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Brand New PC won't connect to monitor

Q: Brand New PC won't connect to monitor

My first ever gaming pc finally came in the mail today after waiting approx 2 weeks after ordering and I was excited to hop on and get set up. When I connected the PC to my monitor, it had no signal. I tried using VGA and HDMI. I've tried taking the GPU out the PC and putting it back in. I've called the company's customer support and went through the process of trying to fix the problem for about 2 hours or so. Nothing has worked. What I would really hate to have happened is me shipping the PC back and having them call me back saying it worked for them or a cable was just loose. I want to be able to fix it right now if possible because I really don't want to spend another week waiting.
I'd appreciate any and all the help I could get.

Preferred Solution: Brand New PC won't connect to monitor

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Brand New PC won't connect to monitor

I'd send it back.

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Help!, i just bought a new emachine el1358-ew20p and when i tried plugging it into my acer p206hv it says no signal. I reconnected it and i know that the monitor is working fine, but i also tried plugging it into my tv, also no signal, what can i do?

A:My brand new emachine wont connect to my acer monitor!

Does you computer have more than 1 video port. It is possible that you are connecting to the wrong one.

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I bought a new Dell computer and then got another brand new dell that they replaced for free because they thought something was wrong with it. I returned that one and bought a brand new HP that i still have currently, all have/had Windows VISTA...

After being on the phone for hours and hours with Microsoft, Comcast and Dell, there still hasnt been anyone that can resolve the issues...

I have a Motorola modem thats connect by ethernet cable to a D-Link wireless router, but is only used as a medium to connect multiple computers to that motorola router through ethernet cables.

The connection is good given that i'm typing from my old computer with Windows XP. Plug and play and the internet works no issues.

Can this be an issue with the Modem or D-link router? Ethenet Cable? I can not think of anything else and with the Dell computer(s), microsoft and dell tried everything physically possible to try to un-install Vista, do this and do that with everything. Comcast did say that all their modems are Vista friendly and i even tried directly plugging the ethernet cable from the modem to the computer, bypassing the router and that didnt work. One comment that was made was that i had a bad IP address, which they tried to fix and that didnt work either. Please someone help me! Or im going to have to go with a brand new computer that has XP and not Vista. THANKS!

A:Can't connect to the internet, 3rd BRAND NEW computer that work connect! HELP!


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Help! I have a new (purchased a year ago but never used) HP ProDesk 600 G1 SFF with has Displayport and VGA outputs (no HDMI).  The Displayports are "DP++".  I'm wanting to use a Philips TV as a monitor which has only HDMI and SCART input (no Displayport or VGA).  Purchased a passive Displayport/HDMI cable but it doesn't work.  The TV does work fine, as I tested it by connecting a Toshiba laptop to it (HDMI  to HDMI).  What am I missing here...could it be a bad Displayport/HDMI cable?  Do I need a active cable not passive?  There's a problem with my HP computer?

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Help! I have a new (purchased a year ago but never used) HP ProDesk 600 G1 SFF with has Displayport and VGA outputs (no HDMI).  The Displayports are "DP++".  I'm wanting to use a Philips TV as a monitor which has only HDMI and SCART input (no Displayport or VGA).  Purchased a passive Displayport/HDMI cable but it doesn't work.  The TV does work fine, as I tested it by connecting a Toshiba laptop to it (HDMI  to HDMI).  What am I missing here...could it be a bad Displayport/HDMI cable?  Do I need a active cable not passive?  There's a problem with my HP computer?

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can somebody tell me where i could get a brand new or a used or a refurbished monitor for $50 or under. please!!!


A:brand new monitor or maybe used

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I just bought a HP Pavilion dv7-1132nr notebook and it has vista. I have verizon dsl at home, and that works perfectly fine, internet works wirlessly.

I try to connect my laptop to the wifi i have at work and i get a message saying that windows authentification has timed out. I have a bunch of friends there who bring there laptops in and they connect without a problem. I also had the router turned off and turned back on and still no change.

One last thing, everyonce in a while the little cpu screen in the lower right hand side will go from having a red circle on it to flashing the bars as if its connected and then it just stops. And also the internet light on the laptop is lit and is blue.
heres the Windows-Diagnostics-Networking
Log Name: System
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Networking
Date: 12/19/2008 12:17:58 PM
Event ID: 6100
Task Category: (12)
Level: Information
Keywords: (2)
Computer: BadBoy-PC
Helper Class (L2Sec Helper Class) Event:
For complete information about this session see the Wireless Diagnostic Informational Event.
Helper Class: Layer2 Security
Initialize Status: Success
Result of diagnosis: Problem found
Root cause:
Windows cannot connect to "CrownAcura"
Wireless authentication failed because of a timeout.
Detailed root cause:
Layer 2 security key exchange did not generate multicast keys before timeout
Repair option:
View available wireless networks
You can then try connecting to "CrownAcura&... Read more

A:Brand new laptop will not connect to wifi

From what I can tell at first look at the errors you are getting, it appears that it may be a security issue. The router you're trying to connect to has a WPA key associated with it. Make sure that when you try to connect, you are using the correct type of WPA and using TKIP as the encryption type. If you're not sure what type of WPA it is using, you can have them (assuming at least one of them is running vista as well) go to the network and sharing center, click on view status next to the network, then click on wireless properties, followed by the security tab and it will show it to you right there. Also make sure you are typing in the WPA key correctly.

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I have a brand new Dell flatscreen monitor that is very shaky and sometimes has horizontal lines. It is not constant, but when it happens, it is very dizzying.... Should I send it back for replacement, or is there a fix?

A:Brand New Dell Monitor

did u set the resolution and refresh rate, which model dell?

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I have no signal to a brand new pc ive built from pieces. The pc turns on and runs, but has no signal to monitor. Ive troubleshooted to the best of my ability testing and replacing all the parts with the same no monitor signal.

1. tied unplugging, holding down power for 30sec replugging.
2. tried testing vid cards, and they work fine on different rigs
3. tried reseting cmos
4. tried new cpu

5.The dram led light stays on, im not sure if that could be an issue, but i have tested each ram slot with different compatible rams and the light stays on.

any other ideas?

asus p6x58d premieum motherboard
corsair ax 1200watt psu
intel 970 6 core cpu
full copper heatsink
2 gtx580 1.5gb sli
12gb(3x4gb) corsair vengence ram 2000mhz
corsair 120gb ssd

A:No signal to monitor, brand new rig

First of all, have you read and followed the troubleshooting guide for problem builds at the top of the forum?

When you do the out of the case build, have just a single video card installed.

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I bought a new monitor and its a LG Flatron W2261VP.
The problem am having with this is that ever since i first turned it on the colours its desplaying is red and variations of red. When i change the rgb colours blue and green don't work only red does. All of them are on a scale of 50 but if i move around green and blue nothing happens. Only red works i can make it more or less red.
EDIT: am using the vga port

A:Brand New Monitor Problem

If you used before your VGA output and had no problems, then your monitor is faulty, in which case you should have it replaced.

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We just got a cheap brand new CRT monitor from Best Buy. It is a MAG. It has been working just fine for about 2 weeks now, until yesterday the picture got all like staticy and weird looking. Now today the picture is fine but it looks like the picture is shaking. It's driving me nuts and I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

A:Brand new monitor acting up

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This is for my brother's computers, so I don't have all the specs, but I know enough about computers and earlier operating systems to figure this out but
1) Wifi comes up for the linksys - home network
2) Asks to connect
3) Click connect
4) Says connecting (without a password)
5) Says it is connected, not connected

The linksys router is password protected (works on the other computers in the house, my phone, my ipad etc), but when I try to hook up the new laptop to that wifi connect, it doesn't ask me for the password - not sure why this is. I have never had this issue with another computer before, so I am guessing it is the newer OS as I am unfamiliar with Windows 10.

I have tried "Forget" and "Disconnect" to no avail, it never asks me for the password when I am trying to connect to it. And even when it says CONNECTED, it is not.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I have a brand new Sony Vaio laptop running Vista home. I have a hardwired broadband network. I'm sure my network is not the problem as I've tested it using other computers.

I ran through the laptops initial setup and everything went smoothly.

I'm using an ethernet cable (tested-working) to this new Vaio and it will not connect. The Marvel Yukon Ethernet adapter is what I'm using.

Here is what I'm looking at:




I've performed all of the self repair functions, but still nothing.

I should simply be able to plug in an ethernet cable and have it connect! This is why I'm an Apple person! This is so frustrating. This would never happen on a Mac.

Please advise.


A:Solved: Brand New Vaio will not connect to Internet

It is working now. I turned off a plethora of useless services that were set to auto.

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i got a toshiba satellite l305d with windows vista home premium on it, and i have tried every trick in the book for about 2 days now to get it to connect to the wireless and it wont connect or it will connect and say "local only" which is a big inconvenience because im going to be using this laptop for college. i called some techies and they said it could be a software issue but idk because i dont have the money to get it checked out. i have tried everything to get it to work, regedit, resseting the router (unplugging and setup) een tried making my own wireless network so i can get it to pick up. i bought a $50 usb wireless adapter to see if it would work, and it still says "local only" so yea, im kinda mad about the whole ordeal lol, but if you can e-mail me with answers or something please.

{Edit by Moderator> It's not a good idea to post a valid email addy in public forums, you are very apt to become overloaded with Spam ...I have removed that addy}


A:brand new laptop wont connect to internet...

Hi Mark,

You will have to read about it here. I certainly do not email. Make the effort, we are all volunteers and are not here for your convenience.

Have you set up the router for wifi? Does it have the password set? What security protocol is it set for? Your broadband provider or modem manufacturer should be able to help you first set up that box.

Once that is OK, we can go from there.


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I recieved the Lenovo Ideacentre Y700 yesterday but when I went to set it up I found that no matter how I connected it to the monitor, the monitor showed a no signal error. All of the cables (HDMI and VGA) were brand new and so was the monitor. I tried literally every port on the thing. So I have no idea why it isn't working. Can anyone help?

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I just purchased a Netgear RANGEMAX Wireless-N Router hearing about the speed and the range of it.

I install it and do the setup...the lights are on and wireless connection says "Excellent" 54.0 MBPS (which is much better then my old router of 11)

the problem is when I click to go onto a website the page doesnt open, its like im not even connected to the internet. Im not sure what I have to do to fix it...

If anyone has had this same problem and they fixed it please let me know.


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I've got a new laptop that can't connect to my wireless AP. I have it connected directly via Ethernet and that I can't connect to using wifi. I've successfully connected with this laptop to other wireless AP's (McDonald's wifi and Public Library Wifi) and I've also been able to connect to my Netgear's wifi using someone else's iphone.

I've tried power cycling the router, setting my laptop's WLAN to greater compatibility mode as well as to prefer b/g mode (my router is 802.11b/g my laptop is 802.11a/b/g/n/ac) I've done a factory reset on the router. I've even tried installing new drivers. All with no luck.

Could you help me or point me in the right direction?

P.S.: I've even tried using wireshark to capture packets as it's trying to connect to my wifi to see what's going on but Wireshark keeps on dropping out saying it wasn't able to pick anything up because the wifi adapter got disconnected or something like that.

A:Brand new Lenovo Y50-70 can't connect to Netgear WGT624 v3

It helps to know what type of security you are using on the A/P (wep, wpa, wpa2). How long the Pass phrase is. It really does not matter on the laptop regarding a/b/g/n. The Wireless Chipset & driver will adjust depending on the Wireless signal type.

That Router is at its End of Life. I would replace it with something like the Netgear Nighthawk series or Asus RT-AC68U. You can check out router info at smallnetbuilder.com.

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I just bought a brand new HP 27er Monitor, downloaded the driver and set it up. When turning it on, it doesn't recognize the VGA input and goes right to sleep. I've made sure everything is tight and have also used the HDMI cable with the same response.  I've tried the monitor on two window 7 machines (downloading the driver) and a apple mini with the same response.  What should I do now?

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I recently bought brand new parts to build my own PC. I had a friend put it together. He tested it on his monitor and the bios started up fine. I took it home and tried plugging it into MY monitor and there's no display. The power light is just yellow. The monitor is old but I know it works ( to an extent ) because my old desktop registers it. It's a 19 inch Dell. The port on the back of the new desktop is VGA.

Here are the rest of my computer specs as follows.

Mobo - MSI Z68MA-ED55 (B3) LGA1155 Intel Z68 B3 DDR3 SATA3 and USB 3.0 A&GbE MATX

Processor - Intel Core i5-2400 3.10 GHz 6 MB Cache Socket LGA1155

Memory - Corsair Vengeance 8 GB ( 2 x 4 GB ) DDR3 1600 MHz (PC3 12800) 240-Pin DDR3 Memory Kit for Intel Core i3, i5, i7 and AMD Platforms SDRAM CMZ8GX3M2A1600

PSU - Corsair Builder Series CX600 600 watt 80 Plus Certified Power Supply Compatible with Intel and AMD Platforms ATX 700 CMPSU-600CXV2

HDD - Western Digital Caviar Blue 500 GB SATA III 7200 RPM 16 MB Cache Bulk/OEM Desktop Hard Drive - WD5000AAKX

Video card - MSI AMD Radeon HD6850 1G Pcie GDDR5

Heatsink - Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooler (RR-212E-20PK-R2)

Like I said, he plugged the newly built PC into his own monitor and the bios started up fine. Any suggestions?

A:Monitor won't display on brand new PC build

did you plug the monitor into the board or the 6850? Just use the VGA/DVI adapter that came with the GPU and you should be good.

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I just bought a brand new pc from cyberpowerpc.com and after a blown psu and replacement (KINGWIN ABT-1000MA1S) I finally get everything to boot up great; all lights and fans turn on etc etc. I turn my monitor on and I recieve a No Signal message. Before I go I will give specs:

AMD PhenomTII X4 965 Black Edition
8GB (2GBx4) DDR3/1600MHz Kingston HyperX Memory
ATI Radeon HD 5850 (HIS)
KINGWIN ABT-1000MA1S 1000watt PSU
30 GB Kingston 2.5 inch SATA SSD
PCI Wireless 802.11g LAN Card
LG 22X DVD/CD R-RW Optical Drive
NO OS Loaded on the system

I've done a bit of troubleshooting (as much as I can/know, since I am in Afghanistan on deployment.)

First thing I did was try all the video outs on my video card (HDMI, DVI, VGA with a DVI adapter.) Nothing. Next I tried a second monitor with all the above video configs, same outcome No Signal. Then I tested the two monitors on another computer and they worked fine with all three A/V cables.

I opened the CM 690-II case and make sure everything was seated properly. I reset all 4 sticks of RAM, my GPU, all power connections, WLAN card. No difference.

I then reset my CMOS. I took out the battery and shorted the clr_cmos two pin on my mobo. Nothing changed.
Next, I pull out one piece at a time and boot the system. All return the same No Signal with my monitor connected. However, and I'm not sure if this matters, they all make different beeps. When I have all components in the case I get one beep upon startup.

Wh... Read more

A:Brand New Desktop, No Signal From Monitor

u don't list your motherboard.......... did u plug in the 4/8 pin power plug for the cpu

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I got a brand new Dell Inspiron 1520.

When I unplug the AC Power wire the screen dims a bit.

How do I stop it from doing this cause it's quite dark and looks like crap. When I try to watch a movie it's to dark and doesn't look good. The whole thing is just to dark in general but when plugged in it looks great.

A:Brand New Laptop... Monitor Question

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I just got a brand new computer last night, but the monitor looks very washed out, and blurry. I have researched the matter, but have found no solutions, and I really don't want to have to take it back. I ran a display quality test, and it found two errors, but didn't explain how to fix them...

"Visual effects settings aren't optimized for best performance"

"current video card driver isn't compatible with the wddm"

My exact computer is this one...
AX1430-UD30P | Product Model

My exact monitor is this one...
Amazon.com: Acer S230HL 23" Class Widescreen LED Monitor: Computers & Accessories

I really hope that someone can help me, or I'll have to return it, and fear that the next one will be the same way.

A:Brand New LCD Monitor looks washed out and blurry

Are you using the onboard graphics?

What graphics drivers are you using?

Which interface are you using (HDMI or VGA)?

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I got a new LG Flatron W2242S LCD monitor yeasterday and last night I saw that it had a stuck pixel o this morning I called the company who sold it to me - www.ebuyer.com - to return it, but they told me that anything up to 3 white stuck pixels, 7 stuck coloured pixels or 3 dead pixels was allowed before they or LG would accept that the monitor is faulty!

I've tried the tapping and rubbing methods but neither had any effect, and I have a program running on it now flashing waves of colours on the screen, but it also hasn't had any effect.

Ca anyone help me out? I don't know what else I can do, beyond actually trying to break some of the pixels so that ebuyer will have to take it back.

A:Brand new monitor with stuck pixel

Thats probably your best bet, but don't make it look to obvious, its just the luck of the draw for those failure monitors. Have had a couple screens like that.

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I bought a brand new HP Desktop T9Z10PA#APG with 2 x HP ProDisplay P222va screens. I set these up with one monitor using a VGA cable and the other using a HDMI Display Port cable (I think thats what its called). Everything loaded perfectly on both screens, I then used the DVD provided with the Desktop to install Windows 10 Pro (I assume it was originally on Windows 7 Professional as this disk was also provided). The installation process began and said my computer would restart several times for the install process to complete. This took over an hour and now I am receiving the following errors:- Both screens appear black- Both screens when I turn them on come up with:Monitor StatusDisplay Port: Scanning / No Signal (these flicker between each other and then end up on No Signal)VGA: Scanning / No Signal (these flicker between each other and then end up on No Signal)Auto-Switch Input: OnOptimal Mode: 1920x1080 60HzThen a new box comes up saying Display is Going to Sleep I have tried the following fixes (I have read in other forums) and nothing seems to get me off this screen!!- Replaced both the cables with different brand new ones- Used the physical buttons on both monitors to change every setting possible, including Reset- Inserted Driver Recovery DVD (also provided with computer)- Inserted Operating System DVD Windows 10 Pro (provided with computer)- Unplugged and left for several minutes and replugged in- Manually restarted by holding button down until it turns off, the... Read more

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I unboxed a new HP Pavilion x360 today and it refuses to connect to either of my wifi networks. It can see the SSIDs of the networks (both 2.4 and 5 GHz) in the wifi network list, but the laptop fails to connect to any of them. I have two wireless networks (both running on Netgear equipment), both of which have been working without a problem for several years. Each network has multiple laptops and phones connected at any given time. The main wifi unit is acting as a DHCP server for the network, and the second wifi unit is simply there to extend range, so most of its features are turned off and it's just running in Wireless AP mode. Both wifi points are using WPA2-PSK [AES] for their pass phrase. To rule out any authentication issues, I tried turning off access control and set the networks to 'open' (no password), but still no luck connecting. Meanwhile, I can sucessfully connect to both networks with my phone and various other laptops (eg an older HP Pavilion and a Microsoft Surface Pro 2) Every connection attempt gives the message "Verifying and connecting ...." and after 30 seconds or so, it says "Cannot connect to this network" I even tried re-enabling WPS so I could use the "push button to connect" feature on the wifi station. As soon as I pushed the button, the laptop recognised the WPS connection attempt, but after a few seconds it failed, and gave a message saying WPS had failed and I would have to manually type in the pass phrase. I'm pre... Read more

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I have a Speedtouch Wireless g adaptor which I want to use to connect another pc to the internet. The trouble is it was designed to work in conjunction with an Orange Livebox adsl modem router which i no longer have. So i just want it to connect to my current Belkin N1 modem router. The original installation disc wants me to connect it to the orange livebox- of course I can't and it all ends there. I tried just installing it through windows and the hardware isnt found. There must be a way-after all its only a standard USB wireless G adaptor.
Im using XP Pro .
Any ideas anone- is there a generic driver I could use and is there a generic wireless connection utility?

A:How to use a branded USB wireless adaptor to connect to different brand router

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I just bought a brand-new Dell Inspiron 1545. I started the computer, finished the registration and connected to my home wireless networking system. The Dell has Vista OS pre-loaded on it and it showed full connectivity to my internet system. However, once I clicked on Internet Explorer, the page would not load and I could surf to other pages. Thinking it was an Internet Explorer issue, I tried Firefox. Firefox allowed me to go to Google, but nothing else. I spent about an hour on the phone with Dell, who informed me that there have been some configuration problems between Vista, McAfee and Internet Explorer, but they wanted to charge me $250 for a one year software warranty (apparently my warranty is only hardware). I uninstalled the free 30-day trial McAfee but could not still surf the web. I've tried ipconfig as well as other online hints but nothing's worked. I was wondering if anyone else has run into this problem. I'm pretty close to just returning the Dell to the store and looking for another brand. Thanks in advance!

A:Brand New Dell Inspiron 1545 Won't Connect to Internet

Yes, I can connect using an Ethernet cord. The Comcast technical website (our home internet provider) shows that my computer is connected via Ethernet and wirelessly, but I still can only surf the web when I'm connected with an Ethernet cord.

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Hoping you all can help solve this. Ordered a brand new E570 online (maybe that was my first problem) When I got it, I found I couldn't connect to wifi - either at home or at the office, but ethernet works just fine. It will find all the wifi connections in range and when I select mine and type in my password, it takes about 10-15 seconds before coming back with 'cannot connect to network' error message?!

After having someone from Lenovo helpdesk remote-in twice, it's been back to Lenovo both times, the first time they replaced the wifi card, the second time they ran tests and could connect. It was returned to me with a report that there was no problem detected and everything worked.

I thought it was maybe my wifi, so I disconnected and reconnected both my phone and my work laptop. I have also since installed 2 wifi thermostats and a smart tv, so I know my home router works and i've got the correct password.

The IT guy at the office suggested this, at the command prompt:

ipconfig /flushdns
arp -d
netsh winsock reset

After typing the ipconfig, I tried the other commands and they came back w a 'requires elevation' message ... but i don't have my laptop set up w administrator rights ... (which is what I think its asking?)

This is driving me insane. Any ideas?


** edit** I've figured out how to run the above 3 commands from the admin command prompt but still get the same error message when I go to connect.

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I keep getting failure to connect with server message. Windows 10. Just got computer today. No problems with internet on wifi or lan.
How do I fix this?

A:Brand new 3542 Inspiron laptop won't connect with STORE.

Tell us the exact error message.

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I have had my new laptop for about three weeks and everything has been running perfectly on it. I downloaded 1/20th of what I had on my old HP laptop. All of a sudden, we came home from the cottage one day and my laptop would no longer stay connected to the wifi. I have turned my laptop on and off multiple times and nothing is fixing the issue. Thinking it was the wifi connection, I deleted it only to have it not even be able to connect to that connection anymore. This laptop is brand new and I would hate to have to send it back because I got such a great deal on it, and everything I wanted came with this laptop.  If I can't find the solution, I am going to be forced to send it back and get a different brand computer.  Is there anyone who is having the same issues as me?? Thank you, Jill

A:Brand new HP 15t laptop wont connect or stay connected to Wi...

Hello @Jillybean124, Welcome to the HP Forums! I read your post that your HP 15t notebook is having wireless connection issues and wanted to reach out to you. Here is a list of steps that commonly resolve issues with wireless connectivity. First, we have a step by step guide to walk you through the troubleshooting process here: Troubleshooting Your Wireless Network and Internet Connection A second option, is to try these steps:Powercycle the network:1. Shut down your notebook.2. Unplug the power to your router.3. Unplug the power to your modem.4. Wait at least 45 seconds.5. Plug in the modem, and wait for it to come back online.6. Plug in the router, and wait for it to come back online.7. Turn on your notebook, and test your connection.Disable the Power Off option for the adapter:1. Open Device Manager. (Win Key+R > type devmgmt.msc > OK)2. Expand the Network adapters.3. Right click on the Ethernet/Wireless Adapter and click Properties.4. Click the Power Management tab.5. Remove the check mark beside Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.6. Click OK.7. Test.Reset the TCP/IP settings on your PC:1. Go to your start screen/menu and type CMD.2. Right click on the command prompt icon and chose Run as administrator.3. In the window that opens type "netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt" without quotes, and press enter.4. Restart your PC and test.It may also help to reset the winsock catalogue:1. Go to your start screen/menu and type CMD.2... Read more

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Howdy all,

The amazing folks at Tech Spot saved my bacon many moons back, helping me fix a virus laden laptop for my sick kid. And so I turn to you with my latest computer nightmare and beg of your assistance once again!

I just bought a new HP ENVY TouchSmart 17t-j100 Quad Edition Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) for my daughter for Christmas. It arrived yesterday and I opened it up, to start preloading her software onto it so she can have it ready to go Christmas morning.

Unfortunately, the thing just won't let me get connected to the internet via wifi!

It is using an Intel Wireless-N 7260 adapter, running Windows 8.1 (factory installed). I have tried everything I could think of - using Intel drivers instead of Microsoft ones, resetting WINSOCK, flushing the DNS, using a static IP instead of dynamic, the works. Nothing appears to be working. The device can clearly see my network - it shows up on the list of connections, and validates my security information (running standard WEP security - not the best I know but it's easier for the multitude of tech I have on my network, all of which connects fine), but it only gives me limited access and does not want to connect to the network or the internet.

My base system is running Windows 7. My router is a Netgear Rangemax Wireless-N Gigabit Router WNR3500 v2.

I have not tried a hardwire connection yet, as I really need this to be a wireless device.

Help me, TechSpot Gurus....you're my only hope!

A:Brand New HP Envy Touchsmart 17 Quad can't connect to Internet

Hey Mark. I would connect to the Net by cable and allow it to get any OS updates and/or driver updates before I change any settings.While online,try to connect wirelessly to see if it finds any updates quicker.

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Any suggestions? Display is mirrored, but monitor not recognized in Windows display settings. This is a fresh out of the box unit.

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I'm currently using my desktop to access the internet because my new laptop top is really messed up. I have a Toshiba Satellite L655 windows 7. I'm not able to get on the internet or open any apps on my laptop. i box came up when i was on the internet that said windows reports that computer is infected. Antivirus softwarehelps to protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. Click here for the scanyour computer. Your system might be at risk now. I ignored the box and opened my zonealarm and ran a computer scan but it said no viruses were detected, so I clicked the red X thinking it would go away. I started to scan beitself. I stopped the scan but it did not help. Now i can not get on the internet. A box comes up and says
virus alert!
application can't be started!
The file wmiadap.exe is damaged
do you want to activate your antivirus software now?
Another box came up saying the same thing but saying file audiodg.exe is damaged
file svchost.exe
file msascui.exe
file perfmon.exe
there is a lot more files that are damaged as well
Another box came up saying:
Vulnerabilities found. your computer is infected by spyware-34 serious threats have been found while scanning your files and registry.
Infiltration Alert: your computer is being attacked by an internet virus. It could be a password-stealing attack, a trojan-dropper or similar. DETAILS: attack from:, port 56792 Attacked port: 22831 Threat:Win32/Nuqel.E

No... Read more

A:please help brand new laptop can't connect to internet due to fake antivirus protaction

Rebecca, try booting into "Safe Mode with Networking" by tapping "F8" while the system is booting. Then see if you can connect to the web. If you can, you need to download Malwarebytes - Update it - and run a quick scan. If you can't get to the web try downloading it on another computer and moving it to your laptop with a flash drive. Also you can try doing a system restore and go back a few days. Good luck.

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I just bought a brand new 23" Asus VH 232H Monitor. My desktop is a Dell Dimension 3000, with a Visiontek Radeon 9250 graphics card, 2.8ghx Pentium 4 and 2GBs or DDR2 ram.

My problem is, whenever I try to open any sort of 3d application, like a game, or even boot Linuz running Compiz, the new asus screen goes black. The secondary monitor in my dual screen setup still works, but anything 3d makes the new monitor shut off, if it's running at a high resolution. However, if I set the desktop resolution on the asus down to around 1024x768, it works, but that defeats the point of having a big monitor. It also comes back to life if I minimize the 3d application. Even if I have the game running on my other screen, the asus goes black.

I assume this is a problem with my video card. I've run Windows Update, and downloaded the latest drivers from ATI and the problem persists. I don't want to spend the money on a new gfx card, but if I have to I will. Could that be the problem?

Thanks for your help in advance.


A:Brand new monitor goes blank when running 3d apps at high res

Before doing anything else, go test the monitor on a PC that you know to work perfectly. Also, have you ever tested with only this new monitor?
If you can make it work with another computer, or alone, then yes, it's the graphics card bugging out. Nothing you can do to fix it really. Yet, no point buying a 9250, neither can your old machine handle anything much better without a power supply upgrade, and probably a improvement in its cooling would be needed too.

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Just purchased a new Radeon HD 5550 PCI-E 2.1 video card. My mobo has onboard VGA but i want to add a video card to improve graphics. on the box of this particular gpu, it states the system requirements are a "PCI-E complient motherboard with one X16 graphics slot"

According to my mobo specs, i have one PCI-E X16 slot, which makes my mobo eligible to put in a GPU such as this one. My PSU is 450W, the required for the GPU is at least 400W.

When i hookup my GPU i get no signal from my monitor, even if i connect my VGA cable up on the on-board VGA port. when i remove my GPU from it's slot, instantly i receive signal from my monitor and my onboard VGA.

What could be the issue?

Thanks in Advance!

A:Solved: Brand new Video Card - No monitor Signal

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Hi all, trying to setup up a secondary monitor (LG 24MP58) for my Lenovo Yoga 900 tablet...to no avail. Everything seems to be assembled correctly, but absolutely no response from the LG. Doesn't even light up or appear to be "trying" to work. There are no physical buttons or controls of any kind, on the monitor. Win 10 generated a PnP monitor in Devices. HDMI is connected to Type-C USB port on tablet via Insignia adapter. Would eventually like to have a duplicate of my tablet screen on the LG.
Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.


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I purchased a new laptop (wireless-n). However, the old laptop I have from 6 six years ago (wireless g) has a faster wireless connection than the new one (20-25 mbps vs. 0.50-1.00 mbps). Any reason for the difference? The 2 computers are at the same location in the house in regards to the router. Please let me know any additional information needed about each of the 2 computers, or anything else you might need. Thanks.

A:Solved: Older Computers Connect Wirelessly Faster Than Brand New Laptop

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Hi, i purchased a brand new hp monitor. Everything is perfect but the biggest problem is that the monitor shows gray color  as light brown. #f5f5f5 is gray color it shows as light brown. Being a webdesigner this is disappointing that it shows the wrong color. Even photoshop shows #f5f5f5 as light brown. When i compare the same color on a other monitor it shows the right color. I also connected it to my laptop using a hdmi cable but it has the same problem, laptop clearly shows grey color but the monitor shows the same color a light brown. Can someone tell me is there any setting that can change this.  Could there be a defect with the monitor or is this normal?  Please let me know so that i can get the monitor changed.

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hi, i connected the S2316H (1920x1080) to my desktop via VGA (only connection option) yesterday and there's bad flickering with horizontal streaks flashing intermittently...........this is especially so on web-pages with white background......
the previous night, my old Samsung monitor worked just fine.........i connected the Dell to my tv set-up box via HDMI and it worked just fine..........what could be the problem ?

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I'm very new to the PC-building world. I decided to buy some new hardware. My previous computer had an AMD motherboard and CPU and I wanted to make the switch over to Intel. Here are my system specs, starting with the new hardware I just bought, followed by the existing hardware I intended to keep (for the time being):

Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97X-UD3H (LGA 1150 socket)
Processor (CPU): i7-4790k @ 4.0GHz
Power Supply: Coolmax 700W (CU-700B)
Memory (RAM): 16GB (2 x 4GB Crucial Ballistix [2 x BLS4G3D1609DS1S00] + 1 x 8GB Crucial Ballistix [BLS8G3D1609DS1S00])
Case/Chassis: Corsair Carbide Series 300R

Video Card: EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 560
Hard Drive 1: 1TB Seagate Barracuda ST31000528AS (7200RPM)
Hard Drive 2: 3TB Western Digital WD Green WD30EZRX
Optical Drive: Blu-ray Disc Rewriter (LG BH14NS40)
Monitor: 23" LG W2353V
Operating System: Windows 7 (64-bit) Service Pack 1
My problem is that after all is said and done, with every part hooked up to the power supply and motherboard, all the fans spinning, all the LED's displaying fine, I still get absolutely no signal going from the computer to the monitor when I turn it on. When I unhook the DVI cable from the video card, a message on my monitor says "Check Signal Cable", meaning it knows that it's disconnected. But then when I plug it back in, that message goes away and it returns to "Power Saving Mode", meaning it at least recognizes that it's plugged into the video c... Read more

A:BLANK SCREEN: No signal going to monitor (Brand New i7-4790k + GA Z97X-UD3H) - HELP!

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Ok,i have a problem..i use 2 monitor on my laptop,one from the laptop itself and one is regular lcd monitor,i set my another monitor (not the laptop monitor) to a main monitor,and if i connect the sec monitor to my laptop it sayd out of range,and my laptop monitor is not turned up cuz i just select "only display on monitor 2"on didplay setting,so i just stuck with double blank monitor when i connect the sec monitor,plz help me out from this shitty things

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Hello I have quite a frustrating problem, last week on my last PC I was having problems with it slowing down in games even though it was more than fast enough to handle them, after trying to trouble shoot it, my screen randomly went black after I restarted it the front LEDs wouldn't turn on, my keyboard and mouse would not light up and the screen was black, though all fans would turn on, so I started to trouble shoot, I bought a new PSU, I tested my GPU in my roommates computer. And I replaced the ram with my roommates ram, I posted on other forums and they said it was likely my mobo or CPU, so I went ahead and used it as an excuse to upgrade, I bought a new core i5 4690k CPU and an MSI z87 mobo, put everything together and still the exact same problem. The only components I haven't replaced are the fans and my computer case / power button and audio/USB jacks. I don't know what to do now, could it be that there is something wrong with my power button coming from the case that is causing all this? (Note the front LEDs flash for a split second when I turn the PC on or off)

A:Solved: brand new PC won't turn on, fans start but no front LEDs or signal to monitor

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 The name of my notebook is HP Pavilion 12-n231TU .I want to use an external Monitor with my laptop .Is it Pssible?How do I do it ? #Reason- Its only 14.5 inch display and can not thrill me enough when playing gamees with this little monitor .. Waiting for reply

A:Can I connect a monitor and use that monitor as my laptop's ...

Hi, Yes, you can. The following link shows specs of your machine:     http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c04168240 It has 1 HDMI port, this is very handy. There are many monitors around which have HDMI port. 21" to 24" monitors are very popupar. Just go out and buy one (please check to see HDMI cable is included otherwise you have to buy a cable). Now, you can connect your laptop to the monitor, then power them up. Normally they will connect automatically, otherwsie hit F4. Regards.

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I just unpacked my custom build and got it turned on.. went to try and get the internet working, and for the life of me.. i can't figure it out.
I don't even have a little wireless bar down in the right hand corner. when i try to connect to a network in network and sharing center, it wants me to plug in an ethernet cable. But i want wireless.. Also in the side panel of Network and sharing center, i don't even have the option for wireless.. i have Change adapter settings, and Change advanced sharing settings.

I try to set up a new connection or network and Connect to the internet, the only way it asks me to connect is by broadband(PPPoE). If i try set up a new network it asks me to choose the wireless router or access point i want to configure, might take up to 90 seconds for networks to appear.. but nothing pops up.
Anyone have any ideas?

A:Brand new computer, Brand new windows 7.. no wireless?

In Device Manager, Network Adapters, is your wireless shown?

If yes, is the driver installed? If no, is it enabled in BIOS?

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Dream Machine, bad brand? good brand?

What is your Dream Machine? I mean spec... but realistic example not a time machine and what component brand you have bad experience with and what brand you very worship?

heres my Dream Spec:
- AMD Athlon64 FX-74 quad-core
- dual 300gb internal hdd, 15,000rpm, 16mb cache
- Blue Ray burner
- 8gig Buffalo Firestix rams
- dual 2900XT 1gig version in crossfire mode
- E-Mu 1616M 16 channels sound card
- Physx card
- Killer Nic card
- Altec Lansing FX5051 89 watts 5.1 surround sound system
- 1000watt Antec TruePower Quattro psu
- Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit
- liquid cooling
- custom see through hard plastic glass case
- gigantic fan that cover each side of the case
- red lighting fancy neon colors
- every components all red color like ram, video card, mobo etc....
- Machine name: The Blood Demon

I chose amd processor cause so far I have no problem with amd cpu. I have bad experience with intel cpu's..... got celeron 466mhz and it auto reboot often and sometimes wont boot. got pentium3 1.10ghz on laptop and it is out of order for less than 3 years of purchase. got pentium4 3.0ghz 630 and going to folder full of pictures seems slower than my athlon64 3200+ winchester.

chose dual 300gb instead of one piece 1tb hdd is cause as i study theres no 1tb that has 15,000rpm so ill go with dual 300gb 15,000rpm, 16mb cache instead.

chose blu ray over hd dvd is... just felt like it.

chose buffalo firestix ram is ca... Read more

A:Dream Machine, bad brand? good brand?

That little lot wouldn't be any good without a mobo tho.

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Ok my question this since my computer is connected to my monitor with a VGA Cable there also is a dvi input or a output on the monitor is it possible to connect a dvi on back of of the monitor to a tv? While it is connected to VGA to computer?

So basically like this
computer> monitor > tv
computer to VGA monitor then monitor dvi to hdmi tv?
Will I be able to see the same picture on the tv as on the monitor?

A:Can u connect from monitor to tv?

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