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Thinkpad X1 Carbon 6th Gen loud horrible noise when playing videos

Q: Thinkpad X1 Carbon 6th Gen loud horrible noise when playing videos

This sound is pretty awful. It comes in if I play certain videos. I think it may even come from the left and right speaker and not just one. Parts of the video will be fine and then it'll make this really loud twing. The laptop is only days old.

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Preferred Solution: Thinkpad X1 Carbon 6th Gen loud horrible noise when playing videos

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I reqcently acquired a second generation X1 Carbon (well, the one with the i7 4600U anyway), however it seems to have a very loud fan noise. Is there any known fix for this issue?  Thanks in advance (and sorry if I've double posted this).

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I own a Lenovo carbon X1 4th am running on LINUX distribution Parrot Os  that?s using all the cpus to the max  and it keeps making a loud squeaky noise every 10-15 secs ...

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My speaker and my audio generate very loud high pitched noise after waking from sleep.I had to mute my audio if this happens, but the speaker is essentially unusable in this situation.If I plug in my headphone through audio jack, the high pitched noise will come from both headphone (and unmutable) and my speaker (if I turn on the volume). I hope this is fixable through driver update.

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I have just purchased my OMEN by HP Laptop PC - 17-w033 from Best Buy.  One of the reasons I bought it was the reviews I read about the low fan noise.  Well every single game I have tried the FAN Starts spinning loudly. I have changed the CoolSense settings with no change.  Regular use of the laptop and it is as quiet as a mouse.  Therefore is it the GPU that is installed or something else?  Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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I am currently experiencing a loud fan noise whenever I play any games. This fan sound worries me as my previous laptop which is lower spec, doesn't produce the sort of loud sound from the fan. I went through everywhere related to system cooling and thermal framework settings in the power settings but still cannot reduce the fan noise while playing games. I hope anyone would be kind of you to solve this problem that has been worrying me these days. Below are the specs of my laptop.

HP Pavilion 15 ab-071tx
Windows 8.1
Intel core i7 5th gen processor at 2.4Ghz
GeForce 940M

A:Loud fan noise when playing games

the noise that your fan generates would mean it's working hard to cool your computer.. this is good..

unless your fan is making clicking or sounds/noises that give you the inclination that your fans are broken or somehow screeching or the ball bearings need oil or perhaps there is too much dust in the vents,

then your only option is to deal with the noise of a fan..

For some reason, Laptop manufactures these days are letting go of quality product design and pushing little tiny plastic houses with hot CPU and hard drives and Memory and big hot Video cards..

If you haven't read up on this go ahead and have a loo at Lenovo's and what they are dealing with! I also have a Lenovo laptop and the funniest story is that I literally have to have my fan blasting at full speed.. It's not really bothering me but the sound of air being pushed is there.. but it doesn't kill me.. but thats me..

If I don't run my fan at full speed, my little plastic piece of heat just turns off and doesn't perform adequately.. Your lucky you got HP which hopefully doesn't do what Lenovo does to their customers on $1000 laptops by the way! the injected major restrictions to the laptop which cause it to not be able to even use the hardware inside of it because it's too hot.. hence why my fan is running at constant full speed 24/7.. Lenovo by the way even put a restriction on the way the fan works and I can't use it the way I want to to cool my computer! So the funny story is I cut a wire th... Read more

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I would like to know how do i reduce the fan noise when i play any games. I doubt its because of there are many dusts in my fan. This laptop is just 1 week old. That loud fan is annoying and worries me and i wonder is there any way i can change the settings of my fan or what do i have to do to reduce the fan noise.

I tried advanced power settings in the Intel Thermal Framework Settings and the system cooling policy and it seems like there is no difference.

I am using HP Pavilion 15 ab-071tx

Intel core 5th gen i7 processor, 2.4Ghz
8GB Ram
GeForce 940M

My bios and windows is all up to date. Any help to the solution would be greatly appreciated thank you.

A:Loud fan noise when i start playing any games.

If new I would consider a replacement. Some laptops are just noisy, yours is pretty high end graphics wise and may need the fan to run at high speed when playing demanding games. They generally don't have the best cooling.

Do you have the latest drivers from HP site? There may even be an updated BIOS that addresses the issue.

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Hi, I was playing StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm on Ultra High (nothing else was open in the background), when the game just froze and the screen shut off. All I could hear after was a loud fan noise, which seemed to be coming from the PSU. I quickly jumped to hit the off switch at the back of the PSU and decided to leave it to cool down. My dad came up and we checked it by powering it up again a few times, switching it back off, waiting a minute, switching it back on and hitting the power button. Nothing. Black screen, "No signal detected" on the screen, but the Blu Ray/DVD drive worked just fine, we could open and close it, and the PSU fan seemed to be loud again. The motherboard gave an "AE" code, then an "RO" code (it has a screen). My dad pushed the "Start" and then the "Reset" button on the motherboard (this is an ASUS ROG mobo, it has these 2 buttons and a small screen that shows numbers or a code on it), just after he pushed the video card in gently, thinking maybe it was nudged out. The Desktop booted after he hit the reset button on the Motherboard (not on the case). I'm using the PC right now and it's running fine like it always was, no weird noises coming from anything. We checked inside and there was no dust accumulation and no part was extremely hot.

I've always had problems with the plug in the wall behind, where different computer peripherals would stop working properly if plugged into something that was plug... Read more

A:Black Screen, loud fan noise while playing game

Oh, and my father mentioned to me how the CPU needed thermal paste most likely, as he didn't have to apply any, but I was told it had a small amount of thermal paste already applied to it (it did). My dad did unfortunately touch the paste slightly, to check if there was any there, from what I recall, when we assembled the computer, so perhaps he may have taken some off and that inadvertently caused this issue to appear over time?

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Hi,  So I have this very strange problems with my beautiful amazing X1 Carbon 6th gen, When the computer play sound while pluged in to the charger power cort there is very starnge cracking noise from the speakers. The strange part is that the problem is gone as soon as I unplug the laptop from the power cort.  Any ideas? Thank you!

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I have a Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 5 On the bottom right corner of the keyboard, there is a rattling noise when the laptop is shaken or moved. I opened the back cover to try to discover the source of the sound but I can't seem to find it. The laptop was purchased around 5 months ago, and I just discovered this issue. From what I can tell, the issue doesn't seem to affect performance but just poses a simple nuisance. The sound appears to be originating from the vent on the bottom of the laptop. sounds like there is either a small object moving around or perhaps a cable hitting the chassis. any insight on the origin of the issue or possible solutions would be appreciated.

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I've been experiencing the same crash repeatedly now, while playing any game(it's happened so far in Rainbow Six Siege, Fallout 4 and Just Cause 3) my screen will randomly lock up and there's always a loud EEEEEEEEEEEEE sound until I shut the PC off manually with the power button.

I've tried checking the event logs and there doesn't seem to be anything in there when the lock happens and the PC is completely unresponsive during the lock.

DM Log attached.


A:Hard lock, loud noise crash while playing games.

I am having the exact same problem. Tropico 5, Prison Architect, Battle Field, Guild Wars 2 at this point.

20 minutes or so in and It freezes. The only relevant error is the critical error in the logs related to the hard reboot. I have an AMD 7790. From what I can tell it worked fine before I upgraded to Win10 but I don't want to say that for sure was the cause because I was really busy with work for 6 months and did not play any games during that time (March through August).

I have:

1) reinstalled windows 10
2) ran Fur Mark for 8 hours (no crash)
3) Ran memtest86+ for 24 hours (no errors after 12 passes)
4)removed existing AMD drivers with DDU and installed the beta drivers
5) blown out the dust from every crevice of my PC (there wasn't that much since I have filters)
6) re-seated my GPU
7) scanned for malware with malwarebytes
8)cleaned my registry with CC Cleaner

The only thing that I have not done is adjust my timeout settings in the registry because I have not seen anywhere that doing so would solve this problem on Windows 10 (seems to be a vista/7 solution)

My last resort will be to buy an Nvidia GPU and hope that there are no issues.

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Hi, I have fan issue in particular when playing 4K videos in full screen mode on an external 4K TV via HDMI 2.0. I have already set the performance mode to best battery life (the left most option of the slider) and I have set the Performance in BIOS to Balance already. Should I return the machine, get another configuration and hope that I will have a better luck with another machine? 

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my speakers make a staticky noise when I play video files. I've tried reinstalling/updating my drivers. I've tried reconnecting my speakers & connecting new speakers. No cell phones around. Any ideas?

EDIT: I have an A8N-VM CSM motherboard & no external sound cards

A:speakers make staticky noise when playing videos

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Hello! I am having a minor issue with my ThinkPad X1 carbon 6th gen (Type 20KH, 20KG. Something keeps repeating the play command so that even when I pause the music or video I was viewing or listening to, it automatically unpauses every 10 seconds. Once playing, it does not pause on its own. This happens no matter if the music/video player window is maximized or minimized to tray.  Thank you for your help!C

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Hello! I am having a minor issue with my ThinkPad X1 carbon 6th gen (Type 20KH, 20KG.
Something keeps repeating the play command so that even when I pause the music or video I was viewing or listening to, it automatically unpauses every 10 seconds.
Once playing, it does not pause on its own. This happens no matter if the music/video player window is maximized or minimized to tray. 
Thank you for your help!
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A:ThinkPad X1 Carbon 6th Gen keeps unpausing (playing) video/music

I figured it out. My headphone which has play/pause button keeps sending the play signal to the computer through the audio jack. What can be done?

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hey everyone, so my pc is making a very strange noise when playing youtube videos, or any kind of flash videos, they also play slower. The noise is like some kind of distortion and I hadn't heard something like that. This also happens when I start my pc but only for a while.
I tried reinstalling the audio driver but nothing happened.
my laptop is a Toshiba satellite m55

any help would be appreciated!!

A:computer making strange noise when playing youtube videos and startup.

i too have this problem and could not figure out why.
Bump your topic and hopefully some experts could help us out.

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Been going back and forth and can't seem to find a screen that can replace my Thinkpad x1 carbon 3460 1f4 screen. Have found one for the 3448. Don't know if they use the same screen and pins?  See photo for description of the replacement screen I'm looking at.  


Go to Solution.

A:Can the Thinkpad x1 carbon 3448 laptop screen replace a Thinkpad x1 carbon 3460 1f4

The 3448 and 3460 machines use the same panels, hinges, lid, cables, etc.

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Videos will not play - sometimes they will start and then they stop. I have downloaded Adobe player but it doesn't seem to work. The sample videos that came with the Windows 7 system play beautifully. What can I do? Is it possible that the Abobe player is not installed properly? I have uninstalled it several times and reinstalled again but no difference in playing videos.

A:trouble with videos playing from home page news videos and also youtube videos

Name the Website you are experiencing problems with

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Hi!I just got a new "X1 Carbon 5th Gen - Kabylake (Type 20HR, 20HQ)" and a "X1 Carbon Thunderbolt 3 Dock". I have an external screen connected to the dock and it works fine (VGA connection). I also have an other monitor with display (DP) connection that I want to use. But my computer can't find the other monitor, only the one with VGA connection. Is there any easy ways to fix this problem?Best regards

A:ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5th gen can't connect 2 external monitors in X1 Carbon Thunderbolt 3 Dock

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Hey everyone!

I just put a CD into my disc drive, and it made a horrible noise when it attempted to read the disc. It sounded like something was rubbing against something. I can't explain the sound...

I recently installed a CD RW drive below the main CD ROM drive. Could something be getting in the way? Thanks for your help!!!


A:[SOLVED] CD ROM makes a horrible noise when I put a CD in

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I have just recently bought a new case for my desktop as it was having overheat problems.
The new case has 4 cooling fans.
Once everything was connected and turned on I noticed a horrible static type noise from the speakers that stays at the same volume no matter where the volume has been set.
I use a M-Audio 2496 sound card. I thought it had blown. So removed it and reloaded the onboard drivers. Still the noise.
The static noise seems to come about with hard drive activity. i.e. the flashing hard drive light?
The new case fans have LEDS. Could this cause a problem?
The hard drive holder mounts the drives on rubber stops. I thought maybe they needed to be earthed, but when i touched an earth cable to the 2 hard drives , no difference.
Appreciate any help?

A:Horrible Noise from Speakers after Case Change

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Its a giga-byte 8IEXP in the system I built 2 months ago, first one i've ever built. About a month ago I began to hear a buzzing noise occasionally,its gotten more frequent. I thought it was the CPU Fan but after reseating it tonight I listened to it closely and its the Mobo fan. a picture of the mobo is here:


Its the golden fan to the left of the CPU slot, anyways there are 4 screws on top which dont appear to hold the fan the mobo, but instead hold the fan together. Ive tried tightening them but they're pretty much as tight as can get. There appears to be 2 screws holding the fan into the mobo, but they're are like plastic caps on top of them I'm kind of afraid to try and pry off, at least until someone tells me to do so. Does this sound like a defective mobo or just something that needs some tightening? Thanks.

A:My mobo fan makes the most horrible buzzing noise....

Seems to me like the thing just needs a little grease It's easy enough to do. Just remove the fan, take the sticker off the front, take off the little round cover with a flat-tip screwdriver or something of the sort, then add some type of grease (WD-40 has even worked for me, if you can get it in there without a mess) to the little the hole. Put the little round cover back on, re-apply the sticker and screw it back on.

Or, just buy another chip fan thats the same size, they're pretty cheap.

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Hi everybody, I would like some help!

I recently bought a new fan to help with cooling as the summer approaches. My new fan replaces my old chassis fan but is plugged in slightly differently as it is plugged into the 3 pin mother board connector (the old one was plugged into the molex and is now positioned as an intake fan at the front).

My problem is that since I've installed the new fan my computer is actually louder than before, Everest tells me that the revs for the new fan are 5114 rpm as I type this so it's clearly working too hard. I think it's working too hard because my processor fan is only idling by comparison at 1705 rpm. Which temperature does the chassis fan use to control it's speed and why has my CPU fan suddenly become lazy since I installed the new fan? Is there anything I can do to make the CPU fan work harder and take some of the burden off of the chassis fan?

Many thanks for any help!


A:New fan but loud loud noise

Try speedfan, that should work.


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Hi, I recently purchased a Lenovo Yoga 530 with an AMD5 processor. I had to send the first one back because I got a BSOD twice. I 've received a new one and unfortunately there's this one thing I can't overlook. The other one had this probleem too. Every 20 minutes or so, the laptop makes a horrible loud fan noise. Something you would not expect from a modern laptop (I think), it sounds like an airplane is taking off. When it happens I'm usually working in microsoft office or just browsing (or both), and when I'm at the library studying it sounds so loud I'm scared it will disturb others lol.  Is there anything I can do to minimize the sound? I already looked around on the internet for tips but usually the descriptions of possible solutions are a bit complicated for me (I don't know a lot about laptops) and I'm also scared to mess up my laptop. Any tips woud be very helpful.  Kind regards, Mary

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I've had a dino of a computer purchased in...2000.
My daughter uses it to play games on.
It's no longer hooked up to the internet.

Two nights ago, we tried putting in a game disk and it kept reading it as a sound file and bringing up media player. From there, it started making a horrible noise.
Best way to describe the noise is the same when you touch the sides of the body in the game Operation and the nose flashes. But a LOT louder.
We shut it down.

Brought the disk to my computer, worked fine.
Brought it back to the old one and then, it also worked fine.

Next day, did the same thing so, thinking it was the computer itself, took it apart, put the drive in my computer, worked fine. Blew the dust bunnies out and reinstalled the HD
Plugged only the tower in, nice and quiet.

Instead of hooking up the monitor directly to the computer, I plugged it into the outlet and turned it on. There was the noise.
It was coming from the monitor the entire time.

It makes that horrible noise, flashes a fast star pattern, in the middle of the screen to the tune of that noise. It's a repeated type pattern like an alarm.

It's also in the middle of the hallway now about to be tossed in the back of my truck heading for the dumb but I thought I would come in here first to see if anyone might know what the problem is.
I'm also tossing out the power cable just incase

Oh, also, for a year now, the monitor would not shut down with it's power button.
We had to shut... Read more

A:Monitor won't shut off, makes horrible noise and flashes

Not sure, but if its from 2000 then the best and most practical solution would be to replace it. It doesn't sound like an at home repair, and not likely worthwhile either. 150 -160 will get you a new monitor, either 17 or 19" with a three year warranty: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=2010190020&bop=And&Order=PRICE
And there's better deals if you shop around.

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Computer: Gateway DX4831
Windows 7 Home Premium

Last night I had to move my desktop computer so I decided to open it up and vacuum out all of the dust in the six year old box. It was pretty bad in there and I had a vacuum cleaner going while I hit the computer with compressed air and I thought that I got as much of it out that I could (I stuck the nozzle of the vacuum into the case and was careful, but I may have touched the cooling fan blades when I did that), but when I turned it on the fan immediately started making a loud constant noise that didn't stop even after the computer was finished booting. I shut it down and opened up the case to see if I accidentally moved a wire or something like that, and there were three small dust bunnies stuck in the heat right behind the fan blades, but nothing was touching it. I pulled out the dust with tweezers and hit it with compressed air a few more times, but when I booted it up the noise was still there.

So, is it easy to replace the fan in a desktop? It looks like it would be. Should I go ahead and buy a new fan to install (I found one for $20 online) or should I remove the original one and take a closer look at it? The fan isn't wobbling and it just sounds like there's something that's rubbing on the fan blades, so removing it could allow me to clean out whatever may be touching the blades, but I want to hear someone else's opinion before I take it out.

A:Opened case and vacuumed it out, now fan is making horrible noise!

Hi taking fan out should be fine clean it check for cracks on fan blades if all look good put back in and see if noise still their if so then maybe fan bearings need some oil.

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I posted a similar question earlier and people referred me to the Yoga (much appreciated).  However, I was interested in the 2.6 lb carbon version with touch screen capabilities.  Asus has a Spin 7 model that is very good at 2.65lb, but I miss the red mouse toggle in the middle of the keyboard and Asus's track pad was designed too large....causing unintended tapping.  The Yoga, while nice, is heavier than I was looking for.  The 14 inch screen is about 3.3lb? the 12 inch at 3? I thought that some of the earlier Thinkpad Carbons had touch screen and was hoping they would make a return soon.  Thanks,

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X1 Carbon 6th Gen - (Type 20KH, 20KG) Laptop (ThinkPad) on ThinkPad Pro Dock.  I have a secondary display (connected with DisplayPort).  When the battery is charging, the secondary display works properly.  As soon as the battery is fully charged (100%), the secondary display disconnects and goes black (no signal detected).  The power is still on the the display.  The only way to get the secondary display to reconnect is to unplug the power supply from the dock, then plug it in again.  Has anyone else experienced this? 

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I have a 1680x1080 monitor and when I play YouTube videos in 720p they look horribly distorted and messy unlike in other video sites. I can watch 1080p in YouTube just fine without any loss in quality because the video isn't stretched to a bigger size but when I watch 720p it looks horrible. I've tried different browsers, downloaded the newest flash player etc. but ever since I got SyncMaster T220 1680x1080 a year ago YouTube 720p-videos have looked terrible. Has anyone else had problems with a 1680x1050 monitor with YouTube in 720p? I took some screenshots from YouTube and from BS.Player after downloading the same exact file from YouTube to my computer, here's some comparison pictures. The quality might not look "so bad" as they are still shots but when the video moves it's 5 times worse.


Obviously this problem has something to do with YouTube, please tell me what you think, ask questions, give me hints, I've been struggling with this problem for a year now and I'm clueless. Why can I view the same video on my computer in good quality but not on YouTube?

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Hello, I am looking for a laptop which can be securely attached/locked (so that I can let it during the night in the office). Could you please tell me if the following laptops have a security slot (Kensington or similar) to attach it somewhere?THINKPAD X1 CARBON (5TH GEN)THINKPAD X1 YOGA (2ND GEN) I do not find it described in the specifications, but from the available pictures, it seems that they have some kind of security slot. Thanks!

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Apologies if something similar has been posted, I just can't find the answer. We have a 5th Generation Thinkpad X1 Carbon connected to a Thinkpad Thunderbolt 3 dock. At the moment the display is mirrored using a VGA cable to connect to the dock. What we would like instead is to connect the dock to 2 external monitors with separate content on each monitor and the laptop display blank. I just can't figure out if this is possible, what might be needed, and how! Any help greatly appreciated.

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I recently acquired what I believe is the 2nd generation X1 Carbon (the one with the i7 4600U in it anyway), however the fan seems very loud and intrusive. Is there anything that I can do about this?

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I recently acquired what I believe is the 2nd generation X1 Carbon (the one with the i7 4600U in it anyway), however the fan seems very loud and intrusive. Is there anything that I can do about this?

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. When i start playing games , theres a loud fan noise which is bothering me so much. Please help me

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I built my PC in early 2017 and about a year later this loud noise from my PSU started to come up during cold start ups. For the past year, restarting multiple times solved the problem but it would still randomly start making noise every now and then. Now, it makes the noise every time i start it up and I've tried restarting many times but the sound wont go away. I'm planning on replacing the PSU but I would like to know what exactly the problem is that is causing this sound. I have linked a video recording of the noise it makes. My PSU is the Corsair CX500M.


Any input is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

My computer specs:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 158 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8125 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, -1 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 1862 GB (826 GB Free);
Motherboard: ASRock, H170 Performance
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

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I recently upgraded the ram in my pc from 1.5gb to 2.5gb as it seemed to be getting pretty slow. I was expecting a pretty big jump in performance but it doesn't seem to have happened.

The pc can sometimes be faster than it was and sometimes it really drags. There is also an intermittent loud noise which i believe is coming from the fan and when this happens the pc is slow.

I took out the fan and cleaned all the dust from it but this noise still starts every couple of minutes and the pc becomes slow.

Any ideas?

A:Loud Noise from PC. Don't think it is the HDD

Two things to consider...
The amount of memory doesn't have much to do with speed unless some process can specifically use that extra memory. You can to more things well, but not necessarily more rapidly.

You system will utilize all memory at the speed of the slowest module. If you have some memory that is value ram or other inexpensive ram, the timings could be significantly different than the best brands and models.

Your system only uses what memory it needs, not what you want it to use. As long as the RAM meets the requirements of the motherboard, it will not protest.

If you want some programs to run at optimum performance levels, all memory must be identical. It is wise to buy matched sets of RAM from the same manufacturer at the same time to get the ultimate performance. Top memory is already sold in matched sets in the same plastic wrap. Otherwise, you have to look at the timings and other information posted on the package or the label.

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I recently started getting hearing a loud "buzzing" noise when I started my computer or it had to load certain larger programs. I opened up the computer to find which fan the noise was coming from and found no noise. The noise had stopped until just yesterday. I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions.

A:Loud noise from fan

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MY mother has a Dell Laptop with Windows Vista. After the computer being on a bit the fan starts making this horrible sound and sometimes the she gets the blue screen and causes the computer to restart. Anyone ever seen or heard of this?

A:Dell laptop makes horrible noise then blue screens

Hmm, interesting.

Does the laptop appear to be getting hotter and hotter as you use it? Are you sure that the fan is actually spinning/the cause of the sound.

Sounds to me like the fan could be faulty. I've also had large clumps of dust (Large enough to stop the fan spinning) caught in the fanblades, meaning I had to disassemble the laptop to resolve the issue.

You could try giving the fan/air filter a blow out with compressed air and see what happens/if it improves. Also make sure that the fan is actually spinning to start with.

What does the noise sound like also?

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I just received X1 Extreme.
Everything works fine and as expected, but there is one thing that keeps bugging me.
It's a weird little electric noise X1E makes.
Here is the electric noise.
I am not sure what causes this noise but I think this happens when the fan starts running.
I don't think the laptop should make this kind of noise since there is no HDD, CD, or other parts that makes noise other than fan.
And fan should not make those electric noise.
Also, I noticed that there is little rattling sound (only noticable when I put my ears very close to bottom of laptop).
The elctric sound happens when heavy-loading and the rattling sound is unnoticeable.
But I am worried if there is some malfunctioning hardware in my laptop.
Does anyone have similar issue? Is this normal?
Admin note: two discussions merged, subjects edited for relevancy

A:Thinkpad X1 Extreme weird noise / Fan Noise

I received my X1 Extreme yesterday. So far great machine, but I have niggle with the fans. When testing the machine, the fans kick in as expected, but as well as a general "whoosh" sound of air blowing, which is sort of loud, I also hear a faint high pitched sound that is a little annoying; it is more prevalant in the right fan.
Is this fan loudness and the faint high pitched sound just normal for these fans? I am in two minds whether to return or get someone out to fix it up, only to find it is 'normal' for these laptops. Any thoughts, or experiences from others?
Here is a link of the fan sound I am experiencing.... https://youtu.be/k_Z5zOUMsUM This recording was taken about 15-20cm away from the device on the right side, opposite the power button. You can hear them slowly ramping up, and then ramping down.
Btw the way I am not concerned as to when the fans come, as that is working fine, it is just the sound they are making, in particular the background high pitched sound, and whether they are supposed to be this loud?

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Hello,in order to help people who are interested in the ThinkPad P50,I recorded 14 videos of benchmarks and gameplay and posted them on my new YouTube channel:https://www.youtube.com/user/KatastropoulosI think the videos show off the capabilities of the NVidia M1000M GPU in the P50.I hope that I can help people who are interested in the machine to make a decision if the GPU power is sufficient for them or not. Before I bought this machine, I had problems getting information on its performance, especially in gaming. I made videos on following games/benchmarks:Half Life 2 Episode OneHalf Life 2 Episode TwoMetro 2033The Witcher 2Risen 2Risen 3Oddworld - New 'n' TastyGothic 3Tomb RaiderGRID 2Unigine Heaven 4Unigine ValleyFinal Fantasy XIVI made benchmarks some time ago and posted the results on my blog, you can find them here:https://ikarios.wordpress.com/2016/03/09/performance-comparison-between-thinkpad-p50-with-nvidia-m10...4200m/ Best regards, Janni

A:ThinkPad P50 and NVidia M1000M game videos and benchmark videos on my YouTube channel

Wow! That's impressive! I wonder how much faster the M2000M is compared to the M1000M? I haven't seen any comparisons between the two. Brgds...   /Thomas

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Hello,  My notebook has, as of recently become extremely loud when in games (even lesser demanding games such as Call of Duty World at War, making a noice comparable to a vaccum cleaner), and making noticable noise when on the desktop or on the internet (a shaking noise of sort). I have factory reset the PC, with no effect, before that updating the BIOS, also having no effect. Any suggestions on fixing this issue are valued! Thank you, Jacob.

A:Loud noise from fans

This should help:http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c01007591andhttp://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c01657439

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PC started up fine.

Loaded fine.

All programs loaded exactly as normal.


and I mean loud.

I shut it down, and rebooted. Nothing again.

Whadya say?

A:LOUD whirring noise

Sounds like it might be the fan
Download speed fan and check for overheating

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When the laptop is put into the sleep mode and while closing the lid, a loud noise comes from the place near the touchpad. The sound goes off when the lid is opened. It is happening since a month.
The sound is not coming from the speakers. It is coming from inside the laptop.

A:Loud Noise while closing lid

Hi Arun,Thanks for the response.I would suggest you to enable the audio device and uninstall the audio driver. Then restart the system and Windows would automatically try to install the sound driver. Run the Windows Audio Playback Diagnose and Repair from the below mentioned MS FIX-IT http://support.microsoft.com/mats/AudioPlayback/ You may also run the hardware diagnostics to check if there is a hardware failure. To run the diagnostics you can get the instructions from the online videos available on the following link: http://dell.to/Sm161v Once you open the above page, under the option, “All Videos” select Dell Tools & Services >> Then select Dell Support Center–PC Checkup/Offline Diagnostics Please find the screenshot below:1. Click Start, All Programs, Dell, Dell Support Center and Launch PC Checkup. 2. Click the PC Checkup button and then click Run Custom Scan. Note: If the hardware is detected but the driver is not installed, instead of Run Test, the field will read Disabled. In the given list, click to select the script or component test desired and follow the onscreen prompts to complete the diagnostic. Please reply with the findings.Thanks & Regards Vishal S #iworkfordell

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Sitting there as usual, looking at email, nothing out of the ordinary,

all of a sudden, from nowhere, LOUD whirring noise coming from CPU.

Never heard this before.

Rebooted---it's gone. Maybe this SSs help, I've never really been one to understand performance data. I've left the PC on for a week- usually shut it down nightly. Could it be the temp?

By thinkbrinke at 2010-05-08

By thinkbrinke at 2010-05-08

A:Loud whirring noise

Helllo Eknirb,

From looking at your top image from Task Manager, it looks like you had a spike in CPU usage there for a bit. That spike may have cause your built-in motherboard fan controllers to rev up the CPU fan to keep it cooler with the quick increase (spike) usage.

Monitor your CPU temps to make sure that they are not high or spiking on you as well to be safe. 45C as your showing in the last screenshot is ok. If they are high all the time, the CPU fan or heatsink may be loose, or you may need to clean and replace the thermal past on the CPU heatsink.

If the usage is spiking on you randomly, then you can look under the CPU bar in Resource Monitor to help see what is using so much of the CPU.

Hope this helps,

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Hi guys, I just bought this Lenovo Ideapad 510s 13IKB 80V0.The fan is terribly noisy. It's very noisy at low speed, terribly noisy at high speeds and it is running loudly all the time even when the computer is idle just after start-up!I can't even make a skype call because of the fan noise. This is very fustrating. I have updated the driveres but it didn't improve. Is there a specific drive update which solves this?Some people suggest using a fan control software. I'm afraid this will damage or reduce the lifetime of some components. Can it affect the warranty? Please help me, thank you very much! 

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