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[Share] Veriface for win 7

Q: [Share] Veriface for win 7

just wanna share this software, actually this for lenovo but i allready tested on my laptop acer 4540 and work fine
this for win 7 32bit Veriface Recognition (Windows Vista&Win7).rar allready tested with my laptop
and for win 7 64bit VeriFace Software Informer: version 3.5 information not tested coz i dont have 64 bit
thaz all for me

Preferred Solution: [Share] Veriface for win 7

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: [Share] Veriface for win 7

Quote: Originally Posted by kuching13

just wanna share this software, actually this for lenovo but i allready tested on my laptop acer 4540 and work fine
this for win 7 32bit Veriface Recognition (Windows Vista&Win7).rar allready tested with my laptop
and for win 7 64bit VeriFace Software Informer: version 3.5 information not tested coz i dont have 64 bit
thaz all for me

You might want a description of what it is


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How do I get veriface on windows10. It disapeared when I installed windows10.


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A:veriface for windows10

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Unfortunately Veriface is not compatible with Windows 10 and that is why the Windows upgrade removed it.  Please see this Lenovo Knowledge Base article regarding Veriface and Windows 10.....
There is a third party software application that some folks are using in place of Veriface.  That application is called KeyLemon and more information on it can be found here.....

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I feel like I know the answer already, but..... Can you download veriface if already uninstalled from the computer?


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A:Veriface Download

I found this Windows 7 version: http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS011519 May someone message me the raw VeriFace folder in a zip file of their current yoga VeriFace installation? You can use sendspace.com, to upload the file. Thanks in advance. 

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Hi, I have a lenovo G70-70,accidatally I unstalled my Veriface which I love it.But that's noway to reload the Veriface if I do not have basic one ? Any body can Help please !Thks a milllionarchi-king

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Hello! On windows 10 is Veriface pro disapered? Somebody know how to get it back? Thanks

A:Veriface pro windows 10

When you looked at the compatability report for the upgrade, did it say VeriFace Pro was compatible? If not there's no way to get it back sadly, although Windows 10 does have built in face and iris recognition software. Edit: Corrected typo .

Y510p: i7 4700MQ (Overclocked to 3.6GHz), SLI GT 755M (Each Overclocked 111MHz), Corsair Vengeance 16GB 2133MHz, Samsung 850 Pro 256GB, MyDigitalSSD SuperBoot 128GB, Intel Wireless-AC 7260, Windows 10 HomeDell XPS 13 (2015): i5 5200U, Intel HD 5500, 4GB 1600MHz, 128GB Samsung M.2 SSD, 802.11ac WLAN, Windows 10 Home (School Laptop)

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i have yoga s1 12 model 20c0 , operating system windows 10 but i can;t find either veriface source or install it from internet

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i have yoga s1 12 model 20c0 , operating system windows 10 but i can;t find either veriface source or install it from internet

A:i can;t install veriface on my yoga s1

Hi sigon_1977 and welcome to the community,
Please see this:

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hii want to install verface on my lenovo z510. i downloaded from the http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/ideapad-z-series-laptops/ideapad-z510-...  but it want early version of lenovo veriface. please help me to download it.i have windows 8.1 64bit.


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A:Veriface Download z510

javadrs wrote:hii want to install verface on my lenovo z510. i downloaded from the http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/ideapad-z-series-laptops/ideapad-z510-...  but it want early version of lenovo veriface. please help me to download it.i have windows 8.1 64bit.At the bottom of that link you will find this statement "This package is an upgrade-only package and will only install if an earlier version of Veriface is found on the Windows 8 or 8.1 system. Please run lenovoverifaceupgradepackage.exe and follow the wizard interface to complete the installation step by step." If you don't have it originally, then you can't run the program.

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HIIII'm using lenovo 3000 Y410 laptop and due to system formattig i have lost my veriface software'ho could i download it?


Download drivers for your laptop HERE

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My old hard disk is broken, so I have installed a brand new one. Could you tell me how can I download Lenovo veriface and other utilities on the new hard disk?Mi notebook  is:G50-70 Laptop (Lenovo) - Type 80DY And I have windows 8.1 installed.

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I have a unusual case where I need to setup two mapped network drives as two different users to the same share location. When I attempt to map the second drive after inputting the user name and password the system goes on its merry way for a few seconds
and then returns me back to the username/password input.
If I change the second mapped network drive to use the IP address the two shares work happily. If I manipulate the host file and point two paths to the same address then I can also work around this problem. However, I would simply like to know why I am blocked
from setting two mapped drives to point to the same share with different credentials? 
TestFolder on TestServer is shared to TestUser1 & TestUser2 where the IP of TestServer is
If I map S: to \\TestServer\TestFolder using TestUser1, if I then map T: to \\TestServer\TestFolder using TestUser2 it will not work. 
Mapping S: to \\TestServer\TestFolder using TestUser1, if I then map T: to \\\TestFolder using TestUser2 it will work and I can access the folder as the two different users.
Case 3
If I map S: to \\TestServer\TestFolder using TestUser1, if I then map T: to \\TestServer\TestFolder using TestUser1 it will also work (but I am accessing S: & T: as the same user). 
Why do cases 2 + 3 work, but case 1 does not? 

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I have an odd issue.. a user reports that they are unable to access a network shared folder from their PC. Here is what I have gathered so far:
-The network share is from their PC located at C:\SQL2014. The share name is SQL2014. Their hostname for this example is "ABC".
-If I attempt to connect to the share from the user's PC ABC to \\ABC\SQL2014 I get the generic error:
  "Windows cannot access \\ABC\SQL2014
   You do not have permission to access \\ABC\SQL2014. Contact your network administrator to request access."
-If I attempt to connect to the share by ABC's IP \\\SQL2014 I can access it.
-If I attempt to connect to the share by ABC's FQDN at  \\ABC.domain.com\SQL2014 I can access it.
-If I map ABC\SQL2014 as a drive letter, I can access it.
-Connecting to this share works fine from any other PC other than ABC.
-I've confirmed the error is affecting any profile old or new on ABC, which means it is a PC-wide issue on ABC.
-If I share C:\SQL2014 as ANY OTHER NAME OTHER THAN SQL2014, I can access it. As in if I share C:\SQL2014 with the share name SQL2014a, I can access \\ABC\SQL2014a.
-Deleted the share and recreated - same issue.
-Created C:\Test and shared it as SQL2014, cannot access \\ABC\SQL2014. It is NOT an issue with the actual SQL2014 folder.

From internet searches I've found the following solutions do not affect my case:
-Clearing CSC/Offline cache (most common working solution)
-C... Read more

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Please assist to know the list of problems that can arise when we disable Administrative shares on Domain workstations (Windows 7, 8.1 and 10), most of the tech threads just say "some services may not function properly"
can someone help to know what are the services

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Dear admins, power users etc.
The last 36h hours i spend googling my problem but couldn't get any help to solve this issue. I have multiple Windows 7 machines (32bit and 64 bit) at home.

One machine shows my samba share in the network environment and i can access it via double click perfectly.
Another machine doesn't show my samba share in the network environment. However I can access it via \\Share\mount or via \\ip\mount (after accessing the mount it shows up in the network environment, not sure what causes the problem of not showing it in the network environment initally)
The "headache-giving" machine that i refer to in the introduction doesn't show the share in the network environment nor allowing me to access the \\Share\mount or \\ip\mount but only connecting to the samba share via mounting it as Networkdrive X,Y,Z...
As one can imagine googling this problem is not the easiest task and gives you a lot of false positive results. Trying to access my Share via \\Share\mount or \\ip\mount gives me the following error message:

(i apologize for it being german, however I hope that the smart ones will understand it anyways! )

As 2/3 or the windows machines can access the samba share, samba smb.conf problems can be excluded. So I strongly assume it is a Windows problem. I am running MCAfee Virusscan Enterprise. Windows Firewall is disabled and the machine is also in the same "WORKGROUP" as the samba share.

I really hope anyone of you have an idea tha... Read more

A:Samba Share Networkmounting as X,Y,Z works, \\Share\mount not

The error message is default when system cannot resolve the network address. Something is wrong and it could also be on the other end (Mac or Unix / Linux machine).

On the problem Windows rig, can NET VIEW see the Mac/Linux machine? Can you ping it?


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i've enabled homeshare and now can't seem to turn it off. All users on the workgroup can see all folders in homeshare. Which isn't what i want i just want to share the documents folder and that's it. ive turned off omeshare and they are all sill showing up. I've also right clicked on the documents folder and set share to everybody but it doesn't seem to show up on any of the other computers running xp. But yet all the homeshare folders do argggghh! any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:how do i share a folder on a workgroup without home share?

Hi purplemonkey1, welcome to Seven Forums.
This is how I do it. File Sharing Settings.pdf

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HI All,
We have set up three users in a home network where one person holds all the files on their PC and that folder is shared for access to everyone.  It is a remote location so no need to have it too locked down.  I haven't created a homegroup but can
if that changes things.  the issue is that at the moment two people can open the same file at the same time without any message about the file already being in use - then the rule of "last person to save the file" wins.  Is there any way
- by settings on the PC, or by using homegroup instead, or by using a third party tool - to prevent this from happening?

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hi, i searched but couldt find nothing specific about the topic... I have to computers conected thru a crossover cable and i can share files and i see the other computer on the network, but the one that doesnt connect to the ISP directly wont have internet, it is dial up internet and i have the tcp/ip adresses to 192.168 ... or whatever it is that i cant remember right now that you are supposed to use, i couldnt get it so i ran the assistant and then it is supposed to have internet because i can see it connected to the isp from the laptop but then im not able to connnect to the internet and i dont remeber where but i found an option where http and https where disabled, so i enabled them and tried to surf and i couldnt first i tought that was the problem but it didnt work, anyone has any suggestions??

A:can share files but cant share internet

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Hi, I have a simple network at home that consists of 2 PCs connected via a crossover cable. They are both running Windows XP Pro. I ran the network wizard on both machines and can share the internet connection fine. However neither computer can share files with the other or share the printer.

When I set folders to ?share this folder on the network? the folder is not visible on the other computer. Both computers have IP addresses set, however neither computer is able to ping the other.

When Computer.A (host of the internet connection) goes to Start -> My Network Places -> ?view workgroup computers? all that shows up in the list is Computer.A.

However if I try to go to ?view workgroup computers? on Computer.B I get the following error message:

?Mshome is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator etc.
The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available?

I have searched the forums and found various steps that I have tried, but I still am not able to get this to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Can share internet but can't share files

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

The quickest fix is a router/hub rather than peer to peer cable.
Do you have file and print sharing turned on?
Try setting up network wizard to something other than "MSHOME"
You might have only internet sharing turned on.
Did you create the files for network or just "finish network setup",
in the wizard?

This has helped me by setting guest password.

spike said:

Protect your guest account - The guest account can be used by hackers and/or malware to gain greater access to your machine, even when turned off. The guest account can't be removed. However, you can disable it, but this can affect the functionality of your computer. Instead, what you can do, and what you probably should do, is put a strong password on it, and then leave it safely turned off. You do this by opening a command window (start -> run -> type "cmd" and press enter). at the command prompt, type net user guest <password> (where <password> is your chosen password, being something you can remember). After hitting the enter key, the guest account will be password protected. If your machine is networked and authenticating as guest, then you'll need this password to access network shares - if you tell it to remeber the password, it will only ask the once.Click to expand...


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I've got a strange problem dealing with a 2012 R2 share.  We have a lab with 30 Windows 7 Enterprise workstations.  They all have the same desktop via a GPO applied folder redirection to a share on the above mentioned 2012 R2 server.  All
but 4 of them can connect and pull the desktop with the appropriate shortcuts, network folders, etc.

So the share permissions have no explicit denies.  In an effort to resolve this issue I've added both Everyone and Authenticated Users with Read permissions on top of the appropriate AD Group object that already had Read permissions and of
course SYSTEM and Domain Admins with Full Control.  The NTFS permissions have of course CREATOR OWNER, SYSTEM, and Domain Admins with Full Control.  The appropriate AD Group also has Read permissions.  No explicit NTFS denies either.

Using either the same account that belongs to the appropriate AD Group or my Domain Admin account (which doesn't have the redirected desktop) I can login to all workstations and all but the above mentioned four get the folder redirected desktop.
 When I authenticate with my DA account and try to connect to the share on those four computers I get the same error the user gets:

Network Error
Windows cannot access \\SERVER\Share$
You do not have permission to access \\SERVER\Share$.  Contact your network administrator to request access.

I think we've all seen this error before.  But I've only seen it associated w... Read more

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W2K domain issue:

users can delete files from
\\server.domain.local\data$\folder​but can't delete files from the
The server is my domain controller.

When I redirect the "my documents"-folder to \\server.domain.local\data$ , it appears as \\server\data$ in the adress bar, so users can create files but not delete them.

A:Difference between \\server\share and \\server.domain.local\share?

It seems i mapped the driver to \\server.domain.loc\data$ when it can't find it, the computer seems to revert to \\server\data$
Windows is a funny OS.

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HELP PLEASE -- I am trying to transfer some pix I just took (31 in total) via dock to my computer.

After the 2nd pix has transferred over, I get a SCREEN BOX that says

"Transfer interrupted ===
REASON: The volume for a file has been externally altered so that the opened file is no longer valid."

I do not know what this means.

I also use Picasa by the way, don't know if that is affecting my problem?

I've never seen this message box ever before. Kodak is about 6 years old.

Please know that I am a computer moron so I am hoping that anything you say I can understand. Sorry.

Thank you in advance.

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I used Box but then switched to another cloud service.

I uninstalled the Box desktop app but in my Event Viewer I'm getting this:

The server service was unable to recreate the share Documents because the directory E:\backups\My Box Files\Documents no longer exists. Please run "net share Documents /delete" to delete the share, or recreate the directory E:\backups\My Box Files\Documents.

I tried searching Google for Please run "net share Documents /delete" to delete the share but there isn't much.

Could someone tell me how I can do that? Is it simply clicking Start and typing that text in the search field?

A:How to run "net share Documents /delete" to delete the share

No, you should type cmd and press Enter. That will open a command prompt window. In there is where you should type this.

You can then type net share /? if you want more information about that specific command and its parameters.

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is there a way to leave my pc running without shutting it down

only leaving my shares on to be accessed on my otheir devices

i want to to access my shared folder but at the same time shut down the non used hardware/software

A:share well pc is off

You can leave it running or shut it down, not both. Think of it like a light switch On or off.

You can have your network card wake the computer so you can have access to the share, but the share is on your HD and if it isnt turning you cant access it.

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I would like to share the C drive of my second system, so I can access its entire disk from my main computer. There is a C$ share already defined which I would like to make accessible (as it was possible under Win XP).

But when I try to do that under Win7 I always only get the message that "This has been shared for administrative purposes [beats me what that purpose may be, but so be it]. The share permissions and file security can not be set".

Why can I under Windows 7 no longer set the sharing properties of "C$"? Not even as Administrator! What is this share then good for?


A:How to share C$?

You can't change the share permissions of C$ ever, not on any version of windows. It's used for the backup service and some other internal things. Only system processes have acess to it.

Just create a new "C" share and set your own permissions and leave the C$ share alone

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Is it possible to share a Toshiba cable modem by having one computer hooked up to the nic and the other connected to the usb port at the same time?

A:Is it possible to share!

From toshiba

You'll even be able to run two computers simultaneously using both ports, if your cable company offers this service!
Click to expand...

More than likely you would need to ip addresses from your cable company. The modem is one, and they would have to assign one for the network card mac address also

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I have a Windows 7 and XP computer on a router. I set up the network on both computer and map drives on both computers which I can see so My network in working but when I try and access the date on the other computer it give me something about not enough space which I have plenty of or don't have permission and I'm the administrator. Any ideas?

A:Can't share with XP

Please be more specific. Which computer is giving you trouble, the one running 7 or the one running XP? Exactly what's the message it gives you ("something about not enough space")? What don't you have permission for?

Off-hand, only thing I can think of is that (I think) you need to set up the Windows 7 computer to use only 40/56-bit encryption as the XP system can't use 128-bit encryption for networking.

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Does anyone know how to permanantly disable the IPC$ share without interrupting remote system processes ? Is this possible ?

A:IPC$ Share

If you disable the ipc$ share, windows will automatically re-enable it upon next boot. So, you can set a batch file to start up with your system to take care of that. You can also add system drives that are defaulted to share normally, too. Here is an example. Edit to your needs (add or remove lines corresponding to drive letters.) Copy and paste into notepad, then save the file as .txt. Rename it to disableshares.bat after. Then move it to your startup folder.

net share c$ /delete
net share d$ /delete
net share e$ /delete
net share ipc$ /delete
net share admin$ /delete

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Hi All,

I am pretty new to the networking.

I want to share data between my two computers.

I have used cross cable and I am able to ping both the computers.

But I am not able to share !!!

Can someone please help me resolve the issue????????


A:Not able to share

Do you want to share Internet and files? If so, take a look at this Microsoft ICS (Internet Connection Sharing tutorial.

For just file sharing without sharing the Internet, you can do that without ICS.

Configure the machines as follows.

PC #1:
IP address:
Subnet Address:

PC #2:
IP address:
Subnet Address:

Leave the Default Gateway and DNS Server addresses blank.

Make sure any firewalls are configured to put the 192.168.9.x subnet in the trusted zone.

Finally, you'll have to enable fine/print sharing on the machines and actually share one or more folders or drives.

Here's a page that describes the process in detail: http://www.howtodothings.com/computers-internet/how-to-connect-2-pcs-directly

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I have set up 'workgroups' with the actual name WORKGROUP to allow multicomputer sharing with my desktop. The desktop is Win 7 and the laptop XP. I can see the XP files from my desktop but not vice versa. I cannot use homegroup because I have an XP machine.

I set workgroups to share a directory with 'everyone' but it doesn't share with anyone. Do I need to add 'Guest' or a specific user? If so, what is the name of the specific user.?

H. Roberts

A:XP cannot share with Win 7

Note. I am able to get to 'Public' folder on the Win 7 machine but it seem no matter what I do to my 'Documents' folder I can't get to it from the XP.

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I am getting a 360 share pro pop up screen each tie I turn on or log on to my pc. I have tried to uninstall it from the add/remove prgrams list but I can't seem toget rid of it completely.Also, when running the Panda scan listed on your help pages to get to doing this log, I had an awaflu lot of spyware (about 57 I think) and two hacking/root its. i followed the link to disinfect my pc but it wanted me to pay ?8.49. I put in all my details to pay it but it wouldn't go through. I kept getting an error sayingt hat the application was not allowed! Also, Housecall Antivirus didn't work. The page would only half download....Here is my Hijackthis Log...Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 02:12:06, on 28/11/2006Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 (6.00.2900.2180)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\Ati2evxx.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccProxy.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files... Read more

A:360 Share Pro.....

Hello donnacarteruk, I am SifuMike and I will be helping you. Disable your antivirus program and go here http://www.bitdefender.com/scan8/ie.html and run an online scan with BitDefender (you will need to use Internet Explorer for this scan). When the ActiveX Control has loaded, click on "Click here to scan" and grab a coffee. Be Patient, as it can take many hours to run. When BitDefender completes the scan, select the "Detected Problems" tab. Click on "Click here to export scan". Save the file as an HTML to your Desktop. Then click on the saved file and allow it to open with your browser. Go to Edit - Select All then copy/paste that log back here. Post the BitDefender log. Download ATF (Atribune Temp File) Cleaner? by Atribune DO NOT run it yet. Download and install AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5 (formerly Ewido) This is a 30 day trial of the program1. After download, double click on the file to launch the install process. 2. Choose a language, click "OK" and then click "Next". 3. Read the "License Agreement" and click "I Agree". 4. Accept the default installation path: C:\Program Files\AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5 and click "Next", then click "Install". 5. After setup completes, click "Finish" to start the program automatically or launch ewido by double-clicking its icon on your desktop or in the system tray. 6. The main "Status" menu will appear. You can select &quo... Read more

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I have 2 pc's on a home network connected by cable modem and router. I followed all of the instructions for setting up printer sharing between these computers but not having any success yet. The printer is actually hooked up to the pc I use the most. Both pc's are using xp pro o/s. Any help is greatly appreciated,

A:I Can't Share

Hi gizmolabob

Please do not create duplicate threads.

Continue replies here: http://forums.techguy.org/windows-nt-2000-xp/791054-i-like-share.html

Thank You

Closing thread.

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Im having issues trying to connect my T-60 (XP 32) to my Desktop (win-7 pro x64, in sig) via eithernet, to view files/folders
It used to work, untill (i think) i installed KIS
I have Enabled file sharing for devices that use 40- or 56-bit encryption (never worked on 128-bit)
I have disabled the firewall within KIS, too.
made the IRPStackSize DWORD, and set it from 12-100 and no go.
And way to "reinstall" persay, all of the network settings within XP...?
All same workgroup aswell

What im recieving if i manually type in the pc name, i see the first set of folders, but when i try to access them, i recieve "not enough server storage is available to process this command"

Any ideas?

Update- uninstalled KIS, sharing works perfectly. How do i configure KIS to allow this to work?

A:Cant share between xp and win-7 after KIS

u can connect both via remote desktop settings also

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Q: share

I have tried to share many times with my desktop and the response is that share cannot be done form the desktop.
Does that mean a touch screen only can share or am I not performing this properly.


What are your trying to share to what machine and from what machine?

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I installed 360 share pro some time ago to try and get a file, but it never really worked so I decided to get rid of it.
I have uninstalled it from the add/remove programmes list, but every time I turn on my computer, or log on, I still get a 360 share pro pop up type screen. It goes away again and my computer carries on as normal. It is highly annoying and I have no clue how to get rid of it totally. Also, my computer has been running slower and slower just lately. It's less than a year old.

I have tried to follow your help section to getting a HighjackThis log, but got stuck on the Ad-aware SE bit. I can't seem to download the programme and just keep getting a zip file with text documents in it.

Could someone please please help me sort this out? am getting very uptight and needing a large glass fo wine now before I chuck the bloomin laptop out of the window!!

Thanks in anticiaption!!!


A:360 Share Pro. How Do I Get Rid?!

Hello donnacarteruk, First let me say 'welcome to bleepingcomputer' Next I can only help you with the large glass of wine. I hope a Malbec is OK , . Try this linkAd-Aware SE Personal Edition 1.06Also are you running XPJust curious did you download 'Linewire' not 'Limewire' as I've heard of some scam with this.If for some reason you still can't get Adaware to work try these before posting the log, but you still will need to post it. Remember to download and update and then run the scans in safe mode. How to start Windows in Safe ModeAVG Antispyware 7.5Print these instructions first ..Iinstructions SUPERAntispyware, free version Home User Now follow the preparation to post a hijack log..Let us know ....

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hello, i was wondering wha exactly is this "remote IPC" thing,
and if i went to "Computer Management (Local)" and then under "Shared Folders" and under "sessions" or "open files" it says that there is a user and computer there that i know is not mine but someone in my "workgroup", does this mean they are accessing files on my computer? but then sometimes, the user is not listed there..?
and if I am in a workgroup right now, can I set up a password so other users cannot access my files? how would i do that? and if i did do that, would that i mean i would stop sharing my printer because I want to share my printer, but still keep my files private, is that possible?

thank you for helping!

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Hi All,

I am running windows 7 Professional 64 bit that has 2x 2tb hdd, 1x 1.5tb hdd and I added a 3TB hdd a couple of months ago.

I have been able to create shares on all the drives except the 3TB. Ever since the drive has been installed when I try and create a share I get the following error

"your Folder cant be shared"

When I try and create an advanced share I get the following error.

"An error occured while trying to share xyz. Incorrect function. The shared resource was not created at this time."

Can anyone tell me if there are issues with windows 7 and creating shares on 3TB partitions thats the only thing that seems to make sense as my other drives allow shares to be created and removed without any problems.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Cant share 3TB hdd

Are you trying to share the entire drive? Try creating a share for one of the folders on the drive, see if that works. If yes then you could split the drive into two smaller partitions, maybe that would fix the problem.

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When trying download a program from this site to my CD/DVD drive I get an error saying "The drive or UNC share you selected does not exist or is not accessible. Please select another"    This machine was recently wiped clean and re-installed with Win 7. I have never used anything (IIS or any server stuff) that would cause this to be configured. Any info would be greatly appreciated. ThanksEdit: Topic moved from Windows Server to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:UNC share

Is this question in the wrong forum?

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Im very new at networking. Now I have two pc, so i decided to conect them with windows xp pro. Everything is going fine, except for one thing - I cant share c:\ and i dont Know why.

The computers says something like "folder was shared for administrative rights", and a c$ appears as the sharing name. The problem is that I cant open many of the folders in c:\, and some others I can.

I would like to experiment some things, but for that i need to have drive c shared

I know this must be a very simple problem, but i need help, please...

A:Cant Share c:\

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[Go to My Computer or Explorer and right-click on the drive(s) you’d like to share with others]

That's the quote I got from networking, but I can't follow that step because it only have 2 tabs:
GENERAL and TOOLS so where is SHARING tab go? (I have windows 98) do I missing something when setup win 98 ?

A:where is SHARE tab

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I am attempting to dump a 6GB ghost image to a network share on a Windows 98 machine.

When ever I establish the network using either PC-DOS or MS-DOS the share is only Displaying 1GB. If I try to send the image it indicates not enough disk space. Initially I thought it was a Ghost issue. However at this point it just appears Ghost is using the information that is provided to it.

I do know SBS2003 has a default disk quota of 1GB. But I did not think Win 98 Also did.

Do you have any thoughts on what would cause a 30GB free drive to only display 1GB in DOS?

2GB I would understand being the DOS limit but 1GB is just confusing.

Any help would be appriciated.

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I'd like to know how to share a specific folder via LAN and enable permissions.

More specifically, I'd like to share this laptop (Win 7 OS) with my Android PMP and Linux laptop (Mint OS) and grant it "full control" (read and write permissions) without granting "Everyone" control and without adding separate users with pw onto this laptop.

(scroll to end of the post to skip details)

Let's say the folder that I want to share is called "Bouncy." I right-clicked on "Bouncy", clicked on "Preferences", then enabled " Share.."to "Network Path: \\MYCPUNAME\Bouncy" and allowed Guest and Homegroup read/write privileges.

From my Linux, I "Connected to Server" but couldn't connect.

Under "Advanced Sharing" in Windows 7, I clicked "Share this folder" and created a profile under "Share name" => "Share name: Bouncy"

I can connect from the Linux, but can't write to the Win 7 folder.

In "Advanced Sharing", under "Permissions for Bouncy", the "Group: Everyone" only has Read permissions. I clicked on "Add" and "Selected the object type: Users, Groups, or Built-in security principles" "From this location: MYCPUNAME". Under "Enter the object names to select" I wasn't quite sure what to write, so I clicked on "Advanced". The search results from "Find names" with these... Read more

A:how to share

It's not necessary, but makes it easier if all computers are under the same Workgroup name, not the blank Workgroup.
Be sure each computer has a user name and password and do not log in automatically. Be sure Network Discovery is turned on in Windows 7, make sure Simple File sharing is turned on for the other computers.
Add your username login in the Security tab of the folder from the other computer as the only user to be able to access the share.

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Hi all, Firstly I'm new to this group & very new to Windows 7. I have messed up & can't find a way out. I have placed some folders containing pictures into my "Pictures" folder. I want to share some things in this folder but not everything. I inadvertantly selected everything in the folder and chose not to share. Everything in the "Pictures" folder ended up with a padlock on them.

No problem I thought, Just select each folder in turn and choose "Share with / Homegroup (read)". When the next box pops up I agree to share & get the message "folder can't be shared" Helllllp. What am I doing wrong?


A:Can't share

Try taking ownership of them first: Take Ownership Shortcut

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I just switched from RoadRunner to SBC Yahoo dsl.... I got it set up on one computer to create the account. Then I tried to set it up on my netgear rp114 cable/dsl router... I set up the pppoe settings with my username and password. I was not able to access the web. I reset the router and the dsl modem, a few minutes later it started working. It workd great, I went and got a drink. When I got back it quit working. I reset the modem and router again, and was back in business. This keeps happening. What am I missing?? The router workd great with the roadrunner....

A:share dsl

If you installed EnterNet on your PC, you can now remove it since the router is logging you on and keeping the connection alive. More than likely, there is an interaction between the SBC software on the PC and the activites on the router.

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It is my first post here, maybe not the last one

I have worked in computers for many many years, but that means nothing as you know, it is so huge. We always have to learn more.

I get headaches with my networks (2 computers at home), sometimes they are working together, sometimes, they refuse.

Let's say now they are ok. I need to know (before they get stubborn again), first if I can, then how to send from A to B my bookmarks, saved passwords, and most visited pages. I use Firefox 3.

I would be very grateful for any help. Thank you so much

A:how to share...

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I cant get file or print sharing to work on my 2 xp pro machines

I have a linksys cable modem and linksys wireless router, no problems with the internet,both work as advertised

Having run the wireless network wizard and home network wizard

The printer host machine does not see any computers on the network and gives me this message "Mshome is not accessable you might not have permission to use this resource"

the other sees both machines but cannot access the other one ,just the shared files on it and I get this message "\\Goose is not accessable you might not have permission to use this resource"

I have turned the routers firewall off and also the M$ firewalls

Help !!!!


A:cant share !!

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