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Movies on Flash Drive Issue

Q: Movies on Flash Drive Issue

Hello. Hopefully someone can help me with this strange problem. I've googled this and found virtually nothing. So, here it is:

I have a bunch of movies in MP4 format saved to an external hard drive connected to my pc. I have no trouble playing those movies through my computer, from said xhd. I also sometimes transfer them to an 8gb flash drive and still they play perfectly fine. Recently, my dad bought a 512gb kingston flash drive and wanted to "borrow" some of my movies. I transferred 4 movies, no problems at all. They all played. Then, I added another, but this 1 wouldn't play. First, it gave an error, "cannot render file". Then, when I opened the folder again, the movie file was gone completely. *scratching head*

Sooo, we assumed the flash drive was at fault, since he bought it from china, and he bought a toshiba 64 gb flash drive instead. Same exact problem. 1st 4 movies, fine, but on the 5th movie, it's a no go.

The movies are all MP4's and only 1-2 gb's each, so plenty of room on the drives. And again, they play fine everywhere, except when I put 5 of them on a flash drive. I actually have about 100 on my xhd, so I have no idea what's going on.

So far, I've deleted them and started over with different movies and also reformatted the 512 gb drive to NTFS format and still nothing. Any ideas would be appreciated.


Preferred Solution: Movies on Flash Drive Issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Movies on Flash Drive Issue

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Hello i have been trying to download movies from different full movie websites but it wont let me. i know you can download movies from google play movies but im trying to download movies from sites like m4ufree.tv. thanks for your help

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two weeks ago i was bought a Fujitsu B series lifebook computer.About 5 days ago I had got that virus stating I had a "processor running at 83 degrees", "hard drive clusters are partly damaged", "must scan to fix this issue", yatta yatta yatta and some other classic virus jive talk i cant remember at this moment. At first it kept bothering me about the scan, then it started popping up 57 windows in short succesion, then i couldnt access my other files, then my desk top went black and was reduced to 4 icons, start menu was obliterated.try combo fix, trend micro, some other reliable programs but i would either down load them and they'd disappear or in the case of combofix it would load then exit out quickly. It reached a point were i just couldn't boot my computer up anymore.NTLDR was missing it said. I am not sure if that virus deleted it or if the computer and its hd were just old and wore out. It was from the flea market.. I cant get past that error msg, there is no flash drive boot up option on this old thing, i have no floppy drive with it, it has no cd rom drive, ive heard the external usb cd rom drive cant be used to boot it up but im not 100 percent sure.Someone else with the same notebook reported that it would not allow usb cd rom drive boot up. I have been told network boot is an option but i was told thats just to access it after its turned on and its not what i think its for. I was told an hd switch was a good option but i dont... Read more

A:"NTLDR is missing" issue with computer featuring no cd rom drive, floppy drive, or flash drive support..

i think im past infected moderator. saying im still in the infection stage is like telling someone with cervical cancer to take the HPV vaccine..

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I can view movies from the library in my CD drive on my computer but
cannot view a DVD movie I just made on my camcorder.

I can view it on my laptop, but not the desktop computer.

Is it possible to copy a DVD home movie that I just put on DVD
to another blank DVD. I need to make about 10 copies.

Can I do this by having another DVD recorder with connecting cables
to the original DVD recorder as we did with VHS tapes?

A:CD drive reads movies but not DVD home movies

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Corsaire Voyager flash drive, was working fine one day and the next day the computer would recognise it, it showed up in device manager, but computer would not let me get to files on it.
funny thing is, i plug it into the usb on the side of my tv, and it shows all files on it, and lets me view the JPGs as well.
system is on win XP (with sp3) usb2, flash drive is usb3, but working fine for 18 months. fortunatly there was no crytical files on it,
after the loss of major files on a dead HD, I now have a backup on an external HD next to the computer, and another HD i update when needed that is kept in a seperate place, bit paranoid maybe, but once bitten....

A:Flash drive issue

With flash drives...I would try it on another system.  To try to pinpoint where the problem may lie.
If it shows in Device Manager...I'd have to suspect something amiss with the Windows USB drivers and I would uninstall/reinstall the USB controllers (not hubs, not devices) via Device Manager.

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I'm using a 256mb Kingston Data Traveler 2+ to transfer files between work computers & although it works fine & hasn't missed a beat it does have one annoying issue. When i'm saving a file from Corel (or other graphics programs) i can insert the flash drive into the front (or back) USB slots & the computer recognises it fine but when i go to save a file to it the drive doesn't show up in the menu but if i close the menu & re-open it, there it is. It only shows up on the second attempt to save & this is the same with all 3 computers that i'm using. I'm running XP Pro with all 3 so i'm wondering if this is the problem.

Any help?


A:flash drive issue.

insert the flash drive and then access it using My Computer BEFORE launching
any application(s).

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Hi, I decided to move some files to my flash drive. And this info popped up, the flash has name (norton bootable recovery tool) and the following files are in it: boot, efi, sources and autorun. How do I put it back? I am sure this was the kids. I have windows xp and my system has been really crappy.

A:Flash Drive issue

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I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 Laptop with Vista Premium that I have used flash drives on for over a year. All of a sudden it will not read my flash drives. The flash drives are recognized on all of the USB ports but they will not open. I get the message to format and it will not format. I also have a Dell Desktop and both of the flash drives work fine on the desktop. I have spoken with Dell and they cannot help me. They said the promblem is not with the hardware. That is is probably a third part software. Does anyone know how this can befixed? Thanks, Pkeeper.

A:Flash Drive Issue

Hello & welcome to Tech Guy Forum.

Try the flash drives on a different computer; one that you are sure is not infected. There are many viruses & spyware that tranfer via flash drives. If the same problem occurs on a different computer, the problem is, with > 98% certainty, the flash drive.

Connect a known working USB device [ mouse, flash drive tested in a known malware free computer, printer, et al ], to verify that your Dell's USB ports are functioning. In the future, please give us a detailed summary of steps you have taken. This will save you from reading suggestions that you have already tried.

Flash drives have a finite # of reads / writes. 1 of mine recently died, out of the blue.

There are data recovery products that will try to obtain your data.

In terms of fixing the issue, I have no recommendation.

Best of success.


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I am having a strange problem when inserting the flash drives to the front usb ports on the front of my computer. Some times when I attempt to plug in the flash drive just touching the metal to metal will cause my computer to reboot. Strange thing about this is it has no pattern to the problem. Sometimes it happens after a cold boot and other times it happens after I resume from the S3 suspend and than other times it works ok without the problem.

The computer is one that I built my self and it just started this problem after 5 months of operation without the problem. I am running windows xp pro sp2 and the mb is an Asus M32N Sli with an Athlon 64x2 4200 processor and 2 g of memory.

Thanks in advance to anyone that has any ideas on how to resolve the problem.

Senior Geek

A:USB Flash Drive Issue

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Hello there,
i hope this is the right place to ask my question .. i've such a bad problem with aflash drive ( Sony Vaio 8GB Flash Drive 2.0 ) .. it comes with its driver and everything is ok .. when installing and copying data to it .. but once i unplugged it .. the next time i plug it in .. tha data is like the picture .. a zero files with no useful data .. i tried to format it .. i safely remove the drive before unplugging it .. i did everything .. please anybody can help me ??

yours , cherif


A:Flash Drive Issue .. Please Help

Defective Sony flash drive. We are getting hundreds of reports on failure of the Sony units. Your drive must be new, so get it replaced under the one-year warranty. I don't know of anything you can do to return to reliable performance on the Sony drives.
Sony makes their own, while most of the 87 available brands are made by Samsung. You will have your best luck with Lexar, LG, Memorex, Transcent, Kingston, and Corsair. Avoid SanDisk and no-name brands. OCZ is reportedly good so far.

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Hi friends,

I am new to this forum, I am a deep admirer of this website, whenever I come across any technical issues this website comes handy in resolving all my issues.

This time I got a different issue, where I am unable to format my flash drive. When I tried format it says "I:/ is write protected"

I tired using so many commands to removed the write protect, its not getting removed.

When I tried change the drive letter in disk management, I:/ drive is getting detected, but when right clicked on it, change drive letters and format options had been grayed out.

I tired using below command:

Attrib -h -r -s /s /d I:/*.*

A:USB flash drive issue

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Hi, everybody I am new to this forum, I have a desktop running Windows 7 Pro, and an old laptop running Windows XP SP 3. The issue is I put a flash drive into USB port on desktop and it sees and reads the flash drive with no issue, I put the same flash drive into a port in a USB hub connected to the laptop and it sees it and reads it, show all folders and files on drive. After about a minute no folders or files show on flash drive. After I remove it from laptop and reinsert it in desktop I get message asking me if I would like to scan and fix errors on drive. I have never run into this issue before, tried to Google it got no response, I might have worded it wrong. Any ideas, I looked at two different flash drives that do the same thing, both formatted in fat32. I tried to reformat both drives and neither 7 or XP will reformat it.

A:flash drive issue


I put the same flash drive into a port in a USB hub

A USB Hub diminishes the power to a flash drive and it usually doesn't get recognized, or if it does it acts erratically. Put the flash drive directly into the laptop and directly into the Back USB port of the desktop for best results.
To format the drive in XP or 7 go to Start/Run and type diskmgmt.msc and press enter in the Disk Management window right click the Volume/Partition of the flash drive and choose to Delete Volume. Or go up to the tool bar and press the X. This will delete the volume/partition. Then Right click the Unallocated Space and choose to create a New Simple Volume. Format it FAT32

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, Service Pack 2, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5800 @ 2.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4058 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 1805 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 295768 MB, Free - 204799 MB; D: Total - 9472 MB, Free - 1573 MB;
Motherboard: Compal, 30F7
Antivirus: None

Recently purchased a PNY 32 GB Metal Attache Flash Drive. Dowloaded files from one computer so I could work at home on my laptop (system information included above). Inserted the flash drive into laptop USB, and it would not load, and laptop would not recognize in the USB drive. How do I fix?


A:PNY Flash Drive Issue

Try plugging it into the MOBO directly.

I had same prob - plugged into USB on case - wouldn't work.
Plugged into MOBO - worked.

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I have bought an USB flash drive a while ago and I am facing some issues that I am not certinly sure if the problem is with the USB or with my PC.

When I want to transfer some pictures to my USB, after some while, when I enter to my USB flash drive again some of the pictures don't load/work.

Picture error:
"Windows Photo Viewer can't open this picture because the file appears to be damaged, corrupted or is too large."

Video error:
"Windows media player encountered a problem while opening the file."

thanks for helpers

A:USB flash drive issue

Check the drive with a disk check

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I have run into a small problem, and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I am running XP on a VIAO notebook...I have a SimpleTech 512 flash drive which has always worked fine on this device, but now when I insert it in the usb port, the device is recognized but explorer cannot find any files.

Among the relevant issues:

1. This drive works fine on all other computers
2. Other flash drives work well on the VAIO
3. I uninstalled the driver, then put the flash drive back in the usb port...the computer ran through it's new hardware recognized sequence, but once it said the device was ready for use, there were still no files found by explorer.

If anyone has any ideas, I thank them in advance!

Peter G.

A:Flash Drive Issue

HP USB Disk Storage Format Utility

Will format most USB flash drive
It can be known to recover Flash drives that are un-responsive too.

Note: using this method will remove ALL files from your flash drive.

By the way, what is the make of your flash drive ? (some have support tools for formatting)

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Customer came in today with a laptop and a flash drive. When she plugs the flash drive in, auto play comes up and lets her use it. However, if she tries to open the drive through my computer she gets "D: Not accessible." I could get into the drive if I opened explorer and accessed it that way, but not through double clicking on the drive in my computer. Any suggestions?

A:Flash drive issue with XP

There is a remote possibility that when you double click on the drive it may be running some instruction autorun.inf inside the USB drive. What are the contents of the drive. Try by plugging it in another computer to eliminate that this is related to USB flash disk and not the computer.

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Hello. I am having some weird performance issues with my new 8gb Kingston DT G3. First time I plugged it in my netbook and ran a benchmark, results were 16mb/s read, 9 mb/s write. I tried copying a 3 gb mkv file and transfer speed was 9.5 mb/s as benchmark suggested. After a while I needed to copy something from my desktop but to my surprise, transfer speed maxed at 4.5 mb/s there, I was curious so I ran another benchmark, this time on my desktop, and results were 23 mb/s read, 4 mb/s write this time. I tried troubleshooting with no luck and the weird thing is, write speeds are kind of unstable on my netbook. So far I've tried; - both Fat32 and NTFS with different cluster sizes. - Switched to Better Performance from Quick Removal - realigned the partition (AS SSD reported bad alignment so I thought it was worth a shot) - Plugging the drive to different usb ports I would really appreciate it if anyone can help me with this

A:Flash drive performance issue

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I have a sandisk 8gb flash drive. It know it is legit and is not an Asian fake so it can hold up to 8 gb. I took everything off of it to try making it bootable and put a tiny version of windows xp on it. After i reformatted it and copied the files over, it said that its total size was 3.64gb. it is formatted in fat32 right now. I tried just copying over what i had on it before (which was more than 3.64gb) and it said the disk was full before it finished. How do i get it back to 8gb?

I was able to get it back to 7.6gb with hp's usb disk storage format tool (free download from their website), but it still shows that almost 50mb is used. i can live with that, but is there a way to free up even more?

A:flash drive size issue

That 50MB is probably the File Allocation Table. Besides the actual data on your drive, there is hidden space used to tell your OS where to find each file, that's the FAT.

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Let me start by saying that I HAVE read the sticky that explains the process on USB Flash Recovery!!

I plugged the drive into my computer (and several others) and I get the attached error. The computer will not recognize the drive at all. There is not a driver available for download from the manufacturer (Transcend USA). Is there anything else I can try to attempt to get the info off the drive? Anything at moment would be appriciated.



Acer Aspire 5000
Athlon Turion64 1.6 MHz

A:USB Flash Drive Issue - Toasted?

Check your event viewer (Start>Control Panel>Administrative tools>Event Viewer) and check under "SYSTEM". Report any errors relating to the source "DISK". Please list the EVENT ID, SOURCE, and DESCRIPTION.

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Hi all, got some very strange symptoms, that get very puzzled looks from my IT mates. I have read all the other threads on USB storage and nothing is as weird as my deal.

Recently started a job, given a Pentium 4 to fresh install XP as my work machine. All installed fine, connected to domain, all configured great.

Lots of stuff I need to transfer to my laptop, or other machines. I have several flash thumb drives for this, and the work PC has 6 USB 2.0 ports.

Been using the USB ports and drives successfully for weeks.

Left a drive in the front USB port of my machine the other day, and someone (possibly even myself but I would remember) has stepped on the thumb drive, killing it. I open up the casing of the thumbie and can see 4 solder contacts that have broken. Damn.

So I unplug the thumbie, luckily there is no critical data on it. I go to plug in another USB flash drive, in fact the same model and size. It does not appear in Explorer, and the following message appears in a pop up bubble near my clock:

"One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfuntioned, and Windows does not recognise it."

I assumed I had killed the USB port. Try next port. Same deal. Hmmmm.

There are 2 ports on the front, and four on the rear. One of the rear ports currently has my USB Microsoft keyboard plugged in, and it is still working 100%. As a test, I plugged the keyboard into one of the front USB ports. Gets recognised, loads drivers and works within 10... Read more

A:Really strange USB Flash drive issue. Really.

I've never seen that before. That doesn't make sense.

The only thing I can possibly fathom is that something from the old smashed-to-bits flash USB drive thing is locking up the whatever the computer uses to read the USB drive.

Hm...that sounds nebulous. How about, "There may be a data cycle locked in the system memory which impedes the opening of a new port." I can only assume that you tried restarting the computer, but try shutting it down all the way and giving the system time to completely clear the cache--what's that, probably ten seconds? Then turn the machine back on. (Lame advice, I know. I'll go back to tech support for Dogbert.)

Yeah, I probably botched all the lingo, but the thought is what counts, hey?

If I knew more about USB, I might be able to comment about whether or not a particular connecter may have gone bad in the jack which is only used by flash memory and not other things. Somehow, I doubt that.

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in the last week, every time i plug in my flash drive into my laptop (which is multiple times a day), a program "Adobe Lightroom" automatically loads up, which is totally annoying. I havent used Lightroom in a few months, so i dont know how it became the auto-startup program for my flashdrive. ive looked everywhere and cant find anyplace to change the settings. how can i switch it so my flashdrive will come up automatically in a standard Windows window?

A:flash drive startup issue...

so does anyone know how to get a flash drive to open up in Windows Explorer and not some other random program?

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Opc recognizes flash drive but other win 7 pc doesnt. Why is that? How to fix plz?


A:Solved: Flash drive issue

Do you mean under 'Computer' the device isn't listed? That is a problem that was posted about elsewhere (it seems Windows 7 hides flash drives by default).

I can't find the answer right now, but it had something to do with 'showing' hidden drives, like you do with system files...

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flash drive or any card reader is perfectly working in windowx xp but when i insert in my windows 7 it show drive is not formated .

then I formated on windows 7 it works but when i restart windows 7 it again show flash drive is not formmated .
every time i restart windows 7 it does not open flash drive or any card reader and show drive is not formated . at the same time when i boot in windows xp they all work perfectly in windows xp . what to do within windows 7 to solve this problem


A:flash drive format issue win7

Try this site for card reader drivers.

Twinhead International Corp. | ????????????

All I can suggest is you try different ones from the driver download section in the hope you find a driver for your card reader.

Your other option, of course, is to connect your device (I assume it's a digital camera?) to your computer with its USB cable and transfer the data that way.

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Note: Everything is being done in UEFI mode, and it is staying that way. Secure boot is off.

This is a very weird issue. I have a laptop at work that the client was restoring, while not plugged in, and you guessed it, it died. Now there is no information on the drive. My job is to restore it.
All partitions were lost, so there is no way to use Windows 8 refresh or reset feature. Next I thought I'd try booting off my Windows 8 stick and just install it via that.
This did not work. I keep getting a bcd error in /efi/microsoft/boot/BCD. It is a bootloader error when trying to boot the Windows 8 installation from the flash drive.

I thought it may be that the Windows 8 installation is corrupt. So I took it home and tried it on my computer.. and the booting of Windows 8 is fine.
So I have no clue what is going on, I reflashed my flash drive many times with 10 different Windows 8 Pro isos... a few being used more than once. One system builder, one retail, one oem, and one rtm.

I need help. I have no clue what is going on.

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Im looking for a free program for my computer to make flash movies. I have tried powerpoint but it doesnt really satisfy me. And i have also tried the old fashioned way of making a pic. And saving it and changing it and save as and putting into windows movie maker *rudolf style*. I am aware of flash player the one you can buy.

A:Flash Movies

I've yet to find any that are free. Only ones I know of are Macromedia Flash MX and Swish. Sorry. =\

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Hi guys

I have been using Win7 for about a week and it has been getting incrementally slower every day.

Here are the steps I have taken so far:
I have disabled every service I can disable without compromising the functionality of the OS. This includes Superfetch and Indexing.
I have cleaned out MSConfig of booting anything that isn't necessary.
I have disabled transparency on Aero

My CPU is hanging at around 50% usage per core and my ram goes up to 97% usage about 5 minutes after bootup and stays there. The page file has been increased to 4Gb.

Here are my specs:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 processor 4200+ 2.21Ghz
3Gb of ram (2.25Gb usable)
Dual Nvidia GeForce 7600 GS. These are not currently in SLI as I can't find any Nvidia drivers that have functional SLI. The 2nd card is currently sitting in error state, don't know if this could be something to do with it.

I have attached some images which I hope will make diagnosis easier.

My other problem is that Windows 7 reads my Sandisk U3 Cruzer memory stick as unallocated space when XP picks it up no problem. It was formatted to FAT32. I reformatted it to NTFS, but still the same issue.

A:Windows is running really slow! + USB FLash Drive issue

dual booting with xp wont help ,

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Hi, I've a 32gig USB flash drive purchased off of ebay and seems to work fine except with divx video files. I copy all files but only some show up with detail such as dimensions and runtime. These work fine (on my philips divx player) and on PC (windowz) from the stick. The rest seems to have no video track even though the file size is correct. Could I have a driver problem ?
Thanx very much for any help.

A:32gig USB flash drive issue with divx files

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I use Firefox, and recently, some flash movies will not show up, even on sites where, two weeks ago, they showed up fine. There isn't even a blank, open space where the movie should be, the other contents of the site are just shifted up (sometimes resulting in a blank space under that, but that's not where the movie used to be).
I tried reinstalling flash player, but that didn't seem to help at all.
Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

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Can you save flash movies from the internet to your hard drive?

If so, how do you do it?

A:Save Flash Movies?

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I often save various video movies which I see within IE. But saving Flash movies appears to require a special software to save them.

I've done a Google search for programs to save Flash movies, and there are lots of hits, many of them free plug-ins.

Can anyone recommend a good free plug-in to save Flash movies in IE7?



A:Saving Flash movies in IE7

I'm not that familiar with IE7, but i do know firefox well enough to recommend switching to it and being able to download flash videos in a heart beat. (youtube uses flash) its a plugin called downloadhelper, and it downloaded a video for a friend without question and without fail.

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I am up to date with Firefox and Flash

I am unsure which is the culprit, or even if it's something else entirely.

Some videos don't don't want to play.

They will load on the page normally, but when I click the play arrow, nothing happens.

For instance, on this site: Epic Fail Funny Videos and Funny Pictures the video that says "faith in your parkour" looks like it loads fine, but nothing happens when I click to play it. It's totally unresponsive. This seems to be an occurrence here and there, as some flash videos and content work just fine.

Yes, I have uninstalled all versions of flash, with a clean install of the current version.

I have all plug-ins etc disabled for Firefox too.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Cannot play some flash movies?

"I have all plug-ins etc disabled for Firefox too"

In Firefox, Flash Player is a plug-in. Flash videos cannot run if you disable that.

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I'd be eternally grateful if you could help me solve this one.

I'm currently using 3 browsers:
Netcaptor (based on ie)

I'm on xp home, 512mb memory, 80gb hard drive (just in ase you need this info)

I have the latest up to date version of Flash and Shockwave installed... Here's the challenge I'm having...

I can view flash movies in Firefox and Netcaptor... no problem. But when I attempt to view in IE6, i only hear the audio playing from the flash content. As far as visuals, all I get is a blank white screen.

I've disabled pop ups, reduced my security settings (my feeble attempt at tech support LOL), but nothing works.

Any suggestions how I can solve this?

Thx a million


A:Why won't Flash movies show in IE6? Please help...

Are you using any anti-spyware programs?

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So much video on the web now seems to be Flash Player based.

I have some video on our holiday cottages web site which includes an mpg in a Powerpoint converted web page.

A lot of people have trouble viewing it

Flash Player movies seem clearer - how do I convert a mpg file into something that Flash Player would play, and can most web browsers view it ?



A:How to create Flash Movies

The easiest way would be to upload it to YouTube and imbed it in your site.

I wonder if this would work.

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Hello - Im new to this site and just wondering if anyone can help me regarding flash movies?
Ive found a website that holds 4 flash movies and im just trying to save them to my computer...if anyone can help me it would be very much appreciated. The site in question is http://www.neverstandstill.com/Video - thanks in adavnce

A:How do i save flash movies?

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Hi to everyone here!

I am new to Flash & discovered it a week or so ago and think it's brilliant. I am trying to get to grips with beginners' stuff and have a quick question for any experts out there.

Is there a way to make a flash movie transparent? Each time I make an animation and include it within my www pages, I see the background colour of the Flash animation and I would like to have a transparent view as I use an MS FrontPage Theme within my web.

Can anyone help?



A:Transparency in Flash movies??

Hi John,

Transparency only works with Flash in Internet Explorer v3.0+. I've included a couple of different links that explain in detail how to make your flash movie's background transparent.

Good luck,



Macromedia Flash Support Center

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Hi Guys

first of all, i want all to know that i am pretty darn good at computers, i build and fix computers for a living, and i research and even make technical reviews myself.. reason i say this now so that my fellow experts here would not bother "spoon feeding" me and stuff.. we can go ahead and talk Geek here..

ALright , w/ that said.. here's my situation..

I'm having abit of a problem w/ my flash drive

connecting it to usb , it powers up, and the OS recognizes the drive w/o a hitch.. default drivers installed and autoplay runs to show me my options..

opening the drive, it shows all my folders and files at the root level.. everything seems normal, and detailed list view reveals size, dates , etc.. all seem normal.

[this is where the problem starts ]

as soon as you do ANYTHING, the darn thing disconnects, and then reconnects..

i tried:
- openning a file
- openning a folder
- renaming a folder (F2 or right click)
- checking properties of any file or folder (either by right click properties, or alt+enter shortcut)
- tried accessing it via DOS mode (inside windows environment)
- tried accessing it using DOS based file explorers from Hiren's boot CD and etc
all i can do is just stare at my files.. so close , yet so far lolz

even if i simply select 1 file (not double click, single click only) as soon as Windows tries to access the file for info-summary on explorer's status bar, it disconnects..

i am able to get properties from the drive though, all ... Read more

A:USB Flash Drive power issue? (connect/disconnection loop)

As for as data recovery is concerned:

Would you please boot up PuppyLinux and see if you can use the flash drive.

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Hello, Here is the problem that I've encountered with my laptop HP 6560b. My HDD has crashed and is beyond repair. I've went into the store and bought new HDD-SSD (Samsung 840 pro). I've replaced crashed HDD with new SSD. But to no joy. During WIN7 installation I've came to part where I need to select place where I want to have my new OS. Thing is it's can't be read. So I've dig around the internet and found out that BIOS is issue with these new SSDs. So I've decided to update my BIOS. BIOS is currently on versio 68SCE Ver. F.08 I've downloaded latest version of BIOS sp62738 from HP Support Center I've unpacked sp62738.exe and started HPQFlash. Through menu I've setup FLASH for update.  Folder structure of FLASHHP_TOOLS\HEWLETT-PACKARDcontains following folder structure   BIOS   BiosUpdatewithin BIOS folder there are two more folders and some BIN and SIG files   Current      .BIN      .SIG   New      .BIN      .SIGand within BiosUpdate    CryptRSA.efi   CryptRSA32.efi   HpBiosUpdate.efi   HpBiosUpdate32.efi   HpBiosUpdate.log   HpBiosUpdate.s09   HpBiosUpdate32.s09   HpBiosUpdate.s12   HpBiosUpdate32.s12   HpBiosUpdate.sig   HpBiosUpdate32.sig I've sticked FLASH into Laptop and rebooted. I've got the messa... Read more

A:Probook 6560b BIOS issue with update from FLASH drive

When you executed the download BIOS softpaq, did you create a flash bootable key at that point? i assume you used another computer to do that? If you created a bootable usb key from the BIOS softpaq, you will see 3 files 68SCF.BINeRompaq.exegpl2.txt You can then insert the key no the laptop usb port and reboot to upgrade the BIOS. Is this what did not work?

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after i cleaned up my desktop from dust, the games i used to play become horribly slow . also flash movies like those on youtube.
i downloaded the latest driver of my Nvidia 8800 GTS but no change.

i reseat the ram, the video card but the problem persist. what is wrong ?
im afraid that my video card is damaged or somthing.
i appreciate any kind of help
thank you.

A:games and flash movies become very slow !!!

Hi abudahim!

Well...how did you go about cleaning it up? Compressed air?

Is the fan running normally when you turn your PC on?

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I have Firefox, Chrome and IE and all of a sudden Flash movies (like on Youtube) crash any of those browsers.

Any ideas on what to look for? I updated to the newest version of Firefox, and Flash.. still the same issue.

Just wondering where to start.

A:Flash movies crash in all browsers

I don't know what is causing your problem but you might find something helpful in the Adobe Troubleshooter (assuming you haven't already tried it!); http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/191/tn_19166.html

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I like to watch flash movies recently, and I plan to download some, but I'm not sure whether they can play in Quicktime. Anybody know?

A:Can flash movies play in Quicktime?

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Flash movies will not expand to full screen.

When i try to watch shows off of any TV network (abc/cbs/ect) their players are all flash players. Something with Vista is preventing me from expanding from th 1/2 display to full screen. When i click full screen all i get is a frozen picture (a still) of what ever frame it cought as it went to full screen.

On my desktop it works fine with windows XP but on my laptop wiht VISTA this does not..
Any idea what settings with in vista is preventing a Flash web player from expanding?
I have tried to unclick the hardware acceleration and reclick it, same result when it is unchecked/checked.

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Is it possible to save a flash movie clip and is it legal?


A:Solved: Saving Flash Movies

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I'm not sure when it started exactly but it's got too bad to ignore now. When watching embedded flash movies in Firefox they play out really stuttery and choppy. The audio is fine but the videos isn't smooth at all.
I have Win 7 64-bit on a 2.53 dual core with 4Gb RAM so I don't think it's a hardware issue. I've made sure I have the latest updates of Firefox, Flash add-on for firefox, Direct X.
I've also tried uninstalling the IDE device driver and re-installing it as suggested by one forum. I've also tried unchecking the 'use hardware acceleration' option in the flash settings.
I found a blog that gave instructions for using a greasemonkey script to play flash content using VLC player. When I play any media files with VLC, it seems to work OK so I thought this would be good, but I couldn't get it to work and it only works for youtube videos, not Vimeo ones.
When I look at the system performance, when a flash video is playing the processor use is at about 70% and the process called 'plugin-container' which is for Firefox uses about 70Mb of memory. When I close the tab with the flash movie content, the processor use drops to between 0% and 10% and the plugin-container uses about 10Mb of memory.
Is there some setting I can change to just allow the movies to play smoothly. Youtube videos are just about bearable but Vimeo ones are pretty much unwatchable.
Any help appreciated

A:Choppy flash player movies

It could be what is know as buffering. The only possible solution that I know is, when it happens stop the video and give it a chance to catch up. When you restart it should work fine.

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Does anyone know of any good program which will let to download flash movies to one's pc?

Thanks for your help in advance

A:program to download flash movies?

Ive been informed that quicktime might work?? worth a shot

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Hi all, I think my problem is a common disease of HP laptops or their videocard- my girlfriend has a different type of HP laptop but she experiences the same problem: when reproducing video reports from the internet, sometimes everything freezes except the sound, then goes black, then blue screen of death. I have learned that some problem there might be with the wireless software and Windows7, and I should update all drivers. I did update everything I could, I consulted most pages having relevant infos but still, it happens. Any idea? I have a HP dv6799ep laptop.

A:BSOD when watching internet flash movies

NOTE: I have severe eye problems. If I do not respond to your postings, please PM another staff member for assistance.

NOTE: Please provide the following information for a more detailed response: http://www.techsupportforum.com/foru...ta-452654.html

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I've been having this problem ever since I got my new computer. I have no idea what the problem could be, and unfortunately it's very hard to re-create.Occasionally, when watching flash movies or playing flash games, Firefox will crash. I'm not familiar with the difference between hard and soft crashes, but in any case, the window will simply disappear, and I'll receive that now ever-so-familiar message: "We're sorry, but Firefox has encountered a problem and has crashed. Blah de blah de blah". (Not the Windows one, mind you, the Firefox one)This problem carried over from Firefox 2 into Firefox 3, and will even occur in Internet Explorer from time to time.It's been driving me up the wall for months, and it's very inconsistent. A few months ago, I wasn't able to watch the newest Zero Punctuation review all the way through without it crashing. And now, I can watch videos, but games like Pandemic 2 will invariably crash for no reason whatsoever. In fact, the only place I've been to where the crashes can be re-created are the Gamespot forums, wherein loading a page will cause the browser to crash, but only Firefox, not IE. Not a huge loss at any rate, I'm well aware, but I figure that mentioning it may be helpful.Also, I used to receive RAM errors, such as "the address at 0x04AEF85048 (paraphrased, obviously >_>) could not be 'read'", which would cause programs to crash. Strangely enough they've all but vanished now, and I didn't even try anything to fix... Read more

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