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Windows 10 - no sound on certain files

Q: Windows 10 - no sound on certain files

I just installed Windows 10 on my PC. I have had it on my laptop for a while. The install was perfect except for one problem - sound on certain files.

I have a sound card installed with the SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio Driver version 1.4.90 driver software installed. Most things have fine sound, example: youtube videos. Some files have no sound, (I think the sound starts for the first second and then fades out?). An example is a .mov file I just got emailed. I tried the clip on my laptop which is also windows 10. The sound is fine there.

For the .mov file I have played it back in the default player, vlc and quicktime, all the same problem.

I have installed the latest driver for the audio card. I also tried removing the current drivers and letting windows install the default, and also removing and then installing the drivers myself.

I have not been able to get sound on the video clip. I have noticed the problems on other clips also.

Any clues appreciated, I am stymied.

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Preferred Solution: Windows 10 - no sound on certain files

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I've been studying the new (to me) m4a file extension. I understand it's the new international standard. However my Windows Sound Recorder won't open this file type. I want to open it here, as opposed to Real player, etc, because I want to manipulate it a bit. Do I need to update/upgrade my sound recorder?


A:Windows Sound Recorder and M4a files

Windows sound recorder won't play .m4a files, it only plays .wav files.
You could convert the .m4a file to something else, .wav even if you particularly want to play with it in sound recorder, it'll probably end up being quite a big file in .wav format. I also think there are better tools out there for playing around with music than sound recorder. You'll probably get more software options if it were an .mp3 file. If you have Nero, it will encode that type of file to mp3, so will the free Itunes player I believe.

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My husband and i are in a band and are trying to upload our music to a local site. It said we needed mp3 files so we tried coverting our wave file to an mp3 file ( my husband downloaded something that said it could do this) and now we have no sound. The speakers still make little crackling noises like they are still live but we get no sound.


A:Tried to convert music files from wave files to mp3 files and no NO SOUND WHATSOEVER

Try a different program.

Are you converting from CD, or a wave file on the hard drive?


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Trying to run .avi files with WMP 11 and its only playing the sound with no picture. Do i need to download a codec or something?

running XP pro

thanks in advance

A:Windows Media Player 11 sound only on .avi files

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My media player ( 11 for vista) has a problem. It will play audio files, but there is no sound, even at full volume, yet i can play mpeg and wmv files with no problems at all. what is going on?

A:Windows Media Player has no sound for audio files only

I use WinAmp for audio and Media Player Classic for video - no problems.

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Hi There,
I am trying to get my windows 2000 to look more user friendly, and I have found some different options. I am trying to find the .dll files in which the images for icons, The taskbar e.t.c are located.

Please can anyone inform me as to where I can find any of these, or simular these files.

I hope that makes sense. Any help is much appreciated.

A:Windows Icons, Taskbar, Sound, Tolbar Files

Good luck on finding all of them, You would need to be a Microsoft programmer to find all of them types of files.

If you want Windows 2000 to look more user friendly I would suggest going to Windows XP Pro.

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My new HP Pavilion with MS Win 8.1 includes all of the default MS Win sound files. I cannot access them to play for all users (family use with no password on accounts).

REQUEST: I would like a 'How-To' on both accessing and getting MS Win 8.1 default or any sound file them to play during a particular system event.

A:Windows Sound Files Exist But Cannot Access / Play: How?

Hello chillme1, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Sound events are a per user account setting, and not global. You should be able to change them per account using an option in the tutorial below though.

Sounds - Change - Windows 7 Help Forums

Hope this helps,

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Distorted sound windows 7 when transferring files from wireless HDD - YouTube (screen recording with audio)
Please help me i'm desperate, this issue is bugging me for a week now
Already tried:
- uninstall and reinstall audio (IDT High Definition Audio CODEC) and wireless (intel centrino ultimate-n 6300) drivers multiple times )
- uninstalling Norton (helps improve semnificantly the sound but there is still a annoying noise)

-occurs when trying to download files from my external hdd connected to a wireless router on my home network

Any other kind of file transfer/downloading from the internet works fine without any sound problems.

A:Distorted sound windows 7 when transferring files from wireless HDD

No sulutions ?

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I have a mac and run windows 7 via parallels 9, everything has been fine till about 2 weeks ago when my daughter was using the computer she said something came up about remove parallels tools and she clicked OK.

I did go reinstall parallel tools and that went fine, but still having some problems that seem to be more windows related maybe?

If I go into the mac side things look fine I can start the virtual machine load windows 7 etc but I have no sound now in windows side of things.

Also noticed (maybe unrelated) Windows keeps telling me to turn on my antivirus (avg) which is already on.

Another odd thing at boot up windows 7 "My Computer" opens immediately on the main screen no idea why but it's annoying.

I right clicked on my computer to choose manage and it says that can't be found, ran sfc /scannow says some files were corrupted, gives me a directory to the cbs log which I cant even open so that's not much help.

I did fully update and run spybot, malawayres, superantispyware,housecall and avg beyond some tracking cookies nothing else was found.

The one I am really trying to fix here is that sound, when I mouse over the sound icon it says "no Audio Output Device Is Installed", if I click the sound icon it just says "Detecting Problems Hardware Changes might not have been detected" and there is just a red x over sound icon itself.

I went back to the mac side under parallels configure then hardware/sound I see it shows checked as ena... Read more

A:Windows 7 (on mac via parallels) with time, sound, files corrupted

How would I do a repair to fix any corrupted files in win 7, remembering this is a virtual machine so when I install the cd all i see is install or upgrade. Who knows maybe this would fix the audio issue and the missing files for manage computer?

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Windows wont let me delete these sound files that are choking my playlists..i tried a system restore, deleting them (not a TrustedInstaller or whatever), and turning off WMP and WMS and turning it back on...they come back as an Unknown Album.. Im not great at the computer thing but basically i had to erase all my music which is awful for my work day..I dont know where they came from or how they got here but im stumped

A:Windows alerts and sound files in my Media Player! Not fun to hear

Do you get any messages when you try to delete any of the sound files and are you using to play your sound files

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hey, im aware that this problem is pretty frequent after browsing forums a couple of times but never actually found a solution to the problem.

ok, so, few months ago, my computor was pretty messed up, swamped with viruses etc

so ive cleaned my pc up, roughly got everything back on track

apart from audio

k so audio works fine with any media players installed on my pc, wmp, winamp, vlc, nero, real, etc. fine, movies and music, even online radio1 works

the problem is that, where you control the windows audio in the little minimized icon which is found on the bottom right taskbar, that has dissappeared, which probably has something to do with it, but also, when i have numerously attempted to play audio videos on youtube or myspace, or music on myspace/profiles, that kind of thing

i get no sound at all, video generally plays fine just no sound whatsoever

im curious as to how it happened in the first place, but also would ideally like to find a solution for it as it is quite annoying

any advice would be greatly appreciated

A:windows sound icon gone, no youtube/myspace audio, media files work fine though

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I've tried a lot of things to figure this out and it's been going on for quite awhile, still if anyone can post any reason why it won't stream sound, please do so, I want help badly.

I tried an instill of a new hard drive and made it the master drive, however I couldn't install windows from a disc (pci.sys) so instead i copied my os off of the old hard drive but everything had to be copied. (If you can tell me an install process to help me with my sound that'll work too)

youtube doesn't work.. etc
absolutely everything from the internet = no sound except if it caches a file and plays that file instead.
checked volumes, "play sound in webages", downloaded codecs, flash, updates.
post anything, please?

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my computer has been saying that it has been low on ram for a while, but i would ignore it as i have just finished download call of duty modern warfare 2 (a large game) and have been wanting to play it. Suddenly, my sound ceased to work and windows media player wont play files, instead putting a red x next to them as if they cant find them. When my headphones are plugged in the jack it wont work, but when i take the sound jack out my computers speakers (which are coming from the monitor) make very strange noises. I have a windows vista 32 bit and i would appreciate some help. Thank you.

A:[SOLVED] Sound suddenly stopped working and windows media player wont recognise files

Windows requires considerable memory to run media player.
If it is out of memory it wont even start.

Try to disable some things and see if it will work.

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I am running Audacity on a new 64 bit computer, running Vista. I had got my sound really good, good enough to do voice auditions, but now when I convert my Wav file to mp3 and send it to myself, the sound is awful. Why is there such a difference, when it sounds so good in Audacity or on my file converter?

A:Crappy Sound after emailing sound files

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I have good sound with other speakers on this desktop, but I wanted to save some workspace on my desk, so I recently got a new AX510 sound bar and attached it onto a Dell 2208WFP monitor, one of the monitors listed for that soundbar.  It powers up via the AC port built in to the monitor, just like it should, and I've correctly connected the audio cable on the soundbar audio output on my desktop.  But there's no sound at all.  I did get a static "pop" once... but no other sound.
So I am trying to figure out whether the sound bar is defective, or if this is possibly a Windows 10 issue, as I've read a few odd posts on the internet about people suddenly finding that previously working sound bars don't work in Windows 10.... or some other incompatibility (my desktop is a Studio XPS 8100, Windows 10).  I realize all of my equipment is not the latest, but it's all been in great working condition and the one new addition is the sound bar... I did plug my old speakers back in again, and they still work just fine.
I was thinking I can test the sound bar by connecting it to another computer at work (tomorrow) that's running Windows 7.  to determine if it's a Windows 10 issue -- or if it just doesn't work at all -- but would that be a definitive test it's not a Dell computer?  Any other ways to diagnose the problem and pin it down?  I can conceivably still return the sound bar if I determine it's defect... Read more

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Hi, I desperately need help with the following issue.
Well I just purchased a Sony Vaio VGN-Z790J and it had Windows 7 preloaded on it and the audio symbol in the system tray had a red cross and I couldn't locate the sound card in Device Manager. I have tried everything possible, re-installing the specifed drivers from the Sony Website, div x diagnostic, device manager and still the Sound Card is not being detected and there is still an audio symbol with a red-cross in it.
After spending endless hours to find a solution on the web, I decided to use the Windows Vista recovery discs to return the notebook back to its factory conditions. It took 4 hours and still there is no audio and the sound card is not being detected. I ended up calling Sony to seek some assistance but they were no help and they suggested to book it in for repairs. However, since there is no waranty left, I can't afford to do this. Furthermore, I have also enquired about a new mother board and i was quoted $700-$800 - once again I can't afford this.
Can you guys suggest anything, or has anyone had a similar issue that they were able to solve. I really need help and assistance would be much appreciated.Thanks.

By the way now the system has Windows 7 64 bit.

A:Sony Vaio, No Sound, No Sound Card Detected, Windows Vista and Windows

Welcome to SF, kom01.

Did you install the latest audio driver?

Sony eSupport - VGN-Z790J - Software Updates & Drivers

You may also want to flash your bios


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I've recently upgraded my windows 7 to windows 10 enterprise. I have onedrive account with files synced to cloud, before upgrading i've backed up onedrive files locally in my computer. Some of those files can't be opened after upgrade, formats include
.docx and .xlsx and .png. Most of these files were in direct onedrive main/root folder rather than in subfolders. As i can see those images in subfolders can be opened but not doc and excel files.

How can i view those files again, why have they become corrupt, what could I do in future to prevent these problems

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When Cisco AnyConnect VPN is connected, windows 7 has a sound constantly.  I went to the sound settings and made sure that sound is off for "AnyConnect"  but it still sounds.  The sound disappeared only if I turn all sounds off. 
But I want keep other sounds, just do not want sound for this event.
This just happens recently, AnyConnect did not sound before.
Any idea how to fix this?
Thanks for any tips!

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I'm a budding, young composer (about 300 songs over 40 years) and a little new to the MP3 scene.
I create sound files, usually .wav or MP3 of music but my Vista platform won't let me change or add artist name, track number, etc.

Is there a way to do this on my laptop without downloading $11,000.00 worth of software?


A:sound files

billthelifer, good morning and welcome to Sunday.When you Right-Click on one of your MP3's, does a menu pop up and offer you a "Properties" option?If so, please select that and in the window that pops up, you should see a General tab, a Security tab and a Details tab.It is under the Details tab that you should be able to hover (and click) over any of the fields to add, remove or change any of the details that you want.I just tried this on a couple of MP3's on my Vista machine without any problems. I've got a lot of cluttered MP3's laying around in my Music folder (free stuff I downloaded from a bunch of singer-songwriters) so I used those. Please note that I couldn't relplicate this with a wav file, as I don't have any of those, kinda big and all.Also, just as a quick aside, when you make your MP3's - what app are you using?Please let me know if that helps.Winterland

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What program other than winanp 2.76 or older can be used to play *.xmi files? What software or program can I use to
convert *.xmi files to wav and/or mid? Thanks, ellombris.

A:sound files


For conversions, have a look at this:




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.MTS files downloaded from Lumix GF1 camera has video but no sound. I have Window 7 starter, 32-bit netbook. I downloaded a codec for 32-bit but still no sound. Please help!

A:.MTS files no sound

Post the screen shot from MediaInfo info for the clip so we know what audio it has.

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I've been tying to play some MOV files with Quicktime and while I get the video, there's no audio.

I think I might be missing a codec or something because I got a message the first time around saying something to the effect that it's missing software and will try to connect to Apple to download it, but it ended up not being able to connect to the site.

Can anyone help?


A:No sound in MOV files

Try installing Quicktime Alternative, with or without the included player. It will not conflict with Quicktime (though it is a good replacement for it) and contains many codecs.

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OK, I'm stumped. I have sound if I play songs on Media Player. I don't have sound if I hit someone's My Space page (or my own), so I can't hear the song being played. I have sound if I play video files on the internet, but I don't have sound if I play movie files uploaded from my camera. I don't have sound on flash files or games. What's going on here? Can anyone help?

A:Only have sound with certain files

Do you have the latest Flash Player installed? Quicktime may help too. Is your system fully updated using Microsoft's Update website?

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Where are they? Using Windows 10 build 1709. There are windows sounds but no media sounds under each heading such as "festival", "quirky" etc. Are they hidden or just not to be?

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Well recently, i got sound driver files, and there in my recived files folder, is there a way to to put them into there right place were they belong without messing anything up.

My OS is Windows xp.

A:Sound Files

How to update a Windows hardware driver - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/how-to-update-a-windows-hardware-driver/ Installing Hardware Drivers - http://www.optimizingpc.com/install/hardwaredrivers.html Louis

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I have an avi file and I am not getting sound. I have vista and am using windows media player.

any ideas?


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Hi all

I'm trying to watch 2 movies that are in avi format. the picture is amazing but there is no sound.

I have sound on all other types of files so i know its not my speakers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


A:No Sound On Avi Files

you might be missing a codec. try either watching it in VLC Media player or go to www.free-codecs.com and get one of the codec packs they have there.

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Can anyone tell me how to change format of files.
I am trying to send small voice files to friend.
I have sent from Windows Media Centre and from Real PLayer, but they can't open files. They have suggested MP3 file or whatever.
How do I change ?

A:Sound Files

What format are your audio files at the moment?

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My computer has sound at startup but when I open wmv files and other formats, the video shows but not the sound. My "volume" is maximized and very loud when the computer starts and is shut off.

Is there some setting that I need to change?


A:No sound on wmv files

I don't think there are any codecs for wmv files, so you could try opening the file with a different program such as Media Player Classic.

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My napster songs will randomly "skip", and I have selective sound omissions on a successfully installed game.
these are problems that are across the board and seem to be an internal malfunction. I play Age of Kings Conquerors exp. all of a sudden, I have no sound on MSN gaming zone and even when playing my pc, all sound works except the sound of my villagers. Whats up?

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Recently I've downloaded some avi files but there's one of them that has no sound when i played it using mpchc. It plays fine using window media player or vlc player. Help please?

A:No sound on certain avi files

Happy New Year
To be honest, I really think the solution is to use another player. In lieu of that have you downloaded all the updates and have the newest version
Release History - MPC Home Cinema

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I was using the install and change tool and there was a program "RON tool cpmsky" with no size or publisher info. When I try to uninstall it, it asks for a verification code which wants me to type the letters and numbers displayed above the text box. When I type the code and choose continue, the dialog box closes but nothing else happens. How can I get rid of this program?

A:Pop Ups and Sound Files

I am frequently getting pop ups that have the title "RON ads by cpmsky" even when I don't have any browser windows open. I also have had sound files that are of someone talking about buy.com or something. There's a program in the uninstall/remove windows tool with the title RON tool cpmsky with no publisher or size information. When I try to uninstall it, it asks if I'm sure and warns me my computer may not run the same as before. I chose yes, and it wants me to type in a series of 7 letters and numbers displayed above the text box as an uninstall validation. I do and it closes the box but nothing happens. If I type it wrong, it doesn't close the box and says the code is invalid.

Also, when I log in, two "iexplore" processes start without any internet explorer windows opening.

also, sorry for not making a new post, I couldn't figure out how to edit the first one.

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I recently purchased an HP Envy Phoenix 860-180st. When I play older .mov files that I have, I hear no audio. I have tried multiple players on the PC and I get the same result from each. I only have the issue with .mov files and no other audio or video files. Does anyone have any idea how to reslove this?

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Hello,i recently upgrade my system from xp to windows7,i use the same realtek driver and get distortions!I try severall drivers,disable all enhancements/levels on speakers properties with no result(2.1speakers-),i configure them in stereo mode,i reduce the default format to 44100 16bits(cd quality)!What should i do,there is a fix,something?On windows xp i had NO PROBLEMS!

A:Distortion sound using onboard realtek sound card on windows 7ultimate

This is an older motherboard. The RealTek is Realtek? ALC662
Have you tried the driver from RealTek? The "AC'97" Codecs are the ones to use.

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I am super panicked at the moment. The 2-hr meeting recording I made today just will not play. And it turned into some Janet Jackson song? What is this?

Anyone had the same problem?
I recorded it using the Sound Recorder in the laptop.
The file is there, length is correct, just won't play and has this Janet Jackson thing in the properties.

Anyone could help me with this?

If you are in Singapore I will definitely take you for a sushi dinner

A:Meeting Recording (Recorded in Windows' Sound Recorder) won't play sound

Oh and this is work laptop, so I can't install other audio player to try it on others :(

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i installed windows xp and upgraded my sound card drivers and still no sound???
Soundblaster Live Value!

Mute is off!
Speakers are plugged in!

tried uninstalling the sound card and its drivers and then rebooting - still doesnt work

A:i installed windows xp and upgraded my sound card drivers and still no sound???

<img src="http://forums.techguy.org/images/tsgteam/welcome.gif" alt="">

Can you see the sound card in the Device Manager in System Properties?

Did this problem start recently or since the installation of XP? Did you get sound at anytime earlier(even on other OSes)?

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Can anyone tell me how I would do this? I've tried for days to locate my driver with no success.


A:Reinstalling a sound driver for onboard sound from a pre-packaged Windows XP

normally you can go to the manufacturer's website and download the orignal OEM drivers for your computers model and series.
usually under Customer service and support or downloads on the companies' website.

If not an OEM install from a major manufacturer such as Dell or Compaq etc, then you should still be able to find out the manufacturer of the motherboard itself and go to their website and do the same

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A few days ago I installed a new sound card but now the sound recorder won't record sound. It appears the record button is greyed out

Any help appreciated



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I don't know if this question belongs here or not, but all of a sudden my mp3 files on Media Player don't have any sound. They look like they're playing, but there is no sound. Speakers are OK, as I have Audacity and all that is fine. I have a new HP pavilion series with Win 7 if that makes any difference.

A:Solved: No sound for mp3 files

Maybe THIS can help?

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Please please help. I've had this laptop for 10 days, and I have already screwed it up.

Please bear with me. I don't know a whole lot about computers.
I have a Dell Inspiron 1720. Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit.
My computer came with PC Cillin, but it kept freezing up when I tried to shut it down & it said there was a compatibility problem so I uninstalled it & downloaded Avast Antivirus. I ran Avast an hour ago & it said there were files that were infected so I deleted them. Mistake.
Now I cannot click on my sound icon on my taskbar. When I mouse over it, it says "No Audio Output Device is installed."
If I look at my Installed Programs, it says I have Sound Blaster Audigy Advanced MB.

What do I do next to try to fix this? If you need anything other info, please let me know & let me know how to get that info on my computer.


A:Help Please! I Deleted Files & Now Have No Sound

Here's the download page for the driver. The install instructions are at the bottom of the pagehttp://support.dell.com/support/downloads/

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My Windows Media Player 10 won't play sound in any wmv files. It used to play sound, but now will only play the video but no sound. I have no problem with sound in other files.

Any ideas?


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I don't get any sound when I open flash files on my Windows 98(1st edition) IBM system. Example: http://www.brainpop.com I see the animation, but no sound. My sound card works fine--I get sound from RealPlayer files, Quicktime files, and Windows Media files. Anybody have any ideas...short of reformatting?

A:No sound in flash files

Is it the latest version of Flash?
I think the newest is Flash 7

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I have an avi file that was saved from an interview room camera/recorder at the police station. The file is saved as an avi to a flash drive. It is then taken to a stand alone PC and copied from a USB flash drive to a DVD. The file is then played in WMP 9.0 and it plays fine.

But when I try to play it on any other computer I get video but no sound. I've tried different versions of WMP. I've tried VLC. I've downloaded different codec packs. I've tried other players such as Winamp and DVR. I will often get the picture but still no sound.

I tried converting the avi files to wmv. Video but no sound still.

However, it does play with sound on the stand alone PC they use to burn the discs.

Any ideas what to try?

A:avi files video but not sound

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I just upgraded from XP Pro 32-bit to Windows7 Pro 64-bit. All seems to working OK except sound. I have sound for everything except for some .wav files. Wav files withing applications don't always play. Sounds that came with System 7 play OK. I found this files in the program files directory and clicked to play them with WMP and the seem to be playing (the bar moves across) but there is no sound (which is what happens within the application I run). If I open the file with Quicktime, the sound plays OK.

I've tried a lot of things. Checked drivers, downloaded CODECS and so on. Still no sound with these files. If you look at properties for a sound that plays OK and compare it to one that does not play, they look the same. Any ideas??? And why would they play in Quicktime and not the system or WMP?

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Deleted as I found my answer.
Thank you.

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Is there a way that I can get my sound files to play via WINAMP as opposed to REAL-PLAYER.?

I have got individual files to play by going into 'My Sounds' and right clicking; 'open with' and then selecting WINAMP but the next time I go to play the files it defaults to REAL.


A:Play sound files

Real Player is changing them back. Open Real Pain and go into setting or preferences and where it has file types remove the tics from all those ext. you want winamp to play and then open by right clicking and setting the file association with winamp.

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