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x230 BIOS. Boot order not changing

Q: x230 BIOS. Boot order not changing

Hello, I've a Thinkpad X230 and I want to change the Boot order but it's not possible. I'm not aware thtat any kind of password have been defined and the system is never asking for one. I can edit all elements of the BIOS except for the Boot order. could anybody help? I checked all possible threads regarding the BIOS but could not find my problemm anywere. here are the screenshots of all the BIOS configuration. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5f8gvchb2kx22s6/AAAmcRLBCLx4yHKlavOOqLl2a?dl=0 if naybody means that a password have been set up. Please let me know how could I make the system prompt for it because otherwise I could not even try to find out the password

Preferred Solution: x230 BIOS. Boot order not changing

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A: x230 BIOS. Boot order not changing

Hello and welcomeAre you able to hit +/- keys to change the boot order?Srartup menu-> Boot-> Choose the drive you want to change, hit "+" or "-" keys to change the order.The option to prevent (lock) to change the boot order is disabled on your photo #25.

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Hi i have a problem, i recently upgraded my sony vaio pc with a SSD.

originally it had 2x500gb RAID0 as the C disk but i clean installed on my new vertex 2 SSD and set everything up, BUT my bios keeps changing the boot order and i keep getting 'boot manager missing' press ctrl+alt+del to restart.

the RAID 0 is under Volume0 in the bios (limit bios as its from sony)

but it keeps putting [SONY] as the 1st boot and the best i can gues this is the in-built card readers.

I ve tried everthing and i cant get it to stay as i set it.

Also i cant update my bios as the .exe update tool gets a 'Cannot read system information' error message.

please and help would be amazing, ive been pulling my hair out for hours.

A:Bios Keeps changing boot order...

When you reinstalled with the single HD, did you change the SATA controller to AHCI or IDE mode? Or is it still set ot RAID? Check all BIOS settings related to SATA, IDE or RAID drives controller.

How many HD's are connected? Try booting with only the Win7 HD plugged in.

You say that "SONY" is listed as the First boot device. Sony what? Can you be more specific as to what device this is? Try setting the HD upon which Win7 is installed as first to boot if it's not.

Next try resetting the CMOS: Clear CMOS - 3 Ways to Clear the CMOS - Reset BIOS

See if you can update the BIOS now, or if the problem clears. Post back a screenshot of the full Disk Mgmt drive map with listings, using Snipping Tool in Start Menu.

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I am getting Boot Failure Insert Disk in A. (Windows XP)

I checked the boot sequence in the BIOS and the IDE is 3rd. How do I change it to 1st?


A:Changing Boot Order in BIOS

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I just recently had to upgrade to a 880gm-ud2h motherboard after my old one died (an older model, also updated the RAM and Processor, but not the hard drives or video card) but now that I've done all this, something has messed up with Windows.
Whenever I start the computer, windows will seem to start normally, then a BSOD will flash for less than a second before the computer reboots and demands that I run the System Repair thing for Windows. After running this three times without effect, I decided that I was better off installing a new OS (I lost my repair disk), and created a USB bootable for Ubuntu.
However, with this USB boot drive plugged in, hitting F12 during boot up brings up the BIOS boot order as normal, but no matter which option I choose nothing changes.

Can anybody help me with this problem?

A:Boot order of BIOS isn't changing

Well for some reason it finally decided to work, but now the computer won't go past a black screen that says "Loading Operating System..." and it sat there for about fifteen, twenty minutes,.

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Computer is an Asus. Windows 7. Has been having issues.. blah blah.. how do I change the boot order so that it goes to CD first? Thanks in advance.
...Tried to upload picture but it is too large apparently. Here is a link to it:

A:Bios.... Changing Boot Order???

Hello and Welcome
From the picture it looks like you would use the up/down arrow keys to hightlight Boot Option 1 and then use the +/- keys to change it.
I believe you can also access the boot order menu by tapping Esc or F8 at boot for ASUS but it depends on the model number.

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HP 110-016 runing updated Windows 10.  Am trying to dual boot to ubuntu.  Ubuntu is installed and works along side windows.  Changing the boot order in the BIOS will not stick.  It always changes back to boot only windows.   I get into the BIOS change the boot order so Ubuntu boots first, do F10 to save then do a save and exit.  At this time the computer will boot to Ubuntu, but as soon as I turn the computer off and then restart it will boot to windows. This is not what I want. Is there something wrong with the BIOS?  Any fixes?

A:Changing boot order in BIOS will not stick

@danmf?, welcome to the forum. It has been awhile since I used Ubuntu, but I believe that you have to use GRUB to select the drive that you want to use at boot.  I suggest going to www.ubuntuforums.org for help.  They are the experts on Ubuntu. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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Heys guys, I'm hoping I can get some help with this. I have a Lenovo y410p. It has 2 drives, one with the OS (120GB SSD 40mm N.2 NGFF) and a data drive(1TB HDD)
My computer recently crashed when I was installing a piece of software, (Bentley MX Road, it's a road alignment package.) When I restarted my laptop I was greeted with a lovely message informing me that winload.efi was corrupt. That was fine so I did a bit of research to fix it involving getting a recover DVD and going to the command prompt to rebuild BCD. That didnt work for me as it didnt detect windows. I tried to see what was up with the SSD using DISKPART & CHKDSK. Neither of these showed the SSD. They only showed the HDD
So now to take a step back, In order to get the recovery DVD to boot I had to change the boot option in the BIOS from UEFI to legacy support. This showed me a list of bootable devices (HDD, SSD, DVD etc.) When UEFI is selected only one option is available which is the Windows boot manager. This is followed by the serial number of the HDD which does not have any OS on it.
I have tried using f12 which give me the windows boot manager option and nothing else. When I select this, it boots me into the error message.
So to get to the root of this, how can I change the boot order when the BIOS is set to UEFI so I can repair the winload.efi file on the SSD. Thanks for any help.

A:Changing boot order when BIOS is set to UEFI

You change it the same way as before. Usually you can do it withe the OEM software installed on Win8.

You may have to turn off Fast Boot if set.

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Okay, I have a Lenovo ThinkCentre 7373CTO. And i would like to use multiple drives. i could do it on any other machine.Anyways. i start the pc i go into setup i go to boot order to make sure my Hitachi boot drive is #1 so my other drive that simply holds files is not reconized to boot from, so i change the boot order i re arrange it just he way i like it. and i go to the EXIT tab. The Save and Exit option is always greyed out and it always makes me exit without saving. I need to know how to save it.

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Hi everyone.
A little embarrassing but I can not change the boot order in the BIOS of my mobo to boot from the ODD in order to boot from a CD. My mobo is an Intel desktop board DH55TC. Hopefully there is some of you guys who has the same mobo who can give me a little help.
Merry Christmas.

A:Help changing boot order in Intel BIOS

Changing boot order in BIOS setup steps are on page 64 here: http://downloadmirror.intel.com/1850...chProdSpec.pdf

You can also get a one-time BIOS Boot Menu by pressing F10 key repeatedly at first boot screen.

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(Operating System is XP Pro_SP3)

I recently built a desktop with a Gigabyte mobo.

I have several USB and USB + eSATA external hard
drives. The SATA internal drives consist of two in a
RAID 0 configuration. There is only one operating
system installed on the RAID 0 internal drives.

Naturally, I set the RAID 0 drives to boot first in the
main BIOS setup. 99% of the time that's where the boot
begins for most of us. I've got the usual seperate
boot menu that allows you to boot from another
device. On the next reboot it reverts back to the normal
boot order.

I found out too late the this mobo randomly changes
the boot order. If one or two external drives are turned
on the boot order will be scrambled. This is beyond
insane because you cannot boot from something that
has no operating system, active partition, etc.

Google turned up a long list of posts on other forums
about this problem. It occurs with other mobo's besides

Someone suggested checking out BIOS Overlay's
and bootloader programs.

The only thing I remember about overlay's is that they
were used with an older BIOS that would not recognize
a partition over a certain size. A few years ago hard
drives capacities exploded but a lot of folks had older
mobo's that couldn't "see" these big drives.

Bootloaders or boot managers are usually used when you've
got two or more operating systems installed. Could this
type of program lock my system so it would always bo... Read more

A:BIOS Keeps Changing Boot Order Priority

Do you have the latest bios version? If not go to gigabytes site and download it and flash the board.

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Noob at this and need assistance if possible.... Installing a new SSD (taking out the current), and for the life of me I cannot get into the Bios anymore nor finding the "boot order menu" for my USB Thumb drive using the F-12 key, nor the F-1 key.  I did from time to time, but it was hit and miss using the F-12 key. When I did get into the Bios prior, I went into Settings> Update & Security>Recovery>TroubleShoot method, entered Bios, then "Start Up" menu, but I could not find the sub menu "Boot Up Order" to change it for my Thumb drive to install the OS to my new SSD.   Hope I was somewhat clear.  Anyone can assist ?  Thank You so very much    

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I have 5000+ HP computers where we would like to use the BCU to modify the boot order.  The test computers all have the latest version of the BIOS installed.  We are initiating the boot order change from a remote computer.  All seems to go well, as in no errors received or displayed.  However, the boot order does not change. Or, even stranger, the boot order seems to change but when the target computer is rebooted, the boot order reverts to what it was originally.  I threw a lot of rocks at this but none have hit anything yet.  Thanks for suggestions.

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I am choosing which OS to boot by changing the boot order in my BIOS. To me, this seems clean and simple. I built 32 bit XP on one disk, then removed that disk from my system, installed a different disk, and built 64 bit W7.

When both disks are installed, I change the boot order to select the OS I want, and each OS sees and can use the files on either disk.

Am I asking for trouble here, or is this as clean as I think it is? What I want is one set of user document files which can be used from whichever OS has been booted.

A:Choosing which OS to boot by changing BIOS boot order

Quote: Originally Posted by pander1203

I am choosing which OS to boot by changing the boot order in my BIOS. To me, this seems clean and simple. I built 32 bit XP on one disk, then removed that disk from my system, installed a different disk, and built 64 bit W7.

When both disks are installed, I change the boot order to select the OS I want, and each OS sees and can use the files on either disk.

Am I asking for trouble here, or is this as clean as I think it is? What I want is one set of user document files which can be used from whichever OS has been booted.

There are no problems with doing it that way its just a PITA. with minimal work you can have a bootloader where all you have to do is click the OS you want to run. You need to use a tool like bcdedit. there are instructions for itis use here BCDEDIT - How to Use .How this helps and let us know if you need help with anything


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I bought a set of recovery disk from computer surgeon, got the 3 dvd running smooth then while the software was being initialized, I got a red screen, apparently I forgot to take off the jack from the PC connecting to the internet I was told to change the boot order in the BIOS and start all over again I press F10 got to setting then to boot, highlighted  and selected boot device priority as their instructions, I press enter..a pop up came with an options enable or desable  it was desabled  so I enabled it but couldn't see  any CD ROM to select, there was no list. was quiet a ride but after a few " glinches" I got there, but once in a while  as I am doing some settings the BIOS screen flashes and computer stops with a screen with safe mode start window normally ect... am I supposed to put the bios screen back to default ? sorry have no idea ha ha  help or tips would be awsome Thanks   

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Hi, I have a HP Pavilion 15 n204tx Notebook with Windows 8.1 running. Now I would like to install a SSD by replacing the optical drive. I am not an expert and I did some digging. I heard that before I install Windows to the new SSD, I should change settings in BIOS to AHCI concerning my hard drive. My Problem now is that I can't find it in BIOS. Where can it be found and maybe changed? Is it really needed to change BIOS mode? What are my alternate choices?

A:UEFI BIOS Access, Changing Boot Drive Order To SSD

Hi, No, you can't do that. You have to swap SSD and HDD. Put old HDD to the caddy. Regards.

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Hello, wondering if anyone can help with this issue. I am looking to install xp so I wrote the .iso onto a bootable USB and changed the boot order in the bios to boot from USB first. Then after it rebooted, the screen stays black with no bios screen etc. Not sure why it doesn't come up, any suggestions? Thanks

This is an acer aspire one netbook running ubuntu 10.04. 120gb hdd and 1gb Ram. Have absolutely no problems in past with it and it's about a year and a half old.

Extra info :-: when trying to hit the caps lock in the blank screen, the light does jot come up and the keyboard seems to be unresponsive. I am letting it cool down as it was on all day whilst o was researching the xp installation so will attempt to turn it on again soon but fear it may be to the boot order change.

A:Solved: Blank screen on startup after changing boot order to boot from USB.

Any POST messages?

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Hi there,Recently got a HP Pavilion g6 2213sa which came with Windows 8 (spit!) and this disgusting UEFI BIOS replacement (double spit!).Anyway, I need to dual boot Ubuntu on my system, so I installed Ubuntu. Normally, on a non UEFI system, a "Grub" bootloader installed by Linux would take over the startup process, and allow you to choose between either Windows 8 or Ubuntu on startup. However, on this computer, startup is just booting straight to Windows 8 despite the fact that Ubuntu and Grub IS installed.Now, upon startup, if I press F9, then I get to change the boot-device on a one-time basis. I can either select "OS Boot Manager", which loads Windows 8, or "Ubuntu" which loads the Grub bootloader which allows me to select Windows 8 or Ubuntu.However, when I press F10 to enter the Bios Setup with the intention of changing the boot order permanently, the Ubuntu option isn't there. Instead it has OS Manager, USB Disk, CD Rom, USB CD Rom and Network Card.Thanks, HP for, the crappily designed BIOS.Anyway, can anyone PLEASE provide me a way of changing the boot order so that GRUB is loaded first and NOT this crap Windows 8 rubbish (that I would happily bin if I didn't need it for work). 

A:Changing Boot Order on Dual Boot Windows 8 and Ubuntu

Looks like HP forums are just as useful as HP customer service and HP computers - i.e., not very useful at all.Problem solved though. Took the piece of crap back for a full refund and won't be buying HP again.Happy days.Bye.

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hello i  i need help with this . i installed linux os next to win 10 now the system boots to windows directly i want to change the boot order i already disabled secure boot and changed to legace but still could not change boot order every time i have to press F9 to choose the os and it is very annoying 

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I have a Acer laptop which had a corrupt Windows installation, so I couldn't boot from the hard drive.

The user doesn't have recovery discs and the Alt F10 Recovery option wasn't available, even though the hidden recovery partition is there PQSERVICE.

In order to get to the files, a copy of Windows XP Pro was installed, but it won't activate - that that isn't a problem for me as I will remove it before the 30 days.

I was given a recovery disc set designed for another computer, but - although it didn't work - the next time I booted the laptop it ran the eRecovery program and restored Windows 7 onto it, which is fantastic !!

My problem is that the system is still booting to Windows XP which is on the D partition, and not to Windows 7 which is on the E partition. There is another partition called C called "SYSTEM" but it contains nothing apart from a hidden Program files folder !

How do I tell the computer to boot from the recovered E partition so I can use Windows 7 and create the Recovery discs needed ? Then I can remove the Windows XP installation that I don't want or need.

Thank you very much in anticipation of your help to resolve this problem.

Julia Evans

A:Changing boot order

Use EasyBCD to modify the boot loader: http://neosmart.net/EasyBCD/

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I have a new DELL laptop with Windows 8.1 PRO installed. I installed imaging software on it right away, created an image of the disk, and created bootable rescue media on a USB stick.  However, I can’t get the laptop to boot from the USB stick and I believe it has to do with the BIOS boot order.  I'd like to ask for some help in changing the boot order.  I have some computer skills but feel I may be getting into an area where I need some simple, straight-forward instructions on how to accomplish this
I can access the UEFI/Boot page by pressing F12 or F2 during startup.  I'm just not sure what steps to take from that point to allow the computer to look for a USB device before the internal hard drive. Most of the selectable options in the BIOS menu are a bit intimidating to me and I don’t want to create more problems by guessing. Dell Inspiron 5547 Intel i7 @ 2.00 GHZ RAM 8 GB Windows 8.1  6.3.9600  Build 9600 64 bit Dell BIOS A02, 3/20/14 SMBIOS Version 2.7 BIOS Mode UEFI
Thank you for any instructions you can provide.

A:Changing Boot Order

The USB flash drive was created from within the imaging software (Macrium Reflect).  The stick is formatted FAT32.  
Okay, making some progress here.  I may have been confused as to what to expect when booting.  I assumed that with the rescue USB disk inserted, the laptop should boot directly from that source without any intervention on my part (which it was not).  It simply continued to boot from the hard drive.  Now, when tapping the F12 key during startup, I get to the Boot Options screen and see the USB stick listed.  Selecting the USB stick continues the boot into the rescue environment.  Hooray!
I guess sometimes things just don't happen as you're expecting them to, hence my confusion.
Thank you all for pitching in here.  Much appreciated!

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Hi ... My friend has a HP computer with Windows xp home edition preinstall , Now my friend also has a full retail version of Windows xp home edition on cd disk ... He want to install this retail version onto his HP computer .... I have heard that you can change the boot.ini file so it can accept the retail version as OEM version and my friend could use the product keys that with his HP computer , This way if my friend ever want to use another computer he can use the retail version disk product keys ... Can someone explain how this can be done ?? Thanks

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hi all,
I have a newish Asus laptop. my old Toshiba laptop had a hard drive crash. I am hoping to recover docs and photos by use of a Linux system on a USB drive. I tried to alter the boot order on my new Asus to experiment with it, but I cannot seem to find a way to enable booting from a USB drive. on my working Asus, I have Windows 7 home premium, 64-bit version. the
laptop is a ASUSTeK Computer Inc. K54C 1.0

is there a way out??

A:changing boot order in Windows 7

Your BIOS may not support booting from a USB drive.

Perhaps you could try the following workaround?

Boot From a USB Drive Even if your BIOS Won’t Let You

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Just got this unit, it is showing "Error: No boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed".
I went into the boot order trying to boot of a win7 disk, as this first pic shows
the default is set to UEFI, I move the arrow down to "Legacy Boot Sources" as shown in pic 2 below but when I hit ENTER nothing is happening?

A:HP Pavilion 23 boot order not changing?

It's ok, I got it to work but now other problem sheesh. I had thought it was the wireless mouse which was not working but attaching a wired USB mouse is also not working, I am at the Install Windows screen but not seeing a mouse cursor, any ideas please?

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Every once in a while the boot device order will change all by itself, my normal order is 1) primary CD-ROM, 2) floppy, 3) primary harddrive, and 4) IBA 4.1.08 Slot 0140. Every time it changes, the 3rd and 4th devices are switched which causes a media test failure error message during startup, sorry I don't remember the exact message, but it something to the effect of media test failure and tells me to make sure the media is inserted properly and to check all cables and to re try it, then it will boot XP off the harddrive like it should.

Everytime this has happened, the PC suddenly will shut off (not shutdown but go off as though power was cut) and restart (on its own). This last time when it restarted xp wouldn't boot after the media test failure message, nothing happened, then when trying to access the BIOS, it would hang on the screen that normally flashes buy that says to press F2 for BIOS, and wouldn't go in to the BIOS. Also this last time there was a bunch of clicking noise about a minuter before it went blank.

After several attempts of turning off and on the PC, I was finally able to get in to the BOIS and put the boot order back and it's now booting properly. I did two diffrent virus scanns, AVG and trend micro's online scan, and did a scan for spyware, everything came up clean.

Could this be a sign that the harddrive or motherboard is failing, or could my virus or spyware scans be missing something? (When we first bought the PC we had the hard... Read more

A:Boot Device Order Changing


Seriously tho', whatever it is, it's catastrophic. Most problems of this sort (that I've seen) are driver corruption issues. But there's also a significant part that are hardware failures.

Have you added/replaced/removed any hardware/software/drivers from the system? (especially before or at the time of the errors/crashes?). Take a deep breath, grab a beer (or your beverage of choice), sit down and think about it for a while. Often what will happen is that there'll be something that sticks in your mind (and may not even seem related) that can help out immensely!

Then, go into your Event Viewer (Start...Control Panel...Administrative Tools...Event Viewer). There are 3 categories in Event Viewer - Applications, Security, and System - your error is most likely in the System log.

Once you find the error(s) associated with the crash (usually time stamped at about the time the crash happened) - just right click on it and select "Properties". The text of this error message will be shown, and you can copy it here. Of particular significance are the errors with the format of 0x0000007a (the last 2 figures generally change, there's always a bunch of 0's, and there usually is an x after the first zero)

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hi i want to change the boot order to boot my computer from the dvd but i don,t know how to.
wen i turn on my pc i have to press "del" so wen i press it it pops out a blue window were it saids
cmos set utility - copyright c 1984-2000 award software
and theres alot of options to press like
standard cmos features
advance bios feautures
advanced chipset feau.
integrated peripherals
power management setup
pnp?pci configuration
pc health status

if i go to the first option that is standaard cmos it apears a list thats saids
ide primary master: maxtor 6l200p0
ide primary slave: none
ide secondary master: optiarc dvd rw ad-719
ide secondary slave: optiarc dvd rw ad-719

so now how can i change the order to place my dvd as primary master???

A:im stuck on changing the boot order????

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I recently added a Samsung M.2 SSD in the M.2 slot and want to permanently  change the boot order. Right now I have to select F12 during boot to change boot order. I'm coming up blank on this. Any help would be appreciated. I'm running Windows 10Pro

A:Changing boot order XPS 8910

See if this helps  www.dell.com/.../what-are-pcie-ssds-and-how-to-use-them-as-a-boot-drive-for-a-dell-pc-

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The question is very simple:When booting i just want to change the default opion in boot manager that appears after the F9 button is pressed.This is not done in bios boot settings, as in the UEFI boot order not all the options are sawn.In fact i have a win10 system alongside ubuntu in the same disk on other partition and while in the boot manager i can see the option i want, in any way always OS boot Manager of windows is starting, except within F9. So i want to change permanently the default option in F9 boot manager.

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Hi! I received a U510 for Christmas and I want to perform a fresh install of Windows 8 via USB. Whenever I reboot the machine, at the LENOVO screen, I press F12 but no bootmenu appears. There is no option in entering the BIOS either. What can I do to boot off of USB? I tried F2, F10, F12....please help!!

Go to Solution.

A:Ideapad U510 - Changing Boot Order

Never mind...I figured it out. I hooked up an external keyboard, Enabled Legacy boot.  F2 is BIOS F12 is Boot Menu.

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I want to install a new operating system on my Toshiba Tecra A9 but i am having problem booting from a usb or DVD. I tried pressing the F12 key when the Toshiba script shows on the display. but that did not work, so i wanted to do it from the BIOS so i press the Esc key when the Toshiba script shows up on the display and then pressed F1 key to continue. Press the F1 key. boot sequence seem to be in page 2 but when i press the page down key i don't get page 2.

Can someone help me on how to resolve this issue or better still how to boot from USB or DVD in order to install new operating system

A:Changing boot order in Toshiba A9 laptop

I'm working on a Satellite laptop, so I'm not sure whether it would be the same for you.
However it can change the boot order from within Windows as follows.

Open Toshiba Assist from the start menu.
Click Optimize
Double Click Toshiba Hardware Settings.
Go to the Boot Priority tab.
Move the Hard Disk Down or the others Up.
Click OK.

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I need to boot ubuntu on my HP 14-AC146TU1 Notebook . I made a bootable ubuntu USB drive and a bootable ubuntu CDROM. I changed the EF1 boot order to:Usb cd/dvd rom driveInternal cd/dvd rom driveusb diskette onkey/usb hard disk! network adapter> os boot manager I tried to boot the USB in all ports and tried to boot the CDROM, but the system booted up into Win10. I enabled legacy support and changed the legacy boot order to:usb cd/dvd rom driveUsb diskette on key/usb hard disk! Network adapter> notebook hard drive Again I tried to boot the USB in all ports and tried to boot the CDROM, but the system booted up into Win10. I tried to boot several other bootable CDROMs which I have booted on other machines. The system booted up into Win10. In Win10, the CDROM drive shows the correct labels for the CDROMs. The notebook info is:Product  number: p3u58pa#uufSerial number: 5cg6032jt3BIOS version: f.1a   

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I am trying to help a friend access his CD before the HD in Windows 7 home premium.
If I tab down to the CD and press enter as directed and hit save and exit,
the boot order is not changed. What do I have to do to accomplish this?
I am able to do this in Windows 7 Pro 64-bit with no problem.
Thanks for any direction of how to fix this.

A:Changing boot order in windows 7 home premium

Not knowing what the friend's PC is we can only guess or offer general suggestions.

First thing, most BIOS' have an option to select the boot device by an F key at boot up. On many, that is F12. On others it may be F8 or F2. That will give you the menu with the various boot devices (e.g. CD drive or hard drive). You select the drive there to boot from.

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Hello Everyone. My Oldest brother recently bought a new computer and inherited his 5+ y/o Lenovo G460 to my middle brother (I'm the youngest). His luck was so bad that he booted it and the screen went white. After some testing I discovered that only the screen went bust but the rest of the notebook was working ok. While we wait to get the parts I wanted to know if there is a way to make the external screen the main screen in the BIOS. I need the exact key strokes since I can't see anything until windows boots. Could anyone please provide them? Thanks in advance!

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I got a SSD now in my system connected to the first sata port with win7 installed
My previous (mechanical) sata hard disk who was prev. setup on this port is still usable and also has win7 installed on it. i wnat to use it as a experiment setup.
If I connect this old hdd to another sata port say sata 1 or 2.

Can I choose to boot from either the new SSD or the old sata-hdd and run win7 without problems using the BIOS boot order?

I read some scary stuff about this scenario could mess things up because both both drives used to be 'C'

Also I have my BIOS setup with AHCI nowbecause of the SSD. My previous hdd used the standard sata-mode. If I use this old mechanical sata hdd which has windows7 on it and use AHCI in bios will it boot/work?

A:Boot from one of 2 attached drives with BIOS boot order no problem?

As long as you installed windows independently, with the other drive unplugged, there would be no issue choosing either one to boot from the bios.

I doubt if the hard drive will boot in AHCI mode, but test it to see.

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Hi there, I hope this is the right forum for this question.

My son has an i7 custom build computer and the previous owner gummed the computer up good with malware etc. The current setup is Windows 8, but our goal is to install a fresh copy of windows 7 Professional 64-bit which we have purchased "intended for distribution with a refurbished PC".

This is a bit of a project for us, so we are taking our time with it, and hopefully learning something along the way.

We are trying to wipe the HDD completely on the machine, but we are unable to run DBAN to do so, because every time we restart the machine it keeps booting up in Windows instead of DBAN. I have gone into BIOS and changed the order of the BOOT to read from the CD-ROM followed by the USB before the C Drive (I have copies of DBAN on both USB drive and CD-ROM). But it is still not booting. Not sure what to do???



A:can't boot DBAN trying to change boot order in BIOS not working

It is possible you have not created a bootable CD/USB. Use Rufus for example. https://rufus.akeo.ie/

Also provide motherboard make/model please.

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I am trying to delete all the files from an old HP (XH545) laptop running XP. Its screen doesn't work, so I have it attached to a remote monitor. I have both a bootable floppy and bootable cd which have [email protected] Kill Disk. My intention is to boot one or the other and erase everything on the hard drive.

Problem: I am unable to get into my BIOS to change the boot order. Since I have to do a Fn-F5 to switch over to the monitor, I am unable to get there in time to see when to hit F2 to edit my BIOS. I have been trying for several hours to "guess" when to hit it, still with no success. I'm not even sure I would be able to see the BIOS screen anyway - maybe you have to get past that for Fn-F5 to swap out to the monitor.

If I let the system boot normally, I can swap over in time to see it loading Windows XP.

Question 1: Is there any way to change the boot order from within Windows (or from DOS prompts)?

Question 2: Lacking a positive answer to #1, is there any other way to delete all the files from the hard drive so I can dispose of the laptop?


A:How to change boot order w/o boot-up BIOS edit?

When you hit the power switch of your laptop at same time start pressing f2 and keep hitting it until you get in BIOS. After getting in BIOS I you know what to do.

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Hey guys! I have an old dell laptop here with windows 7 on it. im trying to reformat the drive and install a fresh copy of 7 ultimate but cd drive is not on the boot order. when i enter the bios and try to change anything in the boot menu, nothing happens. it literally wont let me. when i hit the change value key over cd/dvd rom drive it just beeps at me. i know some ppl have often said a solution to this is to disable "secure boot/csm/UEFI" etc. but this system doesnt even have those options. it does have a comparable "computrace" but it is deactivated and inaccessible. How can i get the system to start from the disc drive so i can reformat and install a fresh copy of 7?

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No way, in the BIOS, to change Boot prioriy. I cannot use a CD to boot from in an emergency. How can this be done?
Gigabyte laptop, Windows 10, 64. I cannot disable secure boot, the option will not highlite.

A:BIOS Boot order

Have you talked to the manufacturer of the laptop?

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I recently acquired a 5-year old Compaq Presario 5030 desktop. Upon checking the settings in the Compaq BIOS, I discovered that there are none present that allow you to change the boot order of the various drives. How do you deal with this?

A:A Question About Boot Order In BIOS

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Recently, the boot order changed all by itself. I just have one internal hard disk and one 32gb flash drive connected. The boot order in the hdd group swapped those two devices. This has never happened before. Is this just a one time thing, or is it a sign of things to come? There is no bios update offered on the website. Why not? Do you have any thoughts as to what could have caused this? Thanks for your assistance.

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I have a new ssd with a copy of windows 10 installed onto it, the only issue is that the machine I need to install it on, doesn't have a change boot order within the BIOS.
Am I missing something? Or do I have to upgrade to a later BIOS version?
Thanks in advance

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I have problem of could not change boot order to DVD on windows 7 my laptop is Dell inspiron 15R

A:Cannot Change Boot Order in BIOS

Please do the following.  This will provide me with the name of the BIOS manufacturer and its version.
Please download and install Speccy to provide us with information about your computer.  Clicking on this link will automatically initiate the download. 
When Speccy opens you will see a screen similar to the one below.

Click on File which is outlined in red in the screen above, and then click on Publish Snapshot.
The following screen will appear, click on Yes.

The following screen will appear, click on Copy to Clipboard.

In your next post right click inside the Reply to Topic box, then click on Paste.  This will load a link to the Speccy log.

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Hello , my computer totally crashed several weeks ago...got it basically under control , but in my initial panick I changed something in the bios ? It starts with two options on a black screen...windows xp and windows xp set up...and if I dont catch it in time it goes to blue screen with bla bla cdrom something....I hope and Im sure someone here knows what I ( stupidly ) did. I loaned my laptop the other day and forgot about this and got a freaked out call from my friend that my laptop was broken etc....hope someone can help...thanks

A:bios boot order windows xp

go back into the bios and change to defaults

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Hi all,
I have an old Dell laptop that is currently running Windows XP, but I'd like to install Linux on it. So I went into the BIOS, revision A14, and got to the page that changes boot order, so I can boot from CD. It says to use the right and left arrow keys to change it, but they don't do anything. So I am stuck with having to boot from floppy which I can't do for unrelated reasons. Any ideas on why I can't change this? The keyboard works fine, I can change other settings, just not this. Or am I totally missing something? Any help would be appreciated.

A:Can't change boot order in BIOS

Try moving to the selection you want and hit enter.
That might give you a selection window.
If not try + and -.
Page up and page down also works on some.

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I cantt get rid of some viruses.I prepared a booting stick with Avira to clean the system 'from the outside'.I can't make the pc boot from the stick, even if I properly set the BIOS booting order.I saw a more recent BIOS is available. I've tryed to update. Everything ok, but at reboot it says the update was not successful.The error log file (ME_IPD.txt) says Intel (R) Firmware Update Utility Version:
Copyright (C) 2007 - 2015, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.
Cannot locate hardware platform identification
This program cannot be run on the current platformThe bios update packaged was given by the support, after automatic (and correct) identification of the machine and OS.So what's wrong with the 'current platfrom' Thanks to whoever will help Paolo

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I upgraded my PC 3-4 weeks ago to an i7 8700k and a motherboard and RAM to go with it. Clean install of windows, everything went fine and the computer has been great so far.

Last week I installed a new SSD to store games on. So I have 1 SSD with the OS (C, one HDD (D, and a second SSD (E.

Today I was running some malware scans (I'll explain why in a moment) and adwcleaner wanted to do a reboot after it ran - it actually didn't like the techguy.org SysInfo.exe file so I just let it delete it since I had already run it. When the PC rebooted I found myself at the BIOS screen unexpectedly. I checked the boot order and sure enough my newest SSD was set as the 1st boot option. I fixed that and then everything was fine.

Now I was running the malware scans because I think this same thing happened this week while I was out of town. My kids turned on the PC and when it hit the BIOS told my wife, who called me to tell me about it. I was in the middle of something and had to call her back, but apparently she turned the PC off and on and it booted to Windows so she thought it was fixed. However, when my son logged in he said it took forever to get to Windows. When I logged in I just got a blank screen. So I booted to BIOS to see if anything was off. Same problem that I ran into today - for some reason the newest SSD was set as the first Boot option.

Now that it happened to me today, I'm guessing that something is causing the PC to change the boot order apparently-random... Read more

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Hello , my computer totally crashed several weeks ago...got it basically under control , but in my initial panick I changed something in the bios ? It starts with two options on a black screen...windows xp and windows xp set up...and if I dont catch it in time it goes to blue screen with bla bla cdrom something....I hope and Im sure someone here knows what I ( stupidly ) did. I loaned my laptop the other day and forgot about this and got a freaked out call from my friend that my laptop was broken etc....hope someone can help...thanks

A:bios boot order windows xp

go back into the bios and change to defaults

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