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Hyperlink from excel to specific page .pdf

Q: Hyperlink from excel to specific page .pdf

So I havea pdf (hundreds of pages) that is stored online for my company and I am trying to create a hyperlink in excel to take people a page 15 in the document. I've tried adding #page=15 and when I click the link it still takes me to first page in the document (as a result of url losing the #page=15). When I copy and past the link into the browser it obviously retains the page callout and work correctly.

Any thoughts or solutions would be greatly appreciated!

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Preferred Solution: Hyperlink from excel to specific page .pdf

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I am using Acrobat 9 and want to set a hyperlink from Excel to a specific page in a PDF. I have tried destinations and links with no success. Any one able to do it. It is on a shared network drive and not a website.

A:Hyperlink from Excel to specific page in PDF

Did you create the pdf file? (do you have the originating .doc?) In some cases, yes.

Does the pdf have existing bookmarks? No, bookmarks

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Hi All,

I am trying to create a hyperlink in Excel that will open up a specific page from a .pdf file stored on a network drive. Unfortunately I am only able to get the pdf file to open to the first page. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!


A:Hyperlink to specific .pdf page from Excel

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Hi guys,

First time on here! From Dublin, Ireland!

I am trying to work on a spreadsheet whereby I want a specific hyperlink in an excel cell to open a pdf to a specific page.

Now I have managed to work with some code where I am able to do as such, however I am getting stuck at a very simple part.

The code works and opens the required page in the pdf in internet explorer, however I need different pdfs to open through the hyperlinks in different cells. Unfortunately, when I click a hyperlink, it is opening all the pdfs I've specified. Is there a way to assign the code to one singular cell so that only the required pdf opens through that cell, and similarly different pdfs in different cells?

I have to add hyperlinks to about 100 cells and while a few of them will open the same document, the pages will be different.

Basically, when I click a link, I just want the req'd page in the pdf to open, but it is opening all the pages specified, even ones for different cells.

The following is my code:

Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean)
Dim IE As Object
Dim s As String, sFile As String
Dim iPageNum As Long
If Range("J17").Value <> "" Then
sFile = "C:\Passdowns\Linked Procedures\Startup Guide.pdf" '<- Modify to suit
iPageNum = 12
Set IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
IE.Navigate sFile & "#Page=" & iPageNum
IE.Visible = True
End If
P... Read more

A:Open excel hyperlink to specific page on local pdf

You need to loop through the range with a variable and use the value of that to access the cell.
At the moment you are treating the whole array of cells as one.

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Hi Guys

I have been reading the post on this subject from 2008, but not getting very far.


I got the excel link to the page to work when I run the macro, but cannot work out how the public sub works, and how to make that a clickable link at cell level.
What I have is an excel spread sheet containing multiple sheets and multiple columns . Each cell within a column will need to have a hyperlink to a different page within one of a number of pdf documents. There are about 6000 links to be made in all.


column a= welds
843 links to doc1.pdf#page=30
944 links to doc2.pdf#page=5

Column d=specification
8124/2 links to doc4.pdf#page=35
8188/2 links to doc4.pdf#page=90

The links must be relative as the finished product of excel and pdf are to be loaded onto a memory stick and supplied to a customer

I was considering converting the xls to html, as the links work there. However as there is so much data the xls formatting is better for readability and printing.

My ideal solution would be single routine, each cell being a clickable link ie click on 843 and link to the appropriate page by calling the macro using 2 cell values variables ie a3,a4 . The macro would then extract the appropriate file and page values from hidden columns.

I know that you have already looked at this once before but your help on this would be very much appreciated

A:Hyperlink to specific page in PDF document

I will post the full code that I have created to link to the pdf page for each cell when it is completed. However I realised that the code

Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean)

Dim IE As Object, strFile As String, iPageNum As Long

If Range("C3").Value <> "" Then
strFile = "C:\Test.pdf"
iPageNum = 2
Set IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
IE.Navigate strFile & "#Page=" & iPageNum
IE.Visible = True
End If

End Sub

needs to be placed in the microsoft objects sheet rather than in a module. This makes the code work...... Doh!!!

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I have a excel file with hyperlinks to various pdf files and specific pages using the following macro:

Sub pdfpglink()
Shell ("C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe " + ActiveCell.Value)
End Sub
The pdf files are stored on a network drive so I was told that code is the only way to correctly link the page to excel. It works great but my question is, when I right click on the hyperlink and try to edit how it appears in on excel sheet, the macro doesn't work afterwards?

To get the macro to work, you have to use ctrl+z on the hyperlink, but after editing the hyperlink's "Text to display" instead of launching the correct page in IE as it should, it opens IE with a incorrect address and I get the "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"

I'm assuming the macro needs to be changed so it doesn't rely on what is shown in the excel cell, but I have no clue how or what to do....HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

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Is it possible to create a hyperlink in an excel spreadsheet that goes to a SPECIFIC FILE within a zipped file? If so, how do you do it?



A:Solved: hyperlink in excel to a specific file in a zip file

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Hi everyone:

I am new to VB. I have a code that goes from Excel to a specific page in Adobe (which ends up opening it in IE). Problem is that I need it to be able to go on different computers so I am trying to figure out how to tell VB to get the file from the USB flash drive. Every flash drive comes up different on every computer.

Here is my code:
Sub TestPDFlink()
Dim IE As Object, strFile As String, iPageNum As Long
strFile = "F:\folder\nameoffile.pdf"
iPageNum = 125
Set IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
IE.Navigate strFile & "#Page=" & iPageNum
IE.Visible = True
End Sub
So, where do I tell it to go to whichever drive the flash drive comes up as (E:, F:, etc)? Any ideas?


A:Telling excel to go to a specific page in PDF on a FLASH drive

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I've looked all over the web and am having no luck. I'm a finance guy doing research.
I want to hyperlink the numberical data in each EXCEL 2007 spreadsheet cell to the specific PDF page that references the cell data. I am using Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard. This process will provide a quick means of substantiating the data in thousands of cells.
I have read articles on named destinations, but the problem seems to be that named destinations are not recognized and even inserting the
"=page#" is not recognized by Excel. The hyperlink will go to the document, but not the specific page I want which is useless when you have about 200 citations within the document.
We have a web server along the lines of file// but if absolutely necesssary I could save to my local if that makes a difference, but that should be a last option.

If anyone has some other ideas about how to do what I want other than hyperlinking to adobe pdfs, then I'm all ears, or do I need a new version like PRO, other pdf software, other spreadsheet program, or other approaches to obtain the same result, like may be a workaround to hyperlink to bookmarks, I set up in adobe?
I appreciate anyone's time and thank you in advance.

A:Hyperlinking from Excel 2007 to specific page in Acrobat

Read this (even though it is about an earlier version of Adobe) regarding using destinations, rather than page numbers in your hyperlink.

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Hi All.

I want to know if you can put a hyperlink into a word document that directs to a specific line/paragraph on the page of the link?
This would be useful especially if the webpage is long and you want to direct the reader to only a specific paragraph.


A:Specific Hyperlink

If you control the contents of the web page, you can edit the HTML markup to add anchor points within the page. The URL in the hyperlink would include the anchor point at part of the link address.

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Please, can someone help out an old sailor?

I wand to direct the following button link to a specific FRAME location like the link below
<input type="button" value="Go Skyliners"

<A HREF="http://www.google.com/" TARGET="Frame13503">Google</A>


A:Solved: direct hyperlink to a specific frame

This is a web development issue. Click report on your post and ask a moderator to move it to the Web Development category.

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I have a question regarding Hyperlinks in excel.

I have the hyperlink names in a column. i.e. ID no. which is the display name for the link.
The link then points to a site for that ID number.

I know that if you highlight the display name & Right click, you have the hyperlink option, you can then copy the hyperlink and paste it in a new column, so that it displays the actual link, which is what I would like to do.

However, I have hundreds of the display names in this column, I'd rather not have to do this on each one.

Is there away I can highlight all of them and extract the actual link to a new column?

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.


A:Excel Hyperlink

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I have a hyperlink in an Excel spreadsheet pointing to a jpg on my hard drive. ACDSee is my default program to open jpg's but when I click on this hyperlink, the jpg opens in Internet Explorer 7.

Any ideas how I can get the hyperlink to open in ACDSee, please?

Best wishes,


A:Hyperlink in Excel

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Each time I press a hyperlink, the page comes out TINY and I have to press the maximize button to get a large page. Is there a way to standardize web link pages to open in a normal (large ) page?
thank you from missfuffy.....

A:web hyperlink page size

1. Get to a page with links.
2. Open a link, any link, in a new window (right click, choose "Open in New Window")
3. Close the original window.
4. Resize that second window by dragging the sides and/or corners to the size you want - don't use the maximize button
5. Close the second, resized window.

All future windows should open full size.


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I have selected the text and chose hyperlink and when you view the show you can click on the link, but then the error message "No program is reistered to open this file" pops up. I need help creating these hyperlinks please!

A:Help with hyperlink to web page in powerpoint!

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[font=Arial]Each time I click on to a hyperlink, the page that opens is SMALL... this requires that I have topress the single box in the upper top right hand corner. Is there a way to overcome this so that each time I press a hyperlink, the page that opens is a FULL page....? thank you, missfilippa......

A:Hyperlink Onto A New Full Page

Does this open small filippa?

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My company recently switched payroll companies and as such we have to punch in and out using a virtual timecard on the payroll companies website. In order not to forget to punch, I have used windows task scheduler to open the browser to the site at windows
login and at 4:30pm (End of Day). Sometimes when 4:30 roll around, the browser opens, but I have a number of programs and browser windows open and the new window gets lost in the shuffle. How can I force the window to open on top of other windows?

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I am trying to create a hyperlink from an excel spreadsheel to a folder on our network drive. Everytime I go to create the link it locks up trying to see the network. This doesnt happen when I am just browsing the network through explorer. Any ideas if there may be a setting in excel that needs to be changed?


A:Excel 2007 Hyperlink Help

I assume you are using Windows Vista or W7.
What I have noticed in Ms Office that when you link or want to browse to a network drive or drives explorere freezes up, I let it wait and after app 5 minutes something happend.
I looks like some timeout issue when reading the available mapping over the network, each mapping takes about 15-20 seconds so start adding up!

I generally kill the process and restart it and then it works instantly. In my cxase office 2003 so I am guessing it's a Vista/7 issue.

I don't have any solution for it (yet)

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I have a question on adding a hyperlink from my intranet website to an excel worksheet:
The actual complete workbook is located on a LAN folder on our computer system... I want them to be directed to a specific worksheet w/in a workbook in excel. Is there a way to do this? Thanks so much!

A:hyperlink to an excel worksheet

I think all you need to do is something like this:

"C:\\My Documents\\MyExcelFile.xls#MySheet!A1"

If your sheet name contains a space, then you need to enclose it in single quote marks, like this:

"C:\\My Documents\\MyExcelFile.xls#'My Sheet'!A1"


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I am very new to using Macros but I am trying to create a new one that creates a new hyperlink and new file when ever a cell in column A has a value put in it.

What I would like is for the MAcro to take the Value of A1 and impose that value into the name of the new document (which would be created as part of the Macro), which is then shown as a hyperlink in A1.

This process could then repeat down the rows.

Would this be possible?

Thank you

A:Excel Macro Hyperlink

I made this a few years back, you will need it to convert to hyperlink, and you can use the references to adapt to to your code.

you should use the recorder first to establish a base of what you are trying to do, then adapt.

Sub hyperlink()
' hyperlink Macro
' 7/18/2007 by Ziggy
Application.ScreenUpdating = False

Dim hyper As String ' hyperlink variable
Dim endrow As Integer
Dim RowX As String ' Cell to change
Dim RowC As Integer 'row Counter
Dim wb As Workbook
Dim ws As Worksheet

Set wb = ThisWorkbook
Set ws = wb.ActiveSheet

endrow = ws.Cells(ws.Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row

RowC = 1

Do Until RowC > endrow

RowX = "A" & RowC 'Modify Letter for Column


If Range(RowX).Value <> "" Then ' skips cell if blank

hyper = Range(RowX).Value
Range(RowX).Hyperlinks.Add Anchor:=Selection, Address:= _
hyper _
, TextToDisplay:= _

End If

RowC = RowC + 1


Application.ScreenUpdating = True

End Sub


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I am having a problem removing hyperlinks from Excel-the problem is that every time I remove a hyperlink in one cell, hyperlinks appear iand multiply in other cells. Eventually, nearly all cells are hyperlinked. I have copy and pasted (as value only) on a new worksheet only to have the same thing happen in a short time. Is there anyway to mass eliminate hyperlinks? Is this a program bug?

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I want to be able to enter a number in a cell and have it automatically become a hyperlink to a row on another worksheet in the same workbook. Say I enter "23" then whenever I click that cell it will take me to row 23 of the other worksheet. Thanks in advance.

A:Excel auto hyperlink to row

I think what you're asking is doable in VBA. But with a little compromise- can be esily achieved with a simple formula. The compromise being that the hyperlink will be an adjacent/another cell and not the actual cell in which you enter the row number for your jump-to location.

Say you enter the the row number you require in cell sheet1!D3, then you could have the hyperlink in sheet1!E3 containing the formula

=HYPERLINK("#Sheet2!" & D3 & ":"& D3,"Row number " & D3)

which would take you to the desired row number in worksheet 2.

Hope this helps. Get get back if you want to rack some brains on the vba solution.

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Here is a challenge for all you Excel Gurus. Attached is a macro that when you run it, searches for the file that you have selected in an Excel worksheet. For example, I have a file called testing.cells. I have typed this file in Cell A1. I then select cell A1 and run the macro and voila, the Excel file called testing.cells appears. The reason I do not do a normal Excel hyperlink is that the hyperlink at times does not work if I e-mail it my colleagues since the file is on a server. This is due to how the paths are configured in different computers.

The attached macro works great if I'm hyperlinking to another Excel workbook. I have tried to customize the macro to bring up a pdf file but without success. I'm Excel macro guru. As a matter of fact, the attached macro was given to me by John Walkenback, the author of many Excel books.

Is it possible to do this or not?? I do not want to waste anybody's time if this is not do able


A:Excel Hyperlink Macro

I guess no one out there can help me on this issue. Surely to God someone must have a clue.


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I have created excel file which contains group of pending amount in master sheet and backup for that amount is in other sheet
I need to write a macro for this.

For example in master sheet I have Rs 1000 in Column P (say “P1”)(amount only in Column P)
The back up for this amount available in another sheet (say it is in pending detail sheet) column C(C1)

If I run the macro from the backup sheet, it should take the amount of selected cell and search the amount in master sheet. After finding the amount it should create link between master sheet Cell and backup Cell.

Link should be displayed in next column (both master and backup sheet)

Possible Problem - Master sheet may contains same amount in the column- The suggestion for this problem is like creating a link for the cell which doesn’t have hyperlink. Hence, it shouldn’t take a cell if it is having hyper link

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Hi Guys,

I havecreated an Excel spreadsheet. I have hyperlinked various cells to other foldersbut I’m getting a warning (See Below) appearing when I click inside the cellwhich has been hyperlinked, the warning says that the folder I am linking to isan “unsafe location do you want to continue Y/N “. I click yes and the location opens.

Can anyonetell me what I’m doing wrong here or how can I disable the warning box?



Have a read through this article. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/925757

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Im looking to remove Recently used e-mail addresses: in the Insert Hyperlink.

So you insert a hyperlink. Down at the bottom left hand corner left click on E-mail Address.

Were it says Recently used E-mail addresses:

Then gives a list of addresses used.

How do i delete email addresses i dont want in there?

It only leaves me the option to click and not remove.

Pic is attached of the menu im talking about.

A:Hyperlink help 2007 Excel

I'm not familar with specific problelm but 'recently' used email addresses is possibly a cashe from outlook. .nk2 files in these folders. Not sure if you can edit but you can delete and it will rebuild.
&#9632;Windows XP
C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\
&#9632;Windows Vista and Windows 7

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When I click on a hyperlink on my MS Outlook email that I'm reading, I'm not getting directed to the web address that's on the link.

Instead, I end up on my Mozilla Firefox home page. How can I correct this, so that when I click onto a hyperlink, I'm directed to the corresponding web-page?


A:Hyperlink takes me to Home Page!

In Firefox, go to Tools > Options > Main tab, change 'When Firefox Starts' to either 'Show a blank page' or 'Show my windows/tabs from last time'. It sounds like it's currently set to 'Show my home page'. Click OK, close down Firefox and try clicking an Outlook link. It should open Firefox with a blank page and then load the link.

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I use Front Page 2003. I have been adding an outside hyperlink to .jpg's for some time. They have always worked fine until a few days ago. Now all of a sudden when I add the hyperlink, the .jpg image has disappeared when I view the website in the browser. It is still there in Front page and the html code seems correct. It does appear on some computers, but not on mine. The website I have this problem with is hosted by geocities (paid). There must be some non-compatability somewhere, but am at a loss. I don't have this problem with a site hosted by another provider.

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Hello All,

I was wondering whether any of you can help me. I am using the following hyperlink in excel. When a user clicks on it it open up another excel spreadsheet, in a different area on a shared drive.

here is the link i am using

=HYPERLINK("W:\Licensing\Gambling Act 2005\REGISTERS GA2005\AWP Premises Licence.xls")

Now this work fine. However I was wondering whether or not it is possible to also direct it to a cell or row of cells. I am using Excel 2003. I have tried the actual hyperlink icon and this works until I come to saving the spreadsheet and I get an error to say it cannot save certain elements and when I go back in to it the link no longer works.

If you need anything clarifying, please contact me.

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Help with excel HYPERLINK or formula

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I can't get a hyperlink I put in an Excel worksheet to open a Publisher file. If I point the hyperlink to another types of files (e.g., Excel, or Word, or jpg file) it works fine. But if I try to point the link to a Publisher file I get the message that "...some files contain viruses ... blah blah... Do you want to open the file?" I click OK then get the error message "Publisher cannot find the file you specified. The next dialog box will let you browse to locate the file....." Then I locate the file, click OK, and it opens. Same path and filename. I've pointed Publisher files all over my computer with the same results.

Any ideas???

A:Excel Hyperlink doesn't work

Ok. I made a test pub file.

I created hyperlink.

I get the same message you do, but it then opens right up.

Are your publisher files associated with the correct Publisher program?

Do you know how to set a file association? I would double-check it just to be sure.

Meanwhile, never hurts to clean up your PC in case some temp file is getting in the way: www.theofficeexperts.com/cleanyourpc.htm and then maybe try running detect and repair on Excel.

If that doesn't work, try troubleshooting Excel at www.theofficeexperts.com/excel.htm

Let us know, Don.

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I use an Excel document with hyperlinks to pdf files. When I click on the hyperlinks I get this message "The operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer." What could be causing this and is there any way to fix it?

Thank you.

A:Hyperlink Problem in Microsoft Excel

Hi! This is a common problem it means that a registry key is corrupted or broken. As it's a hyperlink your dealing with the most probable change of fixing this is by:
1. Click Start, click Run, and then type regedit in the Run dialogue window.
2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE/Policies/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Restrictions
3. Look for a file called NoBrowserOptions, if it exists then delete it. If it doesn't then post back.

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Hi, I have got an Excel spreadsheet which has incident numbers in column A. For each of these incidents I need to put in hyperlinks which are very very similar. The first part of the hyperlink is the address to the database and the second part is the Incident number itself. I'm trying to create a macro which automates the process of putting in the hyperlink plus the incident number in. Can this be done?

A:Excel 2007 Hyperlink Macro

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Hi there,

I am looking for a solution to a problem I am sure can be solved with excel, although I am a reasonable novice when it comes to excel.

I have 2 workbooks both of which have a column which contains a reference code.

in workbook1 column b is 'REF' and in workbook2(sheet=customers column a is 'REF'. What I would like to be able to do is click on a 'REF' field and it link me to the corresponding data on the other workbook...

I realise this will require two things: first of all a lookup to use the data from the code column in order to 'line up' the records and then a hyperlink function to create a link.

This is what I have so far, yet I am having no joy:

=HYPERLINK(VLOOKUP(B35,'[workbook2.xlsx]Customers'!A2:A5900,3,FALSE) the value returned isn't really the issue(i don't think) if I can get it to point at the field it doesn't matter what is list ed there as long as I can click it!
My apologies if I am making no sense here, like I have said my experience with excel is very limited.
Many thanks in advance for your help

Column 3 represents 'name'

A:Excel 2007 - hyperlink + vlookup

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Not sure if this is possible, but I'd like to get a macro for the following:

I've got a workbook with multiple tabs, let's call them "Summary", "Tab1", "Tab2", etc. On the summary tab, I'd have a value with a reference next to it that says "Tab1". I'd like that reference to be hyperlinked to a similar cell on worksheet "Tab1" where it finds the reference that says "Summary". So basically, if my summary sheet shows an amount of $50, I'd have a reference next to it that says which sheet shows the support for that number, and on the supporting sheet, it would reference that that amount shows up on the summary. I'd like to run a macro that would find those references and hyperlink them to the correct sheets (and if it can do it, to the specific cell on that sheet).


A:Excel hyperlink macro question

Hi there, and welcome to the board!

Can you define your requirements a little bit more? We need to know about your data structure of your workbook. What ranges are you talking about? Are there any other hyperlinks? What would you like them to say? Care to give a real-world example with your file? Can you upload it?

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Hi Every one
This is my first time working with a tech Support. Here is what is going on. I have worked hard on creating a spredsheet layout for our church and used hyperlink to conect pages. Everything was working great and then I added a ext backup hard drive and now my Excel 7 Hyperlinks don't work. Here is what I see when click on a hyperlink.

This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in affect on this computer.

It is not just in my spredsheet, but also when I try to go to any help links.
I have tried other work sheets that I have made and they wont work ether.

Can you help me
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 330 @ 2.13GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3831 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1723 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 940730 MB, Free - 847776 MB; D: Total - 13035 MB, Free - 1818 MB; I: Total - 953867 MB, Free - 861030 MB;
Motherboard: PEGATRON CORPORATION, E66, 1.03, 105354960000774
Antivirus: Norton Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

A:Office Excel 7 Hyperlink want work

Hi wellcome to the forum.
Have you adde the external Harddisk as trusted so macro's are enabled?
This could be the reason

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Computer: Intel 1.7 GHz, 1 GMB RAM, 2 40GB drives in RAID, Windows 2000 Pro. My profiles [all] are set at administrator level.

Suddenly [today], macros and hyperlinks have changed.

Macro setting has reverted to high in Excel, I get a message that I must adjust settings or used signed macros.

Hyperlinks do not work – at all – in Excel. The message: “Operation cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer.”

What happened; what needs to be done?

A:Excel 2002 hyperlink problems

For the macro seetings, see if this helps, go to

Tools/Options/Security Tab/Macro Security, tick medium

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1. I need to add some hyperlinks in a speadsheet but from what I can work out I need to select the cell first and then Insert.. which is ok if you want to hyperlink all the text but what if I have text in the box and want to hyperlink only a few words?? do I have to use the format underline option??

2. This spreadsheet has a lot of info in it, wide columns and rows etc and a few big 'comments' probably not ideal but cant think of any other way at the mo, it does look a bit busy (messy!) what I thought may help is.... when you select a cell (say with a lot of data) then the drop down menu at the top (fx..) is displayed with all the data and what with comments etc I was wondering if this 'option' can be turned off?? ie so when selecting the cell the fx box stays as it is? (hope I have explained this!?)

A:2 x Excel XP Questions | Hyperlink & General

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I need help with Excel. I have been using Excel 97. I creat cost reports on jobs. When we have a vendor to pay that vendor and amount of invoice is typed into cell. In the past I have been scanning the invoice in jpg form and saving it to a zip disk. Then I insert hyperlink. Then when I click on that vendor and invoice a copy pops up. Well yesterday I started getting a error message and I can't get any of my hyperlinks to work on any of the worksheets. The error message is "An unexpected error has occurred".

Please help!

A:Resolved: Excel Hyperlink won't work

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Trying to make a spread sheet with some weblinks. Some links are very short and will fit on the page, others run off the page onto another one. Is there any secret to shortening the link. It's even too long for landscape

A:Solved: Insert hyperlink into Excel

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I am not sure how to go about this macro. I am trying to produce a hyperlink in a column (equipment info) but as it goes down a row change the hyperlink to reflect its file name that is found in a different column.

so the hyperlink location is "\\SNOGP01\poshare\PoShare\North Omaha System Files\10 Year Mechanical Plan, major plant equipment\1AC-1A Info & Name Plate.docx"

The next one down would need to change the "1AC-1A" to "1AC-1A-M"

Any help is much appreciated.

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I need to add a Hyperlink from this formula =IF($D$3="","",VLOOKUP($D$3,Database!$A$2atabase!$Z$199,5,FALSE)). Everything I have tried I have not been able to get it to work. Please help!

A:Solved: Excel VLookup Hyperlink

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Hi all,
Using Excel 2010 and Acrobat X.

I have a spreadsheet with a list of names in one column and email addresses in another column. I want to combine them so that the name is displayed and the email address is a hyperlink. I can do this easily by using =hyperlink("mailto:"&a1,b1). The problem is that I then need to convert the document to PDF. The conversion will keep manual links, but not links created with the hyperlink function. I've seen a couple of suggestions such as saving the spreadsheet to HTML and then converting to PDF or a rather ingenious solution to copy the contents of the worksheet and then use Acrobat X to create a PDF from the clipboard. Both of those work, but they lose things like the borders around the cells and the repeating rows at the top of each page.

Any ideas? Thanks.

A:Solved: Excel Hyperlink Function to PDF

This should be the links as per Microsoft will create.
Not sure if this is what you are looking for.

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I'd like to be able to click on a cell in Excel97 and rather than going to a URL or location in a file, I want to open a folder so I can see what files are in it. Is this possible? If so, how?

A:Creating a hyperlink to a folder from Excel

In Excel, with the cell selected you want the link to appear in, go to Insert>Hyperlink, enter the text you want displayed in the top field and the path to the folder in the "Type the file or web page name" field. It has to be exact, no typos. For example, I just tried it with C:\Documents and Settings\AllUsers\My Documents\Miscellaneous and when I clicked on the link it made, it opened that folder.

Being the lazy sort, I just opened that target folder in Windows Explorer first and copied the path from the address bar, then pasted it in. That method also avoids typos.

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I have a spreadsheet in Excel 2007 to which I want to create a hyperlink to an external website, which contains a special calculator, I will need to make reference. The link has been placed in a cell of the spreadsheet and would appear activated, as blue, but clicking on cell does not open the website.

Can someone advise what I may be doing incorrectly;please?

A:Excel creating hyperlink to a website

Perhaps this Youtube video might help you.


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i would like some assistance with inserting a hyperlink within an excel document. Within this same spreadsheet there are a number of both word and excel docs. These links all work. The pdf ones don't and comes up with the message NO PROGRAM IS REGISTERED TO OPEN THIS FILE. If I go to the folder it is stored in it opens fine. help would be appreciated.

A:inserting a hyperlink within an excel document

What program are you using to make this "PDF" file?

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I have Excel 2007. Today, (never previously), when I click on a hyperlink to send an email to the subject, I get a Microsoft Office Excel message "This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator".

To my knowledge I have done nothing to create this. The only remedial action I have tried is a reboot, but the problem persists.

Can anyone offer any solutions please?

A:Solved: Hyperlink error in Excel

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