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Start Up in Windows 10 just a color background and password

Q: Start Up in Windows 10 just a color background and password

I don't want the "spotlight" to come up when windows 10 starts up. I just want a color background and the password entry. Is there a way to do this? I see I can pick a picture also, I don't want that or a slide show. I just want a color and password entry. Thanks.

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Preferred Solution: Start Up in Windows 10 just a color background and password

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Windows 8 CP now lets you change the start screen background color and image natively.

Choose Settings from Charm Bar> Select More PC settings> Select Personalize> Select Start Screen> Choose your background color, and/or image

A Guy

A:Change Windows 8 CP Start Screen Background Color and Image

My charm does not work that way nothing happens when i hit more pc

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I had one laptop connected to my outlook account. Now I bought another laptop and connected it to the same outlook account .. While the Windows 8 setup , I selected to set it up as a new PC and to sync just the Star menu layout from the old Laptop .

Now I accidentally changed the old layout with a new color scheme. I want the old start menu layout back .. Any way to get that ? ( Can the layout be exported from the other laptop as it has the same Start menu layout as before ..)

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Hey all,

I have a question regarding the font/background colors on the Windows 7 log screen. I just accepted a position with a school and a few computers have customized log screen font colors/backgrounds. The Windows 7 classic background is there, but the username and password boxes have been changed. For example, one computer has green text that sits on a black background for both username and password. Another has a different combination of colors. I've searched related topics but am having trouble finding a good, clear cut solution. I basically just want to reset the log screen back to the default white background with black text for each box.

Anyone advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


A:Windows 7 Log Screen Font Color/Background Color

Hello, try this below

Logon Screen - Change Text Color in Windows

Also, make sure you don't have your settings set to high contrast black/green theme
Theme - Change or Save

To change logon background
Log On Screen - Change

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That green is kinda of iffy. Is there a way to change its color.

A:Changing start menu background color

Well... Vishal Gusta posted a nice article about customizing Metro UI

How to Customize or Change Start Screen Green Background, Start Button, Tiny Start Menu and Other Metro UI Stuff in Windows 8? - Tweaking with Vishal

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Hello I could successfully change my background image of the start menu with sevenforums existing threads. Unfortunately I could not find any image IDs for the start menu all programs background image. I searched through the threads and through Restorator, but with no result.
May someone please share the IDs for 'all programs background image'?
Would be very much appreciated.
PS: I changed already the white space of these images to grey:

A:Image ID for start menu all programs background color

I could successfully change the start menu all programs background color with the programs: 'Vista Style Builder 1.5 (also for win7)'. You would just go to 'Explorer & Shell' / 'Explorer' / 'Tree view' and change there the value FILLCOLOR:COLOR to your desired color.
I think 'all programs' does not use images and therefor you would only be able to do it with Vista Style Builder. Greetings

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Is it possible to change the folders normal white background from white to say an off blue color. The reason is white just seems to hurt my eyes too much. Someone told me in order to do this I may need to refresh my skills at C++. I have tried this "Windows 7 Folder Background Changer" at Change folder background with Windows 7 Folder Background Changer. However it does not work on my system for some reason.

A:How to change background color of Folders in Windows 7

Well this works for me:

Run regedit and navigate to:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Colors

Right click on the "colors" key and make a backup (export the reg key).

Then in the right pane scroll down to window - double click and change the value to 200 200 200

Exit registry editor and log off then log back on again. You'll see a background like this:

However if you want to change the background color in your photo viewer - read this:

Registry Tweak and Freeware to Change ?Photo Viewer? or ?Photo Gallery? Background Color in Windows - AskVG

There are two tweaks shown. One is for Windows Photo Viewer and the other is for Windows Live Photo Gallery if you've installed it instead of the default Windows Photo Viewer.

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Some of Microsoft applications(Media Player, Visual Studio, Office) and internet browser
Firefox had changed their background color from white to gray.
How can I fix it?

A:Windows Applications Background Color Problem

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The background window color for LIVE MAIL in Win 7 is blazing white and rather hard on my problem eyes. I was able to change the background and soften the color in Windows Mail in XP, but not in Windows 7. I realize I can change the window color by using the stationery function for composing messages, but there doesn't seem to be a function to change the main window for reading and sorting messages. This really is a problem for me since I've just had very serious eye surgery and anything really bright hurts my eyes something awful. Any suggestions? Thanks.


A:Background color for Windows Live Mail

If you'd rather switch than fight I suggest Thunderbird. After downloading and installing it select Tools - Options... - Display tab - and choose your Text color and/or Background color.

I could not find anything similar in WLM.

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 I realize this is probly not the right forum to use but I need some advice. Is it possible to change the folders normal white background from white to say an off blue color. The reason is white just seems to hurt my eyes too much. Someone told me in order to do this I may need to refresh my skills at C++ and then it would also void any warrentees I have but since I built my own system it does not apply to me. On the other hand it may Not be possible at all ? Ed

A:How to change background color of Folders in Windows 7

I don't think it would void any warranties. It's like saying you cannot change your background image because that's changing something.
I think it may be possible to do what you want although it may be somewhere in the registry. I have no idea where and I can only suggest that you Google it.

I must add, if you do decide to go ahead and modify your registry please ensure you back it up before hand.

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I can successfully change the background color of "Window", which will correctly change the background color of something like Notepad. But I cannot find any way to change the background color of the Windows Explorer.  You can do it in XP, but I could never find a way in Vista.  Is there some way to do it in Win7? Thanks, Phil

A:Change background color of Windows Explorer?

Yes, I am seeing that result also. The comments thread will be the place to pass this on.Rating posts helps other users
Mark L. Ferguson MS-MVP

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I am facing a couple of problems

(1) I want to change the background color of the Explorer. I am using Windows 8.

I have opened "regedit" --> Control Panel --> Colors.

I am unable to understand which value of DWORD to set in and which one to change. I want to change the color of the explorer to grey so that it does no hurt my eye. Please guide me with the exact value.

(2) I want to change the brightness of Windows 8. I am using Acer Aspire E1- 510. Earlier I have questioned, but I was asked to download some driver and update. But it is not happening. I am not very good in hardware settings etc. In "regedit" is it possible to edit anything and decrease the OVERALL BRIGHTNESS OF THE LAPTOP?. If so please guide me.

Thanks a lot.

A:How to change the background color of Windows 8 Explorer

Hi mynameisshounak and welcome to Eight Forums,

1) This link may prove to be helpful. How To Change The Windows 8 Background Colour

2) Why can't you adjust the brightness?

Hope the link helped,

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I actually have no beef with the Win 8.1 Start menu, but the colors of the regular desktop environment are killing me. Namely, the weird, off-off white of the menus. The High-Contrast White option under Personalization gives me the right color for the menu backgrounds but everything else about the theme screams windows 3.1
Is there maybe a registry tweak that I can use to change this one little color? I've tried a few things but nothing so far has worked.

See attached pic to see what I'm talking about.
Any help would be greatly appreciated -- thanks in advance!!

A:Change menu background color in win 8.1? NOT Start menu...

Haven't had any success either.
Even creating 'Classic' theme in Windows 7 and copying it over doesn't work!

Attachment 45614

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I am try to change the background color and accent color. I used to be able to go to "settings", then ""change PC settings" and it would have an option for "personalization". The only way I found to get to that was search for "accent".

A:Changing background color and accent color

Hello Mallen,

This may be able to help.

Start Screen - Change Background Color and Image


Window Color and Appearance - Change in Windows 8

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I just installed windows 8 and to reduce pressure on eye I want make windows explorer and application background color grey, previously in windows 7 I was able to do it just replacing a theme, but now I didn't find any suitable grey color theme for windows 8. Is here anyone know how can I do that?


A:Want Grey color windows explorer and appliction background

I've been through this over the last month and this is what I found. You will have to find a theme of your liking and install it. Or you will have to use Windows Style Builder to create a theme to your liking. If you want to use one of the high contrast themes which are in the win 8 selection list ,they can be adjusted as you like. Hope this will help.

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I have a friend who suffers from age-related macular degeneration (ARMD). She is mostly home-bound and one of her few pleasures is sending and receiving e-mail. Her laptop OS is Vista and she uses Windows Mail (not Windows Live Mail -- Windows Mail). The black font on white background default e-mail format is difficult for her to see. A bright yellow background with black letters is much easier for her to see, so I guided her by phone on how to create an e-mail with a yellow background.

She then asked two questions: (1) How can I set the yellow background as the default format when I compose an e-mail and (2) is there any way to force the yellow background on incoming e-mails. I've virtually certain that the answer to question (2) is that there's no way to do that because it violates the integrity of the format used by the sender. But there ought to be a way to make the yellow background the default for all the e-mails she composes. I tried creating a blank e-mail with a yellow background and saving it as stationery, but stationery only saves graphics, not background colors.

Anybody know a way make yellow the default background in Windows Mail for all created e-mails? Or do I have to switch her to Thunderbird or some other e-mail client that provides a way to do that?

A:Solved: Set Default Background Color in Windows Mail

Since there have been no responses to this thread, I assume there is no way to establish a default background in Windows Mail. I have since investigated Thunderbird, which does provide for default backgrounds for both sent and received e-mail, but for the received e-mails, it only works if the e-mail is in plain text. In addition, there is a learning curve associated with Thunderbird. Like many users, she only understands what to do on the computer by rote, not by understanding what's going on and how to get around issues. In addition, she recently suffered a minor stroke. So learning new programs is difficult for her. Therefore, she going to stick with changing the background and font color for each new e-mail she creates.

I will mark the thread as 'solved'.

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about window colors... I have this problem with windows 7, although it's never been really well implemented in any version of any windows - I can't stand the white background of all windows, and I would like to have a darker background. the white hurts my eyes because I usually work in a fairly dark environment. I suppose a lot of people have this same problem. well, windows just doesn't want to allow that. I either use the old, super-ugly windows look, in which case I can actually change theme colors more or less enough to create a dark theme... or..... is there any other way? I'm even open to tweaking this damn thing with non-supported applications, just... I need a grey/dark theme for my windows...
anybody, any ideas?

and btw, speaking of themes, windows 7 must be the worst of all windows so far, it's really ridiculous that they even call them "themes", and the "customize your own theme" kind of tutorials are probably the hugest waste of time humanity has ever seen, hahahaha. really, really ridiculous. cuz basically, there is only 1 theme. period. same with XP. just changing the color of the taskbar doesn't really make it a different theme. makes it - the saaaaaaaaaaame theme, with slight taskbar color variation.

A:Change Windows Explorer window background color

Sorry for off-topic, but your punctuation really sucks. I didn't understand a bit of what you wrote.

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So on Windows 7 there is the login screen, and there you can change it with a program for example, on Windows 8/8.1 there is the Pre Login Screen that you have to move up, then enter the password. But in that screen where you enter the password, is a colored background. I have seen a guide to change the color of it, but i want to set an image there instead, is there any way of doing that?

Here is what i mean:
So i just want to know if it is possible to change that background from a color to an image? Any is help appreciated. Thanks

A:Windows 8.1 Login Screen Background Color to Image

One alternative would be to use 'Picture Password' sign-in.

Picture Password - Create, Change, or Remove in Windows 8

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How do I change this 3 background color in Windows Style Builder

A:How do I change this background color in Windows Style Builder

hi see if this thread helps How do I change context menu background color in Windows Style Builder

EDIT: just realized it was your other thread

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How do you do this in WSB? I know how to do it in Windows but it's too troublesome.

A:Change desktop background color - Windows Style Builder

Spores mate have no idea what WSB is and there is a serious lack of machine specs we need first.
System Info - See Your System Specs

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Word - format interaction glitch w/columns, color display background

I am trying to figure out how to change the color of a Windows XP (service pack 2) window for 1 Word document only.

I am doing a tri-fold brochure for a client. Normally, on my computer, I have changed display/appearance settings so that I have a cool kind of rose color for for my windows.

(As you may know, if you don't want your Windows "windows" to have a standard white background, you can go into cntl panel/display/appearances/advanced and change the color of a "window" to one of the preset, or a custom color.)

Changing the custom settings back and forth is tricky, and I often "lose" my custom color settings. Thus, I don't want to have to change them if I can avoid it.

Therefore, when I am going to attach a formal email, I highlight the doc and choose format/background and change the color to a "professional" white before sending it. That way I retain my default color custom window settings.

However, in this case, with the columns etc. set for the brochure, as soon as I change the color the columns disappear! I know there must be a way to change the color of the window (display, background, or otherwise) just for one doc, without doing the universal "display" change for all windows as per above.

Again, the problem is that when I take the basic brochure and use "background" to change the background from my custom pink to ... Read more

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How do I change

1...context menu background color

2...Explorer Right click menu background color

3...Taskbar Right click menu background color

in Windows Style Builder

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Just installed Windows 10 on my primary laptop and the lock screen is a solid blue (if I change my theme color, the lock screen changes too). However, I have Windows Spotlight turned on. I've tried setting a static picture or slideshow as the background. I also confirmed that the files needed for Windows Spotlight are indeed downloaded onto my computer. It just refuses to change.

It's worth noting that on my secondary computer with Windows Insider builds, I have, and have been having, the same problem. Any ideas as to how to fix it?

My lock screen (apparently you can't screenshot the lock screen):

My settings app:

The folder where Windows Spotlight stores images:

A:Windows 10 Lock Screen Background Doesn't Show Up (stays theme color)

And blue is the accent color for that theme, correct?

After installing Windows 10 on my laptop my lock screen is experiencing the same problem as you, as well as in the desktop. In the desktop I found out that if I set a specific picture or slideshow and set the taskbar to detect color, the taskbar will switch colors to match the picture(s) as if they were displaying, but the pictures themselves don't actually appear on either the desktop or lockscreen.

If we are having an identical problem, that would mean that the pictures are still displaying, but the accent colors are taking priority over them, in a sense.

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I recently installed Windows 8 and on thing which I always do on my Windows environment is to change the background color of the windows to a light gray.  However I cant figure out how to do this on Windows 8, can someone point me in the right direction

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i have a dell inspiron 6400 with the built in restore option (Ctrl +F11... or something)
i split my hard drive manual with partition magic.

i wanted to know, if i will restor my system will the hard disk goes back to one, or will it stay split?

A:install <span id="EBSpanHighlighter" style="background-color: Fuchsia; color: black;"

it'll stay split unless you actually delete the 2nd partition. Just reinstall on c: & you'll be fine

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Hi Everyone,

My son was playing with my PC today and since then, the password box on the Windows 7 login has a black background instead of the traditional white. In addition, the Toshiba Wireless LAN detector also has a black background. I have looked at the Ease of Use settings and nothing seems to be altered. He's only 2 so I have no idea how he was able to do this. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks.

A:How do I change the password box background colour on Windows 7 login?

Hello Jimmy and welcome to Seven Forums.

I think I'd try a System Restore using a date/time prior to when the unwanted changes occurred.

System Restore

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OK, I feel stupid now.... How do you change the default background color of just the menu bar line in a windows form?

A:VB Meu Background color


I'm now curious about this.....looked around and couldn't find anything on it...



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From the attachment you can see my problem.
I very often have this, and it is very difficult to see the fields where to put in information.
The shown attachment is even better than the reality.

How can I get a better showing background ?

I have tested with different, but no color are ok I think.

A:Background color or what?

I have here a better dump, that more shows the issue

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Hi all,
New to this forum but not a PC noob.
Running XP SP2 on my P-4 3.2 GHz, 1Gb RAM system.
I would like to find a program to change the look/color from the boring gray background that I.E.7 comes with as the default.
I could easily just go with Firefox and customize it as I usually do but IE.7 loads and runs faster on this PC.
If anyone has any good suggestions for an easy to install and run program that can do this without me having to change any registry entries, that would be great.
Thanks in advance for any info.

A:I.E.7 Background Color

See if THIS is what you may be looking for.

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How can I get the background color of Outlook Express messages to be grey, instead of white?
I have Windows XP.


A:Background color

Do you mean the background color of your inbox and mail you are reading?

If you mean the background color of html coded email messages that you are composing / sending, that's a different matter.


I believe Outlook uses the default window background color, and there's no setting just for Outlook.

If you want to change the default window background color for all Windows -

- Right-click on desktop, select Properties > Appearance > Advanced;

- On the 'Advanced Appearance' window,

- - under 'Item:' ... select 'Window'

- - under 'Color 1:' ... select the shade of grey you want.

- Click 'OK'

- Click 'Apply'

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When I start a program, like Task Mgr. I have a deep blue header but if I keep it open and click on something else, all the background color turns white on Task Mgr unitl I click back on it. I know how to Personalize but dont see and setting for secondary colors. Pls advise

A:Background Color

I'm pretty sure Windows does that by default; depicts an inactive window.

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whenever I print something from my email, Outlook, the background color is either blue or gray, never white. If I use another email e.g. Yahoo, then everything works as it should. What should I do? Eliot

A:background color!

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Does anyone know how to make the IE8 background black? Can you do this without having to apply a whole theme?

A:IE8 Background color

try this
Stardock.com - Your Edge In Software

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My hp 522c crashed- I don't know cause. In puttering around I managed to go from the Blue HP Invent screen to one with french language requests in the background, much like a menu, and a box in the foreground requesting my password which I don't know. Any assistance and help in getting this diagnosed and fixed would be greatly appreciated.

A:Windows 98 HP 522c French background and English request for PASSWORD

Welcome to TechSpot

This looks to me like a setting in your BIOS. Don't know your PC, but the most frequent keys to hit at startup are Del, F1, F2 or F10.
Check around in BIOS for a Language setting and change that to English or whatever you need.

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I've attached a image. Where or how can I change the background color (or gradient preferably) of the stuff pointed to by the 3 red arrows?

Thanks for any help.

A:Help change background color

"Control Panel>Display>Personalization>Windows Color>Advanced appearance settings..." is where to go to bring up the Classic Windows appearance gui there. The image here shows the various items in the dropdown list of choices for changing color for things like 3D objects which changes the borders and menu bars on windows for example.

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My PC's OS is Windows XP Home Edition SP3 and up to date. I have just transferred my files and folders into a new account as my old one had become slightly corrupted. I am not sure how but for some reason all my favorite sites are coming up with the same white backing as shown in the screen shot of BC.com. Can anyone tell me how to get the normal backing color again?.

A:Help me get my background color back please?.

You should be able to find what you want here. http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documen...r.mspx?mfr=true

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When I put a jpg pic. in with a white background.. the background turns gray and is saved that way. How do I keep(or change) the back ground to white?

A:Using Irfanview...background color

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hi all
we deploy IE9 (setup /quiet) with Win7. Now our User have no Checkbox "Printing - Printing Background Color" under Internetoptions - Advanced. Why?

A:Printing Background color

1. Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button. In the search box, type Internet Explorer, and then, in the list of results, click Internet Explorer.

2. Click the Tools button, point to Print, and then click
Page setup.

3. Under Paper Options, select the Print Background Colors and Images check box, and then click OK.

Cf.: "Internet Explorer 9 accessibility options".

Also see: "Printing webpages in Internet Explorer
9: frequently asked questions".

Regards,Vincenzo Di Russo
Microsoft® MVP Windows Internet Explorer, Windows & Security Expert - since 2003.
Moderator in the Microsoft Answers and TechNet Forums
My MVP Profile: https://mvp.support.microsoft.com/profile/Vincenzo

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How can I change the background color in Access. I am trying to change the grey do a different color and have not figured out how to do it. I am not even sure if it can be done.

A:Background color in Access

In design view of the form, make sure you click on the top-left corner of the form to be sure the form itself is selected and not an object on the form.

Then right-click an area of the background.

See the picture attached.

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The Backgroup Color in Internet Explorer is Missing, when I go to yahoo or any other webpage the background is missing the color it just displays
white (sites are readable) and flash and java works.
System was infected and used Avast, SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes to clean it up.
I also updated to IE 8.0, did the reset for IE.
Under the General tab the colors are set to Use windows colors, Accessiblities are all unchecked.

Installed Firefox and same thing? windows bug?


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I've attached a HJlog. This is my mothers computer I am trying to fix via Logmein. I cannot get a picture on the desktop background. Whenever I select a picture from browse, the apply tab never lights up. I have tried many of the remedies suggested in previous post concerning " can't change wallpaper" to no avail.
It has to be something that hj her computer.
Please help- she wants me to put a pic of the Packers on her desktop. The screen saver function works fine with pics if that helps.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 3:57:06 PM, on 12/19/2011
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Java\Java Update\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\AVG Secure Search\vprot.exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\LightScribe\LSSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Commo... Read more

A:Color change only on background- no pic


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i refreshed the desktop and all my icons got a background color .
how do i remove it please. .

thanks a bunch

A:background color on icon name

Right click on an empty place on the Desktop
Choose Properties
In the new Window Desktop tab
Then Customize Desktop button
Web tab
Clear any Web pages


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I have the same problem that was posted in 2004 - white only background on the browser and strange font sizing on my new laptop, Dell Inspiron 6000 running XP Home with an ATI X300 card with the ATI drivers. Get it with IE 6 or Firefox, cable, wired or wireless, or dial up. At the same time my old desktop operates with the correct colors and normal fonts sitting right next to it.

Have Internet Options>Colors> set to Use Windows Colors
Have used various setting in the Screen Resolution (now at 1680 x 1050) and Color Quality set to 32 Bit.

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Hi there everyone!

I've had this problem for AGES and it's really annoying me...
I'm changing my background colour by going to "settings>personalise" and it changes (to blue/purple in this example)...but it won't get rid of the red header, and the text above the apps is a weird pink colour that you can barely see.

Also, when I've shut down and log on, the background isn't the blue/purple colour I set it to...it goes to the same red colour as the heading of the settings (dark red). I have to click on "desktop" and then go back to the start screen to get it back to the blue colour. Any fixes for this? It's so annoying!


A:Background color playing up...

Hello Antony, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You might see if using the tutorial below to force a specific background and accent color may work to sort this for you.

Color of Background and Accent - Force in Windows 8.1

Hope this helps,

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Hi. Screen background color has changed to yellow on its own from the standard clear color. Everything was normal when I logged off and shut down yesterday. Today when booted up finished the screen background was yellow.

Tried fiddling around in the Control Panel-Display Properties but nothing seemed to be able to change the color.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6400 @ 2.13GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1015 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro NVS 280 PCI (Microsoft Corporation), 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 152617 MB, Free - 140043 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 0A54h
Antivirus: Norton Internet Security, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Background Color Change

Some malware can change your background, but it could be the result of something else.

Try performing a System Restore:


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I know the background is there, because you can see the color and the detail of it through the taskbar. The whole screen is a solid color, and it's set that it's showing the default Vista background. Has anyone had this issue before? Any imput would be fantastic. Thanks!

A:Background is Solid Color

Just happened?
Tried system restore?

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