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Yoga 3, Repair cost is expensive than a New One

Q: Yoga 3, Repair cost is expensive than a New One

Hi, I had a Yoga-3 Pro which had been purchase in March-2016 which failed recently and cannot be switch on while pressing the On/Off Button. After sending the faulty unit to Oval Service center and feedback it is Out of Warranty. While the repair cost on the Main PCB replacement is more expensive than buying a new Yoga-3 Pro. Anyone have the same experience ?

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Preferred Solution: Yoga 3, Repair cost is expensive than a New One

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello, what is the repair cost
for repairing a CPU socket on a Sandy Bridge motherboard?
Sadly i didnt know my motherboard had a damaged CPU socket until the reseller told me and therefore they also refused a refund wich also was the reason i sent it back to them in the first place, same day as i recieved it, when i later on read on hardware forums that intel recalled all Sandy Bridge motherboards.

Sadly these kinds of damages is not covered by the warranty, and I have also been told that
i wont get a refund, and its my word against their and really I dont see how I could have damaged the CPU socket when i didnt even had ordered a CPU yet.

But, not much to do against a big company and therefore i would like to know what the cost is to repair a CPU socket on a motherboard. I have read on some other forums like xtremesystems that moderators there telling that its about a 25 $ cost on repairing or replacing the motherboard CPU socket, and I would like anyone here to confirm this for me, or what other kind of prices there is for repairs that is not covered by the warranty, and sadly my reseller didnt accept the motherboard and told me i damaged it, which i didnt but i cant proof that they are lying so.

Is it true that there is about a 25 $ cost for repairing or replacing a CPU socket on a motherboard, and if not what is the cost?

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So my screen is shattered inside how much do you think it'll cost me to have it replaced it's a Beats hp laptop

A:Hi guys how much do you think it'll cost me to repair my hp ...

Need exact model number to figure out what kind of screen it has, but laptop screens in general have come way down in price and the procedure is doable by a home user. The screen itself is going to be $45-125, depending on size and type. Geek Squad will charge like $300 to do the procedure, parts and labor. A mom and pop computer store will charge $50-100 in labor that takes an experienced tech 10-15 minutes. There are excellent youtubes available for help if you want to try it your self. 

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Charger port is broken I believe. Some days I'm able to charge my computer and some days my computer doesn't turn on even if the computer is charged up.

A:How much does it cost to repair a charger port on a HP "15 -...

  How well does it work if you remove the battery? If it is charging intermittently it could be the battery or even the AC adapter. The charging port is on a replaceable part separate from the motherboard, but requires some significant labor. The part is not too expensive.  Please double check the model number as I am not finding a model with that number. 

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Someone dropped my laptop and the screen had cracks in it and there is a gap between the side of the screen. Now the touch screen won't work. Can it be repaired or the whole screen should be replaced?

A:How much would it cost to replace/repair my touch screen lap...

Hi Nabyeong, Thank you for purchasing HP products. Sorry to hear that your laptop is faulty. I would suggest you to send your laptop to the nearest service or repair center. You will know the total repair cost after our engineer has help to evaluate your laptop and let you know what other parts need to replace beside crack screen.

I am an HP employee. I am speaking for myself and not for HP.Please click ?Accept as Solution ? if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.Click the ?Kudos Thumbs Up" to say ?Thanks? for helping!

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Hi Hp community I have a HP Spectre x360 that i recived for a school vendor agreement, i got it a year ago and it has all these things wrong with it and i was just wondering how much it would cost to fix it so it looks like newList of things broken or wrong1) cracked screen dont know how it happened left some pens and books on it one night, woke up and it was cracked corner to corner2) Missing rubber bumper for the screen pretty sure i inserted an sd card and it came out3) Missing rubber bumper from the bottom dont know were it went, continues to scrap the bottom and scratch when moved4) Hinges are loose, screen wobbles horribly, this came from general use pretty sad about it5) Dent in the thin alu on the bottom, dont know how this happened6) Broken Jack the headphone jack when listening to music or video randomly gives tons of scratchy sound like static and i dont know if this hardware or software issue7) Damage to the screen and body ends, the edge ends have mushroomed due to being slightly droped on a hard surface Im pretty sad that all this has happened in the first year of use im very curious how muh it will cost to fix. I cant undestand why HP wouldnt just spend a little extra on making the build quality better especially when it meant to be a direct competitor to apple mac book pro.

A:How much will it cost for a full repair of spectre x360

Hi, You need to talk with a repairer to get a quote. But I think with those parts and labor, they would cost around 65% to 75% of the original price. Regards.

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ENVY recline23 Beatsaudio SE missing parts - how much is the cost for repair? Please see photos below. Also, appreciate if anybody has extra adapter for sale.  Thanks.  

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ENVY recline23 Beatsaudio SE missing parts - how much is the cost for repair? Please see photos below. Also, appreciate if anybody has extra adapter for sale.  Thanks.  

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Your authorized repair center at Bestbuy just notified me that I need the motherboard and DC Jack replaced on my HP ENVY. Model # provided above. They are returning since they were unable to get parts for this model. and stated I would need HP to repair  Envy will not power on and has power issues. I would like to know approximate costs of this repair before moving forward.  Since it has been diagnosed and repairs needed outlined by your authorized repair center can you let me know what cost would be to have HP make repair.  Also provide address to send device to for repair. It is not under warranty.  Thank you. 

A:repair cost to replace motherboard and dc jack on Envy Noteb...

Hi, I think they could not find it due to no available part any where even at HP part store:        http://partsurfer.hp.com/Search.aspx?SearchText=782619-501 And no part list available:       http://partsurfer.hp.com/Search.aspx?SearchText=J9K65UA It is mentioned on page 64 of the Maintenance and Service Guide once. I did try eBay, Amazon and blank. This forum is for you and me. Please contact HP in your country for help. Regards.

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Hello, my partner has stepped on her laptop screen, the laptop as stated in the post title. The screen is pretty badly cracked. We live and bought the computer in NSW, Australia.  How much will this cost to repair in AUD? Do we send it to HP to repair or do we contact a sub-contractor or third party?How long will it take to repair if we send it away to HP?    Kind Regards,Leigh

A:Damaged Spectre x360 13-400STU screen, repair cost?

Hello ! Please call the HP technical support and they will be able to give you a quote in regards to the repair and the trun around time, Please find the contact number below, Warranty/Technical Support   13 10 47 Or Log on to Customer Support Web site ............. www.hp.com/country/au/eng Regards,Venkat

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Posting this so there is visibity to the community and further visibility to Lenovo.  I recently sent my 720 in for repair as the screen had stopped responding to touch and I'd occationally get inverted colors.  After about 45 days (backordered parts), the laptop was returned. A few weeks after using it I was experiencing some choppy video playback and pulled up performance monitor to see what the trouble was... much to my surprise, my CPU came up as an i5 instead of the i7 i purchased.  I immediately downloaded CPUinfo which agreed with the i5 in task manager, which also agreed with the BIOS. I'm now faced with sending it back to Lenovo again, with the unfortunately real hope that nothing is wrong (or missing, or downgraded) with it upon return and that I'm not without a laptop for another 45 days. Needless to say, i'm more than dissapointed at this option, but since Lenovo policy (which their CSRs jump to) doesn't allow for exchange, I don't have any other choice. I understand mistakes can be made, but i'm surprised that there isn't some QC in effect to catch this kind of thing.

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I have a new Yoga 900 and broke the screen. Called tech support and was told they will notify me when a repair screen is available. They can't tell me when the screen will be available. It's not a warranty repair because I didn't buy accident insurance. Guess they don't want my money. I just wish someone could c=give me an estimate when repair parts will be available. Spent a lot of money on this thing and cant use it. Frustrating. Not sure what part f the workd the all center is located in, India I think... :-( 

A:Yoga 900 Repair Parts Not Available

My apologies that I may not have the answer you seek. But you may want to reach out to Customer Relations here in the States. Google for email addresses but there's some folks in NJ and also in Canada. In the subject line in caps put 'very unhappy customer', and in the body mention how Apple would never treat you like this.But I'm a might curious...how did you break the screen? I just got my Yoga this week fresh made in China.

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I had a problem with my yoga 700 11". The laptop freezes every so often (3-6 hours). At first I thought it's the drivers that need to be updated, then Windows 10 updates, then BIOS update.I tried all of that but the problem still persisted. I did the recovery reset but still the same... I created Linux system on USB flash drive and booted the laptop with it. Even under Linux the laptop was freezing.I contacted lenovo support team and they said the laptop needs to be repaired and they send me the return free postage vocher. I put my laptop in the original box and posted it as I was instructed (for some reason it was send to Germany). The company name that issued me with the postage slip was MEDION AG - A Lenovo CompanyAfter 13 days I got an email saying:"...After assessing your device, the repair center has deemed that a repair cannot be completed under the manufacturer?s warranty due the case of the device showing signs of inappropriate treatment. ..." There were two pdf documents attached to the email. one with the detailed photos of the damage ( see photo attached) and the other one, the cost estimate document. In the document I was given two options:1. accept the cost of repair (54.65)2. not accept and the laptop would be return to me (I would be still charged fat price of 44.07)My reply was that I do not recall the laptop having this damage and I always looked after it. I was suprised when I saw the photo. I also added that my main concern was that th... Read more

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I have a Best Buy special edition Yoga 910 with glass lid and unfortunately, the lid is cracked.  I was thinking of taking it to an iCracked-type of store that replaces iPad screens to see if they can fix it.  Any other suggestions?  Will Lenovo fix, if computer sent in?

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The Wi-Fi was spotty and I sent in the computer for repair under warranty. Warranty would not cover the repair so I paid $150 for the repair. It took 3 months for me to get a response saying they could not find the part to repair and they would be shipping out a new computer instead. It's been three weeks and I haven't gotten any updates on the computer whatsoever. I've tried calling the repair center in the US and I am getting the runaround saying my case is assigned to someone called Matthew Weaver who has not been responding to emails or calls. When I talk to a lower level representative, the only thing they said they can do is assign the case to another "higher up". I've been without a laptop for 4 months for repairs that I paid for and I simply cannot find an alternative way to talk to someone who can move this case along. Is there anybody on this forum that can help me with the case? I really need the laptop back for my business, it has been a quarter of the year since I've been without this laptop. I am extremely frustrated by this situation. I've only purchased ThinkPads for the last 10 years and this will most likely be my last seeing that customer service has fallen so far since Lenovo took over from IBM. The escalation case number is 403WWBL.   

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My Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro is broken and our of warranty. (I bought it slightly more than a year ago).
The wifi card is either broken, or perhaps it is being de-activated by the bios. In either event I can't seem to fix it, even after trying a few of the fixes listed on this forum.
Is there some way to get the machine repaired? Are there repair centres I can bring it to somewhere?
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:Yoga 2 Pro - How to repair broken laptop?

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Since your laptop is out of warranty you can take it basically anywhere to have it serviced.  Best Buy comes to mind as well as many of the locally owned computer repair shops.  If you are interested in having your laptop serviced locally at a Lenovo authorized Service Center then check out my link below.  Just enter in your city and select the miles you wish to drive.  Then check the Warranty Service Provider box to get a listing of repair places.  Without this box checked the results will only include sellers of Lenovo products.  When you find a center, please call ahead as some listings aren't up-to-date.

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Hi You repaired my Yoga (usb failed). When you sent me my Yoga back I've found that the microphone is not working any more. I reinstalled the drivers as You suggested in the other thread. Your support really suks. How could You destroy working machine?? Not mention it's impossible to contact You (except badly working phone line).

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Hi everyone, I know this might not be the right place to post this so if you could direct me to the right place that'd be great, but I couldn't find anywhere appropriate. I sent off my Lenovo Yoga 2 13 for a out of warrenty repair after talking to a support agent online about a faulty screen. The email says I should have recieved a confirmation email when they recieved the return and repairs would be complete in 10 days but the package tracking says it was delivered and signed for on the 22nd of December and I've still not heard anything back. I have tried to use the "Repair Status Check" function a few times but every time it just gives me the error "We cannot find a match for the Serial number / IMEI number and Service Request number you provided. Please check and try again." Worse still, I can't find a way to contact any kind of support about this kind of issue. And any other kind of support that I can access requires me to give my laptop's Serial Number, which I don't have written down. I thought I had everything sorted out once I was given the delivery return slip so I didn't make a note of it  Any advice on what I should do or who to contact would be highly appricated.

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Does anyone here know who I can complain to about my Lenovo repair? I sent a Yoga X1 for repair of a non-responsive touch screen TWO MONTHS ago and they still haven't fixed it. They said it would take only 5 days. They claim to be waiting on parts to arrive but I'm starting to suspect they are trying to wait until my warranty expires next month. What recourse do I have at this point? Better Business Bureau? I loved the machine for about a year but this is absurd. It was my third Lenovo and it will probably be my last.

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A silicon bead got struck inside the audio jack of my brand new Yoga 720 15.6" laptop. I tried every method to get it out but situation is worsening. I also run a hardware dignosis on lenovo website and it shows failed result for audio controller, may be because while trying to get the bead out I might have pulled a metal wire or something. Does anyone have a soltution to the problem. How much will it cost me to get it repaired at lenovo service centre since they are not disclosing the price till they do the dignosis of the laptop. Also to replace the audio jack, do they replace the entire motherboard for yoga laptops?  I have also attached the image of the port. Any help or solution will be appriciated

WhatsApp_Image_2017-09-14_at_7_59_01_PM.jpg ?118 KB

A:Lenovo Yoga Audio Jack Repair

Sorry, but on that model, the audio connector is part of the motherboard.  It is soldered and not plugged into anything.  If the jack is broken the fix would be a motherboard replacement.

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Last week, I purchased a refurbished Lenovo ThinkPad 11e Yoga Chromebook.  When I received it, it was sealed in the original packaging with a sticker indicating that it had been refurbished at a Lenovo facility.  When I turned it on, I got stuck at the Enterprise Enrollment screen.  It seems that it was registered to the domain of the original owner and would not let anyone login without credentials for that domain.  The trackpad was also non-responsive, but I figured once I logged in, I could toggle the trackpad settings and get it working. There was a link to contact Google for help with this, so I followed those instructions.  Google said that they could not help me, and that I'd need to contact the original owner to have them de-register the device.  Since I had no connection to the original owner, I contacted the seller who apologized and told me that, since the device had a full warranty, Lenovo should be able to fix the issue. So, I contacted Lenovo for help on Sunday.  The Tech Support Agent that I spoke to first tried to tell me to return the device and get something that ran Windows since Chrome OS and Android are inferior(!).  Anyway, once I assured him that I did indeed want a Chromebook and knew all about Chrome OS, he told me that I could send it in for repair, and that all they'd need to do was wipe the system and re-install the OS with a consumer image instead of the enterprise image that was on the m... Read more

A:EasyServ Repair Problems 11e Yoga Chromebook

Just wanted to update this.  I spoke to one of the managers (i think) in the Depot who took responsibility for the repair of my new Chromebook.  Long story short, it's been repaired, I received it back today, and it's working.

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Hello All,  I wonder if anyone had any problems with NBD type warranty repairs? Long story short, one of our Thinkpads decided to fail, it has been raised with Lenovo Thinkpad service team, and diagnosed as faulty system board. As unit was still covered under NBD warranty, engineer request has been processed, and all nessesary parts dispatched so unit can be repaired. Unfortunately, 3 attempts to get engineer in has been done, and he did not showed up even once to repair unit! Now, case has been escallated to Complains team, yet no one even tried to contact me in order to get this issue resolved... Is there direct line to someone in complains department? That whole situation is completly unacceptable and there seems to be no one capable of resolving this issue. Can someone advise? Service case number 4054M8M, escallation number 01468014.  Best regardsPiotr Skrzypczyk

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I would like to get some help hopefully from someone on here. Recently about 2 months ago i had sent my laptop in for a warranty repair (1 year manuf. warrranty) to fix a broken fan and extremely bad light bleed issue with the screen. When I got the laptop back the screen was unchanged although they assured me it was and many of the rubber covers for the screws were also missing, but the fan was fixed. As soon as I had received it back initially the hinges were making a cracking sound but I had thought nothing of it, now they are out of alignment and I am unable to fully close or move the laptop its full range of motion. I was told when I called the warranty center today that i am out of warranty, even when it is lenovo's service technicians who caused this problem.Is there anyone who can help with a resolution to this?

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I tried installing the recent BIOS update from 1/27, and my laptop has died for the second time. It is unable to repair or boot properly. http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/yoga-series/yoga-910-13ikb/downloads/d... Anyone else having this issue? It is incredibly frustrating to lose my data because of a BIOS update.

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So my cursor was jumping to the upper left corner of the screen.  It is under warranty.  Now Lenovo says that the LCD screen is cracked.  It was not cracked when it left here.  It was sent to Lenovo to have it repaired for the cursor.  lenovo says that the crack isn't under warranty so my cost will be over $700 to repair.  I feel that I need to discuss this with someone who can go back on FedEx.  I shipped it in the Lenovo provided box and I even had the FedEx folks be sure that it was secured correctly within the box.  I had them use extra tape as what was sent by Lenovo wasn't enough. How do I get someone to listen to me at Lenovo.  No one even sent me an email about this, I had to call to find out after 2 weeks that they weren't repairing it because it isn't under warranty. I've been a customer of Thinkpads for over 20 years but this has been the worst experience I've ever had with a thinkpad.  I am just sick that it has come to this. Surely someone is able to go to FedEx and say this was damaged in shipment.  I shouldn't have to pay for their mistake.  What do I do.

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I purchased a Yoga 2 13 (SN: CB29722715) laptop from US with IWS. Some time back various keys on the laptop stopped working, including Ctrl, 1, 3, 5, and others, making it useless unless you also carry another laptop around. I took it to the repair center in Allahabad, India, but the service center returned it saying that the parts are not available in India. Surely there must be a way to obtain these parts? I've tried to contact Lenovo support on chat and phone, but all they can tell me is to take it to the service center. I finally got in touch with a senior tech support person, who informed via email that the parts required were FRU 25215052 and FRU 25215053, but again, I was informed that these parts were not available with Lenovo (anywhere??) and have not heard anything further since (this was two days ago). Is the IWS completely useless in this case? Is there anything I can do apart from junking the laptop?

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The right hinge on my laptop is broken, and it is causing my laptop to turn off when it is moved.  I plan on ordering a new arm hinge to replace it.  When i try to open my laptop, or turn it into a tablet there is loud cracking and difficulty changing screen position, as if the entired screen is about to snap off.  If my laptop is on a flat surface, the entire screen is slanted down on the right due to the broken hinge. Is the 00HT617 hinge kit/part the one i need to replace it ?Has anyone else had this problem or fixed it ? Thanks,-BB

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I am a 5 year owner of an X220 that still runs strong. I wanted something bigger and lighter. I ordered 2015 model X1 (non-yoga)... it had a poor FHD display screen (fuzzy text, don't get FHD instead get the QHD) and had issues resuming from sleep. Lenovo sent me a replacement, had same issues, I sent both back. No issues with the return process, very easy and free because they were defective. Now, I ordered a 2016 X1 Yoga because I want to be awesome and show off my touch screen 360degree swivel to cute girls in my class. The QHD display is amazing, looks just like a macbook pro retina display. I close the lid or put the laptop to sleep mode, open the lid, it turns on with blank screen and beeps 4 beeps three times (Everytime I sleep it). I have to manually hold power button to restart laptop. Nice! Also, sometimes the display driver crashes and gives a prompt telling me that it crashed. Another thing is that sometimes when I put it in tablet mode and back to laptop mode, it thinks its still in tablet mode. Other than these issues I've noticed within one day of using it.. no idea what else is yet to come lol... the laptop is so so so awesome, for reals. That said, should I send it into Lenovo Depot for repair service or get a replacement? I've read bad reviews on the depot service on this forum. At the same time, I don't want Lenovo to send me another defective laptop as was my experience with my X1 (non-yoga).  What should I do?

... Read more

A:X1 Yoga 2016 Depot repair service or request repla...

Lenovo has released a BIOS version, v1.10, that resolves failures to resume from sleep mode in X1 Yoga and X1 Carbon 2016 (Machine types: 20FB, 20FC).
Version 1.10
[Problem fixes]
- Fixed an issue where the computer might not resume normal operation from sleep
state due to the inconsistent BIOS setting of security chip.
It can be downloaded here: http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/DS111756
Thank you,

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@Amy_Lenovo, @Mark_Lenovo: My Yoga 260 has developed a number of build quality issues after less than 1 year of ownership (see below). I had purchased an on-site NBD upgrade with ADP, but support tells me company policy is that if a service tech needs to repair more than one part, the device has to go into the depot. Seems a little nuts that we?d be penalized for Lenovo?s poor QC in that way. I can?t be without this unit for a week. Has anyone a) heard of this one-part policy for on-site service before, or b) had any luck getting Lenovo to service multiple parts on-site? Thanks!  My unit is suffering from the following: -Screen bezel has cracked around hinge (identical to issues described here: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-S-Series-ThinkPad-Yoga/Thinkpad-Yoga-14-cracking-around-hinges...) -Body has cracked above pen silo (described at www.notebookcheck.net/Lenovo-ThinkPad-Yoga-260-20FD001XGE-Convertible-Review.158707.0.html, https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-S-Series-ThinkPad-Yoga/Yoga-260-cracked-at-pen-slide-in/m-p/33...) -Hinge cover is completely loosened and clacks around (2 reports at https://www.reddit.com/r/thinkpad/comments/4qxkqf/i_know_people_say_that_the_yoga_260_has_a/) -A couple of my keyboard keys are mushy, and my fan is very high-pitched? I can see through the fan vent that the fan assembly foam is ?scrunched up? and not laying flat.

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My Yoga Book (Windows) will not start up.  It says "Preparing Automatic Repair" then goes to a black screen.  After a few minutes, it might come back with a boot attempt, but then goes back to "Preparing Automatic Repair." I have had it less than a month. It seems to be stuck in a loop. When the screen goes black, I can't tell whether or not it's or or off or doing anything. Please advise.Sheff 

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Yoga 910 - Fragile Screen, Long Repair, Poor Customer Support - Suggestions? Hello all. I've seen a few similar posts and I'm not sure if people are getting answers via private message, so I figured I'd post and hopefully get some advice.In short, this post is regarding- Yoga 910's extremely fragile screen.- Lenovo's very poor repair service and customer support.I have (had?) a Yoga 910, which sat on a stand on my desk happily for about two months before the screen had mysteriously cracked, originating about 1/4 of the way down from the top right corner and extending all the way to the top and bottom of the screen. It was pretty surprising, given it doesn't really ever move from my desk. I'm wondering whether or not these screens are, in general, extremely fragile. I've seen a few other posts about it, but it seems odd that the screens on a convertible, which one would expect should need to be designed to withstand a lot more abuse than a normal laptop, would be so flimsy. On my laptop even the chassis itself seemed very weak and pliable. Is this kind of par for the course with this line, or did I get a dud? Maybe it has to do with the high DPI screens (which I have) versus the regular screens?Second, I'm wondering if anyone has advice on how to get in contact with Lenovo support regarding depot repair services. Of course there is the normal support line, but each time I've called I've been given different (and conflicting) information, and it seems like the bottom line is th... Read more

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Just set up a brand new Yoga 3 for a client yesterday. Installed Office, moved his files over from his old computer, installed Chrome and Firefox and other basic stuff. Restarted the computer but rather than restarting normally for some reason it instead ran automatic startup repair which failed. I went into advanced options and tried to use system restore but had no restore points. Ended up having to factory reset it and start over putting his stuff back in. That went fine and everything seemed fine. Did some reboots and all seemed ok. Today he restarted the computer and again for no reason it went and ran a automatic startup repair which again failed. Again went into troubleshooting and system restore and it still had no restore points I could try. Having him do another factory reset but cannot imagine what the heck is going on with this thing. Its brand new and cannot imagine why the boot configuration is getting hosed like this. There is no unusual software onboard that should cause this. Office, Avast, Chrome, Firefox and also Classicshell because he still prefers the Windows 7 start menu to the Windows 10 one. Has anyone else seen this issue with recent Yoga 3's? Thanks in advance,Adam

A:Brand new Yoga 3 boot get corrupted causing automatic startup repair which fails.

I am facing exactly same problem right now with my Lenovo Yoga 510. No new softwares downloaded, no usb connected, no files transferred yet from old pc.. Still with probably just a windows 10 update and minor personalisations in settings, the laptop asked for system reboot. After that it went into 'preparing automatic repair' and goes to a simple black screen with no options. Tried rebooting 10 times, simply shows blank black screen.I purchased the laptop only yesterday.Kindly help someone.

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I just received my Yoga 3 Pro-1370 Laptop from the Lenova Repair Center - this was the 2nd service request for the battery issue.  The laptop battery still does not charge when the AC adapter is plugged into an electrical outlet.  Sometimes the charging indicator light will indicate that it is charging - but charges 10 - 15 seconds and goes off.  Confirmed the battery is not charging even though the light is not on just to be sure the issue is not with the power indicator light.  At this point the Lenova Repair Center has had possession of my laptop longer than I have in 2017.  Not sure where to turn to, Call Center/Support seems to be encountering problems and can't log a Service Call?   Seriously, I was asked to schedule a call for them to call me when their systems are up?  Laptop is under warranty, but I'm beginning to think they are trying to run out the clock. I'm typing fast - as Battery Life is below 10%   Any and all suggestions are welcomed.Regards.

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Why are PCI-E GPU's more expensive than their AGP equivilents?

I thought PCI-E held no disadvantages/advantages over AGP performance wise?

Is it becuase of the SLI capability?

They shouldent charge a premium for that since it requires no additional manufacturing or additions to the GPU itself.

So what gives???

A:Why are PCI-E GPU's more expensive than their....

PCI-e is faster then AGP although it is only in theory right now. Some PCI-e cards also do not need a molex connector for the PCI-e port can provide more power then AGP. & of course as in any computer part, the newer technologies are more expensive then old(er) ones.

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Hello all,

PCs are getting cheaper by the day. So my question is, how much did you pay for yours?

Mine was pretty cheap, and it's still as top of the line as you'd expect these days.

I have receipts from all this stuff, so these are definitely accurate:

Athlon XP 2100+ - $83
ASUS A7V8x (KT400) - $115
512MB KingMAX 400MHz DDR - $140
Thermaltake Volcano 9 - $28
Gigabyte Maya (ATi Radeon 8500 Pro) - $100
21" NEC MultiSync P1150 - $150 (refurb.)
SB Audigy MP3+ - $54
120GB Western Digital Special Edition (8MB cache) - $154
10GB Western Digital Caviar - free
AOpen 4x DVD-ROM - free
Lite-On 40x/12x/48x CD-RW - $55
Thermaltake XaserII 5000A - $130
350W Enermax Whisper PSU - $47
Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro - $39
Optical Logitech Rodent - $20
Joystick - $15
Nostromo n50 - $25
FDD - $9

$1164 total, with peripherals. I've bought all this stuff over time, and it's all added up...:dead: About half that came out of my own pocket. The old HDD and the old DVD drive were really expensive when my dad bought them - I dunno how much he spent though. He gave both to me after he upgraded. This is without speakers.

Speakers were:
500W Kenwood receiver - $150
KLH center speaker - $55
KLH front speakers - $36
Pioneer floorstanders - free

$241 total

System w/ speakers - $1405

Man that's alot.

A:How Expensive Was Your PC?

Athlon XP 2000+ - $165
Epox 8K3A+ - $90
512MB Mushkin PC2100 - $92
Thermaltake Volcano 7+ - $22
MSI GeForce4 Ti4200 vtd64 - $135
20" OEM Sun(Sony) GDM-20E20 - $168 (refurb.)
SB Audigy 1394 - $45
Labtec Pulse 424 2.1 speakers - $40
2x80GB Seagate ST380021A 7200rpm - $109 each
Pioneer 16x DVD-ROM - $51
Lite-On 16x/10x/40x CD-RW - $150
X-PCBOX ver. 1(off ebay) - $27
Netgear FA311 NIC - $15
431W Enermax EG465P-VE PSU - $92
Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite - $19
Logitech Dual Optical - $25
Mitsumi FDD - $Free
Blue round hdd cable set - $15

Total = $1369(wanted it to be under $1000 but got carried away)

All these parts have been bought during the past 8 months till up to last week when I bought the audigy card. Most was bought off ebay and the others were from online retailers. All was paid for by me :dead:

I tried for top of the line, it can do 10,500 3dmarks so I'm happy.

I also have two brand new motherboards and a PSU that are just sitting on my desk because of compatibility issues. The company I bought my case from couldn't have made a profit, it even came with a hot swappable HDD drive bay! My monitor died last night and its off waranty so its at a local repair shop now. Might just go to ebay and buy another one for $130 if the repair is more expensive.

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I am going to help a friend setup a new laptop today. She had her old laptop loaded with viruses... so her solution was to buy a new one.

A:Really Expensive Solution


Did you get her old one?

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This one is just for fun XD

Try to build the most expensive PC using PCPartPicker

Rules: None

A:[Competition] Most expensive PC

I'm pretty sure no one can beat me XD

Xeon E5-2699 V3 2.3GHz 18-Core OEM/Tray, Quadro M6000 12GB (3-Way SLI), TJ07B-W-USB3.0 (Black) ATX Full Tower - System Build - PCPartPicker

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could this possibly be a typo by c-net, or are thier other applications priced $3,495.http://www.download.com/LockLizard/3000-20...tml?tag=lst-0-1

A:Expensive Software


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Hello there!

I have been looking around in shops and online retailers for RAM, to be specific,x4 1 GB DDR2-800 PC2-6400 4-4-4-12. Now I have been on crucial.com and they gave me a estimate of 469.98 [$923.08]!!!! That is ridiculously expensive for RAM . I know I am after 4 GB but surely there must be a cheaper solution.

My question is this, I have been looking at the good brands, Corsair, Crucial, Kingston, etc, and I have also been looking at the shops or etailers value for money RAM, should I go for one of these good brands? Or would a value for money RAM do the trick just as good? Also, if you may have any suggestions for which brand I should go for just let me know! I am looking for the most cheapest, however decent (if not best) performance quality.

Please note I need the 4GB for my new system which I am currently building, I need 2 GB of RAM to run Vista and another 2 GB to run apps/games.


A:Solved: Is it me or is RAM more expensive than it should be?

Try tigerdirect.com

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