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Jittery Logitech MX700 Mouse

Q: Jittery Logitech MX700 Mouse

Regardless of which program I am in, all of a sudden the cursor of my Logitech MX700 wireless mouse starts going all jittery.
It will move very slowly, almost like trying to pull some squirming jelly-fish across the screen. It is very difficult to control and all
I can do is reboot the PC, after which it is back to normal.
The problem comes up anywhere from 5 minutes to 4-5 hours after booting.

Hardware Environment:
Home-built, MoBo Asus A7V333, AMD Athlon XP-1900 with Zalman flower, 2x256MB Corsair memory, 2x80GB Seagate Barracuda IV, Matrox G550 32MB AGP-card, Belkin F5D5000 network card, MoBo-integrated sound, Logitech Internet keyboard (without any drivers loaded) and the problem-giving Logitech MX700 wireless mouse, it's base attached to a USB 2.0 port.
My problem occurs on USB 1.1 and PS/2 ports as well.
According to Asus-Probe, my MoBo temperature = 30C and the CPU = 27C.

Software Environment:
Windows 2000 Pro with SP4, Norton AV 2002, Agnitum Outpost Pro 2.0 Firewall, Diskeeper 7 Workstation (set to "Set it and forget it"). MS Office 2000. CPU-Idle 6. VIA Hyperion 4in1 V4.48 drivers. Opera 7.11 and Avant 8.02 Browsers.
IE6 is installed, but I never use it, nor do I use Outlook (Pegasus instead).
Currently using the standard Logitech mouse-driver 9.70 (as built-in from Win2000).
I have tried all sorts of mouse-drivers from both Logitech and Micro$oft.
All give me the same grief.

Before, I had the corded MS Intellimouse Explorer 3, and that one completely froze both my keyboard and the mouse, only a hard reset could remedy it.
Again, regardless of being connected to USB 1.1 or 2, or PS/2.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Preferred Solution: Jittery Logitech MX700 Mouse

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Jittery Logitech MX700 Mouse

Have you tried using a similar but workable mouse? It could be something wrong with your mouse it self. Before confirming anything make sure you have the latest USB and mouse driver.

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I've had this mouse, Logitech MX700 Cordless Optical, for roughly 10 months and its never given me trouble till now. For those familiar with it, it has 8 'buttons' including the scroll whell. Recently however, the button above the scroll wheel has stopped working. I've tried resetting a command to it, but no commands seem to work for it and it seems the mouse doesn't even recognize the click of that button (I've checked the laser which blinks if it has nothing near it and will become solid if any button is pressed, the laser does not become solid if the button in question is pressed). I'm not sure what to do, as I don't want to mess mechanically with the mouse but I think thats the only possible cause, as I doubt software issues could have this effect.

I'm not sure of the return policy and havn't a clue where the reciept may be. Anybody else experience this problem?

A:Problem with Logitech MX700 Mouse

Contact Logitech, its under warranty... most likely it shouldn't be an issue. Logitech mice come with a 3 year warranty I think (something like that)... and I doubt any MX700 is over 3 years?

Mine was made in 1999... still works fine... considering its a OLD "ball" mouse.

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Hi, I joined specifically to ask this question. I've had a logitech wireless desktop for some time, about 2 years now I believe and I've never had a problem with it up until now. As of late the mouse has refused to recharge, why this is I do not know. The problem came up a few months ago off and on, and finally I thought I had it fixed, but last night it again refused to recharge. I think the problem might be that it's not making proper contact somewhere in the charger, then again i could be wrong, there's no ral way for me to know unless I crack the charger open and take a look, but seeing as how there's no way to really do that without risking futher damage I'm screwed.

Anyone out there with a site or some info. that might help me out??

A:Logitech mx700 mouse won't recharge anymore.

Just buy a new set of AA rechargeable batteries...they eventually get to a point where they will no longer charge.
As to the charger itself i unplug mine and clean the cradle and contacts about every 4 mos. or so with QTips and rubbing alcohol.


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This issue is minorly annoying. My Logitech MX700 wireless mouse hangs for about 3-5 seconds at two different times when coming out of standby mode. The hangs occur about 10 seconds and 40 seconds after clearing the login screen. The OS is WinXP SP2 and I have the receiver plugged into the PS/2 port. I fixed this on my other XP box about a year ago, but don't remember how I did it.

Thanks in advance.


A:Logitech MX700 Mouse Hangs coming out of Standby

Try applying XP's Service Pack 3

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Which would you get? I found a place locally selling brand new MX700s (wirless) for get it, yes $49! AB only sorry. I have a post on the hot deals about it. Now if I can get lucky again and talk with that guy at staples who once did a PM with me from this place, and get him to do it again, I would walk out with the MX700 for get this, only $30!

Which would you get, that or the v500 (which is still very pricey with the $10 off at staples right now), still $69. I dont play games. But guess it all comes down to, whether I want the touch sensor on the v500 vs the charger on the mx700. I heard the batteries last 4 months on the logitechs anyways. I heard the MX700 can go 4 days without charging, but also heard stuff on here RFD about the mouse suddenly dying out of nowhere after 6 months use. But I also hate wheels because they get so freaking loose and loud in 2 months. But perhaps not on logitech mice, as this will be my first.

A:Logitech MX700 ($49) or Logitech V500 ($69)?


Oy Vey

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Anyone tried this mouse? It's expensive so I want to know if it's worth the money. I like it because I like wireless stuff.

A:Logitech MX700

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I just bought a MX700 wireless mouse, and set it down to charge. Strangly, even though this is the first charge, it took about 2 hours to charge it fully. Am I just nuts, or should I take it back? This bothers me - most things I buy I leave charging for ~ 6 hours before I take them off the charger, but the MX700 says it's charged.

A:Logitech MX700 first charge time?

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Im running XP on two computers, I have been useing a Mx700 mouse and I like it a lot, so much I bought out a new one. I bought a Mx700 Duo for my 2nd computer and found that the drivers for the mouse were not even close to my old mouse. With my old mouse I have no set up for any of the extra buttons other than the left Center Right buttons. I sent Logitech a email and never got a return. I was want to try the drivers that came with the Mx700 Duo on my old Mx700, but I didn't want to mess things up. Does anyone know if I can do that or is there a down load I should check out?

Mouseless in Michigan :hotouch:

A:Mx700 Duo vs Mx700 Mouse

Before you install the new driver, take a Restore Point or take an image of the HD.
If you don't like the new drivers, or they screw up, all you need to do is:
1) Do a rollback of the drivers (Device Manager/Mouse/properties/driver)
2) do a System Restore

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Logitech mx700 (cordless mouse) pluging into serial port and an unidentified USB hub (from maplins)

When the hub is plugged in, the mouse judders and stops working. If I plug another mouse into the hub it works fine. Iíve installed the drivers for the mouse again but still the same problem.

Is this fault just confined to the MX700 or the whole range?

A:faulty mx700 mouse

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I've had this Logitech Keyboard and Mouse duo for going on about 2 years now...and for the past 7 months it's been bugging out on me and doing random things. I don't know what it is, maybe it just sucks batteries really fast or what..Anyway; It constantly opens Windows Media Player and Windows Search and when I get into explorer it randomly starts messing with the tools and opening random things lol. I don't know what to do should I just trash it and get a new keyboard or what's the deal? It's been a really good keyboard and i spent 100 dollars on it for the duo 2 yrs ago so I really hate to toss it. So what I'm asking is..What would cause a keyboard to do this? It's wireless so is it wireless problems? Low batteries? eh sorry. Thanks for reading sorry I rambled alot.

A:MX700 Duo [Keyboard & Mouse +Wireless] Problems

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I am using a microsoft optical mouse and having a problem as it seems tocut out for a second alot of the time. So i t will become jittery. All of a sudden i will be moving the mouse then it will have a short pause. The red light underneath the mouse goes of when this happens too. And also sometimes when the mouse pauses my pc will make a little beeping sound.... any ideas whats wrong??

A:Mouse jittery

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I recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate onto a Dell Latitude XT, the old OS was Windows Vista. During the driver installation process I noticed that the mouse cursor had acquired a bug, it would jitter when at rest after a restart and was unresponsive until I entered the password, then it responded to mouse commands and when moved stopped jittering. It also did it when a dialog box would open asking for a response, I had to use the arrows to select no or yes, then it would stop jittering. Please help

A:jittery mouse cursor

Hi is the mouse wire free or built in check to see if you have installed the latest drivers for the mouse.
if wire free uninstall it in control panel and use the disc that came with it as when you updated the drivers might not have done so or Microsoft put its own drivers in

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I know it sounds strange, but my optical mouse is acting really bizarre. When it's left sitting still, the cursor moves on its own; right now it's slowly but steadily making a jittery path toward the top of my screen. The mouse itself is for the most part, not working well at all. Just to make it move a little bit, I have to move it all the way across my mouse pad, which is soft and has worked fine for other optical mice I've used. This mouse is nearly new; only a few weeks old. When I pick it up, the light underneath flashes for a little bit, then turns steady. Sometimes when I pick up and set it back down, this makes the jittering stop; other times it causes it.

When I did a virus scan with AVG, it reported two "changes" in Windows system 32. I couldn't really tell what those changes were or how to correct them. Are these things related?

A:Jittery Mouse Cursor

If the mouse came with software, see if there are any updates or it. And also, if it did come with software, uninstall it, and then reboot, then reinstall it.

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I recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate on a Dell Latitude XT that had Windows Vista before. While installing the drivers that I downloaded from the Official Dell website , I noticed
that the mouse pointer was jittering and unresponsive after each restart, it was unresponsive until I entered password , then I could move it with the mouse and it stopped jiyttering. Also same problem when a dialog box opens requiring a response to open an
app or utility. Mouse is a e sourse wireless optical mouse, please help

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With my old computer and mouse, I used to be able to use the middle button for various tasks susch as opening a link in another tab, rotating the camera in games etc and i have got very used to this.

I recently purchased a Dell XPS One and am using the mouse which came with it which, according to Device Manager, is the Logitech HID Compliant Cordless Mouse.
I am running Vista Home Premium x32, and i am unable to use the middle button for this. Instead, in firefox, it is a sort of zoom function. Yesterday it started working - i don't know why - but today it has failed again and is back to the zoom function.

If i hold down the CTRL button and left click, this is the same as middle button should be, so is there any way i can swap these functions around?

I don't know if this is a problem with the mouse or with vista, or with me not finding some setting.

If it helps, my mouse driver is version which i think is up to date.

A:Logitech HID-compliant Cordless Mouse - middle mouse button issue

Have you gone to Mouse in the Vista Control Panel and see what choices you are given there to manage the mouse?

What does it say the mouse is if you look at the bottom of the mouse itself? Is there a model number?

If its a Logitech Mouse you may be able to install the Logitech SetPoint software to add extra functionality or programing options: javascript:downloadSW();

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Hey all,

I just installed Windows 7 earlier today. The install went fine, until right near the end. I had to click 'next' to a question, which I had already done a few times, but this time the tab was not responding. I tried again and again, then finally just hovered over the tab and pressed enter on my keyboard which did the trick.

Now that the OS is up and running, everything is working fine but I just have one problem. My left mouse button is doubling up as a 'back' button. So if I am in a folder and want to double click a new folder, or even if I just left click on empty space, it will take me backwards one folder. A nightmare in internet explorer aswell.

For the time being Ive switched the two buttons around, so I have an action button, but no right click (on the left mouse button now) anymore.

Ive tried installing the original drivers, and in compatibility for Vista, but nothing seems to fix the problem. Anybody have any suggestions? Id be real grateful to hear them


Oh and the mouse is a Logitech LX7 wireless.


A:Logitech wireless mouse - crazy left mouse button

Have you tried the mouse on a different machine?

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Hi I'm really hoping someone here can help me! My logitech corded optical mouse was working pretty well but it was a little slow, so I decided to switch it out with a microsoft comfort 1000 optical mouse.

I have another machine and both mice seem to work perfectly there. But on my main machine they both lock up after a few minutes and the only thing that fixes it is rebooting.

I was highly suspecting it was a conflict between logitech and microsoft software at first. I tried this: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/321122 several times to clear the registry and start fresh. But each time I ended up having to use system restore after. I can clear everything out, and then the USB hub is detected when I reboot but the mouse is not. I check device manager and it says it has an HID compliant mouse, and the mouse lights up like it has power but won't move at all.

Does anyone have any ideas? Is there any more information I could give that would be helpful to troubleshoot?

Thanks so much!!

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This is going to sound really pathetic folks but having had to clean out a load of dust and dirt from my Logitech optical mouse, I now find there is a small sprung object over......
The wheel is back OK and the mouse even works but there is a "thingy" over.. It is about 3/4 inch long with a small hook at each end and a couple of loops in the middle.

When you use the wheel itself, it just doesn't feel that it has the correct tension and therefore I am assuming that the small object should be attached to it in some way.

It did not spring off when I first opened the mouse and in fact I didn't notice it until I was re-assembling. It just sat there in the bottom of the mouse on the right hand side.

Does anyone know of a diagram of the inside of an optical mouse showing where this object should be used? I know it doesn't cost very much to buy a new one but it is a question of honour now finding out where it should be placed. Know what I mean!!


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Now a question from me.
I have an old Logitech but fully functional mouse (cordless optical).
When I ran Vista x86 Ultimate, I installed a small program that allowed me to double-click with middle mouse button. Now, with Vista x64 Ultimate, it doesn't work anymore.
Do someone know another small program to allow me that?


A:Logitech mouse

Have you tried the 64bit version of setpoint from logitech?
Additionally to add extra functions to set point you can try
uberOptions Wiki | Main / uberOptions However this is a bit of a bulky fix for what you want to do >_<

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I'm having a problem with this Logitech V450 wireless mouse that I'm using on my desktop. I have their software installed. The pointer tends to lag and freeze momentarily but sometimes its worse than others. I've adjusted the pointer speed but it doesn't help. I never had this problem when I used a Microsoft p/s2 mouse. The Logitech one has the little usb receiver thing plugged into a port in back of the machine. The batteries are good, according to the level indicator in the SetPoint application. Is there some other setting on the computer side that I need to look at? I also use this mouse occasionally on my netbook and it works fine there.

A:Logitech Mouse

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I have a Logitech Mouse and my question is a Logitech mouse a PS/2

A:Logitech Mouse

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I recognise I'm late to the show upgrading to '10' but my logitech M557 wireless mouse no longer works since the upgrade ... have downloaded the updated driver SetPoint 6.67.83 but no success. Mouse still not working. Any suggestions pls

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Whilst doing some work, my mouse suddenly 'failed', cursor frozen nothing in mouse. After plugging in another mouse, I checked device manager and found that Win 10 had installed it as an Hid complaint mouse. So I went to logitech, downloaded smart installer (win 10), it would not work, refused to complete installation. Went back and selected x64 bit download and it worked perfectly. My logitech mouse now back to full functionality.

A:Logitech Mouse & Win 10

We have a separate Windows 10 forum.

Please post Win 10 items there.

Windows 10 Forums

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I bought a new Logitech Wireless Mouse. But I am having issues locating the Serial Number. The SN that is on the mouse is not working. It's s Logitech m275 mouse. I would like to download the software for it.

Please help! Thanks in advance!

A:New Logitech Mouse

what operating system do you have?

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Hey, I've been having problems with my g9x logitech gaming mouse. 2-3 days ago I plugged it in and the color wouldn't show to show that the mouse is on. I had to wiggle the usb for the mouse to turn on. This usually takes 5 to 10 minutes because I have to get it in the right position, because if I move the laptop or pull the mouse a little to hard the mouse would turn off. Sometimes I would get the mouse to turn on but then when I let go of the usb the mouse just turns off. Sometimes it would pop up on the computer saying usb not recognized. But that's rarely. And you know how when you plug in and plug out an usb out the computer the laptop makes a sound. When I plug in the mouse it doesn't make a sound but when I plug it out it does. So I'm hoping and praying that's something wrong with the mouse driver or something and not the actual usb port. And uhm I tried a different mouse on the same laptop and the mouse worked. So it must be something with the g9x? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Help with my G9x logitech mouse

About the only thing I can think of is to go to the manufacturer's web site, find your particular laptop and download and install the latest Chipset driver. It would be a good time to update all drivers. When I first started reading, I thought your USB drive had gone bad, but if it happened with another mouse or USB drive, I agree it sounds more like a usb problem with your laptop.

You may want to read over this tutorial on USB Driver - General Fix for Problems

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I think this is actually a driver problem, so does it belong in the Hardware category? I guess so.

My operating system is Win98SE. I have a Logitech mouse, Model M-C48. For the last couple of weeks, for no apparent reason, my mouse has been freezing, and I can get it to work only if I restart the computer with control>alt>delete. The computer is on all day, and that happens with the mouse at least twice a day.

I thought today to check for mouse in the Device Manager. Sure enough, looks like something there is wrong. But I don't know what to do to fix this problem, and I'm sure it must be something simple.

In Device Manager, the listing under Mouse is Microsoft PS/2 Port Mouse. I don't know how a listing for that mouse got there. My mouse is Logitech M-C48, which is a PS/2 mouse, but it's not Microsoft.

I'm guessing (because I forget) that, when my husband set up my computer after we moved to a new house, Windows just searched for a driver for my mouse, and that's what it found. Except we moved here last fall, and my mouse acted fine for nearly 4 months since then. So maybe that listing is okay, and the problem is something else.

I'm tempted to just double click Microsoft PS/2 Port Mouse, go to the Driver tab, and press UPDATE DRIVER. Or should I do something in Add New Hardware?

I'm afraid to experiment because I'm bound to make the problem worse instead of better. Help, please!


A:Logitech Mouse

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Since installing a Logitech K800 USB keyboard my Logitech LX5 cordless mouse does not activate when waking my PC from sleep, I must re boot to get it to work. Worked fine before new keyboard.

Win 8.1
Setpoint v6.61.15 (Logitech)

Any help would be appreciated.

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I have a PC and a Mac. I would like to use my mac wireless (bluetooth) keyboard and my Logitech MX mouse with both systems.

So I need something like a KVM switch that handles bluetooth.

But I can't find what it is I need searching around on the internet. Everything seems geared to USB keyboard/mice.

Does anyone have a few specific hardware solutions I can look at?

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My mouse tends to stick and requires to be lifted off my desk.

What is the best surface e.g. colour/material etc on which to use an optical mouse



A:Logitech Optical Mouse

Plain cloth surface (for eg. velvet) will suit fine. Colour doesn't matter.
Just curious, isn't usage of mouse pad is widely common? Or else, you can even use daily newspaper I guess, will sure be better than desk surface in my opinion.

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I just bought a Mouseman Logitech wireless, optical mouse to use on my HP laptop, running XP. The mouses's receiver has a USB connection, and an adapter for a PS/2 plug. The laptop only has a USB connection, so that's what I'm using. Trouble is, I can't get anywhere with the installation.

The receiver's plugged in, software loaded and batteries in the mouse, but there's no communication between the two. The receiver doesn't use batteries too, does it? I can't see any way to open it up safely.

All help will be greatly appreciated.


A:Logitech wireless mouse

Press the Resynch button on top of the reciever. Then take a ballpoint pen or pencil and press the small red button on the underside of the mouse. Voila!
Make sure you batteries aren't dead.

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I have had a problem with my Logitech G5 mouse since i got my new Computer.
I did not have this problem on my old Computer (Vista 32bit) and now, it randomly freezes, and then works again. My specs:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.77Ghz
Bundkort: P5N32-SLI Premium
RAM: 2gb Corsair XMS2 xtreme 800mhz
Graphic: Geforce XFX 8800 ULTRA 756Mb Dedikeret

Windows Vista 64 bit Home Basic.

I have tried it on another Computer which is running a bit lower on specs, but runs vista 32bit, and theres no problems, what so ever on there.

I have tried to reinstall the drivers (Also for Windows Vista 64Bit) from logitechs homepage, and reconnect the mouse in a different usb port,
but no luck yet.

i hope someone knows how to fix this, or have a suggestion, as it is driving me crazy, to see the mouse freeze constantly.

by the way, i have checked the speed, and it runs at 500hz


A:Logitech G5 Mouse Problem

Are you using logitech setpoint software?

Did you tried an other mouse on this pc ...

Is the mouse turning off (the leds don't light ) or just hanging

i didnt have any problems with my g5 till now (and i hope it stays so^^)

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The scroll wheel moves the cursor from side ti side. How do i make move the page from side to side like it used to.?

A:Logitech laser 660 mouse

I don't use the Logitech software but I'd imagine the setting would be.

If you can't find it I'd just uninstall the Logitech Mouse software from Add & Remove Programs and reinstall it.

You can get the latest version of Logitech's Mouseware from here: http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/downloads/software/US/EN,CRID=1793,contentid=6003

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i just bought a new logitech mouse wireless/ballless and i wish it had the same scrollwheel action as my old standard mouse. My new one doesn't scroll smoothly and also when i press it, it doesn't work properly, it doesn't allow me to move the little arrow above or below the little circle that appears, ya know what i mean.... for smooth slow..fast scrolling. It's weird, i've tried universal wheel, and everyother option it gives me..........................is there any way for it to work like the standard mouse???? also, when i am just scrolling normally, the last three lines or so have to catch up. Lets say the average scroll is like half a page depending on how fast you move that little wheel. 95% of the scroll is smooth, then the last three lines seem like they are just catching up.

A:logitech mouse issues

Have you tried adjusting the settings in the control panel/mouse?

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i just purchased an logitech bj69 optical mouse, i plugged it in to the port which is exactly the same as the one i have been using with my standard microsoft mouse{i am using windows 98 as an operating system] anyway, the message comes on that windows does not detect a mouse, i called logitech dowloaded something they told me to do, and still nothing, it does not light up, i hooked the new mouse up to another computer, and it worked just fine. So my question is, what do i have to do to get this thing to work? I plugged the old mouse back in, and it works fine,did not even have to reboot, Please help me,



    I bought a trio pack from costco that includes a wireless keyboard, mouse, and webcam. The mouse didnt work properly, if I didnt touch it for about 5 seconds it would freeze until I clicked the button, and it would unfreeze. Thinking this was the mouses problem I took back the set and exchanged it for the exact same one. STILL does it, I even tried on my moms computer, she even has a logitech optical wireless mouse and it works fine. Anybody know what could be causing this? Thanks!

    A:Logitech Wireless Mouse...

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    I want my ifeel mouse to work again. I lost the driver disk and tried downloading a couple things off Loghitech's site but it still won't work. I want my mouse to bounce again!!!

    The mouse actually works as it should as a pointer tool but it won't do the force feedback thing.

    A:Logitech iFeel USB mouse

    ask for a warranty replacement

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    I'v been using my logitech click it mouse (http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/products/details/US/EN,CRID=2142,CONTENTID=6906) for a few months now and have been having some problems with it. i dont remember when they actually started. but when im moving the mouse sometimes it will jump up to the top right corner, where the X would be in a window and to the bottom left corner, where START would be, so i dont konw if this is some feature on the mouse i could turn off or if the mouse is reading false movements, this happens alot, its very annoying, excpesially when im playing a game and the mouse is jumping all around...

    any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


    A:Logitech click it mouse

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    My Logitech cable mouse was acting up and a bit dodgy, so I thought, go and get another. Bought a Logitech Wireless Mouse and in games its very hit and miss, it works, it stutters etc. It is right by the usb plug in, so its not that. Looks like its back to usb mouse?

    A:Logitech Wireless Mouse

    Just for the record, what type? Try to reinstal Logitech SetPoint.
    Open Unifying software, un-pair the mouse and pair it again.
    As a gamer, do not forget to disable pointer acceleration.

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    I just got a Performance MX mouse to replace my MX1000 that had a strange quirk of doing a double click when only clicking once. It didn't do it on every click, but it started to do it quite often which was a pain when selecting a bunch of files to be moved and when you click on one and it does the double click action, all the selected files will start to open.

    I really love the shape and feel of the MX1000 and it is very different in feel to the Performance MX but the shape grows on you after using it for a bit.

    Most people won't buy one since it is a bit pricey, $100 locally and around $75 online.

    Overall I am impressed with it.
    Oh, and it only cost me $22. Did an RMA with Logitech for the MX1000 for an MX1100 and asked if I could pay the $20 difference for the Performance MX, which they agreed to.

    A:Logitech Performance MX Mouse

    Hi Zepher,
    Just couple of ideas, you probably already checked..
    Sounds like mouse setting issue and if not it must be the driver

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    This isn't a major problem for me but just something I would like to identify the cause of.

    I have a Logitech G7 Mouse, for the most part I have no problems with it at all however it does cause a slight annoyance.

    When operating on the desktop it random switches into scroll mode (as if you had pressed the middle mouse button / wheel). A quick click of the same button reverts it back and it works fine.

    I never have the problem in any games, it will work perfectly all the time I am gaming, it only occurs when using desktop applications.

    Anyone got any thoughts on what might cause it?

    Specs are in my profile and below:

    Core 2 Duo E4600
    XFX Geforce 8800GT Alpha Dog
    Soundblaster Live 24 bit
    2Gb OCZ RAM @ 800Mhz
    Asus P5N-E SLI Motherboard
    DVD Burner
    1x 120Gig SATA HDD
    1x 40Gb IDE HDD (Backup)

    WinXP Pro SP3 (all up to date)

    A:Logitech G7 mouse Iritation

    One quick bump incase someone in the know missed it

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    Ok when i go and Right click on a video file and goto open with it like lags in the menu. I tried uninstalling the device driver for it and it didnt change anything its a optical cordless mouseman

    A:Logitech Mouse Lags

    It's probably not the mouse. Do you have a real time virus scanner enabled. When you click on the file the virus scanner is probably scanning it causing the slow down.

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    I have a Windows XP operating system, but that may not apply. My Logitech mouse is only about 6 months old. I had switched from a Windows 7 system on a new computer back to my old computer with XP on it but am using a new mouse with it.

    The mouse pointer sometimes just goes haywire and points anywhere on the screen it wants to and I have to shake the mouse around and go get it and put it back where it belongs. Any ideas?

    A:Crazy Logitech Mouse

    There are a few steps you could take

    Check the Logitech website for an updated driver
    Support + Downloads

    You could reinstall the driver completely.

    You could try a spare mouse and see if the problem persists which would narrow it down to being an XP problem or the mouse at fault.

    You could double check and make sure the mouse if fully compatible with Windows XP

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    Has anybody here that has a MX1000 mouse had any problems with the pointer being very erratic and jittery? I started experiencing this a few weeks ago, and it just kept getting worse and worse. I checked the Logitech forums and found out that a lot of people are having this problem. There are new drivers that are supposed to solve this problem, but that didn't work for me and a lot of others.

    Anyway, I called Logitech this morning and after a few questions, they are sendiing me a new mouse to replace the one I have. The were very easy to deal with and tried to be helpful. Just thought I give them a pat on the back.

    It remains to be seen if this problem is fixed though, as I have seen that even some of the replacement mice are defective. I guess I'll fiind out in a couple of days.

    A:Logitech MX1000 mouse

    I have had my Logitech MX1000 for one week and I am in love with it. Mice have never been my favorite critters, but I learned to live with them because I had to. When I bought my computer earlier this year and it had an optical mouse included, I was very happy to be rid of the cord and the infernal mouse ball. Then I realized that the thing was using batteries by the score.

    When I saw the MX 1000 at Sam's, I wasn't even interested in the performance, only the rechargeable battery. I have had no trouble, as you describe, but I have seen many consumer reviews by people who have.

    It took me some time to get used to the size and shape and I had to relearn how to hold the mouse because, apparently I had been doing it wrong all these years, but that and the location of the "cruise up" button are the only problems that I have had and I've gotten used to those.

    I used my old HP optical mouse today, just for comparison and I can't believe how lousy it feels and performs. I use my mouse on an old wood-grain formica dining table and it is just a joy to use.

    When you consider how much I hated the mouse when Windows was first introduced and how utterly unenamored I have been with it for the last ten-plus years, it is all the more remarkable that I would be singing the praises of one.

    This is one fine product.

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    For some unknown reason my Logitech G5 mouse will not recognize its assigned keystrokes within the game Battlefield 2. They have worked but suddenly stopped.

    Keystroke assignments are:-

    Scroll wheel DOWN = Button #1
    Scroll wheel LEFT = Button #4
    Scroll wheel RIGHT = Button #3
    Front side button = Button #2
    Back side button = Button #NUM2

    The mouse is working fine if I use the keystrokes in Notepad and even use the mouse within Battlefield 2 on my other computer.
    I have downloaded the latest driver software from Logitech, uninstalled both the software and Battlefield 2 and re-installed them but the problem remains.

    I am now lost as what to do next. Any ideas please.
    I appreciate any replies.
    Thank you.

    A:Logitech G5 Mouse problem

    A quick update.....I still can't sort it out, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    I have created another account to see if it was a profile problem but that didn't work either.

    One more thing, this has happened since I installed Vista Premium over a fresh install of Windows XP Pro. Could that cause issues?

    I do have the latest Vista Setpoint software installed!

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    I am interested in the 15 inch Acer Chromebook. Can I use the Logitech wireless mouse with this computer?Also is Skype available? Is there a media player so that you can rent movies from Amazon.com and play them on this computer?

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    Hey, I was thinking about buying a Logitech MX510 mouse for the holidays but I read it uses USB 1.1 and not 2.0. Would this affect the general performance of the mouse, like in games for example?

    A:Logitech MX510 Mouse

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