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Printer drivers need reinstalling after every reboot

Q: Printer drivers need reinstalling after every reboot

I work for a college and we have a number of network printers shared, when we connect to a network printer it installs the driver and everything is fine but after we reboot and try to print again to the same printer it asks to install the drivers again, this happend repeatedly.  This is only happening on vista and windows 7 machines.I have heard that this is a known problem for vista machines and that there is a fix available but i can't find it anywhere.Any help would be appreciated

Preferred Solution: Printer drivers need reinstalling after every reboot

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Printer drivers need reinstalling after every reboot

Hi Chris,
if it works on 75 percent of the clients I would do the following thing. Your clients are probably in a domain environment. I would copy the security descriptor (SID) from a properly working client with subinacl.exe (A command line tool which you can download
from MS download) and push it to a not working client and test if it solves the problem.
I thing this is the easiest method.
Subinacl is a the most powerfull tool ever !
With kind regards,
Cengiz Kuskaya

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I have an HP OfficeJet K-80 printer/copier/scanner. It worked OK until recently. I could print or copy but not scan. HP Image editor software would not respond to any of my clicks. So, I uninstalled then installed 3 times. Each time I get an error message near the end of the installation process:

"Unable to start the application--the Java Virtual Machine cannot be loaded. Class not registered."

I don't know where the required Java software is supposed to be located nor where I can obtain it.

A:Problem reinstalling printer drivers

I'm working with HP tech support on this problem. It turns out that Java VM is not included in my current version of XP/SP2. I tried downloading Java from Sun's site, but got an error message there also when I tried to install the package.

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Hi all, using:
Logitech G930
Asus G73JW-A1

Every time I reboot the computer with the headset transmitter plugged in Windows installs a new copy of the Logitech G930 Wireless Headset. Sometimes I have 20 copies of the headset in Control Panel / Devices, with each device decremented numerically. Also, this seems to mean that Windows resets the default sound device to the internal speakers, as the previously selected headset device has changed. I then have to reselect the headset as default otherwise Windows does not use the headset even though it's turned on.

Can someone please advise how to stop the OS reinstalling, apart from rebooting without the dongle plugged in?


A:W7 reinstalling headset on each reboot

Hi winaje,

Can you check you Device Manager for the headset
Right click on 'My Computer' and select 'Manage'. In the Computer Management window, select 'Device Manager' on the left and look for the headset in question. Right click on it and select properties. Under the Driver tab, check to see who the Digital Signer is. It could be that it's an unsigned driver.

Also, you could try to remove the headset and reboot. When the system has rebooted, go in to Device Manager and uninstall the driver for the headset then reboot again. Then when rebooted, plug the headset in and re-install the driver. Reboot and see if that helps.

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I just got a new motherboard, the p5n-e sli motherboard with the e6400 coreduo processor. Im trying to reinstall windows but everytime i try, it keeps asking me to setup windows again threw the blue screens. everytime it reboots, it goes back to the same screen no matter what i do.

currently, i have setup two 250 western digital harddrives as raid-0 (stripped) and enabled raid through bios. I also install the raid controllers (not sure if the correct one since it came with 5 different raid controllers, jmb36X controllers.

any help with this would be appreciated.

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I'm trying to Reinstall Windows XP on a hard drive that has been completely wiped clean. I have a 5 yr old CD from Dell called "Reinstallation CD MS Windows XP home ed." I also have a CD called "Digital Life Tools." Neither will boot up the computer and the error message is: "load needed DLLS for Kernal." What are some things I sould do to relaod windows?

Suggestions and comments appreciated. Thanks, Robt

A:Solved: Reinstalling Windows XP. How can I Reboot?

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Got an old computer the other day that the owner requested the hard drive reformatted before giving it to me. I did reformat the drive using the OEM Operating System cd. Says that the os was installed successfully and begins reboot but only pulls up the Gateway logo and loops over and over. Tried to boot into safe mode and last good configuration with no success. Will not boot from the OS disk and have no way to create the floppy disks for startup.

Does have two hard drives and for some reason loaded the os on both drives separately, one with NTFS and the other FAT32. Tried going to repair and formatted each again and installed the os only on the C drive. Didn't work either. Was running slow before this process started.

Any ideas on what to do? This has been the computer from hell as I have never had this problem before. Oh, the disc is in good condition with very light and minimal scratches. Does not give any error messages.


A:Endless Reboot after formating and reinstalling XP from OEM Disk

Sounds like the CD is damaged, no matter what the light scratches....Try cleaning it with a glass cleaner and paper towel carefully and then see if it will work..

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I need to reformat and reinstall Windows XP on my Dell Dimension 8200, which is about 5 year old. It is my understanding that first you reinstall XP and then you have to reinstall the drivers. I am not sure how to reinstall the drivers.

When I ordered my computer from Dell, it came with things like a monitor, printer, speakers, video card, and sound card.

The computer also came with a cd that is labeled "Drivers and Utilities". The cd is also labeled "Dell Dimension ResourceCD for Reinstalling Device Drivers and Using Diagnostics, Utilities, and Online Documentation".

Will this cd install all of the necessary drivers for all of the hardware that came with my computer? For instance, my video card is a NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420. Will the cd have the drivers for this, or will it only have some sort of generic video drivers?

If the cd does have all the necessary drivers, how do I use it to actually install them? Do I just click some button and the cd will automatically install all the necessary drivers?

Last, is there some program I can use that will make copies of my already existing device drivers so that I can use them as a last resort.

A:Reinstalling Drivers After Reinstalling XP

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I just got a new computer with XP pro. I downloaded the drivers for my Lexmark Z51 printer. XP says driver not signed, but I got the printer to work. Now XP keeps re-installing the printer every time I reboot, or turn the printer on.

I have emails in to Lexmark, but they are not known for their support. I just want the darned thing to work.

Anyone have any ideas?

A:XP keeps reinstalling my printer?

Wellcome to TSG.

Shut the printer off and disconnect it. Uninstall the drivers. Reconnect the printer and turn it on and let windows load the drivers. XP has the Z51 driver in its database.


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The problem is each time I turn the computer on, I get the message new hardware found and it reloads the printer. Even though I have that driver loaded already. It loads as many times as I turn on the computer and calls it Copy 1, 2, 3, etc. I have tried 4 different printers and the same thing keeps happening.
I also get found new hardware each time I use the same flash drive
Also, If I turn the printer on or off while the computer is on, it reboots the computer.

cheers to anyone who can solve this problem for me.

amd 64bit, winxp pro, sp2.

A:Printer keeps reinstalling

Did you leave the install disk in your cd rom?

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my hp psc 1410v printer keeps reinstalling the drivers for the printer and asks to register it after i bring the computer on from vista stand-by mode. just wondering what can caus that?

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I recently reformatted a Dell computer running Windows XP, and upon reinstallation of everything I failed to unplug the dp d145 printer from the USB port. It now will not work. There are no error messages or anything, it just doesn't work at all. I have no idea what's wrong with it. The copier works, so it's not a printer issue, it just doesn't work with the computer. Any suggestions?

A:HP Printer not seen (after reinstalling XP)

uninstall the software from add-remove programs.

Unplug the printer.

Remove it from the Printers folder if it remains.

Then reinstall exactly as per the instructions.

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I took my computer in for service to erradicate a nasty trojan that snuck past my virus protection software. They had to completely wipe my hard drive clean and then reinstalled windows xp os.

I brought the computer home and have been reloading programs and trying to reconnect printers, etc.

Anyway, I have a crazy problem. My printer ports keep disappearing! My main printer has been installed and it works fine right after the computer is booted up. then the next time I try to print it doesn't. When looking at the properties of the printer in the control panel--it is easy to see why the printer can't print---there are NO ports listed. It is really connected to LPT1 and if I restart computer then it will be fine with the first thing that prints (usually whatever didn't print from prior to the shut down). All of the different ports show up as they should be. Then they disappear again!!!

The tech already tried a remote access repair to my computer. But it didn't work---he didn't know what the problem was and all he did was reinstall the printer (which I have done many times) and chose a different driver. Doesn't matter--it is fine when computer first comes on then....gone. even if I just put it into standby--when I wake it up---no printer. :-(

Also, my secondary printer which is a USB connection has the exact same problem so it is not the printer.

Any suggestions?? Has anyone ever heard of this problem before/

thanks in advance for any assistance


A:printer problems after reinstalling XP

This only happens with printers? You can plug in any other USB device and it will continually work fine?

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It seems that i have come across a small problem reguarding my graphics drivers.
When i turn on my computer, i notice windows areo is turned off and any games fail to load at all.
No matter what i try i can't get areo to turn on nor games to run.
After about an hour I fixed the problem by reinstalling my graphics drivers and everything stared working again but the next day after the computer turned back on, it wasn't working again.
Why do my graphics drivers need to be installed at every restart and what can i do to fix this?

-To help you solve my problem, recently i did a registry clean with Registry Easy and was trying to set up Playstation 3 remote pc drivers(to no sucsses)

My Specs:
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate , 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9400 @ 2.66GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3583 Mb
Graphics Card: mv video hook driver2, 2 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 79998 MB, Free - 4430 MB; D: Total - 953866 MB, Free - 480903 MB; E: Total - 873866 MB, Free - 138996 MB; K: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 337324 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., V-P5G31, 4.01, MS1C92BJB301143
Antivirus: Kaspersky PURE, Updated and Enabled

(My graphics card is: Asus EN9400GT)
(The above specs were gathered after graphics card drivers were installed)

A:Drivers keep need reinstalling

asus had many issues with graphics and their mobos , look for updated drivers for all your system and bios

double check this link as you have the exact model of your mobo


Location: Download> Motherboard> P5G31D-M PRO

http://www.driverupdate.net/download.php free version on left

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I have been having some computer problems, services.exe running at 100%. Could not pin point to exact problems so I thougt I would install windows into another folder and then delete the old one , found the instruction on another forum. Well I finally managed to do that but now I am stuck reinstalling my drivers. Could someone please help me?

I have the cd that dell sent when I first bought the laptop. Thanks in advance.

A:need help reinstalling drivers

You can go HERE and enter the required info for your particular make and model of your machine. That will take you to the page with the required drivers. Not sure what disk Dell includes. If it is labeled as Drivers and Utilities then you should be able to pop it in your optical drive and follow the instructions that come up on screen.

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Whenever I turn my desktop ON, all me my hardware suddenly starts re installing itself and then i'm prompted to restart. And when i restart, the same cycle repeats itself. Also, i use my phone's bluetooth connection to connect to the internet on my pc, so is this bluetooth causing the problem. I'm using a v2.0 usb dongle with bluesoleil.

Please help..

A:The Drivers Keep ReINSTALLING themselves!

Hello ronnie141, to TSF>

Firstly, let's try starting the desktop with the Bluetooth? and the USB 2.0 dongle disconnected.
If this is not successful; start the computer while continually tapping the F8 key, this will take you to a screen with a number of listings; such as, Safe Mode, and including Last known good configuration.
Select Last Known Good configuration, and allow the PC to reboot.
All should be normal by now...post back with the outcome of these two suggestions.

Kind Regards,

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My computer was built for me and I have to reinstall everything could you please advise me on how to do it

A:reinstalling drivers

First you need to know what hardware you have ie motherboard, video card, etc. Once you know that, then download the drivers for your hardware. Burn them to a CD.

From your post I assume you want to clean install windows. Is that correct?

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Hi, I'm new to the forum! I'm reformatting my computer and upgrading it to Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit from Windows Vista Home Basic 32-bit. I have already done the check to make sure all my hardware is compatible; it is. My question is what drivers do I need exactly? My list so far has: Chipset Graphics card Sound Card Ethernet Card Am I missing any? Aside from that I need a bit of help with the chipset/GPU driver. I have an nForce 430 chipset with integrated GeForce 6150LE however I have purchased an ATI Radeon HD 4350 graphics card and have been running off of that. My question in regard to the chipset driver is firstly, where is the nForce driver download? I am unable to find this specific chipset on nVidia's website and secondly if I find a driver will the graphic card drivers come bundled with it? If so, is there a way to get the chipset driver without the graphic driver for the integrated GPU. Thanks!

A:Reinstalling. What drivers do I need?

Can you post your specs.
Filling out System Specs
Dont Know What Hardware You Have..??
VistaForums SysInfo Tool - Vista Forums

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I had the system32/ntoknrsl.exe error and so I had to reinstall xp
When I did that my sound no longer works my network doesn't work and
My usb port do not work.
Iv been to device manager checked the drivers and they all say they are installed
And working fine,
There are also no yellow question marks next to any of them like other people have had.
Iv been trying to figure this out all day iv tried downloading drivers and all sorts and nothing has improved.

A:drivers and reinstalling

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I'm about to reformat an old computer. No problem with the reformat, but I'm a little confused when it comes to installing the audio, sound, ethernet drivers. My disk contains more than one for each of these, therefore I don't know which one to use. My OS is XP. After the reformat can I just go to the device manager and select update manager, set location to the cd?

A:reinstalling drivers?


Once you have formatted...you should install the chipset driver first...this sort of configures all the other drivers to install correctly....i then normally do the audio and graphics and ethernet...im not sure just how important those are in any particular order as i have not had any problems doing it that way....just make sure the chipset goes in first!

Once xp is installed, either load the disc on autoplay or via "my computer"...just click on the cd icon...you should then be able to choose what drivers you wish to download

Dont forget the windows updates...they will be automatic and will probably take ages

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Hi all,
I upgraded to Win 7 x64 a few wks past and initially all went well. However, since then, I've discovered that I have to keep reinstalling drivers for all my plug & play hardware. Once I reinstall they work fine for that session, but then on a reboot, I have to once again reinstall. I'm doing so through the device right click/Troubleshoot option.

When I first noticed it on the Kindle I thought it was because it wasn't compatible for x64 or something & indeed the Kindle tech I spoke to stated that, BUT others with the same model as me use theirs on an x64 platform without any diffs.

So I'm really unsure whether it is a compatibility issue etc or something else. For 2 of the devices I downloaded the specific drivers & updated manually, where the other device I let Windows find the driver itself.

Anyone any suggestions either how to check where the problem is coming from or else ideas on how best to fix it?


A:Have to keep reinstalling drivers on Win 7 x64

Try this:

USB drive or flash problems? How to cleanup and remove old USB storage drivers - TechSpot Forums

That should resolve any issues you have with usb devices unless it is hardware related.

EDIT: Make sure to run this bat file as an admin. Right click the bat file, run as administrator. Code used for the bat is on the website, and verified by me as being the same when editing the bat file.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A100 and I was running Windows Home Edition Xp SP3 but had trouble with viruses and so on. Well after reinstalling to Windows Home Edition Xp SP2 it cleaned out my whole computer so virus free and running good.

Now the problem is that when I go to check out Device Manager it shows this what should I do can someone help me out please.

A:No drivers after reinstalling Os

did you go to toshiba's website and download all the drivers for your specific model?

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My Mom has an HP laptop. She recently purchased a new HP printer and I have been trying for the last 4 days to get it to install/connect. I've been in touch with HP but the links they provide aren't resolving the issues.

First, using the CD that came with the printer: hangs up at around 85-90%. It doesn't not show up as installed. I copied the CD to the desktop, modified Setup.exe in CFFExplorer and Run as Administrator and it appears to completely install; however, when I go to Device Manager, it says no driver is found. I sometimes have the option to update and sometimes that seems to work but I can't access it through Add a Printer (which has the green bar run across the top, then pulsate and freeze).

Trying to install using the driver I download from HP results in no installing screen appearing but it does hang up in the background and the only way to stop it is to Restart. The same thing happens if I try to use HPs Wizard.

I've installed several HP printers through the years and not had this much trouble. That doesn't even include the dozens of times I've had to reinstall my own HP printer because of its contrariness!

Additionally, attempts to uninstall the old printer results in it hanging up/freezing soon in to the process, whether I try to uninstall from the Start menu, file or Uninstall program. I'm not even being able to get the Windows Updates to install - that process also just hangs up/freezes. FYI - I've not checked her machine in a while so there are ma... Read more

A:Unable to install printer drivers, uninstall old printer, update Windo

Hi columbia93, welcome to 7F!

Printers are touchy animals, when installing any printer you have to follow the install procedures exactly as described by the manufacturer.

This may be the root cause:

FYI - I've not checked her machine in a while

Not that you haven't been able to check it, but there may be an accumulation of problems on your Mom's machine that also are stopping the update process.

I am trying to find one of 7F's tutorials on improving performance of a computer, but it boils down to cleaning out all detritus that a machine can accumulate of a period of time.
I did find this but there is another one: Hard Disk Space - Free Up and Recover The first three options would help

Run Antimalware/virus scans, run a Check Disk then a sfc /scannow then try to uninstall that old printer driver, and if that works shut down the machine, and try to install the printer without the HP disk, when it looks, but asks if you have the disk say no and allow the OS to install what it has.
It is my understanding that HP Printer drivers already come with Windows 7.

But do the cleanup first and see if that helps.

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I recently decided to switch back to Vista after using the Win7 RC version for several weeks, due to problems with my USB devices that I couldn't figure out how to resolve.

So I ended up having to reformat my laptop, which I wasn't happy with at all.

So I go about reinstalling Vista, get everything set up, and I'm instantly confronted with several problems. One, my resolution is stuck at 1024x786, instead of the 1366x678 I previously had, with no option to change it. Two, I have no internet and the diagnostics tells me that my hardware isn't even properly installed.

I go to device manager and there are several things flagged with an exclamation point, which leads me to assume that I'm missing some drivers. I go to the resource and utilities CD, but I really have no idea what to download and what not to. I also can't seem to find my adapter driver anywhere on the CD.

I just want my laptop back to the way it was before I was dumb enough to not put Win7 on a separate partition.

Help, anyone?

A:Trouble reinstalling Drivers

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Windows 7 Home Premium X64 keeps re-installing the same existing USB drivers every time I plug in an USB device. This means every time I plug in my Wireless mouse, my printer, scanner, external hard drive... and so on I have to wait minutes before I can start using the device. Also, it does not just re-install the drivers from the hard disk, it does a lengthy check via windows update before it installs anything.

Does anybody know how to fix this? Thanks.

A:Win7 keeps reinstalling USB drivers

hi there
have you tried this> shut down computer unplug the mains cable press the power button on the pc for 5-10 sec re-plug the mains lead in boot up pc.(this should reset the motherboard)

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After installing Windows 7 32 bit, I cannot connect to the internet. It says drivers are not available.
It is a HP desktop, so does hp provide these drivers? I went looking anyway and started and cancelled the download because HP's servers are very slow and the downloads are averaging 10 KB/s.
What has to be installed and are there alternative sites to hp?

A:Reinstalling Windows and drivers

RVS2 said:

It is a HP desktop, so does hp provide these drivers?Click to expand...

HP Software and Driver Downloads for HP Printers, Laptops, Desktops and More | HP® Customer Support download the Wireless connectivity driver from here. If you don't have a wired connection, you can download on another machine and transfer.

RVS2 said:

What has to be installed and are there alternative sites to hp?Click to expand...

If the download speed is too slow at the above link and if you have a Wired connection already, you can install IoBit Driver Booster that will show certified drivers missing in your laptop along with available updates.
There's an opinion that some drivers shown by such apps are not stable to use. That shouldn't be the case with the wireless driver. I recommend not to download/update other drivers. Just look for the Wireless driver it suggests and download it.
There are alternatives though, like Drivereasy.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 531 with Vista. It was interupted during a Vista Auto Download. Currently, the system will turn on, go to Vista Logon and autmoatically shut down. I believe I can reinstall the Drivers from DOS....any help with the details?


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Hello, I have a Pavilion G7-1365DX that I just reinstalled Windows 7 with. The icons are very large, and the internet doesn't work. Those are the only two things that I noticed right off the top. I know I need to install the drivers, but when I searched all the drivers on the HP website, I wasn't sure which exact ones I needed after installing the OS again.  Which drivers are typically needed after installing Windows 7?  Also, am I supposed to download from another computer and put it on a USB, so I can install it from the USB on my laptop without working internet?  Lastly, do required drivers differ widely from model to model of HP laptops when installing a new OS? 

A:How do I know which drivers I need after reinstalling Window...

Hi: You need these drivers for your PC and yes, you can download them from another PC, copy them to a usb flash drive and install them from that... Install these drivers in the order I posted them and restart the PC after you install the 1st two. Graphics: This package provides the AMD High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver and Catalyst Control Center for supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system. For notebooks with switchable graphics modes, this package includes drivers for both graphics processing units (GPUs). Switchable graphics enable users to switch between a power-saving graphics mode (normally used under battery power) and a high-performance graphics mode. If high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) video output is supported, this package also installs the HDMI Audio Driver. http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp55001-55500/sp55081.exe Audio: This package contains the driver that enables the IDT High-Definition (HD) Audio in supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system. http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp59001-59500/sp59154.exe Ethernet: This package provides the Realtek Local Area Network (LAN) Driver that enables the Realtek Network Interface Card (NIC) Chip in supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system. http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp55001-55500/sp55083.exe Wireless: This package contains the driver installation package fo... Read more

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Hi, Im trying ot fixup my parents dv6-6b65ed (A1Q51EA#ABH)by replacing the hdd and do a clean install of windows 7 on the new drive, but when i try to install windows it can't find the drivers for the harddrive. This is happening with the original drive and with the new drive.  but it can find the hdd   Can it have somthing to do with raid0 configuration? like Intel rapid storiage technologie? Any tips are welcome.

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i am really really stuck, i have just reinstalled XP to my PC and now i do not have any sound, even when i go into the sound settings they are greyed out and it states there are no sound drivers... i am really stuck and do not know what to do???

i also realised that it wasnt picking up my graphics card but i managed to find a driver for this and reinstall it..

i have looked through the system and it states that on my motherboard the audio is NVIDIA MCP51 - high def audio controller
video chipset Nvidia geforce 7300GS (G72)
motherboard chip set Nvidia geforce 6100 (C51)

dont know if that makes much difference in trying to solve this problem, but i know i have had enough and am close to putting a hammer through my computer

any help would be greatly appreicated


A:No Sound Drivers after Reinstalling XP

Hello and welcome to the forum

We can get you going but need more information . . Is this a Branded pc or custom made?

If Custom, what brand and model is the motherboard?

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Right now i missing these and i cannot seme to find them anywhere and I cant get online on my laptop until I do. I need teh following.

network controller

video controller

base system device

standard VGA graphics adapter

I reinstaling new copy of windows in my laPTOP becuase ti was having issues and i despertatly need the ones above

I have a dell inspiron 1525 with windows vista home basic operationg system please help

A:looking for drivers after reinstalling system

You should go here- Drivers and Downloads | Dell [United States]

and look for the drivers you need. Download them and copy to a CD or flash drive and transfer them to your laptop and run them.

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Not every time but what seems like nearly every time I switch from battery to AC or visa versa the Bluetooth drivers reinstall (about 5 of them) and say "device is ready". The only BT devices I have at the moment are a wireless mouse and a portable printer which I seldom, if ever use BT.

Anyway to get the laptop to accept the current drivers without searching and reinstalling?

A:Bluetooth Drivers Keep Reinstalling

It's been 3/4 of a year, bump.

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Windows is freezing when I try to select my Handycam HC30 mini DV cam thru firewire for capture, until I unplug the device. Actually, first it'll say "cannot locate" a vid-cap device, but then after a bunch of time it'll kinda find it, but then just chokes trying to interface; locking up the system until unplug.

This problem has been happening since I did a fresh install of XP SP2, whereas before on the identical machine and platform it worked fine (reinstalled due to a corrupted boot sector).

I think the root problem may be that the PnP drivers Windows installed got corrupted when installed (a bubble at lower right said there may be problems with the installation). There don't seem to be custom drivers for this cam, nor are there any removable devices that I can see in device manager, so if someone can help me figure out how to remove this device (or other fix I'm not thinking of) so that I can try fresh again, that'd help alot.

FYI: The device does make the appropriate sound when you plug it in or out, and it still works w/same cable on a mac.

A:Reinstalling DV drivers for Handycam

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I use Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. My problem is: Whenever I try to print something (word, pdf, or any other file); printer spooler stops working and when I check the “Devices and Printers” all the printer drivers seem to be disappeared.

I checked the “Print Spooler” in the “Services” tool; and set the "Recovery after subsequent failures" option to “Restart the Service”. Therefore all the printer drives coma back after 1 minute. However the spooler stops immediately again when the uncompleted printing job starts; hence I can not print anything more than a page.

Earlier in this forum, someone posted that Microsoft issued a hotfix for this problem ( hotfix 2388142) which can be downloaded from article: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-US;2388142.

I downloaded this hotfix and tried to install, however it gives an error message of: “The update is not applicable to your computer” and quits installation.

I did uninstall and reinstall all the printer drives, but this did not help either.
Any suggestion?

A:Printer spooler keeps stopping and printer drivers keep disappearing

Yeah, I had the same issue. Even when I went into services and restarted it, it would shut back down and the printers would disappear. I tried working with the registry like a few suggested, but didn't help. The only fix that worked for me was to go back about a week on the restore point, and then all the printers reappeared and worked...

Quote: Originally Posted by p33174

I use Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. My problem is: Whenever I try to print something (word, pdf, or any other file); printer spooler stops working and when I check the ?Devices and Printers? all the printer drivers seem to be disappeared.

I checked the ?Print Spooler? in the ?Services? tool; and set the "Recovery after subsequent failures" option to ?Restart the Service?. Therefore all the printer drives coma back after 1 minute. However the spooler stops immediately again when the uncompleted printing job starts; hence I can not print anything more than a page.

Earlier in this forum, someone posted that Microsoft issued a hotfix for this problem ( hotfix 2388142) which can be downloaded from article: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-US;2388142.

I downloaded this hotfix and tried to install, however it gives an error message of: ?The update is not applicable to your computer? and quits installation.

I did uninstall and reinstall all the printer drives, but this did not help either.
Any sugge... Read more

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Hi guys,

Kind of annoying problem here... I have an HP LaserJet 1200 hooked up via USB to a Mac that is running 10.5 (Leopard). For the printer's first 5 years or so everything was great. I could get new computers set up to print to the printer with no troubles, until recently.

Recently, I upgraded my computer to Windows 7 and wanted to get the printer working again. I attempted to install the printer using the HP LaserJet 1200 PCL 6 printer drivers. It connected to the printer alright, but every time I printed it came out with a PCL XL Error: "Error: UnsupportedProtocol" instead of my document.

Now, every time I try to connect a new computer (Windows 7 or Windows XP, doesn't matter) the printer automatically installs the PCL 6 driver for the printer... which always prints out an error instead of the document I want. I can't find a way to manually choose the driver when I'm adding it because it's a network printer, not one that's locally hooked up.

I tried installing the PCL 5 driver manually, but the printer still ONLY wants the PCL 6 driver that gives me the errors. I tried to go to "Server Properties" while in Printers and Faxes to roll back the PCL 6 driver, but Windows can't find a driver to roll it back to.

Now, if I physically hook the printer up to the computer via a USB cable, it installs the PCL5 Driver and it works... but that's only when it's plugged directly in.

I'm extremely frustrated a... Read more

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Tried adding new HP printer drivers (m177 to a m452dn) however, now receiving a printer spooler failure with the resulting output:
Windows can't Add Printer.
The remote procedure call failed
Windows can't open Add Printer.
The local print spooler service is not running. Please restart the spooler or restart the machine.
I've tried windows recover, importing a registry known working registry file and copy /spool from working donor, but continuing to receive the problem. 

Is there a good resource or troubleshooting guide or documentation online to reference?
Running system file checker now to see if that will discover what occurred (sfc /scannow)

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I was working on getting the Canon ImageClass 4150 machine to work on a machine with Vista installed. I downloaded the new driver and upon trying to install the installer informed me that I needed to uninstall the previous instances of "MF Drivers" in order to reinstall.

I ran a utility included in the setup zip file that is supposed to remove previous Canon drivers in the 4100 series. I removed it from Add/Remove programs and also in the Device Manager. I've searched the computer (including hidden files, etc) and can't find any previous instances of the driver. Can't figure out what else I need to install.. Any help please?

A:Reinstalling printer driver for Canon ImageClass4150



MF refers to the model group...ignore the fact that the second link refers to Win 7. Both links are provided as just info to consider.


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I have a C309a printer (USB) which was working fine on my Sony Laptop with Windows 7. After upgrading to Windows 10 and downloading a w10 Ddriver from Windows Update, I clicked on Solution Center desktop icon to check printer ink, got a blank white box. Ithen went to your site and downloaded complete C309a software and attempted to reinstall several times unsuccessfully. At one point got a message that printer appeared to be functional so I  successfully printed and scanned a document. However have no solution center anymore. How do I get it back and reinstall entire HP 309a succesfully?

A:Reinstalling C309a printer after updating to Windows 10

@RLP9302 Welcome to the HP Community Forum.  Help, Instructions, Examples:Install Full Feature Software - Printer Section(s)Section titled The Windows 10 Printer Frenzy If your printer is no longer supported, try the Driver (software download) in:Section titled: Bits and Drivers=================================================================You can contact HP and ask about your printer situation -- see what you need / should do for your individual situation if it differs from the norm.Contact HP Support ? Web Assistance Portal If you are in the USA / Canada, fill in the Web form and leave contact information:Contact HP ? USA - Assistance HP Tech support/ Customer Service ? Some English Speaking CountriesIncluding UK and Europe ================================================================= HPSA version 8.x  - non-HP platform This is a new version of HPSA that does reportedly work on non-HP platforms; the program may run on your Sony computer.  I cannot verify;  I have HP systems in my home office. You might install HPSA (HP Support Assistant)  the latest version (8.0.26.x), add your printer device to HPSA, and then let this new version of the program guide you to install any new updates for your printer. Support HomeClick the "Identify Now" button on the right side of the screen >Accept the offer to download and install the latest HP Framework (HPSA) program on... Read more

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Friend's XP laptop I upgraded to Win7 here in Germany has a Lexmark X7170 printer which installed fine using its software package (he wants to scan). But the problem is he only wants to plug it in when he uses it, and every time he plugs it in now it tries to reinstall the drivers, making a new copy of the printer in Devices and Printers instead of recognizing the one already installed and set to default.

I have tried turning off Auto Device Installation but that only affects going to Windows Update, so it still scans the PC for drivers to install for a new Copy of the printer every time its plugged in, and for some reason doesn't find the needed drivers in their folder.

Is there a way to resolve this. It is using a Vista software package for this older printer, but it prints and scans fine if we can resolve this issue not present when he had XP.

I'm pretty sure its buggy software. The only version of the 7100 software I could get to work is the English version. Now when I try to delete the only listing in Devices and Printers it gives an Access Denied. I'm going to try reinstalling in recommended Compat Mode.

A:Lexmark 7100 printer keeps reinstalling when plugged in

Check if there are any Lexmark Services that aren't running before the printer is plugged in.
If there are, start the Service(s) before plugging in the printer and see if that helps.

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I have Dell Inspiron 531 desktop, Dell 946 printer.

Everything went to hell when I installed Zone Alarm firewall -- because I can't sign onto the internet without closing Windows firewall every time! -- after seeing someone here recommend it and before seeing additional posts regarding how much trouble it causes. And it did. I did a system restore to get back and running, but multiple things are still haywire.

The printer is the most pressing. I thought I would try uninstalling the driver and reinstalling, so I followed Dell's directions here:


I did these things as directed:

Double clicked on the icon
Rec'd prompt to Run
Clicked continue
Clicked OK to unzip files
"All files were successfully unzipped"

Then they say, "Follow the prompts that appear to install the driver. If prompted to restart your system, click OK."

But I don't have any prompts! Instead I'm looking at a screen that says "Computer, OS C: drivers, R145315" across the top. I'm in the install folder, right? But what do I do next? I've got folders that say "apps", "common", "drivers", "install", "pubs", "tools" all "date modified" today. If I click on the install folder, then I see folders that say "config", "English", "x86". None of which looks like ... Read more

A:Solved: Reinstalling printer driver - stuck.

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A third-party application called Air Display totally ruined my display settings on my switchable graphics card and it's stuck on a basic windows seven look
the last time this happened i fixed it by fiddling around with it
but this time it wont work
is there a way that i can completely delete all of the display drivers i have and install the appropriate ones again?

A:Reinstalling Graphics Drivers Problem

You may have deeper problems than that have you tried this:SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

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I have a Dell Optiplex GX280 computer (Tag # 2KD0271) running XP Home, Service pack 2. I had the FBI virus on it and Dell could not solve my problem so I got it to boot and reloaded XP. No drivers showed up. I have a ? for all the items under Other Devices on the Device Manager page. I do have video and sound even though there is a ? on those devices. I have gone to Dell's site and downloaded the ethernet driver (R78500.exe) to a USB and loaded it but it does not show up on the computer as being loaded. What am I doing wrong. I have read several of the other posts and tried different things but nothing has helped. Please help I've been working on this problem for a week with no results.

A:Solved: No drivers loaded after reinstalling XP

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I had serious problem with Windows 8 Release Preview and had to fully reinstall Windows 7 (Home Premium x64) on my HP Pavillon g6. The problem is that a lot of drivers are missing, especially network related drivers. I can't connect to any network.

Please, I really need help.

A:Reinstalling Windows 7: Drivers missing

I'd be happy to go and try to find the drivers you need. Just tell me what exact model you need for each driver, and I'll get as many as I can. You can find this info in the device manager.

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New here, Hi guys.

I recently picked up a pre-built machine that came with W7 (OEM) pre-installed and an Nvidia 8400GS. I replaced the 8400GS with a GTS 250 and figured I'd uninstall the drivers that W7 pulled in through Windows Update, and download the latest Nvidia drivers.

I uninstalled the stock drivers in the Device Manager, checked the "delete drivers" box and restarted the machine. W7 dedected the card and immediately started to auto-install drivers. I could skip the downloading of new drivers, but it still installed older Nvidia drivers (dated April or May 2009). Can this be prevented? If so, how?

Windows Update then offered to download newer drivers (September 2009), which I allowed manually (this part is fine). What I'm looking for is a clean way to uninstall the drivers installed by W7 and then manually install the driver package I downloaded from Nvidia.com.

On a side note (should probably make a separate post for this), is it normal that after the W7 desktop is displayed (including shortcut icons), after two seconds the icons reset (become white default icons) and somewhat slowly reload? After a reboot, that is. I don't remember this happening with the 8400GS before I fiddled with the drivers.

Thanks for any pointers!

A:How to skip auto-reinstalling of drivers?

Quote: Originally Posted by Mivo

New here, Hi guys.

I recently picked up a pre-built machine that came with W7 (OEM) pre-installed and an Nvidia 8400GS. I replaced the 8400GS with a GTS 250 and figured I'd uninstall the drivers that W7 pulled in through Windows Update, and download the latest Nvidia drivers.

I uninstalled the stock drivers in the Device Manager, checked the "delete drivers" box and restarted the machine. W7 dedected the card and immediately started to auto-install drivers. I could skip the downloading of new drivers, but it still installed older Nvidia drivers (dated April or May 2009). Can this be prevented? If so, how?

Windows Update then offered to download newer drivers (September 2009), which I allowed manually (this part is fine). What I'm looking for is a clean way to uninstall the drivers installed by W7 and then manually install the driver package I downloaded from Nvidia.com.

On a side note (should probably make a separate post for this), is it normal that after the W7 desktop is displayed (including shortcut icons), after two seconds the icons reset (become white default icons) and somewhat slowly reload? After a reboot, that is. I don't remember this happening with the 8400GS before I fiddled with the drivers.

Thanks for any pointers!

For the drivers, what I have done is just go to the device and click Upgrade Driver" then click "Have Disk" and browse to where the new... Read more

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Hey I have a Lenovo G70 and did a fresh install of Win10 on it. Then I reinstalled the Lenovo drivers from the driver partition D and now it won't boot anymore. It's stuck in a loop after the Lenovo font disappears.If I shut it down and then start it again it won't even get to the Lenovo font. It just stays black. Have to remove the battery and then I get the loop after the Lenovo font again. What do? Why did your own drivers kill the laptop?

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Hello, looking for advice. I have a Dell ATG laptop 6420 and I'm running a program called V1 golf swing analysis for my teaching business. Im having intermittent issues using the voiceover recording feature. After I record the voice over sometimes it doesn't save it. I've used this program for many years with no issues on older laptops. After I purchased this new laptop and It became infected w/ virus. Reinstalled Windows and downloaded drivers from website. Since I've never had issues with Dell laptops and the recording for voice over program on my V1 I'm thinking I didn't reinstall all of the correct drivers from the Dell website. Once I have the ATG drivers pulled up in the Dell website, How do I know which drivers I should be downloading from the Dell website ?
The computer otherwise seems to work perfect and I've spoken with the v1 tech support and they don't seem have the answers. Any suggestions or comments would be great thanks.

A:Reinstalling drivers from dell website

I don't know where you went for drivers on Dell however you could go from here after entering the information you should only be given a choice of the drivers your machine requires.
There are ways to check which driver you have installed now but it's just as easy to download them and run the installation executable.
One of two things will occur.
The driver will install or update the existing driver, if it asks if you want to remove the older driver first (for any of them) answer yes, the old one is removed, usually it will reboot and then proceed with the new installation.
The driver is not required or not the correct one so it will advice you that it won't install as it's not the right one.
In any event I think it highly unlikely you would disrupt anything doing this. Don't forget to backup and\or set a restore point before doing anything.

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So i dont screw up im trying to reinstall my mobo drivers for GA-M57SLI-S4 http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Support/Motherboard/Driver_Model.aspx?ProductID=2383 which one do i choose rev 2.0, rev 1.1 or rev 1.0?! Thanks all!

A:Reinstalling my mobo drivers which one do i choose? Please help!!

Look on your board and the revision should be marked by the model number.

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