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Changing password logon requirement

Q: Changing password logon requirement

I've read this before and it worked, but can't seem to find it now. I have multiple users on my computer and one of the new users is asking for a password even though I've never set one. I've seen instructions to go into the programs and reset the value to 0 to change it so no passwords are required. I've tried all other ways - through setting user profiles, cmd: change userpasswords2, etc - but none of those work. I don't want passwords to be required for users. How do I reset this in the system? It required going into My Computer, Programs, etc. but I can't remember from there. HELP!

Preferred Solution: Changing password logon requirement

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Changing password logon requirement

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I have a Windows 2k Server with about 10 clients with Windows 95/98, Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP Professional. I want to be force the users to change their password after a certain amount of time. The problem is that when the users' who use Windows 95/98 or XP (2k Pro doesn't have the problem) passwords expire and they are prompted to change them at logon they receive an "access denied" message after inputting their new password. The only way for them to actually change their password is to move to a Win2000 computer and log in there, change their password, log back out and then log on to their 95/98/XP machine.

I have ensured that the "password never expires" checkbox is NOT checked. I don't like the security risk of not making them change their password.

A:XP logon problems: Access denied when changing password

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Does anyone know why EMET 5.5 requires the Secondary Logon service ?

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Hi, I have a client who JUST about got nailed by the little b******s that push a fake virus page to you then give you a number to call etc etc. 
They called me JUST as they were ALSO on the phone with the scammer, and I got them to hang up before any serious damage could be done...especially to their VISA card!
However, the little buggers managed to put a start up password in Windows BEFORE you get to the users/login screen. This is where the fortunate part comes in. The client was WATCHING AND PAYING ATTENTION! (I know! How rare is that???)
The password used was 'inbound'.
So to use the computer, all you have to do is put in the password 'inbound' and you get to the login screen. 
The faker created a homegroup and a hidden homegroup admin account for himself. I got rid of the homegroup and that user, but try as I might, I can't find out where you go to get rid of that password requirement. 
Any ideas?
(Win 7 home on an Asus i5 laptop)

A:Getting rid of Win7 Startup Password requirement when you know the password!

Is the password box the same as what is shown on this page.That would be a System password that can be removed by copying the System   (Sam) Hive from the Regback folder of C:\Windows\System32\config\Regback. 
First option is to do a System Restore . Edit: It should be SAM hive. Sorry.
Second would be to use a live linux disk to rename the System Hive in C:\Windows\System32\config\ and copy the one from Regback. This would only work if the date on the System Hive in Regback is before the problem began.
Edit: There is a file on the page but I have never downloaded it or used it. I suggest you at least scan it with Virustotal if you wish to use it to disable the password box.

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Vista requires a password when one restarts the computer but not for hibernate or sleep mode. How may one set up Vista to require a password for hibernate mode?

A:Password Requirement other than Restart

Control Panel --> Hardware and Sound --> Power Options

Link on top left - "Require a password on wakeup"

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Hello anyone/everyone,
Not sure if this is the correct forum but I'll try.
Some how I got tied into something that requires me to log in with a password when I restart my system after a shut down. The system starts with the logo of a saki bottle, white, ceramic "kitty" with one paw upraised and below is a block for a password. Dell denies requiring anyone to have a password to log on but, I'm stuck with the password requirement. I don't know how I got it but I would like not to have to enter a password.
Any help will be appreciated.

A:Dell password requirement

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I am assisting my friend who had Vista on a computer and his sod bought him a Dell with Windows 8:
1- I am unable to remove password from sign-on. There appears to be no instruction as in Win 7/Vista.
2- Picture icons when transferred show only a general icon not an icon of the pictures as in Vista.
3- My friend accidentally removed the icon for the Instructions/ for Win 8 on the Start Menu. I cannot find the file for us to revie.
4- When I try to Create a Password Reset disk, the program asks for a password reset disk disk and password to be installed? Huh.
I am not a novice. Using computers since the Apple II

A:Remove requirement for Password

have a read here
this is how i removed on a few W8 and W8.1 Pcs

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I dont want to type my password in every time I login to my computer. I have googled how to remove this and every post seems to say the same thing:
Launch command Prompttype netplwizlaunch the netplwiz appUncheck "User must enter username and password to use this computer"you will be prompted to confirm, with your current password.

However, this is not working for me! I am still prompted on startup for a password.

I do notice when I am in the "netplwiz" application that my username is in there twice. one time as an administrator and 1 time as a home user. I only seem to be able to highlight the administrator user and uncheck the box in step 4 above. I cant seem to highlight the other me.

Any thoughts?

A:I cant seem to remove password requirement on login

Hello xexers1, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Double check with the tutorial below to see if it may help any.

Log On User Account Automatically at Windows 8 Startup
Are you sure that you are not dealing with require a password at wakeup instead of at startup?

Password Protection on Wakeup - Enable or Disable in Windows 8
Hope this helps,

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I removed the requirement many times and ways. But when your pc updates during the night it turns it back to asking for the requirement again. very frustrating

A:how do you stop windows 10 password requirement

njabbfan Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about wanting to login to Win10 without using a password and wanted to help.Don't know what you tried, but see if this TenForums tutorial helps:  http://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/3539-sign-user-account-automatically-windows-10-startup.html Good LuckI am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.========================================================================If you feel my suggestions helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol to say thanks!If they helped resolve your issue, please click "Accept As Solution" to help others find similar information. 

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I have windows xp, a dsl modem, & a router, which is acting as the firewall. Everytime I boot up the computer, I am prompted for a Linksys Password. How do I disable this feature? Is there a privacy setting or parental controls setting or something?

A:Router Password requirement @ bootup

Did you somehow set the router address as your home page ?

At what stage do you get the prompt?


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The HP software is requiring me to 1) have a sign on password & 2) change it periodically or my PC will be locked up. I do want or need this much outside control on my home PC. How can I turn this annoying requirement off? I now have 5 days before I have to change my password again!

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In "Power Options/System Settings" I've set/checked
"Don't require a password."

Yet after it is awaken with a mouse move or keyboard
click it takes me to the Log-On Screen where I once
again have to enter my password.

An aside...I am using Office 365 and my MS Account is
one of those [email protected] So it may
disable that option even if set/checked.

Any help?


A:Password requirement upon awakening the computer....problem

Hello Windunce,

You might check to see if you may have password protection from screen saver enabled causing this.

Screen Saver Password Protection -Enable or Disable - Windows 7 Forums
Hope this helps,

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 94 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8077 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 530, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 149 GB (77 GB Free); D: 780 GB (775 GB Free);
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

A few days ago an on screen message said words to the effect that Windows had encountered a problem and needed to close. The system cycled through a diagnostic sequence - an attempt at repair - eventually closed down. When rebooted followed much the same sequence.

I tried using a Windows Repair Disc, which opened up several repar options, but all eventually led back to the on-screen message - Windows has encountered a problem and needs to close down.

The system was restored using an external hard drive with a copy of system image. However, when the system is booted - within seconds a box appears on screen asking for a password to be entered. When the password is entered the boot continues without a hitch and Windows 10 works as normal.

The introduction of a password could well be something that I stumbled into whilst trying to solve the initial problem - I cannot honestly recall - but I would appreciate guidance as to how to eliminate this step from the boot process.

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I have been doing allot of testing and boot tweaks lately and am hoping one of you Windows 7 Registry gurus can create a way to right click on my user icon or anywhere that will turn on and off the need to type in my password to login.

I hope this is possible and a easy tweak

Thank You Very Much !

A:Right click to toggle users password requirement

Hello Rockit,

If you like, you could use OPTION TWO in the tutorial below to create on/off .reg files for this.

Log On Automatically at Startup

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My computer recently began requiring me to use password at startup. I had previously disabled.

I went to NETPLWIZ as suggested elsewhere (Log On User Account Automatically at Windows 8 Startup)

However, there is no box to uncheck that says "Users must enter username and password to use this computer." (see attachment)

What am I missing? I have also checked the Password Requirement on Wakeup in the Power settings and that shows "No" and the "Ctrl-Alt-Del" option is also not in place.


A:Unable to remove password requirement at Startup

Hello PreacherMan, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Is your PC on a domain?

If so, then this can only be done in Registry Editor using the method in the second post at the link below instead.

windows 7 auto login without the "Users must enter a user name and" - Microsoft Community

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when i was using XP its like i can enter nothing as a password and get to use my account from the laptop but on windows 7 and vista its like i have to set a password and it doesnt take nothing as a password even if i dont have a password !!!!
i asked some one and he used regedit to disable it but i cant contact him again :S heellllppppp !!!

A:disable remote desktop password requirement

Local Security Policy > Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options
At the top of the list is "Accounts: Limit local account use of blank passwords to console logon only"

This setting was enabled by default in Windows XP as well. So in other words you must have disabled this value on Windows XP to be able to use blank passwords from the network.

I DO NOT recommended disabling this setting.

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Hi friends

I want to Disable windows startup login password requirement but i need that when i luck PC everytime after startup login, windows ask me password

How can i do this ?

Thanks for helps

A:Disable windows login password requirement

Click on Start and then Control Panel.

Click on the User Accounts and Family Safety link.

Click on the User Accounts link.

In the Make changes to your user account area of the User Accounts window, click the Remove your password link.

In the text box on the next screen, enter your current Windows 7 password.

Click the Remove Password button to confirm that you'd like to remove your Windows 7 password.

You can now close the User Accounts window.

Now that your Windows 7 account password has been deleted, you will no longer need to log on when your computer starts.

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Hi all
My daughter gave me her old Vista computer and it requires me to enter a password when booting, I have the password and can enter it no problems but I don't want to have to enter it every time I turn the computer on, I want to be able to turn it on and come back later when it's booted and ready to go the same as I have always done on my XP machines. So is there a way of removing the requirement to enter the password? I have the existing password and full admin rights so I can change anything needed to remove the password requirement.
Thanks in advance for all help received.

A:How do I change the requirement to enter the password when booting the computer?

Logon Automatically

Press WinKey+R or click on Start then Run, enter control userpasswords2 and press Enter or click OK.Check the "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer" checkbox then click Apply. If it's already checked, skip to step 3.Select the user you want to be automatically logged on by clicking on it.Uncheck the "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer" checkbox then click Apply.
When you do this another window will open with the userid you selected showing (you can enter a different one if the wrong one is showing). Enter the password if there is one, leave blank otherwise. Click OK and you're done. Next boot, the userid you selected should be automatically logged on.

Or, since you don't care about passwords, just remove the password from Control Panel, User Accounts.

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I have just installed a linksys wireless router onto my desktop computer to add a wireless laptop and for some reason, when the User Logon screen comes up. The hand cursor never becomes a cursor for me to type in passowords to user accounts. I went into safe mode and then into control panel and deleted the passwords for each user acct and now I can get into the accounts but how can I add the passwords again and be able to type them in. We have 3 user accounts on this pc and would like to have them password protected.

Any suggestions would be apreciated!

all pc's are online and working fine...

A:Can not type password into password box on logon screen win xp home


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RONIZ by ~007TINAR on deviantART Their is a totally cool background. But is it like.. customizable? How can i change the text to make it say Windows Se7en, instead of that windows xp stuff. And how can i remove that "water-mark"-like thing in the top left corner.. THanks XD

A:Changing the Logon-Screen :)

Quote: Originally Posted by DarkDavil

RONIZ by ~007TINAR on deviantART Their is a totally cool background. But is it like.. customizable? How can i change the text to make it say Windows Se7en, instead of that windows xp stuff. And how can i remove that "water-mark"-like thing in the top left corner.. THanks XD

Your query is more likely to garner a correct response if posted at devianART. You are basically asking the artist to create a new piece of art and remove his signature.

Else, just use a photo editor.

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Is there a way to change the automatic logon in Win2k from Adminstrator to my name? (My name is already listed as a user with Admin. priveleges.)

A:Changing logon to other than Adminsitrator

You can set Auto login in the registry.... let me remember the key...

Under HKLM/Software/Microsoft/WindowsNT/CurrentVersion/Winlogon there are a few values to change...

(these are all string values)

AutoAdminLogon = 1
DefaultUsername = [yourusername]
DefaultPassword = [yourpassword]

And there ya go, should auto login.

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I would really like to change my windows 7 logon sound to this:
Fallout 3 Setup Song - YouTube

I have the audio file witch is mp3 and i have converted it to wav file.
I changed it in the sounds menu or whatever the right name is and when i test it then it plays. But when I actually log in then the sound wont play. Is it possible that the sound is too long?

Thank you.

A:Changing logon sound in win 7

Hello Lillkapsas

Yes that is a possibility, there is a limit on the length of the .wav file although I cant remember off hand what this is. Try using Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder to trim the .wav file down a little. Its a freeware program and very useful.

Regards Danny

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my laptop currently signs in with an @Hotmail email account and password,
I want to change this to a different @Hotmail account but it seems I need to
change it to a "local" account first.

What is a "local" account?
Can I have two laptop logon to the same @Hotmail account.



A:changing logon account

Hello Daniel,

A local account is the same type of account that you used in Windows 7. It's an account that is only on your local computer, and doesn't roam like a Microsoft account.

You would basically be temporally switching to a local account, then switch back to a Microsoft account that uses the new email address. This is a workaround to change to a different Microsoft account without losing the account's profile on the PC.

Local Account - Switch to in Windows 10

Microsoft Account - Switch to in Windows 10

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yes i would like to change my logon screen on xp,i'm fairly new at computers
can someone help me?

A:changing my logon screen?

Hi, champ!

Try these sites:



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I'm usually good at figuring these things out,
but am at a loss here.
How do you change your logon music/sound?
I am using WinXP.
Thank you!

A:Changing Logon Sounds

Go to
Start / Control Panel / Sounds, sche.... / Pick A Task / Change the Sound Scheme / Sounds tab / Then in the list box below click "Windows Log-on" / Select a preset sound, or browse to a personal sound[put it in where default sounds are located I suggest]... then save and good to go

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Hello All

We have users with WIN2K laptops who logon to the laptop using the cached logon credentials (username, password & domain). and then connecting via VPN to the network. Thus allowing them access to mail, resources, etc without having to re-enter authentication details over & over.

But we also force users to change passwords on a set period of time. But to change the passwords their password will require physical connection to the network, which they do not have.

Is there any way for a user who does not have immediate access to the network to change the cached logon credentials on the laptop to match with with changes made to their account by admin staff?

Any help much appreciated.

A:Changing cached logon credentials

We ran into that same issue where I worked, so I am interested to see if someone here has an answer to your question. Our main issue though was how long the cached account would last on the PC (would it expire after say, 120 days, or would it be useable forever?) if it was never to be physically connected to the network.

We ended up not registering the latops to our domain and not linking the userid to the domain in order to avoid the problem. For the most part, we were able to setup most of the login prompts that users would get when trying to access a network resource via VPN (such as email) to have pre-filled fields (such as domain and userid) and the users would only need to enter in their network password.

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Strange request, Is it possible to change a computers description using a login script?

We would like to have the users username as the computer's description when the user logs on. We use roaming profiles and often different people use different desks so this needs to be able to change easily via login scripts.

Could anyone help?


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I want to restore the defulat logon name when my computer starts. It used to always boot up with "administrator" in the name box (me) but after connecting to my home computer it now starts up with another user name - "tom"(the name of my home computer). How can I change the default name to administrator so I don't have to erase 'tom" and retype "administrator" every time I boot up?

Thanks very much for any help offered!

A:changing default logon WIN 2000

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Hi. I have changed the network settings on a Windows XP Pro machine and
after rebooting, it no longer lets me logon.

After entering the username and password at the XP Pro logon screen it tells me "The system could not log you on. Make sure your username and domain are correct"

The problem was caused when I used the Network setup wizard to change
the network settings from a business network to a home network. I
guess that I have removed the domain settings or something and that it
is now trying to logon to WORKGROUP rather than the domain that it
used to logon to when it was used in the office.

It is a laptop and it has not been in the office for months and it has
not connected to the office network for months. I thought changing it
to a home network would let me share its drives with other machines in
the house. I can't take it back to the office to logon as I don't work there.

My question is, how do i get to logon to this machine again? I can't
find an option to let me enter a domain name and even if I could, I
don't know the full name of the domain it used to connect to.

A:Cannot logon to XP after changing network settings

First thing I would tell you to do is restart the computer and hold F8 (Safe Mode) or what ever key is for safe mode on your PC. And try to log onto the administrator User under Safe Mode, and then either reset your network settings back to a default setting, or look at the user information and change it back to default settings.

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I was given this dell Inspiron e1505/6400 notebook and I've done all upgrades except for changing the name in the WIN LOGON files and when I tried it said that I could not delete the name. If there is a way to delete this old name please someone tell me how? I've changed the Administrator's name to mine ,but can't change the name in WIN LOGON can someone help!!!

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Hey guys

I want to change the windows logon screen background on my win 7 hp sp1 64 pc. I've been looking at several articles and none are useful, for starters I can't find the backround image to check the resolution. I'll be making my own background picture to use and all I got so far is it has to be 256kb in size and it has to be a jpeg. How do I change the logon screen background?

A:[SOLVED] Changing logon screen help

Hi there are a few ways to do it How to Change the Logon Screen on Windows 7 - TechSpot
but generally it involves a reg tweak and if you do decide to do that be careful and back up the registry first Change and customize Windows 7's Logon screen wallpaper - TechRepublic
How to Set a Custom Logon Screen Background on Windows 7
backing it up Back up the registry

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i have windows xp professional at work. we have multiple computers/monitors that are not in use at various times of the day. i am looking to change the logon screen saver(so no one has to actually be logged-on) on those computers/monitors to a powerpoint presentation(or something similar). i also need them to pull from a common drive/file, so it can be changed daily in 1 place(vs going to every computer and updating them individually). i have already played around with this, going through the registry and changing the screensaver(hkey users\default\control panel\desktop scrnsave.exe, edit string box, value data box). i was successful in changing the screensaver to the standard ones available, but cannot figure out how to change to pull from a common drive. is this possible? i am willing to buy software to accomplish this. thanks to all for any help! dan

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Hey all... I have been scouring the net looking for answers. I have edited my registry, added the directories in the 00be directory along with a compliant image. it simply will not display. I downloaded the Windows 7 Logon Background Changer from Julien Manici and when I run that application it shows the new image that I already set up.

I just opened the app and it was there so that tells me that my initial attempt was correct. Not sure what elss to look for so any help is appreciated.

A:Changing Win 7 Logon Background Not Working

Since you didn't post in the tutorial thread for this I guess there's a chance you haven't seen it?!

Log On Screen - Change

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Can I change background of log on screen aka welcome screen??


A:Changing Logon screen of Windows 8.

Hello MrRitwik,

You could change the background of the lock screen if you like.

Lock Screen - Background Image - Change in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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I was wondering how to change the Windows classic logon image?

Specifically, when you logon and you have to press control-alt-delete. Can the image that appears at that screen be changed at all? Size, bitmap, etc.

I'm tired of the boring Windows XP logon.


A:Changing Classic Logon Image

Changing visual style for classic logon in XP, And other various settings ....


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this may not be the correct place for this post but my windows 7 logon sound will just not change lol any ideas?

A:windows logon sound not changing

Hiyya cryptoncore don't know if you have tried already but go into Control Panel / Sound and have a play with the different sounds. I found it a bit trial and error but no harm trying it out.

Where it says Windows default drop the list down pick something out and then go to the window below and pick what you want from there. Then just hit the test button to try. If you cannot find anything there is probably something on line that you can add a sound that you like from.

If you do not like the sounds you can always just go back to where you started (make a note - no pun - of what there is originally) at least it is a sound LOL!!

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Merry Christmas!
I'm trying to change the classic windows login screen, and I'd like to change the image above the text boxes, the one that says Windows Xp Profressional Blah Blah. Does anyone know what to do to change this? I found the image in shell32.dll and replaced it with another one but it didnt show when I restarted the computer. =\ any help would be great!

A:Changing classic logon screen

Have a look here http://www.themexp.org/ .
Lots of custom themes, login screens and other good stuff.

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First off I'd like to say hello to all.
The info here is great for customizing many aspects for win 7.

that in mind is why I'm choosing to ask this here.

I'm fully aware of how to change the background of the logon screen however, I'd like to change the little blue ring animation.

I'm familiar with resource hacker and restorator but haven't been able to find where this animation is stored to make the desired change.

any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

just to clarify. I DO NOT mean the boot animation.
I'm looking to change the small animation that displays while logging in/out.... the one that looks like that busy cursor.

A:Changing Logon screen animation

anyone even have a clue as to where i should start looking at least?

with as much helpful info as I've found here before, i thought some of the more experienced folks would have been all over this one...

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I've followed a few links but here was the last one I tried.

when i restart the computer its still the old logo, I don't get what im doing wrong, the picture file isn't to big either.

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I am trying to change the default windows logon shell value (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinLogon\Shell) to an image file. I am well aware that explorer.exe will no longer start, But would like to be able to choose what starts up on the machine. This is not for malicious purposes, it is for a training session at my University on malware, and the typical things that viruses can do, such as changing this shell value to say, a fake Anti-virus program .exe.

Basically, I am wanting to find out if the default Windows shell value can be changed to anything other than a .exe

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hey i seen th e normal windows xp logon welcome screen with all the users and there thumbnail picture. and i was wondering if there was away to change the background of that area? i seen ppl do it on there own themes or what not sometimes...but i just wana change the background.

dunno if this is possible

A:changing the windows welcome logon screen

Try this http://www.winxptutor.com/tweaklogon.htm

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Hello everyone,
I see a lot of videos on youtube of how to change your windows xp logon screen to windows 7, but i never seen the other way around..

Is there a way to change windows 7 logon screen to look like windows xp logon screen where I actually have to type the user name and password in order to login

A:changing windows 7 logon screen.

go to run,type control userpasswords2. then tick "user must enter username and pasword to login
This is optional,you can go to advanced tab>secure logon and tick "require user to use ctrl+Alt+del

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I'm trying to change the background for the log-on screen for Windows 7 Home Premium. I tried the method explained here http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-change-windows-7-logon-screen/ (and on other websites), but when I navigated to the backgrounds folder, I wasn't able to add a new picture or delete the current one.

I downloaded the Tweaks.com Logon Changer (http://www.techspot.com/guides/224-change-logon-screen-windows7/), but it only gives me the choice between pictures in C: / Windows / Web / Wallpaper. And I can't add any pictures there either (nothing happens after I give administrator permission).

So the Tweaks software worked, but I'd like to be able to use my own picture. Any advice?

(had no idea where to post this, by the way. sorry)

A:Changing logon screen background

I user Win 7 Logon background Changer; hasn't failed me yet though one time it did hang, next time it was ok again.

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I tried resizing an jpg with Paint to use it as logon screen and before to save it a message showed saying that i will lose the transparency of the file but I save it and applied anyway.
My mistake cause since then, whatever I tried, I can't restore or replace that ugly thing that I created. I used "Windows 7 Logon Background Changer 1.5.2" , I did it manually by editing the registry but always the same thing, background changes but the white small window from the center it's always there and I can't get rid of it !
Is there any way to restore or change that ?
Thanks ... I would like to to attach a screenshot but I don't know how !
Help please !

A:Problem changing or restoring logon screen - Help plz !

See this tutorial to learn to attatch pictures.

If you have the OS seperate from your main files you can simply reinstall windows.

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Ok so I went in and changed the back ground pic in Windows/System32/oobe/info/backgrounds folder, changed the name and instead of it changing to the one I put in there it changed it to some pic with flowers on it and a bird. I have made sure it is Jpg format I made sure it is the same size as the first one as well. Any idea what might be going wrong?

A:Failed at changing Logon screen Picture.

Welcome to Seven Forums FoxAnderson. There are restrictions on size and such. I was going to do it manually initially, but found such an easy automated method that it was not worth it for me. Try this small, free program. It only changes the background. It doesn't need to be installed, and doesn't run in the background once the image is changed.

Tweaks.com Logon Changer for Windows 7

A Guy

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I used a very simple program in August when the RTM first came out to change the logon screen without having to deal with the registry. Now I can't find it; it was something that didn't require installation, because it doesn't appear in the start menu. Just needed to point to the jpg I wanted and it changed it for me. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Eh, I just found it online again: Windows 7 Logon Background Changer - Customize your Windows 7 welcome screen wallpaper

- Eli

A:Can't find my program for changing logon screen

Yeah, it's here, in this tutorial by our member link8583, who is the app developer. But you've already found it.

Log On Screen - Change

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