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T450 on Win7 - USB 3.0 vs USB 2.0 - not able to eject external drive

Q: T450 on Win7 - USB 3.0 vs USB 2.0 - not able to eject external drive

Hi.I am usually able to troubleshoot by searching the internet, but for this one I was not able to find the answer. I have Lenovo T450 running on Windows 7 Pro 64 bit SP1. I have two external drives:1. Seagate 1TB Backup Plus.2. WD My Passport Ultra 2TB. Both devices work fine; I connect them to the laptop and can read/write data successfully. The problem is I cannot safely eject external drives through Safely Remove Hardware, they just do not show up in the list (see screenshots below). I did some research and found that when external drives are connected as USB 2.0 devices, I can safely eject them (see first screenshot below), when I connect them as USB 3.0 devices, option to eject disappear (see second screenshot below). The reason it bothers me at all is that I do lots of backups for work (sometimes a TB per day) and recently had Seagate external drive corrupted because it wasn't unplugged safely. What I did so far: - updated Intel USB 3.0 Root hub driver and Intel USB 3.0 extensive host controller driver to latest version - ISSUE NOT SOLVED Currently I connect external drives as USB 2.0 devices. Backups are safe, but speed is very slow when I need to copy terabyte of data. I need a solution. I suspect this is something with a driver, but I installed all latest USB drivers from Lenovo web site.Need help.

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Preferred Solution: T450 on Win7 - USB 3.0 vs USB 2.0 - not able to eject external drive

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I'm using an older Maxtor external disk drive.
All my programs are closed, but when I try to eject the drive, I am told the drive is being used by a program.

Is there a way to see which program(s) have retained their connection
To just close any connection that might be open.... I'm not writing or updating to the drive - just cleaning it up and reorganizing it and all of that work was over hours ago.


A:can't eject external drive

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Can't get my old dell to work. Is it any way to get the info from the external hard drive by hook it up with a cable and plug it into another computer?

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Hello, I am having the flowing problem: when trying to eject an external hard drive I get this message: "This device is currently in use. Close any Program or windows that might be using the device and then try again"

I closed everything but still no luck.
I disable the recycle bin for the External HD... same thing.
I stopped the antivirus (AVG Antivirus 2013)... same thing.
I ran Process Explorer to find out this handles were pointing to D:


I tried to close the handle but got: "Cant open, the handle is invalid"

Read this could be a Rootkit malware, but don't know what else to do I am stuck.
I am running Sophos Virus Removal Tool V 2.3; still going on, so far no threats fund.

Any help will be appreciated.


Running Win 8 64, I'm new here so I hope this is the right place to post this.

A:Cant Eject External Hard Drive

Those are files that are part of the NTFS file system... the 'safely remove hardware' hardly works due to all indexing of files, showing you thumbnails of your pictures, and AV scanning nowadays... I know it won't give you the warm fuzzies to unplug a drive but if you are not actively moving files to the drive or specifically using something off it it... removing it is pretty safe. I try to remove safely first but if it doesn't work I'm not overly concerned.

If you want to check into it further make sure the drive is optimized for quick removal > goto device manager > then disk drives > double click on your external drive > goto the polices tab and make sure quick removal is selected.

You may also format the drive as FAT32 which comes with its own drawbacks.

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Right clicking in "my computer", no "eject" option is shown, although that has NOT been the problem in the past.
There is no icon in my taskbar for the external device.
How do I eject?

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Hello all,

I've got a Seagate Free Agent Pro external drive (currently connected via eSATA), which solidly refuses to disconnect from the system, using the "safe disconnect" dance.

Whenever I try, after a pause I get the error message: "This device is currently in use. Close any programs or windows that might be using the device, and then try again." I have tried closing just about everything down, but the message still appears.

My question to all the MS gurus out there is as follows:

1) Is there a way to tell if my drive is actually in use? Can I tell which program is using the drive?
2) Can I force-disconnect the drive in such a way that any pending writes are completed? (i.e., not just disconnecting the cable and hoping for the best)

Before you ask, I did look for device-specific drivers on Seagate's web site. No luck. There's some disk management utilities to help manage backups and/or syncs, but no drivers.

Thanks for your help and time,
~ Paul

A:External hard drive won't eject

Hello paulprogrammer. Welcome to the forum.

The 'easy' way is to simply restart or shut down the computer. All proccess and handles will be terminated during shutdown.

The better way is to fix it as described here:
Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device

Hope that helps

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I recently installed my IDE Internal ZIP 650 cd-rw drive on a newer computer with windows xp. I did not install the roxio software (easy cd & direct cd) because Iomega says it will not work on xp, and Iomega is too cheap to support us with download upgrades! I can buy a new Drive for less than their software!

I also installed an IDE Samsung SH-S182M cd-dvd writer, and the Nero 6 software which came with it.

My zip 650 seems to work with nero except I cannot eject a cd-rw data disk (formatted with Nero Incd) by using the external eject button on the drive. I can eject by right clicking the drive in My Computer and clicking eject. However, the external eject button will work on a cd-r data disk.

This drive worked fine on my old Windows 98SE machine using Adaptec software.

Is this a software problem ? If so, what is the best software out there which will work with both drives ?

Thanks, bettme

A:zip 650 (IDE Drive) external eject button

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I am fairly new to W7 and I was wondering how you safely remove an external eSATA hard drive that is connected to a Sumvision 3.5" HDD docking station? Iv'e looked everywhere and cannot find anything that says eject. I did look in the Sumvision manual and it says supports plug and play?


A:How to eject an external eSata drive?

I found this doing a quick google search.

windows 7 - How to safely remove eSATA drive when it's not in the Safely Remove Hardware dialog - Super User

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Hi odd thing happening. I can attach my external hard drive without any problems and it works fine. When I try to safely remove using the small USB icon in the systems tray, there is nothing there - nothing at all....

Any ideas - perhaps I am missing a driver? Thanks

A:My external drive is missing when I try to remove or eject

Hi, I may be wrong but 'quick removal' may be enabled.

Try disabling it.

By opening device manager. (Start, search run and run this "devmgmt.msc") make sure you run as admin if it asks.

Find your drive in the menu. (Mine is a usb memory stick but it may apply to your drive.)

Click 'disk drives' > find your drive in the submenu (mine was a sandisk memory stick) > double click the drive > select the 'policies tab' > check better performance > click 'apply'

Reboot. See if that worked. If not sorry it's all i can suggest.

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Every so often, I can not eject my USB connected external hard drive.

The attached pop-up states that a program has it open. Is there a way to determine what this program may be?



A:Can't eject USB connect external hard drive

I get this same error message when I try to eject my external device from the LEFT column (the Navigation Pane) of Windows Explorer, but I don't get the error message when I try to eject it from the RIGHT column. See if that makes a difference for you.

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I've recently installed a USB3.0 PCI-e for a USB3.0 external drive. I'm not sure if that is part of the problem.

I cease using the drive, and wish to eject it safely, but I receive 'in use' messages...no matter how long I wait, no matter what programs I close.

I do have Windows set to the default where you apparently don't have to worry about safely ejecting. However, when I booted the drive today I received an error/improper disconnect message from the last use, and it had to scan and [apparently*] move some files, which is why I'm concerned about this drive not responding properly.

the drive is the USB3.0 Samsung 2TB expansion.
its second partition is encrypted with TrueCrypt, and I dismount it before attempting to disconnect the device.

not sure what other information might be relevant.

EDIT: after a restart, a bunch of explorer windows were re-opened -- these had been "closed" in an explorer crash while using the encrypted partition on the external drive (though the encryption program was successfully closed, suggesting that shouldn't have been the reason I couldn't disconnect safely). while closing apps in attempts to get Windows to allow a safe removal, I encountered a few instances of desktop icons not responding, and explorer needing to be restarted in task manager.

any insight would be appreciated.
*it said some were moved to a new folder it created...but this folder could not be found (there remains a discrepancy between the chkdsk report of how m... Read more

A:unable to 'safely eject' my new external drive.

We have seen this issue many times over the years on this forum. It seems to affect some systems constantly and all systems occasionally.

My best guess is that it is due to poorly written software that starts a service or process and then does not release it or shut it down when you close the program. The system thinks the drive is still active because the process/service is still running.

The easiest is a work-around: restart the computer. Windows does a good job in closing the processes and services and "safely removing" the drive before it will shut down.

Otherwise you would need to track down the offending process or service and manually close it before you can safely remove. Complicating the matter in your case is the fact that the drive actually is still busy - otherwise you would not lose/shuffle data.

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Hello Tech Gurus,

I have a very weird problem - one that I haven't faced before.

A few weeks ago, I tried to format an external harddrive that I now think was infected with a couple of trojans and worms. Later, I noticed that my iPod refuses to stay connected with the computer: If I connected my iPod to my computer, it almost instantly gets ejected - iTunes doesn't even have time to recognize that an iPod has been connected.

I also noticed that my external (USB) DVD drive kept auto ejecting. This only happens when there is no disk in it. If there is a disk in this drive, nothing weird happens, and everything behaves as expected. However, if there is no disk in it, it gets automatically ejected in exactly 10 seconds.

I ran Avast Antivirus on my computer multiple times, which is how I found the trojans and worms. After Avast deleted them (deleted - not moved to chest), I reran Avast twice (in safe mode and normal mode) and it found nothing, but the problems still persisted. I ran CCleaner to eliminate the possibility that these malicious programs were still somewhere on the computer without being recognized, but that has not led to anything fruitful either.

I'd really appreciate any help that you could give me. I'm really out of ideas and hate that even my external USB soundcard keeps getting ejected (probably) by this malicious program.

Interestingly though, any USB flashdrives that I insert don't get ejected. So I'm really not sure what... Read more

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Hi there,

I have a SimpleTech Extenal Hard Drive connected through USB and everytime I got to eject it, I get the "Generic Volume cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device again later" error. This is driving me crazy! I have tried searching all over the net but I can never find anything too informative. Unlocker doesn't work properly on Windows 7, so that was a waste of time.

I am running Windows 7, 64-bit. Also, this only happens after I've transferred files to and from my external hard drive. This never happens when I've simply opened files from it, only when transferring files. However, files are not transferring when I am trying to eject it.

Please help me. I don't want to ruin my external drive, I've had to just turn it off instead of ejecting it due to no choice.

A:Solved: Problem: External Hard Drive Cannot Eject

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So I'm having this funny problem as of late with all my external USB HDDs. Basically, the "Safely Eject Hardware" icon no longer appears when the drives are connected, thus I am unable to safely remove it. It used to work, but somewhere along the line, it stopped showing up. I don't recall what, if any, changes were made. The HDDs are SATA drives in external enclosures (two different types).

The drives appear in the "Hard Disk Drives" section of My Computer, and not under "Devices with Removable Storage".

I've tried uninstalling the associated devices from the Device Manager (USB Mass Storage Device, and the listing under Disk Drives). Other USB Media work fine (Flash drives), just not the HDDs.

The drive works fine otherwise, I'm just worried about corrupting data during the disconnect. Basically, it's as if Windows thinks they are internal drives.

A:External USB HDDs being treated as internal drive (cannot eject)

Can't remember ever using the "Safely Remove" feature. All I have done since USB devices have come out is just pull the USB cord out.

However, if you need to see if there is a problem; check to see if for some reason that the safely remove feature is hidden. Bring up the "Property Menu" for the task bar then go to the "Notification Area," then check to see if my chance it is hidden.

If that's not the problem check back, and we'll look at other possibilities.

And, BTW "Welcome to the Seven Forums."

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A teacher where I work would like to use an external monitor along with a projector that is in his classroom.  We've been able to get both work along with the laptop's display but not in the order he would like them.  He connected the projector to his laptop via VGA, and the external monitor is connected via VGA to a DP adapter.  He would like to mirror the projector with his laptop and extend to the monitor.  We can't seem to get it to do that configuration though.  We have also tried connecting the projector to the DP adapter and the monitor to the laptop's VGA port.  It just does the same thing.  Is there anything I'm missing?

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I have a lenovo thinkpad t450 for schoolwork, general web browsing, and some low key gaming. I threw in 8gb of ram to speed it up a little, and I am considering adding an external graphics card to hook up to an external monitor. I did a little research and got in way over my head. I read up on the subject for an hour or so, and at the end I had no idea if it was even possible to do this with my computer. I'm hoping there will be a way to regularly connect and disconnect the laptop from the monitor and GPU so I can still maintain mobility. As far as I can tell I need something called a PCI slot to connect the graphics card, which (as far as I can tell) I do not have. I do see something called a Realtek PCIE CardReader. Not sure what that means. If it is possible to use the external graphics card with my built in screen that would be wonderful, but I didn't see anything about that. Any help would be vastly appreciated, and sorry for being such a tech ignoramus. Also advice for storing the graphics card and keeping it cool would be nice as leaving it sitting on a desk seems wrong/dangerous.  Cheers, Angus

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I need to do a repair installation.
I unplugged my printers (after removing them from printers & devices) from the back of the printers, but not from USB. I also removed the PrimoPDF from there but not from my programs.

I tried to eject the My Book External HD but it is telling me it's in use. I didn't have any windows open so I don't know what is using it. I removed the short cuts for my pictures and documents from the desktop too. Do I need to remove the USB connectors to the printers? How do I find out what is using it??

A:Can't eject my external HD?

Try logging off and then logging back on or reboot the PC and see if you can eject the external hard drive.


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I've had this external hard drive for a few months, but this probably only arose in the last few weeks. When I try to stop the device with Windows XP's "Safely Remove Hardware" tray icon, I get the message:

The device 'Generic volume' cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device again later. Click to expand...

Problem is, there is no later--it always says that.

The drive is actually an internal drive converted to external with a kit, but again it was working fine before. I can't figure out what program might be using the drive or what else might not allow it to eject. I just scanned the drive with Norton, and nothing came up.

Thanks for any help!

A:External HD won't eject

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I often open content on my (Toshiba) portable hard drive from applications on the local hard drive. In WinXP, I didn't have any problems ejecting the portable drive once I was done and closed the application. ...To be clear, when I did get an "in use" error message, I would simply go into Task Manager and see what offending application processes were still running; once they were stopped, the drive ejected.

Now on Win7, the system will not let me properly eject the drive even though the Task Manager shows that I have no applications open on the computer. Each time I try, whether from the taskbar icon or the Devices window, it gives the message that the device cannot be ejected at this time because it's in use. As DaPiit said, this is really annoying because attaching and ejecting USB devices is something I do many times per day! The Win7 is not on my machine - I still run WinXP, and this more than anything else is making me REALLY consider finally switching to a Mac instead. (And I've been a Windows user for over 15 years...)

Any ideas what might be going on? Is there some Windows process that needs to be stopped that I don't know about? I'm really reluctant to just "pull the plug" every time I need to remove the drive. Thanks!

A:Can't eject external USB HDD

Obviously, it shouldn't be necessary, but instead of just pulling the plug, reboot and pull the plug

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I had not safely remove my HDD under an vista computer, now I wanted to mount my HDD under Ubuntu but that's not possible and I'll get an error.

So I mounted my HDD under Windows 7 and did a checkdisk, but I canceled the checkdisk to early. Now I wanted to eject my HDD and get the following error?

I also tried to run the checkdisk again but then nothing started, do I just have to wait?

A:Cannot Eject External HDD?

Or should I just eject the drive (not safely) then is probably the problem solved and can I mount the drive under Ubuntu?

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I am helping my wife set up her office at home. Her work gave her a Lenovo T450. My task is to set it up with two monitors, using the Mini-Display Port.I have already purchased the Lenovo Display Port to Dual Display Port Adapter! So, now I am looking for two monitors that each have a Display Port. I am considering either two monitors with 3840x2160 resolution or two monitors with 2560x1440 resolution. Has anyone else done this and did you have any problems? I am considering the Samsung LU24E590DS/ZA 23.6? Monitor or the LG 24UD58_B 24? Class UHD Free Sync IPS Monitor. I am open for suggestions of other monitors around the $300 - $350 price range. Thanks

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I recently bought a new T450 laptop. Replaced HDD to SSD, so a clean windows install was needed. The screen is HD+ 1600900. I have installed WIN7 prof with all the drivers and utilities from the product support page. Windows have downloaded all the updates it needed. The probelm is I screen brightness adjustbent works neither with the hotkeys (simply do nothing, all other hotkeys working fine) nor works the brightness controll in power manager, when I move the slider or pull out the charger and it should dim the brightness, nothing happens. Hotkey driver, power mgmnt driver is installed, newest bios from support site is flashed, I have tried Intel HD5500 VGA driver from product support page, from windows update and from Intel update as well. Brightness adjustment sliders are completely missing from Windows 7 native power management options as well. What am I missing, how to resolve this or is it RMA? Thank you for any help and ideas ...

A:T450 brightness adjustment options completely missing on WIN7

Hello and welcome,
I'd suggest installing and running ThinkVantage System Update from the support page if you have not already done so.
See if it picks up something you've missed.

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I'm trying to eject a Toshiba External Harddrive. However, when I right click it I don't see any eject button, and I also do not see the "safely remove hardware" button on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Please help! I need to get it out ASAP.

A:How To Eject External HardDrive

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I have a Win7 machine with external drives. I bought a new machine, also with Win7. When I moved the external drives over I can't see the folders. I thought the drive might be damaged so I moved them back to the original machine and I can see the folders.

Why can't I see the folders on the external drive with the new machine?

A:Win7 can't see folders on an external drive

Do you get any kind of message when you try to browse the external drive, like Access denied?

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Everything is working on my computer with Windows 7 except my eSATA external hard drive, which is a Antec MX-1 external enclosure. This worked fine in WinXP. At first I had the drive connected and on but the Win7 bootup screen (animated windows logo) would hang for 10+ minutes. As soon as I turn the external eSATA drive off, it woudl boot up just fine. I then tried turning the drive after everything booted up but Win7 cannot see the drive.

Any ideas? I checked Antecs site and they offer no drivers for the MX-1 enclosure, so it probably runs on default drivers.

A:Cannot get Win7 to see my eSATA external drive

I have a similar issue. It does not recognize the drive if the computer has been up for awhile and the drive powers down. I have to restart windows ( with drive off) , turn drive on after it says windows is starting ( just before the log on screen comes on) then it will see the drive after I get to deskop/logged on. I am wondering if it has to do with the power settings. (USB power savings or something) MY Drive is a Toshiba external 1 TB, Windows 7 Business Pro, HP DV7 1245dx laptop.

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On Windows 7 Home Premium, I have three external HDD drives as well as the standard internal HDD, where the OS itself is installed.

One of the externals is a WD MyBook, which reserves a partition as a system recovery disk for the MyBook. I never access that system recovery partition, which is assigned drive letter F:, and it's been fine for months.

Now, suddenly Windows has decided it's a CD drive. When I boot the PC, an autoplay dialog comes up for this F: drive, asking to scan for and launch media files. In software like Power DVD, this F: drive is showing up as a removeable media source for files for Power DVD to play, and there seems to be some general conflict going on that I haven't quite pinned down yet -- for instance, if I'm playing a Blu-ray from my actual optical disk drive, and doing things with files on the G: drive, which is the actual data partition of this WD external HDD, sometimes the Blu-ray disc is suddenly and spontaneously ejected from the Blu-ray drive and the faux-CD drive tries to take over Power DVD and find files for it to play.

I'm certain I don't have a virus or other malware. I've been through the system with my virus buster (Avira), with Malwarebytes, and with heavy-duty malware and rootkit detectors like Hitman Pro and TDSSKiller, and found nothing.

I tried removing the two partitions of the WD drive completely from my Device Manager, rebooting the PC and letting them reinstall, but Windows just put the F: drive back as a CD drive.

Thi... Read more

A:Win7 has decided my external USB HDD is a CD drive - how to fix?

It's normal for these drives, unfortunately. I believe I had to use a third-party utility to completely clear the drive of all the crap.

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I use 3 external monitors conected to my docking station (Dell P2314H). Two of the monitors display 1920 x 1080 and they are connected to the 2 DP ports on the docking station. The third is connected to the VGA port and when I set the resolution to 1920 x 1080 the left and right edges of the image don't fit on the screen. It is just enough off to prevent me from clicking the start button in the corner. Has anyone else had this issue? 

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I installed a Maxtor OneTouch USB external hard drive on my WinXP PC and it works great except I can't eject the drive using the "safely remove hardware" icon. I get the message: "The device 'Generic volume' cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device again later". All files and apps are closed, including Norton A/V. Disabled autorun and write caching and nothing seems to help. This doesn't seem to be a problem when ejecting from a Win2000 PC.

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hi.i have a problem since now.i cant eject and safe remove my external drives and memory sticks.when i try to click on the list to any device 'eject drive' from the notification area,nothing happen.no message any more that i cant remove with safety my device.sometimes then,there is no list when i click to the icon 'safety remove hardware... '

A:problem to eject external drives

Not sure how you fix it. But until you do I would use this:

It flushes disk buffers. I have it linked to my F10 key. I have a couple of USB docking stations. Running sync.exe flushes all your hard drives. It's a command line app.

I just hit sync a couple of times then turn my docks off. Most of the time when I tried to stop USB with the safely remove it didn't work anyway.

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How Search for Files in Windows 7?

One of the most baffling things about Microsoft 'upgrades' is getting rid of useful features from previous versions.

In XP, you could specify general file type - photos, music, etc. - and search all, and specify folder, drive, etc. No such luck in Windows 7, which has made it decidely harder to search for anything.

It's very simple. I bought a new laptop, and want to import all music, photos and videos from my old computer. But the new search function off the start button doesn't let you specify file type or location...

I want to find ALL music - regardless of file type - on my external hard drive, etc., then copy and import to my new computer.

A:How Find All Music on External Drive - Win7?

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Hello guys!
Good day for all of you!
Today I tried to burn a Win7 ISO file on my External Hard Drive, I used poweriso and it failed to burn with NTFS file system, whenever it is FAT32 it succeed, I used Rufus it also failed .
Is is possible to burn it on my external hard drive with NTFS file system ?
My external hard drive is 500GB, ADATA Brand
thanks in advance

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I just bought a new Win7, 64 bit machine. It has Windows Professional OEM with XP virtualization installed. When I connect my external Free Agent 500GB hard drive via USB, I get a message on booting up saying "USB Device Not Recognized. One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message". The same message appears if I just connect to annother port.
But, if I disconnect the power to the Free Agent drive and power it up again, the drive is recognized and fully functional.
The drive was always available from the beginning on my old XP machine.
Both my old desktop and my laptop are showing up without problems.
How can I get the machine to recognize the external drive directly on booting up?

A:External drive not recognized by Win7 (64bit)

This may help:

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Hi everyone,

First. sorry for my english.

I have a Seagate 1Tb USB external hard drive, and after 15min of inactivity, the drive shutdown imself.

But without any reason, sometime the drive is reactivated, it's like Win 7 pool the drive for "i don't know what" and 15min after, the drive is shuting down again. I have a little utility that I can decide the amount of time the drive will go in sleep mode, so i've try 30min, 1h, 2h.... Always the same thing, when the drive go in sleep mode, few hours after Windows pool the drive to check someting or only check if the drive is "alive", but it's wake the drive for "nothing".

My question is if there is a way to tell Windows to "never" pool the drive, so when the drive go in sleep mode and ony wake when I decide to go on the drive by myself.

Hope you understand my question!

Thanks alot

A:How tell Win7 stop pooling my USB external drive

Quote: Originally Posted by Rambytes

Hi everyone,

First. sorry for my english.

I have a Seagate 1Tb USB external hard drive, and after 15min of inactivity, the drive shutdown imself.

But without any reason, sometime the drive is reactivated, it's like Win 7 pool the drive for "i don't know what" and 15min after, the drive is shuting down again. I have a little utility that I can decide the amount of time the drive will go in sleep mode, so i've try 30min, 1h, 2h.... Always the same thing, when the drive go in sleep mode, few hours after Windows pool the drive to check someting or only check if the drive is "alive", but it's wake the drive for "nothing".

My question is if there is a way to tell Windows to "never" pool the drive, so when the drive go in sleep mode and ony wake when I decide to go on the drive by myself.

Hope you understand my question!

Thanks alot

Remove the Seagate Agent software if you have installed it

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I was wondering if software exists, what I'm aiming to do is reset all the files on the external "Windows XP" drive and user folders, but I want to reset all the "ownership" and clear it so the files are just easily accessible, I wish to use software to do this as i wish to clear all the ownership using software for ease.

then copy onto a USB drive for a friend of mine so they can access the files as their brother passed away and they wish to retrieve the data from the drive for themself, so i'll be then copying it onto a USB stick for them.

I'd rather use software for this and im sure it exists, I did google but I was tempted to download one but Im not sure if it was genuine software or not, does anyone know of a reputable program that will allow me to scan the entire drive and reset the permissions on each file i.e. clear any ownership so the files do not then have that attribute at all?

Tried right clicking the whle drive in windows 7 and set permissions to EVERYONE but didn't seem to work, I can take ownership (but this is not my aim as I just want to clear the permissions so other people can use on the USB drive) I also have to do this for each and every folder and there are 100's of folders so that would take ages.

thanks in advance.

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Hey there,
Okay I have a netbook. It came with win7 starter (and a lot of bloatware lol).

I have a seperate copy of win7 home premium (on dvd) that i purchased.

There's no dvd/cd drive on netbook and I will not be purchasing one for it. (defeats the portability of netbook!).

So, is there anyway (and if so how) to install or create a boot usb_key or external hard drive from the win7 home premium dvd so that I can then install win7home premium onto the netbook from the usb_key and/or external hard drive?


A:Installing Win7 from usb_drive (or external hard drive)

Hello John,

If this is a retail Windows 7 installation DVD, then yes you sure can. METHOD ONE in the tutorial below will help show you how to create a bootable Windows 7 installation USB flash drive. You could use the note under Method One for how to create a ISO file from your Windows 7 installation DVD to use with the program to create the USB.

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

Hope this helps,

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I'm going to be rebuilding my wife's Dell Inspiron's Win7 installation because it is just dragging hopelessly (cursor can spin for 5 seconds upon right click of item in Windows Explorer). It will also be an opportunity to blow away all the cruft from the original Dell-supplied software that we never use!

This will take a while, and I'd like to minimize the down time for her.

Can I do the install (including drivers, etc.) on an external drive connected to my Win7 machine and then just image the result over to her boot drive (after suitable backups, of course!)?

A second question: I'm thinking of installing an SSD to speed things up for her, using a hard drive as the backup drive. What kind of capacity do I need to fit all of Win7 easily? Is 64GB enough, or do I need a 128GB to make sure there's enough room for apps on the SSD?

Thanks in advance for the help.

A:Clean install Win7 on external drive on different machine?

1. Installing on another system is possible but iffy. I would not do it. The little time you gain you may lose 10 times in trouble shooting.

2. I run all 3 of my desktops with 64GB SSDs (one since 4 years). But I would recommend 128GB. The price difference is not big. It gives you a bit more room - e.g. if you also want to run a virtual system. I am now upgrading this system to 240GB for that reason. I run Windows 8, Mint and Zorin in virtual on a Windows 7 host.

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I am trying to use a 500 gig sata drive for storage transferring data through a USB to hard disk tool/cable.

The tool is a Vantec USB to IDE/SATA adapter. Vantec ? Vantec SATA/IDE to USB 2.0 Adapter - CB-ISATAU2 - 2.5"/3.5"/5.25" SATA/IDE to USB 2.0 Adapter

I bought it to be able to have more storage for my laptop and at 20 bucks it was cheap solution cus I already had a new 500 gig drive.

I haven't really used it much and this is the first time I tried to transfer something with large file sizes. I do not know if it's the tool, hardware limitation but I suspect it's the file system on the external drive?

It's Fat 32. I Can format it with NTSF and try to recopy the data.. ( luckily as I had not moved. only copied it)

I don't remember now but there was a reason I left it as Fat 32. Does this sound like it should fix the problem or should i try another solution first?


I remember why I wanted to leave the drive Fat 32. That was so I could also use the device and drive to copy data over from my Linux and BSD operating systems. Bummer unless I find a way around this.

A:6 gig ISO file XFer from win7 to external drive says it's too large?

File Allocation Table - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"The maximum possible size for a file on a FAT32 volume is 4 GB minus 1 byte or 4,294,967,295 bytes."

Looks like your suspicions are correct.

I'd think the solution is to make 2 partitions on that 500 GB drive: a FAT32 partition for Linux/BSD and an NTFS partition for Windows. Or two entirely different drives.

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Hello, having a recurring issue with this and wondering if anyone has any possible solutions.
Soo. Anytime I have my external hard drive (2 TB Seagate Expansion) plugged into my computer (any USB port) and I try to shut down, it comes alive from sleep after being unused and spins up while Windows is in the blue backgrounded screen that says "Shutting down" and it just completely stops the process of shutting down, leaving it there for minutes and possibly more (can't remember how long at the longest, been so long since I left it plugged before shutting down and I usually just unpower the drive if it hangs).
What causes Windows to randomly start accessing the drive? It only has my movies and music and images and manual backups, so no program actually needs those files and at that phase with the shutting down screen, no other program should be running but the OS itself. (somewhere else it was suggested that any programs still running would cause the drive to spin up when trying to close)

Here's my basic system info from the TSG info tool
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 26 Stepping 4
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 12279 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 114370 MB, Free - 46618 MB; E: Total - 194558 MB, Free - 42107 MB; F: Total - 759306 MB, Free - 37164 MB;
Mo... Read more

A:External hard drive causes Win7 to hang on shut down

Could be W7' indexing.

What happens in safe mode?


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Can anyone tell me how to prevent the Autoplay box from appearing every time LaCie backs up? It happens several times a day even though I've set Autoplay to Take No Action. When I go and check I see Autoplay has reverted to Ask me Every Time even though I click Save.
LaCie is backing up ok and this only happens with Mixed Content.

It's so annoying. How can I stop it please?

I have Windows 7, MalwareBytes, AVG and use FF as my browser.

Thank you

A:AutoPlay and LaCie external hard drive with Win7

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Here's exactly what I did:
I have a 3TB Seagate hard drive that I primarily use with my Windows 8.1 machine every day. I turned off that computer, unplugged the drive, and plugged it into my Windows 7 laptop. I moved (not copied) about 2GB from C:\ImportantPhotos to the external drive to Z:\Photos\Unsorted. The files moved in about 7 minutes. They were gone from my Windows 7 laptop and appeared fine on my external hard drive.
I then plugged the hard drive back into my Windows 8.1 primary machine and turned it on. When I went to navigate to the Z:\Photos\Unsorted\, I saw ImportantPhotos folder and was pleased to know this was a success. I mean, why wouldn't it be? However, when I clicked the folder it gave me an error about the folder not being available, and now the folder is completely gone. I tried to view the folder back on the Win7 laptop, and it was still missing completely.
Where did my files go? Did I lose them completely
(Possibly relevant: There was definitely activity on the external drive, as the parent folder (Unsorted) shows Date Modified time of exactly the time the files were moved.)
THANK YOU for any help help! My engagement photos are on there!!! If you need any more information at all, please ask!

A:Moved 2GB to external HDD using Win7, plugged drive into 8.1, folder gone

Hello, and Welcome
Hindsight is 20/20 but for important files it is always best to copy and not move. You can always delete the originals once you know the copy was successful.
That being said Unhide your files and folders as shown here. Do you see the folder on the external drive or on your C: Drive? If not then in the search box type in the name of the folder you moved the files to. Does a search find the folder?

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Any ideas what I should do here.....

I can attach and use external devices - but when I try to safely eject there is nothing there - in other words, right click icon on system tray but the device is not listed.

Any suggestions with what could be the problem here? Thanks

A:Unable to safely eject external drives etc

Have you tried opening Windows Explorer, right-clicking the drive icons and seeing if you have the Eject option from there?

Don't forget, you can always go into Device Manager, select the drive, click the Policies tab and choose the Quick Removal option.

Write-Caching - Enable or Disable

This impacts slightly on disk performance, but lets you remove the drive without going for the Eject option first.

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I am running windows 7 on my laptop, I have an Hitachi 1tb external harddrive which I know that I must eject to avoid damage to the files on thedevice. When i plug it in it works perfectly but when I go to eject it windows keeps showing the pop up saying its still in use so I close all programs- onlythe ones that work in the background are left- but it still says its being used and i don’t see how. Therefore I can either shut my laptop down or take a chance simply removing the usb lead- I dont believe its being used but i dont want to risk losing my files.

This happens not only with my external harddrive but with all my external devices but the harddrive wories me the most due to the risk of corrupted files.

Is there a solution to this problem or is there a program that may be usingit in the backround? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Solved: Wont let me eject external harddrive

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Im trying to install win7 to an external hard drive for troubleshooting my current system, and cant find a guide for this that works. Was looking here

How To Install Windows 7 On USB Flash Drive or External Hard Drive
WinToUSB - How to use WinToUSB?
Install Windows 7 without USB or DVD without upgrading! - All

but these guides are old and dont work, no matter what I do. Ive tried that, wintousb software, all kinds of elaborate hogwash. Since microsoft sucks massive ba11s and wont let you install to a USB in the standard way, Ive had to spend 6+ hours trying to figure out this annoying sh1t. Sorry but this is really making me mad, I swear you try to fix one thing it leads to down this convoluted never ending path of NOTHINGWORKINGNESS. Im trying to diagnose whether my gpu related crash is due to OS problems, so being able to isolate it on a new install of win7 would help.

I basically take my 1tb drive, erase, create a R partition 100 MB NTFS, called SysReserve, then the other 931 gb become K partition NTFS. I use the tools in the guides to install windows files and the boot files, then it says successful and everything should be hunky dory. But no, the hard drive will not boot, blue screen crashes every time, cannot run through the windows install process. No I DONT want multiboot unless its the last resort, as this drive is only temporary, Id like it totally separate from current windows I have. If you have a solution then I will be flabbergasted and I wont h... Read more

A:how!? install win7 x64 to external drive for testing, huge struggle

Try Rufus - works also with e.g. an external SSD

Rufus - Create bootable USB drives the easy way

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My wife just bought a new Gateway laptop NV75505h with Win7. All set up ok backup disks made etc.
When she plugged in the external drive (USB) from the other laptop it sees the drive, file folders, but when trying to open a file it says it's empty.
Tried opening with Picasa and other picture programs it also fails.
Any ideas; panic time, lots of pictures lost if we can't get at them!
Thanks, Ken and Chris

A:Solved: New Laptop, Win7 lose picture files on external drive

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Hello all,
I've recently moved my media hard drive to an external for greater portability. I've noticed that whenever I restart my machine or cycle the power on the external all the drives are set to a Write Protection mode.
I've set the security settings to give all users administrative access, but it still sets it to readonly.
I've restorted to using the CMD to remove the protection manually, but I'm looking for something more permanent or simple.  I've little to no experience with Batch files, but my old room mate used them extensively and the idea came to mind of using
one to reset the readonly status of the partitions.  
I use the list of commands in CMD here
Then I repeat this for partitions 4-7.  
If anyone knows a permanent solution or can show me the script/commands to type for a batch file I'd be very thankful.

A:Win7 Write Protection removal for external hard drive and batch files



You could run the command to unlock the external hard drivers. The commands are correct. When running the batch file, please right click it and run as administrator.


Regarding the Write Protection issue, please check if there is any jumper which is located next to or near the cable connector port to set write-protect mode. Also,
check the BIOS setting and see if the following method could fix the issue.


In Device Manager, right click external hard drive, Update Driver Software, clicked on the Browse, in the List option, and chose the "Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE


More helpful information



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Best Regards,

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i bought a t450 few months ago, on the internet i have read that this model has a 16gb ssd drive for better performance but I dont see that in my laptop. looks like i only have a 500gb hardisk in there. i checked the BIOS , could see nothing related to SSD, checked device management - disk manager and couldnt see anything there, then checked device manager and i couldnt see anything related to ssd. in hardrive it only shows a 500gb hardisk. does this model even have a 16gb drive or it is for T450s , note i have a T450 not T450S

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