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Libretto U100 hot undocking

Q: Libretto U100 hot undocking

On http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/mobile/display/a4-roundup-2_33.html I can read

"The docking station is connected via Toshiba?s exclusive connector. It is very handy that you can disconnect the station ?on the fly?, i.e. without powering the notebook down. To do so, you should use a special lever and look at the indicator ? when it goes out, the station can be undocked."

but the manual tell you to turn off computer before docking and undocking.

What is the right, can you do hot docking or not???

Preferred Solution: Libretto U100 hot undocking

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Libretto U100 hot undocking


Well, I don?t know exactly how to handle the undocking procedure on the Libretto but a friend of mine uses a Tecra with a docking station and he don?t turn off the notebook for undocking the notebook.
But maybe it?s is another case on the Libretto.
I would recommend following the guideline the user manual and turn-off the notebook if you want to remove the docking station.

You are on the safe side if you will follow the instruction in the user manual.

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Hi. I have a Libretto U100. It is meant to have 512mb RAM. But when I check it through "My Computer" it says it has 496mb. Can someone explain why this is? Thanks.

A:Low RAM value on my Libretto U100


It's because of the shared memory graphic card.
This notebook was delivered with the Intel 855GME 16MB-64MB shared memory graphic card.
If the graphic card needs more memory it takes it from the main memory.
The standard value is 16MB.
512MB-16MB=496MB ;)

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I'm trying to get hold of a VGA cable for the U100 does anyone have a spare I can purchase or know who sells them?

I've tried Toshiba Direct and different dealers, that and the other...



A:Libretto U100: Need a VGA cable


Usually it should be possible to order all spare parts form the Toshiba service partner in your country. I think you should contact the guys and ask for this cable.

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Great Product:
I've been using the U100 for two months as a go-anywhere, do-almost-anything, clone of my main computer (Tecra S1) and I'm delighted with it. The fingerprint reader is surprisingly useful and I've even got used to the small keyboard.

At first, though, I found a lot of screen text too small to read and since the solution was not obvious (at least to me :-]) I'm posting my solution here, together with a few other findings. I hope others will find it useful, and maybe others will post their experiences too.

Display Tweak:
Right-click on desktop, choose Properties, and click the Settings tab. Click the Advanced button and select the Monitor tab. Ignore the warning beneath the box 'Hide modes this monitor cannot display' and uncheck it. Click OK and then change the Screen Resolution slider (in Display Properties) to the previously undisplayed value of 1280 x 1024. This gives a virtual screen larger than the physical screen but when you mouse to top or bottom, the screen pans up or down to suit.

Now click the Advanced button again, open the General tab, and change the DPI setting from 96 to a 'Custom' value of 144 (150% normal size) and click OK. This makes most text 50% larger. (If you do this without altering the Screen Resolution you'll find that with some windows the OK, Cancel, and Apply buttons become inaccessible off the bottom of the screen). Most screens work ok like this although the text may become a bit cramped in some (e.g., Tos... Read more

A:Two Months Using The Libretto U100

Hello David

I saw this small ?toy? a few days ago and it is very nice designed. I really don?t like to use small notebooks like Libretto. Portege R200 is for me very nice unit and it is for me the best solution for a subnotebook.

Like I already said the Libretto is designed very well. Just one characteristic is not positive for me. The display cover has a very broad edge and, in my opinion, larger display panel could be much better.

I wish you a lot of fun with your new ?toy?.

Best Regards

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I've been looking around for an additional VGA adapter cable for my Libretto U100 so I can have one on the monitor both at home and at work. Unfortunately, I've not been able to locate anybody selling them, and they're not listed on Toshiba's site as an accessory.
Does anyone know if it's possible to purchase these cables from anywhere?

A:Libretto U100 VGA Cable


Well, as far as I know the Libretto 100U uses a Mini-RGB port to connect an external video display.
Unfortunately, it was not able for me to find this cable or adapter. But I would recommend to contact the ASP. I?m sure that he has a possibility to sell you this part.


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I have a Libretto U100 with a Toshiba DVD RW (docking station) and it does not respond when using a DVD.

In the past I have been able to press the play button, forward and back when using Windows Media Player on the DVD player, but this also no longer works.

Please could you let me know if it's possible to fix the problem.

Thank you.

A:Libretto U100 - DVD-RW does not repond

What is the problem exactly?

Does your Toshiba Control buttons don?t work or does your CD/DVD drive doesn?t work?

If the Toshiba Control buttons are the problem then a driver and utility reinstallation would be advisable.

On the Toshiba European driver page you can find the Common Module and Controls
Reinstall both parts; common modules at first

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Is it possible to change the harddrive of a Libretto U100 without voiding the warranty? Has anybody tried to do this yet?

A:Libretto U100 - HDD exchange

Hi there,

should be possible without voiding warranty, but I am not sure how to exchange it. You should look on the bottom of your machine for any lids which are secured with a screw.

Any feedback would be good from you.


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What cable do I need to connect a Libretto U100-105 to an LCD tv?
The pc has an external monitor port, but I can not tell what kind of connector it is, since I have never seen one of this kind.

A:What cable do I need to connect a Libretto U100-105 to an LCD tv?


Everything depends on the available ports.
From my knowledge the U100 supports a Mini VGA Port and an adapter has been provided together with the notebook.

In your case I would search for an cable which is able to connect an mini VGA port with an common VGA (RGB) port which is probably available on your TV

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I've read reports on the net of people running Vista on UMPC's such as the Samsung Q1, given that the spec of these units is lower than the Libretto it's got me thinking to install Vista on the Libretto... are Toshiba planning to release any Vista compatible drivers for the U100?

I realise it's a rare device but it'd be a nice showcase device.


A:Vista drivers for the Libretto U100?


In my knowledge the Libretto notebooks are out of life. The Toshiba does not design and produce this notebook model.
I?m not 100% sure but in my opinion the Toshiba will not publish Vista drivers for the little, tiny Libretto.
Additional I think the Libretto is not Vista capable?

But you could visit the Microsoft website to check the necessary hardware specifications which are needed to run the Vista.

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My U100 is now 2 years old and I'm delighted with it. It's remarkable that even after two years there's still nothing to match it.

Until now it's been completely trouble-free, but twice in the past two days it locked up for no obvious reason. (I'm just hoping it's not practising for when the warranty expires this time next year).

The symptoms are:

1. Completely freezes. Display holds whatever was on it already.
2. The fan starts racing. It seems to go faster than it ever does in normal operation.
3. The Bluetooth mouse, trackpoint, and trackpad all stop responding.
4. No response to Ctrl-Alt-Del.
5. Have to use the power button to forcibly shut it down.
6. Works fine when restarted.

The first time it was running on battery while I carried from one room to another. The second time it was on mains power and I was adjusting the settings in Power Saver Properties.

I once had similar symptoms on a new Tecra 8100 but a revised display driver cured that. Seem's unlikely to be a driver issue here though because I've not changed a driver for ages - unless there's some conflict with a recent Windows update. The only recent change I made to the original software was to remove the fingerprint software.

Do these symptoms ring a bell with any other U100 user?

A:Libretto U100 occasionally freezes


For me it sounds like an overheating issue.
In many cases a high temperature causes a notebook freezing and not responding.

The libretto is a very tiny notebook and I assume the cooling modules and ventilators not huge. Therefore it?s important that the cooling modules are lint-free and can rotate with full performance.

In my opinion you should check this.
Many computer technicians use a compressed air to clean the fans. I use a vacuum cleaner. Its very simple tool but it functions ;)

But be careful. If you don?t know how to do it, please ask an technician who has much more experience as common notebook user like me and you.

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A few days ago I got myself a new Libretto U100, all is working fine without problems.

But after the battery have been charged, and I disconnect the computer from DC, I see the DC IN system indicator glowing orange, why???

The User's Manual doesn't say anything about any lights on when you don't use the computer???


A:Libretto U100: DC IN LED glow orange


Are you sure that this is a DC-In LED?
I know that if the adaptors output is abnormal or if the power supply malfunctions, this indicator flashes orange.

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I have a microphone problem on laptop and also when using my recently purchased Philips SHM3100 Multimedia headset. I have tried to use the Windows Sound Recorder software but my voice is not recognised at all.

I have a Bluetooth Headset configure of which the sound and microphone works perfectly. Has anyone had the same problem, and found a solution?

Thank you very much in advance.
Kind regards.

Message was edited by: julia1

A:Libretto U100 - cant get the microphone to work


Why do you speak about a problem? Do you think this is really a problem or maybe only a wrong microphone setting configuration?
I think it?s only wrong configured mic settings!

If you use the external mic you should check the settings in the control panel -> ?sound & audio devices?.
In ?Volume? tab press the ?Advanced? button and check if the ?Microphone control? is not ?mute?.
Use the ?Advanced? button and mark the options called ?Mic2 select? and ?mic boost?.


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I find this little notebook very interesting and would definetely buy one if it was available here. (or anywhere with scandic key markings).

A:Is Libretto U100 going to be sold in scandinavia at all?


I?m sure that you can buy this notebook in your country with right keyboard. On the Toshiba websites you can find the authorized service partner responsible for your country. They can give you informations abut places where the machine is available.


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Hi Libretto U100 Fans,

It looks like that the Libretto U100 is no longer available in Germany. There are no shops anymore offering a Libretto U100, even the Libretto webpage from Toshiba has been removed.

Does anyone of you know if there will be a successor for the Libretto U100 and if yes when it will become available?

Thank you very much,

- a very satisfied Libretto U100 user -

A:Libretto U100 in Germany not longer available?

This is not known to me but as you mentioned the Libretto was removed from the product ? notebook area. I would recommend reading the Toshiba newsletters under Insights & Information about new technology and new models.

Maybe there you will find more information in the future.

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The problem is this: Shortly after the beginning of charging the battery starts squeaking (or whistle, subtle signals coming from somewhere inside of the laptop or battery) and after some time, stop charging! Windows displays a message, "Battery Unknown" And to continue the exercises, you need to remove and insert back the battery, and so 5 times until charging is complete. And the lack of such a charge no more than 1 hour and 45 minutes.

What happened?

Libretto U100

A:The problem with the battery on Libretto U100

hi Capitalist,
remeber john lennon? "it's easy"

i think this little piece of tech is a little old...
and was unused for a loger period of time...

the battery pack is gone, some cells cant hold no more charge...
therefor the voltage is misscounted and leads to "not recognised"
you have to exchange the battery pack...

but no problem for a capitalist like you ;-)

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The online Libretto U100 manual appears to discourage the use of 3rd party software to partition the 60GB hard drive. I want to use Norton Partition Magic to create 3 more virtual drives. Is this a problem?

A:Libretto U100 Disc Partitioning

HI Tony,

I don't see any problem in using PartionMagic to divide your hard drive.


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Hi I have just become the proud owner of a Libretto U100. I have a number of SDHC cards 4Gb/8GB/16GB. These do not seem to be recognised by the SD card reader in the U100. I installed Microsofts Hotfix:
WindowsXP-KB934428-v3-x86 and the cards were seen by the U100 but when the card is accessed the U100 locks up and I have to reboot. If I leave the card in then the U100 boots to a black screen requiring a further hard reboot with the SD card removed.

I have installed Windows XP Service Pack 3 but still the same problem occurs. Can this be fixed with a software patch or is the Libretto U100 SD card reader limited to 2GB SD cards.

many thanks


A:SDHC Cards in Libretto U100

Hi mate,

I checked several sites and couldn?t find any information bus as I know there should be a SDHC controller version 1.2 in this machine (which is very unusual) and I am not sure if the controller can handle cards above 2GB.

So, I assume that the reader can just handle cards up to 2GB.


P.S.: You can try a BIOS update but I am not sure if it would solve anything

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My notebook will not hibernate properly anymore. It used to work perfectly. I have changed nothing so I don't know why this is happening. The symptoms are:

1. Close the lid, XP goes through the preparing to hibernate process, then is hibernated. After at least 2-3 minutes, sometimes longer, the notebook awakends on its own. The lid is still shut.

2. The notebook awaken on its own also when I have hibernated the system using the following method: select Start>Turn Off Computer>Hibernate. Systems awakens on its own again.

I have tried the following things to fix the problem, but unable to fix the problem:

1. Disable Wifi.
2. Check BIOS. Wake on Lan is Off.
3. Uncheck HIbernate and then run Disk Check.
4. Unplug USB
5. Do not logon to Windows XP ie. stay at the logon screen, then close the lid of the notebook. Systems goes into HIbernate but then awakens at randomly on its own. Sometimes after 2-3 minutes and sometimes longer.
6. I have put the system into Standy and Standy works perfectly.

I would be very grateful if you would be able to assist me.

Kind regards,

A:Libretto U100 - will not hibernate properly

Are you really sure that no Windows update or driver was updated on this machine? Sometimes microsoft distributes updates without the knowledge of the user.

I would recommend you to recover your machine and check if the hibernation works again after the reinstallation of the machine..

Would appreciate any feedback in this case ;)

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Please can you let me know how to check that I have the latest video drivers?

Thanks alot.

A:Libretto U100 - drivers question

Firstly it would be useful if you tell which operating system you have since no one is standing besides you and knows what your system contains. (operating system, applications, etc. )
A more detailed description of your system would be really useful.
Regarding your display drivers you should check this site www.intel.com and download the display drivers from there, since I know (after my little research on google ;) ) that you have a intel graphics chipset in your machine. So if you have a intel chipset you should also download the drivers from there to have the latest drivers. :)

In case of any questions, just ask.


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On the librettoworld.com forum (http://forum.librettoworld.com/u-model/maximum-ram-capacity-t31.html) there is a discussion about the maximum ram capacity of the Libretto U100.

According to the U100 specs, 1 x 1GB is the max. According to intel, the maximum of the chipset 855GME (http://www.intel.com/Products/Notebook/Chipsets/855GME/855GME-overview.htm) is 2 GB.

So, can I use a single 2 GB module in my U100, or is the 2 GB for 2 memory slots or something?

A:Libretto U100 2GB memory upgrade?


Maybe you should download the user manual and should check it.

The user manual said:
The slot accepts 256MB, 512MB and 1GB RAM module for a maximum of 1280MB system memory.

You should know that 256MB RAM is installed on the motherboard as the internal memory and cannot be removed.
So only one slot is available and you can use only one memory module!


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The HDD protection sensor warning appears when I have tried to play certain CD's. So far this has occured with 2 CD's, one of which I was trying to install drivers (which I "ended task" in the end and downloaded the drivers from the website instead) and the other I was trying to install an application (which finally installed but I had to 'end task' and eject the cd). After "End Task", I checked if the the application had installed, and it had fully installed, but the CD was somehow "stuck" in the installation dialogue screen, and "Finish" screen did not appear.

I don't think it's the player as I played a music cd with no problem. I think the drivers are ok because the keys on the unit work as expected. The cds are dust free and have no scratches.

Has anyone experienced this issue and do you know a resolution?

I look forward to your reply.

Kind regards.

A:Libretto U100 - HDD protection warning appear when playing certain CD's



Usually HDD Protection detects vibration, shocks, and those signs in the computer, and automatically moves the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) head to the safe position to reduce the risk of damage that could be caused to the disk by head-to-disk contact.
But I don?t see any connections between the HDD Protection and the CD playing.

However, the HDD Protection Utility controls the HDD Protection sensors.
Maybe you should try to reinstall this tool.

Go to the Toshiba European page, download the HDD Protection Utility 1.01.08 and reinstall it.

Then you could check if the message would appear again.

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Hi does anyone where i can get a replacement Keyboard for the Toshiba Libretto U100 Model No: PLU10E-009017EN. My current one has a key missing on it and some of the keys stopped working due to drink being spilt over it by kids. An external Keyboard plugged in works fine but i wish to find a replacement keypad to fit onto the Libretto. Any ideas where i can find one and the expected price?

A:Libretto U100 Keyboard - need to replace it - important!


You should know that every supported and compatible Toshiba part you can purchase and order from the Toshiba service partner in your country. I?m sure it?s also able to order the keyboard for you little and smart libretto ;)

Try to contact the ASP guys and they will be able to order the compatible keyboard part from the Toshiba head quarter.
The ASP data you will find on the Toshiba support page.

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Several people including myself have already posted ways of turning off the Caps Lock key on the Libretto. But I recently discovered 'CapsUnlock' and I think it's the best so far. If like me you still tend to hit Caps Lock by mistake, then I think this is the definitive answer. Here's the link: http://www.brainsystems.com/capsunlock/.

As a bonus you can elect to disable the 'Ins' key. (This is not a problem on the U100 because you get Ins from Fn-Del but, as a non-user of 'Ins', I find it useful on other laptops).

The website says: 'CapsUnlock supersedes the locking mechanism of the CapsLock key and thus prevents the accidental turning on of CapsLock.

It runs as a little tray application in the taskbar. The user can select an override option, which allows CapsLock to be switched on and off by holding down the left Shift key while pressing CapsLock. Furthermore CapsUnlock also disables the Insert key.'

A:Libretto U100: another Caps Lock solution

Not bad? thanks Johnson for sharing this tool and info with us.
Maybe it could be useful for some users here in the forum


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Sorry about that...

I gave a price and part number for an UPGRADE to my MEMORY *(NOT THE HARD DISK)* from 512 to 1GB Part Number: KTT3311/1G from OFFTEK. I hope this is the correct number for the memory for the U100 with the part number in my previous message.

Still looking for the correct part number for the hard disk.

What I did find was a *60GB HD 2.5" 8MB 5400RPM - Mnfg Part: MK6034GAX* for ?29.19 INC VAT. From DABS.com
Can this be the correct HD at that price? It cost from ?80-?100 elsewhere.

So it's the upgrade from a 30 to 60GB HD that I am looking for the part number for.

Sorry for the mix-up.

Thanks for any help a contributor may offer.

A:Libretto U100: Question about HDD upgrade to 60GB


You can use memory modules from different manufacturers. Only the memory specifications are important! The compatible modules are PC2700 DDR2-400/333.

If you want you can also use these Toshiba modules:
512MB (PA3412U-1M51)
1024MB (PA3313U-2M1G)

Do you know this memory module site?:

There you will find also compatible modules from Kingston.

Regarding the HDD;
Well, the HDD prices are different. It?s not easy to say if the price is too high or not. It depends from many factors like; purchase place, country, dealer, etc?

The Libretto U100 was delivered with a 60GB IDE (ATA-6) HDD.
You can use every HDD which supports these specifications!

So google simply for the best offer or contact the ASP in your country to order an new compatible HDD.

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I tried to answer the thread http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=39592&tstart=0 but it is locked?? Srange.

I had a look in the Hardware information of my U100 and there is definately 1x1 GB memory available, so no onboard mem.

A:Libretto U100 Memory upgrade (2 GB, Part II)


I found the same info. Libretto U100 has no memory on board and hast one RAM slot only.
This small notebook can handle with max 1 GB RAM.
So you already use the maximum RAM supported on Libretto U100.

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I tried to answer the thread http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=39592&tstart=0 but it is locked?? Srange.

I had a look in the Hardware information of my U100 and there is definately 1x1 GB memory available, so no onboard mem.

A:Re: Libretto U100 Memory upgrade (2 GB, Part II)


I found the same info. Libretto U100 has no memory on board and hast one RAM slot only.
This small notebook can handle with max 1 GB RAM.
So you already use the maximum RAM supported on Libretto U100.

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Hi All,

Can any body suggest where to get the complete set drivers for my Toshiba Libretto U 100 for Windows 7.

Thanks in advance.

A:Where to get complete drivers for Windows 7 for Libretto U100

If this notebook model is supported for Win7 the drivers will be available on Toshiba download page.
To be honest I don't believe this model is supported for Win7.


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When i turn on my computer it displys a message sayin error in cfsserv.exe and i always click on dont send..
want to know what it is for and how do i fix it

A:Libretto U100 error message - cfsserv.exe


This file is a part of the Toshiba Configfree application.
If you have some problems with this file, so the simplest way to solve this issue is to remove and then to install the ConfigFree.

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When viewing My Picture File all photos are stretched wider than they should be. I guess that is because the screen is a 'wide screen.'

Is there a way to view the photos in the normal width? Do I need to change any settings to do this?

Thank you for your help.

A:Libretto U100: photos are stretched wider than they should be

Did you try to change the screen resolution?
Check if the photos will appear stretched using the screen resolution like 1024x768.

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I have several Libretto, a combination of U100 and U105's, all with Win XP SP3.

I now have a camera with SD card but none of the Libretto's see any SD card placed in the slot.
I'm astronished and disappointed that Toshiba didn't ship laptops these with SD card reader drivers.

Please, what driver should I install to make the SD card reader work?

Thanks in advance!

A:SD Card NOT recognized on Libretto U100/U105 with Win XP

> I'm astronished and disappointed that Toshiba didn't ship laptops these with SD card reader drivers.

Well? all the drivers for Win XP for this series Libretto U100 are available on Toshiba European driver page?
So I?m wondering why you are disappointed about Toshiba?

However, I could find the driver choosing:
Product Type: Archive
Family: Libretto
Product series: Libretto U100
Short num: PLU10E
OS: Windows XP

Now you should get all the Win XP drivers.

I assume the Cardbus driver is the driver you are looking for? its should get the card reader controller to work.
Furthermore you should install the SD Secure Module. This software is an update for your TOSHIBA Secure Digital-Host controller.

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Please help me find solution or dedicated to U100 service place.

This is a case:
I have bought Libretto U100 from some guys (his property),libretto assembled with 30 GB and 512 RAM .. I changed the RAM to 1GB and ask my IT specialist (friend of mine) to change disk...everything went ok...

After the change I installed some winmx version... with all drivers taken from Toshiba support (drivers to u100)... one of them was BIOS upgrade ....

After all I found that my hardware manager showing some mistake ... mass storage (yellow mark informing -no drivers), Ethernet module (the same-no driver) and fire wire (133smth) informing that cannot start that service....
In the same time I found that Ethernet is probably Wi-Fi which are not recognised by winxp (switch working and led is going on or off depending of my action)....

What to do with that? Is there any "wise" service in my part of the Europe (Poland)?
Thx for help

A:Libretto U100 - unrecognised modules after disk upgrade


According notebook specification your notebook is supported for WXP and there should not be problems with drivers, tools and utilities installation. To have successfully installed operating system you must install all stuff following specific installations order.

It is very important that you must install WXP SP2.
After WXP installation continue to install drivers, tools and utilities following this installations order:
Windows XP Pro Edition SP2
Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility
TOSHIBA Common Modules l
Intel(R) 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller
SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio
TOSHIBA Software Modem
Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection
Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba
Bluetooth Monitor
Wireless LAN Driver
SD Secure Module
TOSHIBA Controls
TOSHIBA HDD Protection
TOSHIBA SD Memory Card Format
TOSHIBA SD Memory Boot Utility
TOSHIBA Hotkey Utility for Display Devices
Wireless Hotkey
TOSHIBA Display Device Change Utility
TOSHIBA Zooming Utility
TOSHIBA Power Saver
TOSHIBA Utilities
TOSHIBA Password Utility
TOSHIBA ConfigFree
ConfigFree Demo Screen Saver
TOSHIBA Management Console
TOSHIBA Fingerprint Utility
TOSHIBA PC Diagnostic Tool
TOSHIBA Virtual Sound
CD/DVD Drive Acoustic Silencer

If I am missing something you can install it at the end.

If you need professional help contact service. The addresses and phone numbers you can find under http://eu.com... Read more

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I have an Averlite pc to tv adapter using a composite connection to the tv. I have changed my monitor display to 800x600 but it is displayed as black and white on the tv (on the laptopn it is in perfect colour).

Anyone have a similar problem or can assist me? Thank you in advance.

A:Libretto U100 - pc to tv adapter only displays black and white

Hi Julia

Can you please tell me what ?Averlite pc to tv adapter? is? Can you please send some link where I can see what you mean exactly?

Is this adapter connected at the end of RGB port at the end of delivered RGB cable?

I saw this small Libretto few times but I didn?t try to connect it to TV but the principle on all Toshiba notebooks is the same. It is of course much easier with notebooks that have S-Video out port.

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Hi, I have recently purchased a Libretto U100 and when I put a 2GB SD card into reader the computer locked up,screen froze and had to reboot system.

I reinstalled OS XP pro SP2 from recovery disc and the SD card reader worked fine. However as soon as I updated all software to SP3 the problem returned.

Any suggestions/help is appreciated.

A:Libretto U100 - SD Card reader doesn't work with XP SP3

Well, SP3 causes more of the same problems or even worse. My laptop from an other manufacture gives me a BSOD after installation of SP3.

I never heard of this issue (with the SD card), but I guess it has something to do with SP3 drivers. Maybe you can download some other drivers for the cardreader form the manufacturer website?

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I have a Libretto U100 with 512 mb RAM. I'd like to upgrade to the maximum allowed.

Please can you direct me to where I can get a diagram and instructions as to how to install this myself.

Please can you confirm the part no.

Thank you & kind regardss.

A:Libretto U100 - memory upgrade instruction required


Upgrading the memory is pretty easy. On the bottom side of the notebook is the memory slot. Remove the memory slot cover that is secured with one screw and then you can see the memory slot.

In your user manual on chapter 8-6 you can find an exact description how to upgrade the RAM and there are some pictures how to do this. Really useful so check this!!

Furthermore you can use a memory module up to 1GB for this upgrade.
I have checked your user manual so I know this information. ;)


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If I recall correctly, my old CT70 required the presence of the battery to function at all. Will this be the same with the new U100? I would like to remove the battery when working on the mains supply, to lengthen battery life.

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A:Libretto U100 battery - can I remove it while on mains supply

Hello Arthur

As far as I know all notebooks can works with AC power supply if the battery is removed. It is possible that your old Libretto has some problem with power supply electronic.

Anyway you can remove the battery and use just AC power supply. I do it sometimes with my Satellite P20 for the same reason.


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I want to keep my data safe in the event I should lose my U100. As a first step I've applied a Bios password, which is easy enough using Toshiba Assist/User Password. But even better would be to apply the same password to the hard drive as well. On the Tecra M5 you can do this from Toshiba Assist/Security Assist, but there's no such option on my U100.

The Bios has options for entering a 'HDD Password' but when I try to do so it flips back to 'Not Registered' when I try to save the change.

There's no mention of HHD Password in the UK documentation but the Australian version appears to have the feature. This site http://www.continent.com.au/buy-1990.html claims 'Hard drive password prevents unauthorised access to the hard drive and can be synchronised with the user password' - which sounds just the same as on my M5.

I'd appreciate knowing if anyone here has had success with applying a HDD password to their U100.

A:Password Protection for Hard Drive on Libretto U100


The Toshiba Security Assists is not installed on the Libretto U100 and therefore you cannot use this function like on the Tecra M5.

Sometimes the HDD password can be set in the BIOS.
If you want to set the HDD password check if this can be done in the BIOS!

But be careful!!!
If you forget the HDD password you will be not able to access the HDD and the HDD is no more accessible.

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Hi, I've recently bought a U100 (finally upgraded from my 100CT!). I have the Multi drive DVD docking station, which worked fine at first, but now it no longer powers up when I dock my machine.

The green light at the side by the eject button is always on, but that is it. I follw the instructions, no AC power, no wires attached etc, but still nothing. The manual talks of turning on the optical media drive icon on the task tray. I don't have it and cannot find any mention of it anywhere.

Please help!!!

A:Libretto U100: Docking Station no longer powers up


On this way it is not easy to say what happen with your Libretto. I don?t know how is your personal configuration and if there is something on the unit that has a negative influence on any kind of functionality.

If you said that it was worked fine I recommend you to recover the unit with recovery media.
Are you able to open DVD-rom?

Optical media drive icon on the task tray is probably icon for ?CD/DVD Drive Acoustic silencer? and it can make the drive running quietly.

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If you are using Windows XP, search the internet for the file keystate.zip. It creates an icon in the systray with a simulated led that goes red when the caps lock are on and black when the caps lock are off.

If you operate on Windows 98 SE there is an even better Toshiba program: toshled9.exe. It does basicly the same as keystate.zip but it has a much clearer and larger simulated led. In addition toshled9.exe has 4 more on-off icons that you might find usefull. Unfortunately toshled9.exe does not run within Windows XP.

A:Libretto U100 - Best Alternative for missing Caps Lock Led

Thanks for the input

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Having the U100 beep a warning when you accidentally hit the caps lock key is handy (see my 31.8.05 post), but a nice further step is to load a bit of freeware called cAPSlOCKhASSER. This sits quietly in the Sys Tray, but if you hit caps lock, it flashes up a warning and immediately turns caps lock off again.

I found it on the website of Easy2Sink, my favourite file and email synching software. You can download it from http://www.easy2sync.de/en/download/. I now have a shortcut to cAPSlOCKhASSER.exe in the StartUp folder so it starts at bootup.

Incidentally, if you want to disable caps lock altogether http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/lofiversion/index.php/t14629.html offers a neat little reg file to disable caps lock and another one to restore it. They worked fine when I tried them out, but disabling caps lock is too drastic for me and cAPSlOCKhASSER suits me better.

David Tong
Leeds, UK.

A:Libretto U100 - More Alternatives To Missing Caps Lock Lamp

Hello David

Libretto U100 is a new unit and it is interesting to have more useful information how to use it. Thank you very much for those interesting links.

Good luck!

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While in the process of updating the wireless adapter, I noticed that the Personal Area Network Adapter needed updating as well. Please can you let me know what this adapter is used for?

I dont think I have any software for it that came with the laptop. Can you please advise which software uses this adapter?

Thank you in advance.

A:Libretto U100 - Personal area network adapter must be updated


The Personal Area Network Adapter (WPAN) is similar to the WLan but the reach of a PAN is typically a few meters.
A wireless personal area network (WPAN) can also be made possible with network technologies such as Bluetooth.

Maybe you need to update the BT stack because this notebook supports also the BT technology??? On the Toshiba driver page you can find the newest BT stack.

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I have Libretto U100 and I am not able to connect or find or attach to the Wirless network. I am using Linksys Wirless-G (ADSL Gateway with 4-port switch).


A:How Can I Configure Libretto U100 Internal Wirless to Connect to Linksys

Sorry to ask, but have you been able to connect any other laptops to this Linksys router? and can your laptop see any other Wireless Devices?

The Libretto is has B/G wireless card so there is no reason why it wouldn't connect?

Is your Linksys in a default configuration? because if it is setup, with say the SSID hidden and encryption set there is no way you will connect to it unless you manually configure the Libretto.

More information would be helpful

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Strange that the U100 has no 'Caps Lock' warning lamp. The small keyboard meant that, at first, I was always pressing Caps Lock when I meant to press letter 'a'. Now I'm used to it, I can type on it nearly as fast as on my main laptop (Tecra S1) so it's not such a big issue. However a Caps Lock warning is still useful.

I found a nice solution at tent+disc+activity+windows+2000&hl=en.

Here's a direct quote from the link: "You can modify Windows to make a sound each time the Caps Lock button is hit. Do this by clicking on Start, Settings, Control Panel, Accessibility Options and on the Keyboard tab click the Toggle Keys check box. Now when you press Caps Lock it will make a sound, and when you press it again to turn it off it will make a different sound. With this enabled the accidental press immediately becomes noticeable."

It works fine. Assuming the volume control is not set to zero, I get a high-pitched bleep when Caps Lock is enabled and a low bleep when it turns off.

David Tong.

PS. Am I the only one on the forum who's actually using one of these wonderful machines?

A:Libretto U100 - Alternative To Missing 'Caps Lock' Lamp

Hello David

Great posting! Thanks you for this useful info and the link. I believe that community should have more users like you. ;)


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I'm trying to create a bootable SD ram card using "TOSHIBA SD Memory Boot Utility".

I do not have a floppy drive so I use img/vfd image files created on another computer.
In both cases I get a window that say "TSDBOOT This is unsupported format", so what is unsupported, my img/vfd file or my SD ram card???

I have tried with 8MB and 256MB SD cards, both formatted using "TOSHIBA SD Memory Card Format".

NB: Before I begin using Partition Magic on the disk and install Linux, I would like to have a rescue floppy (using SD card instead of floppy to rescue boot WinXp).

A:Libretto U100: Creating a bootable SD ram card with Toshiba Boot Utility


I dint make much experiments but I presume that img/vfd file is not supported. Like you know the all newer units are delivered without floppy drive and you can use SD card for BIOS update or even to save the password.

Please check advanced search on this forum and you will find a few interesting discussions about similar theme.

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I have a Toshiba Libretto U100 with DVD Dock, and when I use Express Media Player to play DVDs, the image on the screen is too small. I have look for the way to make it play in full screen mode, but I haven't been successful.

Now the questions.

It's there a way to change to full screen mode? If so, please detail.

If it isn't possible with the included version, it's there a new version or upgrade available with this feature? where can I get (if it is free) or buy (if it is not) it?

Thanks in advance and best regards. Your help would be very appreciated.

A:Libretto U100: Screen to small playing movie with Express Media Player

Heheee :D Watching the movies on Libretto? can you recognize anything? ;)

I don?t know if it?s possible to do this in the Express Media Player?

But if you are speaking about the annoying screen borders then I have a solution:
Go to the control panel -> Intel graphic controller and enable the option called ?Full screen (No borders)?

Best regards

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New kid on the block.

I have a U100 Part Number: PLU10E-00U023EN and would like to upgrade to a 60GB HD.
I am looking for a part number for this replacement hard disk.
Also can anyone tell me where I may purchase this in the UK. Retail shop would help. If not, a direct mail address would be appreciated.
I have seen one from OFFTEK for 43.0 Plus VAT, Part Number: KTT3311/1GB.

Then I saw the same part number from Toshiba and it cost over ?100.
Maybe someone can tell me where I could get the upgrade done near Leicester.

I have found the site very helpful.

A:Libretto U100: 30GB Hard Drive Upgrade to 60GB - need part number

I think you should take a look into this thread:

It?s the first one about the same theme which you have posted here in the forum!

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Has anyone undertaken an upgrade of the hard drive in a Libretto U100 to a SSD? This would surely improve performance significantly. What dimension is the hard drive in the U100 and what connector is used to attach the drive? Can anyone advise if this mod is possible?


A:Upgrading hard drive in Libretto U100 to SSD Drive

So, I have a machine with an SSD drive (Tecra M5) and it works like a charm. Unfortunately the drives are too expensive at the moment but you can gain some real performance.

Regarding your question: Should be possible. You have a 1.8" inch drive installed and there are SSD drives which have almost the same form factor. Usually the U100 was shipped with MK6006GAH or MK3006GAL drives.

Here?s a site which could help you, since the drive has the same connector like the drive in your machine: http://www.dvnation.com/microatapics.html

Just check it out and I hope you can use my hint for further research on SSD drives.. :)


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