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WAN and LAN Conflicting

Q: WAN and LAN Conflicting

Hi, hopefully you can help me.

I have just recently switched from using a broadband modem to a wireless router for my internet.

I connect to my Xbox 360 through my LAN but since I started using my WAN both will not work together. Once the LAN turns on my internet stops working which is my problem.
The Wireless network does stay connected while the LAN is on but its just the internet connection that stops working.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

I am using Windows XP
My Wireless router is a Netgear DG834GSP
The Wireless network is using DHCP and the LAN is using a static IP. I have tried changing the LAN to DHCP but it just gets stuck on "Aquiring Network Address"

Preferred Solution: WAN and LAN Conflicting

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: WAN and LAN Conflicting

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Here's the setup:
Windows 2000 server running DHCP and DNS, got about 15 clients, using a linksys wireless broadband router with 4 port switch to connect to internet. Everything on same subnet, all addreses assigned by DHCP. Everybody on the network is fine except for two stations.
One station is a wireless XP Tablet the other is a hard wired PC. The NIC MAC addresses are different and the IP addresses are different, however, when one of these two devices is working the other one is not.
Any ideas? I'm usually a pretty good troubleshooter but this one has got me stumped.

A:two PCs conflicting somehow???

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after i sign into my msn & i see ive got mail, if i click on it, it opens internet expoler 32-bit, but it struggles to open or is very slow, how do i get the 64-bit IE to open automatically instead of 32-bit when i click on my 'go to mail' i.e. how do i disable the 32-bit IE.

A:32-bit conflicting

Have you enabled Tabbed Browsing (Internet Options/General/Tabs/Settings)? Then I expect it should open as a new tab in the same browser. I'm using 32-bit only since I don't have a 64-bit computer, but when I follow your procedure Hotmail opens quickly. Also, I expect you need to make sure both browsers (32-bit or 64-bit) open equally fast since there is no reason 32-bit should be slower. Perhaps you could try a reset: Tools/Internet Options/Advanced/Reset.

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Hey, recently I've been having some problems with my internet, mainly revolving around IPs. I've searched the forums for similar problems, and have tried some of the solutions, but to no avail.
Basically, when I'm doing anything on my computer, the internet cuts out randomly, and also randomly comes back on. Sometimes the error just fixes itself, and a little bubble appears at the bottom of the screen in the task bar, stating that "There was a conflict in IP addresses." Other times it cuts out either until I press the repair button in the network connections window, or hard reset the router.
I have a D-Link DSL-G604T router, which is connected to my main computer, and have a wireless external network of a netbook/laptop, a wireless homephone, two Ipod Touches and a Playstation 3. I'm not sure if the Ipods or the Playstation might be affecting the IP or not, but I'm just including it in-case it might be the problem.

Event Viewer:
In checking the Event Viewer in the Administrative Tools window, I can see a few things that might have caused the problem.

Security Tab: Failure Audit
IPSec Services: IPSec Services failed to get the complete list of network interfaces on the machine. This can be a potential security hazard to the machine since some of the network interfaces may not get the protection as desired by the applied IPSec filters. Please run IPSec monitor snap-in to further diagnose the problem.

System Tab: Dhcp
The IP address lease... Read more

A:IP conflicting with something......

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Specifications on my PC are in this link.

I recently put my two HyperX 120GB SSDs in Raid0 but for some reason my boot time is about 2 minutes. I have good reason to believe that my newer SSD is conflicting with my 2TB Western Digital Cavier Black HDD. Earlier today I removed my newer (Only by a month) SSD and the computer booted up in 15 seconds. I reinstalled the SSD and it booted in about 2 minutes (and continues to do so) and this was prior to me putting them in raid0. Furthermore, when the SSD was out my 2TB drive was recognized in the bios where as now it does not. I do not understand why my 750GB HDD shows up though but I am not able to access it. I've check both Device manager and Disk management, but neither show my 2TB HDD. I've seen several threads similar to my problem but none quite the same. I'd appreciate any insight given on this matter. Thanks!

Things I have done:
1. Redo Raid0 and reinstall windows without HDDs installed.
2. Flash BIOS
3. Put HDDs in another Computer
I can't access the 750GB HDD nor can I format or change letter.

Also in the link, there are errors when you scroll down to the storage part that may be related but I am not sure.

Should I undo raid0 format both SSDs then put them in Raid0? Would that even make a difference? I am completely out of ideas on what to do because my 2TB drive is recognized in the BIOS if I install it without one SSD.

A:I believe one of my SSD and my 2TB HDD are conflicting.

What is on the 750 GB drive? Just data?

Did you purposely choose "dynamic" for that drive and if so why?

Do you insist on using RAID?

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i have a small proplems i have a belkin router and when i try and plug in my other pc via rj45 lan it comes up with you have a ip address conflicting with a diffrent pc

i have the primary pc in port 1 and the other one in 2.

what can i do to stop it the pcs confliting on same ip?


A:Solved: Conflicting LAN PCs

Start by confirming in both pcs that you are using "auto assigned' in your tcp/ip properties and that you have no static ip address in the Advanced tab. Next go into the belkin router and confirm your dhcp scope is larger than one ip address.

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I have linksys wireless notebook adapter, router, and Motorola modem. My OS is WIN XP and the IRQs for the adapter is shared by the USB controller, RAGE PRO, and two other things - how do I change the IRQs - I freeze up when online and cannot turn it off unless I take the battery out
Help ME please

A:My IRQs are conflicting and I cant fix it!!!

Hello ThedumbTish

Have you gone into Device Manager and confirmed and IRQ conflict?

Right click on My Computer, chose the Hardware tab, and click Device Manager.
In there you should be able to see the modem, click the + beside the modem. Your Motorola modem should be listed. Then highlight it, right click and click properties. Go to the Resources tab and see if it lists any conflicts. Do the same for you wireless adapter card. It should be using IRQ 11.
IRQ 10 & 11 should be available to assign a device.
Normally modems are configured to use COM3's resources (IRQ 4 ) or COM4's resources (IRQ 3).

Changing system resources such as IRQ channels can result in your computer not functioning correctly, always make a note of the settings before you change anything so you can restore them back if required.

You could try manually setting them in your motherboard's BIOS.

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I have recently installed ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite for Vista.

I yet to find a compatible/non-conflicting maleware/spyware program!!!

Was using SpyWareDoctor!, But wont together with ZASS.

Any suggestions on real time scanner while using ZASS without conflicts?

A:Non Conflicting Tools...

Hello and welcome to TSF.

This is the HijackThis forum dealing specifically with malware. Please visit the General Security forum or Windows Vista Support Forum for such enquiries.

By the way, I've noticed that you've also started two other threads for the same computer with malware issues here and here. Please be informed that this is counterproductive as you might potentially be engaging two analysts for the same problem while there is a large number of other threads waiting for replies. Also, please read this sticky.

One of those threads will now be deleted. You can add the required logs to the remaining one.

Thank you.

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im trying to set up a dial up connection. Im getting a message saying that one of my ports is already in use and i cant seem to configure the ports right. how do i set this up ?

A:conflicting ports?

Your talking about com ports and when you install a modem it has to be assigned a com port. it would help if you tell us which modem your OS your running and what else is installed on the PC. Usually I find a com port conflict comes into play mostly with PC's that have serial ports and someoone then puts in a modem and the modem looks for com 1 but the serial port is in that place.

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hp mini 1000....no internet connection.....also getting..."windows was unable to find Certificateto log on the network.."santos".....my wireless router.

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I have two net adapters: onboard Intel 100 Pro and a PCI Realtek ethernet card running on a Linksys router. The PS3 is on the Realtek and the xp PC is on the onboard Intel. The Realtek connections shows a red X through it though I am still able to connect the PS3 to the internet. I am trying to stream video (Netflix Watch Now) to the television through the PS3 but Ps3 can't find any media servers (Windows Media Player, or Tversity). I'm wondering if this has to do with the red X being on the Realtek that the PS3 is connected on. I put the card in when I got the router as I needed to plug in all the ethernet cables. My setup is this:

(all wired)

internet access from Road Runner into the house to the modem, modem ot the router, then the vista laptop, kitchen desktop XP, and the Ps3 using the available ports.

Are the two cards conflicting? Is this why media sharing won't work? If so, how can I connect my home network to include the PS3 through only one of the two adapters?

(Can you tell I'm a total noob??)

Thank you!

A:conflicting net adapters

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Over the past week or so I've noticed a few issues coming up with my HP dv6000, and I believe that they might possibly be related. These are my issues:
1- Aero transparency will not work
2- I'm getting a "code 12" error when I look at my Nvidia display adaptor and also my standard openHCD USB host controller, which from my research means there is a resource conflict between the two issues, and that there is "not enough resources on the computer to run the hardware"
3- My hardware accelerator will not run

While I'm not sure this is the problem, I think that the display adaptor and the USB host controller are not wanting to work together, which is screwing up my aero and the hardware accelerator. If anyone has had these series of problems or may know what the issue is, I would love your help. Hours of research have so far helped very little. Thanks

A:Conflicting Hardware

Hello and welcome to Bleepingcomputer.I read your description above and noticed by the wording you used, that you are saying you originally did not have this issue, but then suddenly this issue did pop up. Does this sound correct?Did you recently use Windows 7's Performance information and tools which is found in the control panel menus?AeroPeak can be disabled within that feature, you may want to go there and see if you can turn it back on.You may have ran an older program such as an older video game which set your video back to a lower resolution with less colors available at 16 Bit and failed to allow Windows to go back to 32 or 64 Bit color.I would first try going to the control panel and click the link to Performance information and tools and check the status there, then post back and describe what you see.Pay attention to the link on the left that says visual effects. That is the one you want to click on.Bruce.

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I've been trying to fix my router which has been dropping out over the last few days, and I've just had an error message pop up on one of my computers saying that there is a 'conflict of IP addresses on the newtwork' or something to that effect. I was just wondering if that could have anything to do with why my router keeps dropping out or not?

I'd really appreciate any help


A:Conflicting IPs on Network

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Here is the MS Knowledge base article listing 50 programs that have a conflict with XP Service Pack 2. There is also some info for configuring the XP SP2 Firewall.http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?kbid=842242_____________________________________________________http://jetwater-co.com

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Hello and thanks in advance for any suggestions...

I have two computers, Win 7 on one, Win XP on the other, brand new home built machines all updated and latest drivers. Each has a Linksys wireless adapter and each hook up well with a Mac Airport wireless network and connect to the internet well. Neither wireless card has an assigned IP address but get one assigned by the Airport. The computers see each other and can file share over the wireless network without problem.

I also have a Crossover ethernet cable between the two machines plugged into the jack on the motherboards for a 1 Gb LAN. For the LAN each computer has a static IP assigned with the other computer specified as the gateway IP. File sharing works over the LAN at seemingly very high speeds without problem. The static IP addresses are in a different range that what the Airport assigns.

The problem is this: when all the adapters are turned on, neither machine will find the internet. The LAN operates fine, the Airport connections seem to be intact, but the browsers cannot access the internet. Turning off the LAN corrects the problem, and even after turning the LAN back on internet access remains for a short time before going away.

Even though no internet is possible, file transfer works on both the wireless and the LAN; when copying a file over the computers seemingly choose the wireless network first but if one of the wireless adapters is disabled the file transfer can be restarted and will go over the remainin... Read more

A:LAN and Wireless conflicting

This is an easy one, just configure those direct connections with no Default Gateway or DNS Server addresses, and it'll stop causing you the issue.

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Im using windows 7.
ive tried the cmd ipconfig /renew
it says media disconnected. How do I fix this? I am so tired of having an issue with my laptop and ps3 lagging cause of one another.
Thank you!

A:conflicting ip address

Configure a static IP on ps3.

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Um, Im having trouble getting my intellimouse optical to work in NT4. I'm using a USB>PS2 converter (which works fine in w98), however event viewer says mouclass doesnt detect the mouse and devices i8042prt and msi8042 are conflicting with keyboard ports 0 and 1. I have installed intellipoint 3.1 drivers. please help as i need three buttons for my graphic packages.

A:conflicting ports in NT4 (ps2)

NT4 does not support USB, that is where your problem lies. I had a similar problem trying to get an external CD writer to work on an NT machine.


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Please help I am so frustrated with this. I have a red flag warning telling me that Windows Defender is not working. When I go to the action center it says it is turned off, trying to turn it on or to up date or change Defender I get the message "This class is not configured to support elevated activation"
I have tried in both the accounts, we only have the two, admin and non admin. Nothing makes any difference. I have tried all the usual fixes, I have run the security scanner, Malwarebytes, spybot, appremover and ccleaner, nothing makes any difference. When I turn on the pc it is okay for maybe 5 minutes and then the red flag pops up. I am always told I must be running another virus software that is conflicting but I cannot find it. Can it be identified from the Hijack this log or program list? Would HP support assistant cause this problem?
Attached is Hijack this log and list of program files.

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So I've bought a nice new computer, Win7 64bit OS... And with the motherboard instalation disks was some trial internet security suites, I chose trend micro internet security, I like(d) the software, plus my dad has a license with 1 more computer allowed on it - Serial didnt work, but thats not the issue. When Installing Trend Micro IS, it told me that MBAM was conflicting and to uninstall.. Which I did, and then promptly re-installed MBAM.. That was a few days ago now, and I was messing around, and I noticed Trend Micro IS was turned off.. So it turned it on, and it just hangs at "starting up" or whatever, in the sys tray. I think to my self, stuff this, I'll get avast av (got as far as downloading the setup, thats it), and use windows fw. Off to add/remove.... uninstall also hangs... Use Trend Micro's Diagnostic tool kit to uninstall - Success! Please restart... Restart... Hangs at the windows logo.. So I press the little restart button on the tower, and windows says windows couldnt load last time, and advised to run repair, so I run repair, suggests that I use sys restore, so I do, restart the computer, and obviously, Trend Micro IS is still there.. I repeated this several times before coming here

Any ideas/help would be nice


A:Conflicting software?

You can try using OPSWAT's AppRemover - supported applications list.BTW, if any conflicts between Malwarebytes and another security program are reported, suggested solutions are usually provided in the Common Issues, Questions, and their Solutions, FAQs thread. See Section F - Trend Internet Security Pro.

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on one of my computers on my network i have got a conflicting ip address, and cannot access the network??? any ideas would be great thanks in advance

A:conflicting ip address

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Guys, I keep bumping into this info that some gtx 980 models will not spin their fans when in idle (strix for sure, the others, I just don't know). Some people are also claiming that regardless of the model, you can set a fan curve in msi afterburner to emulate this behavior.

So, first I'd like to know if my gtx 980 (g1 gaming) is one of those models and, if not, why can't I reproduce this behavior using msi afterburner? However low I set the fans, they will stay at 12%.

Here's a pic http://prntscr.com/5xbbls

A:Conflicting info on GTX 980

Sorry for double posting, but it's worth it

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Hi, new to the forum here and looking for advice regarding running multiple LANs.

I am running hydrographic survey equipment off both LAN's.

A high spec system runs on the motherboard's ethernet port (which needs to be run off there due to the high data frequency). This is the only hard wired ethernet port on the laptop.
The high spec system is set to the following:

A lower spec system would ideally run off an ethernet to USB or ethernet to expresscard adapter.
The low spec system is set to the following:

No matter which way round I configure it (i.e. which adapter used or in which order they are switched on) the data for the low spec system stops coming through as soon as the high spec system is connected...although both LANs are still visible in the network and sharing centre.

Any thoughts as to why?

PC spec below:

Windows 7 Professional SP1
64 bit
Dell Precision M4700
Intel Core i7-3520M CPU @ 2.90GHz

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I am currently looking at purchasing a Samsung 730b or 740b. However, I'm getting conflicting reports about the colors that it can display. Some websites (and the brochure) say that it is 6bit Dithering (16.2M colors), while others say that it's 8bit (16.7M colors).

Anyone have one of these monitors and know if they are actually 6 or 8 bit?


A:Conflicting LCD information

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Hope someone could help me with this one...I have a 4 year old HP comp running on XP home. Everytime i plug in my camera into usb in the front, it doesn't recognise the usb port in the back or viseversa. It used to work fine until recently....The other port i have my printer plug into it......any suggestions?....john

A:Conflicting usb ports

Hi yakuza389, Welcome to TSG!!

I'm not sure I understand your post. Is the camera working on any usb port?

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I've been using a certain anti-virus program and a certain anti-spyware program for the last year. I'm not sure if it's ok to say what their names are, they are not free programs.
Anyway, I renewed both of them, and the anti-spyware software was installed just fine. While installing the anti-virus software, a message pops up saying that the spyware program I have installed is a 'conflicting program' and it needs to be removed so the anti-virus program can be installed. Why is this? These two programs have worked fine with each other the last year that I've had them. I have contacted their customer support which I'm still waiting a response from.

Any help is appreciated. I am running WinXP. Thank you.

A:Conflicting Software

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I have two 512 sticks of sdr. One is Spectek and the other is not(dont know). I just had my comp redone with new case, CPU(Athlon XP 2400), XP Home, AK73 PRO (A) mb.

After about 10 minutes of gaming it will shut off and say "You may have a problem with your memory". So I tried with just one stick and it only worked with the Spectek. My computer guy says it needs to be the same brand. because the new CPUs are bitchy about that.
Does this sound right? If so Where is a good place to buy Spectek 512mb srdram?

A:Two brands of ram conflicting

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So after installing Win7 I had to get my printer. At first there was some compatbility issues but the troubleshoot fixed all that for me and my printer is working fine. However, my DVD-RW becomes non-functional (can't read/write).

So I did a test and uninstalled my printer to see if that was my problem and bingo, my DVD-RW is back and working again. Then I tried reinstalling my printer and after a restart my DVD-RW is gone again.

I went to troubleshoot and it suggested reinstalling the drivers which I tried but that didn't work. I went to check if I could update them but it said I had the latest drivers as well.

I'm hoping I don't need to buy a new printer since this one is still fine (although I had it for about 8 years now).


OS = Windows 7 Ultimate
Printer = HP PSC 1350 All-in-one
DVD-RW = Pioneer DVR-215 (I think, I can confirm later if need be)

Anyone help will be greatly appreciated!

A:HP PSC 1350 conflicting with DVD-RW

Did you get the drivers from the Manufacturers' sites? That is probably the best idea. With a printer so old, that might be the problem. Windows Update might be using drivers that it thinks are compatible, but have issues like the one you described.

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Windows 98SE 2GHz 256RAM 40GbHD

Windows System files contain two videocard drivers: S3 (version 4.10.1686) and S3_8M (S3 ProSavage DDR Twister Driver - version

Device manager lists only the ProSavage.

Is the earlier one left over from my old system after a recent upgrade or should they both be there?

A:Conflicting drivers?

Device Manager is listing only one display adapter so u r hardwr listing is okay. Could be the 4.13 ver is a build on the 4.10 older version. If ur not experiencing any operational problems I would leav it alone. Generally not a good idea to delete system files in the Windows Systm folder, even if u suspect they r not needed.

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I use an eMachine with WinMe and I recently added a Brother MFC. I could not get it to work until I disconnected my Iomega CD-RW. Now I can only get my CD-RW to work if I unplug Brother. I am using USB2. I went to the Iomega website and downloaded the patch there but it did not change my problem. When I boot up with both devices connected I freeze at the Windows screen. I can't figure this out-need help!

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Hello Again Folks:

This one has me really confused.
I have been running AVG purchased anti-virus application. The application tells me that my system is protected, however my Control Panel System and Security monitor informs me that my anti-virus, firewall, and anti-spyware functions are shut off. I uninstalled AVG and installed my Kaspersky AV program and when I check the security monitor in the Control Panel I get the same message. Since both AV programs are showing the same conflicting messages, I assume the problem is in Windows 7.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Powell Lucas

A:Conflicting messages

The problem is most likely the result of one or more antivirus product not uninstalling cleanly (e.g. leaving stuff behind).

This problem is so bad, that nearly every antivirus company has a tool just for cleaning up after their normal uninstall method. If your computer has ever had an antivirus product installed from another company, then you might want to run the cleanup tool from that company.
AVG | Download tools and utilities
Removal tool for Kaspersky Lab products (kavremover)

Just as a test, uninstall Kaspersky (then run their cleanup tool) and install MSE. Let us know if Microsoft's AV product is able to convince Microsoft's OS product that it is there.

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I have this problem trying to access a ASUS Win 10 computer on a local network.
I am getting these two messages:
One or more network protocols are missing on this computer
Windows Socket Registry Entries Required for Network Connectivity are Missing

I am told that the Wi-Fi is not connected, but the device status says it is working properly

Suggestions please?
Frank C

A:Conflicting Wi-Fi Messages

Try to reset Windows Socket. Press Win+X > select Command Prompt (Admin), type in -> netsh Winsock reset <- hit Enter.

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I have an ATI card that picks installing High Definition Audio controller, and its conflicting with my realtek drivers, this makes the graphics card go to 99% activity driving its temps way up. I was wondering if there is a way that I can prevent windows from automatically installing this drivers when I turn on the computer after I uninstall them with device manager.
Yes, I have tried the method in which you change device installation settings, but they keep installing.

A:Conflicting drivers

You can update the whole Catalyst -- it will update your drivers as well.

Now, if you are sure you don't want Windows to install drivers, just go offline until you install what you want; or run Windows in Safe Mode.

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I recently sent a computer to my daughter in texas. There is a conflict in COM2. two devices are using the same com port. One of them is her modem. How can i tell her to change the port assigned to her modem? I have helped her go into modem properties, but it will not allow her to change the port. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

A:conflicting devices on COM2

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Before I begin, sorry if I'm using the terms IDE (wide hard drive connector) and SATA (small connector) incorrectly!

Ok I am going to backup my files, in the following way:

I have put an IDE hard drive in my DELL Dimension 9150 (had to put it where the DVD drive was because hard drive slots only had SATA connectors). I installed XP Pro on it, then booted from it, but I can't see the computer's original hard drive (the SATA one) in My Computer.

This is odd because when I boot from the original hard drive, I can see the IDE one I've just put in, in My Computer!

Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance


A:SATA and IDE drives conflicting!

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My modem has been randomly cutting out (but still displaying as connected and I cannot connect it and the status window disappears before it even comes up). After this happens certain sounds do not play. Some do, some don't. (For example, starting up Neverwinter Nights 2, the launcher sound does not play. The sound in game is fine.) Research on the internet has pointed me to possibly an IRQ conflict. I looked at my sound card and my modem and they are indeed on the same IRQ (18). None of the sites I have looked at give specific enough instructions or are extremely complicated. I was hoping someone here could give me better help with the problem. Or if maybe something else is the actual problem (as many sites say that multiple devices ont he same IRQ shoudln't be a problem on WinXP.)

Windows XP Pro SP 2
Mobile AMD Athlon XP-M Processor 2800+ 1.6 GHz
PCI SoftV92 Modem (Hiro H50003)
C-Media AC97 Audio Device
NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT

A:Modem/Sound Conflicting (IRQ)

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I have 4gb of ram and over the last month or so I have been having loads of BSOD stop errors. Analysis of the memory dumps points to the video card or "corrupt memory." After reinstalling the video drivers a few times the last 4 dumps were purely corrupt memory. I RMA'd the memory and tested for 4hrs with Memtest86, all is well, but the BSOD's continue! Today I was messing around and noticed every program seems to list 2048mb of ram. Some programs that read the dimm slots will show all full at 1gb, but ones that report through windows only show 2048. Windows showing 3.12gb is fine, that I expect. But the others?? Does this have to do with the 2gb program limit in windows?


A:Conflicting memory reports..HUH??

Wow, I woulda thought a quick smack in the face and a "yes, it's the 2gb program limit, dunce!" would to it...nobody knows?? Anyone know of a better program that'll tell me what WINDOWS sees, and not the bios/chipets?

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Hi there,

I have a problem with the game LOTR Battle for Middle Earth II (the graphics are very bad, even on the lowest settings, and a lot of the trees, buildings, backgrounds etc are purple), and the reason why I'm posting in this forum is that I think it is related to my video card(s).

This is the situation:

- Dell Dimension 2400
- WinXP SP2
- 768 MB RAM
- Intel Celeron CPU 2.60 GHz
- The onboard graphics card is an Intel (not sure how to find what the model name is)
- The added-on graphics card is a PCI Nvidia Geforce FX 5200

My boyfriend reformatted the computer a few days ago and when finished he discovered that LOTR was no longer working - whereas before the reformat it had worked fine. I had a look around the computer to see if I could find what was wrong. The first thing I noticed was that no Nvidia driver was installed, and the second thing I noticed was that the following driver WAS installed:

- Intel(R) Extreme Graphics Driver

Under Display adapters in Device Manager I found this entry:

- Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller

Now, I thought I recalled from somewhere (and various sites have confirmed it) that before installing a non-onboard video card, you must uninstall (or is it disable?) the onboard card. However, when I tried to do this, i.e. uninstall 'Intel(R) Extreme Graphics Driver' from Add/Remove Programs, the Found New Hardware function kept popping up after every reboot and wouldn't go away until I'd reinstal... Read more

A:Conflicting video cards? Could use some help.

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I have unsuccessfully tried numerous times to download any version of windows live messenger after uninstalling it due to a problem i was having with not seeing replies from people I talk to. I was told to uninstall it and reinstall it so i did this and now I am unable to download it or any version for that matter. I get two errors when I try to download this and its really frustrating to me. I use WLM to talk to my daughter who is away in college and my family who live in another state. Here are the two errors i get when attempting to download any version of windows live messenger.

"microsoft visual studio runtime....try installing windows live programs again. programs were not installed because the installation was cancelled. Aborted0x80004004."

here is the other error

"Windows live call could not write value to key\SOFTWARE\microsoft\windows\currenthelper Objects\{5c255C8A-E604-49b4-9D64-90988571CECB}, verify that you have sufficient access to that key or contact your support personnel. Please close all other open programs, and then try again. It looks like another program is preventing the installer from working. hr0x80070643"

I know I have enough space for this so I dont understand what is going on. I never stopped the installation either while it was downloading. I hope someone can help me with this soon. I am very frustrated right now. Thanks.

A:Solved: Is Vista conflicting with my WLM.

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I recently installed a new mobo MSI intel 945GM3 to replace my old one from gateway. Now that I have windows up and running, I've tried to install the MSI boards drivers, and for the most part everything is fine. Only thing is that XP still recognizes my computer as a Gateway. I had to reformat using Gateway recovery disks, so I believe there are many of the drivers on here and I can't get rid or them or replace them completely. Also, my usb2.0 drivers aren't working correctly so none of my ports work. Anyone know how I can completely rid of the gateway drivers so that I can properly get the others working right? Thanks.

A:Question about conflicting drivers...

Right now just get the drivers from the motherboard installed then since you no longer have the gateway motherboard the gateway recovery disks are probably not too much good since they are for the old motherboard. I would suggest purchasing a new windows XP home or Pro disk with a new product ID and do a repair-install with that and you should be all set. Of course do a backup of all of the data first.

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How do I know exactly what my CPU usage is? In task manager / processes, if ordered by CPU "system idle" is consistently over 90%. However, when looking at task manager / performance, the graph is hovering at 50% all day long. If "processes" won't list the usage, how can I find it??

I get the same ~50% usage when viewing computer management/performance. adding a counter for "idle" gives me the matching ~50% idle now, but how do I find what is using all that processor time?...taskman still doesn't show it. I am looking at both windows at the same time...management says 49% idle, taskman says 95% idle.

I have a machine with windows XP and AMD 3800. Freshly installed, I do not specifically remember this issue on previous identical installation.


A:Conflicting CPU usage reports

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I just purchased Malwarebytes pro version because it had been such a good tool finding many things that Norton Security ignored or missed. I had been running the free version alongside of Norton for 6 months without an issue.

After about two weeks of running the pro version suddenly today Norton tells me that there is a conflict and provides a button for me to un-install Malwarebytes.

I have seen one older closed post about this same issue only with XP in this forum where someone said that Malwarebytes had asked Norton to remove that warning.

For now I have configured Norton to ignore Malwarebytes Folder in it's scan. I can't believe that this warning is valid.

Any feedback about this warning from Norton about conflicting with Malwarebytes would be appreciated!

I'm running an Acer laptop with Vista.


A:NSS conflicting with Malwarebytes Vista

If you purchased the PRO version, thats why. Norton has a resident scanner (constantly on) and so does Malwarebytes PRO. You cant have 2 ACTIVE scanners w/o conflicts. At least not that I've heard of. Especially with Norton, Norton has problems with pretty much everything IMO. Seeing as you said above that Norton has missed things in the past, possibly consider getting rid of it; and downloading AVG or Microsoft security essentials. They are both FREE OF CHARGE.

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Hello. My computer has several conflicting IRQs, which I think may be causing some instability in the system. I would like to reassign the conflicting IRQs to unused slots. However, when I open a device's properties from Device Manager and go to its Resources tab, the option to "Use automatic settings" is disabled/grayed out. Is there another way that I can change the IRQ assignments? I am using Windows XP-64 Pro. Thanks.

A:How do I reassign conflicting IRQs?

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hello again folks. my system specs are - windows 7 ultimate sp1. 32 bit. intel core 2 duo e4700 @ 2.60 ghz. 4gb ram. sapphire radeon hd 6450 1gb ddr3.
i have searched various threads with people having similar problems but not exactly the same one that i am having. whenever i start up the windows after a break of about 5 minutes at the least, windows doesnt respond immediately. i can move the cursor, click the start button but thats about it. when i try to refresh, the cursor just gets busy(rotating) and all i can do is click the start button, and the start menu opens after quite some time. and i have to wait till i can click log off and/or enter task manager as im unable to do it right away. it goes on like this for a lot of minutes. sometimes it allows me to log off. and sometimes it shows me the windows not responding,wait or end process msg. but once i log off and log back in, windows works like a charm. now,i didnt have this problem when i had an nvidia 210gt. i only started facing problem after installing the 6450 card. thats why i believe its the ati card or drivers (downloaded them from amd site) rather, thats causing the problem is because i have tried every other method mentioned in various threads. reinstalled windows, disabled startup and microsoft services/programs,enabled select programs and services, checked registry for errors, ran cccleaner, ran malware bytes, scanned with comp for virus and all that (am using kis2012), and well, a few other methods i cant e... Read more

A:ati drivers conflicting with windows 7 i think.

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I have searched the Internet for solutions to this problem and have found no joy. So I'm coming here for possible help.

We have an HP 8550 Color LaserJet printer connected and shared from a Windows XP. All the rest of our computers have Windows 7. We are able to install the HP 8550 printer on the Win7 computers, but if we want to change printer settings from Word or Publisher or something like that, we get several error messages stating that there are one or more conflicting settings. It complains about various output bins not being installed. If you click OK to all of the errors, eventually you get to the printer settings dialog, which does not include any settings having to do with the output bin. If I right-click on the printer under "Printers and Devices," most of the options having to do with configuration are grayed out so I cannot change them.

As far as I can tell, the settings on the WinXP computer are correct, but it looks like the Win7 computers are not seeing them.

The most popular solution I saw on the Internet was to install the HP Universal print driver. I have tried this, but was unable to find a way to install it so that it worked. I could install it, but not print. If anyone has more information on that, I could try again, but I am not optimistic.

If we have to live with this, so be it, but if there's some way to fix this, I'm all ears.

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I recently tried installing a PCI tv tuner card into my computer and ran into some problems. When I tried running the software I recieved a message warning me that the card was conflicting with another device sharing the same interupt. I continued and my computer locked up. When I checked the device manager I noticed that there weren't any free interupts, most of them are even used by multiple devices. I tried setting the card to another interupt but I wasn't allowed to modify the settings.
My question is:
Will this lack of free interupts prevent me from installing another brand of tv tuner or anyother pci card for that matter? Are my open pci slots useless because there aren't any free interupts? What can I do?

Pentium III 866
128 mb
Windows Me


A:tv tuner conflicting interupts

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I have something called forefront client security
running on my computer and zonealarm doesn't want to run its antivirus because it says there can be conflicts. I'm running win 7, I don't know what it is or how to shut it off, and I can't find it to uninstall but I don't need it on my computer, if anyone knows what it ...is and how to get rid of it I would appreciate the help.

Also how do I get admin status? This thing lets me change the registry, (get rid of malware/spyware, but it doesn't allow me to back it up, says because I'm not admin, that's what vista used to do, I can't take this m/b back to xp, at least I don't think so but if this keeps up I'm going to try.

A:Solved: Conflicting programs

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