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Online Backup Solution?

Q: Online Backup Solution?

I would like to back up my photos and some other files online somewhere but the prices look quite high.

There are quite a few web hosts (Hostgator etc) that offer unlimited space hosting packages, could something like this work as a way to allow be to upload my files somewhere? Or am I being niaive?

I have about 30 GB of photos and counting so Dropbox won't cut it for me!

Can anyone help me with a low cost solution for backing up these photos?


Preferred Solution: Online Backup Solution?

I recommend trying the free service from Zip Cloud. It's currently our users' favorite backup and storage solution and will save you headaches down the line.

You can get it direct from this link http://goo.gl/rFYDxc. (This link will open the Zip Cloud homepage.)

A: Online Backup Solution?

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Lately, I'm using many different services (as long as they're safe) to store everything I can online to get my laptop and somehow my house, well lighter. I am quite sure I'm not the only one, but I'm curious to know what do you use to backup your data.
Here's my list of my favourite ones so far:
evernote but mostly as a bookmark tool
dropbox, googledrive and skydrive for photos, docs or work stuff
unioncy recenlty found, where I moved my products documentation like warranties and receipts
Any suggestion? Do you use something different I can try out?

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I have encountered some nasty viruses etc including some that stopped my windows updates. (I am operating on w/ XP on a Inspiron 6400) - I have managed to fix the updating problem, but still have some bad stuff b/c the resolution of my screen is blurry and my system is operating very-very slowly. I have tried to remove (O23 - Service: McAfee Online Backup (MOBKbackup) - McAfee, Inc. - C:\Program Files\McAfee Online Backup\MOBKbackup.exe) a number of times but have been unsuccessful - that is my reasoning that it is bad. Am I totally off base? Also in the same regard I can not get rid of (O23 - Service: NVIDIA Display Driver Service NVSvcALG (NVSvcALG) - Unknown owner - C:\WINDOWS\system32\adsldpcy.exe (file missing) - Please advice.Also this is my first post so I am not real sure if it makes any sense - ThanksLogfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4Scan saved at 3:10:51 PM, on 7/13/2010Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\csrss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32&#... Read more

A:IS- O23 - Service: McAfee Online Backup (MOBKbackup) - McAfee, Inc. - C:\Program Files\McAfee Online Backup\MOBK...

Welcome to the BleepingComputer Forums. Since it has been a few days since you scanned your computer with HijackThis, we will need a new HijackThis log. If you have not already downloaded Random's System Information Tool (RSIT), please download Random's System Information Tool (RSIT) by random/random which includes a HijackThis log and save it to your desktop. If you have RSIT already on your computer, please run it again. Double click on RSIT.exe to run RSIT. Click Continue at the disclaimer screen. Please post the contents of log.txt. Thank you for your patience.Please see Preparation Guide for use before posting about your potential Malware problem. If you have already posted this log at another forum or if you decide to seek help at another forum, please let us know. There is a shortage of helpers and taking the time of two volunteer helpers means that someone else may not be helped. Please post your HijackThis log as a reply to this thread and not as an attachment. I am always leery of opening attachments so I always request that HijackThis logs are to be posted as a reply to the thread. I do not think that you are attaching anything scary but others may do so. While we are working on your HijackThis log, please: Reply to this thread; do not start another! Do not make any changes on your computer during the cleaning process or download/add programs on your computer unless instructed to do so. Do not run any other tool until ... Read more

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~~~~~~~~~~ Background ~~~~~~~~~~

I recently started helping my father in law get his Samsung NP-Q330-JA03HK laptop back to working order. He had not used it in a couple of years, and when I tried tuning it, I found that it was extremely slow. A Malwarebytes scan, Windows updates, and some other actions failed to do the trick.

So, I used his laptop's Samsung Recovery Solution 4 program to do a complete restore to factory condition. I did this at boot time (pressed F4 until Samsung Recovery Solution launched a special Windows session).

The restoration seems to have done the trick: the laptop is once more responsive. Now I am doing the agony of 4 years of Windows 7 updates... (If you have any special tricks to speed this up, lemme know!)

~~~~~~~~~~ Questions ~~~~~~~~~~

The reason why I am posting is that while doing the restore, I noticed that there were 2 backups on the D: drive (which is actually a special partition used by Samsung Recovery Solution).

I picked the oldest one, guessing that it was the original factory backup, and that seems to be correct.

That said, I would now like to delete the other one, as it is unknown garbage at this point.

Unfortunately, when I run the Samsung Recovery Solution 4 program, I see no option whatsoever to delete an old backup.


Have I overlooked anything in the Samsung Recovery Solution GUI?

Can Samsung Recovery Solution 4 be upgraded to a later version (e.g. Samsung Recovery Solution 5), and can later versions delete old ... Read more

A:Samsung Recovery Solution: backup location, delete old backup

Hello up2trix and welcome to Seven Forums.

I'm not familiar with the Samsung Recovery Solution so I won't be any help with your specific questions. However, one of the Forum experts has prepared a very detailed tutorial on how to do a Clean Reinstall of Windows 7. It even includes instructions on how to obtain a legal copy of Windows 7 with SP1 installation disk.

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

Once the clean install is finished, you could make use of the Windows 7 hotfix rollup that was released by Microsoft in 2013. It contains the first 90 or so hotfixes that were released after SP1. That should save you some time doing the updates.


Hope some of this helps.

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Checking out the windows backup option bundled with the OS.. In the past, I have used an older version of Acronis to build backup jobs, etc. The new backup looks to be pretty good initially, but I am wondering if anyone has any experience with how well it performs... I know I have been asking a lot of questions lately, but figured one more would not hurt..

A:Windows Backup vs 3rd party Backup solution.


We love the questions. win 7 backup utility works for most ppl. I use it in addition to Acronis. I like the ability to pour an image back to the same or different partitions and for that Acronis fits the bill. For straight backup the OS partition win 7's backup works fine. So its 6 of one half a dozen of the other. If I had to pick one and only one it would be Acronis


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Long ago I learned that setting up all the software that I use, after a clean install of Windows, is a process that can take weeks, and not something I want to go through more than a few times in my life.

I've long searched for the best backup solution that would allow me to backup my entire OS setup. The process I've been using most recently - use Vista's built-in "Backup and Restore Center" feature "Backup Entire Computer" - do this once a week on a slim USB HDD that I store in water and fire proof safe.

Question #1 - can someone recommend a better solution?

Question #2 - is this a reliable solution? I haven't actually had HHD failure since I've been using this system, but I have no idea what it would look like if I had to restore from backup. Would I boot from the external HDD? Or would I use Vista boot CD and somehow restore from there? Would it restore just fine if my hardware has changed?

Question #3 - Can I restore such backup, taken with Vista, on a machine with Windows 7? Or does it override the whole thing?


A:Is Windows Backup a reliable backup solution?

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Does Norton Online Backup no longer backup wirelessly?

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Download Gamespy!

I just played one then, its easy, free and works!


A:The solution for RA2 - online!

wait what?

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Hey all, I'm using Dropbox and I've got 5GB of storage. Whenever I plug in my digital camera Dropbox automatically imports all the videos and photos I take. The videos are taking up far too much space, more than 500MB for most videos. By the way, how can I tell Dropbox to only import image files?

I just noticed that Dropbox has 100GB for $10 a month. What are other services like?

Is there another large company with a higher storage count that people could recommend?

What do users on here use as their cloud solution?

Thank you!

A:Best online cloud solution?

Hey guys, I should have said this in my first post: I really don't need 100GB. Even 12-15GB would be enough for me. I really like how Dropbox automatically uploads the photos and videos to Dropbox as soon as I plug in my camera. Does Google do this as well?

Those are basically my needs: 15GB of storage and automatic upload to the cloud when I plug my camera in.

Thanks for any help!

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I have an old Win98 laptop that supposedly supports USB 2.0, but either the jack is hosed or some subtle driver problem exists that prevents me from using any USB device on it, including an external storage device. The laptop is on my home network, but I no longer remember the Windows login password, so I am not really able to connect or share files with another computer. It does not have the ability to write CD's, either. I do have Internet connectivity via a cable modem (wireless router, though the laptop is connected via an ethernet cable). So, I would like to find an easy to use online storage website where I can upload about 100 Mb of files and then download them onto another computer. I tried one service, but they seem to starting zipping up the files as they are being uploaded and I had disconnections throughout the process (I don't believe that it was my problem) and it basically did not work for me. Sorry for the longwinded inquiry, but can anyone suggest a good online file storage service that works and is reliable, etc.?

Or is there another way to move these files that I am not thinking of?

A:Online Temp Storage Solution

Too bad its Windows 98. Mozy Home seems to do exactly what you need.

Here is a list of some others, a few of which are free. XDrive looks promising except that I couldn't find OS requirements: http://davie.wordpress.com/2006/06/30/couchsurfingcom-goes-down-but-a-lesson-learned/

If you are just looking for a place to dump files and not a true 'backup solution' then I think it gets quite a bit easier. http://www.listible.com/list/online-file-storage

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windows can check online for a solution

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Hello members,
I know this topic is super common, so I'm directly starting with my problem.
As mentioned in the title, non of the solution online worked to show that stupid Windows 10 upgrade icon. I have verified every single perquisite 10 times. Running Windows 8.1 Pro, purchased personally as a genuine CD. Yes, my Windows is genuine.
Next, I verified some stuff. Here is my report:-

1) GWX folder exists in System32 folder. It got all of its content.

2) Trying to launch from the GWX folder gave no results although it was running in the task manager. By default, I don't see the app running in the task manager.

3) GWX's registry is missing. Screenshot below.
4) GWX's Schedule tasks are present but for GWXTrigger, its empty. Screenshot below.
5) All the Windows Updates are installed, even the optional once. No, I don't see the upgrade notice of Windows 10 in the Windows Update either.


A:No GWX Icon, No solution online worked


Yes you're not the onlyone what happens if you open a command prompt (right click => run as administrator) and

c:\Windows\System32\GWX\GWXConfigManager.exe /RefreshConfig (enter)
c:\Windows\System32\GWX\GWX.exe /taskLaunch (enter)

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My pc shows "There might be problem with the driver of the local area network" and "wireless network".
My desktop pc is intel core 2 duo 3.00ghz, Ram 3GB & Win7 Ultimate with 64bit.
I had Avast Premier but uninstalled now.
I uninstalled the network & wireless drivers from device manager.
I did like gpedit, regedit, services etc from internet solutions.
I restored my system for sometime but nothing is succeed.
2 days ago everything was fine but I didn't anything.
I am connected on this network with my phone perfectly working. No problem to my other devices but my desktop only. Pls dear I need my pc is connected badly for some needs.......

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I have a Media Sharing problem. Up until a few days ago I could stream files from my PC to my Xbox360 through WMP11 (I am running Vista Ultimate Home Edition 64bit SP2).

I have the error message on the WMP: "Media sharing has been turned off because a required Windows setting or component has changed. For additional assistance, click Web Help." The Web Help link sends me here where I discovered the origin of the problem:


I have completed everything until Step 5 (part 3)

Navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\Preferences\HME\[security ID] subkey. The name text of the security ID folder is long, composed of alphanumeric characters broken up with dashes.

When I navigate to the appropriate location there is nothing in my "HME" folder. No [Security ID] Subkey, no alphanumeric characters...nothing. I am supposed to access the Permissions of the security ID folder and confirm my user account is listed as the owner of this subkey on the Security tab, but I can not.

I believe a total re-install of Vista would solve this since WMP is built into the OS, but I don't have an install disc and I really would hate to do that regardless.

The CMD: sfc /scannow does not repair the file. Neither does the MicrosoftFixit.WinMediaPlayer.Run.exe program. It's not possible to re-install WMP since the version I have is newer than the version the Mi... Read more

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Which is your Backup Solution?

A:BackUp Solution

I use AOMEI Backupper standard(Free) most of the time.Easy to use.

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I need a cheap Backup solution that can

1. Backup to CDRW
2. Have a good compression rate eg zip
3. Run schedule
4 run full and incremental backups
5. easy to use

Backup volume currently is 2gb and will not exceed 5gb

for my docs etc

any recomendations

ps someone recommended ntbackup but i'm having probs getting it to write directly to cdrw any ideas to overcome this?


A:Backup solution

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I would like one and all to come and answer this vexing question:

Using a Software, Hardware or a combination of the two, what is the best approach to take when wanting to backup your computer?

The answer can come suggesting any form, be it using some sort of RAID array, using software for complete Disk Imaging, or simply purchasing the new Drobo. I'm looking for everyone's take on this important subject, as I have yet to choose a method that I will stick to myself, and am sure there are many out there that know more about the topic than I do.

Thanks to any and all who provide me some clarity!

A:The Best Possible PC Backup Solution?

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Hello Guys,

i got two offices about 150KM from each other
i need to backup 10 to 20GB / machine

the data ranges from accounts package to doc files etc...

i suggested a vpn, then backup from one side to the other and vice versa as this ensures backups are swapped over and are off site.

Would you recommend this, or am i better off using a hosted backup service i pay for / GB?

your thoughts please

A:backup solution

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I'm looking for a backup program that will not pack files into anything more complicated or unusual then a zip file. I'd prefer if it didn't pack them at all and simply maintained the directory structure in a different place.

It doesn't need to be complicated... basically what I'm looking for is a program that copies a directory to a different location with a folder name that includes the date it was copied. I'd like it to do perhaps a month's worth of backups before it writes over old backups.

Additionally, I'm wondering if the same program would have a hard time also backing up the most recent backup to a thumbdrive automatically. There would be perhaps three different thumb drives that would be exchanged at about once a day. That is TD(A) is in the computer and is backed up to, it is taken out later that day and replaced with TD(B) which is backed up to the next day automatically. I'm asking that long as the thumb drives are given the same drive letter there shouldn't be a problem, right?

The logic behind this is that I don't want to worry about restoration software when I'm accessing a backup. Furthermore these backups might be used at some point to sync information between different computers. I know this will mean that my files will take up more space then if they were packed... but that's really not important in this situation.

Does anyone know of a good backup program that can handle th... Read more

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I have a NAS and would like to backup/sync certain folders to it. What programs can be recommended for this?
*I have just recently started using windows again*

A:need a backup solution

My favorite syncing program for making backups is FreeFileSync. I suggest NOT connecting the NAS to the computer except when running a backup.

If you need continuous backups, I suggest also using Carbonite, an inexpensive cloud backup service. It runs quietly in the background so you won't ever know it's running. Last time I checked, the basic service was only $60/year.

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Hello, guys!
I'm going to backup my PC and want to buy new True Image 2009, i heard that Acronis has just released it.
What do you think about it?

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Besides my primary home computer, I have two laptops and a desk top that I'd like to backup to external storage attached to my primary system.

My primary is not a server, as such (e.g. no server platform in place), it is running Vista Business x64.

While my primary system is now backed up (everything) using the image backup solution provided by Vista Business, I'd like to backup my other systems (or should say - family's systems) to the same external device.

To do this backup would use my home network to the shared 1.5TB drive.

Are there any products which may be installed that performes the function of imaging the system to a backup medium across a home network? I know I'd have to create a boot disk for the system being backed up should a recovery be required, but I can transport my external drive to any of the other systems to direct connect then.

Thank you for any advise that may be available on this.

A:Best solution to a backup need

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Hi, I am looking for something that will backup my entire OS incase something happens to my XP OS and is easy to work with if I need to use it to get back my system to the correct state. I appreciate any help.

A:Backup solution

Acronis True Image gets very good reviews in these forums:



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Hi everyone,

I just contacted CDW about a backup solution for the following setup:

1 Application Server (CRM/SQL Server) - Windows Server 2003 - Dell Poweredge 1800
1 File Server/User Management - Windows Server 2000 - Explorer (4+ years old)
1 File Server - Seagate External 400GB HD attached to the 2000 Server by USB
8 Workstations with Windows XP Pro
2 MACs with (Jaguar/Tiger)
1 Linksys Wireless Access PointClick to expand...

They quoted me all this:

EXEC 10D WIN SQL SVR 30PT - $669
QUANTUM 200/400GB LT02 INT SCSI BLK - $1529
Click to expand...

He said I need 3 agents (1st 3 on the list). What are these agents and do I really NEED them? Also I said we are only using about 60 of our 400GB and that the tape drive did not need to do the whole 400. We can get by for the next few years with a 200-300GB drive.

We are a small non-profit organization so while a backup is important so is every penny. How can I get this price down to $1500 TOTAL and still have a working, reliable backup system?



A:Backup Solution

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Hi, I'm looking for a realy simple to use backup/sync solution for my win7 prof 64bit desktop pc.

I want to do daily version backups to a nas but also an instant incremental - dropbox like - sync/mirror of my %userprofile% directory to an external usb drive.

What programs would you sugest? I've tried Acronis True Image Home 2012 which offers backup & sync but it didn't sync my hidden appdata directory.

Thanks in advance.

A:Looking for backup solution

Lots of people here recommend Macrium. The paid version would have all the functions you might need. The free one is limited. I've not used much myself so I don't know first hand.

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I have a problem with disk because of administrator's policies that prevent the disk online.

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I've been considering many options to backup the data on my computer at work. I think I've finally settled on this one. I've never done it before, and would appreciate any feedback.

1) I will buy another hard-drive and hook it up as a slave.

2) I will use Norton Ghost 9.0 to create an image of the master drive on the slave.

3) I will set Norton Ghost to do this automatically every night.

If my main drive ever fails, I should be able to swap the drives, boot the computer and everything should be like it was, right?

I've never used Norton Ghost before... does it copy everything over, file by file, so the second drive is identical? Or does it copy everything to some kind of archive file(s) that require Ghost to extract?

Again, any feedback is welcome. Thanks!

A:Will this backup solution work?

Sounds like a decent plan to me..

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I have one desktop connected by ethernet and one laptop connected wirelessly. The desktop is always on.
I'd like to get an external storage solution that will b/u both units. The Maxtor one-touch is very popular but I've read a few user reports that are quite negative. I'd like to find some discussion on this subject.
Thank you

A:Backup solution suggestions

This doesn't belong in Tips, so I moved it.

Personally, I use a Hawking HNAS1 Network Attached Storage Unit that's in my basement, any machine on the network can access it. I have unattended backups run to it in the middle of the night. I also have a bunch of USB disks that I do secondary manual backups to, can't be too careful.

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I'm trying to back up my office data to a hard drive at my home, via the net, on a nightly basis. I've been considering the WD World Edition, but they seem to be fairly unstable. Anyone have a better suggestion? I need to do incremental backups.

There are other solutions, via commecial entities, but for various reasons, I want the data at my home, not some remote location. ANY help is greatly appreciated!


A:Offsite backup - best solution?

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I bought an external 200 gig drive, and the bundled software was from Retrospect. I'm not wild about the software, because I can't purge old data from it, [selectivlely].

I want a backup solution, where I can dump data files and restore [copy back] if need be, and/or delete selectively. Is there a way within 2K server small biz, to create a scheduled task to copy data files to another drive, -vs- using a 3rd party software which may create disk images, data sets, databases, etc...


A:Decent backup solution

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I am trying to implement a backup/recovery plan for our small organization, which will backup about 100gb per night 5 nights a week.

I would like to do the following:

Attach a NAS drive like this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822186025 to our ethernet switch
Unit has 4 500gb drives
configure them in 2 sets of 2 drives; mirrored RAID 1
Each one will hold appox. 1 week of our backups
So we backup for 2 weeks
take the first set of two drives out for safe storage
back up again for 2 weeks on remaining set
after 2 weeks, swap sets

Will this work? can RAID 1 or 0+1 be configured this way?

If not, Please offer any suggestions that may.

All help greatly appreciated!



A:Will this work for a backup solution?

It looks like the RAID 0+1 would work with a swapping protocol (6 drives total) but I think a better way to do it would be use the default RAID 5 which would be a superior data backup method to RAID 0+1 (there's always a bit of "yikes!" whenever 0 is involved with backup even though that is in turn getting backed up) and then for offsite storage, get two 1 TB networked (or USB if used just as a copy over) externals and back up concurrently or copy the backup over from the RAID 5 at predefined intervals and swap those two single units.

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there is a backup software for windows 7 ultimate? I mean like Apple Time Machine? Or I need 3rd party software? By the way, can i create bootable DVDs that will recover all the system files and software installed...(a.k.a. full recovery)

A:windows 7 Backup solution

Check out this tutorial
Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup

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Hi all,

I'm planning to backup my hard drive and hope that someone could recommend an external backup solution, either an external hard drive or a regular hard drive in an enclosure. What would be the best way to achieve a safe and secure backup? Also, please share any good/bad experiences when using those recommended storage products.

BTW, currently I'm leaning towards the side of Western Digital (since I am currently using their drives) but feel free to recommend me another backup option.


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On my first attempt at trying Windows 7 I immediately removed it and went back to XP because of the new horrible backup program in Windows 7 which is a real joke compared to the good old backup they always used.

I hated it so much because:
-I could no longer use my 90 GB tape drive, even though there are Windows 7 drivers for it
-You are limited to 1 backup job, ridiculous
-You are limited to 1 destination backup media, what a joke
-I made a new backup in XP to a data file on a hard drive instead so I could then restore in Windows 7
-I then found Windows 7 also doesn't support the data file backups of previous Windows version

I eventually managed to transfer my data by finding I can put the old XP backup app in Windows 7 to restore the backup file.

I ended up replacing my tape drive with a 3.5" dual drive bay that accepts bare laptop hard drives so I now use removable laptop hard drives as backup media. Anyway, even now that it "works", Windows 7 Backup is a HUGE downgrade from the powerful backup options we had since Windows 95 or even 3.1.

Firstly, it only allows you to use one destination media. Already, how in the world can you call it a backup if you can only have one? NO ONE with a brain would carry only one backup, that's ridiculous.

As a work around I do change my backup disk and simply re configure the entire backup job to use the new media each time I change it.

It's a real pain having to reconfigure my entire backup each time ... Read more

A:Better Windows Backup solution?

Hi there are quite a few to look at Free Backup Software: Paragon Backup & Recovery (Advanced) Free Edition - Overview
EASEUS Todo Backup Free - world's best free all-in-one backup & recovery software. FREE download disk copy, backup freeware, disk clone, disk image, partition copy freeware for PC and Server.
more here Free Backup Software it really depends on what you find works best for you

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I gonna dual boot my computer soon, but I want a cost-efficient way to back up my Hard-Drive. I don't care what it is (HardWare, software,etc) but it needs to be less than $75 Canadian (YES it is CAD only). Any ideas?

A:Anybosy got a backup solution?

get a cheap cd burner from newegg.com and buy some CD-RW's. That will give you a nice backup solution for around $75 canadian.

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I'm looking for a simple and inexpensive backup solution for a remote location. They have just over a gigabyte of data that needs to be backed up regularly (at least weekly if not daily). I'm sure the amount of data to be backed up will grow over time. These user's do not have an on-site tech and are not very computer savvy. They're okay, but as simple a solution as possible is what is needed. I'm looking for something that would hang off of a PC, maybe via USB? There are no servers over there, just about six PC's all running Windows 2000 Professional. The data to be backed up is on a single PC. Any ideas?

A:Backup solution needed

An external USB2 Hard drive would be a great solution. It could be partitioned and used for several different machines too if needed. It can easily be taken off-site (as any real back-up should).

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I am just wanting some opinions for hardware to do what I want to do.

What I have is a 2003 PDC and a 2000 Stand Alone Server along with 3 bridge computers (CC,phone,Internet Reservations) to be backed up Data totalling less than 120GB with projected growth. Currently we have Veritaz Backup Exec for Windows Servers V9.1 Backing up to Tape.

I am wanting to change to a NAS device to backup.
Could I backup to one that has hot swappable drive bays and rotate drives on it?

I am not familiar with NAS devices, but with my knowledge and what I have read I believe a USR 8700 could work
USA 8700
Configuring with a total of 4 drives 1 running ths os (I believe their variation of Linux) then use the 3 other drives as a backup partition using 1 at a time leaving 1 off site.

The only things that I have read is that the USR doesn't work with Active Directory, but unless I am sharring it through AD why should that matter currently veritaz could back up to a samba share if I wanted it to.

Pretty simple anybody think it will work or not, If I am wrong and it just won't work let me know LOL Or if you know of other NAs devices that will let me
knoe your thoughts


A:Opinions on new backup solution

That's a pretty good setup. Now, there is one potential issue. Supposing that the NAS device dies, would the drives and their contents be readable in some other system (a simple Linux PC)?

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Hello all.
First off i want to say in terms of backup, i have a 1 TB NAS storage device installed on my network with clients using batch files to back up data locally. However, i have been looking into offsite backup to backup the NAS incase somthing ever happened to it, some other catastrophe happened to my home (i sure hope not). Right now i have hosting service here: www.fileho.com (its like you would holler, LAND HO! on a ship btw). The problem i have with em is that the site can take my data just fine. Downloading back off is another story where im crawling at like 1kbps. Im working on getting support to my problem but nothing so far. If anyone knows another free ftp hosting site with unlimited storage and file uploads/downloads please let me know. Thanks.

A:Using FTP as an offsite backup solution

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Currently I have two hard drives in my computer.

1. OS and Programs and Program Data
2. Data (all the stuff I want to save)

However there are certain programs which have data on my #1 drive that I would like to backup on my #2 drive automatically.

(I know this is not a proper backup situation, I also have one more HD that mirrors my #2 drive)

Basically there are folders on #1 that I would like to keep updated and backed up on #2, including changes to files. Is there a way to do this, or a program that does this kind of stuff.

Thanks for looking

A:Solved: Looking for a Backup Solution

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I was wondering what is the best backup solution? I know about raid and i don't think i will want to do it.
I was thinking about using external harddrives but they seem to be even more expensive than internal, so i don't really have a clue about how to back up a computer now .

A:I was wondering what is the best backup solution?

Well... You're Going to Call it Overkill But....

Raid 1 with data duplicated on two computers, and all your data double burned onto archival gold DVDs, which you should then store in two different, separate places.

If that's a bit much, you should at least separate your back up files from the machine you're using in case of a meltdown, virus or other plague which might befall you. You should absolutely burn all your precious photo, music, and financial info files to optical media. I always install a second HDD into any of my machines, then store all my data on it and only use the C:/ for the OS or duplicate files that I can afford to lose.

I duplicate my stuff across 2 machines, one of which is always offline. (No RAID though)

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Hello, I am hoping someone has a good lead (past posts have been VERY fruitful).

We need to backup 15-20 Windows users at our office and want to do to a local Network fileshare.

The native backup & restore although okay, really became limited once we had Win8 users with File History.

Looking online for Windows backup solutions, it has been tough to find a solid solution. Acronis kept coming up and we ended up buying some licenses but since then have had at least 50% of the users have issues with the backup software running slow and failing
(so clearly many reviews are not written by those in the field).

Long story short, we are looking for a standalone backup software client that is most importantly STABLE/RELIABLE but of course, needs to be space efficient (meaning, will respect disk space and support retention timeframes).

We simply don't want to explore Azure as we want backups kept inside our network instead of the cloud. We also don't want to have to install a backup server, again we want a standalone product that is stable across Win7/Win7/Win10 and beyond. Thanks in advance!!

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Here's the criteria:

1 x computer to backup.

I would like to use a pull out hard drive media for the backup. Can anybody recommend a simple program to do the backup. I'm currently using Ghost to clone a copy as a backup.

A:Backup Solution Recommendation

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I am in need of a Windows based backup solution that will keep selected folders and documents on my laptop and desktop, backed up to my Windows Home Server (V1), in addition I want the three synced to each other as well. I'm looking for something that I can schedule to run on it's own, and will provide a report as to what was backed and whether it was successful in the form of an email if possible

Example, I'd like all my laptop docs, music, and photo's backed up to my desktop and synced to each other, so any changes made on either will reflect on both, and also backed up to the server.

Separately I have large DVD folders on the desktop that I'd like to keep backed up and synced to the server only, so any time a new DVD file is added to the desktop it will automatically be backed up to the server.

I'm not looking for a cloud based solution. I wish to keep it all local.

Any suggestions would be appreciated..


A:Need advice on a backup solution

Since you're looking for a folder/file "data" backup solution, I highly recommend NovaBACKUP Professional from NovaStor. It has all of the options you expressed a desire for in a backup/restore, including automatic scheduled backup jobs.

I don't know about its "sync" capability, although it does have COPY capability. This isn't really "sync".

However for "sync" I highly recommend Beyond Compare Standard from Scooter Software. It doesn't have its own built-in scheduling capability but it does have "scripting" (for creation of a batch compare/sync/mirror/copy/update job) which you can then just use standard Windows task scheduling with to set up a regularly scheduled nightly "sync" task for example to accomplish whatever you want to "sync".

Both products are NOT free but are reasonably priced. Both provide free trials (14-days for NovaBackup, and 30-days for Beyond Compare). Beyond Compare also has a slightly more expensive Pro version with some additional functionality but I don't think these additional features would be of any value for your described needs.

Both products have existed for a very long time and have active product and customer support from the vendor.

Let me know if you do try these out and have any questions on how to use them or configure them.

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