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Motherboard ZIF connector for HDD

Q: Motherboard ZIF connector for HDD

Hello everybody. I damaged my ZIF connector (I believe this is the name of it after researching online). In other words, this socket is where the cable from the hard drive is inserted into on the motherboard of my HP Envy 15. I counted 10 pins on the socket that are soldered to the motherboard. I'm trying to buy this connector online and have not been successful. I have solder skills, so replacing it won't be an issue. Can somebody confirm if the ZIF connector is the name of the socket? Would anybody know where I can get this socket? Any information would be helpful and thank you in advance.

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Preferred Solution: Motherboard ZIF connector for HDD

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Hi, I was cleaning the fan but when I removedthe keyboard and removed the top I snappedthe flip up clip that holds down the powerribbon cable to the motherboard Does anybody know where I could get holdof one or a fix to secure it without the clip The model is a G580-2689 Thank you in advance for any help Neil 

A:Motherboard clip to secure power ribbon to motherboard connector

Well thats not a problem all you got to do is put those 3 screws back into the keyboard nuts and it should be good to go 

Lets make 2015 the year of the #DODid I or someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!

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On my current power supply, mycomputer gets past post and it runs fine and everything but when i opened it up recently, i saw the the power supply motherboard connecter connected tothe mother board but 4 motherboard pins were not connected. And my computer still works! Why is this?

And when i go upgrade my power supply do i connect all of the 24 pinsor do i match the pin setup on the picture?


See picture.

A:Motherboard Pin Connector

Hello Kelvin,

Yes, you would connect the new 24-pin PSU connection to the board with all 24 pins. Depending on the PSU you get, it may a one piece 24-pin or 20+4 pin connection. Here's some more detailed information about the ATX motherboard standard and 24-pin connections to help out more with this.

ATX - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hope this helps,

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Hi, I have an intel 484 socket motherboard without the video connector. How can i connect it with a monitor?

A:no vga connector on motherboard.

Plug a video controller card that has a VGA output into the motherboard and plug the monitor into the video controller. Exact type of controller card would depend on what kind of expansion interface types are available on the motherboard.

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I have a CD drive already connected to the CD input on the motherboard for sound. Right next to that connection is a 4 pin AUX connection. I can add a DVD drive to that using an additional audio cable correct? It is a Pentium 4 1.7 Ghz.

A:AUX connector on Motherboard

But why would you want to?

The audio connection is only normally used for analogue sound, and thats rarely needed these days. All sound streams from a DVD are usually digital, and carried with the IDE data cable to the best of my knowledge.

I certainly do not connect the audio from the DVD and have no problems.

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I just started building a new system by buying all new parts except using my old power supply. I realized that my old powersupply (Forton - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16817104952) only had a 20+4 pin connector instead of the 24 pin atx connector that my motherboard uses. I was wondering if I could combine the 20 pin and 4 pin connectors and plug them into the 24 pin socket, without causing any damage or malfunction.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Using a 20+4 pin connector with a 24 Pin Motherboard

I'm faily sure that that wont work!! You can however buy an adapter to do the job!!!!

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I just brought a new graphics card and a PSU (Corsair TX850). Everything my old PSU was connected to now has my new PSU, except for one 4-pin white box on the top right hand of my motherboard (Biostar TH55B HD) as my new PSU does not come with a 4-pin cable.

My motherboard can be seen here: http://www.biostar-usa.com/upload/Mo.../b20100111.jpg

Not sure what that 4-pin connector is for, all it says above it is ''Power Indicator'' and below it ''ATXPWR2''.

So was just wondering if it is necessary to have the right connector connected to it before I turn on my PC.


A:PSU with no 4-pin connector to motherboard

What does the Corsair TX850 manual say ? Is there a 8pin split connector coming out of the PSU ?

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Hi Yesterday I was replacing the keyboard on my P51 and by accident (really crappy clip) I broke one of two clips.Is there any chance to get/order/replace this clip on the keyboard? Please see the attachment.  

A:P51 -> Connector on motherboard

That kind of connector is now used by every manufacturer as it is thinner and lighter.  The connectors on the VERY thin machines, like x1 yoga and x1 carbon are even more fragile.  I have never seen any source of those parts, but you might look at something like the Mouser Electronics catalog or look at a broken board (organ donor).  If I had to try that sort of repair and found a source of the parts, I would try to gently heat the bail with a hairdryer and move it to the broken connector on the motherboard.  I have no idea if it would work.

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I want to ask what models can match my motherboard 6 pin connector from psu because i want to upgrade it from 320w to 450-600.Please help.

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im currious what this BT1 connector is for nothing is connected to it.

A:[email protected]#$%^&* need on this small connector on my motherboard

Bluetooth connection most likely. If that is what it is and your laptop doesn't have bluetooth on it, you have to remember most computer manufacturer's will only use a couple of makes/models of motherboards and will use one with all options available on it. They then use that board in most systems in a line up, and just charge more for the extras if used.

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Hi All,

I recently sleeved all the cables in my computer case and in the process, I ended up breaking the plastic USB connector (pictured below) for my computers front panel. I figured I could just order an extra connector but after searching for quite sometime, I cannot find anything.

Would anyone happen to know if these little plastic connectors can actually be purchased or what they are even called? I get a feeling that they have a specific name which is why my search is revealing nothing. Any help would be much appreciated. Feel free to let me know if you need anymore details or have any questions.

Thanks in advance,

A:Replacement USB to Motherboard Connector

Is this what you are looking for ?


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Hello everyone,
So I had 2 questions, and Ill try and make this as short as possible for your convenience.
I recently built my 1st gaming PC (Intel Core i7-3770, EVGA GeForce GTX 770, NZXT Phantom 240 - System Build - PCPartPicker Canada) , and had a couple problems with the display while the GPU (GeForce GTX 770) was plugged into the motherboard (MSI Z77A G41) which then I fixed... or so I thought... I got it to work through the motherboard, so now the display works on the monitors and I can start up the computer and install drivers for the GPU and see that the computer recognizes it in "Devices Manager" panel, but as soon as I plug the VGA connector into the GPU it shows no display once again... literally nothing, the light in the monitor just starts flashing after a while... I have tested 2 different monitors which gave me the same result, and I tried playing the the BIOS around but did not find anything that fixed the problem... so my question is does my GPU work even if it shows no display when I connect the VGA connector into the graphics card? If I was to install a game would I be able to run it at high settings or would it run in the integrated graphics card (Intel HD 4000)... and the other question is if it does not work, how do I fix this?
I appreciate your help in advance, and will try and answer the questions about this problem as soon as possible... thanks!
P.S. I made a post before about the problem that I had before this, which was that the graphic... Read more

A:VGA Connector works on motherboard, but not on GPU

You're trying to plug a VGA cable in ? Are you sure you're not trying to plug either a DVI, HDMI or Display Port cabeles. I have 2 Geforce GTX 760's in my pc and neither have VGG input on them. I really doubt the GTX 77's, 780's or Titan's do eitherTry a new DVI cable, preferably one that is dual-link and see what happenswhen you plug it into the lower DVI slot on your GTX 77 (it has 2). The top one is for DVI single-link cable's. Dual-Link one's look better.

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I disconnected the cpu fan from my motherboard and cannot find where to plug it back in?Sounds silly but I have literally scoured every inch of the motherboard and can find no suitable connector.
There is a four pin that it can plug into but that is labeled Aux Led, and the fan does not engage when plugged into that...


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Hey all, I would like to add 2nd hdd on my Lenovo T61. Can you please explain me what the type of the connector between the caddy and the motherboard? (Sata, IDE, Pata?)I have ordered caddy recently from here - https://goo.gl/2DZ7v1It didnt fit to the motherboard connection. Thanks in advance 

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So I just upgraded to a gigabyte z170 motherboard and I see that it only has an 8 pin connector slot for motherboard power. I only have a 4 pin connector on my power supply. Will it work with this or do I need to get an adapter of some sort?

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I recently received a used fan for my T500. While replacing the old fan, I inadvertently pulled off the fan connector on the motherboard. I tried looking for a replacement fan connector and came up with zilch. Where can I get a replacement motherboard fan connector without cannibalizing another laptop? I might as well get the male connector on the fan so that I'll have a matched pair and, if need be, replace both connectors. 


Go to Solution.

A:T500 motherboard fan connector

The only way is take one from an "organ donor".  Are you talking about the pins or just the plastic insulator?  If you are talking about the pins, you probably did more damage to the traces.  If you are just talking about the white insulator, it will just fit back over the pins.

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I recently received a used fan for my T500. While replacing the old fan, I inadvertently pulled off the fan connector on the motherboard. I tried looking for a replacement fan connector and came up with zilch. Where can I get a replacement motherboard fan connector without cannibalizing another laptop? I might as well get the male connector on the fan so that I'll have a matched pair and, if need be, replace both connectors. 

A:T500 motherboard fan connector

The only way is take one from an "organ donor".  Are you talking about the pins or just the plastic insulator?  If you are talking about the pins, you probably did more damage to the traces.  If you are just talking about the white insulator, it will just fit back over the pins.

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I have a Dell Dimension 8400 which recently shut down for no reason. The power switch had a solid amber light instead of the usual green. After disconnecting the power cord and reconnecting it some time later, the computer started up with no problems. A week later, the same thing happened only this time the amber light was blinking. I opened the tower and removed the power supply only to find the 4 pin, 12 volt connector between the motherboard and the PSU to be burned.

I tested the power supply by jumping the green wire and a black wire on the 24 pin connector of the power supply and reading the output voltage on the 4 pin connector. The fan works properly and the voltage output is a steady 11.75 vdc. It seems to be working; however, there is no load on it during this process.

Does anybody know what might be wrong with my computer? Is my power supply bad or am I in the market for a new motherboard? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Burned connector between motherboard and psu

I would guess the power supply has problems if you have melted wires, but that may have also messed up the motherboard, as a motherboard is more sensitive than a power wire. Did you test any other voltages? Sometimes just one voltage goes wacky, while the others are ok. If your 4pin connector is fried though then I'd think it was putting way too much voltage out at some time.

A power supply would be about $40.

A motherboard would be about $110
I think the 8400 has a motherboard that's in between atx and micro atx, so you'd probably have to get a micro atx board to get it to fit. It might have to have some modification to get the power button/leds to work with the new board. Here's a micro atx board that should work.

I'd probably replace the power supply first, and if that fixes the problem, good, but if not then replace the motherboard as well. Hopefully it didn't also mess up the cpu or ram or anything, or it could get very expensive.

amber light ? Blinking amber indicates a problem with an installed device; solid amber indicates an internal power problem (Click to expand...


Read this as well concerning light colors/meanings.
http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/dim8400/SM/adtshoot.htm#wp105372... Read more

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Hello everyone. I seem to be having a rather simple yet immensely frustrating issue. I'm building a computer, i plugged the power connector on the mobo, turned it on and bam, it worked.

Great right, well today i came home from work and it would not work. So i opened the case up and took out the power connector, after inspecting both ends i put it back in, fans started and the motherboard light came on but only for a second.

After fiddling with it some more i found that the only time my mobo gets any juice is when i put the connector from the power supply in just exactly the right place in the motherboard connector.

If i push it all the way in, i can hear an odd whining noise from my PSU. Like a gnat in your ear. I'm not sure how long the motherboard will stay on, as my hands are not steady enough but i know the times have varied. Any opinions? I have a corsair cx500 and a biostar ta880GB+ if that helps. Thanks!

A:Motherboard power connector

Just checking but did you also plug in the P4 12V ATX connector on the motherboard?

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I`m trying to do my first build. I have a Gigabyte Core 2 Quad/Intel P43/DDR2-1200/A&GbE/ATX Motherboard GA-P43-ES3G motherboard. I`m trying to hook the power supply to the mobo but there is a 4pin Atx12 v connector and a 24 pin ATX connector. Now my power supply Corsair 750W TX only has a 24 pin power. Do I only need to plug in the 24 pin, or do I have to get some adapter for the Molex so I can plug the 4 pin ATX 12V?


A:Motherboard POwer Connector Help!?

Yes you need to plug in both. There are adapters that convert the 4 pin Molex to a 4 pin 12V connector. Try a google search.

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When adding more RAM I broke the connector on the motherboard for the keyboard flat cable connector.  The little plastic piece on the connector that secures the cable into the connector is what broke. I have it working for now by using tape to hold the cable in the connector, but maybe I could buy another connector of the same type, remove that plastic piece, and put it in the broken connector on the MB?  Can someone identify the name or part number of that type of connector, so I know what replacement part I need? I guess it's some type of a ZIF connector?

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I have this computer, and we are replacing the motherboard. Everything fits fine, and when you turn on the PC everything has power and the CPU fan spins and everything, but it does not POST.

We believe the problem is that the JPW1 power connector is not connected. The manual says that this 12V connector provides power to the CPU. The old motherboard did not have this connector, and thus the power supply does not have a connector that fits.

Is there a way to adapt one of the free power connectors to the JPW1 connector? If not, will we need a new power supply?


A:MSI Motherboard - JPW1 Connector

Sure here is one retailer who has what you need


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I currently have an asus P5KPL-VM mobo with a 4 pin power connector for the proccessor. I would like to buy a new asus mobo, and I've found the perfect one for my needs but the processor power connector is an 8 pin setup with a removable plastic cover over 4 of the pins. Am I able to use this mobo with the same processor and power supply with the 4 pin setup, or do I need a new power supply with the 8 pin connector.

A:Solved: motherboard power connector

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Hi Guys:

It's been a while since I've posted a question, however, this one is really bugging me. Recently, I've been putting together a lot of systems that have the 9-pin front-panel connection on the motherboard. The problem for me is that the ACPI/LED has only a
2-pin and most cases come with 3-pin cables. No mater which way I input the 3-pin cable, the front-panel LED light will not come on. Does anybody know what I'm referring? If you can Be of assistance, please give me some input.


A:Motherboard 9-Pin Front-Panel Connector

If the motherboard requires a 2 pin connector and the case manufacturer supplies a 3 pin connector just take the pins out of the connector and place them next to one another in the connector. There is a little tab on the connector you can lift up and slide the pin out. It's hard to explain here, but once you look at it closely you will see what I mean.

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I'm assuming these are not USB 3.0 ports but what kind of USB bracket plugs would work here?  

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I am shopping around for a new power supply for this motherboard. In addition to the ATX and ATX12V connectors, there is also an AUX power connector on this board. The PSU's I'd like to get for it (namely, the SmartPower2.0 from Antec) do not have this connector. This review by anandtech seems to indicate this motherboard does not need the aux power to function correctly.

Can anyone here confirm this? Thanks!

A:ASUS P4T motherboard and AUX power connector

From that article, I take that it can work without it.
I have an old psu that has a power lead like that, but it's only 230w.
Maybe some psus still have that connector.

Edit: I found one psu that has the 6pin aux connector. Fortron 350w
http://www.newegg.com/Product/ShowI...350-60PN-R1 ATX12V 350W Power Supply - Retail
It's on the right of the pic.

Another one.
Antec true 430w
http://www.newegg.com/Product/ShowI...=Antec TRUE430 ATX 430W Power Supply - Retail
The connector is 3rd from the left.

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I just bought a new motherboard and a new Amd Phenom II 965 Black Edition Processor.
I believe I have installed everything correctly except for the the System Panel(The case power button which has 20-8 connector)I have 2 cords coming from the area near my power button one has 4 connection holes. The other one has 9(It's got a ton of different color cords combine).

I am not sure how to get the power button to work or even light up. If I plug in the 4 hole connector in a certain way the computer when plugged in turns on using the I/O but nothing comes up on the screen.The fans and lights however go(excluding the power button light).

I also have no idea whether which cord connects my 15 in1 Card reader(for cameras).

My Computer
Vista 64 bit(I have a windows 7 professional cd I plan on installing)
My motherboard is a M4A78-EM.
I have an Hp Pavilion.
Put in a new power supply,ram and graphics card awhile back.
Nvidia Gts 250
550 Watt power supply
8 Gigs of Ram
Amd Phenom II 965 Black Edition Processor

I could really could use help!

To Clarify what im trying to do
Need help connecting an HP Pavilion Power Button cord to my M4A78-EM motherboard.

A:Problem:New motherboard and Panel connector!

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Looking for recommendation on a motherboard. Socket 1156.

A:Good motherboard with eSata connector(s)

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Hello,  recently I have purchased an XW9400 motherboard, a -005 AS#, and I have been reading a lot on various PC sites about issues using industry standard fan/heatsink combos with the CPUs. Can someone please give me the correct pinouts for the CPU0/CPU1 connectors, P70/P71?  At first, I thought I'd splurge and buy a couple of the fan/heatsink combos from HP, but the $330+ pricetag nearly gave me an aneurism.  I'm a disabled veteran and don't have much money to spare.  I build multi-CPU PCs as a hobby and therapy.  I have two new Dynatron fan/heatsink assemblies which are industry standard, but I neither want to burn them up nor damage the motherboard in any way. Also the power supply I am using, a Sentey 725W, does not have an 8-pin plug that will work for P3.  It does have a 6-pin PCI plug that fits electrically with what is there and the voltage requirements.  My question is whether pins 3-4 and 6-8 are in parallel for current carrying purposes and are supplying power to the exact same points on CPU1.  If this is the case, I feel the 6-pin plus will handle the demands of the board admirably. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer in this matter! RR

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Trying to troublshoot a problem here, on a pentium II. The h/d has had a virus for some time, and was not worked on in quite a while. When booted, it kept restarting...unable to get into 'safe mode', or any option for that matter, keeps restarting. The hard drive did work on this system, until somebody used a vac on it to clean out the thick dust on it!!! Now, there is no power to the h/d period. So, I took out the h/d and put in into another system, it booted, let alone the problem of it restarting. First, I want to know what else I could do to see why the h/d won't boot in the original system. Here is what I checked. Disconnected the cable and power cord from the h/d, reconnected them. Made sure of the proper connector seated on the M/B. Checked all the other hardware, made sure everything was connected where it is supposed to be. I am to believe that maybe the M/B, or another device was ruined by the vac that was used on it. Any other suggestions? THis is not my puter...I am responsible, however if I choose to work on it. So, I have to be careful what I do here.

A:Motherboard/Connector problem...troublshooting

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I can't seem to find any specification for the LCD connector on my motherboard. Does anyone know where I could find it?
I have the DA0R09MB6H3 motherboard. The LCD port is just like the one below:
The problem is that I have the LCD cable for the Da0r09mb6h1, it is basically the same board, with a different LCD connector.The cable model is DDR09TLC040, which is labeled as "R09 eDP LCD Cable". Is there an adapter for this cable? Could not seem to find. Below there is a picture for the Da0r09mb6h1 LCD port:

A:Inspiron 7720 motherboard - LCD Connector specification

Sorry, i know this is a kind of newbie question. Apparently my cable is an LCD eDP, while the port is LCD LVDS. Does anyone know if there is a eDP to LVDS converter that would fit inside a 7720?

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I am attempting to transfer the motherboard of my h50-50 to a different case.  I am doing this in order to make room for a much larger video card and psu that simply will not fit in the Lenovo case.  I have run into a bit of difficulty with the 'Front panel connector'.  If you look in the 'Lenovo H50 SeriesHardware Maintenance Manual' it is on page 28 (Lenovo H50-50).  I have been trying to find the specs on what each pin is for but have been unable to find such information.  Could someone please direct me to where I can find such information or could you please provide me with the details?  Specifically I am looking for the power switch pin(s), hdd activity pin(s) etc. thanks

A:H50-50 motherboard Front panel connector pin layout

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
There is no documentation that I am aware of that show the pinouts of the various connectors on your motherboard.  I would just use an Ohm meter on your old H50-50 case and trace wires on the old front panel plug.  Once you know how the old plug was configured you will know the pin assignments on the motherboard. 

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Hi...my Intel SSD which is my OS-C drive is connected to the motherboard SATA connector designated as SATA connector 3. On initial install of W7 I had a problem where the MBR was installed on my internal N drive (connected to motherboard SATA connector 0 ) instead of on same drive as OS.
I have sorted out the problem some time ago so the MBR was migrated to the same drive as the C drive. That problem sorted out.

What I need to know is are they any problems/consequences with my OS-C drive being on motherboard SATA connector designated as SATA connector 3 rather than in the traditional position of using SATA connector 0 on motherboard for C drive ?

Also if I swap them around so C on 0 & N on 3 on motherboard; will this cause any problems, and will the PC boot up as normal with C being disk0 and N being disk3 within the Computer Mgt Window ?

Should point out PC is running fine without any obvious problems.

Thanks in advance.... Gary

A:C Drive Connected to Motherboard SATA Connector 3 Instead of 0.

It makes no difference whatsoever. Upon booting, when the POST has completed, providing that you have a bootable OS present, the system will boot from that disk regardless of which motherboard connector it is attached to (or if it is attached to an expansion card, like mine is). On one of my older systems, I couldn't use ports 0 and 1 because they were obscured by my graphics card. There was no problem in booting with the drive attached to one of the other ports.

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In the process of upgrading to Vista 32-bit, I have had to change the SoundBlaster Live card which had a Gameport to a SoundBlaster Audigy 24-bit Card which has neither a Gameport nor a USB port for connecting my External Synthesizer to the Computer.
I find on the Yamaha web-site that they have a USB to two 5-pin DIN plugs (for MIDI-IN & MIDI-OUT) connector along with the driver. My old connector has the two 5-pin DIN plugs. Is it advisable to get a local computer shop to convert the Gameport 15-pin plug to a USB plug? Or is it a tricky job? Will the Yamaha driver or a Vista driver make my external synthesizer work?

P. Jayant

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My motherboard has a 24 pin connection and I got a power supply with a 20 pin connection. While I'm waiting for my order of 24 pin connection power supplies, I realized that the 20 pin can fit in the 24 pin motherboard. Will I blow anything or cause harm if I power it up with the 20 pin power supply in the 24 pin connection of the motherboard?

Did I use the correct terminology? I am still learning. Thanks in advance.

A:Motherboard/Power Supply main connector

You wont do any damage, possibly won't power up.
There are adapters to change from 20pin to 24 pin http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=46201

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I see model for example as Lenovo Y580 , has the same keyboard for my laptop i can change position of screws and insert perfectly , but the problem itīs i donīt know if my model ( Lenovo G780 ) has power mother board connector for the light of KeyboardI see official Lenovo forum and i find post where tell guy from support , model Lenovo G780 have support as optional for use Keyboard Backlit , i try search for motherboard of Lenovo G780 ( My Laptop) if really have this connector for give power to the light for this kind of keyboard , but donīt find nothinghttps://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-B-and-G-Series-Note...My question itīs about this , Has Lenovo G780 Power connector from mother board for connect Keyboard Backlit or no , if exists this connector , i can use for example Keyboard Backlit of model Lenovo Y580 and other i see in Ebay with the same configurationThankīs for the help , regards to all community

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I have replaced a faulty dell motherboard with a Gigabyte GA-H61M-S2PV new one.
The chasis connector for power button is compatible with the original motherboard, but i need to know which pins placed where, so i will be able to connect them to the new motherboard. 
Gigabyte have this in the manual: 
where can i find the same from dell motherboard?

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HI, I was wondering if it is safe to use an atx psu on a motherboard with an eatx power connector. The motherboard has a 24-pin eatx and a 4-pin atx 12v connector. I bought the motherboard and started using an atx psu and everything seems to work ok then realized after it was an eatx power connector on the motherboard. Are there eatx psu's? Thanks

A:Safe to use ATX PSU on a motherboard with an EATX power connector?

EATX is a form factor (12"x13") not a power connector. I'm assuming you are talking about using a PSU with a 20 pin (old ATX) connector with a newer motherboard that has a 24 pin (current ATX) connector. If that is the case you will need to consult your motherboard's manual. Some 24 pin boards run fine with only 20 pins some don't. The issue is that each pin in only rated to carry a certain amount of current (Amps). If you overload one of these pins your risk burning or melting the ATX connector on either the PSU, Motherboard, or both.

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Hello everyone, I am looking into some ways to upgrade and extend the life of my B750 AIO Ideacenter PC. I have noticed that there is a connector on the motherboard below the RAM slots that looks to be either mSATA or mPCIe. The only reference I could find indicates it was for a WiFi add on. The first question is wheter it is SATA or PCIe since they are physically similar.The second queston is wheter it would support an SSD in the mSATA or mPCIe form. Thanks for any help!

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Motherboard Front Panel connectors Zeus 60 R1 07G Samsung.
Pls send a picture of the panel or tell me which color wires to which one

Power button , HDD , LED Display


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I cannot find the power switch connecter on this mother board, it's not even listed in the manual, that I could find any way. Any help would be much appreciated!

A:ASUS P8Z77-M Motherboard Power Switch Connector?

Are you looking for the ASUS Q-Connector?

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I need to find a replacement part for the connector that clips my T580's SATA cable onto the mother board. Here are some images of that I'm referencing: https://imgur.com/a/QpXONVI https://imgur.com/gallery/yFDfcis . Does anyone know where I could get one and/or exactly what it's called? For some background: I've recently started experiencing filesystem corruption which results in my machine being dropped into a read-only filesystem mode (I'm running Ubuntu). I tried various SSDs and Linux versions with no luck. I started to look closer at this connector and it appeared that some pins were loose/unaligned. Of course, as I tried to straighten things out, I broke the clip. I'm hoping I can replace this and solve my issues. Thanks!

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So I have noticed my pc would shut off randomly and its because the 24 volt connector wasn't in all the way so when the pc would move slightly the connector would disconnect itself. When I go to push the 24 volt in all the way it wont clip onto the clip on the motherboard. It will stay in but it wont fully go in and I can easily just pull it out or it will just fall out from movement. Any ideas how to fix this?
Motherboard- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130741
PSU- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139026

A:24 Volt connector wont fully connect to Motherboard

I think it is not 24 volts. it is a 24-pin(also labelled as 20+4pin) , 12volts main power connector.
the slots are designed so that the power connector will slide into the slot to form like a 'lock and key'. to remove it.
see to it that the power connector is inserted in the right direction as shown in the pics (towards the side):

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Hi, I just purchased a Gigabyte UD3R motherboard. My computer case is at least 6 years old (don't know make) and many of the connectors don't match description to motherboard.

Cables for Audio:


RETURN R (White)

SPKOUT L (White)

SPKOUT R (Green)

GROUND (Black)

MIC BIAS (Yellow)

MIC-IN (Pink)
My case doesn't provide an HD audio module so I need to set it up for AC'97 functionality. The pin set up is as follows
Pin 1 - MIC

Pin 2 - GND

Pin 3 - MIC Power

Pin 4 - NC

Pin 5 - Line Out (R)

Pin 6 - NC

Pin 7 - NC

Pin 8 - No Pin

Pin 9 - Line Out (L)

Pin 10 - NC
Really appreciate the help. Thanks!

A:Solved: New Motherboard + Front Panel Connector Confusion

Most probably should work by:
MIC-IN to pin 1,
MIC BIAS to pin 3,
GROUND to pin 2,
SPKOUT R to pin 5,
RETURN R to pin 6,
SPKOUT L to pin 9,
RETURN L to pin 10.

Please don't mark threads solved if they aren't, less people will wander to the thread if it looks like no further help is needed.

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I've just received my brand new XPS 8900 this week, in replacement of my Inspiron 530s which finally died after 8 years of good service (realizing my previous post on Dell Community is over 8 years old...). It's the high-end configuration with GTX 960 video card, 256MB SSD, 2TB HDD.
I have a small issue with it and would appreciate an outside opinion on this :
Yesterday, I opened my XPS 8900 in order to add an additional HDD. In the process, I noticed that the GTX 960 fan-case is firmly pressing against the front panel USB 3.0 cable, to the point the plug is slightly bent. Moreover, the cable is slightly obstructing the GTX 960 fan. I was a bit displeased with this, as this is clearly inappropriate cable routing. Apart from this, all other cables within the XPS 8900 are very tidy.
I removed the GTX 960 (this is necessary in order to remove the HDD cage) and then realized that the front panel USB 3.0 cable is indeed too short, and the plug is very wobbly. I tried to pull gently, in order to detach the cable and find a better way to route it. It appears that the USB 3.0 socket (the clear-blue plastic part) isn't attached to the motherboard! I noticed the securing clip, and, while pressing it, I lifted the plug slightly (~3mm). But the socket would not unclip and would come out together with the plug. From fear of bending a pin, I pushed the plug back in and gave up trying to detach it. Then, I installed the HDD and put every... Read more

A:Brand new XPS 8900, motherboard USB3.0 connector issue

On mine I unplugged the motherboard end and routed it bent 90 degrees and under the card.  To do this I had to unplug it and leave it unplugged while I routed the cable flat.  Then inserted a GTX960 and screwed the card holder back in.  With the cable pinned down by the card in the back I replugged it into the motherboard.   I agree this cable is too short.  Unfortunately the motherboard connector is microscopic pins which are easily bent or broken off.  While I did this once I would not recommend doing it again.  Its not a standard 20 pin USB3 front panel connector.  
Worse Still the 8900 service manual DOES NOT SHOW Actual pictures of the inside of an 8900.
The black usb cable to the blue 20 pin micro connector on the motherboard is not shown in any pictures.


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Currently, I turn my computer on, and nothing happens, except green light on mother board and yellow light on computer "On" switch. I started testing power supply. That obviously works. I disconected everything from power supply and started to reconnect everything one by one.
Everthing seemed to allow the test switch on power box to power everything except when i came to connecting the 2x2 auxiliary atx 12v power connector (P9), into the mother board. It quickly shorts everything out, and i'm back to square 1 with just having the yellow "on" switch and green light on mother board, and fans shut off again.
Whats the problem?

I have a 500s 1.5 hertz gateway
Any help would be greatly appreciate.d...


A:Connecting 2x2 connector from power supply into motherboard shorts everything out?

If you don't own a power supply tester take your tower to a local shop and have them test the power supply. Even if the power supply tests good, have them "jump" a known good power supply to the board and see if the problem continues.

I have people bring towers in quite often for testing. It takes 20-30 minutes and the cost should be minimal perhaps $25-$30. You need to find out if your problem is with the power supply or the motherboard.

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