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Help ! I need to move my email folders ...

Q: Help ! I need to move my email folders ...

Hi folks,  I'm hoping someone can give me a really~Easy, Peezy, simple step process, ..Yep, one of them slow wits
   to enable me to move my folders from my present email provider service   Inbox.com , to any other free email service provider (  the easiest one to move my folders to, the better !  ) as Inbox.com is closing down their free subscription in September
Many thanx, in anticipation  

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Preferred Solution: Help ! I need to move my email folders ...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have a personal folder with alot of subfolders in it, when I try to move email from one folder to another it does nothing. The hour glass looks like it is moving but in task manager it is not responding. I can move email from my Inbox fine, but when I try from the personal folders nothing happens. I am running an old gateway 4200 P III 650 with 128 mb of ram and using office 2002 on it as well.

A:Unable to move email form personal folders

I have had a similar problem when trying to move too many at once - are you able to move one, several or none at all?

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I am replacing my mobo, os (win7 pro 64bit), adding ram and a ssd. I want to put all of the programs on the ssd with the os.
How do I move all of Outlook with emails and the folders to the new ssd? I am hoping that all of the emails and folders and contacts will remain intact.
I should clarify that I will still be using the old HD for storage on the same computer.

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Employee claims that while using the Move function to place folders in a different directory tree the folders were moved but the files were lost. I have tried to duplicate the action but have not been able to replicate losing the files. Talked to experts said no way it will happen. One in a million chance it will occur. However, employee claims replicated Move operation multiple times (10-15 folders) and lost files multiple times (7-10 times), but not every time.

Is this possible? I must fire employee for extensive data loss. However, if truly unintentional, and I can replicate as proof-- Employee keeps job.

A:Using Move Function: Move Folders & Lose Files

As the experts you spoke with indicated, there is virtually no way this could happen. Even if there was a copy error that Windows didn't detect and abort the move operation, you'd still likely end up with some sort of file even if it was corrupted and unreadable.

One in a hundred trillion chance of happening.

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I have somehow made a disastrous mess of my favorites. I looked online for answers to this problem, and all I can find for a solution is cut and paste. This makes no sense to me for this particular issue because there's no way to "un-indent" a sub-folder and move it back in line with the primary folders.

I hope this is making sense to someone. I don't know how to explain it. Here's one example of the many I have screwed up: I have a "Daily reader" folder and a "Dog stuff" folder. The latter has a lot in it. Dog stuff is now mixed in with Daily reader. How do I make it a separate folder again?

A:Favorites: how to move sub-folders mixed with primary folders

Favorites in Internet Explorer are located in the "C:\Users\(user-name)\Favorites" folder. You could open it, and create new folders or move items around as you like.

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I have a new ASUS notebook and it uses Windows 8. On my home pc I have Windows Vista and was able to set up multiply email accounts in Window Live Mail. (my charter, my hubby charter, 2 school google accounts and yahoo)
I was able to read mail coming thru our main email acct (my charter), if an email came thru that needed to go to my hubbys account or another account I was able to drop and drag it to the other account listed on the screen.

I have most of my emails set up on my new ASUS notebook. Is there any way to drop and drag emails from one account to another? I can drag the email and hover over the new email account, but it does not drag it.

Thanks for any help. I am new to the notebook thing and windows 8.

Debby Durden

A:Move email from one email accout to another email account

If you are using Live Mail on both Windows 7 and Windows 8, use the instructions in this video - Windows 8 Tips: Moving Live Mail From Windows 7 - YouTube

This technique works WAY better than exporting and reimporting them.

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I just purchased a new computer and the hard drive came already partitioned into a C and a D drive.

I need to know how I can relocate the My Documents folder from the C drive to the D drive.

Also, I need to know how to change the default location for music that I rip from CD's onto my hard drive. I belive that by default Windows Media Player puts music onto the C drive and I want to put it onto the D drive.

If anyone can help me they have my thanks.

A:Need To Move Folders In WIN XP

One way is with TweakUI

The one for XP is at:

You can also right click on My Documents / Properties / Move button

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Hi everyone.

My computer gave me a warning of being low in disk space.
I have had a computer disaster caused by a-square last month
which left me with a blue screen and all my files were wiped off.
My son took the computer and brought it back to me with some of
the desktops icons back. I don't know anything about computers fixing
so I don't know what he did. All I know I had to get Windows again and get
a new ID number. My add/remove page came in blank. It has only what I have downloaded lately .
I was wondering where the other programs were and I downloaded a program
called FolderSizes v4.0.0.1 and I found some of the programs on disk D.
Can I move the programs, websites I see there, or folders to other place?
How do I do that?
Thanks a lot.

A:I need to move folders from D

u cant actually move the programs since they were installed on drive D...meanin they will have essential registry entries and stuff which cant be replace without reinstalling...but u can move your data like webpages and stuff...

u didn't mention whether your son had attached a new hard drive...if thats all he has done, then you can start the programs directly from D drive...and just create short-cuts to those programs from your desktop... you could ask your son whether he only added a new hard drive or removed the old installation of xp...

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Hi all,

I have created a script that will move folders on our server from one location to another:

on Error Resume Next

Dim fso
Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

fso.CreateFolder "E:\VXBD\shared\backup\" & Day(Now) & "_" & Month(Now) & "_" & Year(Now)

fso.MoveFolder "E:\VXBD\shared\projects\A*", "E:\VXBD\shared\backup\" & Day(Now) & "_" & Month(Now) & "_" & Year(Now)

This works fine but if there is a directory that already exists, the script will not overwrite it, just stops with an error (which is why I have used the on error resume next).

Can anyone suggest a script that will move folders from one location to another even if folders with the same name exist in the destination directory?


A:move folders using VBS

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Hi Gurus,

In my PC , I canot move file or folder into new folder. I tried cut and paste, When I cut it grayed out but not pasting in another folder.

I can able to delete, rename files/folders.

Pls advise.

A:Unable to Move folders in XP

First try clearing the Clipboard Viewer. Go to Start/Run and type clipbrd and hit enter. Go up to Edit and click Delete. This will clear the Clipboard. Now you should be able to Cut and Paste. If not, this is a memory issues, close as many large running apps as you can, close non-essential taskbar processes...btw just the simple minimizing to tray of a IE or Mozilla browser can give you back enough memory space to regain copy/paste ability.

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for some reason i cannot move 3gp files out of the folders that they are in. which sucks because i have them so i can put them in my phone... but they just wont budge, every time i try to move them it just goes to the loading bar and it says moving 1 item discovered 0 items (0 bytes)
and this just happens with 3gp files nothing else..

*** is going on?

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.....and my desktop icons Auto Arrange every reeboot, even though Auto arrange is not ticked.
I think the problem started with user account.I got the message " user profile did not load correctly". When I examined my "Users" folder I noticed that the "Default and All Users" folders had vanished leaving only the "Mike" administrator profile that would not load and a new folder called "Public".
Using regedit, I went HKEYLOCALMACHINE/SOFTWARE/MICROSOFT/WINDOWSNT/currentversion/ProfileList/ and altered the State and RefCount values back to 0.
My original user account loaded next boot but thereafter failed to load on following boots as the registry values revert.
I have tried all standard fixes...ScanDisk, ASC System File Checker, Full scan with Kaspersky, even windows defender and Malicious Software Tool.
I tried creating new user accounts but they hung and never got to the desktop at startup.
I downloaded the registry key "Fix_Rename_32_Bit_ Vista" but it did not work.
I also tried giving Full control to all user accounts....no luck.
I do not have any system restore or registry backups that predate the problems.
All folder appear to become read only and cannot be unticked, which is probably why I cannot move or rename any folder be it on my boot drive, backup drive or plug-in drive.

Any suggestion anyone?

A:Cannot move or rename folders.....

Here you go
Then fix
Cannot Rename or Move a File or Folder in Vista Fix

Then let us know what happened

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Created a new library and want to move folders out of "documents" into the new library,
Can't drag and drop. Can't copy and paste. what's the deal?

A:Can't Move Folders Between Libraries

Welcome to the forum,

With libraries, you are only adding a location for it to look for your items.

Libraries don't store info they just point to it, that being said,

here's a tutorial to add folders to a library,

Library - Include a Folder

And here's one to remove a folder from your old one,

Library - Remove a Included Folder

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I want to move my documents folder to an external drive. When I right click the folder and select properties, then click on Move, it brings up a box that is titled Select destination. The trouble is that the drop down menus in the middle are gone.

A:Cannot move folders in XP Home

Use Internet Explorer for this document:

How to change the default location of "My Documents" folder


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After installing KB3124200 & KB3116900 updates, I'm no longer able to rename or move folders. When I try, it gives the error "Can't find the specified file".

I have done sfc /scannow but it didn't help. Also, I have run default file associations registry files from here, but it didn't help either.

I'm going nuts, is there anything else I can do?


A:Can't rename or move folders

I remembered that I had disabled Libraries via a registry file. I re enabled Libraries and voila, now I can rename and move folders.

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I've been having serious issues with my folders in the last few days. Recently I have found myself inable to move, or re-name any folder on my computer, or even on a flash drive for that matter. So as it stands, I can't do anything with any folder. I also found out earlier today that I can not recover files that have been deleted into my recycle bin.

I also, can not move any folders, I can copy them all I want, yet I can not move them to another location either on my comp, or onto a flash drive.

I use Vista an an only two month old Compaq CQ60z.

I found a "solution" to my problem, and that was to repair my registry. This aparrently works for other people, but it does not work for me. What it did was to re-make the registry entries for Folder Descriptions. This did nothing.

As a last note, I at one time turned of UAC, but after turning it back on, and off, and on, and off, it hadn't helped in the least. I really hope you guys can find whats wrong, thanks ahead of time for any ones help.

A:Unable to Move or Re-name Folders

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I'm new to the forum and Windows 7, so please bear with me.

I have a main folder named after the user acct (I believe it's called the User Folder???), which by default contains 13 other folders, such as My Documents, My Pictures, etc. (There are a bunch of hidden folders in there as well)

I'm using some file backup software that has a plug-in to backup the entire My Documents folder.

In XP, I simply moved any desired folders into My Documents for backup.

What I've found in Windows 7, is these "user" folders seem to be locked in this main folder, and when moved into My Documents, the original folder magically reappears in the main user folder. So I end up with 2 identical folders. One inside My Documents, and one in the main user folder. (eg: My Music)

My backup software doesn't like this at all.

Is there any way to make these folders behave like regular folders that can just be moved around?

I hope my question made sense.


A:Can't Move User Folders

Yeah, click Start, search for Libraries. Hit enter when you find it.
This folder contains 4 sections: Documents, Music, Pictures, Video.
Take them one at a time and:
Right click, select properties, select the items from the Library locations and remove them.
This will unlink your My Document folder from the Documents Library. Then you can move your folders and do what you want with them.
Repeat for all 4.

Be careful tho. Don't make rash decisions and don't delete anything before backing up.

P.S. After finishing your moving/copying operations you should link them back.

BTW, why don't you use a "fancier" backup application?

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Whenever I drag things (Photos, music, etc.) they do not move. Is there some setting somewhere I need to check/uncheck?

A:Can't move items in folders.

Quote: Originally Posted by Cthulhu

Whenever I drag things (Photos, music, etc.) they do not move. Is there some setting somewhere I need to check/uncheck?

Hi CT and welcome

we could use alot more info
Drag from where to where?
was the destination folder ever another OS?

right click the destination folder. go to properties>security and see wgo the folder is owned by

Let us know

Kenn J+

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Niggling problem. Have a family computer with 4 accounts. One of the account users at one time had a password which has since been stopped but also (regularly) changes their name and icon on the start up screen. I can't move files or folders to this account. When I click on "Move This File" and find the account user it has a folder icon but no "+" for My Pictures etc. At the moment I'm moving files to the Shared Folder then switching users and retrieving which is a bit of a pain.

Presume I'm missing some change to settings but I can't find out how to reset back to what it was. Can anyone help?

Many thanks.

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The title is the question. I have a computer with OE 4.01 on it and would like to move all its Mail Folders to another computer with OE 6.0.

I've fooled around trying that but got nowhere. Also, I have searched here but because OE, 4 and 6 are too short in length, the search results are huge.

Thanks for your help, Steve-x8086

A:How Can I Move Mail folders From OE 4 to 6?

Hi Steve-x8086

Locate the directory where Outlook Express 4 keeps it files.
The directory would be similar to this:

C:\Windows\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook Express

Or do a Find for:

Your folders have .idx and .mbx pairs and the Folders.nch file also needs to be saved.

Copy all those files, to a folder, transfer the folder containing the .idx, .mbx and Folders.nch files, to the destination harddrive and verify they are not Read-Only before you try the Import into Outlook Express 6.
Open Outlook Express,
File > Import > Messages > Outlook Express 4
Browse to the folder containing the message files, follow the prompts from there.

If for some reason, the Import fails, you can use MBXtract to extract the messages from the .mbx files.
The messages will be converted to .eml files which can be dragged into Outlook Express 6.
Outlook Express should be closed when using MBXtract.

Let us know what happens.

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I have w 7 with wlm and need to move only the storage folders to wlm in w 10

A:how to move storage folders from w 7, wlm to wlm in win 10

copy the contents of this folder and restore to the same place in Windows 10:
%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail

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I using Windows Live Mail, with DSLextreme, Which somehow has something to do with Gmail.(I don't understand how that works.) Everything has worked fine for years. Started having trouble with emails, couldn't do anything. I did a system recovery. Now I can send and receive emails. but can't move them from one folder to another. If I try to move an email to Delete, Spam, draft, important etc folders. I get an error message. "the selected messages could not be copied to the folder." Details>>
UID COPY failed,
Configuration: Accountslextreme (username) Server:mail.dslextreme.com User name: [email protected]
If I select "send/ receive" I get a list of errors for all folders,
Unable to send or receive messages for theDslextreme (username) account. Header download for the 'Spam' folder did notcomplete. Could not select 'Spam' on the IMAP server. Try updating the folderlist and then try again.
Server Response: SELECT failed
Server: 'mail.dslextreme.com'
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCCD2
Protocol: IMAP
Port: 993
Secure(SSL): Yes

I don't know how to update folder list so I haven't tried that yet. But from what I have read on the net, that has not helped others with this problem.

Sorry this is so long but wanted to give as much info as I can.

A:Can't move emails to any other folders

problem still not fixed, can't believe no knows how to fix it.

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I've tried for days to remove this, including a defrag and restore.
When I create a folder or delete a folder, the recycling message or canceling message stays, never completes itself and i need to perform a ctl+alt+del to close out the program. when i go thru all of this, the file does go away or get created, but is a real hassle.
I've searched this forum and others to no avail
Please help! I dont want to have to repair Vista

A:Can't move/delete folders, or search

I have McAfee & Vista Home Premium 32-Bit with SP2
I've also made sure that the systems.exe files are ok

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I need to move all my Google Drive folders from their present location to a new GD location (another email address, so I can better separate personal/private.) I am not sure how to move all the folders, etc. at once....how do I do this?

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I've updated my windows 7 yesterday (April 28, 2010) with the latest Windows 7 updates. I'm not so sure if that updates causes this to happen but yeah...

Whenever I try to rename a folder, it prompts that box. "Could not find this item. This is no longer located in C:\Users\My_User\Desktop. Verify that the item's location and try again."

If i were to rename a file, like a microsoft word/video file/photoshop file, there wouldn't be a problem.!

I've tried
1) Using CCleaner to fix the registries
2) Run a "Check disk" with the windows tool..
3) Restarted my computer
Yet I can't find any cure!

All current existing folders on the computer will be prompt when it's being rename/move.

A:[Need Help] Unable to rename/move folders!

Do you have kb980408 installed? Check in Add/ Remove programs ("Show updates" must be checked). That seems to be causing this problem on at least some systems.

[MSUPDATE KB980408]Warning To All Win7 x64 Users. - Overclock.net - Overclocking.net

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Hallo everyone I'm new on this forum.

I have a small issue what is bugging my a bit, maybe some of you could help my or share some tips with me about this small problem I'm having.

I own multi OS systems ext.

I'm a regular PC user that knows allot from the web/friends about Windows over the years.

My "question" loads this :

Currently I'm using Windows xp professional now I'm use to move folders around in :/C or :/D to the top or bottom or middle, so i know were to look for if i move them like in vista can.


Folder : hallo
Folder: yes
Folder: No

i want to move folder No to the middle or folder Hallo to the bottom.

but i can't move them or its not letting my move it to the top or bottom or middle.

The said that you have to put like "A" or "1" in front of it to move it to the top.
I own Windows 7 also i installed a Tool what let my do that but i want to do this also in Windows xp.

I searched all around google but i got different search results so I'm kinda stuck.

Those anyone know "how to" or is this in xp not possible guess its old? or is there a "tweak or tool or regedit" out there that let my do this.


A:[question] Move Folders up or down anywere.

Welcome to the forum. How the folder appear depends on the folder options and how you have set the sort order of the display if its set to ascending it will show a ,b c ,d etc

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I have never come up against this problem , but I hope there is a fairly simple solution- I have
downloaded a whole bunch of jpegs into one folder , but each jpeg and its thumb are in
a single folder in the one folder- that is each folder in the main folder holds only one thumb
with its jpeg. How can I batch move all jpegs out of their individual folders into one folder , so
I don't have to open each folder individually and manually move each jpeg over to the single
folder. thanks for any tips.....osha

A:Solved: move jpgs from many folders into one

Create a new folder where you want your jpegs to go.

Right click on the head offending folder and select search.

Search for jpeg or jpg (whatever yours are called)

The results will come up, select all and copy to your NEW folder


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Hi all,

You know when you click your profile name on the start menu and you see all your personal folders (Docs, Pics, Music, Vids... etc.)

Each time I install a new computer, I move those to the D drive. Process is :Right click the folder and Properties
Click the Location tab
Click the Move button
Select new path
Accept all prompts

Can anyone help me doing this using scripting (vbs, bat...) ?



A:Move personal folders using script

Copying is a Simple script

Rightclick on my little script and change the content.

Change the text "CopyFrom" to the source.
Change the text "Copyto" to the destination.
Keep the "/E" for that is the command to copy everything

For every folder again.

Hope this helps :D

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My first ever technology post...
Have MSI all in one pc. Windows 7.
The C: drive is labeled OS_Install and the D; drive has no particular label.
My C drive is getting very full while I have a lot of space in the D drive.
I want to make up room on my C drive and move the "heavy" files & folders to D
When I check the properties of my C drive folders they don't add up to the GB's indicated (maybe hidden properties).
I use Mozilla Thunderbird for emails which I suspect is the larger contributor to the C capacity.
How do I safely move folders & files from C to D? 
How can I tell what to move and what not to move?
How to I move Mozilla Thunderbird and all its program to D?
How can I change the default location for downloads etc?
MANY thanks in advance,

A:How to move filws and folders from drive "C" to "D"

Answer #1 = It depends on what the files are for as to wether they can be moved
Answer #2 = You should no move anything that is part of your OS or installed programs! You can install new programs to the alternate location however some of their data will still be written to your c drive regardless.
Answer #3 = see answer #2
Answer #4 = You can right click on the downloads folder and go the location tab it allows you to set a new target (target being a folder you specify on any drive you want)
If your C and D drives are stored on a single storage device? you can always delete the d drive and then expand the C partition to use the whole drive....just a thought.
As for you comment about hidden files, you can find hidden files by pressing one one of the F keys (I forget which one) and then under tools there is a section called folder properties fill in the box that says show hidden files. Please remember that if you use the right click properties menu to get the size of your "windows" folder you will be given an inaccurate result regardless of hidden files. The winsxs inside the windows directory folder uses wierd links that cause explorer (not talking about internet explorer) to return a larger number of GB than is actually on the disk. However it's still very big.

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I've been looking into getting an SSD as my main system drive (C. However as we all know MS and Windows programs like to clutter the folders (My Documents) with random and outdated crap as time goes along. I was wondering which steps to take/data to move onto another drive in order to preserve as much of that precious finite space.

I can already think of:
Moving User Profile
Moving ProgramData folder (both of which there are guides on this site)

Is there anything else (hidden or otherwise) I should be aware of to keep Windows from cluttering up the HDD? Thanks.

A:Folders to move to save space on SSD

Whenever you download anything, make sure you search it high and low to find the button to click to ensure it gets downloaded to your other drive. Most, if not all programs have this option, and most say "Browse" to look up the other hard drive.

So long as you have 10 or more gigabytes I wouldnt worry too much about it, perform defragmentation and disk checks, make sure you rebuild the index to the other hard drive, make sure you move the internet's temporary files folder to the other hard drive along with its download location

Make sure your paging file is moved to the other hard drive. uninstall unneeded programs off the SSD, reinstall and install all programs to the other hard drive. uncheck unneeded windows features.

Have I gone far enough? Pretty soon I'll have you speeding up your system by disabling visual effects and more!

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Ever since using Windows 7 I got annoyed that some folders and files seemed immune to my attempts to move them or delete them invoking that "some program" was using them. Since I usually run no less than 5 or 6 main programs and a score of smaller utilities I always assumed tat it was one of may many programs blocking the Moving of folders and files.

Apparently not. Today I was trying to organize my music folder (400GB and as many folders as I have albums) and I kept getting the alert that a program was using the folder.

Aftr some research turns out that the file thumbs.db has a lot to do with it.

I downloaded LockHunter (I needed a 64bit program) and with that I was able to unlock the folders I needed to move. Except that it is a painstaking process and if I continue this way it will take me the rest f the week before I finish.

My solution will be to take the hard drive and connect it to my Mac. From there I should be able to move the files and place it back on the PC organized, but what do people without a mac do?

This is a terrible situation and I can't believe that there is so little coverage on it in the forums. Deleting and moving files and folders is something we have been able to do since 1984 on the Mac Plus. All of a sudden in 2010 we can't do it anymore or we have to invest a full day of work?

A:Unable to move folders because of thumbs.db and win exp

This is an old topic so I don't know if you've solved this. I found that it makes a difference how your files are displayed. If the folder is set (for example) to "List" display then you can't delete the thumbs.db file. However, if you change the display style to "Medium Icons" then you suddenly find that there's no problem.

Re your problem of moving a folder with masses of subfolders, I would imagine that it would simply a matter of setting the top folder to "Medium Icons" and then using the folder options dialog to set all subfolders to that display style as well. I haven't tried this myself as I've not found myself in the situation of having to move more than a few folders at a time.

Clearly the situation is not ideal and I'm still waiting for Windows to realise that it's a bug and fix it in an Update. Waiting.... waiting....

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JUst received an upgrade from WINXP to Windows 7. I have no issues except folders and files will not drag or move. I can copy and paste, just can't move/drag individual files or folders. With 1 exception: files/folders on Desktop screen will drag and move. But not on my C drive or on my other hard drives. I did a quick search on the web - many others have experienced same thing but had not found a solution. Does anyone know the answer to fix this problem?

A:Folders/files will not drag or move - Win 7

You might not have administrative right or privileges to those folders. Some folders in C: are protected by the system mainly the boot, Windows folder.

You might need to take ownership of the other folders.

This is for Windows XP but this will also work in Windows 7
How to take ownership of a file or a folder in Windows XP

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I downloaded something from the net in bulk, and instead of putting every file in 1 directory it seems to have built a directory for each file, which equals to around 400 directories. I need each file from each directory moved in to 1 directory of its own. I know I can do this manually but 400 will make my current RSI (which is on the mend) even worse and I don't want to risk the damage. Is there any sort of software or command line code that can do this automatically ? I don't mind if it is pay or free, but free or trial would of course be better if such a program exists.

Thanks everyone !!

A:Quick way to move files from folders ?

Ignore this post, I have sorted it myself, I forgot all about the Search function so I just searched all the directories and selected all files and moved them. Thanks.

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When we setup new PCs, re image old PCs etc, we like to have a "Data" drive or partition that we move the Users system folders to. Rather then move the entire "Users" directory, We like to create a folder on this "Data Drive" called "Joe's Folders". In that folder we copy the user folders (Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Favorites, Links, Music, Pictures, and Videos). We then manually click on each user folder and reset the location to these.

I am sure we are not the only ones to do this. Is there a utility, registry update file, or something out their that could automate this rather than having to repeat the move location for all 8 user folders?

Can this be done in Sysprep?

Thanks for any advice?


A:Utility to Move User Folders

Hello Jweigel,

This can help show you how to move individual user folders like that. The user folders will still be in the Start Menu, but point to the location that you move them to instead.

User Folders - Change Default Location

Hope this helps,

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Some users experience issues with renaming folders or moving folders after a system reboot. This is most likely caused by a Windows Update and usually affects users on Windows 8 or 8.1

Users who experience this error will get error messages such as "File or folder does not exist" when attempting to rename/move folders.

Well, here is the solution. Download this .reg file and merge it with your registry. After a reboot, you will be able to rename and move folders again.

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am having this issue again (probably following a wrong maneuver with a usb stick) - error msg says "cannot find folder - does not exist in C:\... - check current location and retry" - i seem to remember there was a (rather complicated) registry tweak to solve it - anyone know? help much appreciated...

A:unable to move/rename folders

Hello Jmm,

Is this happening with all folders or a specific folder?

Refresh (F5) the window or restart the PC to see if it may just be a ghost folder that had been previously deleted.

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I've recently had a problem trying to move files/folders anywhere on my HD.

I wrote a small program to msg the current directory it's being launched from and I'm able to move it around and the message does change

ie; C:\Documents and settings\Ponpokoi\Desktop\Location.exe

I then move it to My Documents and the message changes accordingly.

However whenever i refresh the desktop, or any other location, the file jumps back to where it was originally saved; desktop.

This goes for every single file stored on my HD - they will revert to their original path as soon as a window is refreshed.

On further checks I've noticed that everything is set to Read Only and I'm unable to change this - it too will revert to Read Only on refresh

Does anyone know how I can go about fixing this problem, or what causes it?

I am running Windows XP SP3, and have been for a long time, with no problems or spyware lurking around.

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First post here, not sure if this is the right subforum. I've searched for similar threads but didn't find any - please let me know if I missed them.

I just bought a new computer with Windows 8. It's fully updated, but I'm having a problem with the copy function. When I copy a folder with files in it, sometimes the files all show up in the destination folder without the source folder. For example, I copy folder "A" and paste it into destination folder "B." What happens is that all the files from folder "A" show up in folder "B" but without folder "A." Please let me know if this doesn't make sense.

This is frustrating especially for the complex array of folders and subfolders I am trying to copy, which would take hours to manually arrange.

More background: This hasn't happened every time. I'm copying folders and files from an external hard drive to the internal hard drive (with the OS) on my new computer. I've successfully copied a folder with not much in it to the desktop, and also one to another location. It has never worked when I've tried to copy all of my documents from the other computer - many gigabytes, thousands of files, many videos and pictures as well as MS Office files.

Is it the volume (number, size) or variety of things I'm trying to copy that's messing up? That seems like it shouldn't be a problem. It worked in Windows XP.... (my old computer).

The only next step I can think of is to be more systematic in ... Read more

A:Copy function does not always move folders

Yes, I found the same problem. Chronological files from 2002 to 2012 copied to Windows 8 resulted in many errors. An entire year was 'missed'. Many had incomplete days, where only half of the month was copied. I had to manually double-check the entire 30,000 files.
I have also found that the new 'delete' without the 'are you sure' option is not to be trusted, and may delete 3 to 4 consecutive files.
The system is inherently unstable for power users.

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Personally, I move the image folder on the other drive, because I previously did a folder I changed the entire disk image to a folder. When I try to repeal moved me write: Establishment of a list of subfolders under "G: \ System Volume Information" has failed. Access is denied

A:Repeal move personal folders

Establishment of a list of subfolders under "G: \ System Volume Information" has failed. Access is denied

From Microsoft:

The System Volume Information folder is a hidden system folder that the System Restore tool uses to store its information and restore points. There is a System Volume Information folder on every partition on your computer. You might need to gain access to this folder for troubleshooting purposes.

In normal use one does not need to gain access to that Folder.

How to delete "System Volume Information" folder on Win 7

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I'm running windows 7 Ultimate (up-to-date) and certain folders (mostly folders in my box sync map and program files) are treated as if they are in use by a program but process explorer tell's me that only system and explorer.exe use them. I don't know if system should be using folders or if explorer should do so even when I am not viewing the folder. I can?t overwrite the files inside but I can move or delete them and copy the file in after. I can also not rename the folders.
Any idea's of how to solve this?

Thanks in advance,

A:Can't move folders but can copy and delete them

It's not a good idea to mess with files and folders in the Program Files folder. The Program Files folder is a system folder and the location for your installed programs. Mess things up in there are some of your installed programs may not work correctly or not work at all. You could also mess Windows up. What is it exactly that you are trying to do?

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Good morning -- just installed Outlook 365. I was able to sync all my emails (including folders I've created with all emails stored), calendar and contacts. My issue is with my iPhone 6 email app. I'm seeing my calendar and contacts as well as all my emails -- inbox, sent, junk...but none of the other folders. The folders don't appear in settings, mail, contacts, calendars...under fetch new data either. Any thoughts? Thank you!

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I need to figure out a way to take thousands of .dwg,.docx,.xlsx, ect. files and organize them all into folders. I want to take file named 54321.xlsx and 54321.docx and put them in the folder 54321. Right now all my .docx files are in a folder, but I want them all seperated by seperate folders. I have already made the 100k folders for each job using a batch file. Now I just need to figure out how to organize the files into the corresponding folders. Please Help!

A:I need to move thousands of files from one folder to new folders

Quote: Originally Posted by RHODESSURVEYING

I need to figure out a way to take thousands of .dwg,.docx,.xlsx, ect. files and organize them all into folders. I want to take file named 54321.xlsx and 54321.docx and put them in the folder 54321. Right now all my .docx files are in a folder, but I want them all seperated by seperate folders. I have already made the 100k folders for each job using a batch file. Now I just need to figure out how to organize the files into the corresponding folders. Please Help!

One caveat. That many nested folders will slow the computer to a crawl unless you have really good hardware (RAM (8gigs), CPU,. i7, etc).

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I want to automate one process that I do from time to time. I have many folders, sometimes like 90 folders and I want to move them all into a single folder, the filenames are the same so they overwrite. I can overwrite them, in fact, I should, I just want to move all files from many folders into one folder, not doing it manually. Is there a command in CMD that can do that? E.g I have Folder\Subfolder 1... Subfolder 90\ so in 1 folder I have the subfolders then I have RootFolder\ where I want all to be and overwritten, MOVED not copied

A:Move files from all folders into one folder, overwrite

Just create a script using VB Script.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 94 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 16291 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 530, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 237 GB (151 GB Free); D: 912 GB (525 GB Free);
Motherboard: Micro-Star International Co., Ltd., MS-1775
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

I have steam installed on the D: drive and I'm trying to delete folders for a steam game. It won't let me and gives me this message


A:Access denied when trying to move folders to recyling bin.

Try taking ownership of the folder in question, and then deleting it thereafter.

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I have an HP Pavilion a6000n Desktop PC, with Vista Home Premium 32bit with the following specs:
- Athlon 64 X2 (W) 4200+ 2.2 GHz
- 3 Gig RAM
- Asus M2N68-LA Motherboard, w/ Integrated graphics
- No Service Packs installed yet.

I have been having this problem, I keep all my music (mp3) files on my laptop and managed by a music player on that laptop. Every few months I will copy all files located under a main music directory to a thumb drive and then move it to my Vista desktop machine to provide a second copy of that music and its files. The problem I'm having is when I select to move the Music folder and all files (several thousand files in several nested folders) underneath to a directory in Vista that already contains a copy of my music files it starts to copy and prompts me whether I want to merge folders that already exist to which I click Yes. When it gives me the option of a checkbox in the bottom left corner saying apply this option for all X number of additional conflicts I check it to confirm. Well it goes to moving the files and when it's done, I still have plenty of folders and files that did not fully move. I can do this several times and in different ways too ( right-click drag and drop - then select Move Files or Cut the Music Folder and Paste in Vista - even doing this with right-click menu and with Ctrl+c & Ctrl+v) and it works the same each time. It's frustrating having to move the files multiple tries until it gets all the files.

Any ideas to h... Read more

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I just bought a new laptop which originally had Windows 8 installed, but the refurbish site must have installed windows 7 before shipping.
My problem is that they seem to have done a poor job, or shouldn't have done it in the first place. My laptop has a 32GB mSATA drive which the OS is installed on to allow fast boot times, however personal folders such as my music, photos, downloads, etc are now all confined to the remaining 2 or 3GB left on the mSATA drive.
How can I move these folders to my D drive, so that when I access them via the start menu I'm directed to the D drive, and not the original location in the C drive?
Thanks in advance

A:How do I move user folders easily, (no clutter?)

Welcome to the Seven Forums

This tutorial should help you out User Folders - Change Default Location


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