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Somy Vaio Windows 7 Stuck in System Settings

Q: Somy Vaio Windows 7 Stuck in System Settings

When I power up my Sony Vaio SVE model machine, it goes to the "Insyde H20" setup utility. I haven't asked it to, and I can't exit succesfully. The recovery disks seem to have no effect.

I believe the internal keyboard is broken (I have an external one)

One or more of the keys are sticking, and I think it's causing my problem.

How do I remove a Sony E series keyboard (If that IS the problem). I can find no guide that is
specific to my model. There are guides for other Sony series, but the underneath of mine is different.

Preferred Solution: Somy Vaio Windows 7 Stuck in System Settings

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Somy Vaio Windows 7 Stuck in System Settings

I can't provide instructions on how to replace the keyboard; you'll have to rely on someone else for that.

I did have a question: Are you able to access the BIOS by pressing F2 when the system first turns on? You may have to tap F2 more than once for the system to register it and give you the BIOS options. If you can access the BIOS, make sure your boot order is setup properly with the CD/DVD drive first and your hard drive (HDD) second.

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I wanted to install a different Windows 7 on my Vaio but when I selected a partition to install Windows on, it said:
"Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style."
I searched online and found a program called GParted to fix the problem. What I didn't know was that it would delete all the partitions. I fixed the problem and installed Windows but I want to go back to factory settings. The problem is that I deleted the recovery partition. Is there any way to go ack to factory settings?? Can I download recovery files online?
Model no: SVS13A190X

Thank you

A:Restore Vaio system to factory settings w/o recovery disks / partition

If you just want some of the sony utilities, or drivers -

Sony eSupport - SVS13A190X - Support

If you want the whole recovery disc - you might have to ask them to send it.

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My sony vaio was on and I had AIM up, also with an away message. I had been away from my laptop for about an hour. When I came back my laptop was frozen. I tried task manager with no success. I ended up having to hold down the power button until it turned off. I waited a few minutes and tried powering it back on. It powers on fine, goes to the vaio screen and then gets stuck on the black windows xp screen with the loading bar right underneath, still moving. I tired turning it off and letting it sit for awhile. I tired taking the battery out and powering it with just the power cord. It does go into safe mode with no problems but I'm not too familiar with using safe mode. I'll take and try any suggestions. I'm pretty much lost without it right now. Thanks!

A:sony vaio stuck on windows xp loading screen

Run a hard drive diagnostic by downloading the appropriate utility from the hard drive manufacturer's website or try the hitachi drive fitness test.

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Hi, I have a sony Vaio VGN-SZ4XWN/C and recently installed Windows 7. Installation was fine, however the screen resolution does not go past 1024 x 768. The monitor is wide screen 1280x800 so would have hoped for this option.

I have tried these drivers
and it does not recognise the hardware

and this option from another post, which does not work
Vista drivers and utilities Sony Vaio SZ available | Trevin Chow

The Graphics card is NVDIA GeForce Go 7400 GPU.

any thoughts?

A:Windows 7 on Vaio Screen resolution stuck at 1024x768

Right click your video adapter under display adapters, in device manager. Properties, details tab, change dropdown box to hardware ids. Copy and paste what is there to here. Most likely needed a modded driver, whether I can find one for I can make one for you.

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Hi There

i'm facing a problem for a while now...
my laptop is Sony Vaio F Series with windows 7 Sp 1 ( all updates installed )
when i want to shut down laptop , it stucks on Windows 7 "Shutting Down" & after some time ( maybe 30 min or more ..) win restarts & after logging in windows , i get a message that Blue screen occurs & it didnt shut down properly...
my option is now forcing to shutdown ( by holding Power button) when shutting down...

im attaching my DM log file:

A:Sony Vaio F Series Windows 7 Shutting Down stuck BSOD

Please remove all pirated programs and such from your system before we can start troubleshooting.
The Forum rules is meant for everything regarding piracyDiscussing it,
Asking for guidance,
Asking for a crack,
The use of it,

4) No piracy or discussion of piracy allowed at all. Such as software, music, videos and other intellectual property violations (e.g. downloading youtube videos locally etc).

7/27/2016 2:38 PM Application Error Faulting application name: AutoKMS.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x56143bde
Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 6.1.7601.23455, time stamp: 0x573a54fc
Exception code: 0xe0434352
Fault offset: 0x000000000001a06d
Faulting process id: 0x7bc
Faulting application start time: 0x01d1e814522038b2
Faulting application path: C:\Windows\AutoKMS\AutoKMS.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Windows\system32\KERNELBASE.dll
Report Id: bd950f6b-5407-11e6-96b2-3859f9fbd5cc

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I have a Acer Aspire 5810 trying to start over fresh and when downloading it is stuck on finalizing your settings window and the bar is flashing by.

Acer Aspire 5810
upgraded memory from 3gb to 8gb
288 hd

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Hi Guys, It's me again. I've reinstalled Windows on my netbook, and reached the final stage, so I've waited for the "Finalizing your Settings" to complete and I've run it overnight and even let it run whole day. And when I finally arrived from school it is still "Finalizing Your Settings". What should I do?

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Hi guys,

I post here the Userenv.log of my client machine. It stays on Applying computer settings for 6 minutes. I'm on this problem since several days but I'm not able to solve this issue.

I hope you can help me to understand the problem. Thank you
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:00:906 InitializePolicyProcessing: Initialised Machine Mutex/Events
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:00:906 InitializePolicyProcessing: Initialised User Mutex/Events
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:00:906 LibMain: Process Name: \??\C:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exe
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 Entering CUserProfile::Initialize ...
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CUserProfile::Initialize called by winlogon
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CUserProfile::Initialize: critical section initialized
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CSyncManager::Initialize: critical section initialized
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CUserProfile::Initialize: registry key Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList opened
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CUserProfile::Initialize: Proccessing S-1-5-21-3065971401-1583081497-775716447-500
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CSyncManager::EnterLock <S-1-5-21-3065971401-1583081497-775716447-500>
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CSyncManager::EnterLock: No existing entry found
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CSyncManager::EnterLock: New entry created
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CHashTable::HashAdd: S-1-5-21-3065971401-1583081497-775716447-500 added in bucket 16
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CUs... Read more

A:Windows XP SP3 stuck on Applying computer settings

What were you doing when this happened? Were you installing SP3?

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Hi Team,

I am trying install windows 7 ultimate 64 bit on dell vostro laptop.. finally it got stuck in "Windows is finalizing your setting".
i have restarted the system couple of times but still its coming to the same windows appearing same windows and same message.. please help on the issue... please find the attached image...

Thanks & Regards
Naresh R
Reach me @ +91-9884747784

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As the title describes. I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate x64. My SSD only has 15GB free space or so. SP1 has failed for me twice: First time it gave me an error code, most likely due to lack of free space (say, you need at least 15GB). On second time, it's frozen with a black screen saying "reconfiguring Windows settings" in Finnish.

I tried booting to safe mode with network, it worked just fine. I cannot open Windows Update from there though, and My Computer tells me that I have 14,7GB free space on my C:/, which is my SSD drive.

Just to be sure, I also left it reconfiguring settings overnight with no results.

Now I can't use my computer in any other than safe mode, which sucks obviously. Any fix for this to cancel the update?

Cheers and thanks in advance!

EDIT: Oh, and it's a full retail version I've bought.

A:Win7 SP1 is stuck at reconfiguring Windows settings after reboot

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

According to Microsoft, your version of Windows requires drive space of at least 20GB for installation puposes.

Windows 7 system requirements - Microsoft Windows

The reason you can run in Safe Mode is because only the minimum files and drivers to get Windows up and running. What is the total size of your SSD? If it's less than 40GB I'd suggest getting a bigger drive. (Do you have anything on the SSD other than Windows 7?)

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My Vaio Just got so many viruses and worms it died. All infected files were found in SYSTEM32 folder and would not boot up. When I tried to load system recovery it says that ****.sys could not be loaded. sorry about not knowing the filename but I couldnt remember and it is no longer showing me the error because I used fdisk to format and then installed windows 98SE just to try and get a operating sytem on it so that I could troubleshoot. My question is there seems to be a partition left on the drive and I think that's what is hurting me. Can anybody help me with any expierience in hard drive partitions and getting the vaio system recovery discs to load up? please help i hate to buy another drive because of my own stupidity. :giddy:

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I want to reset my system. But I am facing various issues.
No installation CD (though I can download), Sony has given many options to reset.
I am encountering problem of "Bootmgr is missing".
So help me to solve this issue without installation cd.
Thank You

A:Unable to reset my windows 7 Sony Vaio system

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Unusually this thread is not asking for a solution to a problem but rather describing a solution to one.

A friend of mine who has had a Vaio Laptop (model VPCEE2S1E) for several years had just started to experience system freezes. She would be using the laptop (running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit) for either a few minutes or anything up to 3 hours when all of a sudden the system would freeze - the cursor would disappear and the system would lock solid. Sometimes she would be handling email, sometimes the system would be downloading/installing Windows updates, sometimes it would be idle. There was no Blue Screen of Death. The system would just freeze and nothing other than a hard power off would change the situation. Following the hard power off the system would start up again with the normal Widows message saying the system had been abnormally shut down. There were no error messages produced at the time of the freeze and there were no entries in the Windows Event Log for the time the problem occurred.

I tried all sorts of things to resolve the problem including re-installing Win 7 from the Sony Vaio supplied system recovery disks and applying all fixes - sometimes the system would stay up long enough to make a lot of progress and sometimes it would freeze during these updates so the reinstall took quite a while. I also searched the web and found quite a few entries relating to freezes and discussing issues involving a conflict between power management settings and AMD p... Read more

A:Windows 7 System Freeze Sony Vaio Laptop - Solved

Thanks for letting us know.

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I have a VGN-NW265F Sony Vaio Laptop, Windows 7 x64

An upgrade installed and now the system hangs (could be something else, I don't know, but upgrade installed right before hang)

Vaio logo comes up, then repair or start Windows regularly - If start regularly, goes to blank screen

If repair, then the sytem goes to Startup Repair and Searches for problems for hours.

If I F8

Repair, and login as owner, go to system restore, choose a restore point, and click next, system hangs. Don't have a system image or a good backup (My backups always hung. Will make sure I have one from now on)

Had memory checked. Did not change, blank screen

safe mode hangs on black screen, low res video hangs

Using Windows 7 installation disc (borrowed from a friend), the repair option hangs on "Searching for Windows Installations..." and on the other window, I can see it found my windows installation but I can't get to it, because the "Searching for Windows Installtions..." never stops.

If I try to upgrade it tells me that I booted using the installation disc, so take the disc out, restart windows, then put the disc back in to upgrade. The problem is I can't start windows! I just want to repair whatever is going on.

Help? Thanks!


A:After Windows 7 upgrade, System goes to Blank Screen (Vaio Laptop)

If you are able to do so, follow these steps: Use Advanced Boot Options to select Repair Your Computer and get to the System Recovery Options. Then select the command prompt. Do the following:chkdsk /r c:
chkdsk /r d:
chkdsk /r e:
chkdsk /r f:.etc until you get the message that the volume could not be opened for direct access. For any drives that do not give the message:
"Windows has checked the file system and found no problems"
run chkdsk again as above. In other words, if it says:
"Windows has made corrections to the file system"
after running the disk check, run the disk check again.

I realize you may only have one disk show up in Windows explorer, but you may have more than one disk through recovery options. This is because the system creates a hidden boot partition (which will be C: in recovery), you may have a recovery partition for your PC that is hidden (which will be D: in recovery), and you will have your primary Windows partition (which may be E: in recovery). A custom PC will likely have at least C: and D: to scan.

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Heres the story....i would try to go in safe mode and such but my laptops screen is cracked meaning im using a monitor and it doesnt show until it gets to the screen where you choose your user.

I need this fixed badly if theres any way anyone can help me please im desperate.

I have extremely important files on that PC. My job requires those files back. and now i feel im screwed and im scared it all lost forever.

Please,,,any advice? or anything to do? If needed ill post a video of what i mean but its only a stock sony vaio nothing fancy. Please guys im not tech smart and i apollogize for sounding stupid but understand..

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

A:Sony Vaio Stuck on welcoming screen, with no way to help?

It is normal that a laptop won't use an external monitor in pre-OS environment. You won't lose files because of this. However, you should be backing up your user/data files when everything is running normal, because it may not be so tomorrow!

See Notebook screen busted, display refuses to work pre-OS : techsupport

Edit: Some laptops do have such a feature but it is normally a premium one.

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my laptop was working fine but recently I decided to upgrade to windows xp service pack 2. I did all the research and I followed the directions posted here as well about what to do before upgrading to the sp2. when I was installing the sp2 it froze towards the end of installation and didn't install correctly, obviously. so I removed the sp2 so I could reinstall it and when I removed and rebooted my pc, it has been stuck in that cycle ever since. please help me with this issue....

A:Help!!!! pc stuck rebooting sony vaio pcg-grt260g

help, I'm falling behind on my school work. please help...

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Hi guys, sony vaio vgn- tx47gp, the laptop went of and came back on with an error message"
Instant mode detected necessary files being compressed. Please uncompress C:\instanton and subfolder on windows. press any button to switch off or use power button"
if you press any button it switches of, it wont go into windows safe mode or boot mode with f10. removed battery and left it out, tried resetting by holding power down.

Need some help urgently

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I have sony vaio VPCEB44EN with windows 7 home basic.
Suddenly it start giving error like this-

Edit windows boot option for: windows 7

path: \windos\system\system32\winload.exe

partition: 3
Hard Disk: ef7d31bf

The i tried to format it with sony vaio recovery
the i got-
Edit windows boot options for:start vaio care rescue
Path: \windows\system32\boot\winload.exe
[ /MININT RDIMAGEOFFSET=8192 RDIMAGELENGTH=3161088 RDPATH=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\sources\boot\wim ]

But anyway I format c drive and proceed further recovery.It takes 12-15 mins to complete to 100% and when system trying to restart the vaio recovery window coming again like before.
This whole process is going on like a loop.
Is there any way to come out from that loop successfully.

!! Help please !!

A:Stuck with sony vaio care rescue

Please go to this thread: Sony Vaio stucked in vaio care rescue

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I'm having problem restoring my Sony laptop to factory setting. Ever since my laptop crashed after a middle of restoring to factory setting. And every time i try to do the restore to factory setting it restart in the middle restoring factory setting, it goes to a black screen, and then just restarts. I've even tried to re installing window vista, but for some reason I don't have a partition drive to install it on. So I'm just stuck with a black screen every time I start up, or attempt to restoring to factory setting. Can someone please figure my problem ASAP?

Thank you,

A:I can't restore Vaio to factory settings.

Can someone help me:\

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I have a sony vaio eseries laptop windows 7 and its stuck on recovery. Help!!!

A:sony vaio eseries laptop stuck on recovery

What prompted you to run Recovery?

Most likely, there is an issue which is preventing Recovery from completing and is also the reason why it was even started.

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Hi everyone

installed windows 7 rtm x86 on wife's vaio cr23g which has the VCC6 webcam. Installed the vista driver for it, is working, but can't change the light settings, and most importantly, it's not letting me select the 'low light compensation' checkbox.

Any tips?

Have tried windows update too.


A:Cannot change light settings for VAIO webcam

Have you tried running the software in admin mode?

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Hi can anyone help me out

I have Sony Viao VGN-CS115J with Vista 64 my laptop is not able to run windows after turning On my laptop it shows the Logo and stuff but then nothing happens screen is blank its not Black have some light but nothing appears on it well i have tried to recover it with the Recovery Disc but going all through the process of booting it shows to Start Recover i choose that and press enter then it shows windoes files copying after that process bar completed it shows nothing and after like a minute my Hard Disk light just keep on blinking feels like its stucked or somthing i dont know whats happnening can any one help me out please thanks my email is [email protected] thanks Imran.

A:My Sony Vaio VGN-CS115J is getting stuck in middle of Recovery Process

1. Dont leave your email address on here. Spemmers will find it easily and fill your email account with junk.
2. Make sure you unplug every cable except power cord when doing a recovery or it may fail.
3. Go to BIOS (F10) and run a smart test on hard drive. The hard drive may be failing.

There's a start for you.

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Hi All,

I am running windows xp Pro. with SP2. The problem is while i am creating a new folder by clicking right click and select new->Folder, the system get stuck for few minutes.
I am not able to diagnose the problem. Help me.


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I performed a system reset with the option to clean all the drives. It went smoothly till 45% but now it is stuck there for about 4 hours. What should I do?

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I have Sony Vaio PCG - 7113L computer. I want to reset computer to original out of the box settings, no recovery discs.

Password to windows unknown, and cannot get windows to open. Need reaaaaaal easy instructions to get done what needs to be done. Do I need to get windows opened to get started ???? Don't where to start or for that matter what to do.


A:Solved: Sony vaio 2 problems;password and default settings

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Hello everyone,

I recently bought a new Asus Notebook G56JR and installed Windows 7 on it. Didn't seem to have any problems. Today, all of a sudden, when I turned it on, it said that Windows failed to start and that I should go into recovery mode. And after this, the recovery loop occurred. It was telling me that the errors were fixed, but the next time I was starting it, I had to go through the same process. Finally, I decided to re-install the Windows cleanly.
The process went fine, but now it has been stuck at "Windows is finalizing your settings" for several hours. Tried to restart the laptop and reboot, but it just skips ahead to resuming the installation. I can't acces the BIOS either, I've tried every key several times. Maybe there's a fix to with the cmd.exe (Shift+F10), but after "tasklist /v |more" there's a really long list and I don't know what to "kill". I'm out of ideas, I don't know what to do anymore since I can't do anything on the laptop besides waiting...
I should also mention that I'm using a USB port to boot the installation from. Before I decided to re-install the windows, I was able to access the BIOS and I set it to boot from it first at start-up. I assume it is still set that way.
Is there another way to install it cleanly? Could this happen because the windows files are corrupted?

Edit: I was thinking of buying a Windows 8 OS, but how do I know it won't behave the same as now and skip to the finalizing part ... Read more

A:Stuck at "Windows is finalizing your settings" after re-installing

Did you delete all partitions during the Clean Install Windows 7 using the Drive Options pictured in Steps 7 and 8? Try again and this time wipe the hard drive first with Diskpart Clean Command from the disk's System Recovery Options Command Line

Other tips and tricks here to get and keep a perfect install, even for retail: Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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Yo! I'm writing this before having to do a complete wipeout of my system

Lenovo Y510p
Hybrid HDD (Seagate) 1TB
m.2 SSD (Trascend) 256GB.

Story so far (Jump this in case you don't want to know the background):

So, since build 9841 I've been using Windows 10 Insider Preview (IP) as my mainly driver. Until the recent redstone builds, Visual Studio has been plagued with problems (From Windows Universal Apps Development to ASP.NET) . I've installed Windows 10 IP in the SSD and have been using it very happily since I've had no major issues, until the ones I've outlined before.

In my Hybrid HDD I had Windows 10 RTM (10586) installed and didn't use it for a quite while (3 months). When these problems rose, I decided to start using that partition again, but out of the blue it decided to start giving me some serious problems: mostly, the whole XAML interface (Start, Volumen, Sound, Battery, etc.) didn't show up. After trying some fixes (From reinstalling Windows Apps to Creating a separate user), I decide to refresh the bits. Unfortunately, even after refreshing my machine didn't fix the XAML interface problems and even worse: I got no possibility to run Universal Apps.

I went and ran some hard disk checkups, from both: the Lenovo Utility and CheckDisk and none threw an error.

The actual problem:
Yesterday (Feb. 4) I decide to clean install Windows 10 Build 10586 64-bit in the Hybrid HDD partition (without deleting the OEM reserved spaces) and I'm stuck now on Finalizi... Read more

A:Windows 10 B. 10586 Stuck on "Finalizing Your Settings"

Well then. It's not that I wanted to do that... I ended up wiping both Windows Installations. I'm back on RTM. What I can guess is that the OEM reserved partition got corrupted somehow and broke the Other OS.

Anyways, will install Insider Preview when things are going better.

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I uninstalled Avast antivirus from the Add/Remove programs in the control panel, and after restart, I couldn't get it out of the system repair loop. I've tried so many things, but nothing's really taken.

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Hello I had just turned of the computer and then when i turned it on it said windows did not start correctly so i entered system repair and it says windows could not automatically fix the problem this was the error
Problem Signature:
Problem Event Name StartupRepairOffline
Problem Signature 01: 6.1.7600.16385
Problem Signature 02: 6.1.7600.16385
Problem Signature 03: unknown
Problem Signature 04: 21200587
Problem Signature 05: AutoFailover
Problem Signature 06: 5
Problem Signature 07: NoRootCause
OS Version: 6.1.7600.

Please help

A:Windows 7 Stuck In System Repair Need Urgent Help!

Press the F8 key repeatedly at boot up or use the Startup disk.

Try this:
Startup Repair
Note: You may need to do startup repair 3 to 4 times.
Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times

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I saw on another thread that I should do a system restore from safe mode on my Acer laptop because when I logged into my computer I couldnt open anything. The system restore was completed (I only restored it to a few days earlier) but when my computer restarted it never allowed me to log on and is stuck on the welcome screen with the little circle thing just turning... I am wondering how long it should take after a system restore for my computer to get to the log in screen. It has been about 8 hours now on the welcome screen. I am started to get a little worried and wondering if I should manually restart my computer by holding down the power button, or will that ruin the system restore or somehow damage my computer? Any suggestions or help would be great!!!

A:Windows 7 System Restore stuck on welcome screen

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot.
I am wondering if perhaps this ^ tutorial will be of some assistance. And to answer your question about manually restarting it, it doesn't seem you have many other options at the moment.

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I am a new member of WindowsSevenForums....so hi!
I have recently purchased the windows 7 upgrade version cd.
So I installed it on my Vista Home Premium to upgrade to Win7 home premium. Everything during the installation went smoothly. I got to the log in screen and typed in my password. However, after that my computer is stuck at " Personalised settings loading settings for Microsoft Windows Media player".When I mean stuck, I mean that it is stalling, it did not hang or freeze but it just gets stuck there during the set up process for loading personalised settings forever...

I have searched this problem on the web, and I have found that I am not the only person with this problem. Although not as common as the other
"stuck at XX% while upgrading" probem, it DOES exist. How can I solve this problem? Can anybody help me by providing a step by step tutorial? I am not so proficient in handling these type of matters..
I have the Windows 7 CD so maybe that can be used to help me somehow...?

A:Windows 7 set up stuck at "Personalised Settings"

If you are able,try to reinstall again ,and try this. It sounds like you are trying to upgrade, do not do it, do a clean install. Start over and put your disc into your computer. Chose custom install. When asked for your Activation number do not give it. When completed, use it for a while, download your programs, make sure that you like it. Then make a system image. You have 30 days to activate, now would be a good time. You may also try uninstallling media player prior to installation, even though that should not be necessary because you are now doing a clean install. An upgrade install runs into problems on many levels. Good luck.

PS before you begin the installation, use windows easy transfer, to transfer all of your settings. Make copies of all your documents. Make sure that you have all of your programs installation discs.

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UPDATE: I went into themes and everything is greyed out except the basic old themes. I tried find and fix problems for aero themes display but it didn't come up with anything... when looking through google I see things about updating registry entries but I'm not sure I should be doing that based on google suggestions with my luck.

Windows did an update and now my system looks like its running an older version of windows...see attached picture. If I do a system restore to before the update I can get it running like it should again, but there should be a way to fix this without the restore, I just can't figure it out. Any ideas

I'm also getting errors about not being able to log into the windows system to check for updates when I start the computer, not sure if this has anything to do with it.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 430 @ 2.27GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 5941 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 929856 MB, Free - 321100 MB; D: Total - 23708 MB, Free - 3462 MB; E: Total - 98 MB, Free - 89 MB; H: Total - 953865 MB, Free - 201609 MB; I: Total - 1907725 MB, Free - 71590 MB; J: Total - 2861554 MB, Free - 1498342 MB; K: Total - 1430795 MB, Free - 427986 MB; L: Total - 3815413 MB, Free - 621652 MB; N: Total - 2861554 MB, Free - 866085 MB;
Motherboar... Read more

A:Windows update reverted my system settings to old version of windows

looks like it is set to best performance. i do this all the time, go to the start menu and type performance, then choose adjust performance settings. set it to adjust for best appearance. see if that works.

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origin :lenovo settings store appsupport package: SystemInterfaceFoundationurl : https://filedownload.lenovo.com/enm/sift/core/SystemInterfaceFoundation.exeproblem : stucks during install [above pakage]attachament : lenovostuck.pngos: windows 10 X64 prodetails:ver : 1607osbuild : 14393.969processor : i7 4710hq thank youfor your any advise , solutions , commants.V2G

lenovostuck.png ?930 KB

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System: HP Pavillion dv6700 Notebook (2008 laptop)
OS: Windows 8.1


I ran the "verified" command initially. After rebooting my laptop, tried numerous things that I found online to troubleshoot DRIVER_VERIFIER_DETECTED_VIOLATION.

-Tried to run verifier via CMD (Driver Verifier Manager) to remove settings (did not work). Nothing is enabled.

-Tried to do Restore, it failed and when I tried to restore to a different date all restore files seem to disappear.

-Tried to do Startup Repair (did not work)

-I have a windows 8.1 DVD but it seems like my cd/dvd drive is not working. So I connected my external DVD to USB and changed boot order so USB came up first. Still no luck.
The system currently in Automated Repair Loop.
When I choose troubleshoot option then advanced option then command prompt, it comes up in x:\windows\system32 versus c:\windows\system32

I don't know what else to try. Need help please ..... Mia ;)

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I shut my My HP Pavilion desktop with Windows 7 down normally and when I tried to turn it back on it is stuck in a boot loop. It starts, gets to the Windows 7 splash screen, then restarts. I can get to the BIOS, but I don't think it's a BIOS issue.

When I hit F8 to get advanced options, I do not get any of the usual options - Safe mode, Safe mode with networking, Safe mode with command prompt, Enable boot logging, Enable low resolution video (640 ? 480), Last Known Good Configuration (advanced), Debugging mode, Disable automatic restart on system failure. The only options I get are Repair your computer and Start Windows normally. I've tried several times to run System Repair and each time it fails, it says "Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically".

Problem signature:
Problem Event name : StartupRepairOffline
Problem Signature 01: 6.1.7600.16385
Problem Signature 02: 6.1.7600.16385
Problem Signature 03: unknown
Problem Signature 04: 21201010
Problem Signature 05: AutoFailover
Problem Signature 06: 16
Problem Signature 07: NoRootCause

The Diagnosis and repair details show several tests the result for ALL of them is "Completed successfully. Error code = OxO" and says Startup Repair has tried several times but still cannot determine the cause of the problem.

I put the Windows 7 cd in to try to use the repair tool directly from that and I did get the safe mode and other advanced options, but I get them as they relate to the cd. When I s... Read more

A:Windows 7 Stuck in Boot Loop, but All System Checks OK

I'm wondering if there is a new virus you are easily the 9th person today with this kind of issue.
This is going to be difficult to solve with you unable to get into safe mode.
Let's see if a startup repair cycle can get your boot menu fixed since that data is part of the bootmgr the startup repair cycle can possibly fix that issue at least.

Startup Repair

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I'm new here and I don't know if my question is relevant, so I apologize in advance.
I've just started my pc, and after the password screen, appeared the default loading light blue screen, but instead of the word "Windows" there was "Preparing the desktop". After that, the desktop appeared, but there were no icons but the bin, no wallpaper, and all the system settings (sounds at startup, start bar icons) were different. Then appeared a window communicating the correct installation of Service Pack 1, but there were no updates to be installed when I turned off the pc, and I already had SP1. The system folder had checkboxes near the icons (i.e. the C disk icon), so that a tick appeared when selected. All files on the desktop where still present in the desktop folder, but not shown (all but the bin).
So I restarted, the desktop returned ok, but the system settings are still messed up: I removed system sounds, but now they are enabled; no start bar icons; different interface colors. I restarted again, but nothing changed.

What's the problem? Is it possible that it's a virus? Am I risking to lose everything on the next startup?
If you need others informations, please ask.
Thank you.

A:Windows 7 Startup Error: different system settings

Hello Hex808080,

That does certainly seem like a worrying issue.

Run System File Checker and Disk Checker to check for issues.
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
Disk Check

If you think you are infected with Malware, please run Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes will product a log, please can you upload it to here? Navigate to: C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\Logs and upload the logs to here.

Thank you,

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Hi! For a while now, I've been having problems with windows because apparently it resets some settings on it's own. The two main things I've noticed that it changes the visual settings of windows and action center gives me a prompt occasionally for changing windows update settings to update them automatically which is recommended. I noticed this morning that my visual settings were reset and action center told me to change settings which I've already changed multiple times before. Anyone have an idea how to fix these problems? I want to be in control of my own computer.

A:Windows 7 keeps resetting my advanced system settings on it's own

In no way should that happen. Start running virus and malware scans.

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i ws installing adb foe windows and used following steps
There's two simple ways to get there:
1 way = click Start > Control Panel > System icon.
2nd way = click the Start button, right-click ?My Computer?(Computer for Vista/7) and select ?Properties?.
If your using XP, your there. If your using Vista/7, click on Advanced system settings on the left side.

You should now be in the System Properties window.
Click on the Advanced tab.
Click on the Evironment Variables... button
In the System variables(lower box), scroll through the list until you see Path under the Variable column.
Click on it to highlite it, click on the Edit... button.

We are going to add our path to adb, where we installed the SDK, in the Variable value: box.
Make sure your cursor is at the end of the last entry, and type this:

Now unable to access system files and othes.

A:windows can not find Advanced system settings and others

Hi go to start, search and copy paste :-

control sysdm.cpl,,3
(press enter) "Environment Variables" box at the bottom

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My computer is been acting up and being slow recently. I just haven't wanted to deal with it so I wanted to just completely wipe everything from my PC. When I try to click the recovery section of the Change PC settings tab, it either doesn't do anything or it says I am missing the file called "r.Dll".
I have tried to troubleshoot myself for a little while but I have gotten frustrated, If anyone has any suggestions please help.

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I'm not 100% sure if this is even the right place to post this, so sorry if it's in the wrong forum. I have a Asus N53S laptop runnin windows 7 32 bit and I am having some trouble with it. This will probably be a large post so bear with me, the first problem I started having was blue screens on startup. I was able to fix the computer by running Startup repair a few times (tool about 3-4 hours) after that it worked for a day but the next day when I turned on the computer it froze and the music that was playing turned into a loud droning noise. After that I ran the startup repair again it did not work so I did a system restore, it seemed to fix the problem but sadly on startup I started getting blue screens again and this time neither startup repair nor system restore would work (I get a message saying there was a unexpected error: the system cannot find the file specified. (0x80070002) please close system restore and try again) I re open system restore 5 times and I get the same message.I restart my computer , spam f8 and choose the use last known good configuration. After I restore everything to factory settings and finish installing my steam games and other files I Ty restarting the computer to see if it fixed the problem. It seemed to have worked however that night there was a particularly large windows update (90 or so a one time) I clicked shutdown and let it finish the updates while I went to sleep. The next morning I wake up and turn on the computer it finishes syncing... Read more

A:Computer stuck on windows logo then restarts (can't use system restore

I was going to suggest resetting your bios by pulling the CMOS battery, but that is a lot of work and I'm not positive it will help.

This is for a different problem, but shows how to get there: How to disassemble Asus N53S laptop. Fixing DC power jack. >> Inside my laptop

Or: ASUS - Notebooks- ASUS N53SV Manuals

If you do, you may as well get and put a new one in.

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i was stuck on the lock screen after setting power saver mode for both the system and screen, as well as turning on the screensaver.The screensaver did not have login enabled. i had to restart to login. What might cause this? recently, i did not have "turn off screen" enabled, but i had wanted to protect the screen. Also, screen saver was never on. But i changed "turn screen off" to 1 hour, while sleep mode was still 3 hours. screen saver is less time.

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Okay you brainiacs - let's see what you got. Scotch is on me if you can fix this one. I have an HP desktop running XP that picked up the Windows System Defender virus a couple of weeks ago. This thing is wicked nasty. In addition to the constant fake virus alerts, it put porn site icons on my desktop.
Being new to this dilemma, I started by downloading some cleaner programs, such as Spyware Doctor and Malwarebytes, but the virus shuts them down after a couple seconds and won't let them run. It also won't let me boot into any of the safe modes and won't let me run regedit from the run prompt. Did I mention this thing was nasty?
I got into DOS prompt and deleted some of the evil files, such as b.exe from TEMP folder, and I was able to delete WS697.exe, hoping it would be enough to let Malwarebytes run and finish off the virus remnants, but no luck. Then I ran MSCONFIG and unchecked a couple of the virus file boxes on the startup tab, but still no luck.
My last step was the killer; ran MSCONFIG again and went to the boot.ini tab and checked the safeboot mode. This apparently removes your ability to boot in normal Windows mode, and since the virus still won't let me boot in safe mode, it is now in a perpetual boot loop that restarts every 30 seconds.
I put in my recovery disk and it says the C: drive cannot be found and it suggests I run fdisk, but it does give me a C: prompt with some basic .exe and .com files listed. Obviously I don't want to run f... Read more

A:Windows System Defender virus, now stuck in boot loop

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Understanding Windows 10 Upgrade System Settings - Video

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I have gone into settings in my Windows 10 and changed the default music player from groove music to windows media player. But when I click on music files, it automatically starts playing in Groove and NOT windows media player. I have restarted Windows several times with the same results.
What is going on?

A:Windows 10 will not obey the system settings for default programs

Hi, not sure if I can help but have you changed the media player for all types of music files? As well as selecting the default player you may have to deliberately change the player for the specific file type in "Choose default app for each file type". This option is found at the bottom of the default apps screen or by typing it into the search bar.

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Hi all and thanks for your time,I'm having a problem with my install of Windows 8. Whenever I alter any system settings Windows does not remember them after the machine is restarted.Some examples: - Any settings specified in MsConfig such as Services to run or ignore at startup.- Any Services in Services.msc that I set to Auto/Manual/Disabled.- DNS Configurations in the applet accessed by right-clicking on my WiFi/Ethernet connection in Control Panel > Network and Sharing > Adapter Settings.That's to name only a few.I have been repeatedly running SFC / Scannow. It claims to detect corruption and to have fixed the problem, but after a restart and running SFC again it gives the exact same message no matter how many times it's run.Could anyone here give some insight as to the possible route cause of these problems, or any methods to detect what aspect of Windows is faulty?Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

A:Windows doesn't remember system settings after restart.

Something is most likely wrong with the system memory. I would recommend that you run the BIOS and do the memory test until it is done so that you can see what it finds. I have found that that helps a long time ago. I would try that if that does not work, then HOLD the SHIFT KEY and click on the SHUT DOWN on the CTRL+ALT+DELETE screen. A blue screen should show up after a minute or 2 and give you options. CLICK on ADVANCED and CLICK SYSTEM RESTORE

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