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wiped out OS, reinstalled but need drivers

Q: wiped out OS, reinstalled but need drivers

Hey! It's funny when you think you know what you're and then you hit a huge big fat WALL. The hard drive on my friends computer was wiped out so I reformatted and reinstalled Win98SE from another CD because she had no recovery disc or anything. It all turned out okay and Windows works and all BUT it appears as though the video drivers and sound card drivers are MIA. The video only runs in 640x480x16 colors and there is no sound. This isn't the way it was before it was fried. I was wondering if anybody knows how I could go about recovering this. I suppose I would have to find out what type of video and sound cards are in the computer and then go about looking for the neccessary drivers. Should this info be on the hardware in the CPU itself? Or is there a program in Windows that will auto detect this stuff? Although I like to think I know what I'm doing, this isn't always the case. I'm pretty clueless at the moment. The computer is a custom built home jobby so I'm not sure of the specs or anything. I believe its a Pentium III-something-or-other and the OS is Windows98SE. I managed to get the internet working which should help some. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.... Shaggy_Yak.

Preferred Solution: wiped out OS, reinstalled but need drivers

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: wiped out OS, reinstalled but need drivers

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Hi ladies and gents! This is my very first post so hello!

I just recently, not even 2 weeks ago gave up on trying to repair the anti-virus virus from hades. I caught it way too late and it had just infiltrated eveything. Everything became corrupted, including my patience. So, I had my Vista boot discs and drivers so I figured, oh what the heck, I'll start fresh.
Unfortunately, I still don't feel like my system is clean. Perhaps I'm just not used to having so many processes running .
Something just doesn't feel right about some of the sketchy names that are running and the incredible amount of memory that some of these programs are randomly running in spikes.

I'm sorry I'm sort of the the beginner at this and I apologize but I feel I've been reading these forums for 4 hours now and have exhausted every goggle search there is out there.

Also, the task manager seems to be this enigma that continues to baffle me. When and if we get to that part, if someone wouldn't mind letting me know what's okay to disable that'd be super.
So, here I am attaching my hijackthis log ::
After HJT log, I will paste my malwarebytes log:: (and yes, I know it says they're clean, I just have a bad feeling and I don't want to do any online shopping until I'm 100 percent confident)
I also use Zonealarm and have hopefully, successfully disabled Windows Defender... But I'm sure you can see all of that =)

Thank you a million and ... Read more

A:Wiped entire computer & reinstalled Vista & drivers. Virus still???

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I wanted a new laptop but I can't afford one right now, so, I figured the next best thing to a new computer was to just wipe the hard drive clean and reload the software that came with it and bingo, just like it was fresh out of the box 4 years ago. Unfortunately, I'm not a computer expert and I must have missed an important step somewhere along the line. I have a 4-year old Dell laptop that was running really slow and was just loaded with too many programs, etc. And, I think it was infected with someone because Outlook kept crashing and loosing my data.

Here's what I did after I backed up my documents and pictures:

1. Downloaded Disk Kill, burned the CD and ran it (probably my first mistake) : )

2. Popped in my Reinstallation DVD with the OS on it that came with the computer. So far everything is running smoothly.
I had the desktop back everything fine and looking good except the display and fonts looked kinda off and blurry.

3. This is where I think I goofed. I popped in the "Drivers and Utilities" reinstallation DVD and loaded it to the same
partition of the disk where I had just installed the OS. Was I suppose to create a separate partition for the drivers?

Before I cleaned the HD, it looked like this:

* DellUtility(1)
* Primary Unknown (2)
* Dell Restore (2)
* Unallocated

Now I just have a large "C" hard drive (100,000) with a small unallocated of about 14,000.
I seem to recall that there ... Read more

A:Wiped hard drive and reinstalled OS now nothing...

System model?

Did you read your owner's manual...before embarking on your adventure?


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Hello. Just a warning, i am not at all good with computers.

Recently i was trying to help my brother try to find an activation key for Vista Home Premium 32bit (the same as mine), because he had lost it. So i tried to download one online, and suceeded, however, it 'formatted' my computer. Now whenever i turn it on, it says on a black screen "bootmgr compression fail" or something to that effect. So i found the Vista disk and in the bios (?) screen i chose to boot from cd. That all worked, and i reinstalled Vista to the instructions i found online.

But now all my files, programs, customised skins and themes have all disappeared.

We have tried system restore, but of course there's no restore point. I did try to back-up my entire hard drive but that failed. So i come asking if you know how i can get all of my files etc. back, and what is the best way to do so. Even if that is taking it to a shop and paying some outrageous amount.

Thanks very much.

A:Reinstalled Vista wiped harddrive

there is lots of software to retrieve files from a had drive but unless you know what your doing i would advise the shop for the files, you can always download the other stuff

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Please help! I'm at the end of my knowledge and it's still not fixed!
Basically my mother got another virus, ugly one too. Can't remember the name of it out of the frustration from this episode. Anyway, I saved her stuff and did a clean re-install. Got all the drivers downloaded and all that from Toshiba, all Windows updates done and only put Chrome, Spybot, AVG, Yahoo Messenger and LogMeIn (that has saved me so many headaches). I haven't even resaved her stuff onto here. I did all the stuff and did a restart and boom, BSOD on me just have the second tone when Windows starts *buh duh buh duh*. It automatically restarted and was fine. But why is it doing that? I tried looking at the Windows solutions and ran the memory and hard disk scans but they came back clean. I don't know what else to do besides give it back to her and tell her to ignore it and select 'Start Windows Normally'. Oh, here's some info that I saw on another question that might help?
Dump File         : 020614-45973-01.dmp
Crash Time        : 2/6/2014 2:01:42 PM
Bug Check Code    : 0x00000005
Parameter 1       : fffffa80`01722840
Parameter 2       : fffffa80`040ceb30
Parameter 3       : 00000000`00000000
Parameter 4       : 00000000`00000001
Caused By Driver  : SynTP.sys
Caused By... Read more

A:BSOD on wiped and reinstalled Win 7 x64 Home Edition

Those dump files point at your synaptics touchpad driver. From control panel find programs and features, find synaptics from the list and uninstall, see if this solves the issue. There may be a newer or older driver that will not cause the crash. The generic windows mouse drivers will work but certain features such as the touchpad scroll options may not work.

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Okay, I gave up on my dern computer and wiped it clean getting rid of the pesky malware issues. But now, I've reinstalled XP service pack 2 and realized that the driver disk have is for a Dell. My desktop is not a Dell, it was actually "made" by my mothers exboyfriend. So, I need to install the drivers for internet, sound ect. I am aware I can get all the drivers I need once I have an internet connection. Any ideas on how to get an internet driver for this hodge podge computer?!?!? Network adapters: 1394 Net Adapter, no IP address when ipconfig is ran.

A:Wiped computer/reinstalled XP service pack 2 driver help

In Device Manager right click on the Network Adapter and select Properties, then click on the Details tab, then on Hardware ID in the dropdown box. It should be in this format "PCI\VEN_4444&DEV_0016&SUBSYS_40090070&REV_01"

Post back what you find.

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I recently wiped my laptop's hard drive and reinstalled everything. The install went pretty well, except that there were several drivers missing. After calling the Gateway tech support, they got me the drivers I need, but the Network Controller still isn't working and I have no wireless connection. The Gateway tech support won't help me because they only go so far as to provide the drivers. They insist that they have given me the right driver and do not know why it will not install it properly. I'm so frustrated. If anyone can help me, I would really appreciate it.

This is the driver which they say should work: http://support.gateway.com/support/d...&uid=183161639

I am running Windows XP. They say it is a Calexico 2 / Intel PROSet Wireless Network Card, but I do not know how to confirm that.

Here's a link to a screenshot of the error and what I am seeing in the device manager: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3238/...acc77117_o.jpg


A:Network Controller won't see driver since I wiped my computer and reinstalled

update: I went to try installing the driver again. This time I got an error (after a really scary blue screen of death) saying "An error occurred during the installation of the device. Access is denied."

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The problem started weeks ago, my desktop computer went down, and now my laptop ended up with suspicious files passing through the antivirus.  When i originally formatted the desktop and got it going again, even after the format it still had rootkits I found through malwarebytes...  I noticed lots of processes going through the live resources and started reading some of them through the text editor.  many contained suspicious invasive gathering information.
So I wanted to be sure the laptop is clean before I connect it to my firewall.  This is a clean install of windows without it being connected to the internet.
Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version:27-01-2016
Ran by Black (administrator) on BLACK-PC (02-05-2016 07:03:18)
Running from C:\Users\Black\Desktop
Loaded Profiles: Black (Available Profiles: Black)
Platform: Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 (X64) Language: English (United States)
Internet Explorer Version 8 (Default browser: IE)
Boot Mode: Normal
Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool: http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/topic/335081-frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool/
==================== Processes (Whitelisted) =================
(If an entry is included in the fixlist, the process will be closed. The file will not be moved.)
(Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.) C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\COMODO\launcher_service.exe
(COMODO) C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cmdagent.e... Read more

A:Computer hacked days ago, boot wiped reinstalled still malware, clean check

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.===Your logs are clean.Check this out when connected to the net.AV: COMODO Antivirus (Enabled - Out of date) {F25D0092-CDBE-B303-ADB7-88DE8CDECCF5}===If all is well.To learn more about how to protect yourself while on the internet read this little guide best security practices keep safe.http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/407147/answers-to-common-security-questions-best-practices/===

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I get this error message '"We apologize for the inconvenience, but Windows did not start successfully. A recent hardware or software change might have caused this.
If your computer stopped responding, restarted unexpectedly, or was automatically shut down to protect your files and folders, choose 'Last Know Good Configuration' to revert to the most recent settings that worked.
If a previous startup attemp was interrupted due to a power failure or because the power or reset button was pressed, or if you aren't sure what caused the problem, choose 'Start Windows Normally'.
1.Safe Mode
2.Safe Mode wth Networking
3.Safe Mode with Command Prompt

4.Last Known Configuration (your most recent settings that worked)

5.Start Windows Normally"'

I used boot and nuke to wipe everything and tried to reinstall windows xp. The setup goes until I get to this screen. I can't get to safe mode and there is no way to get to a last known configuration. Clicking start windows normally just restarts the computer and gets me back to this screen. I'm completely clueless so I'm just looking for some ideas here.

A:Solved: Wiped and Reinstalled Windows; Windows won't work

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Someone please help me. I installed CCLEANER and my little brother hit the clean registry, and now i have no sound, i log in as the Administrator and it says that im not, and has all the little security icons everywhere!!! PLEASE HELLLLPPP!!!!

A:Ccleaner wiped out my drivers

Originally Posted by gagrl1

Someone please help me. I installed CCLEANER and my little brother hit the clean registry, and now i have no sound, i log in as the Administrator and it says that im not, and has all the little security icons everywhere!!! PLEASE HELLLLPPP!!!!

Welcome to the forum,

Any chance he selected the backup feature in Ccleaner before he deleted them?

You can try system restore,

System Restore - How to

This might help too,

System Files - SFC Command

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refresh or reset deleted preinstalled drivers-(device drivers e.t.c)?

A:wiped-deleted preinstalled drivers

Hello Vasilis,

If you are asking if a refresh or reset will delete preinstalled drivers, then they will not delete the drivers included with Windows, but could delete any driver installed by you.

Reset Windows 8

Refresh Windows 8

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i've wiped the HD and installed xp. now it seems i've lost all my drivers and after attempting to download them from dell website has failed i'm becoming frustrated.

the driver that enabled me to connect to wifi isn't working either so now i basically have no programs, no drivers and no internet access. connecting the laptop doesn't work either, "the page cannot be displayed".

is it possible to copy a restore point from another computer?

i think i've really messed things up this time.

any help would be appreciated.


the laptop is a dell inspiron e1505

A:[SOLVED] wiped my HD and installed xp from cd- now missing drivers


go to the above website and download all the device drivers for your laptop to a thumbdrive and using the thumbdrive on your e1505 install them onto that laptop. install the chipset driver first then all the others. audio, video, network adapters,,etc

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Hi, all! I haven't been around for a while so it's good to see the site still here for those of us in need.
I was recently having problems with windows hanging and freezing in my other laptop, a Dell Vostro, and so I reinstalled Windows 7. Now I cannot connect to the internet. A tech from my wireless provider told me that the internet drivers were gone, but I found them in the Windows folder labeled 'network'. In that folder there were three folders labeled 36RX8, KRXNR and YN802. In the first was a folder labeled 'wlan', and a subfolder labeled 'drivers',  so I suppose that was for using a hardwired connection.  In the second was a folder labeled ndis6xWin7, with subfolders beginning with 'athr...' and I thought that was for the wireless internet. In the third was a folder labeled 'RIS' and I've no idea what that was for.
But the point is that these files were there, and I was wondering how to get them to function so that I can again connect to the net. 
Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.

A:Reinstalling Windows wiped internet drivers

Hi PGHinBKK Are you trying to install drivers for your Ethernet Controller (wired) or Network Controller (wireless)? Also, what's the full path to that folder called "network"?

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I reinstalled xp on my comp that originally had vista on it the computer is a emachines w5243 and I can't find the proper audio drivers for it. Also I can't get my usb ports to work.... this happened before I reinstalled it and is part of the reason I decided to. Ne one know a link to the drivers or what's wrong with the usb plz and thx

A:reinstalled xp drivers help

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Hey guys i reinstalled windows xp and now theres no sound and i cant play any of the games i used to be able to because theres no video drivers. I used to have all that stuff please help me. Thanks everybody

A:Reinstalled Windows xp now no drivers

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This is a discussion thread, not a problem thread.

Started so one of Doc Brown's thread wasn't hijacked.

The posts from Doc Brown's thread that initiated the conversation, but might be off topic there.

Quote: Originally Posted by Slartybart

I should note that I had difficulty finding the correct drivers for
Bluetooth - HP did not list it for my machine - had to search HP
--> Note: the BCM card is a combo card (BT & 802.11)
AMD USB 3.0 & SMBUS - had to install base offered on HP download page for chipset (only HP called it AMD Graphics) and then update Graphics to newer versions.

Biometrics - found the drivers searching HP, left it uninstalled last time (current)
Coolsense - found it ok, just had issues with it. Seems as though it was causing high temps. When I removed it, temps were in range, left it uninstalled last time (current)
DriveGuard - found it ok, left it uninstalled last time (current)

If I think of anything else.....

Oh wait..... HP laptop.... which one?

Quote: Originally Posted by gregrocker

The two HP programs which you mention and are debatable about reinstalling after a Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7, Cool Sense and Drive Guard, are worth more discussion since they safeguard critical temperature and HD hardware on the PC, yet they can cause issues. What do others here think about their net value for re... Read more

A:HP drivers - should xyx driver be reinstalled?

HP Minimal Recovery only reinstalls drivers, activation SLP file and Coolsense so I would consider that a good reimport benchmark.

I wonder if BSOD analysts are seeing Coolsense crashes. I haven't seen any but I don't reimport anything. However it needs discussion about whether additional software which protects HD and overheating should be a Best Practice on Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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Here are my specs:

MotherBoard MSI 945P Neo-F
CPU Intel Pentium 4 630 3.0GHz RAM 1GB PC2-5300 / PC2-5400 DDR2 667 Unbuffered
NonECC HDD Maxtor -HD 200GB
Video GeForce 6800 GT
256Mb PCI-E CD/DVD NEC ND 3540A 16X Double Layer
I recently reinstalled the WinXP and nothing is working: Sound, Video, even the interneet is not working. Which drivers I need to install and where I can find them. Also a follow up question about thee internet. I installed MSI LAN utility so the connection is present ("enabled" and "connected") byt none of my browsers can connect to the internet. I'm sharing a conncetion with a friend throw the router. Is there anything is set up that needs to be modified?
Thanks for your time and help.

A:need help with drivers for reinstalled WinXP

You need to put in the motherboard drivers including chipset driver:
Use the pc you are posting with to download these drivers and then install them.

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I Reinstalled XP and it has overwritten all my video drivers. This normally wouldn't be an issue but now the video drivers from NVidia can't see that my GeForce 5700 card in installed and won't run the set up program.

I've tried the control panel/add hardware wizard but it won't let me grab the files from the C Drive. The add harware wizard only shows ATI and Intel drivers and something called LogMeIn Drivers

The Display Details only show the VGA Drivers as the cuurent Driver.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

A:Reinstalled XP - Now Video drivers are gone!

well yes when you reinstall windows it will easrse all your drivers, dont you have the driver disk and did you install the car yourself or is it factory when you bought the computer

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I am missing these drivers after my win xp reinstall. I reinstalled twice and the same drivers are missing.

Ethernet controller
SM bus controller
USB controller
Video controller
Audio Controller

A:Reinstalled XP, missing drivers

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I recently had a virus and needed to start clean.... I wiped out everything! So I installed Windows XP Pro again. I am not too computer savy and I'm sure this could be an easy fix.

Unfortunately, I don?t have any start up discs and I don?t even know what I'm missing or needing to get back online. I've never started this "clean" before.

Can somebody just refer me to a place to get what I need to get back online or helpful links?

Thank you so any help you might have

A:Reinstalled XP - Need Drivers to get online...

First go to the computer manufacturer's website (or motherboard mfg) and download and install the chipset driver.

After that, go to the manufacturers' websites for your video, sound, and - if applicable, ethernet cards and download and install the current drivers.If you are not sure what is installed you can either look in device manager or download and run Belarc Advisor (or any similar utility). Here's the link for Belarc: http://www.belarc.com/free_download.html

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Alright, so for a few months now I have a problem where after I reboot, almost none of my USB work just the ones two in the back. So I seen when i went into Device Manager i would see a yellow exclamation mark, So i would uninstall the drives and then rescan for hardware change and it will work once again. I would reboot it again same issue. I been having to leave my pc on for weeks at a time cause i dont want to go thru the hassel.

Where should i start to T/S i have changed the plug on the M/B and same issue. Uninstalled all the usb drives and rebooted pc same issue in Safe Mode same. All drivers are up-to-date So im stuck in a ditch even

A:USB Drivers Need To Be Reinstalled After Every Reboot?

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Hello, First of all thanks to anyone who helps.
I am not very good when it comes to hardware. So simple instructions would be appreciated.

Ok, So i had a virus on my PC, So i reinstalled Windows XP.
I thought that is all i had to do. Now, I do not have any drivers. I try changing the audio it says 'No audio device'
I try going on the internet it says 'No Ethernet Connector' .

I cannot update the drivers with Device manager, as i dont have the internet.

I have no idea what i need to download either.
I looked at other posts, and have downloaded a 'chipset' from ASUS site.
I dont know what else i need to download so that, internet + sound is working.

My motherboard is
ASUS M4A78 pro
Windows XP Pro SP3

Apparently to 'EVEREST Ultimate Edition' I have

Atheros AR8121/AR8113/AR8114 PCI-E Ethernet Controller

VIA VT1708S @ ATI SB700 - High Definition Audio Controller
I also dont have a video controller.

Can anyone link me the downloads/ Help me out?

If u need anymore information, Ask

Please Help, I need internet soon, cuz i cant activate my windows. Lol

A:No Drivers? Reinstalled Windows XP

whats the make and model of the PC
you need to go to the manufacturers website and download all the drivers for the PC
chipset, video, audio, netwrok - etc

as you have the motherboard listed - you should also be able to get the drivers from the asus site - but i would start at the PC manufacturers website

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i reformatted my hard drive, then when i went to reinstall my drivers they were installed incorrectly. now nothing works. no mouse no keyboard. is there anything i can do maybe in bios where everything still works. please help

A:reinstalled drivers incorrectly

and welcome to the Forum

When you say "the drivers swere installed incorrectly", what exactly do you mean. Which drivers? Did you get any errors while installing them? Are the Mouse/Keyboard USB or PS/2?

What Brand/Model is the PC?

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I have re-installed WIN 7 on my laptop. I did not have the cd's from Dell, so I purchased and used a WIN 7 disc. After re-installing WIN 7, my internet connection was not functioning. Under Device Manager, the following had yellow warning signs next to them:

Ethernet Controller
Intel(R) Centrino(R) Advanced-N+WiMax 6250
Network Controller
PCI Simple Communications Controller.

I am assuming that these devices are missing the drivers required for their operation. I tried running Intel_My_WiFi_Dashboard_15.1.1_s64. It told me I needed to install dotNetFx40_Full_Setup. I attempted to run this program, but a lack of an internet connection prevented it from completing. I am unsure of what to try next. Any help would be appreciated.

If this has already been answered under another post, I apologize for re-posting, and would be more then glad to read the original thread if someone can post a link.

Thank you for any help you have,

Desperate User.

A:Drivers Missing After WIN 7 Reinstalled

Go to the Dell support site for your model and download the appropriate drivers.

If you enter the service Tag number, it will tell you what was installed and recommend the right drivers.


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Please help me I'm tottally lost.
I have a dell inspiron 1750 laptop which was on vista but I upgraded to windows 7. But it started to crash and I couldn't even turn it on long enough to do anything before it crashed so I reinstalled my windows vista disk that I got with my laptop as the windows 7 disc wouldnt work. I managed to really install it but now I cannot connect to the internet it says I need network adapters and I also have no blue tooth I can't find it anywhere in the laptop. I went on the dell website and found a list of drivers but how do I know which ones I need. There are 38 for my service tag.

I'm using my phone to type this as this is my only internet access at the moment. I can get on another computer at my mums house.

Please help
thanks x

A:reinstalled vista - now have no drivers help please

Hello taraheath and welcome to the forums

Before I can provide links, we need to make sure it's for the right thing. In order to do this, I will need you to fill out your System Specs. Use Speccy if you don't know any of them:

Speccy - System Information - Free Download


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I have an Asus U36SD

Last night I reinstalled windows for a clean install on windows disk
After finishing and loading up windows I have no drivers so no connection to any peripherals
I can't install them from the web because all Internet drivers are gone and I can't install from USB
Because the USB driver is gone.

Please help!! What do I do

A:Reinstalled windows. No drivers

Follow the steps in Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7.

Put your network adapter driver form the Asus Support Downloads webpage on CD or stick to install it to connect to network. http://support.asus.com/Download.asp...=U36SD&p=3&os=

Then immediately enable Device Installation Settings Option 3, run all rounds of Important and Optional Windows Updates to completion.

If wireless driver gives problems installing then use the ethernet cable which will probably load its own driver if you've enabled Option 3 in link above, otherwise import it from same page.

Windows Updates should provide most all of the drivers. After required reboots, go right back to Check for Updates again until there are no more. You can then import any still missing in Device Manager from the same Asus webpage.

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I have just reinstalled Windows XP, and now I can't get on the Internet.
( I use Net Zero Dial Up for $9.95 / Month)

When I try to install the software for Net Zero, it tells me that it Can't Detect the Modem.

In the Device Manager, I see some things with a Yellow?! which are:

Ethernet Controller
Multimedia Audio Controller
PCI Input Device
PCI Modem
SM Bus Controller
Video Controller (VGA Compat.)

I would like to get the Modem to work, and then allow the internt to automatically choose and install the rest of the drivers.

So, I guess I have to find the Driver for a Dell Dimension 2400 Modem. It had a Pentium 4, and 512GB or Ram.

Can I download it on a Flash? and then Choose the Options in the Device Manager- Install From a Specific Location/ Don't Search I will choose the Driver to Install.?

Any help as to choosing a Driver and Some instruction on Installing it would be Greatly Appreciated. I think I could download it Possibly a Flash or CD if necessary.

Then do I click on the Device (Modem) in the Device Manager>Install From a Sprecific Location>Don't Install Automatically, I will choose the Driver to Install.

I see some things in the list under drivers In the Device Manager for Drivers to Choose from, but I'm not sure if there is one there for me. I did choose one that was V90 and I let it download all night and it was still loading in the morning, so I don't think it was working?

Thank you in advance for your help.

A:Reinstalled Windows XP and now I need Drivers

You can go to the Dell support site, enter your Service Tag Number and download the drivers. Be sure to use IE and do not use the Dell Download Manager!

Just download the driver file, save it to a flash drive or burn to CD . . double click on the Dell to install

On the list of drivers, click on the driver file:

Then the download button here:

See this for the order they should be installed:
How to Download and Install Drivers in the Correct Order | Dell

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Until recently, I was running a bootlegged Windows 7 copy. Finally I broke down and bought it from a friend at Microsoft. But now all my driver software is lost. Where can I find an online driver updater that won't kill me with viruses? And is there anything else I should do to protect my system?

A:Just reinstalled Windows 7- how to recover drivers?

What is your Computer Make and Model

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Hi, my Samsung Notebook 300E5A wouldn't boot, and no recovery options were working, and I hadn't made a recovery disk, so I reinstalled Windows 7 from a USB drive.

Now 4 drivers are missing:

Ethernet controller
Network controller
PCI Simple Communications controller
SM Bus Controller.

How do I go about acquiring or installing these?

Thanks for your help,


A:Reinstalled windows missing 4 drivers

Hi Andrew Welcome to Seven Forums .. You need the Chipset and Lan Driver .. Install them then let me know what is missing .. They are in the Link below ...

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Had to reinstall Windows 7 on my Sony Vaio

System Model VPCEB36GMEthernet Controller MissingBase System Device MissingI managed to install all the drivers except these two. I thought I had the right drivers but I was mistaken. Would really appreciate someone just getting me the right links on the sony website please

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Does Windows 7 have it's own drivers for graphics cards? I have the GTX 285 and I just re installed Windows 7 , the Home Edition, but I didn't install the graphics drivers for my EVGA GTX 285 just yet. Strangly I am able to play Armed Assault 2. I wonder if since lately I have been playing ArmA2 and the graphics , according to others, should be brilliant, yet they seem kinda shabby. I wonder if the card is even using the drivers I installed before or just some other drivers. can anyone explain this?

A:Just reinstalled Windows 7 without graphics drivers?

Quote: Originally Posted by Chammy

I wonder if the card is even using the drivers I installed before or just some other drivers. can anyone explain this?


Can you explain what you mean that you haven't updated your drivers, but have yet have actually installed some?

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My OS recently crashed (config corrupt or missing) and I was unable to fix it with the standard copy / repair instructions since the windows\repair\system file was missing. Recovery panel was of no help. And when I attempted to do an in-place installation, but it kept hanging when it got to the 35 minute mark. I deleted antivirus software and attempted again, to no avail. During the hanging, I was able to use f10 to get to a dos prompt, which allowed me to launch the files and settings transfer wizard. I copied everything I thought was important to a newly purchased hard drive.

One I had copied everything I possibly thought I could need, I did a new install. I was able to load Microsoft Office without any issues, and able to load AOL and connect using a dial up connection. When I attempted to set up the Verizon DSL, I ran into problems. When I use control panel to go to Network Connections - there isn't anything there. Completely empty. Verizon told me to call Dell and ask them to reinstall the nic card / ethernet connection. I also noticed that I do not have sound on the computer anymore. When on the phone with Dell I discovered they had not included the "driver and utility delldimension resource cd" when the shipped it to me, and it's no longer available.

Do you know what drivers I need to download from Dell's site and how to set up the network connections so that I can get DSL working?

How about for sound? I've only had the new OS up and r... Read more

A:Reinstalled Windows XP - drivers missing

Even though the CD is not available, you might try going to Dell's site to download the drivers.

Another possibility is to find out the manufacturer of the sound card and network card and download from their site.

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Yes I just configured my Dell 4700 Dimension due to malware damage. It all went ok but when I go to open Media Center for those of you familiar with the software it says, "Video card or drivers are not compatible with media center." also I play games and some say I dont have a directX compatible video
card but it was compatible before I reloaded. I listed some information below that I got when I typed in dxdiag in run and looked at display.

Main Driver: vga.dll
Version: 5.01.2600
mini VDD: vga.sys

Also it says that I have default monitor on. I think my computer doesnt see or know what card I have in or the type of monitor. Any help please.


A:just reinstalled XP cant configure video drivers

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I'm the "printer guy" for my company of around 700 people. Of these 700ish people, a small number (around 10) are having a very strange issue. Occasionally (daily for some, weekly for others), they are unable to print and are forced to reinstall
print drivers. Printers are networked and many people connect to a single printer, yet not everyone is affected. We have about 5-6 printers that multiple people print to, yet a fraction of those people have this issue.
We have 6 print servers across our 3 sites (3x Windows Server 2012, 3x Windows Server 2016). The main printers affected are Toshiba, Lexmark, and HP. However, I do not believe this is a print driver/server issue, as this is also affecting local printers
(Dymo label printers connected via USB).
In most cases (85%), the fix would be for the user to go to their Devices & Printers, right click the printer having issues, go to Printer Properties, and have a message pop up saying "The 'PRINT DRIVER' print driver is not installed on this computer."
prompt, and ask them if they want to install the driver now. Clicking yes, and then next a few times, will resolve this problem. The thing is, the print driver isn't uninstalled/removed/altered at all. The driver still shows up in the Print Server Properties
GUI and the drivers are still in the registry. 
In some other cases (15%), we have to completely remove the old driver (stopping print spooler, deleting the driver either in ... Read more

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Hi, I recently reformatted and reinstalled Windows XP Professional on my HP Compaq nc6120 Notebook PC. After I finished, the internet wasn't working. It says i'm connected in the lower right hand corner, but I get no IP address when I do "ipconfig" in Command Prompt.

I noticed the laptop is missing quite a few different drivers though, and i'm pretty sure these are the problem. They're under "Other Devices" in my Device Manager:
These all have yellow !'s on them

Ethernet Controller
Mass Storage Controller
Multimedia Audio Controller
Network Controller
PCI Modem
PCI Simple Communications Controller
Video Controller
Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

I looked up my laptop on the HP website for the drivers and found it, but honestly can't make heads or tails of them. I don't know which drivers listed I need to fix the above driver issues.

Here is the link to the laptop drivers on the HP website: Here
Product: Compaq nc6120
s/n: CNU6121BQ3
p/n: PZ121UA

Hp support of course tried charging me to help me fix it. Not that I would have been able to understand the tech support guy if they did try to help (yay outsourcing).

Thanks to anyone who tries to help!

A:Reformatted/Reinstalled OS - missing drivers

Heres what you can try go to the HP website and for your model of computer download all of the xp drivers that you are missing in the device mgr.and for future use download all of the xp drivers so that you will have them. drivers are very easy to install once downloaded. if you have another computer to use to get the drivers put them on a cd or usb flash drive and install them to the computer that needs the drivers.

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I was having some freezing/BSOD problem with a certain very important program and I ended up reinstalling windows. I did so from a USB flashdisk but after windows was installed a lot of drivers seem to be missing. The laptop is a custom build and I don't have the cd with all the drivers since the disk is still at home, which is across the Atlantic Ocean so getting that isn't an option either.

The most important driver that seems to be missing as far as I can tell at the moment is the network adapter driver. Device Manager isn't recognizing the following devices:
- Ethernet Controller
- Network Controller
- PCI Device
- SM Bus Controller
- USB Controller

Windows Update isn't finding any drivers for those devices and I can't download them manually either since I don't know what I need to be looking for.

Any help is greatly appreciated since I've already been 2 days out of commission with the previous BSOD problem before I reinstalled windows. Let me know if you need me to supply any other information.

Thank You.


I saw in another thread it was asked to upload a dxdiag file so I attached that.

A:Reinstalled Windows, need help finding the right drivers

Your Ethernet controller is from Realtek. Go to the Realtek support site and download the Communication Network->NIC controller Gigabit driver suitable for your OS to a flash drive. Then install from flash

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Hi I bought this roughly a year ago

PB Tech - NBKLEN1252535B : LENOVO IdeaPad G570 Sandy Bridge i5-2410M 2.3GHz 8GB (4Gx2) DDR3 640GB 15.6" ATI HD6370M 1G DEDICATED VGA BT2.1 2.0MP HD Webcam 802.11n DVDRW HDMI Win7 Home Premium 64bit 6Cell

I re-installed Windows 7 Home Premium yesterday and discovered I lost all my drivers and device management/disk management/computer manage etc shows no manufacturers name for each driver needed.

Could someone tell me which drivers I need for my laptop to be running as good or as close to new as possible by what's just listed on the website?

Note- I don't even have ethernet card driver!

Thanks for anyone who can help and have a good day, enjoy

A:Reinstalled Windows 7, lost all drivers!

Here perhaps

Drivers and software - Lenovo G570 Notebook

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So i reinstalled windows 10 on my GPD Win and it seeps that the speaker/controller/built in mouse/wifi/bluetooth/touchscreen, and just about every other driver isnt installed, not even the battery percentage shows up in the task bar. The hardware doesn't show up in settings but i know it works properly due to it working in the UEFI menu. What drivers and what do i need to do to get them working properly again? It seems that the computer can't detect the hardware although it is displaying correctly. Although i cant use a driver detect-and-install utility because the computer isn't showing the ability to connect to wifi, although it did before and i havn't changed any of the hardware.

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I wiped out my computer and reinstalled windows 7 home premium 64-bit on my HP A7A75UA Laptop and
Now it's saying I'm missing the drivers for "HP NetServer 10/100TX PCI LAN Adapter" under the category "Network adapters" and under "other devices" It says I'm missing "Network Controller" and "PCI Device", I don't know exactly what the actual drivers I need to download are but also I cannot connect to the Internet on my laptop without those drivers and I've tried "update driver" but it doesn't work can anyone give me the links to where I can download the drivers please?

A:Reinstalled windows 7 now missing drivers

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .. Drivers in the Link below ...
Software & driver downloads HP 2000-417NR Notebook PC | HP? Support

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Hey guys, im having much the same problem as I imagine a lot of people do. I just reinstalled windows and now have no sound.

I downloaded the relevant sound drivers from here:


but everytime I try to install them to my computer I get this message:

Failed to load dll:adminchk

I even downloaded the dll:adminchk seperately to see if that would help, but it didnt. I'm lost and really, REALLY would like to get sound back on my computer. Does anybody know what I can do?

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I completely formatted my computer to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, I put in the correct product key and then when I attempted to connect to the internet I couldn't because I don't have the correct drivers.
Back when I used to use Windows XP I put a little CD in and then installed the drivers from Device Manager but now with Windows 7, I put the CD in and I can't install the drivers. They show up with a tiny symbol with a yellow exclamation mark on it (it was like this too back when I used XP, but I had no problems then,). Does anyone know what I can do?
The uninstalled drivers are these:
Base System Device
Base System Device
Ethernet Controller
Network Controller
SM Bus Controller

I'm stumped here, any help would be greatly appreciated. When I right click and click "Update Drivers" it says there are no updates.

A:Reinstalled Windows 7, no drivers found?

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win 7 64, need to uninstall my network drivers, and reinstall new ones that I downloaded from support.dell.com.

Please assist in what I need to do? Do I just simply delete the network drivers? If this has been addressed please copy/paste the link to the right thread.

Thanks in advance.

A:Network Drivers Need To Be Uninstalled/Reinstalled Help

Do you have the new network drivers? If so,... where?

To uninstall: Goto "device manager"->network adapters->right click on the network adapter->uninstall. Press OK maybe a couple of times. Now reboot

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Okay, so I've reinstalled XP and things are running smoothly now, except...

In my device manager, under "other devices" they all have a yellow ? next to them: the video, audio (no, can't hear anything other than that annoying, "bonk" sound ), ethernet, network, etc. I can't get online to download a driver (I'm at a friend's house now), so I'm trying to find what I need and burn it to disc so I can install it on my lappy (Dell, Inspiron B130 ) and get online again. I'm sure from there, I can go to the dell website and get the sound and what not fixed up, but since I can't get online, and I'm not sure what I'm looking for (there's a driver update on dell.com... is that it? Here's the link. ) I'm really having a "throw it out the window" moment here. Can anybody help me? Many thanks in advance

Oh, btw, I have cable broadband internet service (when I called them, they said my 'puter wasn't showing up, and to contact dell for a driver from the network card. Dell said, "That's $150 please" ), with a ethernet line to the router. Does that make sense?

A:so I reinstalled Windows XP... no drivers now? Can't get online...

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Hello everybody, I am a new user here!
Today my computer experienced the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH! I cannot repair because the recovery partition was deleted -_-" As my last resort, I formatted my hard drive and reinstalled Windows XP Home Edition. The installation was a success but when I booted it for the first time, there were drivers missing or not installed. There was no internet so I cannot activate my WinXP, no sound, USB ports cannot read my usb but for some reason my USB Mouse works fine, also there is no firewall installed either. When I got my computer, it came with Windows Vista pre-installed so I do not have the disk, I also do not have any disk that contain the files for my drivers. I went to the HP website support page and went to this link (http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareCategory?lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&product=3458416&lang=en&) but there is only one useless driver for Windows XP! I tried to copy the drivers for Windows Vista but of course.. that failed. My question for you guys is: Where can I get the drivers for my computer?

Computer Specs: HP Pavilion s3127c
Windows XP Home Edition'
No Drivers..
NVidia Geforce 6150 LE
Connecting to the internet wirelessly

I would love to thank you guys in advance.. so THANKS!

A:Solved: Reinstalled Windows XP but no drivers! Please Help TY

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Hi all

I have tried to find these myself on the interenet but it all seems to be trial or just so confusing I have no idea what I am doing. I am hoping someone can help.

I did a clean reinstall of windows xp prof SP2 and everything is ok but the drivers for the following things are missing.

AMD Athlon XP 2400+

Ethernet connection driver
Multi Audio Contoller driver and
SM bus controller.

I know the ethernet is important as I cannot connect to the internet on my pc anymore lol. Can someone please point me in the right direction

Thank you

A:reinstalled windows xp, now drivers missing

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So I formatted my hard drives and reinstalled windows 7, took all the files I needed on a usb.

upon first start up I installed the motherboard drivers with a disc, but even still no internet connection, I have tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them countless times

Also when I check out device manager my gpu isn't there, it's just a standard VGA

A:Reinstalled win7 and drivers, no internet

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