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Windows Mail - Permanently change preview panel option

Q: Windows Mail - Permanently change preview panel option

After reading several threads, I am still not clear: Altho I uncheck the display preview panel button in layout, the panel re-appears every time I restart Mail. This is driving me crazy. Any way around this?

Preferred Solution: Windows Mail - Permanently change preview panel option

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Windows Mail - Permanently change preview panel option

Hello Decorlady, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You might consider giving Windows Live Mail a try instead. It is better in my opinion.

It supports Pop3, IMAP, HTTP website (EX: Hotmail) email, and is a lot more stable. Plus, WLM will minimize to a tray bar icon, checks spelling as you type messages, and has a separate Inbox for each email account. WLM will automatically import Windows Mail messages, accounts, and settings into it. Contacts will have to be manually imported from within WLM. (Tools, Contacts, File, Import, Address book for current Windows User.) To see the Menu bar, press ALT+M and check "Show all menus".

Hope this helps,

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My monitor uses the resolution 1024 x 768, but this morning it's on 640 x 480?
I try to change the resolution back, but the Resolution option is greyed out?
A warning underneath says: If your resolution is below 1024 x 768, some items may not fit on the screen.

Any ideas how to fix yet another Windows problem?

A:Windows 7\Control Panel\Display greyed out my resolution change option

Check your display adapters under Device Manager (Right click My computer>Properties>Device Manager). If there is an exclamation mark next to your video adapter, then there is an issue. Try resintalling the driver (online or CD that it came with, doesnt matter to start). After the install, reboot the system and then verify that the resolution can be changed.

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Web mail is not supporting css Class, when it is view through webmail preview panel. it is not taking css bg and font color. but it is taking width and height and not supporting margin:0 auto in preview panel. Please let me know if you have any suggestion
to make work in Preview panel.

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I have the Vista Home Premium 32-bit version. Normally, if i have windows open on the task bar, if I mouse over it, it would give me a preview of the window. Now it doesn't seem to do that. I've seen this happen before when I was playing a certain game that wasn't compatible with my current operating system I think. It used to revert to Windows Vista Basic(I think that's what it's called) and when I closed the game, it would go back to normal. One day, I open my computer and it doesn't have the preview pane for the windows on my task bar anymore.

A:No preview panel for windows?

Right click on the Task bar and click Properties
From the Properties window, check the box for Show window previews (Thumbnails)
Then click Apply & OK.


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I need to block/hide/disable in the control panel the option "Change Adapter Settings". I have a DHCP server and I dont want my users configure a network adapter with a fixed ip.

I am looking for registry section or a directive that makes the trick.

Thanks in advance.

A:How can I block in Control Panel the option "Change Adapter Settings"

I found this software, but I wonder how it is made the trick.

I need to apply "it" throw an in-house application.

Edit Windows 7 Registry Software, Customize Windows XP Registry Settings, Tweak Registry Editor

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Could I permanently change embedded UEFI key for Windows 10?

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if you CLOSE your account it stays dormant for 270 days!!!! and you can log back in at anytime during then

my email has been used to spam twice, so ive created a new one, I want to delete the old one but it seems to be impossible to do, some people say just dont sign in for 30 days and accounts deleted, I dont believe that is the case anymore with WLM as they would not keep it dormant for 270 days if you actually wanted to close an account...seems to be wrong to me.

does anyone know if this is possible?


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I am using the windows 8 consumer preview there is a mail App also People, Calendar, and Messages, which stopped working so I deleted them hoping to reinstall, but I cannot see anywhere to reinstall the mail program.
Can anyone help, also I do not have Store it was not installed with win 8 installation.

Thanks for any help


A:Windows 8 consumer preview, Mail App

Hi hgrock,

First, right-click on a blank space of the Start Screen and click the "All apps" button on the pop-up charm bar at the bottom. This will bring up the expanded version of the Start Screen. In the left few columns you should see an icon for the Store. Right click it and click "Pin to Start Screen" in the charm bar at the bottom. This should place it back in easy reach, so to speak.

When in the Store, please go to the Productivity column and click on the word "Productivity". If you're not familiar with the Store, this will bring up a list of everything in that section. The second button down will be a combined version of all the apps you need, it's green. Keep in mind, for these to work properly you must be signed into your Microsoft Account.

Hope this helps...


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Hi, Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. Trying to print email from Windows Live Mail results always in this error:

Line: 295
Char: 1
Error:%1 is not a valid Win32 application
Code: 0
URL: res://ieframe.dll/preview.js

I've uninstalled/reinstalled the Mail program as well as the printer and driver. Printing works fine with everything else, including IE 9 64-bit. Any ideas?

A:Windows Live Mail res://ieframe.dll/preview.js error

Try this, we will re-register some dll files. Suggest go offline and temporarily disable your active AV protection.

Start> In search box type run> In run box type the following in order (you should get a success message after each)

regsvr32 ole32.dll


regsvr32 oleaut32.dll


regsvr32 actxprxy.dll


Restart PC. See if that helps.

If no help, you can try resetting IE

How to reinstall or repair Internet Explorer in Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP

A Guy

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I once knew how to shut down the Preview Pane in Windows Mail, but I've suffered a total black-out.
Can anyone help - please?

A:Solved: How do I Kill Preview Pane - Windows Mail

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So is there any way to reduce the message size so it fits in the preview pane? (like how you can hit ctrl+scroll wheel and change the IE8 font on a web page)

I upgraded from XP and am very impressed so far with 7 but the mail program hasn't changed much.


A:Windows Mail - Message too large in Preview Pane

Nevermind...I think I found it.

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For some reason when I run windows live mail program in win 7 the preview pane is blank. I'll click a message and it doesnt show anything. Even when I double click it the message is blank. I know i dont have any viruses. It just started doing this. Any ideas? Thanks!

A:Windows Live Mail preview pane is blank

Try a system restore to a point in time when you know it worked before. Your data won't be affected but any new programs installed and updates since then will likely have to be reinstalled.

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My computer has two Windows Vista login profiles, for myself and my wife.

We each have an email address, let's call them [email protected] and [email protected]

We set up these multiple email addresses according to the advice given by our ISP on how to set up multiple email addresses with Orange (part 1) | help & support | Orange UK (Part 1), and how to set up multiple email addresses (part 2) | help & support | Orange UK (Part 2), at least as far as we could understand it.

The resulting email setup is this:
I have email accounts:
My Account: address [email protected]
There are no message rules affecting this account.
Orange Admin Account: address [email protected]
There is a message rule: don't download from Orange Admin Account if To or CC field contains [email protected] or [email protected]
I also have a mail account [email protected]
My wife has email account:
Wife's account: address [email protected]
There are no message rules affecting this account.

This setup worked perfectly for years, we use Windows Mail, logged into my Vista profile I got only email sent to my address, and my wife, logged into her profile, only got email sent to her address. Then a few weeks ago, email sent to my wife's address suddenly started coming to whichever of us read our email first ? that is, my email account started to malfunction, by downloading email sent to my wife's address. My wife's email account continues to work OK, ie it doesn't read ... Read more

A:Change in Windows Mail behaviour with multiple e-mail addresses?

I think I finally found the difference between my mail settings and those on my backup boot system, when I compared the contents of C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail\Local Folders where details of each email account is stored in a separate text file with extension .oeaccount The difference is simple, but baffling as to why it should have such an effect.

I found that the field "POP3_User_name" was different for "My Account". I almost certainly retyped this on my main system during the recent (and continuing) intermittent unavailability of these Orange servers, and I typed it in the form: surname.freeserve.co.uk However on my backup, it was of the form: [email protected] (which would be considered an error in most circumstances), and on changing it to match on my main system, things are back in working order, ie. in my Vista login profile, I receive only email to [email protected] and not email to [email protected]

On checking the Orange webpages on setting up multiple email accounts, I find that this is indeed what they recommend, but matters are not helped by the Orange pages referring to this field as the "Account name", while Windows Mail (on Accounts/Properties/Servers) calls it the (incoming) "E-mail username". The Orange pages could also be criticised for not drawing explicit attention to the difference between how this field is filled out for the Orange Admin Account, on the... Read more

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Hi Team,
While using windows.print() through CSS, the URL is getting picked while printing or in the print preview  option.
Need help regarding the removal of the URL from the footer though CSS code or javasript.

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I am trying to get rid of the afwul Bang & Olufsen Audio control panel. I am able to uninstall it using the Control Panel's Programs and Features section, but after a reboot it get reinstalled. Why on earth is this? How can I permanenlty remove Bang and Olufsen Audio Control Panel? It is diriving me crazy, because its "Audio Enhancements" makes the listening experience horrible. And the worst part is that the feature gets sometimes enabled by itself (probably because I connect the laptop in and out of the docking staition a lot?).   

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Hello Windows Insiders!

We?re excited to offer our Fast ring insiders a sneak peek at the latest features coming this spring to Windows Mixed Reality! Our favorite new updates in Insider Preview Build 17115 include:
A brand-new environment. In October we mentioned that the Cliff House was the first of many environments you?ll be able to enjoy in Windows Mixed Reality, and now we?re rolling out the Skyloft for you to customize and expand your MR experience. You can navigate there by selecting Places on the Mixed Reality Start menu.
As requested, we?ve added haptic feedback to the motion controllers for SteamVR games!
We?ve improved performance in SteamVR games with significantly lower video RAM usage. We?ve also improved the performance of live video preview in the Mixed Reality Portal on desktop.
You can now take mixed reality photos directly from your controller by holding the Windows button and then tapping the trigger. This works across environments and apps except for capturing content protected with DRM.
The automatic performance settings have been updated to provide an optimized experience, and we?ve added a new setting to override the default in Settings > Mixed Reality > Headset display.
Setup now provides more detailed information about common compatibility issues with USB3.0 controllers and graphics cards.
Many more improvements that the team has been hard at work on!

This build also contains fixes for the two blocking issues in our previou... Read more

A:Preview the latest Windows Mixed Reality features; How they will change Live Surgeries

Last year around this time I had the chance to write a post about one of my favorite mixed reality uses cases ? healthcare.
Since that time, we have continued to see remarkable momentum for mixed reality across numerous facets of the industry. This week at HIMSS our team had the privilege to once again be on the ground to see and experience how customers and partners are embracing mixed reality to transform the way they innovate, support, and help others.

Coming out of the show I wanted to take a moment to spotlight some of the innovation work we are seeing from organizations who are working to forge the future of healthcare.

CAE Healthcare
Joining us onsite at HIMSS this year was CAE Healthcare. CAE is an industry leader in the development of simulation-based technologies, curriculum, and resources that improve clinical performance. I talked about some of their earliest work with Microsoft HoloLens last year ? well, they certainly haven?t slowed down!

CAE VimedixAR is the first ultrasound simulator to integrate HoloLens. Freed from the limits of a two-dimensional environment inside a monitor, healthcare professionals can display, enlarge, turn, and rotate realistic-looking anatomical parts, or command them to return into the manikin body. Users and those learning with this technology are able to witness (in real time) the ultrasound beam as it cuts through human anatomy.
With CAE LucinaAR, clinical learners can view 3D holograms of a fetus as it descend... Read more

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My wife's computer sends duplicate email to everyone. They have told her this plus we have a home network and all her emails to me are duplicate. She only has one email account listed. I have not found anyone who can help me with this problem so I set her up a Yahoo email account to see if only one would be sent throught it and that is what happens. So we are changing her from Windows Mail to Yahoo mail.
Is there away to get Yahoo mail set up as Windows Mail? By this I mean can we just eliminate Windows mail and put Yahoo mail in it's place? Also, is there a way to copy her address book to Yahoo? Is there away to print it?

A:Solved: Change Windows Mail to Yahoo Mail

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I'm tryng to use Mail Merge to create name tags. I've done this before, but for some reason this time the Preview Results option isn't active - its grayed out. Any idea what I've done to cause this to happen? When I click it, nothing happens. Thanks.

A:Merge Preview option not available

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Hello there,

My motherboard and CPU were bad, so I changed them out for new ones:

Old board/CPU


New board/CPU

Intel Core i5 4460]
Gigabyte Z97 D3H

I was expecting for Windows to crash, and it did, but then it loaded the new drivers, and it shut off, then loaded and was working. I had to phone up to get activated - that was all good. But ever since this, there is no option to put my PC to sleep.

The only thing I can think of, is that the power switch LED is not plugged in properly/or to the right port or the power switch. Other than this, how can I fix my problem? Cheers, qwertyK

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Hello, I recently was messing with my old laptop and kinda installed windows 7. There was a lot of problem during installing so before that, I tried installing XP and there was a problem of some sort of read error so in the boot option there is still the option for XP Setup for booting. So I ignored it and went to install windows 7. I ignored it because there was error when I tried to install XP. I don't really post on forums but I've really ran out of option.
So here's my stupid mistake:
After installing windows 7.
I was wanting to make windows 7 boot itself without the XP setup coming so I went to change in the windows 7
Computer > Properties > Advance System settings > Advanced
And then boot setting or something. I set the default I CLEARLY SET THE DEFAULT TO WINDOWS 7 and then put the timer to 0. So now, I restart computer, omg, it boots into the setup filled with errors instead of w default I've set. Now I can't even go into windows 7 and change it, what am I to do
Please help me out.

A:Windows 7-ish problem. Cannot change boot option

Best to clean the HD drive.

To clean install:
1) Clean the HD Drive, using Step one in this tutorial:
SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation
2a) clean install with the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disk.
2b) Clean Install Windows 7
2c) UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 7 with

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Is there a bypass anyone knows of so that when deleting mail its gone for good, bypass deleted items?

Also, is there a setting to speed up the check for mail? It seems to be slow when sending an email to myself, really slow

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I am having win 2k pro.& m missing my print preview option in Internet explorer & without print preview it is very difficult to me print.

can u plz help me????

A:Print preview option missing

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hi, anyone can tell me how to permanently change the mtu for a given network device in win7? the cmd "netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface ?NameOfConnection? mtu=XXXX store=persistent" does not work for me: mtu value goes back to initial after reboot...
thank you

A:how to permanently change mtu?

you can modify the windows registry for this as well.

click start type regedit the navigate to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces\[Adapter ID]]

(Find the correct adapter you want to change on your machine, there may be multiple entries depending on the number of adopters you may have)

the right click and create a new REG_DWORD, name it MTU, set the value after that.

hope this helps

Cheers !!

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Hello, I purchased a laptop form HP which supposedly had the option the upgrade to windows 10, it has a windows 10 sticekd on the bottom, not the usual one with a licence key, but it has come supplied with Windows 7 - What is the best way to ensure a smooth upgrade please? Is there an on screen method or do i need to create a bootable usb media? My only concern was being prompted for a licence key i dont have if it thinks i should have purchased a copy

A:Windows 10 Laptop Supplied with Windows 7 - Option to change...

Hi: If your notebook came with W7 Pro from HP, then there should have been a W10 Pro installation disk in the package. You would use that disk to install W10. If you did not receive a W10 Pro installation disk, I recommend you contact HP technical support in the country you live in and ask for a W10 Pro installation disk. http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-contact-us.html I have an HP 350 G1 that came with W8.1 Pro downgraded to W7 Pro and there was a W8.1 Pro installation disk in the box.

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I recently upgraded a laptop to Windows 8 Pro from Windows 8 Standard.  The sole reason I upgraded to Pro was to be able to join to my companies domain, but when I go to switch from the default workgroup to the domain in System Properties, the entire
domain box is completely grayed out and inaccessible.  I am running the command from a local administrator account on the computer with the appropriate permissions, not from a Live ID.  I can access everything on the network just fine (aside from
the network drives, obviously,) and I can ping to the DNS server and get to the Internet.  There are no connectivity problems.
The upgrade was successful the first attempt, and as far as I know there were no files corrupted in the process. My guess is that there is some configuration file that the upgrade failed to change somewhere, but I'm really not sure what exactly the issue


A:Windows 8 Pro - Domain change option greyed out in System Properties

... but when I go to switch from the default workgroup to the domain in System Properties, the entire domain box is completely grayed out and inaccessible.  I am running the command
from a local administrator account on the computer with the <strike>appropriate permissions</strike>, not from a Live ID. 

Try using a domain administrator account (regarding appropriate permissions for network administration).
The local administrator account only has administrative access to local resources on the PC - i.e. does not have administrative privileges on the network
Regarding access and use of a domain administrator
I.e. you're a user at your company - so you should contact your companys system administrator regarding company policy.

I.e. if this is BYOD (your own device) it will probably not be joined to the domain.
If its a company workstation (laptop) - he will rejoin it to the domain.

As a rule of thumb - and may be confusing you here, do not expect yourself - even though a superuser with local administrative privileges - to finalize redeployment of windows, apps and data in a company domain. I.e. in a company you usually don't control
access to payrolls etc. (you should not have that kind of administrative configuration access - even if a company owner you could mess things up giving "unauthorized" access. Even a domain administrative account is not used as a "user" account - only configuration).
I.e... Read more

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I have no idea what the proper term is for this feature, thus I can't search for it properly. When I hover my mouse over the browser tab at the bottom of my screen, I can see what is going on in that window without switching to that window. The help I need is with it turning off by itself for no reason. I don't care why it does it. I need help with figuring out how to turn it back on without rebooting my entire system. Thoughts? Thanks.

A:Help Required re: Browser Preview Panel

Hello SnakeEyes, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If you mean from the icons on your taskbar for opened windows, then these would be taskbar thumbnail previews.

Could you post a screenshot showing this to see if it may help to ID what the issue may be.

For now, here are some things to check:

The mouse pointer doesn't leave the thumbnail or icon on the taskbar. It will close as soon as it does.Taskbar Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable - Windows 7 Help Forums

Hope this helps for now,

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When I am typing, sometimes I get the character ? instead of ?. After doing some research, all you need to do is select the English(US) instead of English(Can) in the language bar. Apparently, it seems that this language setting only effects the individual software instead of all the software installed on your computer. So for example, if I changed this language setting in Word, this setting will not roll over to Notepad or Chrome or even the OS.

I am wondering if there is a way to permanently save the English(US) setting so it will apply to all of my software?

A:Change Language Permanently

If you go to Regional and Language Settings in the Control Panel, you should be able to set it to English (United States) so that all software defaults to this. Additionally, you can go to the "Keyboards and Languages" tab and click on "Change Keyboards" to ensure that English (US) is installed. If not, you can add it.

Keyboard Layout - Change

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I am trying to fix the panel layout view of Windows Live Mail. For some reason the junk mail folder layout is uneffected if you change the layouts options. It will update all other folders. Is it always like this?

A:Windows Live Mail help with panel layouts

I think there is a bug in WLM 2011 having something to do with Junk Mail filtering. The solution for that is to do a repair of Windows Live Essentials via Programs and Features. It will also repair all installed components of the Essentials Package. It can't hurt to try it.

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I have been struggling to insert a photo as part of a signature and was trying out various options when I found I could no longer try different pictures because the Single Photo option was suddenly missing from the top menu.

The Photo Album option still exists but where has the Single Photo option gone?

I need this because I insert a lot of photos in my emails.....

Please help somebody......

Many thanks

A:Mikssing 'single photo' option in Windows Live Mail

Try doing a repair of windows live mail. Go to programs and features in control panel. Look for windows live essentials and double click it. It will ask you if you want to uninstall or Repair. Click on repair. When it is done. Reboot the computer and see if it fixed tthis let me know if it worked

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Using WLM with Comcast account. Followed instruction to export mail/contacts. Click on contacts in WLM, then export. Account and Mail are the only options shown... no contacts..csv..etc?


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No recent changes that I'm aware of No new hardware I don't turn my computer off very often but the last 4 times I've done so upon restart the boot order has changed from hard drive to CD Rom so it won't boot of course. I restart it, pressing escape to go to boot menu and change the order to hard drive and save the changes and boot right up. But it reverts to cd rom on next start

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On my Dell XP Pro, msconfig lists a number of applications (not services) from 3rd party vendors, such as HP and QWest, scheduled to launch at start-up. Several times, I've unchecked these items, clicked APPLY, and then re-started my system; nevertheless, when my system has finally rebooted, Windows Task Manager shows them running, and I have to eliminate them in Windows Task manager.

So it appears that somehow, there is some application somewhere that is reversing (i.e. ignoring) my (new) settings I try to establish in msconfig. Is anyone familiar with this problem?

I can figure out several ways of dealing with this problem, such as changing the names of these annoying applications (e.g. from application.exe to application.eze) so they cannot be found (therefore cannot launch), but I'd sure like to know what software it is on my machine that keeps overriding my choices. And also how to change the start-up menu permanently without changing the names of the relevant offending programs.

A:Cannot permanently change msconfig settings

msconfig is a diagnostic utility. If you want to permanently manage startup items you should use a simple app such as Mike Lin's Startup Control Panel (http://www.mlin.net/StartupCPL.shtml).
Uncheck whatever you don't want started in that app and let's go from there.

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I have really tried everything i can think of and researched so much for answers.
Please, i only formatted my computer 2 months ago and then this came out of the blue. I am about to start back at school and i dont want my computer to go bust. I need any help possible.
I wake up and i log on and what comes up is not what my profile I logged into looks like and so i figured that my comp had a quick lapse in ability like it had before that made it assume a temp profile because mine could not be found.
* So i log out and log back in. No fix. Open my comp check all connections. No fix. System Restore. No Fix.
* That's when i found out that i was in TEMP.ESM-01 login not Tarik but i clearly logged into Tarik so i ended up freakin thinking my files were gone. So then i checked and found that when i went to Tarik's docs through My computer it came up empty but when i go to Documents and Settings/Tarik/My docs its all there so "phew" i didn't lose anything but why am i not getting that profile to load?
* After looking at it all and doing some research i found out it has to do with roaming profiles yet i don't have a host network i connect to; i am the host. So finally i found something that may have fixed it and downloaded it from Microsoft called "User Profile Hive Cleanup Service".
* Didn't Work but what i did notice is that it creates and replaces the TEMP.ESM-01 Profile folder every time i log in with Tarik. So i guess it a profile that... Read more

A:How do i permanently change %USERPROFILE% in the registry?

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There are a whole bunch of XP services that launch automatically when you start up Windoze. These can be turned off manually by using services.msc.

But I've found that at least some of these can not be turned off permanently. An example is Automatic Updates.

Does anyone know if it is possible to turn these off permanently? One obvious way would be to change the name of the service, and that's not hard to do, but there must be a "proper" way to do it. Anyone have any ideas?

A:How to permanently change Services that launch

Using Automatic Updates as in your example, if you right click the Service, Properties and set the Startup Type to Disabled and reboot, does that not keep it from starting again?If you disable Automatic Updates, you will then get an informational message about that, which you will also have to disable (if you want).If you have particular fussy ones, tell us which and maybe we can help. I don't think renaming is a good method.I have many disabled service too. Here is a popular list for XP that will give you some ideas about what can be turned off/disabled/better left alone:http://www.blackviper.com/

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Can someone tell me how I can permanently change the default font in Word Pad?


A:Change font permanently in Word Pad?

Hmm, you can use a trick as i think you can't change the default font in Wpad.

Create a rtf document with a "space", select the space, choose your font and size, save as your-template.rtf.
In properties, tick read only to avoid modifying it, be sur that rtf files open with Wpad.
Change your shortcuts to open Wpad so that they open your-template.rtf and that's it.

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All of the message in my Deleted Items folder of windows mail will not permanently delete. When I click edit and then Empty Deleted Items Folder nothing happens. When I try to delete one by one I get an unknown message error. Also if I try to read any of the messages in the folder I can't see it. All I see is - Cant display page. It's weird because it looks just like the page looks when you type in a wrong or unknown web address and I'm not even working online when I'm trying to delete. Anything I put in the deleted items folder since this started I CAN permanently delete the recent message. Just not the messages since before the problem started. Does anyone know how to fix this? It's driving me nuts!

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In using Windows Live Mail (W-7 Pro) I cannot attach a URL to selected text in the body of the email. I highlight the text and select INSERT/HYPERLINK. The HYPERLINK selection appears grayed out. No action of any kind is apparent. Thanks.

San Diego, CA

A:Cannot attach hyperlink to text in Windows Live Mail; option grayed.

I don't use Windows Live Mail so this might not be the problem.

Be sure the format of the email you are composing is not "Plain Text", it should be HTML.

Just a wild guess!

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How can I permanently change a single file's icon?

I have organized some backups as ISO files, and would like to have a different icon for each file.

I have created an .ICO for each file.

IconChanger worked great, but only while the program was installed. Once I had all the icons changed and thought I was through and uninstalled the program, all the icons went back to their original disc icon.

Is there a way to permanently change a single file's icon, so if I move it to another machine it will retain the icon?


A:Permanently change a single file's icon

Originally Posted by 3DPiper

Is there a way to permanently change a single file's icon, so if I move it to another machine it will retain the icon?


Technically, yes, a "resource editor" can be used to alter icons embedded in executables. However, once you start haxx0ring an app, most software vendors would see that as a violation of their terms of use, which is why I won't provide further technical detail (I realise you're asking for entirely innocent reasons).

I can't imagine it would be worth your time though. It's just an icon, after all.

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I am trying to have my computer boot Linux by default, from an external hard drive, while my internal drive has Windows 10 on it. Unfortunately I cannot get it to work: Windows 10 boots automatically at every restart and cold start.

Steps I've taken so far:
The boot order I want is set and saved in BIOS. There's no uEFI on my computer.
Windows 10 fast startup option is disabled. I also disabled the hibernation option just in case.

Still, I can only get Linux to boot by going into BIOS every time and selecting the (already selected) external hard drive again. When I then try to mount the internal (Win 10) disk from within Linux, I get an error saying it cannot be mounted because Windows 10 is still using it.

Any ideas how to solve this and give full boot control back to BIOS?

A:How to change boot options permanently (Win 10 not being default)?

Hey Kinimod,

Have a look HERE. (However I just noted you want to boot from an external drive, so I'm not sure if this is applicable)


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I recently set up a sbs 2003 server. My isp doesn't allow my [email protected] emails out or in very well. I have setup exchange for my comcast email and use it in outlook but exchange keeps changing my default email server to itself. Is there a way I can make my comcast email the default permanently?

A:Permanently Change the default email in Exchange

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running windows 7 service pack 1 64 bit.
Cannot put files in recycle bin as they get only deleted permanently. Cannot change options.
Here is the screenshot:

Thank you for your help.


A:Recycle Bin only deletes permanently and cannot change settings


Check for a key called "NoRecycleFiles" in


If present, try setting the value to 0. Alternatively, delete it.

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I had problems with vista, so i created a new partition, installed a different version of vista, then formatted the original OS partition. (obviously i had no idea what i was doing, but thats beyond the point)
Now i have a problem with the new partition i created for vista.
The default drive on where to save things is C:
however, C: is my OS drive
how can i change it so that all files are downloaded to D: without manually entering it everytime?

Or, would simply changing the Drive letters work?
if so, how do it do it? Ive tried using the vista maintenance tools, but i get an error saying it cannot be changed because of files in use.

Or, should i get a new harddrive, remove the old drive, install a partition on it named c:, install vista on that. (i would assume the original vista disc i have has the ability to create a partition on it when booting from disc.. its preactivated)

Im not really looking for the easiest or cheapest way to do it. I have just googled the crap out of this, and im not really finding the info im looking for, because im not really sure what its called.
So any suggestions would be very helpful

A:how to change file download path permanently..d: instead of C:?

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anyone know how to change user variable permanently for TEMP and TMP path using script for every user profile?

when I use:
setx TEMP "c:\temp", it will change the reg type to REG_SZ instead of REG_EXPAND_SZ

A:change user variable permanently for TEMP and TMP

...which is OK because there is nothing to expand in "c:\temp", right?
If you wish to continue using %USERNAME% in those environment vars, you could use something like
set unvar = USERNAME
setx TEMP "c:\Users\%%unvar%%\temp"

which will give you REG_EXPAND_SZ along with "%USERNAME% in it.
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i want to change especially the brightness settings of a webcam.
Does anyone know a way that lets me adjust the settings globally and permanently?(so that those settings apply to all programs that will use the cam without having to re-adjust)
The cam itself is a quite old no-name model. The basic driver which makes it available to applications on the systems miracously still worked though.

A:globally / permanently change webcam settings

If the cam is that old, its entirely possible that option was never available...

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hi, randomly the other week my computer became extremely slow and would often hang, so i did some investigating and one way or another i discovered that setting the priority of a certain instance of svchost.exe (the one that hosts the service "Network Connections" among others) to Above Normal seems to do the trick.

i have no idea why this works but it seems to, and so i wanted to know if there is a way to permanently set the priority of this process to above normal without having to manually adjust it every time i start my computer.

i should mention i tried downloading the program "Prio" which claims the ability to save settings on priorities but unfortunately it doesnt work with svchost.exe

does anyone know how to permanently change the priority of this process?

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I am trying to have my computer boot Linux by default, from an external hard drive, while my internal drive has Windows 10 on it. Unfortunately I cannot get it to work: Windows 10 boots automatically at every restart and cold start.

Steps I've taken so far:
The boot order I want is set and saved in BIOS. There's no uEFI on my computer.
Windows 10 fast startup option is disabled. I also disabled the hibernation option just in case.

Still, I can only get Linux to boot by going into BIOS every time and selecting the (already selected) external hard drive again. When I then try to mount the internal (Win 10) disk from within Linux, I get an error saying it cannot be mounted because Windows 10 is still using it.

Any ideas how to solve this and give full boot control back to BIOS?

A:How to change boot options permanently (Win 10 not being default)?

Hey Kinimod,

Have a look HERE. (However I just noted you want to boot from an external drive, so I'm not sure if this is applicable)


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