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getting 5.25 hard drives into top two bays of chassis

Q: getting 5.25 hard drives into top two bays of chassis

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Preferred Solution: getting 5.25 hard drives into top two bays of chassis

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Can anyone give me any pointers on how to get my 5.25 hard drives into the two top 5.2 bays of the HP 440 Chassis? I can't a seem to fit them around the CPU fan from the inside and the front plates don't seems to pop out easily. Is there a trick i am missing? Thanks for any help. mosea

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Can anyone give me any pointers on how to get my 5.25 hard drives into the two top 5.2 bays of the HP 440 Chassis? I can't a seem to fit them around the CPU fan from the inside and the front plates don't seems to pop out easily. Is there a trick i am missing? Thanks for any help. mosea

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How many drives can be installed and where are they located in this work station?

A:storage bays and hard drives

Hi tinkerstoys, According to the document quickspecs:http://www8.hp.com/h20195/v2/getpdf.aspx/c04834941.pdf?ver=9 "Four (4) dedicated drive slots, two (2) M.2 slots, and two (2) 2.5?drive bays." I hope that helps !Can I ask you a favor ?If the question is clarified, mark my answer as "resolved" and click on the icon of the "hand" to provide "congratulations" in recognition.Have a nice week !Im a volunteer in the HP Forum !

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I would like to find out if my laptop has two hard drive bays. I intend to add an SSD to my HDD, I know there is the option of an SSHD but i havent seen any with the SSD compartment greater than 32GB, and i want one larger than that to keep my windows folder and games Model: Envy x360 15t-w100 SPECS:Intel core i7 - 5200u8gb RAM1TB HDDNvidia geforce 930m15.6"               

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Hi,i'm searching for a notebook with 2 HDD slot, an Intel i7 cpu and at least 8GB DDR3 RAM....anyone knows some laptop with these features???? Thanks

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Recently I formatted all the hard drives on my Gateway MX6214 Notebook computer.

When I attempt to install Windows XP it says the Setup cannot continue because no hard drives were found.

Obviously, the hard drives are in working condition because I also checked with some bootable diagnostic tools and the hard drives are check. But now it seems the "internal?" drivers on the hard drives have also been deleted during the format, so WINXP cannot recognize during installation. Same goes for installation of the OS Ubuntu =/

I do not have the original diagnostic cd that came with the notebook.

Are there any solutions anyone can point me towards?

A:Formatted Hard Drives, Trying to install Windows XP but no recognition of hard drives

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i am going home for winter break and i wanted to take over some videos i had on my hard drive, but the problem is that it is an internal hard drive, and i want to be able to transfer the data to a laptop. Is there a way that you can turn an internal hard drive into an external hard drive? Or is there a piece of hardware that will alow me to do this?

A:Turn internal hard drives into external hard drives

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i have 2 HD's laying around. 1 2.1 GB and 1 10.0 GB, the 2.1 has Win. 95 on it, and the 10.0 has Win. 98SE on it. if i get a computer without a HD, and it need 1, can i put on of the HD's in it, and it will work? or....

A:Solved: hard drives with OS, wanting to put in computer wit no hard drives

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I currently have 2 PATA hard drives installed in my system that both run off the same IDE ribbon cable. My MSI MS-7184 motherboard has 2 SATA connections and 2 SATA power supplies available. Would I benefit much by upgrading my hardrives to SATA ones? One of them holds the operating system and programs etc (160GB) and the other stores my mp3's (320GB). Would there be much speed gained or not enough for me to notice? Also would data be transferred faster if my PATA drives had one IDE cable each instead of sharing one? I seem to have 2 IDE connections on the motherboard.

A:Solved: SATA Hard Drives vs PATA Hard Drives

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In November last year I wanted to try and overclock my CPU through bios.
Couldn't do that!
Tryed doing it through windows but my 550 cpu just wouldn't go any higher than 3480hz without becoming unstable so I tryed to look for any vcore settings in my bios.
So I looked all over the web trying to find a hacked bios for my (OEM) MS-7091 board but with no luck.

I recently bought a new ASUS P5GDC-V board and it booted up fine a couple of times then when I tryed to overclock I miscalculated and set my fsb too high. I thought the c.p.r. function would reset the settings, but it didn't and by mistake I removed the chassis jumper intead of the bios reset.
I replaced the jumper and reset the bios and now it keeps giving me the Chassis Intruded ! message although the jumper is in the right place.
Any help?

A:Chassis Intruded ! -I don't have a chassis!

Load up on your motherboard a new bios file,with asus its easy.

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Yesterday I discovered my computer will no longer read my flash drives, external hard drives or SD cards.  If I plug in any of them, they don’t even show up in Disk Management.  In Device Manager they will show up, but will have a yellow flag and under Properties it says the driver for this device is not installed even though they’ve been used before on the computer.  Clicking “Update Driver” doesn’t help because it searches and says there are no drivers for this device.  If I go to the “Events” tab, it gives the  date and “Device configured (null)”.
I restarted my computer today, hoping it might correct this problem, but when restarting I ended up with a message about an inaccessible boot drive.  After going into a loop several times where it told me about the inaccessible boot drive and then restarted again, I finally ended up with a screen that gave me more options for troubleshooting such as doing a system restore point.  I had the computer perform a system restore and finally it took me to the welcome screen and then desktop.  Anyway, rebooting did not correct the problem about my computer not reading my flash drives, external hard drives or SD card.  Any ideas?  Maybe the problems I’m having are related to a recent Windows update (computer seemed to be working fine before the update), but don’t know for sure. 
My computer is an HP deskto... Read more

A:Computer no longer reads flash drives, external hard drives.

What you want to do is to go to the HP wesite's support page, find your computer and you should be able to download the current drivers. Here is a link to the page. https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers

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I am running Windows XP SP3 right now on a Lenovo 7650-ELU and experiencing some odd problems. For some reason, the laptop I have will not recognize USB Flash Drives that I put into it or External Hard Drives. I know that the USB ports work correctly, because I have plugged in optical mouses and keyboards that work. I searched the forums and didn't see anything like this.

It's odd how when I first insert them, it makes the sound and shows the icon in the taskbar that would allow me to safely remove the device, but nothing else. So far, I have gone into the device manager and uninstalled all the USB ports and restarted hoping this would solve my problem, but it continues to do the same thing.

If anyone has some helpful advise, please post. I appreciate all the help.


A:USB Ports Don't Recognize Flash Drives or External Hard Drives

Has it ever worked before?

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A Moderator has Moved your thread to our Windows 7 forum as there are some things you need to know in order to

rescue data you probably need and some other stuff you shouldl be aware of..help should arrive soon

My hard drive won't boot, and SMART says it's 'BAD, backup and replace."

I can't replace it now(no money), so I was wondering if there's a way to get Windows 7 completely pulled off the drive from its sectors and transferred to another storage drive WITHOUT the hard drive connected to a motherboard, no BIOS, etc. Just independent of its self, with the jumper/power to start it, can data be physically removed from it without it being connected to a motherboard?

Is there any way something like this can be done?

Because here's what I want to do ...

I want to clear the hard drive and keep its files, the OS, and other files on it, move them to another storage drive, then boot them from, say, a 64GB USB drive, and install them on a new hard drive from there. Will something like this work?

Assuming I boot from the USB with a new, functioning hard drive installed, can I just sort of "move" the OS to the new, empty hard drive to install it there? What are the steps of doing this exactly?

I'm not skilled/experienced in this area at all.

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I volunteer for a Charity in the main role of IT admin. Part of what I want to do is ensure the Laptops, External Drives and Memory sticks are encrypted, but I am worried if I (try to) encrypt a drive with files already on, they will get messed up. I am not an expert, so would appreciate any advice and guidance anyone can give. Any favourite products? We are a charity so want to pay little or nothing for this. The intention is to ensure any personal information we hold is secure if it falls into the wrong hands. I am clearly looking at making sure no-one uses Laptops/Ext drives/memory sticks that do not belong to the charity when working (self included), but am a little uncertain where to start with this and do not want to make things worse. Any input gratefully received. Probably a simple question for lots of you, but not for me!!

A:Encryption of hard drives, external drives and Memory sticks

All the encryption programs I know of support encrypting drives with data. BitLocker and Vercrypt(TrueCrypt port) absolutely do. BitLocker absolutely requires the use of strong Windows passwords as it only protects the drive if its removed or accessed via another boot device. VeraCrypt has the added benefit of having a pre-boot password so you cannot even boot to the operating system without entering the password. You should still of course have strong passwords and automatic locking of the system after a set time of inactivity.

You may also want to re-evaluate the need for USB drives and sticks, not only are they bad for data security but also easy to lose, have stolen, or just fail. Central storage and VPN access may be preferred to a giant pile of external devices that some places end up relying on.

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My Windows 10 Home laptop will recognize all of my flash drives but won't recognize any of my external hard drives. They all use to show up but now they aren't. The hard drives show up in disk manager but won't show up in file explorer. I hooked them up to other laptops & they all show up. I've tried uninstalling drivers & reinstalling them but It hasn't worked. Any ideas?

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I've got an old Dell Inspiron 8200 PC that the office uses as shared storage, printer server etc, and it's been having issues seeing USB drives correctly (Although the laser printer that's on USB has never ever had a problem!?!)

Yesterday it dawned on me that instead of plugging in the extra 2 drives I need I could put another couple of hard drives in, in place of the optical drives, that are never used on that machine.

So after a bit vague googling it seemed this was possible, so I went ahead and removed both optical drives, replacing them with 2 hard drives, (so now the PC has 4 internal drives).

... and they work! You wouldn't believe the hassle I've had with NetworkAttachedStorage and various different USB drives, while figuring out that this machine doesn't like USB drives!)

The thing is: the drives seem to be running really slowly. Is this because CD drives won't need to receive data as fast as hard drives do? Is there any way of setting it up to send data faster to these drives?

A:Plugging Hard Drives into to Optical Drives' IDE Cable?

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I have a new computer plus a couple of other computers and I have some external hard drives and flash drives. what is the best way to check these devices to make sure they are clean, will just connecting them and viewing them or running AV and other security checks propose a risk to the computer that is checking?
Thanks for any advise!

A:External Hard drives and flash drives security


You can consider the use of the Panda Vaccine on your computer and USB Drives:
Download Panda USB and AutoRun Vaccine - MajorGeeks

This tool provides a two way security by vaccinating both computer and/or USB drives.
It work on NTFS, FAT, FAT32 formatted drives.
However, vaccinating a USB drive cannot be undone without formatting the USB disk, using a hex editor, or a File Manager in a Linux distribution..

Next, make sure that your Antivirus can scan USB drives. Some do not have this option.

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I set up a new computer. Windows 7 Pro 64x
Everything was fine but then I connected a flash drive to it and I get:

Location Not Available
H:\ is not accessible. Access is denied

If I go into the properties to the ?security? tab, it says ?you do not have permission to view or edit this object?s permission settings?

If I go into the ?owner? tab of Advanced Security Settings, current owner says ?Unable to display current owner?
This is on every flash drive and portable hard drive on all 4 usb ports.
I am logged in as the administrator and there is not even another user account on the computer
I?ve run sfc /scannow

I?m absolutely stumped. I?ve never had this happen on any computer where I couldn?t use an external device.

This is not my computer so I?ll have to do whatever remotely.

Thank you for the help.

A:All Flash Drives & External Hard Drives NOT ACCESSIBLE?

Sometimes when I plug in a USB Thumb/Flash drive I get a message about "this device can perform faster if plugged into a USB 2 port" so I shut the computer down and pull the power cord and USB devices from the back of it. After waiting a bit I put everything back and all is good.

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Hi there guys, I know this might be in the wrong section but can someone tell me if my laptop has 2 HDD Bays and what the Maximum Ram the Motherboard can have?

Manufacturer: TOSHIBA
Model: KTKAA (U2E1)
Version: PSAL6A-07F016

Cheers Guys.

Oh and one little thing. Can the GFX be upgraded?

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650

A:2 HDD Bays? and max RAM?

From what I could find (its a discontinued model I think)

Max RAM is 8GB and the laptop only has 1 Hard drive. Graphics cards can not usually be upgraded in a laptop and if you find someone who is prepared to do it then it is likely to be expensive as the cards are generally soldered to the board

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I have several old hard drives, taken from previouse CPU's. Is there anyway in which I can use them as external hard drives or be able to read what is stored on them, without hooking up INSIDE my CPU ?

A:Old hard drives, can I make them external drives ?

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I opened my computer the other day and when I clicked "computer" to go to my mapped networks drives to my surprise there are no hard drives or mapped drives displayed anymore.

Even when I go "open" in excel for example I don't see the drives.

I tried uninstalling sp1 in hope it would fix the problem but it did not. When I go into disk management I see my hard drives.

Is there a way to fix this? I have Vista Home Premium


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I already found out the hard way that flash drives don't have a registry in which I can install a program to it, and run it on other computers, unless the program is a lite program. Is there a way to make it more flexible in the sense of creating a registry for it?

Next question; Do external hard drives have a registry? Could I install games and or programs to an external and run them directly from it? Is there a way to create a registry for it if it does not have one?
Anyone that has anything else to possibly add, I'm more than happy to explore any and all options, so don't be shy!

Help is appreciated, thanks in advance!

A:External hard drives / flash drives.

i do not know the particulars of it but yes it is possible to copy/paste a programme file from c drive ,programme files, onto flash drive and run it, i do it myself

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I just recently built a new system running an Intel Q9550 quad core 8 GB of ram and Vista Home Premium x64. Everything works flawlessly except for connecting external hard drives and thumb drives through the usb port. I've tried multiple hard drives/thumb drives on multiple ports on the front and back with it working only once for the thumb drive. Usually Vista keeps sounding the device connect and device disconnect dongs for a few minutes and then every once in a while says the drive needs to be formatted, but the drives work fine on my Laptop that's running Vista Home Premium 32-bit. Is this a common problem with x64 or is there something wrong with my system?


A:USB hard drives/thumb drives to work

when I hook the usb thumb drive to the usb port on my printer, Vista recognizes it and lets me see the files on the drive, it also lets me copy a file to it but then freezes after it finishes copying (the copy window has a full progress bar and say "about 0 seconds remaining".

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I have windows 7 pro and recently I have not been able to open up a new folder on any external hard drive or flash drive that I use with my computer. When I use these same flash and external hard drives in another computer it works fine, my initial thought is, there is something disabled in my system or some program is blocking me when I try to create a new folder in my drives. need advice and help.

A:Flash drives and external hard drives

It may be your explorer. Run a sfc /scannow in Command Prompt

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which models have two hdd bays? (I mean 2 normal hdds and not a hdd and a ssd or swapping out the optical drive) I'm looking for a 17" screen model. thanks

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Hello, can anyone tell me if the Satellite S70-B-10Z has 2 hdd bays?

Thank you!

A:Re: Has Satellite S70-B-10Z 2 HDD bays?

Hi Andrei

Unfortunately, Satellite S70-B does not support 2nd HDD bay


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I have a Compaq presario 17XL360 notebook with swapable drives. I would like to get rid of my ME operating system for XP. The problem is I'm not sure if I can format the hard drive using the 3 floppy drive then swap out the bay for the cd ROM drive and install XPs operating system. Will the computer recognize the cd ROM without the operating system in it?

A:swapable bays on laptop

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I just got a Lenovo V330-15IKB (MPN 81AX00CBUK) I want to install a second SSD internally (not via DVD drive) but unsure what space / type of port is available as a 2nd bay. Anybody know if I can just whack a regular 2.5 SATA  in or do I need something else like M.2 NVMe etc? Don't want to buy the wrong drive. Spec is: i5-8250U, 8Gb, 256Gb 15.6" Thanks!

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I have disconnected the SATA plugs and the only thing stopping me from pulling the bay right out is the wiring to the fan (which sits just behind the grill). Can anyone advise me as to how to get the fan off without pulling the black & red wires away - they disappear into the mechanism somehow - so that I can pull the bays out completely? The wiring is anchored inside the case before it gets to the M/B, so pulling the plug from the M/B wouldn't help either.




A:Antec 900 Case - anyone know how to remove the HDD bays?

There is a groove in the mounting region that has tabs holding the fan cables in place. You can pry them up and that will free up the wiring so you can unscrew the fan from the mount and remove it completely.

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My case has these two expansion ports in front, hidden behind removable plastic covers. There's metal grating over it (as you should be able to see below) but it looks like that could be snapped off really easily with a pair of pliers.

Here's a picture:
So, my question is, what can I put in these expansion ports? It looks like Zip drives and front-mounted USB ports would be too large. The only thing I can think of would be extra floppy drives, and who needs that in this day in age?

A:Solved: Mini Expansion Bays

these would also fit hdd's. Which is really what they are designed for. You can get 3 1/2" cards to go in them as well, such as front mounted usb, sound card outputs, etc. which is why they have the removeable metal and plastic covers. Yes if you wanted to, you could put a floppy drive in there as well

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I recently bought my first desktop computer after years of always having a laptop and I am pleased about the idea of expanding it. The computer I purchased is a decent machine (Gateway DX4710) and is not in need of pertinent upgrades to make it run any better. But it does have two expansion slots in the back (one is the wireless adaptor which I don't need anyway) and one expansion bay in the front. Having never added to a desktop computer before, what are some common uses of these extra expansion slots? What would be a good idea to use them for?

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I figure raptors run hot, and right now I'm running this case:

Basically, I have too many hard drive, and cant use the middle bays because of my 8800GTX extending out too far.

so, i can get this Thermaltake icage hard drive mounting system for $24


I can get 3 of these for about $10 after tax, micro center is right by me, and only 3% tax.

is the icage worth it?
Right now I'm running a WD6400AAKS by itself, with the 3 raptors installed, and nothing on them yet.

My goal is to have the 3 x 36GB Raptors in RAID 0, and then 2 x WD6400AAKS Drives in RAID 0, and then an External eSATA 1TB Drive for backup. My DVD RW is a SATA Drive.

I would have the 1TB drive as an internal, except that my DVD RW is a SATA drive, and my 680i only has 6 SATA Ports. plus I can take the drive places with me, which could work out well anyways in the end.

I am going to have to end up buying an e SATA PCI Express card as well, i'll talk about that later

A:Getting my 3 x 36GB Raptors into 5.25" bays

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Hello, I have a query about the 17-r107na (ENERGY STAR) My question regards the HDD Bays for this model. It is sold with 512GB, would it be possible to fit an extra 2,5" HDD, Without removing either the SSD or the optical drive? Many Thanks

A:17-r107na (ENERGY STAR) HDD Bays

See the Service Manual here: Manual Pages 34 and 51 show the hard drive and mSSD, respectively. There is a single 2.5 inch drive bay available.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

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Does the HP 17e119wm have 2 sata drive bays>>

A:Does the HP 17e119wm have 2 sata drive bays> >

Hi, It only has room for 1 HDD and only supports single HDD configuration as shown on the  Maintenance and Service Guide from the following link:      http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-Pavilion-17-Notebook-PC-series/5401229/model/6761919/manuals Regards.

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I have just recently changed my PSU. I now have conflict with the hard drives and the DVD ROM and CD RW. When i plug the main wire in (the wide wire which goes to the motherboard from the drives) it seems to freeze the computer. As i do this, there is a change in noise coming from the computer it seems to go quieter. I think that when i plug the drives in it takes most of the power away from the hard drives therefore they are unable to run. I am running a 400w PSU for a P3.

Am i right in saying this, if so what can i do to over come this? I have been advise that it might be the jumpers on the CD RW and DVD ROM but i haven't changes these plus i do no what/how these work. Could this be a/the problem?

Thank you

A:Conflict between hard drives and cd drives

That would be the IDE cable and they have to be connected to PIN#1 of the drive to pin #1 of the cable there is a colored strip on one edge of the cable that connects to PIN#1 of the drive when connecting the drive the colored strip should be closest to you. Also please don't tell me your connecting cables with the PC powered up. IDE drive can also be daisy chained (two drives on each channel Master and slave)

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Hello all.  I'm considering getting a ThinkPad T61 & the tech specs I've read on a few sites don't answer a few questions:1) Is an adapter required before being able to connect a drive to the 2nd drive bay inside?2)  Is the 2nd drive bay inside, IDE or SATA?  Or is there a dual connector adapter for being able to connect either type?  I have both types of 2-1/2" laptop drives and want to put a 2nd drive inside so am curious about which type the 2nd drive bay is.3)  Is the 1st drive bay, SATA or IDE?4)  Besides WinXP or Win7 or whichever "modern" version of Windows I'll end up using, I also have need of using DOS 6.22 & Win 3.11 and so will need to use MSCDEX.EXE for the CD/DVD drive.  So my question is, is it in the BIOS to enable Legacy Support for the CD/DVD drive so that an IDE driver will recognize it?  I've tried a couple of drivers on another SATA laptop that say they support/recognize SATA but they've failed so I don't even consider them a possibility anymore.  I need for the T61's DVD/CD drive to be recognized by MSCDEX which means either IDE or Legacy Support (and this other laptop I've tested the SATA drivers on doesn't have a Legacy Support option in the BIOS).5) What is the video refresh rate of the T61's own screen?  I've read info that an external monitor can easily get 75 Hz and 85 (or higher I think I suppose), but my curiosity is the laptop's own screen.  Is 75 or 85, or higher, in the list of ref... Read more

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I have purchased several SSD drives that I am cloning to upgarde current systems. I am using a USB 3.0 Drive enclosure that recognizes standard SATA drives but not the SSD. When I attach the same enclosure on a Windows 7 machine it sees the drive right away and assigns it a drive letter. The SSD does not appear in disk management either on Windows 10.


A:Windows 10 Not Recognizing SSD's When In External Drive Bays

Originally Posted by sentryknight

I have purchased several SSD drives that I am cloning to upgarde current systems. I am using a USB 3.0 Drive enclosure that recognizes standard SATA drives but not the SSD. When I attach the same enclosure on a Windows 7 machine it sees the drive right away and assigns it a drive letter. The SSD does not appear in disk management either on Windows 10.


I have 2 win 10 systems. No usb 3.0 drive one Tb or larger can be recognized. Not even through Paragon Drive Manager software which on other windows systems can see drives windows does not. Driver are fine my NAS usb 3.0 ports. Seen some hit and miss solutions but none work for me.

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At start up I am getting the blue screen which says "remove any newly installed hard drives or hard drive controllers"

I did take out the hard drive and connected it to another computer using a sata to usb cable, but the drive was not recognized so I put the hard drive back.

Now when I am unable to boot up. It is a windows 7 64bit.

A:BSOD -Remove any newly installed hard drives or hard drive controllers

Please upload the BSOD Posting Instructions http://www.sevenforums.com/bsod-help-support/96879-blue-screen-death-bsod-posting-instructions.html. Upload the files here, this will tell you how. http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/9733-screenshots-files-upload-post-seven-forums.html

Also, please give us a better explanation so we will understand what you did.

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Hey Guys,
I have a Dell XPS 600 with 2 160GB hard drives that mirror each other and would like to be able to reinstall the operating system but I'm not sure how to configure the RAID option. I would like to reinstall the O.S. either on one and keep the other as storage , or keep them mirrored and reinstall the O.S. I am using original Dell XP Media Center Edition 2005 disk. Thanks

A:Solved: Hard drives mirrored, need to configure raid for one hard drive

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So the machine I am working with is a consumer line Dell Inspiron E1505 with Windows XP Media Center and the latest A17 bios. It came with a 60GB sata hard drive that was almost full and wanted to upgrade to a larger drive. I grabbed a brand new Seagate 320GB hard drive.I booted up Acronis and attempted to clone to from a 60GB drive to a 320GB. Everything looked perfect. It saw all four partitions from the source drive and once done showed that for the destination as well. I shut off the computer install the new hard and proceed to boot. The computer attempted to boot but then received a stop 0x0000007b error (unmountable boot volume, for those unfamilar). Common issue when cloning disk so I proceeded to boot to an XP disk so I could repair the Windows install. Once it booted up, I noticed the drive was shown as a 58GB hard drive (the brand new 320GB drive). I restarted the machine checked the bios and it saw the drive as a 58GB hard drive. I pulled the drive and hooked it to four other machine that all stated the disk was now a 58GB hard drive. We checked disk management, booted to several hard drive testing tools and even poped it into a linux environment. The drive had been Permanently changed to a 58GB disk. To my disbelief, I started investigating. I tried another 320GB new hard drive, this time with ghost booted from win 98. Same process, everything seemed perfect. Reboot, dosnt start. I check the BIOS. This drive as well has been Permanently changed to a 58GB.Keep in m... Read more

A:Virus Permanently Modifies HPA of Hard Disk cloned and Locks it. damaging hard drives.

After some more research I have figured this out. I can post what the fix was if anyone is interested. It was NOT a virus, it was Dell Media Direct.

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I'm making an inquiry for a friend..

She has a computer with 2 hard drives.
The problem began with a 'screen error' saying to check the monitor connection. She bought a new monitor and had the same error message.

She then began having hard drive read/write errors. Thinking she may have gotten a virus, she wiped both her hard drives and reformatted.

When she tries to reinstall XP it gets about half way through and gives her the read/write error again and will not complete installation. This is true for both of the hard drives.

So far she's tried cleaning the connections on her 4 memory sticks (while grounded) and still cannot reinstall Windows due to the read/write error.

What is your suggestion for her next step since she has no working operating system from which to run tests?

A:Hard Driver Read/Write Error on Both Hard Drives

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Hi, I'm trying to add drives to the M800/M900 SFF (10FX, 10FY) and need the FRU's for the bays. It is not clear in the FRU list what to choose.Can anyone clarify for me:Optional 2,5" bay (under the 3,5" bay) for 2nd drive2,5" plastic tray (the blue one)3,5" bay in the 5,25" slot I guess this is the 3,5" tray (blue one): 00XD462 Thanks.  

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While looking into another possible problem with a hard drive on my system,I began unplugging the devices (there are four of them) to isolate the problem and in doing so, I I seriously corrupted C drive, and began getting 0x7b BSOD messages. First I tried to do a System Repair with the Repair disk. It didn't work. I have a cloned version on an other HD for just such an occasion, so I attempted to boot from it. No dice, which surprised me. Remembering that one of the options in repair involved such a disk, I attempted to fix it that way. It refused to recognize it as well. I sat and waited a moment to consider my next move when the computer rebooted. Ok, let it run, and upon finishing POST, now I have Win7, Win XP (my dual boot) and Win7 Ultimate (Recovered) as my boot choices. Win 7 (Recovered) runs, but Win7 does not. XP still runs (thank god!). but here's the rub: if I disconnect either of the drives, my original (C drive) with the original installation or this cloned drive (J Drive) the system will not boot. Further, any updates say to the video driver installs to Drive J but it is obvious from running checks with EasyBCD and Security Essentials, some of the information is coming from C, some from J, therefore the "Virtual" name in the title. They are both contributing to the boot.

I am tempted to leave it but it isn't totally complete. For instance, I cannot install updates; the Windows Installer can't be found. I ran several checks and attempts on that as w... Read more

A:A Virtual Hard Drive? Two separate hard drives now run Win 7 x64

Do you have an Advanced Format (AF) drive or a drive greater than 2.2TB on your machine. For some reason WIN 7 ASSUMES that you want to use the AF drive rather than a different drive that you may have specified. This happens whether you are trying to do a new clean install or a repair on an already existing installation. Also, WIN 7 does this with no warning leaving you to ASSUME that you made the new install or repair where you wanted it.

I have very recently experienced the exact same problem when I updated my motherboard and processor.

Even though I did a sysprep on my old install to prepare for the new motherboard, WIN 7 still struggled with the 3TB drives. I tried a few times to 'repair' my install, but then again WIN 7 put the repaired install on another drive.

The only way that I found to prevent WIN 7 from defaulting to the AF drives was to unplug them completely. By this time, my old installation had become so corrupted thay I finally had to resort to a new install instead of the easy migration I had expected.

Once I removed the AF drives, the new install went completely smooth with no other phantom or otherwise installs on the AF drives.

I did have backup copies of my system on an image on an 'Acronis Secure Zone' (ASZ) partition, but with a clean install of WIN 7, once I told Acronis to use the ASZ, it deleted the backups and created a new empty ASZ.

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I have a system and 3 internal hard drives.

The drvies are 120GB, 160GB, and 180GB but my system only recognizes 111GB, 149GB, and 167GB respectively. Tha tis about a 7% loss of space for each drive. 33 gigs lost in total. That's a lot of space.

None of the drives are partitioned and it's not and HP or other like system. It's a custom built PC. I only have an OS (WINXP) installed on my C drive (the 160 GB drive).

No matter how I connect these drives (on-borad IDE or IDE controller card) my system will not recognize the full space of any hard drive I install on my system.

The 120 is slave to the 160 and the 180 is on an ATA controller card (Promise Technologies) all by itself. All are Western Digital. The 180 is a special edition (and I recommend you stay away from WD special edition HDs. I have had to swap it for a refurb 3 times in 1.5 years. This is the first time I have installed it on a newer computer, though, so I hope it does not break like it did on my old, ancient system 3 times. My old system was and AMD 850 Duron with 128M RAM..but I digress).

So is there a way to get back this 33 gigs of missing HD space or is this just the way it is with WINXP?

Thanks in advance.

BTW, my MB is an ASUS P4P800SE with a Cerleron D 2.4MHz in case any of that matters.

A:7% of hard drive space lost on ALL hard drives...

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Hi there. I have a Pavilion dv7 with two hard drives, one of which has gone bad. Already got some great info on replacement, so thanks for that, but I have one more question before I leave you in peace: I'm stationed in Germany and having problems getting the exact hard drive (Toshiba MQ01ABD075 750 GB 5400 RPM) set to me here. Do I have to have the same type of drive as before, or can you get one newer, bigger faster, etc. and have it play well with the remaining drive? If they don't have to be the same, are there any parameters that must match to avoid problems? Thanks

A:Pavilion dv7 with two hard drives has a bad hard drive

@AndyWells All laptop SATA drives are the same physical size, so they will all fit and connect to the cables in the laptop. As to capacity, be sure to get one as big as your exising OS drive, as the HP Recovery function expects to see a drive of that size when it runs. The brand does not matter, as any laptop SATA drive will work.  Just keep the capacity down to 2TB or smaller.Good Luck

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