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Unable to reformat computer after upgrade to 7

Q: Unable to reformat computer after upgrade to 7

I had upgraded my laptop from Vista to Windows 7. I want to do a destructive reformat but nothing I try works. I was supposed to press one of the F keys (can't recall right now but have tried them all) and none of those work. Everything I have tried has failed. I really REALLY need to get this thing reformatted. I tried using the upgrade disk and now when I reboot it tries to upgrade Windows...which is turning into an all night process.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Preferred Solution: Unable to reformat computer after upgrade to 7

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Unable to reformat computer after upgrade to 7

Hi luvzariel (Final Fantasy reference?) Welcome to the forums,

I think this is what you want: Disk - Clean and Clean All with Diskpart Command

Rather than going through Disk Management as the tutorial suggests though, put your Windows 7 disk into your drive, boot it and go to "Repair My Computer" from there go to Command prompt, and then follow the instructions.

Hope it helps/

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My computer crashed and I am trying to reformat it, but I am unable to get my computer to read off the recovery CD. I have a Gateway W3501 laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium. I have tried playing around in the Bios menu a little but can't seem to figure anything out.

When I let the computer start I receive the message saying PXE-E61:media test failure, check cable, PXE- MOF: Existing PXE ROM and Operating System not found and it will just sit there and do nothing. The only thing I can seem to get into is the Bios and boot menu.

A:Unable to reformat computer

Go into the Bios and boot menu and set your CD-Rom as first in boot order and then save and exit.....have the CD in the drive and restart your PC...if it still doesn't work make sure that it is a boot able disc by trying it on another PC

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hey, a while ago my computer came up with a "boheap" virus of some sort. I have tried to fix it since then using some of the other post on this site but i haven't been able to. I no longer get the boheap message but i cant use mozilla firefox, access task manager, my computer is slow and I am unable to reformat it. I have windows xp. Any important info i need is off the computer so basically i just need a way to wipe the drive and reinstall Windows, which it is not letting me do.
Any help would be great.


A:computer viruses, unable to reformat

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So the story goes like this:
I just finished a computer yesterday. Everything worked brilliant and installed some programs and games. Then suddenly in the middle of a game computer crashes. naturally i restart my computer and it tells me that it needs to reboot. So i reboot my computer and everything is seemingly fine, but almost no programs could start. So I reboot my computer a couple of times. But it was still broken. I then go windows' i don't what it's called in english but something like 'Solving center' and it says that there's an error. So i click the button to fix it. Ever since i have never been able to get into windows. I have tried many different solving solutions from a windows cd and the system reserved thing. I then decided that i would reformat my harddrive, but I keep getting error messages showing different errors. The drive is an ssd and i also have a hdd in my computer

Can anybody help me?

A:Solved: Unable to reformat computer

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I am running Windows XP Pro on a Dell Desktop.

The initial problems started when I installed Roxio Copy & Convert 3 for use with my PSP. I restarted after the install, utilized the program and then turned off the machine. The next morning I had an error message as I opened Windows that states:

"bcmwltry.exe - Ordinal Not Found
The ordinal 968 could not be located in the dynamic link library LIBEAY32.dll"

This error message does not go away no matter how many times you click 'OK'. I believed that I had found the root of this problem (bcmwltry.exe having to do with my Motorola Wireless Tray Applet). I disabled my wireless card since I am not currently using it, but the error message remained. I then decided to uninstall Roxio.

After uninstallation completed, I was asked to reboot the machine. I did so and that is when the rest of the problems started.

All of my .exe files were now non-recognized by Windows and would not run. I can right click on a program and select the open-with option and choose a program from that list, but if the appropriate program is not listed there, then I cannot run the program.

I then tried to do a system restore to see if that would make any difference.

Then all of the non-recognized files turned into Microsoft Excel files.

I am unable to install any program from the internet. Every time I try to download something, it automatically becomes a non-recognized file and prompts me to search the internet for the appropriate... Read more

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My computer automatically updated to Windows 10. Initially, it just has a black screen so I had to do a hard reset (following instructions from the support site). Now it says I'm connected to the Internet but Internet explorer says it's not.I've updated the driver software and that has not made any difference.The next piece of advise is to get the hp network assitant to help, but that was uninstalled in the hard reset.Can anyone help? I've never had any problems with this computer before.

A:Windows 10 upgrade - unable to use computer

Welsh_sarah wrote: Now it says I'm connected to the Internet but Internet explorer says it's not.I've updated the driver software and that has not made any difference.The next piece of advise is to get the hp network assitant to help, but that was uninstalled in the hard reset.Can anyone help? I've never had any problems with this computer before. Hihttp://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-beats-special-edition-23-n100-all-in-one-desktop-...May help, but it US oriented. If you can open a command prompt as an administrator and type ping   assuming your router is that number, a label on it should say, but it may be get something like Ping statistics for    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 3, Lost = 1 (25% loss),then you have a connection to your router.  If you have managed that and feel brave, type the following lines 1 at a time. ipconfig /releaseipconfig /renewipconfig /flushdnsipconfig /registerdnsnetsh winsock reset catalognetsh int ipv4 reset reset.lognetsh int ipv6 reset reset.lognbtstat -RR Then reboot, and perhaps come back and give an update.  

Happy 2 [email protected]

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I am running windows 7 x64 on a core 2 quad. I can never seem to upgrade internet explorer 8 to 9. I keep receiving errors. I have deactivated all of the addons. My computer is completely up to date but for this one. I received error code:80246007 What should I do?

Thank you

A:unable to upgrade to internet explorer 9 on windows 7 computer.

When you try to install updates from the Windows Update Web site or from the Microsoft Update Web site, you may receive a "0x80246007" error code
may apply - I think it still applies to Vista and Win7.

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I have a Dell computer and I have been wanting to reformat for a while.
I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do I have reformatted before but on a different computer which was averatech. I put in the operating system cd that i got with the computer in the cd drive and a window popped up with some options;

Welcom to Microsoft XP

What do you want to do?

(button)Install Windows XP

(button)Install optional Windows components

(button)Preform additional tasks

(button)Check system compatability


I clicked the top one and it said I needed to boot my computer from the cdrom drive. I turned off my computer and when it brought up the Dell logo it had to options in the top right of the screen:

F2 system setup

F12 Boot Menu

(something like that I can't quite remember)

I did F2 and it took me into a menu with a lot of stuff I didn't understand.
I found something that said "boot order" and selected it and there were three things in there, something about the hard disks at the top, another thing i can't remember in the middle, and then cd-rom drive on the bottom. I rearranged it so that cd-rom drive was on the top and pressed escape which brought up options about wether I wanted to save my changes. I said yes and it brought me back to the Dell logo and continued booting my computer. It went to the Windows logo ... Read more

A:Unable to Reformat

Press F12 at that point and select the CD-ROM as the first boot device.

You can get a reinstallation guide specific to your Dell here

This is a great guide for reinstalling on a Dell: http://www.djdenham.com/Install%20Procedures.htm

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This doesn't necessarily pertain to hardware, but it may. My company purchased a few Optiplex 3040's for terminals at our locations. I ran into an issue after installation of Windows 10 and a few other general software. Booted the system down and brought to location for set up. Got it all set up and after boot up, the Dell Splash Screen came up. It stayed on the screen for a couple of minutes and then went to a blue UEFI screen saying the device needed to be repaired. 
I attempted to reformat the disk but at the very last portion of it, all I got was a message stating there were problems repairing the drive. I was eventually able to get into the hardware scan program and ran all of the tests available. No issues at all, everything was good. Got back into the UEFI menu again and attempted to either reformat or repair the installation, no luck there either.
Any ideas? Or is there way I can begin the process of sending in for warranty?

Thank you!

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I've reformatted my system a number of times in the past, the process has always gone without a hitch. I've used my XP disk, and gone through the steps, but inserting the disk this time it does nothing. (I made sure that the setting is set to boot from cd.) Once booted I'm back at my desktop??? For about a week now I've been getting this message when booting up--'System Settings Protector is shutting down' I have to click the don't send option and then it continues to load. Would this have anything to do with it? Please help.

A:please help, unable to reformat

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Hi guy,

I have a problem, I change the boot sequence to boot from CD, and I restart my computer, after restarting then it come to this message "Press Any Key to boot from CD" and I press the key and it not responding.

So I hope you guy have a solution to help me out...... Thank alot........

The Motherboard I using now is Abit AB9 pro.

A:Unable to Reformat the HDD

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I have a couple of problems with Windows 7 such as being unable to upload Upgrades.  I then found that I could not upload upgrades for my Dell laptop and wonder if the two recovery discs could be used to get me back to where I am able to fulfil this task.

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Not sure where to start, but the short version....I downloaded a virus by mistake and thought I had fixed the problem until I restarted my computer. After doing this my computer seemingly starts up fine except instead of loading up the desktop screen, the screen stays black with the mouse being able to move around. No keyboard commands work and the mouse stops responding after a couple seconds of moving it. No other choice but to restart the computer.

So, I put in my windows cd(which i have used perfectly many times) and the computer does not boot the cd up. It returns to the black screen w/mouse. During the boot up, the dos prompt shows "press any key to boot the cd" option, but the keyboard is unresponsive during this period(yes the keyboard works). So I get the chance to tell it to boot the cd, but am unable to.

This same keyboard problem happens with safemode as well, when i get the option screen in dos to pick safemode or normal mode, the keyboard does not work. Normal mode is picked by default.

The only thing I am able to get to is my bios options. From here I have specifically told the computer to boot up CDROM first, etc... But I still have the problem of it defaulting to normal startup which doesnt work.

So my questions which I hope someone can answer are

Why does my keyboard work and not work at the same time?
Is there another way to force my computer to start up using the CDROM?
And lastly, does anyone have some ideas that can help... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Unable to Reformat. Pls Help.

IMG]http://bestsmileys.com/hello/7.gif[/IMG] and welcome to the Forum

Is it a USB keyboard? . . if so, it will not be active until windows is loaded.

If you want to clean the system, click on the Spyware Cleaning link in my signature and follow those steps exactly. .

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At 9am I found I had the XP2012 virus

By 11am, thanks to the excellent advice here, I had disabled it and hopefully removed it.

By 11.30 it was clear that I also had the Google redirect virus. More searching on this forum led me to download and run the Kaspersky fix via another PC

By 12pm the fix had detected, cured and wanted a reboot. Reboot led to an endless boot-loop. Disabling automatic restart showed a Stop 0x0000007B error.

By 5pm, after trying every bit of online advice I could find, without getting any further, I resigned myself to a re-install, even if it meant losing everything. Put the Windows XP disc in the drivem, waited a long time for drivers to load, then presented with the same blue screen error. I can't even get as far as the Recovery Console.

It's now 8pm and I have run out of online advice to follow. Suffice to say I've had better days (grrrrrr)

Any help greatly apperciated

edit: Don't know if it's a related problem, but the laptop seems to be running extremely hot.

Hewlett Packard HP Elitebook 8730w
IntelCore 2 Duo T9800
4096MB RAM

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Hello everyone~
Ok here is the deal...one of my staff members gave me his pc to reformat because he is having "issues" Before I post what I know of his system specs these are the cds/hard discs he gave me;

-Winxp SE
-pc chips motherboard vr 8.29a CD
-Win org CD (?have no clue about this one
-CD-ROM Device drive Hard disk
-a Keyboard hard disk

Thats it, no Hard drive disks or anything--
Here is what I was able to gather for his specs;

Dragon Soyo
running xp
Pent 4 AMD K7/8
ACPI Uniprocessor pc
(disc Drive) WDC WD400 BB-23FJAO


-my problem-
Im just trying to reformat via the xp cd before it does this I recieve the most loved error-


STOP:0X0000000A (OxO574FF5D,0x0000000,0x00000000,0x8080BB06)"

So basically I cant reformat from CD-I asked him if he had a third party disc(HD disk) so I can just format the HD, then install windows but he does not have one...

Any ideas?

A:Solved: Unable to reformat

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Hi there,

I'd reformat my hard disk which at first I thought it will solve the problem.
But when I try to reinstall windows, there is still error about the pci.sys and also ohci1394.sys is corrupted which i don't really understand how this could happen, since the hard disk is empty.. it should not contain any files.

So any idea how to solve this problem?

Jun Yan

A:Unable To Reformat: Pci.sys And Ohci1394.sys Corrupted

If you are getting error codes then you have not formatted the hdd, or at least not the partition that has the operating system on it. You may have formatted the recovery partition, if the is one.

What is the make and model of your computer?

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i have a gateway M-1625 laptop. when i start the laptop, it starts off normal and then this screen pops up:

then after i press <F1> Continue it goes into this screen:

the only abnormality i found was in the bios, the boot settings always turn to this even after i reset them to defaults:

i already tried using Alt+F10 to try and reformat my computer to factory defaults, but that doesnt even work.

any1 know how to fix this problem? or atleast know the cause?

A:unable to start or reformat my laptop

Originally Posted by monster528

i have a gateway M-1625 laptop. when i start the laptop, it starts off normal and then this screen pops up:

then after i press <F1> Continue it goes into this screen:

the only abnormality i found was in the bios, the boot settings always turn to this even after i reset them to defaults:

i already tried using Alt+F10 to try and reformat my computer to factory defaults, but that doesnt even work.

any1 know how to fix this problem? or atleast know the cause?

Hello monster528;

There are a couple of possibilities I would suggest to you. Do you know how to reset the BIOS in your laptop? Or set the BIOS to the Default Settings? Does the Gateway web site tell you how to do this? Please let us know if you need assistance with this.

The second possibility to check would be to go the manufacturer's web site of the hard drive in your laptop, download their hard drive utility, boot to it and let it check your hard drive for errors.

Hope this helps!


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a buddy of mine as a hp pavilion laptop, he lost his recovery disk so we got a vista cd to reformat,
a few months later, my buddy tells me he couldnt get any sound from his laptop, he tried to reformat but he it doesnt allow him to, so one day i came over to see whats up.

Here is the problem,
when you boot his laptop, after a few screens , you get a black screen saying that there is something wrong with it, and that you need to insert a recovery disk + restart. (i insert the vista installation disk and pressed f8) it goes through normal process but when it starts to copy/install the cd, it will get stuck at 0% expanding files and get the error code 0x 80020450
also tried systems recovery, and i get the error 0x 400 100 130000 1002

Things i've tried are, scanning the hard drive or w.e its called and it reported no problems.

Though the problem i'm describing is vague, anyone see any possible reason with this problem?

A:Friend's laptop unable to reformat!

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I'm trying to give my old computer away (450 Mhz with 2 hard drives /45 GB w/ Win xp Pro.
I have been trying to reformat the HD's the last couple days.

I tried to do it boot up disk (boot.com) and it said it needed 6 floppies, which I got and then it said it did not recognized it.

I got the Win Xp disc and I forgot that is an upgrade , so its looking for a previous version otherwise it won't continue. Naturally, I don't know what happened to the 98 disc , so Im stuck. HELP

I want to completely erase both HD and reinstall the Win Xp

A:Trying to reformat Hd with an upgrade XP disc

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I recently upgraded (huh, if you can call it that) my Dell PC (PIII 866 with 512Mg RAM) from Win ME to XP.

I was having problems with my ME OS, so not surprisingly the upgrade hasn't gone smoothly either. Roxio's CD Creator Platinum has problems with XP and I can't see my CD drives anymore. Although there are numerous "fixes" for it, none of them have worked for me yet. There is one or two still left to try. I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that Roxio's support leaves a lot to be desired. So one of the only options left to me is to reformat the C: drive and start from scratch.

If I decide to do that, what is the best way to go?

1) Reinstall the Dell ME disk over a formatted drive to recreate my old PC upon purchase and then upgrade to XP. (The downside being that Dell puts a whole rack of crap in there that I don't need.)

2) Just start with XP and install on the reformatted drive. (I am not 100% certain my XP upgrade disk will even let me do this if it doesn't "see" the previously installed MS OS to upgrade from)

I would appreciate some expert advice on this, it has been a real hassle.

By the way, I have another HD so I have already backed up most stuff I can, onto that to make it as painless as possible. But I will still have to reinstall everything.

Thanks in advance,


A:XP upgrade woes... how to reformat

Roxio CD Creator has problems with XP and there is supposed to be a "patch" to correct these problems. XP comes with a Roxio software for burning CD's that is bare bones. It is thought by some that this is what causes problems with Roxio's other software (i.e. Creator) when added to XP. Time will tell. I went to Nero and haven't had any problems.

As for your upgrade. XP upgrades can be troublesome to say the least. It is always best to format and install XP FULL from scratch. In your case though, I think you could format your drive by booting off of the XP upgrade disk and then install XP. It should ask you for your KEY code from WinME. In other words, XP wants proof of your other O/S and your ME Key is that. This option would be better as you wouldn't have the DELL extras. If it didn't work, then your Recovery CD should still restore your system to WinME and then you could try another XP upgrade from that. I know this is to late, but one should buy the XP Home Full edition, format, and load XP clean.

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I have been working with another tech in the spyware/malware forum to try and rid my computer of viruses and spyware/malware. We found that the main culprit was TDL 3 and have been able to successfully remove that, however the technician feels that my computer security has been comprimised and is recommending that I reformat the computer. I cannot find the Windows XP disc that I need to use to put Windows XP back on, but I have already purchased the Windows 7 upgrade. That was done before all the virus stuff and I was trying to fix all of that before I upgraded. I want to reformat my computer and Install Windows 7 but am worried it isn't going to work since I only have the upgrade purchase. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do? I'm assuming from feedback from the other tech, the only way to completely rid the system of infections is to reformat. Thanks for you help.Dinah

A:Windows 7 Upgrade after reformat?


Also, make sure your system supports W7 and that there are drivers available.

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My USB devices seemed to have stopped working recently in Windows 7, but not in the BIOS. I've been looking for a fix for about a week but found nothing, so I've decided to reformat it.

I bought a Windows 7 Ultimate install disc (I have Windows 7 Home Premium before) and booted into it from the Boot Menu. When I try to install it it gives me an upgrade option which says it will keep my old documents which is what I want.

Anyways after a bit it says that it is unable to upgrade unless I boot into Windows and run the setup from inside it, however I'm unable to do this because I can't use a mouse or keyboard. How can I safely backup my files and reformat into this Windows 7 Ultimate?

A:Windows 7 Reformat/Upgrade Help

Hi -

See if using a PS/2 mouse & KB works.

Regards. . .



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After a long and eventful battle with a virus, I decided to cut my losses on an old, bloated computer, and reformat and reinstall windows XP. I am using a Dell Inspiron B130 laptop currently with XP home edition SP2. Unable to find the CD that came with my laptop, I am trying to reformat and install from an XP professional CD I had lying around.

Upon inserting the XP pro CD, the prompt told me to boot from the CD to reformat. However, the CD was not recognized as a bootable drive upon restart, and returned an error when it was put at the top of the list of drives to boot from.

taking the probably horrible advice of a friend, I uninstalled SP3 (hence being SP2 at the moment), hoping to get my laptop to recognize the XP pro CD as a boot disk. Upon successfully uninstalling SP3, the computer now blue screens before it finishes starting up, unless in safe mode. Now, in safe mode the CD drive is unresponsive (accurately reflects what CD is in the drive, but will not respond when clicked). Troubleshooting the drive shows no errors.

The short of it is that I still want to wipe the drive clean and install XP pro, but the CD is still not being recognized as a boot disk. Any help would be much appreciated, as I feel like I am doing more harm than good at this point .

A:Unable to read boot disk to reformat

Yep. Bad advice. Uninstalling SP3 wouldn't have done not one single thing for you, except exactly what it did do, which is mess everything up.

You have to determine if the CD is good or bad, and if the Cd drive is good or bad.

Try the Cd in another computer and see if the other computer will boot your XP Cd. If it doesn't, the Cd is bad and you'll have to find another.

If the Cd is good, you'll need to verify the Cd drive is good by trying to get it to boot another bootable Cd.

Memtest (link in my sig) will burn to a bootable Cd you can use to test if the optical drive works to boot or not.

If you do not have a valid Product Key for your XP Pro disk that was "lying around", you will not get past the point where it asks for the Product Key.

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hey guys, just came into a problem with my computer turning off whenever id try and load a game onto my computer. its not the disks ive had this game on for 1 yr previously.bare with me here hehe

when i try and load anything the computer was going to a bsod but now is just turning off completely.
ive tried to system restore and cant get a decent date to revert back too.
computer sound sometimes becomes crackily etc

yet my computer allows me to still use applications like msn, web browser etc

so i thought stuff it im going to reformat.
troubles there too... whenever i put in my disk and start up computer, it loads the XP disk, all the data is shown loading and as soon as it says something like starting windows ( just before the first step of reformat shows up like R for repair, C for format etc etc ) my computer once again just turns off like when i try things in windows normally. ive tried format in windows, ive tried everything i can possibally think of, trolling all forums , searching everywhere it still wont give me any idea.
All i can think of is a corrupted HDD...


A:Major Probs,bsod, Unable To Reformat...

A quick check on your hard disk is to download diagnostic floppy from manufacturer. Mine is Maxtor, with Dos program called Powermax.

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Hello. I don't seem to be able to find the answer to this problem anywhere so sorry if this has already been asked somewhere.

My computer was running fine last night, until suddenly everything just shut off immediately, as if the power cord was unplugged. When I powered my PC back up, the BIOS screen loaded, but immediately after that, a black screen came up with a flashing cursor. I have Windows 7 on my computer, but the windows loading screen didn't come up.... just bios then the screen with the flashing cursor. I can access the BIOS configuration just fine but nothing after that.

I have inserted a Linux live CD (Ubuntu, and also Linux Mint) and they both booted up fine from the cd. Since it will boot up an operating system from the cd with no problem, therefore I can assume the problem is with the Windows OS somewhere. It seems my computer can't see the Windows OS that is on my hard drive. By using Linux, I was able to locate the Windows folder on my hard drive, and I believe all the files in the Windows folder and System 32 are all there. I found what seems to be a bare bones windows 7 restore cd from somewhere on the internet, which allowed me to access the Windows System Recovery. Under System Recovery Options, I have tried Startup Repair, System Restore (no restore points were found), System Image Recovery (none were found), and in command prompt I did bootsect /nt60 (c:, SYS, ALL) and the problem is still ongoing.

This computer was originally a HP computer... Read more

A:[SOLVED] black screen. Unable to reformat.

Restart the PC and press F8 before Windows starts to load. This will take you to a menu where you should be able run the start-up repair. If you don't have that option you'll need a recovery disc.

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I found a computer my old housemate left behind in our storage closet and I claimed it. It runs on Windows 7 Professional. I booted it up and I can only log into Windows as a guest, as he set a password on his admin account. I have lost touch with him so I cannot ask him for the pw. So I cannot uninstall or install anything without the pw on the guest account. There are also no software or any recover disks with the computer when I found it.
I ran ophcrack to try to get or bypass the pw, but it failed. The result, “there were no tables found” by the program.
Tried then doing a clean install with my own copy of Windows 7, but hit a roadblock when it says “no drives were found” for me to install the Windows 7 on.
At the Windows 7 installation screen, I hit shift + f10, and do “diskpart" and “list disks”. It lists disk 0, disk 1, disk 2, disk 3 and all their status are listed as “no media” and sizes and free space all listed at zero bytes. When I entered command prompt, it started with X:\ rather than C:\ .
Went to BIOS to see if it there are hard drives there, disk 0 – disk 3 are all listed with drives installed, all SATA. Also when I in Windows at a guest, I could see all four hard drives from My Computer. Yet they don't show up when I tried installing windows or doing a lisk disk in command prompt.
Any other ways I can deal with this? Throwing in a new hard drive in there will be my last r... Read more

A:Lost password to Windows 7, and unable to reformat.

If you tap F11 at boot does it give you the option to do a factory reset? This looks like some kind of RAID setup.
Edit: you have a Windows 7 install disk with the key?
Edit Edit: Download FatDog64 and burn the iso. See if you can acess the hard drives with linux. You can then wipe the drives and then do a clean install with Windows 7.

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Computer has windows 98 and xp home sp2 on it, patitioned c: (fat32) & e: (ntsf). Would like to wipe hard drive clean and do a new install of xp home only (have discs), but I am unable to reformat drive. Get error message to quit disk utilities or other programs on "e:", and widows was uable to reformat on "c:". What do I do?

A:Solved: Dual OS win98 & xp unable to reformat

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I have recorded some home movies to dvd+rw using my pc and was going to erase the disk in my Sony component DVD Recorder and it says "Disk Unuseable" . Tried to re-format in the pc but cannot do it. What WinXP utility or other program will recognize the disk and allow me to reformat it? I have an HP DVD writer 640c Lightscribe dual layer dvd recorder and also a Lite-On LTC-48161H dvd/cd recorder. Any advice would be appreciated.

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when i switched out the cards, monitor went blank... couldn't even access bios....after 2 days took it in.......was the power supply ...installed new p/s..card worked fine.
now my sys files + programs are either not working or gone.
i want to reformat the HD with the discs from HP(but it has the old graphics drivers on it)
then custom upgrade to Win7, ...but before i do...
am i going to have problems with the GTS450 staying on line (reformat will erase my current driver installation so.........?????)
also GTS450 is connected VGA adapter temp (res 1680x1050)(need to get regular size HDMI adapter)
I just don't want to revisit black screen hell hole so I thought I would see if anyone
could help me out before I take the plunge.

A:can i reformat w/upgrade Geforce GTS450

As far as I am aware, you can install the operating system and re-download the driver from Nvidia.com, shouldn't be any issues as MS will have preloaded drivers built into windows (WDDM) anyway, take the plunge and just re-download the driver, should be fine, as you've pointed out, the power supply was the issue previously.

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i bought the student upgrade version for $30 and so far its running okay, but just in case i want to reformat my hdd and need to reinstall the OS, how do i go about doing this?

its W7 HP 64... if that matters
i do have a .iso bootable DVD of W7 HP 64 that i can use to install on new PCs but that requires a CD key to activate.

A:How to reformat/reinstall an upgrade version of W7?


i bought the student upgrade version for $30 and so far its running okay, but just in case i want to reformat my hdd and need to reinstall the OS

and so far its running okay

which OS is installed and reinstall which OS ?

eg. in your specs: OS Vista HP 64

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I recently reformatted my system and installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64. About a week after that, I installed a new video card. Shortly after installing the video card, my computer started to lock up and BSOD.

I removed the new video card(w/ drivers), and still had some issues. So I took the whole system apart, and reseated everything, double checking connections, just in case when installing the video card I had knocked something loose. I went ahead and left the new video card out of the system for troubleshooting.

It was going great for a day, but just decided to crash again and lock up. While looking for a way to open up the error files, I found you guys!

I would be extremely grateful if someone could look over my logs, and inform me the best route to take.

If I missed a single thing, please let me know.

Basic System Information:
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Custom System, first OS was Windows XP Home Edition
Full Retail

CPU PhenomII 710- 1.5 Years old (Maybe a little less)
Motherboard Gigabyte MA78GM-S2H (rev 1.1) - 2 years old
Video Card- IGP, so the same age as the MB.
Power Supply Thermaltake 700w - 1.5 years old (purchased it same time as the CPU)
Memory DDR2 2Gb x2 - 1.5 Years old
Hard Disk - 1 year old
OS was just reinstalled about a week ago.

A:BSOD after reformat and hardware upgrade

Is there some information that I did not add that I should of?

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Hello. My windows 7 just stopped booting last week, I tried booting it up from an OS USB. It started but then it restarted. The setup didn't get past 1% before it rebooted. I went in the BIOS to see if anything changed but everything was set up by default. I even tried to reformat the hard drive and I'm unable to format any drive when i click on a partition. I can't even delete then to do a CLEAN install. My last hope is what I'm doing now and that's creating a system image from my windows 8.1 system, put it on the computer that's having the problems, when it's finally back up, I reformat the hard drive to windows 7 Pro, and update the entire system with new hardware. Is that a good route to go?

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Hi my computer is HP compaq presario SR1960AP 2 day ago, my computer was fine and now im using my laptop. I got error "ntlrd is missing Ctr+alt+dlt to restart"I cant enter safe mode because i dont know the shortcut key.Well I start pressing f8 after i restart my computer and nothing happen. Any tutorial is appreciated

A:Window Xp unable to enter safe mode/Reformat

Hi there

HP has a built in recovery function.

Press F11 on startup to reload your machine. Thats if the hard drive is still in working order.

**HP has an option to backup your files before it reloads. You will need an external hard drive or large flash stick depending on how many files you have to backup.


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hi all,

i was watching my TV Series as usual and suddenly my PC suddenly powered off, and restarted.

However, its stuck at the 2nd BIOS Page and wont boot anymore.

So, i panicked and wanted to backup my data before anything goes wrong, and i took my laptop out.

and when i power on my laptop, the laptop also stuck at the BIOS page! i was using the laptop 2 hours ago and

it was completely fine. So i tried to reformat my laptop as i dont have important data and after booting from the CD.

It prompt saying it cannot detect hard disk and leave me only 1 option to press f3 to quit the XP Setup.

Im thinking both my PC and Laptop have gotten some sort of virus or something but i cant load into windows at all.

Simply stuck at the BIOS screen, no option to go into safe mode or anything.

Any gurus can help me on this please?? Many thanks in advance!!

A:Hard Restart And Stuck At Bios, Unable To Reformat

Do you have another hdd cable to try on the desktop? If so then try it.

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I just freshly installed a windows 7 64bit on my hp 15-F039WM but i'm having a problem installing driver since my laptop can't read my flash drive since no usb driver has been installed. Need your help on how can i install the laptop drivers.Thank you guys in advance


Have you tried the flash drive in another port? You should have 2 USB 3.0 ports on one side and a USB 2.0 port on the other. The USB 2.0 port should work.

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btw i am on x64

Ok i guess you have all heard this many times before but any way i start my pc ect but it does not boot as it says,

Windows\System32\Config\System Corrupt or Missing

This is the first time this as ever happened to me and i cannot start my pc not even in safe mode ect. i have not installed any new programs and or hardware all i did was hold the power button to turn it off when it crashed in a css game. So any way i do as it says and insert the system disk and try to use the recovery console. In which it firstly asks which windows would i like to log onto.

1 C:windows....ect

which windows would you like to log onto
(press esc to cancel)

i type 1 to select my windows and press enter to select it at which point i get a dreaded blue screen of doom page fault in non paged area and have to shut down my pc to avoid damage ect

so i try many different ways of repairing it all to no avail so i finally decided to reformat but when i go through all this process ie accept license with f8 and press enter to install new windows, it says searching for previous versions of windows i think this is just before it shows you what you have partitioned on your hard drive and the same blue screen comes up crashing my pc and stopping me reformatting???

i can see no way round this and have tried using the latest bios/ sata drivers everything so if any one can help me i would be much obliged thank you

(i have a 64 bit athlon system on an av8 abit mobo and a sata hd)

A:boot error + unable to use repair console/reformat

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Hey all!

I need help with my laptop as i'm hopeless with such stuff. My laptop (running on windows xp - home) suddenly went bonkers yesterday. whenever i start my comp 2 messages will come up.

the first one says "windows cannot load the locally stored profile. Possible causes include insufficient security rights or a corrupt local profile...."

the second one says "windows cannot load the local profile and is loading you with a temporary profile..."

i tried to use the recovery disc to reformat my comp but everytime i will encounter an error message "setup was unable to create, locate or modify a critical file (c:\\BOOT.ini) needed to start windows xp. access is denied" and then it would just undo all the changes. but when i go to my computer => properties => advanced => recovery and setup i could edit the boot file

i tried pressing f2 to access bios or f10 on start up to try to boot my comp using cd but somehow the option is not available to me.

do you have any advice as to how to sort this out?


A:Help needed - Windows XP unable to load profile + reformat comp

"the second one says "windows cannot load the local profile and is loading you with a temporary profile..."

So, after this, did it boot OK?

edit: Read this -> http://support.microsoft.com/kb/318011

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Hello , iv been trying to build a new comp because my other one blew up ( too much heat and CPU died ) So i bought new CPU (Intel, cant remember the name exactly because its new ) and new motherboard ASUS. Hardrive and DVD rom is already used, no video card/network.

So i set up everything , the computer starts very well.
Since the hardrive is already used, i reformated it using windows 7. The installation is a succes and windows loads. I realize i have no internet connection ( im using the onboard connection ) So i install the onboard connection using the motherboard CD drivers , realtek LAN one, and it works. I have now internet. I do a reboot just to be sure it works fine. And then heres my problem :

Windows will load to Windows Logo screen and reboots by itself. I run it another time and i get the screen where it asks to choose load Windows normally , safe mode or CMD. So i pick normally and the same thing happens BUT that time i got a BSOD but no time to read it. I tried disabling the auto restart on errors in the BIOS to read the BSOD but still doesnt work. Rebooted another time, and now... The logo wont even show up and i get black screen, nothing loading. So i have no idea what the error is.

Im like okai whatever , imma reformat windows and put a fresh install. Heres my 2nd problem :

Windows 7 will not install completly , it will stop at ''Finishing installation'' and i get an error saying files in the windows instllation were damaged, corrupted and cannot com... Read more

A:Unable to reformat/install Windows 7 AND Vista , Blackscreen AND BSOD

anyone plz

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Hi all, though not a regular here at TSF but have been a member for sometime I do frequently come here to find answers and usually do find them without having to post any questions. Now I have something to ask regarding Windows 8 so here it is:

I've recently purchased the 40.00 version of Windows 8 Pro from MS back in October, thus upgraded from Windows 7 Ultimate, but recently I notice my pc is sluggish and some errors are appearing, so I want to reformat my HDD with a fresh install of my programs and files. To do this now, I need some sort of ISO or OS software media to re-install Windows 8. I want to know is there a way to create a re-install type of media with my key attached since I just want a clean install on my Dell Inspiron (Desktop currently with WIN8) not wanting to create copies or other installs just to reformat and install on the same PC.

For anyone wondering my PC specs is:

Dell Inspiron 518
2.4Ghz Pentium
4.0 GB ram
32 bit OS, x64 based processor

Hope this helps my case.

A:[SOLVED] Windows 8 Upgrade (Reformat/Clean Install)

When you upgraded you should have seen the option to create a DVD, .ISO or flash media version of the file. If you didn't do this, just run the upgrade assistant again, enter your product key, then download a new version of Windows 8 and create an .ISO.

Or, you could reinstall Windows 7 (may be required if you upgraded from an OEM version) and go here:

Upgrade to Windows 8 with only a product key - Microsoft Windows

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When attempting to upgrade from PowerShell 4.0.0 to 5.0 or 5.1, I get "the update is not applicable to your computer".

I have Windows 7 SP 1 64 bit. I have .NET 4.6 installed. My current version of PowerShell is 4.0.0.

I looked at this link https://support.microsoft.com/en-sg/help/3057448/the-update-is-not-applicable-to-your-computer-error-when-you-install-w

but have not found the solution or the issue. I need PowerShell 5+ for Azure work.
Trying Win7AndW2K8R2-KB3191566-x64.msu

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FRST logs...Let me know what to remove
Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version:17-02-2016
Ran by raul (administrator) on RGWORK (17-02-2016 11:42:04)
Running from C:\MalwareCleanup
Loaded Profiles: raul (Available Profiles: raul)
Platform: Windows 8.1 (X64) Language: English (United States)
Internet Explorer Version 11 (Default browser: Chrome)
Boot Mode: Normal
Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool: http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/topic/335081-frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool/
==================== Processes (Whitelisted) =================
(If an entry is included in the fixlist, the process will be closed. The file will not be moved.)
(Softex Inc.) C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\SimplePass\OmniServ.exe
(Realtek Semiconductor) C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\RtkAudioService64.exe
(Realtek Semiconductor) C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\RAVBg64.exe
(Microsoft Corporation) C:\Windows\System32\wlanext.exe
(Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.) C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP System Event\HPWMISVC.exe
(Microsoft Corporation) C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
(Microsoft Corporation) C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\NisSrv.exe
() C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\SimplePass\opvapp.exe
(Intel Corporation) C:\Windows\System32\igfxsrvc.exe
(Intel Corporation) C:\Windows\System32\hkcmd.exe
(Intel Corporation) C:\Windows\System32\igfxpers.exe
(Microsoft Corporation)... Read more

A:Laptop unable to upgrade to Win 10 and unable to uninstall some items

Hi TheSentinel,

Please do the following,Uninstall some programs:
We need to uninstall some unwanted/unneeded programs.
Press the + R on your keyboard at the same time. Type appwiz.cpl and click OK.
Search there for each entry mentioned below, right-click the entry and click Uninstall one at a time
The list of programs to uninstall:WSE_Astromenda
Google Chrome Packages
Search Protect
After completing uninstalls, please manually reboot your machine!    If you get the message like: An error occurred while trying to uninstall, just press Yes.    If you are unable to uninstall all programs, please inform me, but continue with other steps.  Scan with Zemana AntiMalware Free:
Turn off the real time scanner of any existing antivirus and firewall programs while performing scan
Please download and install Zemana AntiMalware Free
Double-click software shortcut on the desktop and follow the prompts to install the program .
If an update is available, click the Update now button.
At the end Click Settings > Advanced > ''I have read the warning an wish to proceed anyway'' Click
Auto Launch > Untick the box next
Scan type > Smart scan (Default)
Close all open files, folders and browsers
Click scan now ''Run as Administrator'' and a threat Scan will begin.
When the scan is complete, Press report and send me report.

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A:My work computer has a virus - my employers are going to reformat the computer if I can't fix it

[issue resolved]

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 running Windows Vista and I can't remember my password so I want to reformat the hard drive back to the factory settings. I don't have the windows vista CD.
I've tried to press F8 and click "repair this computer" and it brings me back to the login screen.
How do I bypass this screen to reformat the drive?

A:reformat my computer

You can make a bootable disk and format it using gdisk or another dos based application such as fdisk. This will require a bit of reading and some command line savvy on your part. Google will help you out in both making a dos bootable and getting fdisk.exe onto it for formatting.

You can also load with your Vista disk then do not select repair. When you see the disk manager during the Vista installation, you can delete the partition, create a new one and format it using NTFS. I recommend on a rebuild that you do not do the fast format. Better to get the thorough format on an OS install.

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Well, i think its time for my computer to be reformatted. I have the orginal disks that came with the computer when i bought it, so does anyone have any instructions or have a link to show me what i need to reformat my computer. thanks

A:Trying To Reformat My Computer

Here you go-http://www.michaelstevenstech.com/cleanxpinstall.html

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So I claered both of my partitions and Im trying to reload windows onto my hard drive. IT gets to the point where the first automatic shutdown occurs. It says coputer shutting down, installation will continue when it reboots. Well when it reboots, it completely restarts the installation process. What can I do to fix this?

A:trying to reformat my computer with XP

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I finally fixed the error in my home built computer. I did not build the computer though, and the only computers I've reformatted were the ones with factory installs on D drive. I want to reformat to start again with a clean machine.
I have disks for Windows 7, Sound, Video and one from Intel called "Express Installer. I am unsure what order to install or if there is more to know.
I have two driver programs in Programs and Features: Marvell61xx and Marvell91xx Driver. I assume they came from the Intel disk and know one does Raid and the other the HD. This is the main concern so I am asking for advice, I don't understand these programs.

A:How to Reformat my Computer?

This is what I do http://www.overclock.net/t/1156654/seans-windows-7-install-optimization-guide-for-ssds-hdds
Most all your questions can be answered by studing the guide above.
Go to the mobo manufacture site and DL chipset, graphic, audio drivers ect. Always best to use the latest version rather than something on a disc which is probably out dated.

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