that you changed. You broke your computer attempting to do something you do not understand. You are going have to reinstall.

Now...get this. You CANNOT lock out people from accessing the system drive. If the user cannot access and read files from the system drive they cannot login. I don't know what you were trying to do but it was going to fail from the start.

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How do i access the already built-in administrator account so i can make security/privilege changes so that i can change time servers using the command line. because every time i use the NET TIME command it gives me a "access denied" error; which tells me something, only Im not sure what needs to be changed. Also, it says I already am a administrator so why is it giving me a access denied message? This is in Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit.

A:administrator account/access denied message

Try using an Elevated Command Prompt to run it.

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So I've been recently having issues with permissions or something related to it. I first noticed it when I would always get this security prompt when attempting to open a shortcut to Teamspeak 3. Now I'm just trying to install a program and it's saying that I don't have rights to the /Local/Temp/ folder!

Obviously the first thing I checked what whether or not my account was still an administrator:


Then I made sure UAC was turned off:


Then I went ahead and attempted to give myself Full Access permissions to the entire C:\ drive:

Then I get these Access Denied errors using this process and I have no idea why!

Which also says the same thing about Program Files.

(It did allow me to take ownership of the drive(s) though).

Of course I attempted to Google the issue and tried many methods including several from these forums:
Error applying security!!!!!!!!

I don't know what else to try thus why I'm here!

A:Error 5: Access Denied while using Admin account

I was able to resolve the File Security prompt for opening shortcuts (i.e. Teamspeak 3) by enabling 'Launching applications and unsafe files' in Internet Options. BUT I'm still getting the permissions error and cannot give myself full access!

I've also noticed that there are about three updates that I cannot install. I'm sure this has to do with my permissions issue as well. If any of you are wondering my OS is installed on my primary SSD (C:\) which is one of the drives I'm trying to alter. The other drives seemed to work fairly OK with a few minor issues.

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Hello Guys,

Done a factory resetting,want to delete unwanted files,but couldn't.
Most of the thread here having the same problem are quite old and asked to start a new one.

I have tried sliding the bar lower on UAC,Tried to take the ownership of the particular folder but couldn't.

%windir%\System32\cmd.exe /k %windir%\System32\reg.exe ADD HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v EnableLUA /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

%windir%\System32\cmd.exe /k %windir%\System32\reg.exe ADD HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v ConsentPromptBehaviorAdmin /t REG_DWORD /d 2 /f
Tried the above comand prompt too

Pls advise me.


A:Access denied Even though logged into Administrator account

What folder are you trying to access?

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hi people...i have removed my only admin account from the administors group and now i could not do anything in my pc..it is just a local user account now and i also have no other account assigned as admin and my built in admin account is disabled.
any help is appreciated..thank you in advance

A:user access denied

You still have the built-in administrator.

To enable please follow these steps:

Press - Windows key + X
click "Computer Management"
locate and click "local Users and groups"
click "Users" - Note: this is where you are in the screenshot
Right Click "Administrator"
Click "set password.."
Click "Proceed"
Type in a suitable password and click "Ok"
Open the "Administrator"
in the general tab - Untick "Account Disabled"
Click "Ok"
Sign out of user and login in as the Administrator account you have just enabled.

Just found the Tutorial section has a post on this as well:

Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable in Windows 8


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According to the windows.microsoft.com website "Your user account prevents anyone who is using a standard account on your computer from seeing your files." My wife and I share our computer: I have an administrator account and she has a standard user account. Yet when she is logged in she can access my documents and read them via File Explorer, though she cannot delete them. This seems to contradict what Microsoft say or am I missing something? Grateful for any advice.

Since writing the above I have found that the same situation exists on the other computer that we share, but in this case she is able to delete the documents as well.

Sorry, everyone, I think I've solved this. I must have set particular sharing permissions and forgotten I'd done so.

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I am using shutdown /m \\computername /s

I get "Access Denied (5)" as a response.

I am admin on all my computers. Same username and password on all of them.

How can I get this shutdown command to work remotely so I don't have to access each computer's command prompt through Remote Desktop??

How can I stop the access denied message when using shutdown command?

A:shutdown.exe responds with Access Denied even with admin account

Hi mindsclay,
It is probably related to permission, please check it:
1. run gpedit.msc as administrator in remote computer;
2. in the opened Local Group Policy Editor, find Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\User Rights Assignment\Force shutdown from a remote system;
3. double click it and add your user account in.
Best regards,
Karen Hu

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So... after many years having this problem, I decided to post for some help. I've been using this computer (Acer Aspire with Windows 7 Home premium x64 on an Administrator account) without issues for quite a while. One day, like two years ago, I noticed something weird while using Calibre (the virtual library software): the program was not able to save or edit files because it was not run as administrator. This was odd, because it was not supposed to work that way, and it worked fine without admin privileges before, but then I got used to using it as administrator. After that, I noticed that other programs were having this issue as well (Steam, Spotify, many others) and I gradually integrated into my workflow the use of programs as administrator... until I got fed up recently.

I've been looking for help and answers but it seems no one or almost no one has this exact problem, so I thought I'd better ask for help.

Just to be clear, this has nothing to do with UAC. It is just that if, for example, Spotify is running without admin privileges and it wants to update, the update fails. I have to restart the program as administrator and then it can install whatever it wants. Every installation I do has to be done through rightclick->run as administrator, as an unelevated installation file will fail.

I've recently tried to take ownership of my C:\ drive, to no use. I also tried resetting the files and folder permission to default with the use of

secedit /configure /c... Read more

A:Built-in elevated administrator account has access denied

Good method to mess up Windows install once and for all Stop messing with the permissions imho.
It may very well be a registry issue.

Did you try to make another administrator account and see if programs work well with it?

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Hello, I have encountered a rather odd problem that didn't turn up in forum search.

System: Win7 Home Premium 32-bit, fresh install+updates (with AVG 2012 Free and Google Chrome as only other installs)

I have (had) 2 users both with admin rights. One was my 'main' user that I was using just to learn Win7 and surf a l'il. The other was completely new: Created, logged into, back off, then not touched again. For the first few days, had no problems and was really liking Win7. However, today after logging off main user (I had just run a full clean scan with AVG, btw) and switching to the fresh one, IMMEDIATELY after entering my log-in password, I received a UAC prompt telling me that this user does not have access to this folder. The background was replaced with a black screen, the taskbar icons were replaced with the standard "new file" icon and did not function (no surprise there.) I opened Windows Explorer using "Start > Computer" and again was immediately told I had no access. Gave myself permission and attempted to investigate. I could not view/open any folder without giving myself permission first.

Having no success determining the problem, I decided to simply log off and delete this account. Performed a full delete (folders and all.) Then, I created a new account with admin rights. Logged into it without incident. Logged back onto main user and opened Windows Explorer. The user folder from the original 2nd account remained and ... Read more

A:Account(admin rights) denied all access IMMEDIATELY upon log-in

Does Safe Mode function normally?
That is to say if you boot in safe mode are you able to perform basic functions and use the system to some extent?

If this is not a registry or av/security related problem the easiest fix would likely be SFC
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Some more specific detail of the nature of the problem and less of what you have done may be of assistance too.
If this is a problem with admin priveldges you are honestly probably better off doing a repair install
Repair Install
Than digging around trying to find the one setting responsible for the problem.
Component services and other various admin tools can get down right annoying to work with and can cause further problems if the least bit thing is set wrong.

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I have a very simple network with just 2 laptops, one running Windows 7 and the other XP.

The XP computer has one user and no password. The Win7 has 2 users, one with a password and one with no password.

I have done all the right things to make Win7 files visible across the network but every time I try to access files from the XP, I am prompted to login.

If I login as User1 with a password, I gain access to Win7 files. If I login as User2 without a password, I get the 'Denied Access' message box.

Is there any way around this, apart from always being User1 ?

A:XP User denied access across network

Check through this tutorial, which may be of help to you.

File Sharing - Between XP and W7 (and vice versa)

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My computer had a virus a while back and my "computer guy" had to wipe it out and reinstall everything. I did not have my operating cds at the time so he installed what i assume is a temporary one. I began recieving the notifications about my windows notbeing geniune towards the end of summer. To fix it i re-installed my windows operating cd that came with my laptop. I was able to validate my version of windows with microsoft. However, now i have a few issues.1. I cannot access any of the applications I have installed on my laptop. ie: microsoft office, my ipod, printer, anything. the only things that work is the basic applications that come on the cd.....like notepad, calculator, wordpad.... and a few others. When i got into My Computer.... C drive.. program files and click on an application like Word i get an error that says "Microsoft has not been installed for thisuser, please run setup and install it again" or on other applications like adobe it reads "this application has failed to start because MSVCP71.dll was not found. Re-Installing the application may fix the problem." How can i fix this? Am i going to have to reinstall everything on my computer?? The other problem is that when I reinstalled the operating cd it made me create another user account.. Now i cannot access the old ones, they dont show up on the log in screen. When i go into control panel/local disk (c drive)/ documents and settings.. the old accounts are there however when i... Read more

A:access denied to old user accounts

I think this will work. How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP

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Am running XP home and don't usually bother with all the security malarky as there's only me uses comp. However, created a second user id in case people wanted to use my comp, rather than them mess mine up. No problems there. However, for some reason I took it into my head to password protect my main account. I also remember choosing an option somewhere along the line (can I hell remember where, but I think it was during the whole password process) in which I can stop my files being seen/accessed by people using other accounts on my machine (even though the second account is an admin account too).

Anyway...even though I've taken the password stuff off now, I still cannot access my main account from my second account...which is a real pain as I cant transfer files between the two. In explorer, the main account (whilst logged into the second account) is just a folder and if I try to open it I get the message "Documents and Settings/**My name** not accessible. Access denied."

How do I get cross account availability again ? Can I revert my main account to being aceessible from any account again ? Where the hell is that option to hide files at ? I tried doing the same whilst creating my second account (don't ask me why) and the option never came up !!!

Help...I'm going mad !!!!

A:Access Denied between user accounts !

Right click on My Documents, and then the "sharing tab" and it tells you what to do there.

You can make files hidden individually by right-clicking on them, or to hide them in explorer go to "tools", "folder options" then the "view" tab, then uncheck "show hidden files and folders"


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Hi to you all. I am new to Win7 & to IE9 & I hate it. Or more specifically, I hate having to learn it. I was so happy with XP but now I'm stuck with this & having no fun at all.
However I understand that is another subject.
Today's problem: I need to dl some dll's into SysWow64 in order for Photoshop filters to work in Paint Shop Pro. Everyone who's upgraded to Win7 has done this without any problem that I know of, however I get "Access is Denied you are not allowed to create *name of dll*".
I followed the instructions to change ownership & permissions here to see the update that it doesn't work for many people. I see the advice to use Lockhunter, however I don't know the validity of that advice & also I am not having trouble getting into a file at all.
Can anyone help me please, as my ability to use my graphics program is limited until my plugins work.
I thank anyone who takes the time to read this.

A:New user here - 'access denied' problem

Hello Wyldrose, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You will not be able to save anything directly into a system folder.

Instead, you would need to save (create??) it to say your desktop first, unblock the file, then move/copy it into the SysWow64 folder, and click on Continue and Yes (UAC) to approve it.

Are these .dll files replacing existing .dll files with the same name in the SysWow64 folder, or just new ones that you are adding into the folder?

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I am the only user profile on my Win Xp computer. When i download the latest versions of Yahoo and AIM i get an error code of "Installation failed. Please run from an administraors account." I have checked user account profiles and I am only account listed. Guest account is turned off. I am password protected. Is there a way I can grant permission for installs?

A:User access denied for IM installs

Reboot into safemode by tapping f8 while starting up. Log on to the administrator account. You can either use that to install, or you can go to Control Panel>User Accounts and make your account an administrator.

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I have seen similar posts but no suggestion that the basic problem lies with XP, and possibly an unidentified SP2 Security patch.

Our wilderness area has recently got broadband, and I have connected. However, the 2nd user, although connected, is unable to access any internet page, with various error messages popping up, on either IE6 or Firefox. If I remove the first user, the second user can now connect OK. Reinstalling the prime user, and now it (the prime) is denied access. I am fairly certain that an XP security problem is causing this, but cannot find a fix on MSKB, or elsewhere, despite this being a, fairly, common problem.
Has anyone out there got any good ideas for a fix?

A:2nd User denied internet access in XP SP2

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Please help! A little info to get this issue resolved: using an administrator account, Windows 7, 64Bit. Approx. 6 laptops connected together with a RAID and printer that needs sharing capabilites, no internet connectivity allowed. When I select the printer
properties or any part of this printer I get an "Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000005). Access denied". I have tried to become the owner and again I get an error message. I am not able to remove device ether. Please let me know if there is any
other information that I need to add to get some help with this issue. i cant find much help online.

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i was working on permissions, ownership, and auditing. i was wondering, a lot of files deny access regardless of whether
i assume ownership, or so for my group. are those denials logged somewhere so I can delve into the purpose of those files
and reason they are locked? too many to list from system files to individual program files.

changing these setting was tricky too because i belong to a group on the system, that i denied access, while granting myself access. i wound up with denied access. is there a way to fix this security loophole?

A:Directory & User Permissions, access denied

Quote: Originally Posted by adnmance

i wound up with denied access.

yep - that is what the warning says will happen:

What are you attempting to achieve by changing the file permissions?

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I am not sure if a virus got to this but at this point I don't care.  The problem is when I use the command: net
user administrator /active:yes       It comes back saying Access Denied.    My friend forgot her password to her windows 7 user account (admin rights) and is stuck with a standard user account as a result of that.  Now she can't
install anything because her account is not a admin account.  When I go into safe mode he Administrator account is disabled.  I see the account under net users but no matter what technique I use to enable it or reset password it comes back as Access
Denied.  Any ideas?

A:net user administrator /active:yes ACCESS DENIED

I've had a look at this, and whilst it is true that you can access the built-in Administrator account (even if it is disabled) from Safe Mode, you can only do so if there is no other administrative account active on your system. Unfortunately, a forgotten
password still means that the administrative account is still there and active, only that you don't have access to it.
See if the following Tutorial helps:

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Hi, I am experiencing weird issues with my Windows 7 64bit Pro installation.
Some, but not all, programs won?t start, giving me a ?The application was unable to start correctly 0xc0000022 click ok to close the application? error. It seems that 0xc0000022 is linked to some kind of access denied issue.
My Avira antivirus is running (as I can see from the system log) but the UI won?t open for the same error above. Windows defender is up and running, and reports my system as clear. I?ve also run some system recovery disks (eg AVG) and they also report my system as clear from viruses. MBR has been checked as well.
When I start Chrome or Internet Explorer, they flick into view for less than a second, then disappear without any error or message.
When I try to install or uninstall software, eg Avira, I get all kind of access denied errors. Uninstalling gives me the following error ?You do not have sufficient access to uninstall...?.
I tried all of the above with a standard account with admin privileges. I?ve also enabled the hidden Administrator account (net user administrator /active:yes) and I still get the same errors even logging in with that account.
I really run out of options now! Please please help, I don?t want to format my PC...

A:Access denied and user privileges issues

this sounds like a c++ coding error of some sort.
Try applying these.
Download Details - Microsoft Download Center - Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)
Download Details - Microsoft Download Center - Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)

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Just set up a new PC (Dell XPS Gen 4) and was running OK for a week with just myself as user with admin rights.

Decided to add limited accounts for wife & kids.

Every time the accounts are logged in to, they get the error message - Error - Access Denied. The process for this is LVCOMSX.EXE somethin to do with the logitech webcam me thinks.

Tried to change write permissions to file, but does not affect error.
If I change the account to admin - the error goes away.

Cannot find any help any where. so HELP !
Please. . . . . . .

A:Error Access Denied - Limited User Only

Yes you are right it is Logitech QuickCam Driver that is causing the problem.

Lets do one thing remove the entry from the start up items.(msconfig) and the try I think it should resolve the problem.

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I am trying to open a user folder on a backup image I have.

It is an Acronis True Image backup and mounts a virtual drive you can then access.

The error I receive when trying to open the 'user' folder is:


G:\Documents and Settings\user is not accessible.

Access Is Denied


I have tried to turn of simple file sharing and add my the administrator to the permission but am not able to.

The Add... Button is greyed out.

If i go to the Advanced section and Owner tab.

I receive: You only have permission to view the current owner on user.

The only areas I can edit are the Auditing ones.

Any idea on how I can get access to my files short of re imaging this backup to a disk?


A:Documents and Settings\user - Access Denied

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I'm trying to understand this one as I have not come across any information about this yet.
I created a folder with custom security to lock down access for users to modify a folder on a server 2012 R2 file server.  Basically, a user can only upload to this folder, no rename, delete, modify, etc.  The permissions are set to a user group.
In a XP PC, the user seems to be working as expected, but on the Windows 7 PC, the user is being denied access to open the folder??!?!?!!?
The PCs & users are in AD.

Tested with a different account with the same results.

Is there something vastly different in Windows 7 that would do this -vs- in XP?  I am using the advanced security settings to manage the restrictions.  I have 1 allow rule access and a deny rule access for the group.

I will post pictures of the setting tomorrow but I'd thought I'd ask tonight in case anyone has seen this before.

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Using Windows XP Home, I deleted an old user folder (JAMES), and created a new one reassigning myself as the administrator. Upon deleting, I clicked on 'Keep Files', expecting a shortcut to be available on my new desktop. There is no shortcut.
If I click on Explore, then the old User file (JAMES) I get the following error message: "C:\Documents and Settings\JAMES is not accessible. Access is Denied."
If I right click the folder, and click on 'Sharing and Security', it tells me to drag the folder to the .Shared Documents' folder. I cannot do this, as I get an error message: "Cannot create or replace JAMES: Access is denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write protected and that the file is not currently in use."
In addition, any changes I make to the Properties tab (un-click 'read only', click 'Share this folder') do not get saved after I click on 'Apply'. I cannot find any other Securities tab other than th 'Sharing' tab available on XP Home edition.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I've already spent 6 hours trying to solve this problem. Any support page I've read has not been able to solve this problem. It seems that Windows XP Home does not have the same securities options as XP Office, Vista, etc.

THANK YOU for reading this.

A:Windows XP- Old User File, 'Access is Denied'


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hi everyone again,
I recently installed Treesize software on my computer, it is a quick way to see what is using most space on your hard drives. I am impressed with it. There are 4 users on my computer, all password protected. I am main user/administrator/owner, my wife is an administrator also, my daughter is an administrator and my son has a limited account. The Treesize came up with access denied to my wife's account and son's account? My daughter's & my account were shown on Treesize. I opened C drive, selected Documents and Settings, same thing happened: Access denied to both those accounts. I also learnt from Treesize & from Documents & Settings that I have, besides above mentioned accounts, a seperate administrator account, a seperate owner account, a guest account & an all users account. I cannot delete the surplus accounts, Access denied. How odd. In control panel only our 4 accounts and guest account shown, which is off. A year ago I had a repair done on my computer , would the shop have made extra accounts? I realise you should only have 1 administrator per computer, but found that this was too limited for my wife & daughter to use, hence 3 administrators. Anyone got any ideas on this problem?
Regards tech_no

A:Access denied to main user/owner.

jkust replace "SAM" file in folder C:\windows\system32\config with the one "SAM" at c:\windows\repair folder. Now restart the PC and all the passwords are gone...
Just try and do inform me if it works or not...


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I've been having trouble with all user on my computer being able to use flash player. It only works on my user account. Im' running XP media SP2 and all updates. Researched allot and came up with a user profile issue. I wanted to copy my user profile to a new account and allow everyone permission.
Set up a new user account named it local user. Tried to copy my profile and allow everyone permission, but I get "Failed to set up security on the destination profile, error - access denied"

I followed all steps I can find on microsoft knowledge base. Any suggestions?

please help

A:Copying user profile access denied

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I am running Windows XP and have 2 hard drives. My secondary hard drive holds all files and folders. My primary hardrive is purely for the OS. After recently formating the Primary HD and reinstalling XP, I now find that some files and folders are inaccessible, giving me the error, "Access Denied 'or' User Does Not Have Privilages". while other similar files are fully accessible!
also, since the format, if I create and save PDFs' and JPEGs' to the secondary HD, they are accessible until after I move them to a differrent folder, thereafter the same error messages appear and am unable to access or delete them.
I have looked through admin tools but can find nothing. It also makes no differrence when I log on as Administrator.
Please Help!!

many thanks,

Ben Maye

A:Solved: Access Denied, User Does Not Have Privilages!

Its a permissions problem due to the reinstall.


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What could be the cause that a Windows 7 domain-user is unable to change his password from his Windows 7 Pro client? Client is connected with a Windows 2008 server (DC). Whenever a user uses CTRL + ALT + DEL to change his password, an error appears
that access is denied. As an systemadmin changing the users password from the DC isn't a problem, but I would like to have the availability for users to change there own password. Thanks! 

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Wonder if anyone can help?

I have fitted a new drive which I have made the master and have the former master drive as the slave.

The old disk had three users. When I go through explorer to try and access the files on the old drive - I can see all the files of two users but not the user which was also the administrator - I get an access denied message. I know the files and data is still there because of the overall size of the data the properties tabs says is on the disk.

Are there some settings I need to change to allow access to this folder as it used to be the administrator folder??

Any suggestions gratefully received.



A:Solved: Access denied to user on former master drive

Take ownership of the folders that you need to access: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308421

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Dell Studio 1747 with I7, 4 core processor, 8GB ram, Win 7 Pro. When I try to back up my user folder, I get the msg-You must have administrator rights to change this folder (CardSpace). I can't find this folder, even by search. I have gone into the properties of my user folder (William) and made sure I have all rights, and changed the ownership (security tab, owner tab). All I want to do is be able to backup my data.

A:Can't backup my user folder-access denied on CardSpace

You can't backup the entire profile folder since it contains system files that are continually in use. Back up your Documents, Music, Pictures, etc.

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Hopefully I can explain my situation without dragging it out to long, but it is involved.

The problem is with my wife&#8217;s computer which is an Emachine, Model T3265, running Win XP, Home Edition and IE 7.0.

The last time my wife was on the computer was the evening of Aug 14, at which time she had been playing the card game Spider Solitaire. I am also listed as a user but only to keep it running for my wife.

When she tried to use the computer the next day, Aug 15 she kept getting the message

&#8220;Windows can not access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item.&#8221;

Having come up with the same results as my wife, here is what I have been able to determine.

Be it from the Start Menu, Desk Top or Program Folder, the end result is the above .message. .

It didn't&#8217;t matter whose account I was in, mine or my wife&#8217;s, or if I tried to open an executable file or program directly or with a shortcut, the results were the same.

However I did find a couple of things that were quite odd. The items stored in the task bar at the bottom right side of the task bar could be opened, but only from here.. These programs consisted of the Virus Program, Trend Micro&#8217;s Pecillin, messenger program and the like. I also found that if I opened Documents and Settings and then opened either my wife&#8217;s or my personal folder and then went to Favorites I was able to access the inte... Read more

A:Solved: User Access Denied To All Exe Files and Programs

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