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Create new spanned volume - Operation not supported by object

Q: Create new spanned volume - Operation not supported by object


I just bought myself an HDD docking station, and following instructions on lifehacker, tried to create a spanned volume, so that I can use two spare Western Digital 500Gb HDDs as a single 1Tb HDD.

All seemed to go OK until the last point, when I got an error "The operation is not supported by the object"

The two drives are fine, and the dock seems to work fine. I can format the two drives individually, and they show up in File Explorer correctly, but I can't crate a spanned volume.

Anyone any ideas? Thanks

Preferred Solution: Create new spanned volume - Operation not supported by object

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Create new spanned volume - Operation not supported by object

I would not bother. Spanned drives are PITA to backup, and if one fails life gets complicated.

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So here's the situation: I have two 320GB disks that were setup as a spanned volume under XP Pro, hanging off a third-party PCI SATA controller. That controller has died. I know in theory, I should be able to replace it in the machine and the volume will still be there. However, this system MAY be totally dead... and putting it all back together will be a pain either way.

Is it possible to recover the volume by plugging both drives into a new machine using USB-SATA docks or external cases?? And if so, HOW?

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Hi all,

First I'd like to say that I'm an idiot, I just deleted my spanned volume . I'm about to run the MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition v8.1.1 (free version), and just wanted to run this by you guys so I don't mess it up even more. Here's the setup I had that I am trying to recover.

Disk 0 - 1T Spanned volume (F:)
Disk 1 - 64G NTFS System, Boot drive (C:)
Disk 2 - 1T Spanned volume (F:)
Disk 3 - 1T Spanned volume (F:)
Disk 4 - 1T Spanned volume (F:)
... a few others that don't matter
Disk 9 - 2.5 T iSCSI Spanned volume (F:)
So, I was trying to pull the iSCSI Disk 9 off the other spanned volumes on F:. I did a Delete Volume, and they all disappeared. Was I supposed to use Shrink Volume? Anyway, there were a lot of threads about recovering partitions, but none of them I saw had spanned volumes. Is recovering a spanned volume the same as recovering a single partition, multiple times? Or is there something I'm missing?

I am in the MiniTool Partition Wizard, and I see all of the disks that I want to recover. However, it doesn't allow me to select multiple disks. So the only option that I have with this tool is to go through the recovery process on each disk individually. Is this the right method? If so, how do I get the full spanned volume back after each disk is recovered?

Thanks in advance!

A:Spanned Volume Recovery

Just a quick update. I've been scanning the disks for partition data using the MiniTool, and it's come back with some strange results. Disk 0 shows an abnormally large partition. And after a long while of scanning, I haven't found any partitions on the other disks yet.

Even though the first disk is 931.51GB, after finding the partition, the MiniTool is displaying it as a capacity of 6167.3GB (the sum of the entire spanned volume). Does this mean disk 0 holds the partition data for all 5 disks, and recovery of this will undelete the partition on all disks?

Thanks again!

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A friend of mine, not me, accidently deleted a spanned volume, One of the disks is an IBM Deskstar 80GB and the other is a Maxtor 200GB with 8M Buffer. The Spanned volume was a total of 190 GB (using unallocated space from both). The volume was deleted using the MMC utility from windows. I was wondering if there is any software out there that would me, not me, my friend, recover the data that was in it.

A:Recover Deleted Spanned Volume

I would think that this is the app your looking for, but its not free. Most app's that are worth there salt aren’t.

File Scavenger

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I had three 2TB drive spanned together into a single volume for all my media files. I had the hose on my liquid cooler break and dump all the coolant on one of the drives. It, obviously, is toast.

Now, I would like to get the data of the remaining two.

I have run two different recovery software suites (Easeus and File Scavenger) on them and only find about 1TB of data.

Is there any other way or did I really lose 4 TB of data?



A:Recovering data from a spanned volume

Wow, This was posted a long time ago. I think you may have already solved your problem, but Spanned volumes take the first disk, fill it and moves on to the next disk. For example:
If the 2TB drive that got trashed was the first, well you're ****ed.
If it was second, and no more than the drives capacity was full, you're ok.
If it was 3rd and untouched, you are good to go.
Word of advice: DO NOT FORMAT

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I have a system with a spanned volume of five 2TB disks. Actually, the "disks" are all iSCSI targets (since Windows XP won't see targets >2047GB on my QNAP array)... but in any case, Windows shows all the disks as being present and the spanned volume as being "Healthy"... it just doesn't appear to be formatted any longer. The array itself (RAID5 with a hot spare) shows as healthy, and the SMART on all the physical drives shows fine as well. So all the components look to be good, I've just lost the NTFS structure.

Any suggestions on how to recover??

A:Solved: HELP: Spanned volume unformatted??

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I have a spanned volume setup with 4 drives. One of the drives is starting to throw read errors which is preventing WHS from backing it up (Yikes!).

Is it possible to clone the drive with the errors and to reinsert a new drive into the array?

Can the new drive be bigger?


A:Can I clone a drive from a spanned volume?

You may end up cloning the errors as well. An imaging program capable of handling all four drives at once like the Acronis True Image server edition would be able to handle Dynamic volumes if that's what you are working with there.

The best time for any imaging however is while everything is working 100% to make your backup of the entire setup just in case something like this comes up. The imaging program used would back up each block to be restored on the new identical replacement drive in order to work.

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Hey all,

I had a question regarding a spanned volume versus RAID 0.

I understand that RAID 0 uses stripping, and for that reason, if one HDD dies you lose the data of the entire array. However, what I don't understand is why people suggest the same fate if you lose a single drive in a spanned volume setup. Even the Wikipedia page for spanned volumes states that "if any disk fails, the data on the whole volume could be lost." The entire volume? That doesn't sound right to me...

My understanding of a spanned volume is that most files would only be on one drive or the other, and very rarely split. So, if one drive fails, the data loss would be very limited. I always assumed that with a spanned volume, data would just be written to where ever there's free space, so splitting files between multiple drives would only happen when free space is low. Are my assumptions wrong? Do files frequently get split between multiple drives? Or is that just some over exaggerated caution?

A:Spanned volume versus RAID 0 ?

That's due directly to the type of RAID setup you have...so for basic RAID setup (2 HDD's) that copies data on to both HDDs, you should use RAID 1. This method will allow you to remove any failed drives and replace with new drive and data will be transferred automatically with no data loss.

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I have Windows XP installed on a 500 gig drive. I also have a collection of drives that are setup as Spanned Dynamic Volumes through Windows XP.

I want to re-install XP and wonder if the Spanned Volume will survive the reinstall?


A:Windows Spanned Volume Survive a re-install?

I am thinking it would be very wise to disconnect those spanned drives during XP installation, updating, driver installation, then reconnect them, and follow these instructions.

Scroll down to "Moving Disks to a Different Computer"

But as always, I recommend backing up Irreplaceable data first.

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Hello all.

I have been researching this to no avail.

Here is the TL DR;

Old computer died which had two 400GB sata drives that houses a lot of family pictures and MP3s. The drives were dynamic and a 745 GB volume spanned across the drives. I now know these drives are also RAID-0, but I wanted to see if I could see any data on them and I had a USB sata dock. Learned the hard lesson that a dynamic disk wont be visible via USB no matter what (at the time I didnt know it was also a RAID-0) . I put the drive (which just happened to be the first drive) in my dock and somehow the drive got corrupted and became a basic disk. Pop up came asking if I wanted to format which of course I didn't. Odd thing is that the partition is intact (745GB) which causes the issue of not allowing me to convert it back to dynamic. It would seem if somehow I could just get it back to dynamic everything would work again or would be a heck of a lot easier to repair.

The issue is I cannot convert directly back to dynamic because it appears I don't have enough "free space" due to the partition reporting a 745GB volume which is correct.

I have tried multiple pieces of software mostly from Acronis, EASEUS, and Runtime (Disk Director, GetDataBack NTFS, Raid Recovery for Windows, and Data Recovery Wizard). Problem is these products don't fully solve the problem and I cannot reliably get the data off. The one product Runtime does have is raid reconstructor - but I am not ready to spend ... Read more

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Getting this crazy error when I try to do anything on my hotmail account. When I try to delete mail it says..OBJECT DOES NOT SUPPORT THIS METHOD. I read that I could update the java and it would cure this..I did update the java, but still can't do anything on hotmail, etc.Hmmmmm

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My outlook is giving me grief, Allof a sudden I tried to send an email and I got the message "The operation failed,an object cannot be found". I've made a new profile it did not work, I reinstalled Office, it did not work. I can recieve e-mails but cannot send them
Microsoft 7
outlook 2007

A:The operation failed, an object cannot be found

Some internet providers are changing their email server settings, Verizon for one. check with your ISP (internet service provider) as to the proper port settings. Their should be something in their 'email setup' tutorials on the support sites.

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Im having this error" the operation failed, an object could not be found " on my outlook 2003
I went to this page support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;312354
but still haev the same probleme.

A:Operation failed, an object could not be found

we have run into the same problem, except it occurs when trying to send to a recipient in M$-Mail, under Outlook. A new profile didn't help.

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Whenever I access my hotmail account,I cannot delete mail, etc. I get an error on the tray that says....OBJECT NOT SUPPORTED. I did a virus scan and malware scan..shows nothing? Any ideas how to get my mail back up?

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I have a XP pc running XP home and Office 2003 sp3 and all of the sudden I can recieve all emails but cannot send even to our inhouse microsoft mail server. I have tried setting up another profile and reinstalling and still problem exists. please help as this is a primary user pc and I need to get it running soon

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Ok, we have a really annoying issue at work at the moment with Outlook XP.

because we deal with alot of different jobs we use a job number system so everyone knows what goes where and whats going on.
The trouble is we may have 4 or 5 people working on the same job, sending lots of emails so to get everyones emails all in one place so that anyone can pick them up we've decided to use .pst files for each job example 10.001-inbox, 10.001-sent.

now it seems that these get corrupted somehow over time because when some users try to 'close' that pst file they get the following message
"Operation failed. An object could not be found"
so they're left witha redundant file in their outlook that cannot be deleted or hidden. The emails in that folder can be moved to another pst folder so that others can gain access to the emails but we're left with redundant files.

we have one guy who has at least 20 of these un-closeable files in his outlook. i really dont know how he does it.

Is there a way to removed these files? i've tried reinstalling outlook but i still get the files which i cannot remove. I'm assuming its a registry issue?

thanks for your time


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I've had an issue with Outlook For the past week!! I'm going psycho gooogling!!!

Machine: Hp Compaq 6720s
Vista Business 32
Office 2007 SBE

"Operation Failed. Object could not be found." - When sending emails.
Emails are received perfectly and i can open my Pst's.

I have tried:

-Recreating the profile via mail in control panel.
-removed profile via registry and recreated...
-Office repair
-office remove and reinstall
-office clean reinstall - incl removing specified registry entries(googled) - yes i backed up registry before!!!!
- according to office diagnostics - evrything is fine!!! well it aint!!!
- scanpst.exe - just to make sure

....i can't help feelin that i'm missing something either annoingly simple or hecticly difficult??

i'm on the verge of recoverin this damn notebook!! i'd prefer not too.....

Pls Help.....


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I have an error using Microsoft Outlook 2010.

This happens every time I try to reply or forward an email. I get an error that says, "The attempted operation failed. An object could not be found."

I am not running any add-ons.

I have read that I need to make sure that I am using the correct smtp and I am. smtp.123-reg.co.uk is what is in the outgoing mail server. You can verify that this is the correct smtp at How to set up MS Outlook 2010 with POP3 | 123-reg Support

What other options can I look at to get this sorted?

Thank you very much for your help.

A:Outlook Error: The attempted operation failed. An object could not be


I have found a solution to this after a bunch of searching.

I found this at: "The attempted operation failed. An object cannot be found." - Microsoft Community

and it is the post by "Professional Support" on January 31, 2012.

I hope that this helps somebody else also.

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I have Windows Server 2012 R2 and it is my file server and it auto syncs user's file every minute. I have 3 disks. The primary partition (Disk 0) and two others (Disk 1 & Disk 2). My question does not include the primary

I shrunk Disk 2 so that I had unallocated space. I then extended Disk 1 using the unallocated space from Disk 2 creating spanned volume on Disk 1 (extended volume on Disk 2). It did not do what I wanted so I want to 'undo' it. Can
I just delete the spanned volume on Disk 2 (space that added to Disk 1)? Or more accurately if I'm going to delete the spanned volume on Disk 2, will it affect my users' files?

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I've tried these steps but it still doesn't work:
 At first I thought it was a user profile error but it's not. For example user1 can access clip art on a certain computer but when user1 logs in another computer the error codes pops up. We have a roaming profile about 50 users. Is this a user configuration
setting? I already tried the microsoft fix, uninstall and reinstalling office 2010 but still not working. How come it works on some users but it doesn't on others? Please help, I can't find any answers online?


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Hi, I have just downloaded and tried executing VirtualBox and then get the following critical error:
Failed to create the VirtualBox COM Object.
The application will now terminate.
Any idea what's going on here and how to resolve this? Thanks.

A:Failed to create the VirtualBox COM Object?

I tried to install the current version last night, and I couldn't get it to run, so I fell back to version
Have a great day!

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My friend has a problem. When he load WinXP he got a message:

ActiveX component's can't create object.
Src: Microsoft VBScript runtime error
Line: 6 Error:0 Scode:800a01ad

I ask him when this comes. Answer: after one of updating his system. He does this every time, he don't know too much about comp.

Have any idea, how fix this?


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am trying to put up a forum on Brinkster. But there's one problem, the following code: Line 38: ''' command object
Line 39: set cmd = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")
Line 40: cmd.ActiveConnection = cn returns the following error: ADODB.Command error '800a0bb9'

Arguments are of the wrong type, are out of acceptable range, or are in conflict with one another.

/forum/i_utils.asp, line 40. I am using a Premium X4 Solution witrh Brinksetr. They are running Windows2000 Server. Also, here's the whole page source just in case it comes in handy: <%


'' initiate global vars and constants
dim action
dim b_error, a_errors, error_list, a_msg, msg_list
dim cn, cmd, rs, rsselect, sql, do_search, a_records

'' instantiate error handling and messaging
set error_list = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
set msg_list = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")

'' initiate db objects and connections

''' app database
Set oConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
sConnection = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _
"Data Source=\\premfs7\sites\premium2\hexstar\database\7706.mdb;" & _
"Persist Security Info=False"
oCon... Read more

A:Can't create command object for forum???

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I have office pro 2003, I have a database that I use daily. I tried to create a form by using wizard, and all I get is "active x component can't create object.
And then when i try to open a web link that I have in access, I get a message that states " hyperlinks can be harmful to your computer and data. to protect your computer, click only those hyperlinks from trusted sources. Do you want to continue."

is there an way to get rid of that message?


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I have done something that gives me this error message whenever I try to log into a certain Network function here at work(on my NT system)

The message that pops up says:

"The expression On Click you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: ActiveX component can't create object.
*The expression may not result in the name of a macro, the name of a user-defined function, or [Event Procedure]
*There may have been an error evaluating the function, event, or macro."

What the Heck does that mean? How can I fix this?

Does ANYBODY have any thoughts?

thanks----Help Urgently Needed!!!

A:ActiveX component can't create object?

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I get an error message that doesn't allow me to install from cd. 429 activex component can't create object and i've looked at online forums but nothing seems to work.

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Below message appears when the customs.ru site is accessed and also error code Error 0x80090008 

I tried the below troublehooting steps and it did not help

1. Added the customs.ru  to Compatibility Settings in UE
2. "Initialize and script active x controls is not marked safe for scripting" is enabled in IE under Security Custome Level
3. Added the site in Trusted Sites 


Regards, Boopathi

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I try to load a program called Otrader and it loads up but gives an error message 429 which is ActiveX component can't create object. It then closes the program down.
I installed it on another computer, same OS but it works on that one.
What can cause this error. I think i may have already reinstalled activex components from downloading so please suggest as many solutions as you can think of.


A:ActiveX component can't create object

Hi and Welcome to TSF

The error message itself can occur for one of four reasons (listed in order of likeliness):

1. You do not have a required TLB or ActiveX DLL/OCX file.
2. A TLB or ActiveX DLL/OCX needed by the project is present but not registered on your system.
3. The VB runtimes are an earlier version than the one you need to run the project.
4. A required TLB or ActiveX DLL/OCX file is corrupt.

Sounds as if you need to register the dll using regsvr32.
For example
regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft

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My computer has been displaying this message every time I've opened a window since about Christmas. I'm going crazy! I have read various other posts on other sites suggesting a remedy but nothing has worked. I have adjusted my internet settings, etc. ALSO..(possibly due to this problem) My cookies seem to be messed up. Although it says that I enable cookies, every time I go to ebay I have to type in my password repeatedly (although it offers 'remember me' option) and some sites will not even allow me to enter because of this. Could these be related and most importantly, how do I fix this? Thank you!

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Okay, so today I opened up my internet explorer browser and it popped up an unusual message before it loaded up the homepage that i have never seen before. It was titled MViz, and the message read: Could not create file mapping object (5)." I would x out the message and it would load up the designated home page as normal. Then, I opened a new tab and it said the message again, I x it out, and I can use it. But then, it I have at least two tabs open, it won't pop up the message. Weird. I don't know what this message is about. I googled it and one site linked it to a possible virus. I ran a quickscan with MBAM, and it picked up nothing. So, I came here to be safe into checking out what it is and if it is malware, then get help before this problem progresses. Please let me know what the deal is behind this message and the precautions to take for this. Thanks.

Operating system: Windows 7 (home) 64-bit

*note* the message doesnt come up when I run the firefox web browser.

A:Could not create file mapping object 5 message

Hello, I do not believe its an infection. I'll offer two suggestions. If these do not help,start a new topic in WIn7.Run TFC by OT (Temp File Cleaner)Please download TFC by Old Timer and save it to your desktop. alternate download linkSave any unsaved work. TFC will close ALL open programs including your browser! Double-click on TFC.exe to run it. If you are using Vista, right-click on the file and choose Run As Administrator. Click the Start button to begin the cleaning process and let it run uninterrupted to completion. Important! If TFC prompts you to reboot, please do so immediately. If not prompted, manually reboot the machine anyway to ensure a complete clean.Reset the internet explorer 9 settings and then check if that works. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/Reset-Internet-Explorer-settings-in-Internet-Explorer-9

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I am submitting one form While clicking save button i am getting "Error:automation server can't create object" could not resolved it. Any one please help me on this.

Prashant amaiy

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I have just recieved a used Laptop a Micron Transport XKE with Windows XP on it but there when i try to run a program I get this message error 429 activx can not create object what can i do to fix tht

A:Error 429 Activex component can not create object

Does this help ?


Welcome to TSG

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I have searched high and low for a solution to this problem. I am running Windows 7. This error pops up in a window titled "fatal error" - "Unable to create an instance of required object". It happens in Firefox (14.0.1) and Word (Office 2010) usually when I'm trying to save or download a file. It then crashes the program and sometimes my entire computer.

I've found tons of old references to problems relating to Allaire Homesite, but the page that windows support sends you to a Macromedia page that no longer exists as they were purchased by Adobe. At one point in the last year, I had started to install Homesite 5 but wasn't successful as I could not find my serial number. But that was long ago and this error just started happening now.

I did search the forums here but found only one post that was never resolved or replied to.

SO grateful to anyone who might shed light on this problem.

A:Unable to create instance of required object

I could see two types of messages being mentioned - one with "ServerAdmin" and another "FileProxy".
Which one are you getting ?
For FileProxy - MS-Knowledge base says there is a fix in Homesite's Readme file. But it appears these errors are associated with Homsite/Coldfusion. And this page, mentions unregistering some CF DLLs, did you try that ?

Please check the Event Viewer for any clues.

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Hi I am running Access 97 on Win XP. Yes I know it is old but I do not often need to use it however I am attempting to create a Membership Database for our church and each time I try to open a new database and use the wizard to select membership I get the error ActiveX Can't Create Object.

I am lost. Help please

A:Solved: Access 97 error ActiveX can't create object

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howdy all,

i'd much appreciate any kind advice regarding this very small but not-easy-to-solve tech issue as follows:

well... there is a number of similar objects of every User Profile of Win7 like Recent, PrintHood, NetHood, SendTo, etc - always living in 'C:\Users\.... user name....\' folder.

all these objects look like folders but with shortcut mark on their icons, so those are neither the standard Windows folders nor the standard Windows shortcuts... well it's like a folder with shortcut i.e. link function actually, which always links to the same name full size folder located in another place of User Profile.

so now I'm keen interested on how to create back such special object named 'Recent' that was first damaged by a not good cleaning software and then manually deleted by mistake.

Note #1: of course i know that the full size folder connected to this special object has a default location as C:\Users\...user name...\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent. and there is no any problem with this folder in my case. it's alive and ok.

Note #2: also I keep an understanding that it's not so difficult to repair my current User Profile by a creation of a new user profile (and this special shell object will be likely created along with other default components of this new profile) and then copy my curent profile files into the new profile, and finally delete the old one.

well... although i believe the technique of Note #2 as pretty complicated for such small and ... Read more

A:How to re-create the special object in User Profile of Windows 7???

Hello laidbacktokyo,

Actual your Recent folder should be named Recent Items instead.

For this Recent Items folder, you might see if the blue Note box at the top of the tutorial below may be able to help with this.

Recent Items - Turn On or Off

Hope this helps,

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i'm trying to install a program in a winzip file when you double click the setup.exe it extracts all the files and then it produces this error message which i have attached on this page

i dont know what to do?

do i need to install any thing?

A:Run-time error '429' : ActiveX component can't create object

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When trying to create a form by using a wizard I get the above message, why?

Jason Clark

A:ActiveX compent can't create object (Microsoft Access)

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I'm trying to create a Windows Blue WMC image using DISM. I'm running it from my host command prompt (9200).

I think I have to use the following commands:

DISM.exe /Mount-Wim /WimFile:S:\Blueread\install.wim /index:1 /MountDir:S:\Bluemount
DISM.exe /image:S:\Bluemount /Set-edition:ProfessionalWMC
DISM.exe /Unmount-Wim /MountDir:S:\Bluemount

The first command completes without problems, but the second one generates this error log:

2013-04-03 14:47:37, Info DISM DISM.EXE: <----- Starting Dism.exe session ----->
2013-04-03 14:47:37, Info DISM DISM.EXE:
2013-04-03 14:47:37, Info DISM DISM.EXE: Host machine information: OS Version=6.2.9200, Running architecture=amd64, Number of processors=4
2013-04-03 14:47:37, Info DISM DISM.EXE: Dism.exe version: 6.2.9200.16384
2013-04-03 14:47:37, Info DISM DISM.EXE: Executing command line: Dism /image:S:\Bluemount /Set-edition:ProfessionalWMC
2013-04-03 14:47:37, Info DISM DISM Provider Store: PID=2588 TID=1844 Getting the collection of providers from a local provider store type. - CDISMProviderStore::GetProviderCollection
2013-04-03 14:47:37, Info DISM DISM Provider Store: PID=2588 TID=1844 Provider has not previously been encountered. Attempting to initialize the provider. - CDISMProviderStore::Internal_GetProvider
2013-04-03 14:47:37, Info ... Read more

A:DISM - Failed to create DismHostManager remote object

Haven't tried dism from within blue.

Recimg in blue not working for me.

Maybe there are a few bugs.

You can see if it is there with DISM /image:S:\Bluemount /Get-TargetEditions

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Hi I get the above error every time on startup since installing some software. I have uninstalled the software but still get the error!

I tried system restore but it failed for an unspecified reason, please help!

A:Run-time error 429 ActiveX component can't create object

Run a regular and registry cleanup with CCleaner. Reboot.

In Msconfig, click on startup tab and uncheck any entry that may be related to this problem. Reboot.

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I'm a desktop support person trying to help a client with an application error. I am not a programmer, do not have access to source code and have been unable to contact the original programmer.

Several years ago they got a programmer to write an EDI (Electronic Document Interchange) application for them to exchange documents with their suppliers.

They want to move the installation to a new PC. The software installed fine, but when they launch it they get an error Runtime Error 429: ActiveX component cannot create object.

I have tried searching for help, but a lot of the results are written for programmers who have access to source code etc. All I have is the install disk and no instructions. The install disk has a setup.exe, setup.lst and edi.cab file.

The OS it is being installed on is Windows XP SP2.

I realise this may not be enough information, so please let me know what I need to do to find out any information that will help.

Many thanks.

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I am trying to merge several years' worth of calendar items into a single new PST file for archiving, but when I try to copy many of my calendar items I get this error:
"Outlook cannot copy the items. The attempted operation failed. An object could not be found"

Using advice elsewhere I tried creating and using a new mail profile, but now Outlook just hangs when I try to open one of my existing PST files (the item pane just displays "loading...").

Can anyone advise re. why I might be getting this error when copying calendar items from one folder/PST file to another?

I'm running Outlook 2010 on Windows 7 64-bit in a home environment (using Gmail/POP3).

A:Copying calendar items "operation failed an object could not be found"

Check this MS website & see if that is any help for you.

"The attempted operation failed. An object cannot be found." - Microsoft Community

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My outlook is giving me trouble

when i try to send an email i get the message: The operation failed. An object cannot be found.

i've made a new email profile, and nothing is working

ive looked on the forums and cant seem to find this specific problem.

I can recieve emails, but cannot send them.

Thank you

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I bought this software carrier e20 HAP 4.61 but I got this big problem or error;

during installation;

(SSNDBU10) run-time error '429': ActiveX component can't create object.

and when running the program;

(xycfgfix) fatal error 429 loading data: ActiveX component can't create object.

appreciate much if anybody can help decipher this for me. I'm using 32bit vista.


A:runtime error 429: activex component can't create object carrier e20 HAP 4.61

Hello, and welcome to the Tech Support Forum :)


This problem can be a bit of a pain to diagnose.

Please download a copy of Process Monitor: Process Monitor

Get your installer ready to go, and just before getting to the error, start Process Monitor. OK past any Process Monitor Filter Dialogs without changing anything.

Start the installer going if necessary, and as soon after the error message has occurred as you can, select File > and UNcheck "Capture Events".

The important things to ensure is that Process Monitor was recording just before and just after the error message.

Then, go File > Save, Leave all options alone, just change the location to somewhere like your Documents folder, with a name you can remember.

Finally, please upload the file to a third party website (it will be too big for here).

If you have a Microsoft Account, Skydrive may be a good option: https://skydrive.live.com/

Make sure to set the file to be publicly accessible so I can access it, and send me a link in your next reply.

Fingers crossed it will be clear from the logfile what the problem is. Then we only have to work on a fix! But there is also a chance it will not be clear from the logfile. We will just have to wait and see.


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I am having troubles opening a program called "Resume Maker" all the programs work right but this one, when i try to open it it says
Run-time error '429:' Activex component can't create object
What can I do to fix this.

A:[SOLVED] Run-time error '429:' Activex component can't create object

Update your DirectX.


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I get this message whenever I want to use the SEND TO option when right clicking.

Anyone have any feedback?

A:Unable to create an instance of required object. Server Admin

do you have all the updates for windows

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