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Belkin Powerline AV/HD Connection Problems

Q: Belkin Powerline AV/HD Connection Problems

I have a Belkin Modem/Router, a main PC (which is successfully connected to the router modem by ethernet cable), and four laptops in the house.

As we were having problems with wifi connectivity on the laptops in use upstairs, I purchased 2 Belkin Powerline AV 200mbps units and managed to get them running thus connecting one laptop to the Internet through the ethernet LAN and with the laptop's wifi switched off.

As a result I purchased 2 additional Belkin Powerline Units for two more of the laptops. These are 1000 mbps HD units - and here my problems started.

I have both the HD units plugged in. They are showing blue lights for power and security (we successfully reset the password for all four units as instructed in the manual) - but no light for connection most of the time.

I say "most of the time" because we have at times had an amber light for connectivity showing on the Belkin HD Unit - but at no time have we had any internet connectivity on the laptops using the HD devices - irrespective of the colour of the LED on the Belkin.

We have tried various diagnostic tools on Windows but without success. The laptops do not connect to the internet when we are using the Belkin HD units assigned to them. The laptops CAN connect by wifi but the connection drops off from time to time - which is where we started from.

My understanding is that the HD and AV units are compatible.

Can anyone suggest anything else we should be doing?

Many thanks


Preferred Solution: Belkin Powerline AV/HD Connection Problems

I recommend downloading and running Outlook PST Repair. It's a PST repair tool that I've used it in the past to recover emails, contacts, tasks and notes from corrupt Outlook files that are damaged or inaccessible. Supports Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/1bjhSi. (This link will automatically start a download of Outlook PST Repair that you can save to your computer.)

A: Belkin Powerline AV/HD Connection Problems

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I have a desktop and in the distance in the same house a laptop, both on W7. I'm trying to connect the laptop to the internet via a Belkin Powerline. Sometimes it works but not always. I've consulted Belkin who have come to the conclusion that there is no facility on my computer to set up a LAN (it does not show in the list of option in Network and Sharing Centre). I'm mystified because why does it work sometimes but not others, and why does my laptop not have this facility anyway?

A:Problems with Belkin Powerline and no LAN

What EXACT option are you missing?

Belkin Powerline is connected to laptop using a network cable.
The other Belkin Powerline is connect to router using a network cable.... correct???

Please connect another laptop to the powerline... same problem?
Connect the laptop directly to the router using a network cable... same problem?

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I recently bought a Belkin Gigabit Powerline Adaptor for use in an office outside my home. It's not working well at all; the connection speed is painfully slow, baring no resemblence to that of my main computer, in line with my wirleess connection. Why is this? What am I doing wrong? Can anyone help?

thanks a lot

A:Belkin Gigabit Powerline HD adaptor - help!

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Hey guys, the trouble i've had is that i plugged my adapters in (one downstairs from router to a socket then one upstairs from socket to my pc ethernet port on back of tower) and it just came up with unidentified network. now i tried literally everything i could think of and nothing helped but i un-installed my network adapter and re installed it but now it wont even recognize any ethernet in there atall.

What should i do?

A:Belkin powerline adapters not working.


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Hi. Just finally updated my ancient belkin modem to a Netgear D3600WiFi modem router which works really well. However. I have a old G5 Mac without wireless so have always connected through my old belkin modem with Powerline adapters over my house wiring circuit:confused. Unfortunately the powerline adapters no longer work although both lights are flickering on the units. Netgear say they should work. Any suggestions?

A:Belkin Powerline adapeters not working with new Netgear router

have you reset them at all ?

lets see an ifconfig from the mac

and from a working device like a PC - do you have a PC laptop at all ?
have you tried another device on the power line ?

have you checked the cable (s)
so connect a PC to the cable that is connected to the first powerline adapter and see if that works

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Came across a problem today I simply cannot understand. Setup a wireless connection between a laptop and a base unit - both using Win XP Home via a Belkin 54g ADSL Router

The base unit was physically connected to the router and the laptop, via wireless.

Both machines were setup via WEP 64-bit encryption.
Both machines were able to connect to the internet.
Both machines were able to share files between each other.
Wireless laptop was able to print via the network.

As far as I was concerned, job done, all OK.

Until the customer called me later on to tell me that ..... when he takes out the power cable from the laptop, he cannot get a wireless connection ??? The machine cannot find any network even.

Went through some checks over the telephone, still couldn't get it connected.

Put the power cable back into the laptop - after a short while, it found the network - connected again.

Never came across anything like this before. What has the network connection got to do with the power cable? Maybe it is something very simple - but I have never experineced this problem before.

So If you can help - i'd appreciate it.

A:Help Please Regarding Connection Problems With Belkin 54g Router

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I can connect to internet only with land line I cannot get my wireless to connect, It wants to connect then drops right away, What am I doing wrong?

A:connection problems belkin router att modem

Log into your Router setup and see if you are using the B or G or N settings. If using N, try G. If your using automatic, try B/G setting. etc. Reset the WPA-2 password.

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I recently moved into my new place, with no convenient place to put my computer using a wire to my router. (Orange live box)
So I decided to buy a "Belkin: N Wireless USB Network Adapter"
I can't seem to get it to connect.

Anyone got any advice on how to connect this device, i'm not sure wether or not it is my router or belkin that is being a pain in the bum.

A:Solved: Belkin: N Wireless USB Network Adapter connection problems

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Hello everyone. This is my first time posting a question on a forum ever, so please be patient with me!

I have an Acer Aspire XC600 with Windows 8.1

My problem is slow internet. I am supposed to have 50 mb/s but can only reach 4 mb/s. My ping is excellent, only 12ms, which is better than I've ever had before. I recently upgraded my plan and bought a new router (the previous one didn't work after the upgrade) but my connection has never been slower. Before I upgraded I reached about 25 mb/s and had about 70ms.

The router and modem has both been tested by the internet provider and there is nothing wrong with either; all wireless connections get about 58 mb/s!

I am connected through powerline, with small distance from the router/modem. The router/modem is placed in the floor above me so this was the only solution. Wireless didn't go through the floors very well.

The funny thing is that the powerline adapter shows that the connection is good UNTIL I put in the ethernet cable between the socket in my room and the computer. This makes me think there is something wrong with either the cable or my computer. I have tested the cable, so I wondered if any of you know how I can check if my computer is at fault?

I've updated the network drivers on my computer and ran a virus scan.

I'm sorry if any info you need is missing

A:Bad connection through powerline

so I wondered if any of you know how I can check if my computer is at fault?Click to expand...

connect the PC with the cable directly to the router and see what speed you get that would eliminate the powerline adapters and electrical system

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I have 2 x TP-Link TL-PA211 powerlines. I need to connect power point A to power point C. I can connect A to B, and B to C, but not A to C. If I get another powerline could I use all 3 to connect A to C?

A:Powerline connection using intermediate adapter

Let's say A is the unit attached to my router. It's on the first floor.
In the basement I have a B and C unit. B and C both sync with A and allow computers attached to them to get on the internet.

I'm not sure what you wish to do but each unit can sync with the unit nearest your router; I'm not so sure the sattelite units can connect with each other, only with the router unit.

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Hi everyone. I recently bought a Netgear powerline adapter to get internet to my desktop and I thought it would be a much better connection than a wireless one. However, the speed I'm getting from it is only around 300 kilobytes/second which is horrendously slow... Back on my laptop which is a few years old and had a built in wireless card, the speed I got from the same router but with a wireless connection was around 2 megabytes/sec which still isn't great but its much better than what the powerline adapter is giving me. All the reviews I've read on the adapter are fantastic so I am concerned why this is happening to me. Any suggestions?

fyi the adapter is the Netgear XAVB2101

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Hello all,

I just purchased a duo set of Netgear Powerline Network adapters and tried to install them today. Installation and everything went fine, but there must be an interference problem of some kind. The adapter is connected to a power strip, but there's no other way to connect them here, as there is only one outlet in the wall.

The connection is okay for a short moment, but continually drops, again and again. I did a flood ping in Linux which results in a few packets getting through, then the dots start dancing from left to right happily, then a few lines fill themselves and everything starts over.

In short, there's about 65% loss of packets, and the average time is 70ms. This loss of packets make any kind of proper networking impossible.

Any idea what the cause could be? And would there be an easy solution?


A:Powerline ethernet problems

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my wife and son want me to lower the security level on my belkin wireless router so they can play against each other on their nintendo DS's...every thing i have tried will not work..i had to correct a problem with a portable phone jamming my router and wonder if that may have been to thing that kept the change from happening..?.i have a was setting on it now and was thinking that if i can get the stupid thing to change to a wep security that it will work..any ideas on this subjet will be greatly helpful...belkin offered no help..couldnt understand the person on the other end of the line...thanks

A:wi-fi connection on belkin router

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Hi having problems with a dell desktop recognising my belkin usb 'g' wireless stick? win 7 doesnt recognise it? tried updating drivers for the stick but same response? any help would be appreciated? please help

A:Belkin wirelss usb connection

What is the model and version of your USB adapter?

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My previous wireless adapter bit the dust and I pulled out the Belkin FSD7050 usb adapter. With my previous adapater, I got almost perfect signal and with this new one I lose service when idleing or when transferring a lot of data. I thought it was just the adapter, so I just dealt with it. I switched to Ubuntu Linux from Windows XP a week or so ago and when running Linux with the same router, I get almost perfect signal. I am positive I have the correct driver, but I am unsure what else to do. Anyone have a suggestion?

A:Wireless connection [Belkin FSD7050]

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My wireless internet connection to my desktop was working fine until about a week ago, I have a belkin g wireless router and the usb adapter that goes with it. The computer that I am having trouble with is mine that is located in the basement ( I haven't moved any furniture around but I did clean all the junk in the basement) The router is connected to my sisters computer on the main level of the house. I talked to the guys from belkin, we got it too work for like 5 minutes then it quit again. I have no internet activity but i can sometimes get the wireless connected. I need help!!!!

A:no wireless connection with belkin router

Hi and welcome to TSG:
Two things we generally suggest to try first in connection issues:
Change the wireless channel being used(do this through the router's admin page).Channels 1/6/11 in US are preferred.
Make sure that you have the latest firmware update for the router.Perhaps the Belkin Techs already checked that,but it needs to be confirmed.
These two things fix a great many of the wireless connection issues that we see here.So try these first and see if the situation changes in any way.

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Normally when I plug my router into my DSL modem, the red light flashes red and turns green thus connecting to the Internet. This is how I connect my phone or WII U online wirelessly through the router.

But lately the light flashes green and then turns red indicating that it is not connecting to the Internet anymore.

There is nothing wrong with my modem or DSL because I can connect my Xbox360 and computer online through my modem.

Recently I changed my ISP password. Could this be the reason it won't connect anymore? If so how can I change the ISP password for my router?

A:Solved: Belkin connection question

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Ice Broadband - Belkin Router F5D733-4


Firstly Ice Broadband in Ireland is a wireless Broadband provider that does not require a phoneline.

I cannot connect to the Internet wirelessly - there is no connection at all through the Router the BB is working fine but cannot connect wirelessy only via Ethernet - it willl ping the Ip fine but not the next one as per below
d) Type ping If the ping times out then the problem is between your router and internet connection. If you get a response, move to step e).

Basically I think I have input everything correctly and cannot see any problems but the link stream just says "Link Down"

What do I do or change to rectify this - Im going insane!

A:Belkin Router - cannot get Wireless Connection

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Hey guys, got me a new Modem not long ago and recently plugged it in, seemed to be working fine at first but every now and then something happens and it seems to disconnect. It says its still connected and everything and going into status it says it's connected fine, it seems to just stop for a while then comes back on after awhile. Unplugging and Rebooting it does nothing.

I know its the Modem because I had a different modem plugged in before and it was fine. It is a Belkin f5d5730au and is connected to a CNet CNAP-711 11mbps Wireless Router. Also, when another computer is turned on, it doesn't seem to allow it to connect for a small while then works.

Any ideas? Thanks.

A:Belkin f5d5730au Connection problem

I suspect you will benefit from a close read of all the documentation of your cable modem, and wireless router... and possibly with a talk with your IP provider tech support.
Are all of your old connections deleted in the device manager, registry, and the network connections in the control panel.
Belkins are sometimes weird devices... units with the same part number don't even look the same sometimes. Belkin doesn't really make anything. They pay to have their components made by others, to specifications they set.
If there is a problem, I would change out the Belkin for a standard unit by 2Wire, LinkSys, D-Link, Netgear, Siemens, or preferably Cisco.

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I posted this on someone else's thread earlier, but saw that I was supposed to create my own. Sorry, my bad.
I've been having an issue with a Belkin F5D7231-4 and my Actiontec DSL Modem from Qwest: I can access the router from the computer but the internet connection remains dead. Connecting directly to the modem works just fine. The connection light on the Belkin blinks orange, not the solid green of a strong connection. The prev thread recommeded returning the unit... but I'm already on my second one and it just does not want to see the internet connection.

What are the odds that I got two faulty ones in a row?

Any other suggestions? I went through the CD setup, no internet. Reset it. Went through manual, including resetting IP Address from to 1.1 to match the modem's 1.0.

It's so strange because my Linksys network I'm replacing went together so easy. I just want the added range.

Help me, please. I got such a great deal on the Belkin I don't want to give it up!

A:Belkin Router cannot see internet connection

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I have a Belkin N1 Vision (F5D8232-4) router that seems to drop the WAN (optonline cable modem) connection intermittently.
When it drops this connection all the networked computers also lose connectivity to all other networked resources (i.e. NAS, printers, etc).
The only way to restore this connection is to re-boot the router. For some reason in the security log it shows the re-start date of 12/31/1999.
If anyone has experienced this problem before any suggestions would be appreciated.


A:Belkin Router Losing Wan Connection

I haven't experienced that problem, but not infrequently a firmware upgrade will fix the disconnect problem. If there is no upgrade, reset the router to factory default settings and reconfigure it. Sometimes routers work better after that.

Of course, I am assuming that you do not get these disconnects when running with a computer connected directly to the modem.

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Hey all, my wireless devices are unable to connect to my Belkin router (They say "Acquiring network address" until the message "Limited or no Connectivity"). I've tried setting the router to different channels; unplugging it, plugging it back in; doing a hard reset with the button on the back; a soft reset with the web interface; and restarting it within the web interface; updated firmware; all of those things several times.

I can connect to other wireless networks with the same devices with ease. Both use XP. One is a laptop (Asus Eee 1000HA) and one is a desktop with a Belkin USB wireless adapter

So I've tried all of the little things the manufacturer suggests... Is there anything else I can do or do I have a bum router on my hands? I really am desperate, as it seems all the solutions I've tried have worked for other people with the same problem. Any help is appreciated.

Btw, can still connect through wired connection.

A:Belkin 54g F5D7230-4 Connection Problem

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I've had this problem with the Belkin ever since I bought it, and I have a lot of contempt for it. I bought it for home because I was having issues getting a good signal from my bedroom with my laptop.. turned out, it didn't help any. Back then, I hadn't the faintest idea how to fix it, so I boxed it up and put it away.

A year later, I moved in with somebody and they busted it out and got half way through installing it. I ran it the rest of the way and it still ran into the same problem... "Connected with no Internet Access"

So I googled and I googled on my phone while dinking around until I found this site. Seems like a lot of people ran into the same problem, and there were a lot of solutions but about half way through I don't understand where it goes anymore... So I'm giving it a shot.

From what I understand, it has to do with the laptop not recognizing it and the MAC address... I went to the ip address on the browser to access my router and had a look.. I had it clone the MAC address.. but then it stopped working all together. I unplugged/reset it.. but now it doesn't even connect at all.

Before when I didn't have 'internet access' my phone, playstation and xbox all recognized it, but not the laptop. Then cloning the MAC address made me lose all connectivity. Here's the specs I'm going off in the meantime.

The laptop is a Dell XPS L502X running Windows 7.

The router set up I got is the modem is p... Read more

A:Belkin N300 - No Internet Connection

Okay I'm not sure what happened.

It wasn't happy with me when I cloned the MAC. I was connected with no access, then when I cloned it, I couldn't connect at all. So I unplugged and reset and... nothing. Finally, randomly, I cleared the MAC on the laptop to try and connect without access again, but... it connects fine now.

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I'm using a Belkin Wireless-G+ router.
I've got two computers, one using a Linksys adapter and one using Belkin.
I plugged the router into the cable modem and both computers worked just fine, but I went ahead and configured the router using the installation CD anyway. I didn't put in any security information or anything, the program just ran, asked me to specify an SSID, then it said "sending information to router" for a bit and that was it.
The computer with the Linksys adapter still works fine, but after I configured the router, the computer with the Belkin adapter now runs very slowly. When it first connects is says 54 mbps and then it gradually drops down to 1mbps, and runs either very slowly or not at all.
There aren't any error messages to go along with it, as far as my computer's is concerned everything's working fine.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

A:Slow connection on Belkin adapter

Replace the Belkin adapter with any other brand like D-Link or Netgear

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I have lost my connection with my belkin router, i have restarted the modem and the router and it did nothing, i also reset the router back to the factory setting and can not access the router webpage. Can anyone help me please

A:lost connection with belkin router

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I am not a technical person at all so bear with me here. I'm gonna give you the info I think is important and if I'm missing something please let me know cause I really wanna fix this problem. Its driving me insane.

Okay so, about 2 years ago I bought my first laptop and the person I was with recommended my purchasing of a Belkin router. I bought the router, it worked great until this past summer when suddenly whenever somebody called my house phone, my connection was dropped. I was angry cause naturally I have those family members that want to call and talk on the phone with my mother for hours. Eventually I figured out I could work about the problem by hooking the Ethernet cord on my Westel directly to my laptop. Its a temporary fix though in my opinion because this requires me having to sit on the floor against my bed room door and this isn't comfortable, not to mention its also confining, I miss walking around the house with my laptop. Anyway this past weekend I decided to try buying a new Belking N300. This however didn't solve the problem, I still got my signal dropped whenever somebody called the house.

Okay right, so on to phase 2 of my attempt of fixing this problem. I went back to stamples and bought a Belkin N300 Micro. The first day this worked great and I was happy cause I could walk around my house again instead of feeling confined. But! the next day the connection was back to its old tricks again, dropping my connection whenever someone ... Read more

A:Belkin Connection lost during phone calls

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I can get my new PC to connect to my router wirelessly, but not with a wire. I don't get a blinking green light on the ethernet port, but only a continuous orange light. With wi-fi, the PC gets through, obtains an IP address, it's not being blocked on the MAC address...

Now, I have the following reasons to think the problem is in the router:

- It's not only my new PC I can't connect with a wire--any other device, Mac or PC, doesn't work, but works with wi-fi;
- my old PC connects fine with a wire. I'm using the same wire, on the same Router port when trying with the new one.

Before attempting a factory reset, I'd like to see if anyone can think of anything...

Specs: Belkin F6D4230-4 v1; PC: Windows 7 Home Premium



A:Solved: No wired connection on Belkin router

OK, it's now too late to delete this post, so I'll just have to admit I'm lazy. I just had to disable the wireless adapter in Windows...

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To Whomever Tech Geniuses That Have a Few Moments:

I'm trying to set up my Belkin G Wireless Router* (Model:F5D7234-4 v3)* as a secure wireless home network. I have it plugged into my Touchstone Telephony Cabel Modem (Model: TM502G/CT). It is emitting a wireless signal which I can connect to, but, ONLY as an unsecured network. Once I connect to the network, it asks: "Type the PIN from the Router* to configure it. I have located the PIN entered it only to have it say that it "Could not configure the Router.*"

I've verified the device PIN. I've rebooted the device and the cable modem. However, it will NOT allow me to configure the device so that I can secure the network.

HELP ME!?!?!?!?!
If someone could PLEASE help me get a secure network established I'd really appreciate not having Google doing any drive by peeks into my internet activity with their Google Earth vehicles.


Have a great day!!

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, Service Pack 2, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3838 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9200, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 595078 MB, Free - 443392 MB; D: Total - 15359 MB, Free - 14252 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0K837J
Antivirus: Norton Security Suite, Updated and Enabled

A:Belkin Secured Wireless Connection Setup

I don't see the point to that "pin" stuff, so I just disable anything in the router having to do with that. Then in the router's wireless section set the Encryption (or Security) Mode to WPA(2)-PSK and assign a strong passphrase (which mainly means don't use a dictionary word). Then when you try to connect a computer just enter the same passphrase.

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It keeps disabling it self or losing connection when i try to go on some sites that properably have alot to load. also im using the bt voyage 2110 router. is there a setting that maybe causing this?

A:Wireless Belkin usb 802.11g keeps disabled/loses connection

Is this on a laptop or desktop? If its a laptop there should be a setting in the power management thing to change it to max performance.



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I have had a Belkin Wireless G + MIMO router for almost 2 years now. And here recently I have been experiencing trouble downloading large files, streaming video or playing online games. My PC is wired to the router itself. The router acts like it reboots, loses connection then gains it back. Belkin Tech support had me enable UPnP. That seemed to fix my downloading of large files because it used to download for a few seconds then quit. Now it downloads, goes down to 2 or 3 KBPS then goes back up.

Last night I tried playing COD 4 online and every 2 or 3 minutes my connection would get interrupted for 30 seconds then I would be able to play again. Does it sound like my router is about to die?

Thanks in advance,

Just a side note, the firm ware is up to date and that didn't fix it. I did that first before calling tech support and they had me do it again. I can connect my dsl modem straight into my PC and not have any problems.

A:Belkin Wireless G + MIMO Connection Problem PLEASE HELP!!!!!

That side note (firmware upgrade) is important, 'cause that's one of the first things we'd recommend also.

Second is to reset the router to factory default settings and reconfigure it. Note that you can save/backup the settings to make reconfiguration easier; but know any important settings.

Third, if you use them, is to stop using p2p/bittorrent applications; they can overwhelm a router (or modem).

Fourth, be shopping for your next router.

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Hello everyone and thank you for your patient and detailed answers that I used many times before.

I have a Simens laptop with built in modem, I assume ?coz I just plug the internet cable into the laptop and get connected straightaway, no passwords, nothing.

Now I bought Belkin N1 MIMO router. As I was told in the shop I just unplugged the internet cable from my laptop and plugged it into the router. The ?wireless? and the ?router? lit up in blue, but the ?modem? icon keeps flashing in orange and the "internet" has never lit up at all. The ?wireless? icon on the PC also came up showing good signal. I then took the router back to the shop and just in case took my laptop with. The shop uses exactly the same model and my laptop picked up the signal there and I was able to log onto the internet no problem. So I guess the wireless and the modem are set up correctly on the laptop.
They gave me another unit but when I tried it at home the same problem was still there.
I also tried so many different options with settings, I don?t know how to go back and I uninstalled the router from laptop and it won?t allow me to install again.
If anybody please can help. A+

A:Problem with Belkin N1 MIMO internet connection

piscat said:

I have a Simens laptop with built in modem, I assume ?coz I just plug the internet cable into the laptop and get connected straightaway, no passwords, nothing.Click to expand...

What internet cable coming from what? ususally we have equipment wired like

ISP connected Modem --- wire--- system
what's your connection type {cable,dsl} and to which ISP name?

.... I then took the router back to the shop and just in case took my laptop with. The shop uses exactly the same model and my laptop picked up the signal there and I was able to log onto the internet no problem. So I guess the wireless and the modem are set up correctly on the laptop.Click to expand...

The laptop is setup correctly but the wireless may need some tweeks

They gave me another unit but when I tried it at home the same problem was still there.
I also tried so many different options with settings, I don?t know how to go back and I uninstalled the router from laptop and it won?t allow me to install again.
If anybody please can help. A+Click to expand...

HUH? Uninstall the router? You likely mean the wireless adaptor for the pc to
access the wifi router.

Start here; WIRE the router to the system eg

Now you can access the router configuration via your browser;

set a NEW admin password
change the SSID,
choose a channel between 1-11 (MOVE it away from the default!)
leave encryption off for n... Read more

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Hi, completely new to all this computing stuff and everything I touch doesn't seem to work.

Have just got a new Belkin N Wireless Modem Router & USB Adapter Model F5D8633-4 Ver 1000UK. Using the install wizard I get as far as it trying to get an internet connection having manually entered the ISP name Talk Talk and the Log In name and Password but it doesn't connect.

I've tried phoning the Belkin support line but not getting anywhere with them. The internet connects OK when using my wired modem.

I'm using a lap top Widows vista operating system and Norton security.

Any help would be really great as I don't really know where to go from here, I've no real knowledge of all things pc so any step by step answers would be great


A:No internet connection with Belkin wireless router

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Hi All,

Having major issues with my wireless router and Internet.


Wireless Belkin Router (as below)
Modem as supplied by ISP.

Router Details:
Belkin 54g
Wireless G Router - 2.4Ghz 802.11g
Model No. F5D7230-4

Security Encryption:

ISP: Virgin Media (UK)

Computers Connected:

Desktop PC - 'Plugged in Windows XP' (Plugged into Router): No issues, except previously had
Desktop PC - Windows XP (Wireless)
Laptop PC - Windows XP (Wireless)
Laptop PC - Windows Vista (Wireless) [My PC]
Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector (Vista Machine):

SSID: WoWWII (the correct network name, as per the Belkin wireless setting as;
Network Mode: 802.11g
Default Encryption: AES-CCMP
Default Auth: WPA2/PSK
Vendor: Belkin
BSSID: 00:17:3F:5B:C5:43
Channel: 13
Frequency: 2472
Network type: Access Point
The Story So far...
The Internet has been troublesome for a while, connecting on some machines but not others. Including IP address conflicts, generally resolved via windows repair feature, or resetting the router & modem (unplugging and re-plugging in after 10 / 30 secs).

I reset the router (holding down the reset button for more than 10 secs).

When the router had finished resetting the connections for the Windows XP machines worked perfectly, but the Vista machine wasn't able to connect properly, connect-disconnect, or local only disconnect etc.

So I went into the Wireless settings, and updated the fireware, now the Vista machine works but the X... Read more

A:Belkin 54g Wireless Connection Issues: XP & Vista

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I have recently installed a Belkin N wireless USB adapter onto my dads desktop computer (windows XP) so he can access the internet.

The computer, up until recently has been upstairs, and wired directly into the router (BTBusiness Hub), which had worked fine.

However, the computer has been moved and the connection continuously keeps getting lost now it relies on a wireless connection- Literally 2 or 3 times a minute.

I am confident that the wireless adapter has been installed correctly as it always shows a good signal.

2 other laptops use a wireless connection with no problems at all - including from the same location as my dads computer.

It's incredibly frustrating as simply checking emails is a tiresome task!!
Help will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:Belkin N Wireless USB keeps losing connection with router.

I have never been a fan of Belkin but assuming the USB adapter is working ok try logging onto the router and change the wireless channel to 1 or 6 or 11. If its 6 try on of the other 2 channels.

theory being wireless interference on the current channel being used?

Your dads PC is not next to a cordless phone or microwave etc,etc as these devices interfere with wireless signals. Interference can be from these types of device or a neighbour with a wireless router on the same channel as yours.
Good luck!

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I am using Windows 7 in my laptop i am using Belkin Wireless Router modem while i install the setup an others successfully and went to open internet its not opening while checking in the pingip adress & site name its connecting and getting reply and i am not able to access any browser for changing the modem config its not even going inside its shows a error unable to connect pls help

A:internet connection error in belkin N300

The following information is from the .pdf for your Belkin router.

In your browser, type “http://router” (you do not need to type in anything else such as “www”) . Then press the Enter key.

If you’re still having trouble running the manual setup option, type “192 .168 .2 .1” in your browser (you do not need to type in anything else such as “http://” or “www”) . Then press the Enter key.

pdf attached is for your router.

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Hi, I'm new here.
I am using a Belkin USB to connect to my router that is in the basement. Oddly, I get frequent LIMITED OR NO CONNECTION. I also get Internet: LOCAL ONLY or even no connection available. I try to repair the connection but it doesn't work. The fix is is to restart my PC which will make the internet connection work again.

Its very annoying to lose a connection and then having to restart. Can anyone help me find what the problem is?

A:Vista - Belkin USB Limited/No Connection/Local Only

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I've had my belkin wireless router/adapter for a while now and it hasn't ever had a very good connection. the signal strength has been like less than 10%. Is there anything that I could do to boost the signal strength? I've tried moving the router around and the adapter around but to no prevail.

A:Belkin wireless Router connection speed

Gfunk200 said:

I've had my belkin wireless router/adapter for a while now and it hasn't ever had a very good connection. the signal strength has been like less than 10%. Is there anything that I could do to boost the signal strength? I've tried moving the router around and the adapter around but to no prevail.Click to expand...

I have Belkin WAP in my living room hidden on top of the Grandfather clock. Getting it up high helped a lot. The biggest help is keep anything, and every thing away from it no matter what it's made of. Anything in proximity of the antenna(s) will detune them and they will suffer for it. Some free ideas for improving antenna perfomance can be found here...freeantennas.com HTH

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I have some issues getting all 3 of our laptops online at the same time. It keeps giving me an error on our oldest laptop. (It runs on Windows XP Professional). It says cannot connect dns error ap or something like that. It's not allowing us to enable internet sharing which may be why it isn't letting us all get online at the same time... Is this the issue, maybe? Our other two laptops run on Vista...

A:Belkin router multi laptop connection

Please supply the following info, exact make and models of the equipment please.

Name of your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
Make and exact model of the broadband modem.
Make and exact model and hardware version of the router (if a separate unit).
Model numbers can usually be obtained from the label on the device.
Connection type, wired or wireless.
If wireless, encryption used, (none, WEP, WPA, or WPA2)
Version and patch level of Windows on all affected machines, i.e. XP (Home or Pro), SP1-SP2-SP3, Vista (Home, Business, Ultimate), etc.
The Internet Browser in use, IE, Firefox, Opera, etc.

Please give an exact description of your problem symptoms, including the exact text of any error messages.

If you're using a wireless connection, have you tried a direct connection with a cable to see if that changes the symptoms?
For wireless issues, have you disabled all encryption on the router to see if you can connect that way?
Have you connected directly to the broadband modem to see if this is a router or modem/ISP issue?
If there are other computers on the same network, are they experiencing the same issue, or do they function normally?

On any affected computer, I'd also like to see this:

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD (COMMAND for W98/WME) to open a command prompt:

Type the following commands on separate lines, following each one with the Enter key:


PING yahoo.com



Right click in the comm... Read more

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Hi guys!

I'm having trouble configuring my router. I want it to auto connect to internet after the modem got disconnected. What I do now is everytime my connection is lost, I have to reboot my router. So is there a way to not reboot my router after it has regain the connection of the cable modem? I'm using a belkin router - N300.


A:Can I set the connection of PPPoE to be automatic on Belkin router?

More info needed to answer this question. Who is the ISP? what is the model of the DSL modem?? How is everything hooked up?? Generally speaking, a DSL provider gives/rents a DSL modem/router to the customer. if the connection is getting dropped that frequently there may be an issue on the ISPs end, an issue with DSL filter placement, phone line noise, etc. Post back please. Thanks!

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Hi, I have recently experinced some issues with my network were for no obvious reason i have been unable to access the internet on either of the 2 pcs connected this network( they are both running XP).

I have since managed to factory reset the Belkin router (Model F5D7632-4)and after disabling Zonealarm secruity suite on 1 of the PC's i have been able to connect it back to the network and gain access to the internet. However i can not get the second PC to connect back to the internet. I can see this machines ip address in the Router configuartion page and the PC itself seems to connect to the network since it has a ip adddress and other details.

I have tried disabeling firewalls and other software to see if this was interfering with the connection but it doesnt seem to have helped. Also i have tried typing ipconfig in the cmd prompt but i get an error message 'IPCONFIG is not recognized as an internal or external command'

I am really stuck as to what to try next so any suggestions would be great.


A:Connection issues with Belkin Wireless Router

Pease do these steps: http://www.techspot.com/vb/post662504-2.html

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ok this is my first time posting but here we go.I have a belkin wired 4 port router model# f5d5231-4. I'm trying to turn this router into a switch I already turned off the NAT settings on the router. I hooked it up to my linksys router through one of the ports that saids (modem on the belkin) from one of the ports on the linksys. and my computer can not connect to the internet do I have to do something to my linksys to make the belkin work as a switch any help would be great thanks.

A:no internet connection after making belkin router into a switch

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Hi I was using a dlink dwlg132 usb wireless stick and have purchased a new from the box belkin wireless g desktop card. I removed the dlink stick and uninstalled the software, then i installed the belkin sftware as per instructions. I am using win xp home. I am connecting to a dlink wbr2310 router. I am able to connect to the internet only after i bring up the available network list and connect to my network, i am using the windows software not the belkin software it shows connected but as soon as i try to go to a website i lose connection and then when i try to connect it says there are no wireless connections in range. I know very little about wireless networks and how they work. Any help would be appreciated and if u need more info please bare with this rookie and i will tell you what i know thanks

A:Cannot keep internet connection with new belkin wireless g desktop card

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I recently purchased a new Belkin G + Mimo wireless router, model number F5D9231-4 v1. When I first installed and setup the router, I was constantly dropping my connection to the internet. After a long time of changing and resetting the router, I was finally able to achieve a somewhat more stable setup by switching the wireless security to WEP from a WPA setup.

Now the problem I have is that, when playing my xbox 360 online, it is still droping the connection and disconecting me from the game. Also, my xbox is wired to the router, but when it loses the conection, so does my laptop. And by lossing the conection, I mean the router loses the internet conection, but I am still conected to the router.

Lately I have tried to pay attention to the log on the router when this is happening. Below I have posted one of those logs after a disconection, and my couputer info. Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks in advance.

Router security log:

01/18/2009 22:13:20 DHCP Client: [WAN]Receive Ack from,Lease time=3600
01/18/2009 22:13:20 DHCP Client: [WAN]Domain name = austin.rr.com
01/18/2009 22:13:20 DHCP Client: [WAN]Send Request, Request IP=
01/18/2009 22:13:20 DHCP Client: [WAN]Receive Offer from
01/18/2009 22:13:20 DHCP Client: [WAN]Domain name = austin.rr.com
01/18/2009 22:13:20 DHCP Client: [WAN]Send Discover
01/18/2009 22:13:19 Can not find NTP time.
01/18/2009 22:13:18 DHCP Client: [WAN]Send Release
01/18/2009 22:12:49 Can not find N... Read more

A:Belkin G+ Mimo dropping internet connection xbox360

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Hello. I have several computers networked to a Belkin N1 Mimo Wireless Router. I can share files fine with the computers connected via an ethernet cable to the router. The problem is with the wireless computers and laptops. I can access the internet perfectly when I'm connected to the router by wireless means. I cannot access the wireless computers and laptops, however, to share files with them. I'm not sure what the problem could be. I would appreciate some help. Thank you.

A:Solved: Can't Share Files Using a Belkin N1 Wireless Connection

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I have just installed a BelkinF5D7634-4A-H wireless router and cannot get a wireless connection with WPA2/PSK security. I could get this with my old router (Netgear). The laptop will connect wirelessly to the router, but not the internet, although the internet light is lit on the router. My neighbours can connect (when I entered the password) so this seems to be some sort of communication problem between my laptop and the internet or the router. I can get a wireless connection with WEP but do not want to use this as it is less secure. Currently I have disabled wireless and am using a wired connection. I have Vista Home operating system and, having searched the internet, this seems to be a common problem. However, I have not found a solution I can understand - I have very limited experience in this area. Can anyone help talk me through how to set this up in very simple terms?

A:No wireless connection via Vista WPA/2PSK and Belkin router

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Hi, I'm an undergrad at University of Illinois and I just moved into a new apartment. A couple days ago we subscribed to Insight High Speed internet and were given a motorola broadband modem hooked into a cable jack behind the TV. Since the three of us at my place use laptops we bought a wireless Belkin G Router. We set it up and it worked fine but then it started to have problems. What happens now is the computers will be connected fine but then pages will timeout. The network will still be connected and signal strength will say it is fine but no browsing can be done. Repairing the network does nothing. What we end up doing is just turning the modem off and on again, but it has gotten to the point where you have to do it several times an hour. There are a lot of other networks in my complex so I'm thinking it may be signal interference. I'm not an expert in this field but I have some sense of what I'm doing, but all the same I need help.

A:Belkin Wireless Connection Issues - New User Little Experience

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