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Solved: W8: Using Iphone to surf: Error 651

Q: Solved: W8: Using Iphone to surf: Error 651


Trying to use my Iphone to surf online on my stationary computer when my usual net falls out.

I use the cable. I can see the iphone in the list of available networks, but whenever I try to log on (doubleclick the Iphone icon) it runs for a while before returning:

Error 651: the Modem (or other connecting device) has reported an error.

CLOSE is the only available option. I have a friend who has this working.

What could be wrong?

Preferred Solution: Solved: W8: Using Iphone to surf: Error 651

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: W8: Using Iphone to surf: Error 651

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I just got the new iPhone 4S and I have a 3GS as my old phone with no way to transfer my contacts. I was told I could save a backup of my 3GS to itunes, then load the backup onto my 4S.

Well my 3GS won't backup, it keeps saying "iTunes could not backup the iphone because an error occurred" without any error code. I've wiped my old backup, I've cleared sync history. I'm using a PC with itunes with the latest itunes version 10.5.

What can I do to get my contacts over to the new phone?

A:Error backing up iPhone - trying to transfer contacts to new iPhone 4S

You may have to load them one at a time.

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When trying to sync my iPhone 2g to my desktop with XP or my laptop with Vista I keep getting "error code 50" unable to sync. Did the uninstall/reinstall to no effect. It did update the firmware to the latest version and I have the latest version of iTunes. But it wont sync contacts or photos and when I have a friend send me a photo to the phone I don't get it. I've gone to the apple support site and tried the apple.bat file changes and not help. Any ideas? Thanks.

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I got "Stop 0x0000007E error in Windows XP" after installing iTunes and connecting my iPhone on my PC. How do I fix this?

A:Solved: iPhone/Stop 0x0000007E error in Windows XP

Hi blackheart104.If you follow the link you may get some help with your problem.
http://uk.search.yahoo.com/search?fr=ytff1-&p=Stop 0x0000007E error&ei=UTF-8

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Hello guys,Today i started to experience a bizzare problem. Suddenly i could not connect to Origin, Steam, Guild Wars 2, and some programs like that. I also cant do the microsoft updates, it gives error 80072efd. I cannot surf the internet with Internet Explorer while i can do it with chrome and mozilla. Plus i can use Skyp. Tried a couple of fixes but cannot seem to get rid of this problem. I also tried installing microsoft fix it but it cannot be installed because it cannot find an internet connection. But clearly i have an internet connection and can reach internet with chrome and mozilla. If you guys want me to post any scans or some test just tell me because i dont know what should i post about this problem. Any help will be appreciated much thanks in advance.Antivirus: Windows Security Essenntials
Edit: So i managed to fix it by deleting the internet explorer. Now everything works perfectly fine. If anyone also had this problem try to delete the internet explorer and it just gets back to normal.

A:Can surf in chrome but cant surf IE or login steam, origin

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic323892.html/page__p__1797792#entry1797792 , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post. 

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How can I check to see which I have?
I was looking into the "Siri" service, and don't see it.
Recently upgraded to the OS5. Does that matter?

A:Solved: iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S

Check for the Model number under Settings > General > About

From what I've read on the Apple forums, if you have the iPhone 4, it won't support the Siri integration.

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I am running Win7/Pro x64. My System Spec is in my Profile.

I do not have iTunes installed on my desktop. I do have an iPhone 5, a hand-me-down from my son.

Yesterday the phone needed to be charged. I attached it to a USB port. I was asked by the phone if I trusted my desktop. I said yes. I was told that there were no new images on the phone to import, a fact I already knew. I've encountered this dialog before. It seems to be part of the procrustean Apple way of computing.

What troubles me is that a process started about the time I plugged in the phone. At a rate of 5-10 files/sec the 'modified' date was changed on over 3,500 jpg files on my data drive. I've not analyzed the order in which they were processed but suspect that it was A-Z on the file names and also on folder names.

Could this behavior result from iTunes running its 'sync' process? If so, is there anything I can do to prevent it from happening again?

If we have no Apple OS experts on this forum, does anyone know of an 'Apple forum' that is as respected as sevenforums is in the Windows world?



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How to make your own iPhone Ringtone and transfer it to your iPhone directly?

A:How to make your own iPhone Ringtone and transfer it to your iPhone directly?

Here's a paid one....
Seems to be a few listings.
Google search.

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I already have a home security camera system. What I'am looking for is software I can put on my desk top that will notify me on my iphone when motion detection is activated. As well as allow me
to monitor the cameras from my iphone.

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Please I'm begging for help I'm going crazy.
I can only web Surf for 5 min's maybe 10 at the very most
after that My browser stops responding and it brings up the Internet Explorer Cannot Display This Page." If I reboot
I can surf for another 5 mins than the same thing it
craps out! I have done all the Virus and Spyware scans
that I can think, checked all the hardware. Please Help
Here is My Highjackthis scan, I shutdown all Virus programs
Spyware and Firewalls before running this.
Also Sending and receiving email with outlook express
is never affected, but downloads are they stop.
Thank you I look forward to some help
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 10:10:27 AM, on 7/12/07
Platform: Windows 98 Gold (Win9x 4.10.1998)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v5.50 SP1 (5.50.4522.1800)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar = http://us.rd.yahoo.com/customize/ycomp/defaults/sb/*http://www.yahoo.com/search/ie.html
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = http://www.att.net/
R1 - HKLM\Software\Micros... Read more

A:Solved: Can Only Web Surf for 5 Min's! Please help

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When i plug in my iphone four i keep getting the error "Error loading pnpui.dll. Pnpui.dll is not a valid win 32 application. Can somebody please help me?

A:iphone error

The pnpui.dll is a "Plug-N-Play User" DLL.

Why you have this error?

It is possible your computer got infection (malware) and your antivirus software removed it. Or the file is there, but not in the place it should be. Some programmes like registry cleanup and remove stuff like this too.

I would give you a download link to fix the problem, but i have no idea what operating system you use so i cannot, and i have no idea if the link is safe.

If you are on windows 7 you can try this, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929833

Rysterr x

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I have a user with a XP Pro machine who connects through a wireless network. He can connect to the Internet, which I verified by checking email and pinging from the command line. However, Internet Explorer will not display any pages. It just gives "Page Cannot Be Displayed" error. It does popup the dialup connection dialog, but I verfied that there are no dialup connections under Tools > Internet Options > Connections. I even tried adding a dialup connection and then checking "Never Dial a connection". I also tried to restore all IE settings under Advanced.

A:[SOLVED] On Internet, but can't surf


Originally Posted by kurtismonger

I have a user with a XP Pro machine who connects through a wireless network. He can connect to the Internet, which I verified by checking email and pinging from the command line. However, Internet Explorer will not display any pages. It just gives "Page Cannot Be Displayed" error. It does popup the dialup connection dialog, but I verfied that there are no dialup connections under Tools > Internet Options > Connections. I even tried adding a dialup connection and then checking "Never Dial a connection". I also tried to restore all IE settings under Advanced.

Hi kurtismonger

I also had similar problems before.
Here are some of my suggestions:

Try alternative browser like Firefox or Netscape.

The above problem is usually caused by spyware and viruses and sometimes the IE itself is corrupted.

If this might be the case.

Install and run software like SpywareDoctor (Effective but must pay), ( Free Spybot and Ad-Aware) before you run the software update the signature files so the scanning will be effective. Then do a full system scan and clean all the malware identified.

Repairing IE:
Kindly Refer to this site:http://www.theeldergeek.com/repair_ie6.htm

Caution! Backup your Favourite/History or whatever Folders and settings once the IE is reinstalled all this will be gone.

Please folllow up on the above stated methods.

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i administer 14 computer network. all of a sudden all computers lost their connection to the internet. i bypassed the network and router to troubleshoot by connecting four different computers directly to the cable modem (sb4100) one at a time. None of the computers were able to connect...though each was able to ping yahoo (also trace) but can not telnet either...also my isp was able to ping my computers(all 4) ip. My isp came over and hooked up their laptop to the cable and they were able to connect with no problem...also i had a computer that had been disconnected to everything that i decided to try to connect and it DID. This leads to believe that the other computers connected to the network picked up some sort of virus?? I have tried numerous things...deleted ip stack and reinstalled, deleted nic and reinstalled, fixed install of ie, reinstalled ie., i have seen alot about winsock?? I am stumped and so is my cable provider...HELP

A:[SOLVED] cannot surf but can ping

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Trying to help a friend clean their PC that they have been running without virus protection, pop-up blocker, spy-ware blocker, ad-ware blocker... ! They won't EVER do that again!! Using Trend-Micro PC-Cillin - got the viruses, pop-ups, etc under control but a process is running that is taking over IE not allowing surfing. Plus, multiple processes of IE are kicking off on it's own.

I think it has to do with one of these .exe but I am not real sure how to kill it off for good? Here's the HJT log. Please let me know if I need to dump anything else. Thx for the HELP!!


Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 12:51:11 PM, on 7/22/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXE
C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL$MICROSOFTBCM\Binn\sqlservr.exe
C:\P... Read more

A:Solved: Can't surf via IE - Hit a dead-end!

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I have an emachine laptop running vista

Can ping to google no problem, but IE or Firefox won't surf. Have tried WinsockFix and scanned for viruses.

Have switched off router and on again

Ethernet or wireless no good, but the connection symbol down on the bottom right indicates a connection with the blue circle


A:Solved: Can Ping, But Can't Surf....

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My isp has blocked port 80 due to a system upgrade.

Skype and torrent still work, but I cannot browse to any web site (except YouTube - Broadcast Yourself., very strange)

Is there any way I can surf on another port???

I can't seem to find those setting anywhere.

A:[SOLVED] I don't want to surf on port 80

http (i.e the internet) goes through port 80, some sites however like youtube etc use other ports aswell. you cant really do anything about sites you want to visit using port 80

you can set to go out on different ports but yu can't do anything about how those sites transfer to your computer.

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I'm able to ping a public IP but get the standard "can't display web page" with IE. TCP/IP settings are correct, obtain IP and DNS automatically. Both are being retrieved correctly. I turned off Windows firewall, checked Norton settings, rifled through IE settings, spent about an hour on it. No luck. I tried to connect via LAN and wireless. No matter what I did, I could still ping but couldn't surf. My next step tomorrow will be to try Firefox.


A:Solved: Can Ping but can't surf

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I am Facing a new problem nowdays. i am able to Connect to internet but not able to surf any website. I am able to Ping to Google and other website even when I run a tracert their is no request time out found. i even tried to Disable non Microsoft application and try to connect but still the same issue. Please help.

A:Solved: Able to Ping But not able to Surf

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I have been trying to fix this problem. First, the individual files of mine, pictures, letters, etc were gone. I used a program called unhide to show them. Then when I started my computer they would be gone again. I would get a message stating I was being logged on to a temporary account and would not be able to have access to my files. I was able to solve that problem by waiting a minute to log on to my account. That solved that problem. Now, I am stuck that if I try to do a windows update, or update my malware/spyware programs, install a program that needs access to the internet I am unable to connect. With both IE and Firefox, I can connect to my homepage. but if I click any links it won't load. It just spins and spins. I have run Microsoft Security Essentials, Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware. I updated them manually, ran full scans and fixed everything they found. I would appreciate any help. Thanks. I have just successfully did an update on Malwarebytes and Microsoft Security Essesntials but still can't update/install other programs or surf the internet. A page will load but no links work. Google will load but nothing from google. I am running windows7 home premium. I use IE & firefox.

A:Solved: can access but not surf the internet

Hello Jake15401

I am guessing since you use both IE and Firefox that this problem is happening with both; you say nothing loads from Google but you don’t say what happens with Firefox.

Personally I would unhide those files, save what you can and start again but then that is just my opinion.

I did a search on the net and this does apparently happen, never come across it myself though, more posting here so I get updates for this one so I can learn.

I hope someone comes up with a solution for that one, did this start happening all of a sudden or has it happened since a new image was created?

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Hi this is my first post.The main reason why I joined this forum is to see if anybody,anywhere could help me ged rid of this "surf accuracy" bull****.I currently have Avast 4.7 edition and everytime I turn on my computer it runs a scan.About 6 or 7 times it will tell me that it is finding SAccU.exe.PLEASE HELP ME IF YOU CAN..Thanks

A:Solved: Surf Accuracy Is The DEVIL!!!!

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I think this problem I'm having has as much (or more) to do with Windows as it does with the iPhone. That's why I'm posting it here, but I've also posted it to the Apple Support Community, hoping somebody somewhere knows how to fix this.

Just a little background. I've had "ownership issues" with certain files on my computer and I'm pretty sure this is causing the problem. I've posted about this ownership issue before on here, but was never able to resolve the general issue. In this instance, I would be content with a solution to just this specific problem. And, by the way, I've tried creating new user accounts to try to solve this and that just doesn't work for me.

Just updated my iPhone 5S to the new ios through itunes on my computer. Now I'm getting this 0xE800000A error message. This actually happened right after I updated while the phone was still connected to the computer. It says "iTunes could not connect to the iPhone. An unknown error has occurred 0xE800000A." On the phone, it keeps popping up that annoying "trust this computer?" box.

This has happened to me before, but the solutions I've used for this problem before don't work now. I have Windows 7 Ultimate N. The usual solution found on the internet says to delete the Lockdown folder in C://ProgramData/Apple, but this does not work for me. In fact, that "solution" makes it worse as, when I do that, the error message pops up immediately without even giving me the ... Read more

A:Just updated my iPhone to new ios - now getting error message

Have you tried pressing ok or yes?

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Hi, I am getting the error message C0000005 7c9118b5 when I try and sync my iphone photos. I saw an old post which suggests removing and reinstalling adobe but I need help with this.
1) How do I do that?
2) What happens to my existing photos on there. How do I save them so that they are not on adobe?
3) Is there a better way to save photos?
4) Any assistance for a computer novice would be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance

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i recently installed the trial versions of this software and after checking them out decided i didn't want them. i have tried uninstalling the products but the uninstaller just hangs and doesnt work. it just sits there with zero progress on the unindtalling progress bar. i'm running windows7. can someone please tell me how to uninstall these programs manually. thanks. i need the walkthrough on how to remove them from the registry too

A:Solved: Ghost surf platinum and spycatcher

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I have Win XP Home with Pentium 4 that's become very slow in past few days since landing on a bad site that gave me Istbar and a handful of others including those mentioned above. I have run scans with Norton, Panda online, Trendmicro online, etc .. they all find something, tho Norton very little it seems, and fix some of it. My autosearch is supposed to be Google, and if I sit and wait long enough, Google kicks in .. but it takes waaay longer than it did before this started. I tried System Restore several times, and it almost gets through it, and then says "can't restore ... no settings have been changed." I need help for sure.

I don't know if this Hijack This log is meaningful or not, but here it is.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 5:57:11 AM, on 11/23/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SPBBC\SPBBCSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\WINDOWS\System32\CTHELPE... Read more

A:Solved: istbar,dyfuca, surf accuracy

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I have few computers at home, connected to a Lan using EdiMax router.
In the last 2 weeks, in one of the computers (running WinXT service pack 3) I cant download emails (using Outlook Express - PoP3 ) or surfing, although the Ethernet card is up & running, and I can ping to the internet and receiving ping back.
All computers receives IP address and DNS from an DHCP server
Can someone help pls.
Thanx ​Arie

A:Solved: Can't surf or download email - Please advise

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I am assisting a colleague whose Dell laptop is over-run with spyware. I have run Spybot, AdAware, Trend Micro, Ewido, Spyware Blaster, and Spycatcher several times and still can't remove Surf SideKick.
Safe mode seems to be the only way to get anything done.
Here is the HJT log.
Assistance appreciated.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 7:41:41 AM, on 4/28/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\DRW BOT 2006-04-26\hijackthis\HijackThis.exe

R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL = http://www.optonline.net
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Local Page =
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Connection Wizard,ShellNext = ftp://ftp.drweb.com/pub/drweb/windows/drweb-433-win-en.exe
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar,LinksFolderName =
R3 - URLSearchHook: (no name) - {02EE5B04-F144-47BB-83FB-A60BD91B74A9} - C:\Program Files\SurfSideKick 3\SskBho.dll
F2 - REG:system.ini: UserInit=C:\WINDOWS\system32\userinit.exe,nbtjhnc.exe
O2 - BHO: SpywareBlock Class - {0A87E45F-537A-40B4-B812-E2544C21A09F} - C:\Prog... Read more

A:Solved: Surf SideKick - HJT - Safe mode only

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My computer (Windows XP pro) got invaded by Surf Sidekick and Tracking cookie which I can not get rid of by Ad-Aware and Yahoo AntiSpyware.

I read posts here and prepare (but ave not run anything):

1. Learn howto RESTART in SAFEMODE
2. Config to see hidden files
3. Download and install: Hijack This Log, Ewido, Cleanup, Pocket Killer

Please help me to get rid of them.


A:Solved: Surf Sidekick and Tracking cookie

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I'm having a problem syncing songs from Itunes to my Iphone. I manually manage my music in Itunes and after I hit 'sync' or 'allow', it starts the transfer (i.e. 1 out of 758 songs) but then stops after the first or second song. It gives the message "Itunes could not copy 'song' to the Iphone because an unknown error occurred (-50)". I transferred a bunch of music from a friends pc a couple months ago and began experiencing this problem after that.

I have the Iphone 3G, Windows 7, Itunes 9.

Thanks in advance!!

A:Itunes to Iphone problem - Unknown Error (-50)

I am also having great trouble with my iPhone 3Gs and Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.

About 99% of the time I get an error message.
"iTunes could not connect to this iPhone because an unknown error occurred (0xE8000065)."

Sometimes the number in parenthesis is different.

Strangely, on rare occasions I am able to sync and load music. The two times I have tried to update the iPhone software the process stops before completion. I have a paperweight until I make an appointment with the Apple Store, drive there, get them to do the update. Then I have to manually put in all my contacts and download apps over my wireless connection. Currently, I have no music on my iPhone as my computer will not connect to the iPhone.

I have iTunes version

My system:
motherboard: Asus P7P55D EVO
CPU: i7-860
RAM: G.Skill Trident 4 x 2 GB DDR3 2000
Graphics: 2 x Ati 4890
PSU: Rosewill 1000w
OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

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I have read the fix is to add a file to download all pics, then they will transfer, but I cannot find a way to 'add a file' on the iphone S4.  I have tried to load one pic at a time, load them onto dropbox, nothing works....please help.

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This is really a continuation from an Apple discussion thread.
(Apple - Support - Discussions - iTunes Unknown error (-53) when trying ...)

Over there, a user showed me how to change my security settings, which made the error go away once:

On Win& and Vista go to CONTROL PANEL, User Accounts, click on any administratively privileged user Account, click on link "Turn User Account Control ON and OFF", go through the prompts (you need to be an administrator to be able to do so) and choose OFF.
Click OK and back out.
LOG BACK into iTUNES and Sync away.

From the user account, I couldn't access the menu... I had to search for "User Account Control", then slide the bar all the way to the bottom.

After rebooting (logging back in the next day), the error came. I was able to log back into my admin account, go the this window and click "ok"... after logging back into my normal account, it worked; once.
I tried that trick again today with no luck.

I've switched to askign over here since this sounds more like a Windows 7 issue than an iTunes issue.

Note: I've tried "run as Admin" with the same results.


A:iTunes Unknown error (-53) when trying to sync iPhone

I get the same error, but it doesn't seem to affect how the iPhone syncs. I've still been able to upload and update my music, ringtones, etc. without any problems. I get that error and click "OK", it goes away and the iPhone continues to be sync'd..

Interesting problem, but unfortunately I have no insight.

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I have a machine with Win 95b and Internet Explorer 5. I can connect to the Internet OK but it stops there. I can't surf as the browser just says "page cannot be displayed" or something like that, no matter what Web site address I use. I can't even check email, it says the pop3 server cannot be found. I have checked all the settings and they are exactly the same settings that I have on another machine that works fine. Is it possible that the modem or modem drivers are at fault?

Tony Welsh

A:Solved: Can connect to Internet but can't surf or check email

Check and make sure you do not have proxy settings.

Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings

"There are no stupid questions, just stupid people." -- Mr. Garrison on South Park

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Hey guys,

I'm new here so if I do something wrong, please tell me.

I have a problem. I have a wireless network at home (1 desktop is connected through cable, 1 laptop connected wirelessly), and I can't use my laptop for web surfing. I am connected to the network, I can ping yahoo.com, i can ping my router's ip address.

I want to mention that I reinstalled windows and formatted c: and this still occurs.

+ I did this: Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults: netsh winsock reset catalog

I used winsockfix.exe

I ran into this forums by searching "connected but no internet", just so you know, and I read some other topics around here. Still no help.

My ipconfig/all shows this:

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\Paul>ipconfig/all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : remz-power
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Unknown
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Atheros AR5007EG Wireless Network Ad
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-1F-3A-4B-27-B6
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . .... Read more

A:Solved: Connected to wireless network, can ping, can't surf

Ok, so a friend of mine helped me out.

It was something about DMZ ip address. I had that removed and it works now.

Topic solved/closed.


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Hi all

One of those (probably) stupid questions if you know the answer ...

Just bought a Belkin N300 F7D2401 v1 'Modem and Router' unit but it will not connect to the internet and I am going round in circles trying to fix the issue.

Do I also need a seperate modem? I assumed not, as it seems to be an 'upgrade' from the Belkin G I had run for years (also a 'Modem and Router' unit), but thought it worth asking.

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Belkin N300 Surf - do I need a seperate modem too?

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I am trying to get my SMS,contacts and pictures on my iPhone to be put either onto my computer or onto iTunes and I don't know how to do this.
Any help or advice would be greatly received.
Thanks in advance.
Could you suggest a transfer???

A:How can i backup iphone 3GS sms/contact to new iphone 4?

Cucusoft iPhone Tool Kits can also transfer Music/Video from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your computer.

Backup Photos to Any Folder on Computer
Backup SMS to to Computer with Multiple File Formats
Backup Call List to Computer with Multiple File Formats
Backup Contacts to Computer with Multiple File Formats
iPhone Disk & file Utilities


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Just in the last week I can no longer view my Iphone 4 or my Kindle threw my computer in Windows 7 32 bit Professional. I have been a computer technician for 19 years and have tried everything I can find in Microsoft, Apple and Amazon. Amazon phone support could not even fix it. I receive the MTP USB error. I even formatted my harddrive, reinstalled windows and it still did the same thing with only Windows installed. I also installed Itunes to see if that would make a difference and I can see the phone in Itunes but not in my computer. It allows me to connect my Free Agent external just fine. Both the Iphone and Kindle work on my brother's 64 bit Windows Professional and my old xp machine as a camera, but at least I can get the pictures off that way. I have even purchased name brand USB cords for both products. I need to make them work in this system as this is the one I use for everything. Any help would be wonderful.

A:Windows 7: Driver for MTP USB failed error 31 for Iphone & Kindle

Locate the device in Device Manager.
> It will probably be listed under Portable or USB
> It will have a yellow icon
> If you right click->Properties on the General tab, Device Status should indicate code 31

Now look at the device Details tab. Use the pull down menu to carefully look and see if any Class upper filters or Class lower filters are listed. If you find any, copy/paste what's listed into next post

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Greetings 2 All...

I have an issue w/my wireless A.P....it just died for no reason and it won't accept the driver download from the install disc it came with. Also when I try the website, it gives me a totally different driver(Realtek RTL8192CU Wireless LAN 802.11n USB 2.0 Network Adapter) and it still doesn't work. It says it's installed but when I try to connect it says there's no driver installed... I would like 2 format the USB adapter and then try to install but can't find a way. Any ideas out there??

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A:Solved: Belkin Surf & Share Wireless USB Adapter died

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programs like driver genius and even windows update cannot find or connect to the update servers to get their latest updates. The problem started yesterday. when troubleshooting with windows for internet connection problems i get a message advising, The device or resource (www.microsoft.com) is not set up to accept connections on port "The World Wide Web service (HTTP)". I am unsure of how to proceed with this, please can anybody help .Many thanks in advance. using win 7 ultimate

A:Solved: browsers can surf web fine! But programs cannot find their update servers ??

I'd get ird of Driver Genius, for starters. Drivers do not need to be updated if working, and updates can lead to problems, possibly even this one.

Try turning off your firewall and see if that makes any difference.

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Hi All
Don't know if ths is the right place to raise his question, but Tech Guys never let me down
I've a car radio that doesn't have Bluetooth or a speaker jack to connext my iphone. Is there some device or method of doing so?
I have vague recollections of early ipods having an FM transmitter attachment

A:Solved: iphone to car radio

Yes, you can buy an FM transmitter. It connects to the power port in the car and broadcasts over a radio station.

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Just lost our wireless provider - out of business on no notice so am trying to make my backup (iphone 4 tether) on my iMac work for my wife's PC.
Dell Dim 2400, P4, 2.666Ghx, 1 GB Ram
running XP Pro, 5.1 SP 3
The Dell sees the iphone in the new hardware wizard but that is as far as I get.
I've seen a lot of online posts involving cutting and pasting parts of itunes.
Can anyone help with this.
The iphone is not jailbroken and it is set up to tether with AT&T.
Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: iPhone 4 tether to XP Pro SP 3

Double check with At&T, but that should be pretty straight forward process not even involving iTunes. You just turn on Personal Hotspot on iPhone and connect it to the PC/Mac.

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Good Morning All,

I am going to format My iPhone 3 GS ( if format is the correct term ..? ) but I have some SMS Text messages that I want to save, is there anyway I can download My texts to My Pc..? is there any " Free " software applications out there that can help Me do this ..??

Jumbo 1

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I have windows 8.1 and a friend sent me a iphone video, but I can't play it, Media Player keeps closing the program? Thank You.

A:Solved: iphone video?

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I am not an Apple guy and I have never even made a phone call on an iPhone so I am not even familiar with the terms. After many tries and frustrating hours pouring over incomplete instructions that assume I know steps that aren't listed, I think I have jailbroken an iPhone. I used redsn0w to install something called Cydia and I assume that means the phone is jailbroken. Here are the phone's specifications:

Model: MB046LL
Modem Firmware: 05.15.04
Software Version: 4.2.1

My problem now is finding something that will unlock the phone so I can use a T-mobile SIM. I don't want to risk screwing up something by just experimenting.

I don't want specific advice here; but, can someone point me to a web page that applies to the above-mentioned specs? Or maybe suggest some search terms that might help as the following aren't doing the trick for me:

unlock iphone 3G "4.1.2" "05.15.04"

In case it matters, I just want T-mobile as my carrier and I'm not at all interested in installing games and such.

By the way, I live in the US so it is legal here. And if I brick the phone in the long run, it is of little consequence as it is a discard from my son.

A:Solved: How to Unlock this iPhone?

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I have an iphone and I've installed Itunes on my new Windows 7 computer. I've used itunes easily with my computer for two years, but now with the new one, when I connect it, it keeps saying "device not successully installed." If I try to plug it in again, it says it won't install because it was unplugged. Iv'e tried this over and over.....not sure what to do at this point. FWIW: I've tried two different connection cables, but it's seeing it; it just won't install the connection so I can get my phone connected so I can backup, load tunes/photos, etc. Any ideas?

A:Solved: Iphone won't connect to new Windows 7 PC

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My iPhone 4 says there is no space for updating my apps and I should delete some photos, but there are only a few photos on the phone and no music now at all. Plenty of space when I look at the remaining space via iTunes.


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Hey y'all.

I have a roommate who likes Apple. He needed juice one time for his iPhone but lost his wall USB charger adapter, and asked if he could charge his iPhone on my laptop. I did not agree to let him, but now it seems that I have iPhone drivers somewhere on my computer, and this annoying thing in my AutoPlay list. I have scoured the interwebs for a solution, but I cannot find one.

How would I go about removing this from my computer? I have included a screenshot in case you were wondering if I meant the AutoPlay event handlers. I run Vista Home Premium 64-bit.



A:Solved: Remove iPhone from AutoPlay

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Hi All

HereI am posting in the middle of moving house, I brought a new router (NetcommN600 model NENB16WV02) http://www.officeworks.com.au/retail/products/Technology/Networking/Wireless-Modem-Routers/NENB16WV02

Duel band - not had any experience with one like that, anyway at the new placemy notebook connects fine, (wired and Wi-Fi) it shows both when I searchfor a Wi-Fi connection

My iPhone however does not, I found out that the iPhone 4s does not connect to the 5MHz (via an internet search) but does the 2.4 of which when I search to connect, it shows up the 2.4 and I go to connect and it says connection failed something about the password which is the same password I used when I connected the notebook (phone is updated)

The puzzling part is, that when I first configured the router at the place I am moving FROM (different providers) before taking it over to the new place, the phone connected fine, to the 2.4 connection, my main computer connected fine also, when I first tested it out (friends phone connects - different type of phone - at the new place using the same password

Can someone, from the info I have put here, work out what I am missing here.

Will carry on using older N300 Modem/Router till I have worked this out.

The only difference I can see is that the two computers have different versions of Windows 7 (Notebook - Windows 7 Pro, Sony - Windows 7 Home Premium) but cannot think of anything between the two OS that would cause this to happen.

Thanks in advance... Read more

A:Solved: iPhone will not connect to router

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