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Qosmio F750-10L - How to watch 3D Pictures???

Q: Qosmio F750-10L - How to watch 3D Pictures???

I bought this "Glass-Free" 3D Laptop only because I wanted to watch my 3D-Pictures during my travels.
But this seems not to work with any of my 3D-Viewers!
I does not even work with the Nvidia-3D-Photo Viewer?!?
Do I really have to use Anaglyph-Glasses If I want to do anything else than watching Movies??

Preferred Solution: Qosmio F750-10L - How to watch 3D Pictures???

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Qosmio F750-10L - How to watch 3D Pictures???

Not really. Use any application you like and take a look at Kevin's great utility in order to activate the 3D mode: http://coxcoppes.nl/3DScreenActivator/

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I've played Crysis 2 , but when switch into 3D, display become unrecognizable and too foggy.
In fact I cannot play that game on 3D seettings.

1. I think that Qosmio F750-110 (PQF75E-01K00EG5) has a 3D LED display, or not?

2. Still not success with playing any kind of video files to 3D.

In fact I have not seen any 3D screen on this Laptop anymore. I see in youtube that Qosmio F750 can play 3D content, but where i have to find ''face tracking'' software to working with?

A:How to watch 3D without glasses on Qosmio F750-110?


>1. I think that Qosmio F750-110 (PQF75E-01K00EG5) has a 3D LED display, or not?
Qosmio F750-110 is not equipped with an glasses free 3D LCD.
The Qosmio F750-10L and F750-10M are equipped with 15.6 Full HD GLASSES FREE 3D LCD.

By the way:
+Qosmio F750 glasses free 3D laptop - Supported content and software+

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If I launch Windows Media Center, chose Live TV Setup, I get a mesage TV Tuner Not Found.

Where do I find a TV Tuner? I downloaded Yuan DVB-T_ATSC Tuner Driver V2.3.3.41.

A:How to watch live TV on Qosmio F750?

Is TV tuner installed or not? What is the status in device manager?
Which operating system do you use?

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Hello, I know this question has been asked many times before, however, I cannot seem to find a helpful answer (related to my laptop series) anywhere.

Most of the time the answer is to re-install the already pre-installed X-tunes.
This is not pre-installed. I have updated all the drivers and downloaded all the suggested programs.

Still it does not seem to work.
I can convert something to 3d, but then it just shows the screen twice vertically.
I thought this should be easy (as suggested by the advertisements and the very helpful note packed with the laptop). I am not a computer genius, but it should not be this hard?

Can some one please explain to me how to do this?
Besides the 3d dvd's I would like to play MP4 and .Avi files as well.

Thank you!

A:How to watch 3D without glasses on Qosmio F750-11R?


> How to watch 3D without glasses on Qosmio F750-11R?

First of all its imporntat to know if your Qosmio F750 has been equipped with an 15.6 FHD GLASSES FREE 3D LCD.

Only the F750 units with an glasses free 3D LCD supports 3D without additional 3D glasses.

Found the specification sheet on the Toshiba page for Qosmio F750-11R and unfortunately, it looks like the notebook does NOT support glasses free 3D display.

This is also the reason why the X-tune software was not preinstalled on your notebook

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i have toshiba qosmio f 750-M14L for some reason i don't have blu-ray driver installed and i don't have toshiba dvd player installed i tried to download from the website but when i try to install them it tells me that we didn't find our driver and it just abort. it used to work perfectly 1 year ago as i remember. pls help me

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When Qosmio F750 will supported the still pictures 3D?

A:Qosmio F750 and still pictures 3D

Is your F750 one with an internal 3D screen or external using nVidia 3D Vision?

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How can I dispayes still pictures on Qosmio 750-122 (glasesless ) ?
Pictures from Panasonic Lumix 3G camera.

A:How to display 3D still pictures on Qosmio F750-122?

What program Toshiba can I use to display 3D still pictures glasesless on Qosmio F750 122?Still pictures from Panasonic Lumix 3D camera.

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my laptop shut down unexpectedly and when I rebooted I had an error message press ctrl+alt+delete after scrolling thru thousands of threads to restore on my phone cos I can't use laptop I pressed F12 brought up restore but when I did this it continually asks me to insert disk ....

There is supposed to be a built in restore and no disk came with my system .....

Please helppppp

A:I can't use my Qosmio F750

I don?t know what is wrong there and it is not easy to understand your problem but try to start preinstalled OS using F8 at start-up and safe mode option. If this will works back-up all your data and reinstall OS using HDD recovery option.

after doing this ou will have clean preinstalled OS and everything should work properly again.

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My old Qosmio needs a fan and I cant find one. If anyone can help me, contact me. Thks.

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Hi all

I have a Qosmio F750 laptop with Blu-ray drive.
I'd like to know what region it is and/or is it region free.


A:Qosmio F750 - What Blu-ray region?

I don?t think its free region.
Usually the settings can be checked in
My computer -> CD/DVD drive -> right click Properties -> CD/DVD drive Properties button -> DVD Region tab

Here you can check what Region has been set and could change it. But note! You can change this setting only few times. I think 4 or 5 times and then the option will be locked.

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Hi all

For my QOSMIO F750-129, currenlty it works with native hard drive Hitachi HTS547575A9E384 (5400 RTM)

I would like change this harddrive for an quicker one :

Seagate hybride SSD Momentus XT ST750LX003 2,5" SATA III 750GO (7200RPM)
Seagate hybride Laptop SSHD ST1000LM014 1TO ( 5400RPM)

Is it possible for you (power supply, temperature, interface SATA...) ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

A:Qosmio F750-129 - HDD exchange

To increase laptop performance HDD exchange is good idea. I recommend you to exchange it with SSD. You will see big difference. Notebook will starts and operate much faster than before.

Toshiba also offers SSDs so if you need some info visit http://storage.toshiba.eu/cms/en/index.html

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The monitor dose not switch to 3D when I am playing 3D video on youtube.

A:Re: Qosmio F750-11K - 3D on youtube

Do you use your Qosmio with ?Factory settings? and original preinstalled operating system?

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First post here.
I have a Toshiba Qosmio F750 3d with Windows7 64 bit installed. Model #PQF75E-036008EN.

All drivers and software are up to date using the Toshiba Tempro and software updates messages etc.

I've searched the forum data base to ask how do I convert my Blu Ray DVD into 3D?
I do have the glass less 3d LED 15.6" inch display and can see the demo version 3d clips, that Toshiba installed onto my laptop.

Am I correct in believeing that the Toshiba Blu Ray player software, can convert stock Blu Ray films into 3D, to be played back using the Toshiba Bla Ray player?
There is a 2d -3d tab on this player. I'd like to play my collection of standard 2D blu ray movies in 3D.
Or, do I have to purchase a full 3D movie in the first place.

al.any help is appreciated.

A:Qosmio F750 - 2D - 3D conversion.

> Am I correct in believing that the Toshiba Blu Ray player software, can convert stock Blu Ray films into 3D, to be played back using the Toshiba Blu Ray player?

On your notebook?s system two different players are installed: WinDVD BD for Toshiba and Toshiba video player.

WinDVD BD for Toshiba ? this software can be used to play the 3D blu-ray disk.
This software does NOT support the 2Dto3D conversion function!

Toshiba video player: this software plays DVDs and video files. This software supports the 2Dto3D conversion function and 2D DVD-VR and video files can be converted to 3D.
Note: 3D occurs only in full screen size. So when you enable the 3D playback, the video automatically enlarges to full screen size.

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I had understood that my F750 would have a hybrid drive with 4GB SSD which would be really useful for very fast access when I'm programming.

I can't find any mention of it except in the manual, which said I should go to
"Start -> All Programs -> TOSHIBA -> Utilities -> PC Diagnostic tool" to find out.

It isn't mentioned there, just the 449 GB HDD.

So have I got SSD?

My Part Number is PQF75E-04W01MGR.

All help appreciated.

A:Hybrid HDD/SSD drive in Qosmio F750-11U

As far as I know the F750-11U is equipped with an 500GB (7200RPM) SATA Solid State Hybrid drive which supports and includes 4GB NAND flash.
This allows you to boot up the system much faster.

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Hello, im new here and i couldnt find any ploblem similiar with mine, so i am posting my problem.
i bought a Toshiba Qosmio F750-11U, as already described in the head of this post, i cant play 3d blue-rays or blue rays, also in the explorer it only shows a dvd-drive name Mat****a dvd-ram uj8a0as instead of a blue-ray drive.

Do Ii need to install a driver manual?(i have already tried to update it but the computer says that its already the latest driver)

A:I cant play 3D Blue-Ray on my Qosmio F750-11U


As far as I know the notebook should be equipped with an Blue-ray drive and the drive should handle the BD disk like BD-R SL, DL, BD-RE SL, DL, BD-ROM.

I don?t think you need an special driver?
The driver is part of the system.

You would need only an software which would allow you to watch Blue-Ray disk.
But the Blue-ray player software should be preinstalled

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by default the display is set to medium - 125%

I am running a play card app and i notice a problem on the display, the display of widows on the app is set to medium- 125% but the picture inside the windows remain small - 100% so the app is not displayed correctly
(to download the app GAME ALBLOT)

other problem on gamezer website the happy faces is not displayed correctly

to avoid this problem i reduced the dispaly to small - 100% but comes very small

+Message was edited: links has been removed - not allowed+

A:Re: Qosmio F750 - Display problem

To be honest I don?t understand your problem.
I also don?t understand the page for download and I don?t know how someone can understand it except your compatriots (Arabic I presume).

Usage of third part applications is not supported by Toshiba so I don?t know what to say about it.

Do you have some display problems when you use original preinstalled Windows7?

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After receiving my brandnew TOSHIBA, I was keen on using 3D without glasses but soon run into major problems as it was not working as expected. Now, after having spoken with TOSHIBA help line and after complete reinstallation of the system I want to post how it worked for me:

- If found in this forum that some upgrade must be done: [http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB1C038G0000R01.htm] for BIOS, NVIDIA driver (from TOSHIBA page), Super D driver, TOSHIBA BluRay Player.

- The TOSHIBA comes with a leaflet telling that one should download a NVIDIA 3D Vision driver from nvdia page. *Do not do it.* It was not possible for me to get the proper NVIDIA driver from TOSHIBA installed afterwards.

- The upgrade for the TOSHIBA BluRay Player 1.01.299 is only a patch. It was installed over the original delivered version. Unfortunately, the new one seems not working so I deinstalled it. *But it is not possible to get the original version as download*. TOSHIBA help line told me to recover the entire PC (F8 during start up, then there can be installed a disk mirror of the original installation).

- Reason why BluRay Player 1.01.299 was not working seems a bug in the Player. I had a BluRay Disc that was working with the old version, but not for the new one. But if the BluRay disc is loaded and 3D mode is diabled, then the disc works. Evene 3D works if it is switched on in the main menu of the disc. But if you try to enter the main menu in 3D mode, nothing happens.

- There is now af... Read more

A:How 3D without glasses works with Qosmio F750 11U

Great posting. ;)
We need more people like you on this forum.

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I can connect the IR emitter for use nvidia active shutter glasses and a 3D external monitor ? such as a video projector 3D?
How do I install the driver emitter?

A:Qosmio F750 and external 3D monitor

You want to watch 3D content on external 3D monitor?

NVidia 3D Vision allows you to watch 3D on external monitor.
Here some details and requirements:

Some Toshiba notebook models provide the NVIDIA? 3D Vision

3D Vision can work with an internal LCD or external display that support 3D Vision via external display port. When you connect external display that doesn?t support 3D Vision, please disable 3D Vision

Here you can find great info how 3D Vision can work on external monitor

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has anyone written any Blu-rays? If so, did everything work ok?
Which type did you use? BD-R or what? How many GB yould you write?
From which manufacturer?

I've read that there are "issues" with BD writers...

Mine is a F750-11U.



A:Qosmio F750-11U - Have you written Blu-Ray discs?

I found info about the compatible disk which are supported by the optical Disk Drive of Qosmio F750

CD-ROM 24x(Max)
CD-R 24x(Max)
CD-RW 24x(Max)
DVD-ROM 8x(Max)
DVD-R 8x(Max)
DVD-R DL 8x(Max)
DVD-RW 8x(Max)
DVD+R 8x(Max)
DVD+R DL 8x(Max)
DVD+RW 8x(Max)
DVD-RAM 5x(Max)
BD-ROM 6x(Max)
BD-R 6x(Max)
BD-R DL 6x(Max)
BD-R TL 4x(Max)
BD-R QL 4x(Max)
BD-RE 5x(Max)
BD-RE DL 5x(Max)
BD-RE TL 2x(Max)

CD-R 24x(Max)
CD-RW 4x(Max)
HS CD-RW 10x(Max)
US CD-RW 16x(Max)
DVD-R 8x(Max)
DVD-R DL 4x(Max)
DVD-RW 6x(Max)
DVD+R 8x(Max)
DVD+R DL 4x(Max)
DVD+RW 8x(Max)
DVD-RAM 5x(Max)
BD-R 6x(Max)
BD-R DL 4x(Max)
BD-R TL 4x(Max)
BD-R QL 4x(Max)
BD-RE 2x(Max)
BD-RE DL 2x(Max)
BD-RE TL 2x(Max)


From my own experience some disk from different manufacturers might not be fully supported... well in such case you will need to try disk from another manufacturer....

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I have a Qosmio F750 and 2 DLP projectors,
one connected via the RGB output and the other connected to the HDMI output via a HMDI/RGB adapter.

I set up Nvidia control panel with 2 projectors with desktop spread over the 2 projectors,
both set to 1024X768. Then start windows Explorer selecting a side by side JPG image 2048X768.

The image is displayed on the projector screen with both images side by side projected from one projector, and the other projector displays the wallpaper of the computer.

I want to display the left image on one projector and the other image on the other projector.
How do I set it up properly?


A:How to connect Qosmio F750 to 2 projectors ?

I think you will need some 3rd party software to do that:
For example displayfusion

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I'm trying to use the webcam on my F750 by Microsoft WIA and I can not see it in the WIA device selector, is it not compatible?

Thanks in advance.

A:Qosmio F750 - is webcam compatible with WIA?


Its just an common internal webcam. I mean it works in connection with Windows 7 system and Win 8? the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) is a standard interface so I think its should be compatible.

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I have a Qosmio F750=PQF75A and i installed the Win 8 upgrade that came with the Laptop. My Laptop works except for the 3D and Blu-Ray players. I contacted Toshiba Australia and was told that there are no drivers available for the players.

If i understood the person i spoke to ( i am Hard of Hearing) he said that eventually Toshiba will provide drivers for the problem. The thing is that the Toshiba assistant does not work either, so i have to manually keep checking for updated drivers. I asked the support person if it was possible for them to e-mail me when the drivers become available, he said it was not possible for Toshiba to do that and i should go back to Windows 7.

I really do not want to revert to Win 7 so is there any way i can somehow get my Laptop to Auto check for updated drivers for Windows 8.


A:Qosmio F750 - need drivers for Windows 8

Hello John

As far as I know some kind of ?auto check? doesn?t exist so from time to time you must check all offered updates on Toshiba support page. I presume you have an Australian model so the right page is http://www.mytoshiba.com.au/support/download

I?m from Europe and unfortunately cannot help you with this. Best address for support is Australian Toshiba hotline.

Wait a bit and try to contact them again. Maybe they will have some good news about updates.

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I changed HD, first with the latest drivers I could activate the 3d games in 1080p I saw them in 3D.

now I've changed my hd I installed from recovery disk
I installed the same driver version

3d active from nvidia control panel

3d game does not start

nvidia 3d test does not start in 3d

test Xtune see it in 3d

A:Qosmio F750 - 3D glass free not active 3D


I guess you have to adjust the tracking parameters using the SuperD X-Tune software.

Here is the step by step instruction:
[SuperD X-Tune Software to adjust the 3D effect on the Qosmio F750|http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB1C038D0000R01.htm ]

Furthermore to support 3D gaming (only supported in full screen mode at the resolution 1920x1080) on the Qosmio F750 the following 4 updates must be installed:
? NVIDIA Display Driver (V8.17.12.9039 or later)
? Super-D IC Driver (V1.0.1613.809 or later)
? TOSHIBA Blu-ray Disc Player (V1.01.299 or later)
? BIOS (V2.00 or later)

Please visit our driver download portal and select the corresponding laptop model. Download and install the above mentioned updates. Alternatively the updates will be distributed via the Toshiba Service Station.

[Support of glasses free 3D mode for games on the Qosmio F750|http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB1C038G0000R01.htm]

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Hi All,

I hope you can help me,

I have just replaced the screen on my Qosmio F750 that unluckily ran out of warranty two weeks ago so i don't qualify for support,

When i have replaced the screen i followed all standard procedure to replace any screen,

But for some reason now the screen won't turn come on (Everything works when plugged into HDMI).

There is no backlight or image on screen i tried fitting the old screen and that also doesn't work.

Any help at all would be very much appreciated.

Thanks all,


A:Qosmio F750 Screen replacement problems


Are you sure that the new screen is OK and compatible?
Was the screen connected properly?

I guess there is nothing wrong with the motherboard or graphic chip since the external monitor seems to be OK.
Therefore I think it?s either an connection problem or maybe you used wrong or faulty display.

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I have the Qosmio F750 laptop which I bought around 2 years ago. I have this problem where the page Realtek PCIe GBE family controller series xv2.37 (10/20/10)
PXE-E61: media test failure please check cable.

At first I just turn off my laptop and turn it back on again, and the page would go away. But now after 10 times the page is still there. I've tried pressing 0 while the laptop is turning on to reinstall the windows. But the page just kept appearing whenever the laptop is restarting. Now I?m really frustrated.

Do you know any suggestions? And by any chance where is the nearest Toshiba service centre from maroubra?
Thanks, appreciate it

A:Qosmio F750 - Media test failure

Somehow I think HDD is troublemaker and not recognized as bootable device.
Have you created recovery disc? If yes use this disc to check if HDD is accessible or not.

I cannot say for sure but I?m afraid you need new HDD.

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Hello there,

I have 2 related to each other questions about +"High Brightness display with LED backlighting and 16 : 9 aspect ratio"+

*1* - which active matrix technology is used?
I've read smth about "TN+FILM", but there was no weighty proof

*2* - someone tried to calibrate the monitor for photo editing?
If so, how?

Thanks in advance!

A:Qosmio F750: Display technology & calibration

I read some where that some models were equipped with the Auo displays.
Therefore I would recommend you to visit the product page from Auo:

>2 - someone tried to calibrate the monitor for photo editing?
You can use some 3rd party tools like for example the freeware tool called ?QuickGamma?

Take a look to this useful youtube video. It explains how it works;

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I own a Qosmio F750-125, PQF75E.

Since I upgraded to Win 8, utilizing Toshiba Upgrade Assistant I might add, I had some issues.
Most importantly not being able to get my Toshiba Blu-ray player to install.

Eventually I managed, still don't exactly how but anyway, to install the latest version
The problem now is that the 3D function still don't seem to work.
When I open a 3D movie I only get the picture to display side by side, despite clicking on the 3D button.

I tried to update the Nvidia driver (v290) to the latest version v314, available on Nvidia site, for for my GeForce GT540M graphics card but every time I get a message that the driver cannot find compatible driver hardware. Eventually from within the upgrade files downloaded by Toshiba Upgrade Assistant I managed to install the v306. I am still however unable to install v 314, after the "system check" I still get the message that the driver can find compatible driver hardware.

However, the 3D still does not work. I notice that the face detection (SuperD Xtune) does not automatically start with the Blu-ray player when I launch or open a 3D file to be played by the Toshiba Blu-ray player, as it used to.

How can I get my Blu-ray Player to play my 3D properly again.
If I open Xtune I am able to calibrate the 3D and then it closes.
I do not see a app under all apps which seem to have anything to do with the face detection function.
Is there a setting that need to b... Read more

A:Qosmio F750 - Cannot get some functions to work after Win 8 uprgade

> Most importantly not being able to get my Toshiba Blu-ray player to install.
> Eventually I managed, still don't exactly how but anyway, to install the latest version

After the Win 8 upgrade you have to contact the Call Center Agent to get the Toshiba BlueRay Player Download for Win 8 Upgraders

>Eventually from within the upgrade files downloaded by Toshiba Upgrade Assistant I managed to install the v306. I am still however unable to install v 314, after the "system check" I still get the message that the driver can find compatible driver hardware.

The graphic card driver from nVidia page cannot be installed by executing the exe file.
If you want to install an driver from nVidia page, you need an driver folder containing the driver files and then you could update the driver via device manager using the Advanced installation procedure.

>I downloaded that but when I run it I receive a message that my computer is not compatible.
On the Toshiba EU driver page you can find the BIOS v2.0
The BIOS update requires the Value Added Package which should be installed before trying to update the BIOS
Also the Toshiba System Driver for Win 8 should be installed.

If you will not be able to update the BIOS running Win 8, you should try the update the BIOS running Toshiba preinstalled Win 7 system.

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Hi, I have searched the forum and read this thread :http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=64523&start=30&tstart=0

I am trying to get my PQF75A-04600Q to display 3D, The software that came with the Laptop is: Toshiba Video Player 3D and Corel WinDVD BD. Non seem to work, as i am understanding it the webcam is supposed to scan your eyes as you look at the 3D , does this happen automatically or as in the linked thread do i have to set the webcam up(if so how?.).

According to the linked thread i need to download 3 files, the Toshiba Blu-ray player, the X-Tune utility, and the Nvidia drivers. I have downloaded these but not yet installed them.( seems to me that the 3D should work "out of the Box" without having to install extra programs).


A:Qosmio F750 - Glassless 3D doesn't work

Welcome linuts,

sorry, I don't know what a PQF75A-04600Q is.

In my first post on the thread
I tried to explain how I got a "proof of concept" running, i.e. to see _anything_ on 3D on my glasses-free F750-11U.

Once I had gone through those steps it was much easier to get films working.

Let us know how you get on,


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I have a Toshiba Qosmio F750 with a SSD.
I have purchased a new battery from toshiba
If I leave battery OUT of laptop for a month it's 98% (Laptop is OFF)
If I put the battery IN laptop it goes flat after a week.

I gather there maybe some thing active keeping laptop using power in the BIOS, does anyone have an Idea please ?


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Hi All,

Apologies if this has been posted somewhere but i can't find it if it has.

I have a Qosmio F750-Q10 laptop and have recently purchased a Toshiba LED Smart TV that includes the Intel Wireless Display.

I am wondering if my laptop is able to use this piece of software as I have tried downloading the software from Intel's website and attempted an install.

However, when I try to install I get the error message;
"InstallShield Aborted

This platform is not compatible with Intel Wireless Display"

Can anyone shed some light on this for me please?


A:Qosmio F750-Q10 - How to use Intel Wireless Display

Intel is the main company behind this function and they have a very nice document describing the necessary components and software to be able to set up WiDi.

You can find it here:

So check if your notebook?s hardware meets the Intel Wireless Display requirements

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Please help me to identify whether my recently bought Qosmio F750 with part number PQF75A-03000Q is a glass free 3D. If so please advise my how to set up and use. I restored the machine to factory settings and I can 'see' 3D is working. but no glasses free effects.

Should I buy glasses?

A:Is my Qosmio F750 glasses free 3D compatable?

Please don?t understand me wrong but I presume you have checked notebooks specification?
Is your notebook specified as 3D notebook or not?

Here in Europe there are several 3D glasses free Toshiba models but all belongs to newest series 8.

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one question I couldn't get answered before buying my F750 is whether I could plug in an external display to *HDMI _AND_ VGA*.
Now I know: the graphics card can only drive *2* displays, and that means *any two*. Shame. But I can even "disconnect" the internal display to use 2 larger external displays.

Hope this helps someone somewhere.

A:3 displays on Qosmio F750-11U (glasses free 3D)

Can you please be more specific with your explanation?
Which OS do you use?
Which displays have you connected to your Qosmio notebook?
How you can switch to external displays?
Do you use extended display on them?

Please take a bit time and explain to us how it works.

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I have a problem. Can not update my graphics card driver.
I have a Toshiba Qosmio F750 with nvidia GT 540m card.

A:Cannot update graphic driver on my Qosmio F750

Is latest driver from Toshiba download page installed on your Qosmio? I mean if you use latest driver from Toshiba page everything is OK.

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Can anyone help please?

I have a Qosmio F750-11v 3d laptop and although I can use the Toshiba Blu-Ray disc player to convert standard DVD's to play in 3d using the 2d-3d conversion tool incorporated within the player and they work great and also appreciate and understand that I can't playback Blu-Ray DVD's and convert them using the 2d-3d conversion tool in the same way. Can I ask why, when I have bought the new Avengers 3d Blu-Ray disk I can't see it in 3d even when I have enabled the player under the tab "3d method" and enabled the check box for "turn on 3d mode for Blu-Ray discs"??

The face recognition software using the web cam tracks OK.
I get an error message when trying to play the 3d disk that it doesn't recognise that a 3d Blu-Ray player is in use or that I have a 3d computer??
All my drivers are up to date etc.

Why can't I see a real 3d disc generated images on my pc??



A:Qosmio F750-11v - Blu-Ray 2d-3d conversion playback issue

Strange. Although I haven't testen this particular movie, it should work just out of the box. Have you tested other 3D blurays?

I guess, the Toshiba Player is incompatible with this movie.
Maybe you should try PowerDVD or other, 3D capable players :-(

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I've been trying to get this to work on my Qosmio F750 without sucess. everytime i try to calibrate the 3D using face recognition, theres no window poping up to make the face recognition, am i missing any driver?

A:Cannot get free glasses 3D to work on Qosmio F750


Can you please post exact notebook model number?

Usually the SuperD X-Tune software should be preinstalled on a Qosmio F750.
This software allows you to calibrate the 3D effect.

Please also be sure that Super-D IC Driver (V1.0.1613.809 or later) has been installed?
All these software and drivers should be available on Toshiba driver page.

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I bought a Qosmio F750-120 3 weeks ago and it has a problem that i can?t fix.
At random times (and increased when using more memory) it jams for a second or two, making a wierd noise.

What can it be?

Thanks in advance.

A:Qosmio F750-120 makes wired noise

>... making a wierd noise.
It is too general description. How to understand this?
What kind of noise? From where? Speakers, HDD?

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I had a Win 7 start up failure with keyboard lock out which I was able to fix.

Now my Device Manager shows the following information (which seems strange to me) :

HID Keyboard Device
Microsoft eHome MCIR 109 Keyboard
Microsoft eHome MCIR Keyboard
Microsoft eHome Remote Control Keyboard keys
Standard 101/102-Keys or Microcosmic Natural PS/2Keyboard with HP QLB

Could someone post me their Device Manager settings so that I have a hint on how to straighten this out.

Thank you

A:Qosmio F750 - Different Keyboards appear in device manager

On my Satellite P500 I have perfectly running Win7 64bit and in device manager I have identical keyboard entries so I think everything is OK.

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The Quosmio F750 3D is a nice laptop: its display is full HD and allows to switch in 3D mode without glasses (Glasses-Free 3D).

I upgraded my Quosmio F750 DE (model PQF75E) since years.
However, 2 weeks ago, whenever I boot the PC, the screen remains in 3D mode.
Therefore, impossible to work or browse on the internet: the screen is unreadble.

In order to try to fix this issue I reinstalled the PC (windows 7 ; upgrade to windows 8 using the upgrade DVD sold by toshiba).

The issue persists...

Did someone had the same symptom ?
Do someone have a hint ?



A:Qosmio F750 - 3D remains in 3D mode (Win8)


Did you try to calibrate and to adjust the 3D effect using the pre-installed SuperD X-Tune software?

Usually this software should be used in order to calibrate display in case the 3D effect is not perfect,.
I'm not quite sure if it will help you to solve the current issue but I think this should be definitely checked.
More info: http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB1C038D0000R01.htm

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My qosmio F750-110 had win7 home edition(64) but i upgraded them to windows 8.1 but i wasn't happy so i desided to downgraded them to win7 profesional(64) and i put all the drivers.the only one that i can't get it work it's the wirelles driver and i don't know what to do.i tried to download the driver from tha drivers here but nothing happens.

Please help me

A:I can't install wireless driver on my Qosmio F750-110

According notebook specification your Qosmio notebook has Atheros combo WLAN+BT card inside.
I don't know what have you installed and what is the drivers status in device manager but all drivers, tools and utilities you can download from Toshiba driver download page - http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp or Toshiba WLAN portal - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/wlan/

When everything is installed properly you can use WLAN connection when WLAN card is properly enabled and it can be done using FN+F8 key combination. Does it work for you?

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I've downloaded the bios update QF750B200_EC120_WIN.exe for my F750 and when I attempted to run the update, it fails & I received the message:

"The AC adapter is not connected, or battery power is not enough.
Please connect the AC adapter, and charge the battery."

However the AC adapter is connected & the battery is also fully charged. Does anyone have any ideas for making this work?


A:Cannot install BIOS update for my Qosmio F750

Hi again,

I've solved it but thought I'd put the solution here in case anyone else had a similar problem. Basically I had to:

1 - Uninstall "Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery" using Device Manager
2 - In Device Manger, go to Action>Scan For Hardware Changes
3 - Close Lid & Remove Battery
4 - Reboot without battery
5 - Insert battery

That seemed to sort it out so it was probably a problem witth the ACPI-Compiant Control Method Battery Driver or something like that. I think I'd disabled it & re-enabled it a while back so something probably went awry then.


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I have a Qosmio F750-11N
This are the specs
type : Intel? Core? i7-2630QM Processor
clock speed : 2.00 / 2.90 Turbo GHz
Front Side Bus : 1333 MHz
3rd level cache : 6 MB

My problem is that my pc doesnt use TurboBoost.
I Installed CPU-Z which says 2GHZ, and when i play games its always in 2GHZ.

Recently i tried to install Turbo Boost Monitor from Intel and says my notebook doesnt support the program.

Then I installed other software called HWiNFO and says Turbo Boost supported but it is disabled ..
In BIOS i cant do anything, theres no options related to this.

Please, how can I activate ?



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I have a Qosmio F750-11T. Four days ago I started up my laptop and found out my num lock stopped functioning. The led always lights up, but the buttons do not respond. I can't put the num lock off or on and I can 't produce any numbers anymore with it (nor use the pgup, pgdn buttons when it should be off).

I read some stuff on the (.com) forum and updated the BIOS to the latest version, rebooted it, but nothing helps.

I bought the laptop just 3 months ago. I would appreciate if somebody could help me out with this.

Thank you!

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A:Num lock stopped functioning on Qosmio F750

Hmm? I would say its keyboard malfunction?.
Can you use this Num lock button using an external USB keyboard?

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The colors gets wrong when I use the built in webcam on my Qosmio F750W10. Red gets pinkish and black tends to be violet/blue.
Using a IR-CUT filter in front of the camera lens gives correct colors and using a IR-open (closes all visible light) The camera still sees all in black/white.
My conclusion is that the camera has no or a non functioning IR filter.

Is this an error with the built in webcam or did Toshiba use a cra**y cheap camera in this expensive computer?

The problem is worse when I sit under a Halogen lamp, guess it radiates more IR-light.

And yes, I have tried all available software adjustments! And yes I have reinstalled OS and drivers!

Anyone else experienced this?


A:Qosmio F750 WEBCAM IR (infrared light) problem

Mine seems fine but I wouldn't expect the quality of an expensive $100 USB webcam.

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Googling for 3D games, I stumbled across "*The polynomial*" on
- and fell in love with the screenshots.
So I downloaded and unzipped it.

And got frustrated because I couldn't see it "with depth" - which was why I had bought this PC.

Here is what to do to get it displaying stereoscopically:

Update the drivers: http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB1C038G0000R01.htm
Calibrate the display using Windows' Start button, "All Programs", "SuperD Software", "X-tune", "X-tune".

*Now to the game*:
Ensure no external displays are active (use Win+P)
Start polynomial.exe
Press ESC to get to its control panel.
Click Display, "Fullscreen" and "Side by side".
Click "Play Demo".

I get the same picture in the left and right halves of my display.
Now comes the bit I battle(d) with: using your right fore-finger, press the
"3D" button above your keyboard (2 rows above the "Backspace" key).

SuperD Face Tracking should start automatically, and the blue light beside the webcam
lights up. (May take a couple of seconds.)
Unfortunately, Polynomial has thus lost the focus and is minimized.

Does anybody know why? Or how to prevent that happening?

Use Alt-Tab to return to Polynomial. It should reappear in full-screen mode.
If you've still got the 2 similar views next to each other, prod the 3D key again. Wait a few seconds.
(Sometimes I... Read more

A:Qosmio F750-11U (glasses free 3D) - Question regarding gaming in 3D


Did you manage to get this online 3D game running in 3D?

From my knowledge depending on game, it does not work with glasses free 3D mode and work with 2D mode.

In your case I would recommend testing the glasses free 3D mode in connection with other games too.

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Hi people,
I'm loving the new hardware, have spent a good day installing all the drivers and the wonderful
tool from
but still haven't found out how to see any software demos in 3D.
Blu-Rays usually run in 3D after I've fiddled randomly with the Toshiba Blu-Ray player's controls.

My question: how can I program using *JavaFX, C# & WPF* or even *Java3D* so that I see the image with depth?
I've tried various JavaFX 2 demos but none appeared "miraculously" with depth, even when I use the 3DScreenActivator.

Many thanks,
and I'd be interested in communicating with anyone who is going down this path, or wants to.

A:Programming for steroscopic 3D on Qosmio F750 11U (glasses free 3D)

> how can I program using JavaFX, C# & WPF or even Java3D so that I see the image with depth?

I don?t think that this is a right place for this theme? here you can find common Toshiba users and not any 3D programmers and experts.

But I found this Toshiba doc:
+Qosmio F750 glasses free 3D laptop - Supported content and software+

glasses free 3D gaming is already supported but some updates are needed:
+Support of glasses free 3D mode for games on the Qosmio F750+

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I need to do scientific parallel computer with my Qosmio F750, but I'm unable to run the basic test of CUDA called "bandwidthTest.exe". It returns the following error:

cudaGetDeviceProperties return 35
-> CUDA driver version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version

I researched about this problem, and all people agreed that the driver of my display has to be updated. I have version 290 already of the driver, but the latest version is 301.24. Why can't I simply install the NVidia drivers from NVidia's website like I do with all my other computers?

What can I do to solve this problem? I don't want the certified driver from Toshiba... I just want a standard NVidia driver.

Thank you for any efforts.

A:Qosmio F750 - CUDA and display driver issue

> Why can't I simply install the NVidia drivers from NVidia's website like I do with all my other computers?
With computers you mean laptops or desktops? I don?t know where do you work but I presume in your company or institution where are you working there is IT department. Contact people who are working there and I hope they can help you with explanation why you cannot use original NVIDIA drivers.

There is big difference between notebooks and desktops. Desktop graphic cards are supported by graphic card manufacturers directly but on mobile units support is by notebook manufacturers.
There are many reasons for that.

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