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Best full disk encryption setup for new X1 Carbon Gen 6 with Samsung 970 EVO?

Q: Best full disk encryption setup for new X1 Carbon Gen 6 with Samsung 970 EVO?

I am a bit confused by all the full disk encryption methods available between hardware options like OPAL and software/hardware options like Bitlocker for a X1 Carbon Generation 6 thinkpad. I am about to install Windows on a new Samsung 970 EVO 1 TB NVMe SSD that I just installed. I have a number of questions and concerns. 1) The way I typically do backups in the past is to pull the SSD and install it in another desktop computer or enclosure and make an image using Macrium Reflect or other disk imaging software. My understanding is that if a HD Password in the bios is set in the bios of the thinkpad this is not possible and the drive will be inaccessible on another machine. Is this correct? 2) Is setting the HD Password the same as setting the ATA password? Can it be cleared? Can it be disabled? 3) Does using Bitlocker (which I haven't used before) allow the drive to be read on another computer if the HD password in the bios is not set? How much of a speed/CPU hit is likely to be encountered with using Bitlocker? 4) Are there recommended settings for Bitlocker? I haven't used it before. Any gotchas? 5) It looks like the Samsung 970 EVO supports the eDrive 1667 standard which I believe should allow Bitlocker to use the drives hardware encryption engine. Is this correct? Does this cause any portability issues? 6) If Bitlocker is not used it looks like there are two options for password protecting the SSD either the HD password in the bios or using software for the OPAL password like sedutil. Is one recommended over the other? 7) Is there a consensus best practice for full disk encryption with a X1 Carbon Gen 6? "ATA Password" or "MS eDrive aka Bitlocker hardware encryption" or "OPAL via third party tools"

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Preferred Solution: Best full disk encryption setup for new X1 Carbon Gen 6 with Samsung 970 EVO?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


A review of the Self Encrypting Drive feature of the Samsung 840 Evo.

Industry leaders, including Samsung, are using deceptive and fraudulent language to sell “hardware based” “self encrypting” SSD's to people who want to protect their data with hardware based encryption. They are making claims that are untrue or misleading in order to peddle hardware to trusting customers.

Self Encrypting SSD's based on TCG-Opal are a big fat lie.
TCG-Opal is a scam.

Encrypts on the fly!
AES 256!
Secure Erase!
Self Encrypting Drive!
Hardware based encryption!
No impact on performance!

That is what I read on many supposedly reputable, hardware review websites about the data encryption capabilities of the Samsung 840 Evo. So I bought one. But it isn't true. Don't believe the hype.

The sites I visted had a bunch of buzz words and techie sounding slogans that mean zippo. All of the tech reviewers who reviewed the drive and stated in one way or another that the user's data on the drive would be safely encrypted using flashy sounding techno-babble should all turn in their self-awarded tech expert badges and stop writing. That includes the writers and editors from 'Tom's Hardware', 'AnandTech', YouTube tech “experts” and many, many others. Shame on you all.

Samsung finally released their firmware update (9 December 2013)for the 840 Evo which makes the drive TCG-Opal compliant. TCG, 'The Trusted Computing Group' developed a standard f... Read more

A:My Review of Samsung 840 EVO SSD Full Drive Encryption.

Cheers for taking the time and effort to actually investigate this. One thing that leaves me confused is when you say..

"If you want to gift a SSD to someone or sell it and you want to be sure your data is erased then the secure erase function in the Magician software applied to the Evo will do what it says it does. Your data will not be retrievable by anyone. I'm pretty sure of that."

My understanding (which may be flawed) is that the way the erasure tool works is the same way the drive works by setting a BIOS/drive password.. which is that when you use the samsung erase tool it wipes the encryption key off the drive, therefor making the data useless. Setting the BIOS password is the sort of the same thing, it encrypts the key with the BIOS / HDD ATA password, and if that password is secure enough then its the same as wiping the encryption key. Otherwise, how can you be so sure that the odds are better of you not being able to recover that encryption key over you being able to decrypt the encrypted key (with a decent password)?

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Howdy, I am currently using "TrueCrypt" at the moment. This solution is viable but very user unfriendly, our password policy for compliance and regulation(s) is currently 18+ characters due to bruteforce and dictionary cracks, thus giving the remote user a headache. This solution also requires a password right after powering up, this is problematic due to prompted restarts after patches and whatnot prompting the need for remote user interaction to get the machine back "online" for scans and further updates. Is anyone out there deploying disk encryption to "remote" users that may be using a better solution?

A:Full Disk Encryption

Try this alternative:
DiskCryptor en - DiskCryptor wiki
I don't think many users encrypt their drives though

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We are looking to deploy Windows 10 and Windows server 2016 (with ADDS) the minimum standards for Full Disk Encryption:
1. FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption on all user and client data residing on user workstations (laptops, desktops)

2. 100% of user and client data (including all data in business applications and locally stored databases) on workstations is encrypted

3. 100% of removable media (USB drives, CDs, DVDs, external hard drives) are required to be encrypted

3. Encryption code protection is configured so that end users are not able to uninstall or change configurations (ie change policy or turn off)

4. Method is available to recover information on device if key is lost by end user (ie file backup/restore or key recovery process)

5. A formal monitoring process is put into place and enforced to ensure that 100% of workstations are encrypted

6. Freeware/open source versions of any encryption technology are not considered acceptable

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I am looking for options on full disk encryption on Windows 7 Pro devices. Does anyone have any suggestions?

A:Full Disk Encryption

Truecrypt is an option- be careful, full-disk encryption is a tricky/risky business. Read up carefully:

TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source Disk Encryption - Documentation


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Do I need to enable the Security Chip (TPM) in Bios on top of enabling HDD password to turn ON Full Disk Encryption? What exactly is the purpose of the Security Chip being enabled as far as hardware encryption goes?  Im using a Lenovo Thinkpad T560 laptop running Windows 7 Enterprise. 

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Hi guys,

I'm seeking full-disk encryption software. I want to encrypt the volume that my Windows installation is on.

First of all, does Bitlocker come on the home edition of Windows 8.1? I recall on previous versions it was only available in the Pro editions.

However, I would prefer to use an open-source disk encryption solution. I've searched but I have not found any that can encryption the Windows installation volume, the ones I found (such as TrueCrypt) can only set up additional encrypted partitions which is no good for me.

Anyone got any ideas or solutions they would recommend?

Thank you

A:Full Disk Encryption - alternative to bitlocker

Hi DiskCrypt, Welcome to EightForums.

Bitlocker doesn't come in the home edition as far as i am aware.

TrueCrypt Can't do full disk encryption in windows 8 (It can on windows 7 - Encrypt and Decrypt - Add to Context Menu - Page 2 - Windows 7 Help Forums)

If i get chance i will see if i can find an alternative for Windows 8 Home edition tomorrow.


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I get conflicting information when I search Google. I understand that, if a disk/partition (in this case system partition) is encrypted with Bitlocker, any hacker who's gained access to the PC while I'm logged in will see everything.

What I'd like to know is whether the same is true when using TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt or not?


A:Full Disk Encryption effective against hackers or not?

...I understand that, if a disk/partition (in this case system partition) is encrypted with Bitlocker, any hacker who's gained access to the PC while I'm logged in will see everything.


What I'd like to know is whether the same is true when using TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt or not?

Yes it is.

Have a read through here:

And here, which is more Bitlocker specific:

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I see that the E7470 is listed in incompatible devices with Kaspersky Endpoint Security FDE.  It is listed as BIOS for the limitation.  Is anyone aware of any modification on the E7470 that will allow KES to deploy full disk encryption on it?  Is a workaround possible ?  Below is the kaspersky tech article

thanks doug


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Hi, I own a T480s with a 512GB NVMe Opal 2.0 drive. My question is, if enabling the harddisk1 password in BIOS is properly securing the disk.Is this password protecting the encryption keys for the hardware FDE?Or is this just a stupid pseudo PW which can be cleared by CMOS reset or so? So, if my laptop is stolen, is my data safe? thanks,moson

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Hello again. I just posted an intro as I'm new here, but I thought I'd post specific question that I'm eager to have behind me.
I recently purchased a new laptop that has Windows 8.1. I'm not quite sure what I think about the OS yet, but it is what it is... That said, as it's a clean computer with nothing yet customized, I figure it's the perfect time for encryption. I plan on using this laptop partially for business, but mostly for play, as I have several other computers for strictly business purposes. Due to the nature of my business, there may at times be sensitive information accessed or temporarily stored on the device, so FULL DISK encryption is a must!
Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations as to what my best bet is? I read that TrueCrypt wouldn't work well on 8.1, but it makes no real difference since TrueCrypt is on hiatus at the moment.
I'd be forever grateful for any info the help me get this set up so I can start using my new laptop. Thanks in advance.
- Vio

A:Full disk encryption for Windows 8.1 (TrueCrypt alternative?)

I would recommend "Bitlocker" as it is an in house tool and works best with "Windows". You need "Windows 8/8.1 Pro" to use "Bitlocker". If your current edition is "Single Language", you can buy an upgrade licence.
If you don't want to upgrade Windows, i would recommend "Diskcryptor".

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Hi Guys

I have installed GiliSoft Full Disk Encryption just to try it out . so I did the hdd encryption and put a password just to find out , that on the trail version it only Encrypts 5% of the HDD

So I uninstalled it after removing the password

But now every time I boot I still git this Enter password if not press enter

I have removed the software removed the registry key every thing but this annoying message is still there it shows up every time I reboot

where else could I look to remove this Message

thank you

A:Need Help with GiliSoft Full Disk Encryption to remove post message

Never used that,,, but from what you are saying there are some remnants in startup or registry settings... try CCleaner to remove it.

If it modified the bootloader,,, try bcdboot %windir% from command prompt.

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on a Z20t-B-10C with one minor modification (upgraded to a 500GB Samsung SSD, dropped recovery partition, but not the EFI partition), I have the following issue:
When the BestCrpyt Pre-boot screen shows up, I cannot directly enter the passphrase, but have to 1) hit at least one key 2) wait for approx. 10 sec. 3) delete the entered key(s) and then 4) enter the passphrase.
Thought it may have to do with a delayed interaction between tablet and keyboard dock, but a USB keyboard directly connected to the tablet, not the dock, shows the same behaviour. Trying different things in the Bios (switching to UEFI legacy, etc.), with no effect. This phenomenon is, according to their support, not known to the BestCrypt people. Operation system is Windows 10 64bit, all drivers and bios are recent.
Has anybody else observed this behaviour? Or experience with other full disk encryption which are compatible with a UEFI bios?
Thank you in advance,
Kind regards,

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Hi, Does the new 2014 X1 Carbon with i7 processing, machine type 20A7 have the ability to encrypt the 256 Gb SSD?  If so, how to encrypt?  I called Lenovo Support and they tell me they don't know, and do not assist customers with configuration matters. karlo


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A:X1 Carbon SSD Encryption

The 256GB SSD option in type 20A7 supports hardware encryption.  To activate it, you can set a HDD password in BIOS setup, or else use 3rd-party software (like WinMagic SecureDoc).
You could also use software encryption like Windows BitLocker or TrueCrypt.
So there are lots of options, but by far the easiest thing to do on a single system is to set the HDD password in BIOS setup.

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Hi, Does the X1 Carbon with i7 processing, machine type 20BS00A5GE have the ability to AES encrypt the 512 Gb SSD by setting a BIOS password? I wrote and called Lenovo and Samsung Support and they tell me they don't know, and do not assist customers with configuration matters. The Samsung Magican does not work with the B2B HDD like this one. Nor the manual helps me further The manual just says about Encryption solid-state driveSome models contain the Encryption solid-state drive. This feature helps to protect your computer againstsecurity attacks on media, NAND flash, or device controllers by use of a hardware encryption chip. For theefficient use of the encryption feature, set a hard disk password for the internal storage device. I have set the BIOS password, but I am not sure if the data on the SSD is now AES encrypted or only the access protected by a password. In my X1 (20BS00A5GE) there is a Samsung SM951 HD (SAMSUNG MZHPV512HDGL-000L1) Lenovo SRU: 04X4480 Or do I have to use Bit Locker tp protect my data? If so, is there a good manual how to set it up best e.g. use some security features of the HDD. Anybody out there who knows? Thanks Jogi

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A:X1 Carbon 512 GB SSD Encryption

I believe that drive in not self-encrypting/  Please note that the BIOS password is not what is used to encrypt self-encrypting.  Rather it is the ATA (hard disk) password.  In any case, if you set an ATA password, it is considered uncrackable.  If you have a self-encrypting drive and no ATA password, the drive can simply be moved to a different machine and read directly.

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Hello,  how can I make working HW encryption with Bitlocker on the Samsung SSD 850 EVO? Is it supported on my laptop?

A:Bitlocker HW encryption with Samsung 850 EVO on Probook 6560...

Hi, Setting this up could be a little bit hard. Please try the following instructions    https://helgeklein.com/blog/2015/01/how-to-enable-bitlocker-hardware-encryption-with-ssd/   https://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?t=1312261 Regards.

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Problems on initializing Samsung 80GB with Samsung's Disk Manager: Ontrack(tm)


There is some problem on my 80gb Samsung HD. The situation is this:

I have had an old computer which have an ancient motherboard.. because of the limitations of motherboard it was initializing Hd as 8gb.. I installed Samsung's Disk Manager program named Ontrack. It does something with the MBR to make the 8gb initialized HD as 80gb! When you're in bios setup, it says your samsung is 8gb but when you reset and wait for the system disk error message Ontrack activates and then your hd is 80 gb, you can install OS after that.

Here is the problem: I bought a new computer whose motherboard to initialize my 80GB hd as 80GB also, but things didn't happen like that. On bios setup it says my HD is 33gb.

I plugged the HD to my other computer and its partition magic 8 says "33gb BAD" also..

A modified MBR by a program (ontrack) can fool bios setup? if so, can i use XP CDs system recovery console with fixmbr command? ?f it is not how can i make my hd back to normal (not for old motherboards, initialized as 80GB)??

New motherboard is MSI RS482M2-IL and because of this problem I cannot enable S.M.A.R.T. feature. I need help and thanks from now on!

A:Problems on initializing Samsung 80GB with Samsung's Disk Manager: Ontack(tm)

If you are using XP then boot fromt eh XP Cd. Then delete the existing partition and create a new one and format that.

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Hello, I have a Lenovo X1 Carbon 4th gen Type 20FB, 20FC. It has a LITEON L8H-256V2G for an SSD. I've tried to get Bitlocker to hardware encrypt to no avail. I want to find out if this particular SSD is capable of hardware encryption (edrive). I've searched on the Lenovo's support site, these forums and searched on Google without finding an answer.  These are the procedures I followed to try and enable hardware encryption:- I enabled CSM in order to boot from a USB optical drive with UEFI only enabled.- I booted with a Win 10 Enterprise disk to get to a command prompt and ran the DISKPART clean command in order to put the drive in an unitialized state.- I restarted the laptop and performed a clean install of Win 10 Enterprise- After windows installation, I went back into the BIOS and enabled secure boot which also disables CSM.- After logging back into Windows, I ran the manage-bde command to try and force hardware encryption (mange-bde -on C: -fet Hardware) but I get an error stating that "the drive specified does not support hardware-based encryption."  I know someone will respond with this:For Encrypted Hard Drives used as startup drives:? The drive must be in an uninitialized state.? The drive must be in a security inactive state.? The computer must be UEFI 2.3.1 based and have the EFI_STORAGE_SECURITY_COMMAND_PROTOCOL defined. (This protocol is used to allow programs running in the EFI boot services environment to send securi... Read more

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Getting h/w encryption on my laptop has been a bit of a nightmare, but I thought I had it working.... Here is what I did:

Installed M.2 Samsung 850 evo driveInstalled samsung magician, and set Encryption to Ready to Enable.Removed existing HDDRan samsung secure erase from DVD.Installed Win10Installed Samsung Magician (It said Encryption enabled, finally!)Turned on Bitlocker. It did not prompt me for how much of the drive to encrypt, which (I was told) means that it is using hardware encryption of the drive.Added the HDD back.Updated all my drivers to latest versions for my laptop (Asus GL552VW), including Intel RST drivers (14.x)

After doing all that I just noticed that BitLocker is turned off on my C: drive (the m.2 drive)! I looked in Magician and it still says Encryption is enabled. So I went into Bitlocker to turn it on again for the drive. But now it is prompting me to encrypt used space, or whole disk, which means it isn't using h/w encryption.

What am I doing wrong here? Do I need to enable Secure Boot in BIOS? I have read that the Intel RST drivers can cause problems, but I thought that was only with older versions? Is IRST still an problem?

Edit: When I look in the Disk Management took, I see the C: partition of Disk 1 says: NTFS(Bitlocker Encrypted)., But in Bitlocker Drive Encryption tool it says it is off. Manage-BDE -status c: says that there is no encryption. Really confused now.

A:Bitlocker turned itself off, Samsung Magician Says Encryption enabled

There are a list of requirements for hardware based encryption here - doesn't look like secure boot is required: How to Enable BitLocker Hardware Encryption with SSDs Helge Klein

For data drives:
The drive must be in an uninitialized state.
The drive must be in a security inactive state.

If the drive is used as a startup drive the following apply additionally:
The computer must always boot natively from UEFI.
The computer must have the Compatibility Support Module (CSM) disabled in UEFI.
The computer must be UEFI 2.3.1 based and have the EFI_STORAGE_SECURITY_COMMAND_PROTOCOL defined.

I only use bitlocker with software based encryption though so can't add to what they say I'm afraid but some of the comments look interesting.

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Can you recommend a Windows 7 compatible encryption program that will encrypt the whole hard drive? I checked the truecrypt website, but Windows 7 is not listed as supported yet. I'm currently using RC1 and when I get my RTM copies they will be Home Premium (so not Bitlocker).

A:Full hard drive encryption

There are a lot of programs to chose from ... some might work, some not... here is a list from Wikipedia ..

Good Luck...

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I can only setup WEP ecryption even though my router and wireless NIC supports WPA, I tried PSK string and Hex Im using a D-Link router G604-T
I think its my NIC because ive had problem with it because it shut down my pc when i ran areuras yesterday, its a Excel wirless and im pretty sure its a dogy brand. Im kicking myself becasue the net gear was about $5 more. There is no manufactures website I can find, I rand belarc and the only info I could get was it was made by marvel and it is IEEE 802.11g Wireless Cardbus/PCI Adapter I went to the website and it was a seriosly crap website and i couldn't even find the card. Is there someone how has had the same problem perhaps with ths same card. Im thinking of returning it but i need a good excuse or they wont accept it.

A:Cant setup WPA encryption only WEP

Im thinking of returning it but i need a good excuse or they wont accept it.Click to expand...

well if you return it within the grace period then you shouldnt need any excuse to be said.. just say your not satisfied with it/doesnt do the job/not suitable/etc. that should be enough to get you through any returns process..

if that fails, just mention your local Consumer Authority (like ACCC and Fair Traiding in Australia) and they should be smart enough to follow through.. if not then go ahead and report them..

most likely if its after the grace period then maybe an exchange for same value or lower or a credit.. it depends on the particular shop and how they handle things.

Having said all that, there is two disclaimers that i'd like to point out: the card should be kept at "sale-able" condition for you to be able to do a return/exchange, that does include the box and packaging, and you adhere to their policy on returns and such

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I can only setup WEP ecryption even though my router and wireless NIC supports WPA, I tried PSK string and Hex Im using a D-Link router G604-T
I think its my NIC because ive had problem with it because it shut down my pc when i ran areuras yesterday, its a Excel wirless and im pretty sure its a dogy brand. Im kicking myself becasue the net gear was about $5 more. There is no manufactures website I can find, I rand belarc and the only info I could get was it was made by marvel and it is IEEE 802.11g Wireless Cardbus/PCI Adapter I went to the website and it was a seriosly crap website and i couldn't even find the card. Is there someone how has had the same problem perhaps with ths same card. Im thinking of returning it but i need a good excuse or they wont accept it.
Edit/Delete Message

A:Cant setup WPA encryption only WEP

I think you've identified the problem, I can't imagine what to recommend, except perhaps bite the bullet and buy a better wireless NIC. Your "good excuse" for returning it is that it doesn't work!

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I have a Toshiba Portege into which I installed a Samsung 840 EVO MZ-MTE1T0BW 1TB mSATA SSD, and it has been running fine for months. It replaced a similar unbranded 128GB SSD. On order I have a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon with a 128GB SSD. Is there any reason I can't re-image the 1TB drive from the Toshiba and install it in the Lenovo?

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A:Can X1 Carbon (2015) use the Samsung 840 EVO MZ-MT...

Good day and welcome to the community.
Congrats on choosing a Carbon3.
The SSD in the machine is an m.2 2280 format card. The MZ-MTE1T0BW SSD you have is mSATA format, so it won't slot, nor will it fit width/length-wise.
m.2 2280: m.2 connector, 22x80mm. Image: http://www.samsung.com/us/system/consumer/product/mz/n5/e5/mzn5e500bw/600x600.jpg
mSATA: mPCIe connector, 30x51mm. Image: http://www.samsung.com/us/system/consumer/product/mz/mt/e1/mzmte1t0bw/600x600.jpg
Sorry, but I hope that helps clarify.

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I just received my X1 Carbon 5th gen and took out the 128GB SSD that it came with, and installed a Samsung 960 EVO M.2 (part # MZ-V6E500BW). I am concerned about what the diagnostics screen (press F10 on bootup) is showing me. Many of the fields such as "Manufacturer" and "Model number" show "Unknown" and "Not Supported". Is this normal? I've attached a screenshot. When I look at the existing Liteon 128 SSD these fields are filled in.

Samsung.jpg ?155 KB

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Hello all, I just got a new samsung chg90 monitor and I've been trying to set it up with my Lenovo X1 with Windows 10 pro.  I can't seem to get the full resolution 3840x1080, I can only get 2560x1080 (or 2560x1440).  I've tried installing the samsung drivers for the monitor but it doesn't seem to work.  Is there a limitation on the integrated graphics card?


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A:Samsung CHG90 and X1 Carbon

I figured it out.  I was duplicating displays instead of extending so I couldn't get the max resolution on my monitor. It still doesn't look great with 3840x2160, but it's more usable. Last update - I changed it to 3840x1080 and scaled full screen. It's great now!

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I'm looking at getting a new desktop as my current one doesn't support more than 4GB of RAM.

I'd like to get an SSD for faster boot times and faster programs so am planning to use it as an OS boot drive.

Probably a ~64GB SSD as at the moment my C drive which has Windows installed and all programs and is around 35GB, so that should provide enough space.

My slave would probably be a standard mechanical HD at around 500-1000GB to hold my data.

I currently run full disc encryption via TrueCrypt on my mechanical drive which as OS and data. However, I've read that using FDE on an SSD doesn't play very well so planning not to do this.

That means my primary HD would be unencrypted, but my data drive encrypted. I'm hoping this will give me the best compromise between speed and security.

Any thoughts on whether this set up sounds like a good idea? Would it be better to install everything on the mechanical HD and use an SSD cache drive for example?

Any thoughts/input would be much appreciated.

A:SSD Boot drive and full disc encryption

The problem with using TrueCrypt and encrypting your entire data drive is that it won't be mounted until after you boot into Windows. If you relocate your system folders like Documents and Music to the data drive and encrypt it, Windows won't see those folders when it boots, and you could see some strange behavior.

I'm surprised to hear that TrueCrypt doesn't work well on an SSD. I too use TrueCrypt to encrypt my entire system drive and all externals. Where did you find this info?

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If I order an X1 Carbon 6th Gen with 1TB SSD will it support class 0 full disk encryption (setting a HD password in bios will password encrypt the entire drive without needing bitlocker or any other software)? From what I've read the Samsung 960 EVO drive does and the X1C bios would support it, but I think the X1C comes with a Samsung PM951 and I do not know if it also supports class 0 full drive encryption. Would I have to buy a 256GB with my X1C and swap it out for a 1TB 960 EVO (not something I want to do)?

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Hi my wife and I just bought a new laptop and it has Vista on it. We have a modem at home that we use for our ISP that also has a wireless on it so we could use one of our laptops from work.
When we got our new laptop I was able to connect it to the existing wireless connection that we used to use.
A message came up saying something about it not being that secure and to make sure we have encryption.
My question (s) are:
-how do we set it up with encryption?
-do we call our ISP and have them help us? or can I do this myself?

Thanks for any help....

A:How to setup Encryption? Newbie to this...

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Before I order the new Thinkpad X1 20HR002MMD  I would like to know if I can upgrade the SSD to a 2TB Samsung 960 pro?

A:Thinkpad X1 Carbon (5th gen) compatibilty with Samsung 960 pro 2tb

As long as its M.2 Type 2280 PCIe3x4, which the Samsung 960 Pro is. 
Check out these service training videos on info how to replace the SSD: http://lenovolearning.bhivesoft.com/bhive/t/1004/course_launch_frame.jsp?id=9966

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I'd like to update the ssd driver because now the writing speed is only 300 MB/s, but some guys' can reach 1500 MB/s by updating the driver, so is there anybody who can tell me how to update it?P.S. I downloaded a new driver but I cann't install it because it's always indicating"samsung nvme device is not connected" and my ssd type is Samsung MZVLB512HAJQ-000L7.

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I would like to upgrade the SSD for the X1C Gen 4 from 1TB to 2TB. Does X1C Gen 4 compatible with Samesung NVMe SSD  960PRO 2TB?  https://www.samsung.com/us/computing/memory-storage/solid-state-drives/ssd-960-pro-m-2-2tb-mz-v6p2t0...    

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As title, trying to deploy Win 7 x64 on X1 Carbon, with new Samsung MZSLW1T0HMLH  SSD which I believe has sm961 Polaris Controller. It appears there are no drivers at all for this SSD other than Generic Window 10, anybody else come across this? I know these SSD are not fully supported on Windows 7 but at our organisation (and many others too I suspect) this OS is still the one of choice. All other drivers are available for W7 on the support site

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Lenovo community, hoping you can help me since Lenovo won't.  I have an X1 Carbon 3rd generation - machine type model 20BSCTO1WW.  It shipped with a SAMSUNG MZHPV512HDGL-000L1 512 GB SSD.  I'm looking for a replacement and have seen elsewhere in the community that a Samsung 860 EVO 500GB M.2 SATA Internal SSD (Model MZ-N6E500BW) will do the trick.  While I could go that route, the performance of the replacement will not be nearly as good as the drive that shipped originally with the X1 Carbon. I was hoping to use something with better performance like a Samsung 970 Pro 512GB - NVMe M.2 2280 SSD (Model MZ-V7P512BW).  Can someone tell me if I can use that SSD in my X1 Carbon?  If not, can you recommend something that performs better than the Samsung 860 EVO?  Thanks.

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Can someone help me setup encryption on my Linksys BEFW11S4 wireless-B broadband router. I would also like to be able to disable SSID broadcasts as well as enable MAC Address Filtering. By doing this, will it slow down my internet connection. I just want to remain secure, but also not lose any performance on the network. Thanks.

A:Setup Encryption with my Linksys Wireless Router

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I have a brand new 5th Generation X1 Carbon.  I want to purchase a Samsung monitor (model:  C34H890) and use its USB-C connection for display and to charge the X1 Carbon battery.  Here is more information about the monitor: http://displaysolutions.samsung.com/business-monitor/detail/1131/C34H890 I have downloaded the user manual and it explicity states that the maximum power delivered via USB-C is 45W.  The power adapter that I received with the X1 Carbon is 65W.  My question is this: Can I use the Samsung monitor and its USB-C connection to charge the X1 Carbon, safely?  Are there any concerns I should be aware of, other than a possible reduction in charging time?   Thank you in advance, Michael

A:Can I use a 45 Watt USB-C Samsung Monitor Connection with X1 Carbon 5th Gen. for Power?

According to the ThinkPad X1 Carbon (5th Gen) Platform Specifications the laptop could come with either a 45W or 65W USB Type-C AC adapter; the latter being the only one capable of "RapidCharge", so if you are not in a hurry to charge up, you should be fine.   Cheers,     

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I want to upgrade my Lenovo ThinkPad to the Sanmsung 860 EVO M.2 SATA but I am not sure if it's compitable or if it's the best SSD that would offer me 500GB to 1TB. Would I need to upgrade other parts of the ThinkPad when I install the 860 EVO, or would this be just fine. Thank you for your time

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I've got a hard disk in my laptop partitioned into to two.

After a year of good service, my laptop is now, from time to time during use, displaying 'disk full' type messages when trying to save a file (Word) or unzip a file (Winrar) and things like that.

I can still access files on the disk, just not write to it, although the problem when it is occurring seems to be intermittent.

The disks aren't full and have over 10% free. When I restart Windows the problem goes away.

I'm guessing there is something wrong with the disk?

Any ideas on how to check for errors/problems or solve this?


A:Hard Drive Full Message but Disk Not Full

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I recently purchased an X1 Carbon 5th gen and have been trying to get my Samsung EVO 500GB NVME drive (model MZ-V6E500) to work but I continue to get ERROR 2100 (M.2) upon booting. Anyone have any luck with this? It seems that other EVO M.2 drives work fine.

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Yesterday my computer still had 50 percent of its memory left, then today when i turned it on, i only have about 3 GB left I don't know what happened, the only thing i installed that day was an update for windows media player, but it was still fine even after that. Please Help.

A:Full Local Disk C Suddenly Full!

Hello,Download this program, http://windirstat.info/ it will show you what is taking all the room.Hope this helps

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Hi there,

I just purchased a 1TB Samsung Story Station. I am backing up some files from my PC and get an error message before it even reaches 30gb saying that the hard drive is full?

When I first got the drive I connected it to my PC and put some files on it. Since then I have also connected it to my Mac and and takes some files from my PC and transferred them to the Mac using the Story Station.

Can anyone tell me why I am getting the error message saying it is full when there is only around 30gb being taken up?


A:1TB Samsung Story Station saying it's full at 30GB?

What do you see in disk management, especially partitions, space and file system?

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My X1 carbon came with trial version of MS-office 365.I tried to uninstall Office365 before installing MS office Professional Plus 2016 which I already have.for this, I clicked uninstall for all items with "MS office" from "Apps & features".After that, while installing MS Office 2016, installation ended up with following messege. "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 encountered an error duing setup." Then, nothing went further. 1. is there anyway I can perform recovery function of installing windows again without MS-office?or2. did I miss something in uninstalling MS-Office 365? Thanks for reply in advance.

A:How to do full delete of MS Office 365 on X1 Carbon (4thG)

Hi Loskongs,
Welcome to Lenovo Community! And happy to have you here.
As I understand that you are facing issue while installing Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 in your X1 Carbon
First of all go through this article which says about the same error message which you are getting.
And also for uninstallation of Office 365 check this page
I hope the above information helped you.
Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
 Regards,Prabhansh_______________________________________________Tap that Kudos button if I helped.If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!

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So I ordered two 1 TB Samsung 840 Evo SSD and am waiting for delivery in 10 days.

Currently, I have a 256 GB LiteOn SSD + 1 TB Seagate 5400 RPM HDD

The way I have them currently setup

C: (256 GB SSD) over provisioned by 30% here I have the OS installed, programs, and 2 games

D : (1 TB HDD): has my dropbox folder, docs, pics, music, videos, download folder

So what would you recommend now? keeping my SSD partitioned into 1 750 GB (after over provisioning) seems a bit too much right?

I really am confused on what is best, to split the first SSD into C and D and put my dropbox and other folders on it and leave the 2nd SSD empty to prolong its life? or put everything on the 2nd SSD?

Don't know

please advice

also, I should OP both SSDs by 30% right?

I am gonna enable RAPID on the first one since I have 32 GB of RAM

A:Best way to setup my 2 Samsung 840 EVO 1 TB SSDs?

lol, I thought my specs were overkill

I would love to advise you, but as just one 1 TB Samsung 840 Evo SSD would cost me $680 in Australia, I can't.
I figured a 250Gb SSD would suffice as I have enough drives to compensate everything else. If the OS drive goes, so does everything on it, hence my keeping it separate.
Main reason I replied is so I can watch your progress on this question. Good luck.

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I'd like to encrypt my drives on my home PC running Windows 7 Home Premium and Ubuntu.

I've already downloaded FreeOTFE for this purpose, however since I have no experience actually managing this, my question is this -

If I take an existing Windows volume (C: drive), with Windows and all the data on it, and I perform a whole disk encryption using, say, a 512-bit AES cipher with FreeOTFE, will I kill my Windows? There was some mention in the software that you should back it up first (always a good idea!) because it could make the volume unusable. Could it format the disk? Or is that warning there because they need to assume I'm a doofus and will forget my key 2 minutes ater encrypting the boot device?

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I mistakenly launched XP Setup and want to know how to stop it from progressing further. I have another XP installed on another virtual disk. Rebooting from there allowed me delete the Setup files. Or so I thought ! The main XP installation however continues to try to launch Setup. Just about whatever I do, it ends in tears. My question is … how do I stop XP on this disk from thinking it has to launch Setup? I don’t want to reinstall XP, as that will involve a huge amount of work to recreate my environment.

I am able to choose my operating system when I press F8

If I launch the corrupt system in “safe mode” or “domain controllers”, everything appears to progress normally until the very end… when the XP black desktop appears (and just before the icons appear). At that point I get the error message
“Windows XP cannot run under safe mode” and I am asked to click OK to consult a log file. The screen however is actually frozen at that point, so I have to unplug the machine.

Otherwise if I launch in debugging mode or “Last known good configuration”m I get a message saying “Setup will restart now” and then “ Setup is being restarted…” while the usual XP installation logos start to appear e.g. “An exciting new look etc…”. Shortly afterwards I get
“An error that has been encountered that prevents setup from continuing ”,
Again the screen freezes so I need to unplug the machine.

I looked at the difference config and ini files, and compared the Windows dir... Read more

A:Corrupt XP Setup – trying to remove setup by logging on from another disk

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I have a ThinkPad Carbon X1 6th gen. Just recently, full screen video keeps minimizing every 10 minutes or so. Is this a Windows 10 issue or a Lenovo issue? How can I fix this?

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I have the following Problem:

Yesterday I got an Oculus Rift as a present. I installed it with no problem. Since my PC has only one HDMI slot, I had to use an Displayport to HDMI Adapter for my Samsung TV I use as a Monitor. Usually it is connected through the HDMI Slot.

Now I had to redo the Oculus Setup 3 times because of Sensor Tracking Problems. The first two times were okay, I could hear sound from both Oculus when I wear it and TV.

But on the third time today, while it installed my TV flickered a few times, and since then I don't get any sound from my TV anymore, while the Oculus still works. The Oculus headphones even make sounds from the PC which they didn't before. My TV also isn't displayed under "Manage Audio Devices" anymore ("show disabled/disconnected devices" is turned on). It doesn't matter if I plug the TV into the HDMI or the Displayport Adapter. Redoing the Oculus Setup also didn't work.

I already tried several things with the help from someone on a different forum, please read here to see what I already did: https://pchelpforum.net/t/samsung-tv-no-sound-after-third-oculus-setup.19052/

If someone could help me, that would be great! Thank you in advance!

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