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C-Partition gets bigger and bigger

Q: C-Partition gets bigger and bigger

Seems to be normal, I was told. But as this happens anyway, i want to slow down the process as hard as possible. F.ex. by using ccleaner and transferring the temp-folder to another partition, etc.

Yet there seem to be strange things happening. I just encoded a video to a non-C-location. during the encoding the C: partition gained a few hundred MB's. But as the encoding was finished, those few hundred mb's didnt delete themselves again, even after running ccleaner.

So, basically all i did was encoding a file which is not on C: into another file, which also is not on C:. Yet C: gained finally a few hundres mb's.

Anyone know why that is?

Preferred Solution: C-Partition gets bigger and bigger

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: C-Partition gets bigger and bigger

When you run C cleaner, by default it looks for certain areas... particularly when you are decoding / encoding videos it will create a temp file.

If the temp file is not inside the Windows Directory, the Cleaner won't find it unless you tell it to look there.

Also, if your encoder / decoder program is not told to delete the left behinds it will in fact keep the temp files there as well. There are a lot of scenarios.

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I'm having a big problem, my Aleinware is geting atacked by some kind of growing file. I have a file located at C:/359OF57.... something. My hard drive is almost full, and I recall a week ago that I had about 70 GB left on my hard drive left, and now I only have 3.33 GB!! I need help fast, I have Windows Vista Home Premium Alienware edition, and Im afraid that that thing is going to clog up my entire drive. I don't know what happens then. Can I delete this file? I know where it is, so it wouldnt be too hard to delete it, then wipe my free space. Any help will be greatly appreciated, I have attached a screen shot of the exact file location and size of the file to this thread. -Graboy

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I have a 300GB HDD with a 20GB partition for Windows, and another partition for the rest of the drive.

I wish to make the Windows partition say, 10GB larger (and thus the other one 10GB smaller), without having to reformat the whole thing. Is that possible? And if so, how do I do it?

A:How do I make a partition bigger?

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I have windows 7 installed on a 500gb hd and its partitioned in half. I want to make the partition its not installed on bigger which would make the win 7 one smaller. Will this effect anything with my os?

A:Help making a partition bigger.

Anytime you diddle with a partition you risk making the installed OS unusable and risk losing data. So, while you should always be prepared for the possibility of data or OS loss, this is a time to be extra cautious.

Best to delete all unneeded files (temporary files) and, especially, defragment the partition before shrinking it.

I have shrunk my Vista partition twice and an XP partition (on another computer) with no ill effects. First time I used the Disk Management in Windows and the other times used EASEUS Partition Master.

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Recently my Recovery partition turned red showing it was almost full. Well I have tried using disc management to extend it but it won't let me. even when i have unallocated space. the option is gray scaled. well i tried to open up the partition and do it a way an HP tech guy told me to but when i try to i get the screen that "this is a recovery manager and editing could cause you computer not to restore" then it doesn't let me do anything more. Any help would be appreciated.

A:I need to make the Recovery partition bigger

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Hi, I have about more than 10 duplicate bootloaders. I was trying to delete the GRUB bootloader using this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heO1...ndex=3&list=WL but it created 10 duplicates.

So how do I delete these duplicates? How do I delete the GRUB bootloader?

I tired using the windows 7 repair disk but it said wrong version of windows 7.

A:Unable to create a new partition bigger than 15 GB

Post a shot of disk management, we`ll go from there.

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I got an old HD from a friend for my laptop. I installed XP on it but on a new drive (d:)

I've used this for a year or so but now I need the extra space on the other drive.

Is there a way to format the other drive (c:) and have it added to d: ? without reinstalling XP all over again and losing my data?

I have nothing to back up my data on and have also lost my XP CD!

EDIT: I have my installation CD but it doesn't work for some reason. It might be damaged?

A:Need to format partition to make drive bigger.

C: and D: are on different Hard drives?

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I have been given a laptop by a friend and due to his stupidity HDD recovery was not available. I have just spent about 4 hours getting all the graphics audio etc working and now I realized I only set my system partition to 3gb. Why I do not know.

Can anyone tell me how I can make mys system partition bigger without losing my hours of hard work getting this laptop working as it should.

A:Make my system partition Bigger without reinstalling or reformatting

How big is this harddrive?
Do you have any other partitions on the harddrive that have data you need to keep?

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Can I "Create a recovery drive" from the Control panel which will create an USB image and then use it to install windows on a bigger SSD? This will save me time to install a fresh Win and then download all the drivers again. Thanks.

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Hey people.

I'm a bit of a complete noob about all this.
I already asked a bit of help before about SSD replacement, but here's my latest issue.
I wanted to completely replace my Laptop's internal SSD of 32Gb with a bigger one of 120Gb. The problem is that when I copy the SSD to the new one, if by then recreates the same 32Gb partition ... Considering I upgraded to a 120Gb to allow more space, simply copying the partition doesn't work for me.

So how, using Norton Ghost 15, can I migrate all the datas from the 32Gig to a whole new partition of at least 100Gb of those 120gb (111.7Gb to be exact). I tried looking around the software once I enter the Copy Your Hard Drive category, but no luck.
Today was the first day I ever used Norton Ghost and I'm really not used to such kind of operation (migrating/copying a hard drive).

Also, now that I already copied the 32gig part a first time, I need to have it safely erased/removed from the 120Gb SSD ... Will the "R-Click > Format" option do the trick, or do I need some more specific cleaning process ?

Thank you in advance

A:Migrating a 32Gb partition to a bigger one using Norton Ghost

Try with AOMEI partition master. It has a disk migration wizard that will move the partition to the new SSD and then expand it to full drive size.
Make sure you tick the option under the "advanced" you see in the panel in the wizars, to let it know it is working on a SSD.

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I have installed win XP pro a couple of days ago, and I thought that it would be a good idea to put windows in a separate partition. Since then I have installed a few applications on a different partition, but it is not uncommon for applications to put something in the program files folder anyway.

Is there a safe and easy way of having "my documents" and or "program files" on a bigger partition? Or would that defeat the whole point of a system partition?

Would be glad of some advice.

Tell me if it's a bad idea!


P.S. Is there a way of telling if the system partition is on the outer or inner edge of the HD?

A:Can you move My Documents/program files to bigger partition?

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The longer my PC stays on, the more and more memory seems to get used up. In the resource monitor, it shows the 'modified memory' as the culprit, starting at less than 100Mb when the PC is booted up, to a whopping 9Gb at it's peak. I've not installed any new updates or programs leading up to this problem, but I'm not sure how long ago it started.
See screenshots for more details.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 21 Model 2 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 16281 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 1862 GB (131 GB Free); F: 4657 GB (244 GB Free);
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated


A:Big Memory Leak (modified memory gets bigger and bigger)

Hard Drives: C: 1862 GB (131 GB Free); F: 4657 GB (244 GB Free);Click to expand...

Your computer appears to have a HUGE amount of personal data and a LOT of installed apps.

That equates to a LOT of hard drive activity and a LOT of running processes.

Let's see an image of the entire list in the "Startup" tab of the Task Manager.


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hello everyone i have a 500 watt Xclio PSU with 2 12v rails at 18 amp, i want to know if i could power one of the newer 9800 GTX+ with the smaller 55nm proccessor???, this is what i currently have

asus m2n sli deluxe mobo
nvidia 8600gt
2gb corsair xms2
250 gb 7200rpm HDD
amd athlon 64 x2 +4800
and a 20x dvd cd burner

A:Do i need a bigger PSU

no you dont, i have a 400 and its running more than that.
of course its different for different systems

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Q: bigger

how do i make the X in the IE bigger? here's how big mine is right now, i want it a little bigger because it's hard on my eyes, i have bad eyes as it is, thanks:


i assume you mean text size
Text size>

If you have a scroll wheel in the centre of your mouse - Hold down the control Key and move the wheel that will also cahnge the text size

Does not work for all websites - depends on how its coded and if images are text

also you could use magnifier -
start >
programs >
accessories >
accessibilty >
magnifier >

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Which is bigger KB or MB ?
puter hater

A:Which is bigger MB or

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I down loaded a preview of a game and after I was done playing it I closed the window and everything was bigger the icons fonts taks bars everything. i would like to have everything back to normal size but when i went into properties it was already on normal size. I ran my ad ware scanner and virus scanner and there was nothing. Oh ya my operating system is Windows XP. Thanks.

A:everything is bigger!?

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First post, and not so sure where to put it, since it's an odd problem. here goes:
I'm currently working with 2 monitors. 1 24" 1920x1080 HD monitor from acer, and 1 old CRT screen running on a mere 1024x768.

Now here's the specific problem. If I run something in full screen mode, (for example, starcraft 2) My mouse pointer can go out of the window, up to HALF of my other screen. This is causing me to keep alt tabbing and being unable to scroll through the sides. this also goes for any shooter games etc. So to test out my theory, I made the game windowed. As I set the game to 1920x1080 pixels, it actually became the size up to where my mouse went, on my other screen. so i set it to 640x480, and built up from there. and yes, it was bigger than a 640x480 app. So kept building up, and a 1024x768 pixel setting already fillls my screen up. so i'm thinking it increases the applications with about 50% of it's actual size.

I believe this glitch occured when I was playing league of legends, my cat jumped on my keyboard as I was alt-tabbing to skype someone. Because this is hard to google, and I didn't know what the shortkeys were, I deleted my graphics drivers, and reinstalled them. this did NOT help. Also, I have dual windows. (1 for gaming and stuff, 1 for work) and this only occurs on the gaming windows.

so yes, i'm pretty sure it's a certain shortkey combination I hit that cause windows 7 to change some unknown settings. If anyone... Read more

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I presently have a Compaq Presario AMD Sempron 512mb and someone was nice enough to give me their Dell Dimension 2350, Intel (R) Celeron (R), CPU 2.00GHz, 768RAM.....Can you tell me if it's a better computer as far as storage and speed? (New one has a lot of unused space)

Thank you.

A:which is bigger and faster?

Compaq Presario SR1500NX
Motherboard : ASUS A7V8X-LA
CPU : Sempron 3000+ 2.0 GHz, 333 MHz FSB, Socket 462
RAM : 256 MB PC2700 (unless you added more RAM) (max : 1GB)
Video : Via 128MB shared
Extension : 1 AGP and 3 PCI

Dell Dimension 2350
Motherboard : unspecified
Intel Celeron 2.00Ghz, 400 MHz FSB, Socket 478
RAM : 768MB, probably 1x256 and 1x512 PC2100 (max : 1GB)
Video : Intel 3D Extreme Graphics 64MB shared
Extension : 3 PCI

Both computers are outdated by today's standards. The processors have each their pros and cons, one will perform better than the other in certains apps and vice-versa. Socket 462 and 478 are outdated so don't count on upgrading the processors much. The RAM is important with XP so the system with the most RAM should be more responsive but you can update both systems to a max of 1GB anyway (the Dell should support PC2700 modules as well). About the storage you can always take the hard drive of one of the computers and hook it as a slave drive in the other one so that's not really a problem.

I would install the programs you use the most on both computers and see which one is the most responsive.

If you intend to play on those computers you could run 3D mark 03 and see which one gets the highest score : http://www.futuremark.com/download/3dmark03/ (if 3D mark 03 fails to work you can google 3D mark 01). Most games need a dedicated video card to run properly. The Compaq Presario has an AGP slot so it can get a better card than the De... Read more

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I was wonder if it's ok to delete these files, because I have a small 10gb hard drive, and these just keep getting bigger....

A:I have 2 files that keep getting bigger

Heres the role and fix for hyberfil.sys

Windows XP has a feature that is not very well documented and it will be totally new to users of older systems such as Windows 95 or 98. This new feature is called Windows hibernation. Instead of shutting down and restarting your computer, Windows takes a snapshot of everything running on your system, copies it to the hard drive and then turns off most of your hardware. To wake up from hibernation you normally move the mouse or hit the spacebar on the keyboard.

In theory, it is supposed to be a quick shortcut or power saving option that allows you to leave your PC in suspended animation until you are ready to work again. However, in practice, most people find little time difference between shutting down and using hibernation. For people who use drive imaging to backup their system, the hiberfil.sys file can bloat the backup files - making them larger (sometimes over 1GB bigger!) and therefore slower to copy/restore.

Hibernation temporarily 'freezes' the computer when the PC becomes inactive, so it won't work if you have tasks running constantly (eg downloading files). However it can be handy if you want the computer to sleep after a task has completed (such as creating a video).

OK, that's the role of hibernation - so what is the hiberfil.sys file and why is it so big? Hibernation takes everything in memory and writes it to your hard drive as the hiberfil.sys file. If you have 512MB of memory, then hiberfil.sy... Read more

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I know that my computer comes with a 360 GB hardrive and i want to upgrade to a 2 TB hardrive does anybody know the size of the hardrive i need  2.5'' or 3.5''

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Here's the deal, being the brainiack I am I installed Windows 7 on my wifes Compaq Desktop. The problem being that it only has a 20gb hdd. So I have to install a larger hdd (size does matter).
I have the family pack Win 7 OS, 3 computers, how many times can I install on each computer?

TIA, Should of thought ahead.

A:Shoulda went BIGGER!!!

Hello Dogtag, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You can install and activate it with the same key number as many times as you would like as long as it is uninstalled from any prior computer first. You will not have a problem doing so.

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Check this out. This is my problem:

My desktop looks normal but the text of the icons are bigger for some reason. The resolution here is normal (1366 x 768).The same case in File Explorer. The texts have enlarged! "Change Only Text Size" didn't work and only the text of the window was affected.

The ribbons are bigger too.The right click menu's texts are bigger. The one underlined in black is for comparison. THAT's what the size of my text window should be. Not the monstrosity it is currently in (underlined in red).Ridiculously LARGE right click menu... To drive the point.Microsoft Word. Just look at it!

And the overall look of my laptop is absurd. I want it to get back to what it once was but I don't know what to do. Check out the screenshots please. I have used the word "bigger" to emphasize it enough. What am I supposed to do? I'm so lost...

A:Text Is Bigger, please help

Welcome to the forums, try different Display drivers and see whether it helps, post your system specs.

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When I first ran the tool, it reported that chess.dll and wmpmde.dll could not be repaired with an error of "hash mismatch". So, I pulled out my trusty WIn7 Ult DVD and used the tut on restoring files from the DVD Extract Files from Windows 7 Installation DVD. Did that (had to shut down and update the wmpmde.dll in safe mode since it was "in use") and when I rebooted and ran it again, it found those errors and more!


A:sfc /scannow getting bigger!!

I have to assume that the extraction caused bigger problems than what you had. Whatever the reason the best course of action, is to back up and make a repair install.
Repair Install

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Whenever I opened a web page, The page(text on the page) will keep getting bigger untill I wont be able to read anything on the page. When I tried to resize the page, it will still go back to the bigger text. Pls help

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Don't know what I accidentally did, but everything on my desktop, my calander, my Icons are bigger then they were earlier today. I right clicked on the desktop and hit view, and it showed my icons are still set at small. Things I open are bigger too like the word Google in Google chrome seems like it is 11/2 to 2 times as big as before. I had to rearrange my icons so my desktop calender wouldn't cover some of them up.
IIn fact I'm looking at this and the title "things have gotten bigger is gigantic. What did I do, and how do I undo it? Thanks in advance for the help I'm sure will come.

A:Things have gotten bigger

Hi, you're running windows 7?
If so right click on the desktop and click screen resolution.
In that window there is some text that says make text and other items bigger or smaller.
Click on it and then choose the appropriate one.
If you're not running windows 7 look for a similar setting. It's called DPI scaling if you need to search for it.

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Got a good deal on 'black Friday' from Best Buy.

250 Gig hard drive for $59. Seagate.

Problem is getting XP Pro to 'see it' past 137 Gigs. I flashed
the BIOS to recognize it, but XP doesn't. Is there any way
to get it to recognize the rest without SP1 or SP1a ?

Seagate has a disk that will add 'DDO', but I really don't
want to reformat and reinstall hundreds of programs

Thanks in advance, and Happy Holidays Everybody !!

A:Recognizing the bigger HDD

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Hello, I am hoping someone can help me.
I submitted a picture via e-mail to my local newspaper and they e-mailed me that it is on the small size.

My picture is a JPEG. and 640X480 145KB is there any way for me to get it to the dimensions below?
This is the message that I got from the newspaper:

Unfortunately, the photo image you recently forwarded for SignPost is a
little on the small side.

As a guideline your photo image must be a minimum 210 dpi in
resolution, measure roughly 4 x 6 inches and be saved as a JPEG.
Following these sizing parameters should generate a file that is
approximately 3-3.4 Mb in size.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

A:possible to get a bigger picture?

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Im wodnering that would be a better upgrade for about $250 or so
what is the bigger bottleneck the 3000+ or the x800gt (500\1000 8 pipes)

an x2 4600+ or a 7900gt with evags step up program

thanks guys

A:Bigger Bottleneck

any input is apprecated :bounce:

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i have a etower 466,my question is how big of a processor can I install on this machine?

A:bigger processor

apparently your motherboard isn't coppermine compatible
I get this result for all versions of 466

Celeron CPU 533 MHz PPGA

This I beleive is the last non coppermine celeron chip, the 533A was a coppermine core processor.

Check here

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I have downloaded my pictures to a cd....when I go to F drive and click a picture it only shows me thumbnail size....how do I see the enlarged pictures. I went to regedit and made a value of 255 as stated but I still can't see the pictures large...only thumbnails.....I am using Vista

A:how to get thumbnails bigger to see

Where ever were you told to go to REGEDIT to change that? Incorrectly messing with the registry causes no end of problems, settings that need changing have options to change them.

If you want to increase the size of the thumbnail, right click in the folder, hover over view, and select the view that you want.

If you want a larger preview pane which shows the picture closer to its full size, click on the Organize button, hover over layout, and click on Preview Pane. If preview pane isn't there go to Organize, folder and search options, make sure that "Show Previews and Filters" is checked, and repeat the first stage.

If you want to view a image full size or do anything with it, then open the picture.

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I posted on here yesterday i belive because i was wanting to upgrade my RAM on my computer. It was determined that I purchase DDR RAM
MY computer WAS running windows xp P4 dell demension 4550.

Now here's the problem....

after i put in the stick of RAM I purchased DDR 2700 512 mB

now when i went to restart the computer all i get is maybe three to four beeps and my monitor is black. The monitor is plugged in to the back of the computer but the light on it stays yellow instead of green.... please tell me this is fixable.....

A:Now i have a bigger problem

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After a recent upgrade, I have been having problems with my display adapter. I have been trying to install GoBack and on the re-boot , it only reboots in safe mode and tells me there is a problem with the display adapter. This is S3 Graphics ProSavage DDR - chip ID = 8D04. In Device Manager sometimes there are two listed, the above and one just called S3 which I think is from my earlier system. I disabled GoBack then have to try and restore things. I have to remove this several times, keep re-booting, seem to go round in circles as Windows searches for the correct one. It finally seemed to sort itself out and now lists the correct one and boots normally.

However, on the final boot last night, everything is now huge ! Windows seem about 50% bigger than usual, as do icons and they are a bit blurry too. Even the print is bigger even though in View it is listed as Smaller.

I tried to alter some things in Display/Appearances but it didn't have much effect. How can I get back to normal size? Thanks

A:Everything is bigger than usual

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What problems will I face removing old ssd for new and bigger ssd

A:changing out old ssd for new and bigger

Quote: Originally Posted by gemm85

What problems will I face removing old ssd for new and bigger ssd

None if you do it right and the hardware is not defective.

Do you intend to do a clean install to the new SSD?

Or do you want to transfer the existing installation on the old SSD to the new SSD? If yes, then how?


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Now it seems all the web pages have BIG fonts, except for Hotmail. Please help it is driving me CRAZY. Donna

A:Problem Getting Bigger

This is in reference to <a href="http://forums.techguy.org/showthread.php?s=&postid=274071">this</a> post. Please do not open multiple posts for the same prob - it can start to get confusing. Please reply at the original post.


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Hi yesterday i did fix it just like this to see if there is a problem in my computer. Then today when i come back in my computer all programs made with VB or .NET appears bigger! I uninstalled .net and VB i did everything but nothing. Please Help. Thanks in advance for responding!

This is an exemple of my game made with visual basic and now it is like this:

[IMG]arsenal4.8tar.com/Car Race Game made by nalasra4 and xsamedx.PNG[/IMG]


Another Exemple:

[IMG]arsenal4.8tar.com/Calculator by arsenal4.PNG[/IMG]


Another Exemple:

[IMG]arsenal4.8tar.com/WebBrower by arsenal4.PNG[/IMG]


Please HELP!!

A:My .NET Programs Appear Bigger

What seems bigger, the file size or the actual program window?

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Recently on my computer Dell Xps 400 and window XP , anytime I click on anything, Words or any browser page, the page text will start to increase until the point I wont be able to read anything. Even though I tried to reduce the size, it will come back to the big size. And sometime the page will just continue to get bigger and sudenly smaller sometime and the mouse wont be able to click on anything. I really need help

A:Text getting bigger

see if you can swap keyboards with a friend as a test. Perhaps the + key is having issues.

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How do I go about installing a larger drive,transfering everything to the new drive, then removing the old drive? Right now I have a second drive to store digital pictures. I can temp. remove it ten reinstall after the swap.

A:Want a bigger Drive

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I have read the specs for my laptop. It does not state whether or not I can upgrade my RAM from 4GB to something bigger. Can I?

A:Can I upgrade my RAM from 4GB to something bigger?

HI. Memory 1 or 2 customer-accessible/upgradable memory module slots (depending on model)2 slots: DDR3L-1600MHz Dual Channel Support (Core processors)1 slot: DDR3-1333MHz Dual Channel Support (DDR3L-1600 downgraded to DDR3-1333)(Bay Trailprocessors)1 slot: DDR3-1333MHz Dual Channel Support (DDR3L-1600 downgraded to DDR3-1066)(Bay Trailprocessors)Supports dual-channel memorySupports up to 16 GB of system RAM in the following configurations:16384-MB total system memory (81922) or (40962) (not for 32-bit operating system or Windows7 Home)12288-MB total system memory (81921 + 40961) (not for 32-bit operating system or Windows 7Home)8192-MB total system memory (81921) or (40962) (not for 32-bit operating system)6144-MB total system memory (40961 + 20481) (not for 32-bit operating system)4096-MB total system memory (40961) or (20482)2048-MB total system memory (20481) Specifications page 2 of the manual::http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c04409502 http://partsurfer.hp.com/Search.aspx?searchText=691740-005 http://www.ebay.com/itm/691740-005-4GB-1600Mhz-PC3L-12800-DDR3L-DIMM-memory-module-HP-Original-/1618... Manual:http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c04409502 Regards.

? I do not work for HP, I volunteer.? To close the topic, check "accept as a solution" the correct answer or Thumb to say thank you.? I'm sorry but you do not answer questions privately.

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Well, it`s just about time for a bigger ssd, I`ve seen quite a few members mentioning Samsungs, so could I get a few opinions on this model ? Is the price ok ? Tiger seems to be high anymore. And are there newer models out ? Thanks everyone


or this


A:Time for a bigger ssd.

Hi Brian
I have a 180GB INTEL SSDSC2CT180A3 ATA Device. I have found it fast (too fast for my poor old brain sometimes) and very reliable. No probs at all. Intel doesn't have such a good write up as others but I think that is some people knock Intel because they are so big. It's a bit like knocking MS but we still keep using it!

EDIT: I see your thread got moved Brian. D'you know I never felt a thing

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Hiya guys

I'm thinking on replace my ( not so old ) hdd to bigger one. Now i've got 500 gig's but i'm thinking on 1Tb, even 1.5 Tb.

As i've never use such a big hdd's before, is there is anything i should be worried about ? Are they reliable to use and not breaking down often ? If this can help, here's my laptop model:

Dell XPS L720X .

I'm using good laptop cooler if this can change anything. If you need any other information i have not mention here, please tell me.

cheers in advance for your help


A:Changing hdd to bigger. What should i know ?

There's nothing unusual about them. Just get one of the same form factor as you now have so you know it will fit.

Like any other hard drive, it could fail at any time, so have some sort of a backup--preferably for both the Windows installation and your personal data.

You might consider partitioning it in such a way that you can put Windows and applications on one partition and your personal data on another--and then back each of those up separately.

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I would like to increase the size of the the letters all across my WinXP Sp2.
I would like to increase their size about 10 or 20% and I would like it to effect all my programs from Firefox to Explorer etc.

Is this possible?

If so...hor do I do it?


A:Bigger Font

Take a look at this brief article: http://computerbasicslearning.blogspot.com...r-computer.htmlScroll down to the Windows XP section.

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Is there a way to make the icons in the taskbar bigger? A member of my family finds them hard to see. Just wondering.

Thanks in advance.

A:Need bigger icons

By "taskbar", I take it you mean the Quick Launch bar? If so, right-click on an empty part of the Quick Launch bar and select View-Larg Icons. Be aware though that this will change the size of the icons to the default size of your system icons.

To change the default icon size, right-click on an empty part of your Desktop and choose Properties. The Display Properties screen will pop-up. In the Advanced tab (I believe), you'll find a scroll box of things like Desktop Color, Icon Horizontal, Caption Bar, etc. Find and select the one called Icon. Next to that box, you'll see a few options for setting the font and also the size. Just make the number larger, click apply and check the size of your icons on the Desktop or Start Menu. Play with them till you get what you want, then click OK.

Unfortunately, you can't define sizes. WinXP changes all the icon sizes. So if it's big on the Desktop, it's big on the Start Menu, big in Explorer, etc.

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Hi All,
Everything has suddenly gotten bigger on my screen...icons, font, even my mouse arrow. My computer shut itself down yesterday and when I turned it back on everything was bigger. I checked everything under display..appearences, dpi etc. Everything appears to be at the proper setting. I have windows xp media 2002. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Everything suddenly bigger

You need to install the video drivers again. Your resolution is messed up. something caused your computer reboot and it mess up the video display. It could be that the video card driver was corrupted which caused this issue.

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Hi, i recently bought the acer r5 471t and just a week ago i realized that it had scratches below the touchscreen panel on the edge. Due to the scratch, some parts of the screen gets brighter when viewed from particular angle. It doesnt really bother me that much, however what really concern me is that if the scratch could get bigger due to me pressing the screen.Does anyone have experience with this? Can the scratch get bigger?I asked an acer technician and he said that it wont get bigger. However, it seems to me that it gets a little bit bigger overtime. Please help!!Thanks

A:Can LCD Scratch get bigger over time or by keep pr...

Does anyone know how to upload picture to this forum?

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Hi all!

I have noticed lately that Google's Toolbar Search box has gotten BIGGER.

Has anyone found the problem or the fix yet?

A:Google Toolbar got Bigger

I doubt you'll find either. I think that was intended.

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how do i make my screen bigger in windows xp . it fits alond all the edges but the writing is smaller than on my friends xp and his is easier to read than mine .thanks

A:make screen bigger

Reset your screen resolution to 800 by 600. Right click on the desktop / Properties / Click the Settings tab and change your resolution there.


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