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W2K vs Microsoft FF Pro joystick

Q: W2K vs Microsoft FF Pro joystick

I recently installed W2K Pro on my old PII 450 only to discover that Bill Gates decided not to support the Microsoft Force Feedback Sidewidner Pro joystick. I have able to make W2K recognize the stick but cannot install the software to set up profiles for games. Does anyone know if there is a utility out there somewhere that will allow me to work around this problem?

Preferred Solution: W2K vs Microsoft FF Pro joystick

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: W2K vs Microsoft FF Pro joystick

have you tried the Sidewinder home page?


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I have a Mirrosoft Sidewinder Pro joystick, It works well with MS 98, but having recently installed XP I find that it is not supported by my new operating system. (I love XP, but you would think Mirosoft would have upgraded its own drivers,) I was wondering if any one else has found a solution to this problem.. Figures I would have a 80 dallar joystick I can't use anymore, I guess I can always buy a new one, but I don't think I should have to.

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I own a Microsoft Sidewinder Pro, it is of the style that hooks up to my Soundblaster Soundcard (not USB) . When I upgraded to XP I found out that it is not supported by XP. (worked fine on (98) I was wondering if anyone has had the same problem, and if Microsoft is going to supply any drivers to help this problem. I hate to get rid of a 75 dollar Joystick, (microsoft at that) because Microsoft does not support it on XP

A:microsoft Sidewinder Pro Joystick

This thread (from a different forum; unaffiliated with TSF) seems to have a working solution.

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The joystick won't operate when any of the profiles are loaded. Why?

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Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro joystick still alive using it for Windows XP I have used it a since 2006 - Present.

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I recently built myself a gaming computer, I then decided to hook up my old Microsoft Sidewinder joystick to play some flight simulators; upon doing this my computer failed to recognize the device. What could be a cause of this?

A:Microsoft Sidewinder Joystick Problems

if your joystick is usb plug n play then it should have found it. if not usb and plugs into a sound card then you will have to load the driver cd. only other thing could be that the usb cable end is bad or the stick itself. you might try a restart but I doubt that would make a difference on usb. bottom line sticks are cheap. Logitech extreme 3d pro can be had for $25.00 dollars just about anywhere.

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I recently bought a Microsoft Side Winder pro forcefeed joystick (this is the one i purchased http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&item=250391958482)

I then bought a Analogue to USB gameport converter because my laptop doesnt have a gameport (the exact converter i bought is here http://www.maplin.co.uk/module.aspx?moduleno=23256)

I then plugged the joystick into the converter and the usb converter into my laptop. it seemed to auto install fine but their are 4 modes:

1.if you use TM - FCS or your controller is compatable
2.if you use CH FlightStick Pro or your controller is compatable
3.if your controller is compatable with 2-4 axes and 4 buttons
4.if your controller is compatable with 2 axes and 8 buttons

I assumed it was mode 2 and tried it and didnt seem to work (i tried it using microsoft flight simulator 2002 and it didnt respond)

I then went into the Control panel> Game Controllers and tried to configure it using the properties> settings options but the stick didnt seem to respond at all.

Any help you guys could give on how to get this configured id greatly appreciate it.

Forgot to mention im running windows vista basic



A:Microsoft Forcefeed pnp joystick not working

FF Pro doesn't work under Vista. If I remember right, it didn't even work under XP. For sidewinder, you need at least a FF2, (which replaced the Pro,) and even that doesn't work 100%. Your adapter won't allow force feedback anyway.


Logitech Extreme 3D Pro is a USB joystick that is supported under Vista. Amazon has it for between $20-$25 US.

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I am trying to install the software for this device but it will not run and install automatically. I am using Win 10. It worked great with Win 7. How do I get the installation to start to install?

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I came across an excellent flight simulator (Flight Gear) that makes me want to take the old M/S joystick out of moth balls. Trouble is when I hooked it up, it apparently does not know Windows 7 x64bit from apple butter!
I have a USB adapter that shares a USB2 with a 15 pin game port; so obviously they both function as USB2 ports. The old joystick has a 15 pin plug on it and attaches to this connector, but nothing happens. The machine does not recognize it.
Can this 15 pin game port connection function connected through a USB2 to the Motherboard? Can settings be made to tell the machine that it is there or will the Microsoft sidewinder force feedback joystick just not function in that lash-up?
Trying to load the factory included programs/drivers fails because it will not allow Windows 7 to load them. If this type of connection will not function, is there some kind of a card I could get to make it function? And it that is available how does one go about getting a driver that will function with a W-7 x64bit system.
Lots of questions; LOTS of thanks!

A:Microsoft sidewinder force feedback joystick (Oldie but Goodie)

Check out these MS websites to see if they help.

How to install Microsoft Sidewinder Joystick on a Windows 7 - Microsoft Community

Windows 7 compatibility for Microsoft SideWinder Joystick Game Controller model E13-00002

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Dear sirs,
I have a Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro Joystick, and I am attempting to install it through the adapter of my laptop Toshiba, and along with that I intended to plug the USB chord into the VMWare application where I have Windows Vista where I play old
games on it, I desire to use the Joystick for ease of playing some old CD-ROM games that I have installed on Windows Vista under VMWare for ease, however, I have had the trouble of trying to get the software to recognize the Joystick. It should have recognized
the device that I was installing, but it did not, niether does Windows 8 (the current software that I am using) recognize the joystick when I plug it in through USB. Can you give me the steps on how to successfully get both Windows Vista, and Windows 8 to
recognize the Microsoft Sidewinder Joystick in order to trouble shoot this problem, I would appreciate it very well.
The Part no. X03-57540 , and the Product ID: 85791-579-7678597-00000
Thanks for looking into this.
Robert Gutierrez

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Here goes, I finally found Chuck Yeager Air Combat. Used to play it all the time about 8 years ago on an old 386.
Now with my puter, I have Wn 98, I can get the game to run in msdos, but the joystick can't be selected.
It's a Thrustmaster Top Gun Fox 2 Pro connected via gameport on a Creative 32 AWE.
Any ideas?

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Hello Guys,

i have a special needs child who has a special joystick (that costs €450.00, talk about milking it,it looks like an old atari tv games joystick with 4 colored buttons) anyway the ps2 connector pins got crunched.

and i cut the wire and tried to join it directly to the wires on the ps2/usb wishbone. but the colors dont match on the joystick and the ps2/usb wishbone.

can i make this device USB...just join it to an old mouse usb connector.

there are 7 wires.

a plain stripped wire (silver)



the jerk at the special needs web site wants to repair it for €150.00 or sell me a new one for €...yes €500.00
this is actually quite sick...

please help me make a child smile again!!!

A:PS2 joystick to USB...

oh by the way, im talking purely from a "wire joining" point of view...not using converters etc...as the wire for the joystick has been cut...

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Hi everyone, not sure if this topic is in the right subforum

Anyway, Im looking to get a joystick for flight sims and games that have aircraft in them, like DCS Blackshark, arma 2, etc..
Ive narrowed it down to 2 joysticks, but cant decide so I wanted to hear your opinion.
They are about the same price, though, one does come with a game.
Which one do you think I should get?
The main problem for me to decide is, Ive heard great stuff about Thrustmasters, but I have many great reliable logitech products, and more people reviewed the logitech one, as opposed to the thrustmasters 10.
Which one is easier to set up?
What is panoramic view?
Which one has a better set up in terms of functionality.
And what the heck is a hat switch?



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hey, i have windows me...last year or so, i used my joystick to play xwing and tie fighter...worked fine...now i wanna reinstall them, but when i installed the disk, and plugged in my joystick, it did not work...windows said my magnum 6buttom was not connected...tho it was, drivers installed, and plug in, with the screws on hte sides fit inside...

in hte joysticks readme, it says:
5.2 If the error message " NO JOYSTICK " appears on your monitor,
ensure that your game port is enabled. You may need to enable it;
call the manufacturer of your game card or PC for assistance.

how do i enable my game port?


when i connect my joystick and go to configure it it keeps on saying its not connected. why? please help.
i own a compaq and the port for the joystick was built in.


What type of joystick is it? Did you install the joystick software?

My Website
[email protected]

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For some reason my computer no longer recognises my joystick. K6-2-500/voodoo 3 3000/ creative pci64 soundcard.
Windows ME. Ive tried to reinstall the stick but compy doesnt recognise it informing me that the joystick isnt connected,(Microsoft Sidewinder Pro). I have sidewinder software installed, connection is good but no joy..help please.

A:No Joystick !!!!!!!!

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I have a xcm adapter attached to my playstation(,for my x box controller).,and i would like to know if it would work, also with my Avatar joystick ,which works with pc /x box.if I plug this in would it recognise it !

A:joystick for psn 3

Depends on the adapter model you are using I guess. The specs/description/reviews state it works for both: http://www.amazon.com/Cross-Battle-adapter-RUMBLE-Xbox-360/dp/B001O89YTU

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My husband plays Kuma's Dogfight from the History Channel. He got a joystick for Christmas for the game. I'm having trouble setting it up.

It is a Logitech Attack 3. I need to know what parameters go where on the joy stick. I got the throttle, primary attack & secondary attack set up. I can't seem to set the rudders for L & R.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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i have a playstation joystick n the usb adapter, i use it to play
san andreas, need for speed,tonyhawk , n some other games, but i got
medal of honor airborne n call of duty 4 n there's no option to
use the control, n play with the keyboard is not fun for me
specially cuz i dnt have a mouse only the touchpad,
could some one plse tell me how can i make my playstation
joystick work in this kind of games, i really would appreciate it

A:how can i use a joystick?

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Hey all, simple, does the PlayStation III joysticks work on vista pc ?

A:Ps3 joystick ?

Or Xbox 360. If both works what one do you suggest ?

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Hi all;
I am not sure if its the right place to post,but I hope so.

I have a Logitech Wingman Extreme 3D with profiler and all drivers.The joystick installs well and it works perfectly from the windows calibration.All keys works from min to max and also the centre is right.I played NFS carbon and it works well with this joystick.But when configuring the Joystick in BF2, it doesnt work.I mean for the front and back movement its detects Joy Axis 2,but also shows the same for right to left and hence shows an error.Any one has any idea why it happens?I also have a logitech Wireless key board and mouse.Could there be interference?Or is it a limitation with BF2?

Plz help and thanks.

A:Help with Joystick in BF2

Hi, I use the same Joystick in BF2 not a problem for me, Why not try resettings the settings in BF2 and trying again, if you have already done so i would say there is a prob with the joystick or BF2, to get around the problem try using the joystick on another pc with BF2 installed (if you can)

My stick works fine when putting in on to work with the chopper mode, be sure to keep every thing else still and move it slow.

Any more probs post back!


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friend has a new USB 4- button joystick connected to a Sony p200mhz laptop. It recoginizes the joystick, but says it's "not connected". The stick does not have an 'on-off' switch. Many tries for tech help have not fixed it. It works fine on another PC (desktop). Any suggestions? Could situation bew caused by an open 'line/connection' in the laptop's USB port? Any idea would be helpful.


Does your frineds laptop have Win95 on it. Win95's USB support is shaky at best.

Just remember, i could be wrong.

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Does anybody know if there is anyway to convert a 15 pin Joystick conector to a USB?


A:Old Joystick ?

Yes there iz. I have it. It is called Eliminator Precision Pro, by Gravis(i think gravis is now kensigton for some reason). This is a really g00d stick. Best 1 i eva head.

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microsoft sidewinder joystick will not work with vista fedup downloading drivers and calibrating

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hi everybody!!!
i just got the realflight G3 simulator game and i cant play it becouse i need special joystick to it and i think it called Dongle or something like that, anyway i was trying to find a way to mike it work like emulator or somethingf like that but i couldnt find and,does any of you computer specialists know how to solve this problem


A:joystick to keyboard

hey guys can u help me here please or at least say that u dont know ? thx

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Last night I was showing a young child my FSX, and all the things that you could do with it. Somehow he started playing with the keyboard and the next time I opened up FSX the joystick movements were not responding in the aircraft. I checked it out by using FS 2004, and no problem, it worked fine, so the connection wasn't the problem. I think it must have been due to the kid playing on the keyboard which made the jostick unresponsive when using FSX. Can you help please.


A:FSX - non responsive joystick

this happens to me alot using my flight stick and xbox360 controller. when you start up fsx keep your flight stick unplug till you get passed the loading screen. pause your fsx plug in the flight stick and wait for a minute for the computer to load it in now go to your controller and see if it is active you might have to select it rather then the mouse for controlles. also add if you have fsuipc. cause it could be the problem as well always good idea to add it when asking for assistance. because it has speacail key and joystick assignments as well

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I am running Windows 7 64-bit. I have 2 game controllers connected via USB oports. these are seen in Devices and Printers and also inDevice Manager. However, when I try to run games that use these joysticks, the game will not see them
I have the latest drivers and the joysticks can be calibrated in Devices & Printers
There seems to be a glitch between the PC and the game - in the registry? I have cleaned that. What c an I try now?

A:Joystick problem

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What is a good joystick to get for under $30? I would be using it for Flight Simulator 2000.

A:Recommendation for Joystick

check out the SAITEK range

I have this version http://www.saitek.com/uk/prod/cyborg_gold.htm and use it on flight sims

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Hey everyone,
I have a SAITEK AV8R-02 joystick. I am trying to use it on FSX, but the controls are all screwed up. It worked just fine on FS2002, but on FSX, the controls are off-center and the throttle control does not even work. I tried going on the SAITEK website and they suggested a reconfig of the controller. I tried it, but it did not work. Any suggestions?


Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon Dual-Core QL-64, x64 Family 17 Model 3 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2813 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8200M G, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 294053 MB, Free - 163436 MB; D: Total - 11186 MB, Free - 1865 MB;
Motherboard: Wistron, 303C, 08.60,
Antivirus: Norton Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

A:FSX joystick issue

Before starting FSX, go into the properties of the flight stick in Windows (Control Panel). Make sure you move the throttle up and down completely and move the joystick, and the 4-way around completely. Everything should return to the center when you release the controls. Then start FSX. FSX will use the settings in Windows for the controls in the game. You should then be good.

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I just recently purchased a Saitek Cyborg Rumble Joystick and it was working fine for the first week, now when I play Flight Simulator 2000 the plane turns to the left when on the ground, it doesn't do it in the air, but you can tell the wheels are turned to the left and I have calibrated the joystick many times, I uninstalled and re-installed the drivers and the game and that worked once. Then shortly thereafter it started doing the same thing again. Please help!

A:Joystick Problems

Can someone please help!

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Can anybody recommend a good joystick for Flight Sim X - an all in one?

A:Flight Sim Joystick

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Just like many of you I am on the computer all day long. I have come to hate the mouse but feel like there isn't a better option. I'm thinking of trying a standard joystick (not a game pad but an actual joystick) as a mouse. I've seen software that allows this to happen so I thought I'd check if any of you fine people have tried it and would or would not recommend it.

This is for a PC running windows2K

I have already tried and don't like the following devices:
- Roller balls, both top and side mounted
- Drawing/Pen pads. These are okay but the clicking buttons are always badly placed.
- The keyboard mounted red rubber TrackPoint thing is the worst computer related invention ever.
- The touch pad that is used on every laptop these days is the second worst.

If you have other suggestions not listed above I'd be open to any!


A:Joystick as mouse?


Providence, I guess..............


Author: phatsoft.net
Date: 2003-10-10
Size: 134 Kb
License: Freeware
Requires: Win All
Downloaded: 2598 Times
Transform your joystick into a mouse. While JoyMouse is running in the background you can move the cursor and click with a joystick as if it was a mouse. Configurable lightweight and free

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I have a broken joystick. in the Gaming Options window it says Not Connected...
This joystick stopped functioning when a bunch of my young cousins were playing MSFS2002... first it wouldn't turn to the left, so we tried recalibration, which didn't work... when we restarted the game, the stick wouldn't work at all, and surprise surprise, it was Not Connected... but I'm sure this time it wasn't the main cord being ripped apart (that's how my previous joystick broke, after a dozen of times falling from the table, the cord catching it in mid-air...) This stick has never fallen and has a long enough cord to be child-safe... The stick does receive power, cause a led lights up when I turn on the turbo switch (turbo makes it click a button at a fast rate when holding it down)
However, if I turn the joystick down (as in takeoff), the led goes off... when I push it forward (crashlanding), the led stays on... so I presume it's a contact problem, and maybe fixable...
I've tried opening the joystick, but there's one more screw left that simply won't come off... I've been trying to get it off so hard that the screwdriver has almost completely worn out the hole in the screw (that's an example of my english vocabulary...) Now i've managed to get it moving a bit, but when I turn it, at one point it just says click and falls back in... I guess I might have to open it by force, unless you have any tips... the difficulty is the sc... Read more

A:fixing my joystick...

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So I got the urge to play X-Wing Alliance, circa '98. The game miraculously works fine, but the joystick I'm using is ruining my day. It's an IBM Flight II model, plug-n-play (not USB). No software involved, no CDs or any updates I can find.

I'm plugging it directly into my sound card, an SB Live! series, and am getting the message that my "gameport or gameport drivers are not properly configured" when I attempt to select it from the "add game controllers" window on my XP system.

In a nutshell, from what I can ascertain, my computer isn't recognizing the joystick. From my searches online, people with similar questions have gone unanswered, and I'm stumped. Tried rebooting, selecting all the different kinds of joysticks from the list in "add game controllers", and have had no luck. Ideas?

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Xp Home edition installed -joystick is installed and appears in game controller and works fine,
i have installed Flight Simulator 2004 and it will not pick up joystick. The joystick is USB and all USB controller are working and enabled.


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Be warned: I am an amateur working with the hardware component of computers so if I sound ignorant, I am! Anyway, we put all my sons games on a different computer and we just got a new sound card/port installed so my son could use a joystick on that computer. When I calibrated the joystick, the "X" jumped around in the box. When my son tried to fly (Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004), he cannot get the planes to turn right. The joystick is a couple years old (Wingman Attack) but I know it works because it was just taken off another computer in the home and was heavily used with all previous versions of Flight Simulators, etc. Has anyone else had this problem? I would appreciate any help you could give me!


Terri Siegel

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I purchased a Star Wars game for PC for my 5 year old and he is having trouble using the keypad to make the moves...should I get a Joystick or a gamepad? Any suggestions on which brand or kind? I appreciate it... Thanks...

A:Joystick or gamepad?? Help please...

if the game is more flight simulated, then I would think Joystick, otherwise use a pad.

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  I had a sidewinder force feed joystick and it worked great in "combat Europe ww2" Will it work in windows 10 with "Warbirds?'

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I am having a big, big nightmare!! No matter what joystick / gamepad I connect to my gameport, when I go into the gaming controllers to try and configure, I always get the 'not connected' dialog.

Now, I know they are connected. I can see them connected. I have tried doing an 'update drivers' with the win98 cd, no joy. I have tried joysticks with their own software, no joy. There is no question mark on HID-compliant device under device manager. I have no hardware or software conflicts, and all it says is 'this device is working properly'.


IRQ is fine, on 9, not changeable. I have an integrated Crystal Sound Fusion sound card, it must be a driver problem of some kind, but god only knows what. BIOS is on automatic system selection, USB enabled..........

Please, please, somebody out there must be able to help me. The latest joystick I've tried (not that I think it makes much difference) is the Genius Flight 2000 f-23.

Fingers crossed

A:Joystick 'not connected'

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Just switched to Vista Home Preimum X64. Tried to install Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro 3.0 joystick to run WW2 Pacific and European flighter simulation (Microsoft games). Though it worked fine on XP, the software is not accepted by Vista. Download new drive? If so, where, which one??

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My Speedlink "Black Widow" game controller/joystick works perfectly on my laptop with Vista Home Premium but will not work fully on my Dell Dimension Desk top also running Vista Home Premium (SP1). That is everything works except the "vibration" effect. Laptop - yes, desktop - no!
Any suggestions gratefully received.

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I have a MS Sidewinder Precision Pro 2 installed.Games installed are, MS Flight Sim 2000, MS Combat Flight Sim,Armored Fist 3, European Air War.
Since reformatting "C" Drive and reinstalling the joystick, it runs haywire. The tank runs round in circles, without any command from joystick. FS crashes as soon as the aircraft in airborne. It seems as if the joystick goes straight to default mode as soon as games start. Can any help on this or do I need to re-format?

A:Faulty Joystick

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I can't install my joystick! When I plug USB connector into one of the USB ports, hardware information database window opens and is not responding at all. When I try to install joystick's software from CD I get error message after 28% of installation, saying "The directory or file can't be created". I have windows ME and the joystick name is THRUSTMASTER Fox 2 Pro. Please help me if you can. Thank

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Everyones been very helpfull today. I havr one last hardware question. I'm getting ready to hook up my joystick and a question arised. The Wingman Extreme has a 15 pin connector and also comes with a adaptor to convert to USB. My computer is a Dell and it doesn't have a 15 pin game port by it does have two USB ports. I went out and bought a game card ( five bucks ) and then I noticed the adaptor. The question is should I use the USB port or install the game card. I've never had a PC with a USB. For that matter I've never had a PC without a Game controller port either.
Thanks in advance for any help I can get.

A:Joystick in USB port ??

I would just use the usb connection, should work great and save you some work...Rhett

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I am reimaging a lab of computers, Windows 95, each computer has a SoundBlaster card (some ISA and some PCI) Some of the machines had no problem recognizing and installing the drivers for the souund card. Others (no pattern I can detect) show only "gamepost joystick" under the sound, video and game controllers in device manager. If I remove the joystick and reboot, only the joystick is redetected. Some of these worked before I formated and reimaged them, but I have had this problem other places too. I have tried installing the audio directly from the CD and everything looks OK but the devices/drivers never show up in device manager. I'm fairly certain a new sound card would solve it but since these worked just a couple of days ago, was wondering if anyone had a remedy for me.
Like the new look of the forum!!
Thanks for any helpful ideas!

A:Gameport joystick only

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Here's the kicker! I am getting this after I formated my harddrive and re-installed all my hardware and software. So how can any controllers be installed?

A:Can't install joystick

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