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Win XP PC doesn't recognize Win7 bootable USB

Q: Win XP PC doesn't recognize Win7 bootable USB

I am trying to upgrade my dad's Dell Inspiron 530S to WIn 7. I have chosen removable from the boot menu for the 1st 2nd and 3rd options, but the USB keeps getting passed over on start-up. I cannot see any menu functionality that lets me add USB. Right now removable is listed as floppy disk. He is on BIOS 1.0.13 (just upgraded to 1.0.18 same issue) running Win XP service Pack 3. Ideas? Thanks in advance.


Preferred Solution: Win XP PC doesn't recognize Win7 bootable USB

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Win XP PC doesn't recognize Win7 bootable USB

Hi Sam -

Try writing the confirmed ISO to flash stick using Universal USB Installer with Win7 in dropdown menu.

Set the HD first to boot in BIOS setup, then tap the Dell F12 key at boot to trigger the one-time BIOS Boot Menu, look for stick under USB, Removable or HD's - you may need to expand each entry to find it.

If this fails, try updating the BIOS to latest version from the XP desktop. Drivers and Downloads | Dell [United States].
It appears to have needed improvements which may remedy the problem.

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I have a a DVD drive that plays music but doesn't recognize any of the bootable DVDs I have. I also have a USB Drive with a Windows 7 system on it and that isn't recognized either. With the USB drive I have been able to play or remove MP4 movie files but not boot.

What specific information can I provide? I have basically run through the tutorial on this forum with no help. Would certainly go through the process from scratch to see if I can get this fixed. I suspect it has something to do with some software program that stepped on some obscure registry setting.

A:DVD Drive play music but doesn't recognize bootable DVDs

It would be good to know what program on the DVD you are trying to boot.

Also, if you put an installation DVD in the drive does the installation start?

How are you trying to boot these devices?
Does the Alienware PC have a key to press to bring up the Boot Menu?
What is the Boot Order in your BIOS/UEFI?
Let's start there.

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Can't get windows to recognize my D drive, just installed 7, it shows up in device
manager as working properly. Running a dual boot system until I get comfortable
with 7.

A:Win7 doesn't recognize hard drive


Make sure the drive has a letter.

Good luck!


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I always get windows boot manager error no matter what i do. Even if i set my microsoft bootable drive it still goes to windows boot manager error. I also tried removing any external devices even changed the flash drive i use for bootable drive but it
still doesn't work. The only time bootable drive works was when i remove the hdd. I can't access F8 no matter what so ican't access safe mode and cmd.

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I have two separate drives. C has windows 7 and D has Windows XPsp3. C used to be Windows 98 before I upgraded it to win7. Back then I had Norton ghost 12 in my D drive. Ghost 12 would recognize both the c and d drives.

When I upgraded the C drive to win7, Norton Ghost 12 didn't recognize the either drive anymore, so to rectify the situation I upgraded to Norton Ghost 15 in both drives.

Now Norton ghost 15 doesn't recognize either drive when I am in my XP drive but does recognize both when I am in my Win7 drive. I get the following error below.
How can I fix this:

A:Norton Ghost doesn't recognize any drive when in winXP drive but does in win7

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Norton Ghost 15 using the Norton Removal Tool in my Windows xp drive. Below are the error messages I got.

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I have an Inspiron 7720 17R,Windows 8.
I'm having problems with Windows so I want to start from scratch, i.e. a new install of Windows.
I have a 2 bootable USBs, one created soon after I bought the computer with Dell Backup and Recovery, and a 2nd USB with a bootable iso file with Windows 8.
I tried both (not at the same time) and both did not work.
I booted the computer, pushed F12 many times, and got into the boot options.
Booting from USB was not there as an option so I used F2 to create an option to use a USB to boot.
Unfortunately when I choose my own created USB option the system ignores it and goes into normal startup.
The normal startup on my laptop is UEFI, secure boot on.
How do I get my laptop to recognize a USB  to start so I can remove everything on my laptop (including my accounts) and start as if it was a new Dell laptop?

Thank you.

A:Inspiron won't recognize bootable USB

What was the original OS?

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Right now I'm on MacBook Pro and I'm trying to make a bootable usb to install windows 7 on my other computer.

On this guide I followed only the first step How to Boot A Linux Live USB Stick On Your Mac
Step 1: Check And Format Your Drive

then I followed this
Creating a Windows 7 USB installation disk on a Mac - Super User
To put the windows7 on usb with terminal.

The usb should be all set.

I plug it in the computer, start it, spam f12 to open the boot option and then I get the list to chose from where to boot.
+Hard Disk (inside there are 2 options, one is the usb name)
Legacy LAN

I'v tried every option and nothing is booting the usb. Even under Hard Disk where it shows the usb name, after I press it, it says booting from CD/DVD.

When I'm in BIOS on top it says (CMOS Setup Utility - Copyright (C) 1984-2008 Award Software)

I don't know what else to try, so I am asking for some help.
I'm not good with computers, so if you are trying to get more information on the situation, tell me where to find it.

Long story short, can't boot from usb and don't know why.

A:Making win7 bootable usb on Mac, to install win7 on my pc. (need help)

Is the target PC UEFI? If so you want to use a Windows PC to follow Option One of UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows.

Otherwise follow Step 1 of Clean Reinstall Windows 7 which also will show you how to do a perfect install.

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I'm currently running 32-bit Windows 7 (Professional, full version) on my laptop, and want to use this machine to create a bootable USB drive with 64-bit Windows 7 (also Professional, full version). I tried going through the steps that are available on various tutorials online, but I'm always tripped up while attempting to use bootsect to make the drive bootable; basically I get an error saying that I need to be using a 64-bit OS. I don't have convenient access to a computer with 64-bit Windows Vista/7 (I work at an academic institution where all pubic computers have XP or Linux), so I'm wondering if there's any way to get around this and create a bootable USB for 64-bit Win7 via a 32-bit OS. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Note: if there's an easy way to do this via 64-bit Linux, this would work too.

A:Creating bootable USB for Win7 x64 using Win7 x86

Quote: Originally Posted by bdeen

I'm currently running 32-bit Windows 7 (Professional, full version) on my laptop, and want to use this machine to create a bootable USB drive with 64-bit Windows 7 (also Professional, full version). I tried going through the steps that are available on various tutorials online, but I'm always tripped up while attempting to use bootsect to make the drive bootable; basically I get an error saying that I need to be using a 64-bit OS. I don't have convenient access to a computer with 64-bit Windows Vista/7 (I work at an academic institution where all pubic computers have XP or Linux), so I'm wondering if there's any way to get around this and create a bootable USB for 64-bit Win7 via a 32-bit OS. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Note: if there's an easy way to do this via 64-bit Linux, this would work too.

To be clear, you want to run Win7 from an USB drive?

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Hello, I tried to run a knoppix (live linux distro) cd and changed the boot order (F2 setup) to boot from cd. Ok... the cd still wouldnt boot, so I went into F2 again and made all devices non-bootable except the cd player.

When I tried this method... I was informed that my cd drive isnt a bootable device.

I checked a few settings but couldnt find anything in regards to this.

Im just trying to boot from my cd player.


A:Solved: win xp pro: computer doesnt recognize cd-r drive as bootable device

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I have a USB Kingston DataTraveler 2 GB jump drive that my wife uses with our philips stereo. I used HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool 2.2.3 with some Windows 95 files to create a bootable USB. After i was done I deleted everything on it and put mp3s back on. The stereo says "no audio found". I used Acronis Disk Director 11 to delete the partition and put FAT32 partition on there. Same thing with the stereo saying no audio found. Any clues on what to do? thanks!

A:Made bootable flash drive now stereo won't recognize usb jumpdrive

To the best of my knowledge Windows 7 does not recognize Fat 32 only NTSF.

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I have an HP laptop nc6400 running Windows 7 SP1. I am having problems with the CD player - it doesn't recognize any CDs I put in! When I try to put in a CD, it ejects the drive and comes up with the message "Please insert a disk".

I have a Win7 SP1 (burned) disk. When I put in this disk, and boot from CD drive, it launches the Windows 7 install program. I select the "repair" option, and repair startup files. It completes without errors. (This is the same disk that wasn't recognized once in Win7).

Someone recently replaced the CD player with a different one - both players had the same problem (it is now a HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4247N ATA Device). I've tried updating the driver (in Device Manager) and even uninstalled it and had it re-discovered and installed.

When I run SFC /SCANNOW from the boot DOS prompt, it says "No errors".

When I log into Win7 and run SFC /SCANNOW from an elevated command prompt it says there were files that were corrupted but unable to fix. I created the SFCDETAILS file, but searching for "fail", "corrupt" and "unable" yields 0 results, so I don't know what files are corrupt.

I'm not a hardware person, and this is a work computer, so I have limited ability to do anything hardware-wise. But considering the DVD player works to boot from, but doesn't work once logged into Windows, I'm thinking it's a software problem (but don't know what the problem is).

Any suggestions would be g... Read more

A:Can boot with Win7 DVD but once logged into Win7 CD doesn't work

Hmmm... no comments... I think I posted a doozie!

As an update - I was able to successfully burn a CD on the drive. I located an ISO file and burned it to a CD-R. I heard the 'whirring' for a few minutes, it said it was done and ejected the drive. I looked at the CD and it appears to be written to. I look at the drive in Windows Explorer, and it shows D: is a CD-R with 360MB free of 702MB. Hurray! However, when I double click D to open it, it shows "Files Ready to Be Written to the Disk" - Desktop.ini, and no other files. I can't run D:\setup.exe (windows can't find d:\setup.exe). So something is not right...

I put my Microsoft Keyboard/Mouse CD in the drive, and Windows Explorer doesn't recogonize it (Please insert a disk).

I ran Microsoft Fixit for playing CDs, and it said it couldn't find any errors.

Does this illuminate the problem any further?

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Right now, I'm formating a new USB flash/thumb (whatever the dang thing is called now adays) on my Vista desktop.

I will be trying to place an already downloaded ISO of Win7 onto it.

I assume all I have to do is format the USB Drive with the option, 'Create an MS-DOS startup disk', selected?

Then use either ISODisk or ImgBurn to transfer the ISO of Win7 to the 16GB USB Flash Drive?

My goal is to use the USB Flash to install Win7 onto a freshly erase and formatted hard drive of my acer aspire laptop which came with Win7 Prem. Home.

A:How: Win7 ISO to USB Flash, bootable.

Hello mawil,

OPTION ONE in the tutorial below can help show you more on how to if you like.

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

Afterwards, see also: Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

Hope this helps,

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Windows Setup finishes 'windows loading files' then starting windows screen comes up but there is no other screens that follows, simple a mouse cursor. I loaded win 7 ultimate iso in poweriso to create bootable usb. Just two days ago I was able to complete the installation but now I am unable tok since then i added some files on flash drive but deleted them before i made the bootable usb in poweriso. Some help would be much appreciated?

A:Need Help Installing Win7 from bootable USB

I'd redo the flash drive one more time.

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Years ago I used this tutorial http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/slipstreaming-windows-xp-to-create-bootable-cd/ to create an XP CD with SP3 on it. I no longer run XP and was wondering if the same thing can be done with Windows 7 SP1.

The tutorial for creating the bootable XP disc worked great and I would like to have a backup with SP1 on it for my Win7 Home Premium x64 (retail version). I didn't see anything in the Win 7 tutorials, maybe it can't be done with 7, but if it can I would do it so I have the cd with SP1 on it already.

Thanks for any replies.

A:Can you create a bootable Win7 CD or DVD?

See http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/145343-slipstream-windows-7-sp1-into-installation-dvd-iso-file.html .


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How would one create a flash drive that, when set as boot device, immediately displays a menu that lets you choose to boot from either 64-bit Win7, or 32-bit Win XP? If this is not possible, then maybe another menu is possible: XP Recovery Console for 32-bit systems, and Win7 for 64-bit systems.

I'm more interested in such a tool for troubleshooting systems that won't boot, as opposed to using it to install either of these OS's.....don't want to carry around two USB sticks if I don't have to.

Jeff in Colorado

A:dual-bootable USB with 32-bit XP and 64-bit Win7

I write the Win7 installer to stick using UltraISO Software To Create Bootable USB Flash Drive.

When it completes you'll notice that the installer's folders are in the stick root, where they can co-exist with other tools and program apps, as I've done for years with a 16gb Kingston Data Traveler.

To boot another bit version or Vista/Win8, you only need to put the extant installer folders away in their own storage folder and extract the desired installer folders into the stick - which is already permanent bootsected by UltraISO to boot an nt60 installer until it is wiped with Diskpart Clean Command.

Keep each OS/Bit version installer folders in a separate folder on or off the stick.

This lacks the boot menu so is a manual method but it's always worked so well for me that I haven't gone looking for anything more which requires a boot loader.

If you only need the Repair disk ISO's those can be written to stick using Win2Flash.

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i have got win7 64 bit home basic dvd...i want to format my system,,,i want to make a duplicate copy of win7 64 bit dvd....so that i can install it in my system and help my friends... when i format my system...help me

A:how can i make a bootable dvd from win7 64 bit dvd?

You just need to make a start up repair disk. Link for excellent tutorial

Welcome to the forums too .

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So I did not get a original bootable win7 disc with my new pc. Can someone tell me how to create one using my pc and not having to order one. Thank you.

A:Need Win7 bootable disc

hi dammanndo, could you please fill out your pc specs in the forum user control panel at the upper left ,that way we will be able to offer more advice if we know what your pc is

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Hi, i have a problem with my win xp bootable CD, it can't be used to boot, i don't know what's wrong, i check bios setting my DVD combo was detected as secondary master, and also boot device priority i was set to be First boot device priority, and then i put my cd win xp bootable to my Combo, and restart, there was a message Press any key to boot from CD.. , then i did, and after that, the screen was black and empty, i have tried other OS bootable CD, which was SUSE 10.1, it worked.. Linux SUSE bootable work well. what's the problem, is my windows or my hardware???
please help me, cause i will use the recovery console to fix my mbr, and repair my windows.. thx

A:Bootable Win Xp Doesn't Boot

I usually see these issues with bootable CDs:

1. BIOS settings are incorrect - Your's are OK.
2. Incorrect jumper settings on the optical drive - Your's are OK.
3. Bad media ...

Since other bootable media works your XP CD does not, I'd check for dirt, fingerprints, scratches, smudges ...

Is this an original XP CD or a CD-R?

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i am trying to make usb bootable. but continuously facing a problem.

i have tried both ways to make a usb bootable but each time returned with same error.

1--------> Windows7-USB-DVD-tool

2--------> by writing cmd command statement.

error is raised at the execution of this line: bootsect /nt60 D:

errror description: Bootsect has stopped working..

why it gave this error and boot process harmed?

A:win7 USB bootable creation failure

Hello Maifs,

I'm assuming that you are referring to these tutorials below.

1) Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

2) USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

Did you format the USB flash drive with a NTFS file system first instead of the default FAT32?

In addition:You can only create a 64-bit Windows 7 bootable USB flash drive if your current Windows 7 installation is also 64-bit.
You can create a 32-bit Windows 7 bootable USB flash drive if your current Windows 7 installation is 32-bit or 64-bit.

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I have my Win7 Pro install disk which does not have SP1 on it. I have Roxio Creator and I want to create an bootable disk image with Win7 Pro and SP1 so when i install Win7 it was also install SP1. Can I do this with Roxio Creator or will this take something else?

A:Creating A Win7 Pro and SP1 Bootable Disk?

Search and ye shall find it.

Slipstream Windows 7 SP1 into a Installation DVD or ISO File

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I understand that there have been raised many similar threads, but i believe that my case is yet something different.

This is my story...
It has been a while since i have downloaded the RC version of win 7 (i don't know witch exactly was..7000,7100, don't know). And somehow i have extracted the iso content to install it on a virtual machine. Now i've deleted everything and want to make a clean install of win 7. So i'm stuck with these extracted files that, normally, written on a dvd are not sufficient to boot! Or at least that's happening: it doesn't boot from the dvd.

I tried to add them again to a iso archive and then wrote them on dvd again, but in vain. The problem was still there.

I don't know what i'm doing wrong. Maybe i don't have all the files, maybe i've lost some of them. Uf, wish i didn't. Maybe you can tell me.
The files and folders that i have are: boot, efi, sources, support, upgrade, autorun.inf, bootmgr, setup.exe.

Thank you in advance !
Btw, yes bios is set to boot from the cd-drive first.
I wrote my pc specs when i registered, so i gues i don't have to write them again here... but if that's not the way to expect to be done then tell me and i'll write them explicitly here .

A:Creating a bootable win7 disk without iso with other OS


What did you use to burn the ISO? Something like powerISO has a checkbox to make it bootable.


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I suspect my main hard drive is dying, which has Windows 7 on it. So I attached another drive and installed Windows 7 on it, so in case the main drive fails at least I will have a bootable computer. The problem is that the MBR is on the main drive, so without the main drive the new drive fails to boot. How can I make the Windows 7 on the new drive boot without having the main drive connected to my computer? I can't install Windows using a DVD as my DVD writer is busted. Thanks.
Edit: I have a linux live bootable cd, which works with my DVD writer..

A:How to make drive which doesn't have the MBR bootable?

Hi and welcome to TSF your really going to be better off getting a working optical drive in order to fix this MBR - Restore Windows 7 Master Boot Record - Windows 7 Help Forums

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Basically I lost my disk and now need to install windows seven on another hard drive as im changing computer and changing hard drive. Is this possible?

Surely windows 7 ultimate will have a "reinstall" package somewhere that can be used and copied in some way?

I got to this screen but but it says you need a disk to re-install:

A:Can you get a bootable version of win7 from a current install

I will suggest you to contact windows 7 support because even if you reinstall the operating system you will need to activate it.

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I have a HDD 1T with
c: win7 system
d: data

- as this disk is slow, I would like to transfert system and data to another disk
and keep this HDD as extension (data2)
- I use EASUS partition master tool to clone each partition to a new HDD 500G
- but now when I disconnect the 1T and try to boot on 500G its blocks on 'loading operating system'
- I suppose its an issue of the type of partition. how can I solve that and make the 500G bootable ?

thanks for help

A:How to clone win7 disk and make it bootable ?

Looks like you had a problem with the image. Try this (it was originally for a SSD transfer but will work for any disk): SSD - Install and Transfer the Operating System

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I am adding an additional used hard drive to my new system. This disk has Win7-32 on it that I plan to eventually reformat. After installing this disk in my new Win7-64 PC it starts as a dual boot. "Windows 7" or "Windows 7". Neither will boot. Unplugging that drive, it starts fine. I'd rather not format this drive yet unless I have to. What are my options?

A:How do I make a Win7 hard drive NOT bootable?

So if both drives attached you see a boot menu with 2 boot options?
If you detach one of them it boot fine (from the other one).

Attach the old none working disk only. Or attach both.
Boot from win7 system repair disk or win7 install dvd. Then do Partition - Mark as Inactive
Mark all volumes inactive on NON BOOTING disk only! To find correct volumes.... check the size of volume. Does it boot now?

Both are sata drives? Can you swap the sata cables, so working one is tried first

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Hi Guys

I have problem with Win 7 x64, I just installed the OS on my computer, and I faced one problem right now... My problem is with the HDD...

I have a 1TB WD HDD, and before I installed the Win7 X64 on my system I was using Win xp X64( still using it, I have multiple OS's ) and it was running perfect without any problem. but, when I use the win7 it doesn't recognize it, I don't know why!!! It works perfect under Xp....

- the Os's is installed on different HDD(500 GB), and the 1TB i'm using it only for my data and files(movies, music , ...etc)..

- When I went to the disk management, it said under the 1TB is missing !!!

Thanks alot

A:Win7 does not recognize my 1TB HDD ?? Help...


Boy could we use some more info. Is the disk internal or external? whats it format? Is it a logical volume? what version of vista? what sp? etc


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Here is what happened.
I bought HP Envy dv6 7201tx (i5,6GB,2GB nVidia,750GB,Win8 Pro)
I used EaseUS Partition manager to resize "C:" and create a new partition in my notebook.
Unfortunately it failed after restart. And windows failed to load and UEFI told that boot not found.
I restarted nearly 7 to 8 times. Its no avail.

So I decided to Repair using Windows 8 USB-HDD created from ISO. Since I am not provided with any DVD Accessories from HP.
To my surprise it doesnt recognise my USB.

I went into BIOS setup and modified something like "Legacy support" to "Enabled" which is already disabled.
And the "Secureboot" option below it automatically faded out to "Disabled". And it said your system will boot in BIOS Mode in next restart.

After reboot I found UEFI to recognise my USB and furthur continued to install Windows 8 and activated it using the Product Key. And in the process i formatted my entire harddisk from GPT to MBR.

To my surprise I found System properties to show "Installed Memory: 6.00GB (929MB usable)
Then only i found myself wrong in doing the process. I have to install Windows 8 with UEFI Enabled and get my RAM memory back. Please help me. Note that UEFI Mode doesnt recognise my bootable USB-HDD.

A:UEFI doesn't recognise my bootable USB device?

Welcome to EightForums.

Clean the HD Drive, using Step one in this tutorial:
SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation - Windows 7 Forums
Than type> convert gpt

UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 8 with

UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows

The only 3rd party software that I know of, that fully supports Windows 8 is PARAGON 12.

Paragon 12 now supports Windows 8 uEFI, GPT & Secure Boot.

PARAGON Software Group - News: Significant booting challenges on EFI systems when upgrading to Windows 8


We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
Recovery Drive - Create with USB Flash Drive in Windows 8
System Repair Disc - Create in Windows 8

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?


Originally Posted by HP/Compaq

Creating HP Recovery media

HP Recovery Manager is a software program that offers a way to create recovery media after you
successfully set up the computer. HP Recovery media can be used to perform system recovery if the
hard drive becomes corrupted. System recovery reinstalls the original operating system and the
software programs installed at the factory, and then configures the... Read more

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 1300X Quad-Core Processor, x64 Family 23 Model 1 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3547 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 710, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 297 GB (251 GB Free); D: 931 GB (802 GB Free);
Motherboard: Micro-Star International Co., Ltd, B350M PRO-VDH (MS-7A38)
Antivirus: adaware antivirus, Enabled and Updated

I actually have 16gb [2x8] installed. BIOS recognizes the 16 gb as installed . However, W10 shows only 3.46 gb usable with or without MaxRam checked. It never recognizes the full 16 gb. As you can see above this software also only recognizes 3.5 gb [usable?]. BIOS shows 8 gb in slot 2 and 8 gb in slot 4 which are the MSI recommended slots. How do I make W10 aware of the 16 gig of memory?

A:W10 doesn't recognize RAM

Have you checked "msconfig" in the "boot" tab under "advanced" and make sure that "maximum memory" is not checked. ?

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xp stopped recognizing cd-rw's several weeks ago. It showed in properties things like size 1.2 mg. no available space. I found a workaround by turning off and then on recording in properties. Other burning software works fine so this is definitely an xp problem. I tried sfc /scannow, an xp repair install. deleting the cd driver in device manager, and deleting the upper and lower filters in the registry. I did a google and it seems others are having this problem. Any ideas?

A:xp doesn't recognize cd-rw

The drive is a Mitsumi cr-48xate if this helps.

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I've had nothing but problems with my LG dvd drive. When I first got it I had no problems with it. Later on though it all of a sudden failed to read DVD's, but would still read and type of cd. CD data audio etc. I sent it away on it's manufacture's warranty. When it returned I hooked it up and it ran fine. But the next time I went to use it, one boot later it wouldn't recognize dvd's again. I had already tried many options when it first happened and went through all the settings, drivers etc on and on and came up with nothing. So I tried something different and switched my dvd to master and my cd burner to slave and it worked, but only once again. Next time I went to use it on the same boot it failed to recognize the DVD again. Any input would be much appreciated.

A:dvd Doesn't recognize DVD's

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I've put together a barebones kit with windows XP as the OS and everything works great - except the CD ROM which works fine in my other computer.
If I set it as the primary slave, i get a boot error which says detecting IDE drive and then gives the error "boot error" insert system disk.

If I set it as the secondary master or slave, it boots up, there's a light on (which stays on) the CD ROM but its not recognized in the device manager or my computer.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

A:Doesn't Recognize CD ROM

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I have an Asus P4C800-E Deluxe MB (and P4 2.4 CPU) with an existing PATA (WD Ultra IDE ATA 100) 80GB HD connected to the PRIMARY IDE channel.

I installed a new SATA (WD Ultra IDE ATA 133) 200 GB HD to the 20378 Promise UltraDMA 133 Channel, Non-RAID (40 pin x 80 wire cable).

When I boot it doesn't recognize my new HD. It doesn't show in BIOS either.

I have BIOS IDE Configuration set at;

Onboard IDE Operate Mode= Enhanced
Enhanced Mode Support On= S-ATA
Configure S-ATA as RAID= No
IDE Detect Time Out= 35

I didn't change the boot sequence since my new HD isn't showing.

I hope this is enough info for a response. I just don't know what to do next.

Thanks. Mica7

A:MB doesn't recognize new HD

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I bought a WD Caviar Black 1TB hard drive as a third drive in my system. It shows up in the device manager but not in my computer. What should I do? Troubleshooting is worthless on Windows.

A:XP doesn't recognize my new HD

Right click properties and choose manage. Go to Disk Management is the drive listed here. If it is there and all is well then you probably just need to partition and format the drive. If you cannot do that check the status of the disk it might need to be imported into the system. If it doesn't show up try scan for a new drive.

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I have an IBM thinkpad (old).For 3 mos., my cd-rom plays cd's, dvd's and previously copied cd-roms but it doesn't recognize or play any other cd roms. When i click on the dvd/dc window (to install it) , it's blank. Under programs the unsuccessful cd-roms are there(even though i didn't install them), but my computer says "unable to load uninstall data".

Can you help me?

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xp stopped recognizing cd-rw's several weeks ago. It showed in properties things like size 1.2 mg. no available space. I found a workaround by turning off and then on recording in properties. Other burning software works fine so this is definitely an xp problem. I tried sfc /scannow, an xp repair install. deleting the cd driver in device manager, and deleting the upper and lower filters in the registry. I did a google and it seems others are having this problem. Any ideas?

A:xp doesn't recognize cd-rw

well it might have something to do with the drivers or maybe try installing any software that came with it again you should check for some updates or check with the manufacturer to see if there was any recalls but if others are having the problems it means that there isn't any odd unheard of problem with your machine i don't have many more ideas because i don't know your machine or any other things but check out your options

if you have any other questions post back or just email me i'd be glad to help!

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I'm trying to download DVD pictures made on a Mac to Windows 10, but the OS doesn't recognize the disk. Can I download free software that will enable me to do this?

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I installed a second DVD/CD Optical Drive (Samsung Super Writemaster) in my Dell Optiplex 780 and Windows 7 Pro doesn't (will not) recognize the presence of the new drive. I reinstalled the OS disc and did a CHKDSK on it yesterday. No change.The drive is hooked up with a new SATA cable to the SATA2 connection port and the power supply is plugged into the drive and is operating. It still doesn't know the new drive is there. Anyone know what the problem might be??

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I have a USB Flash drive with Win7 installation setup/boot files on there in order for me to install Win7 from this bootable USB stick and plus all of my personal Data files are on there as well.
My question is, what would happen if I decide to encrypt this bootable USB stick with BitLocker?
Will the USB still boot the Win7 installation files in order for it to install Win7 if I ever decide to re-install Windows?

Or, will it cause issues during the setup phase?

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Hi Everyone
I need your help in how to figure out what is wrong with my laptop.
I am using a Samsung laptop which used to have win8 64bit and win7 32bit as I need the latter for work purposes
One day my laptop died on me and I took it to a repair shop where they diagnosed that HDD is bad, hence, they replaced it with a 500GB HDD and preloaded it with a Win7 64bit

As my office apps only work on a 32bit OS, I figured I can do a partition and load it myself since I was able to do it before
However, for whatever reason I have tried to set the boot priority to all USB type boot device with no luck
I was able to use my bootable USBs previously (I have 2, one for win7 and one with win8) but now it is not detected at all

As per attached images, only the SATA HDD and SATA CD appears whenever I press F10, hence, USB seems to be non-existent
I tried all my USB ports and even erased and made a new bootable USB with fresh win7 copy but still the same
I tried to search through on steps I need to do but everytime it just gets more confusing
So I hope I could hear from the professionals that can help me solve the problem and help me thoroughly as I am sadly a not too techie person and I admit I only rely on forums and google search whenever I have tech issues with my stuff.
   Please help me out as I badly need to fix this ASAP. Thank you in advance

A:HELP! Laptop unable to detect bootable USB to load new Win7 OS

Have you tried deleting all teh usb ports then rebooting, windows will reload working ones unless there is another issue.

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I am about to buy a new internal hard drive for my laptop, and want to do a clean install of Windows 7. My laptop came with XP, but I did an online upgrade to Windows 7 (student edition) Professional.

How can I create a bootable Windows 7 disk so when I put my new hard drive in my computer, it will setup Windows 7 for me? I also don't have any old XP disks because my laptop didn't come with any.

I looked on my C: Drive but couldnt find any .iso files or anything like that? Is there a tutorial on how to do this? I read the stickey at the top of this forum, but that didn't make sense to me.

Any guide for doing this for a noob?

A:Bootable Win7 Disk for Upgraded Hard Drive?

Hello T. Collins, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If you still have the student download files, then this may be able to help create a boot disc with them.

Make bootable iso from student d/l

If you are able to create the ISO file, then you could use the tutorial below to burn it to a DVD.

Burn Disc Image - ISO or IMG file

Hope this helps,

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Hi guys

I was wondering where I can find info on making a bootable flash drive so I can run varois diagnostic tools such as memtest86, hdd diag tools, linux live, and erd's. I don't have alot of blank cd's as they go fast around here but I have two flash drives that would work. I keep the files in iso format and use them when I need to help a friend fix thier computer. I have two pc's I use when I need to do pc repairs one vista HP 32 desk top and one win7 HP 64 laptop I use when I make house calls. How do I set up the flash drive? And can I use 7zip to extract the iso files to the flash drive and still have it boot?

A:How to make a bootable flash drive in Vista/Win7

see the following


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Desktop runs Win7 (64bit) Laptop runs XP (32 bit)

I have programs on my laptop that I want to be able to run on my desktop. Programs that I no longer have install information/CD keys for.

I have no trouble making partitions. A 'clean' install of XP onto the partition allows me to dual boot flawlessly using EasyBCD.

What i *want* to do is be able to 'clone' my XP drive to the partition to be able to run those programs.

I've exhausted myself searching over and over again, and haven't come up with a way to do this, and every way that I have tried has failed. Is this idea of mine even possible? Any and all advice would be welcome.

A:How do make Win7/XP dual bootable with cloned XP drive

You will need to buy a WinXP COA key.
After cloning, do a Repair install of Win XP.

XP Repair Install

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I bought a wd5000aakx hard drive. It is one of that models that came with Advanced Format Drive.
I did a clean install of Windows 7. Everything was working fine, and loading fast. But one time, after comming back from the suspended mode, after typing the password, it crashed, and I needed to press the reset button.
Another time, after a long time of inactivity time the motinor was turnned off. I pressed a key to turn it on again, and after this the problems started. Everything was completly slow.
I needed to press reset again...
After this Windows is taking a lot of minutes to show the backgroudn with the cursor. I did't have patiance yet to wait for the menus to be loaded (I'm not sure if it will really load).
To increase the problem, I tried to boot from the windows DVD again... And it is completly slow too. I felt asleep waiting for the installation program to start. When I clicked install, everything was completly slow.
So, I think this maybe a hardware problem.
Ubuntu is loading fast from a pendrive.
My HD cable was on the "orange" sata port. (I think its sata II. Is it?)... If I put it on a red port, that I think it's SATA I, windows laads the error check, and the message saying "Trying to repair" remains for minutes and minutes. I did't wait it to be completed also, because I dont know if it will end sometime.

A:Win7 64bits and also Win 7 Bootable CD taking eternity to be loaded.

Startup Repair can take a long time to run (3.5 days was reported in one case), but you do need to let it run until it is finished.

Also, it's recommended to run it three times with a reboot between each occurrence.

Startup Repair

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Clean install with Win7 Upgrade - I have done this many many times w/out issue.

I have two almost identical desktops (gateway) both from 2010. The only differences were the Vid card and processor, everything else is the same. One had a fried checksum so I combined the two, hardware wise.

The video card is a GTX 460.

I think I made the mistake of installing windows 7 with a different monitor using the VGA port and this is why it won't recognize my HDMI. The monitor I'm trying to us w/ HDMI is a samsung 23'' Px2370. I have tried all combinations of unplugging both monitor, and only booting to the HDMI, and the screen is black. I go into the control panel settings and the HDMI monitor is never recognized, never shows up any any lists. This includes turning off and on the monitor before and during initial boot.

I've updated Win7 completely. Installed and updated all drivers (appears that there are no conflicts), including the driver to the monitor, which I have never had to do since I bought it. I even tried a different HDMI cable.

I'm at the point where I'm thinking I'm going to have to reinstall Windows from scratch to get this working, or at least the OS to recognize the HDMI output. Really trying to avoid that if possible.

I feel like I've tried everything. Any Advice ?

.....and since I'm here, eventually I wouldn't mind setting up two monitors. Is that Possible with one monitor being VGA and the other HDMI (preferably w/ two desktops, not a copy of the ... Read more

A:Win7 will not recognize HDMI

Quote: Originally Posted by subcook69420

Any Advice?

Fill in your system specs. System Info - See Your System Specs

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Win7 wont recognize external HD seagate st3500320as in my computer. It is recognized in bios though ,and in device mgr. How can I get this to be recognized in my computer so I can format it and use as a storage device. Seagate is connnected to my PC by a sata usb adapter. I have no problem getting WesternDigital HD to be recognized using adapter, just this seagate. Any thoughts?


A:Win7 won't recognize external HD

It probably needs to be initialized then you can create a volume on it.
Partition or Volume - Create New

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For friends who are using Win 7 System for computers, if you are in trouble with problem like "Win7 does not recognize the CD-ROM", this may be a good method to solve it.
Analysis: The problem may be that there is an error in the registry keys lead.
  The Ultimate Solution:
  Note: Modify the registry at risk, please carefully operation.
  Press Win + R keys, type Regedt32.exe, press Enter to open the Registry Editor;

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