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Peripherals not Activating in OS

Q: Peripherals not Activating in OS

Recently I installed W10 onto a separate hard-drive so that I could dualboot W7 and W10.
However once the installation finished and I went to load W7, I noticed that once I got onto the OS and the login screen, neither my keyboard nor mouse worked at all. The LEDs wouldn't change on the locks. After repeating this a few times, it seemed that once the BIOS was exited and the keyboard and mouse tried to restart, that they wouldn't activate like they should.
Weirdly if I mashed the mouse while it was dead, the LEDs would flicker. Taking the mouse out and plugging it back in would stop this, but it was reproducible once I restarted the computer.
I tried changing about the boot settings in the advanced BIOS menu including changing the initial drive that loaded and using safe mode.
Initially safe mode worked and I changed settings about in msconfig to see if it was a rogue service or startup program. On restart, the mouse and keyboard seemed to work fine once I re-enabled all the services.
Feeling like this wasn't the source of the problem, I loaded up W10 again, then back to W7. Surprise, the peripherals stopped working. This time even with safe-mode (and networking if it makes a difference) the mouse and keyboard didn't work.
Following another fiddle in the BIOS, but nothing I hadn't done before, W7 worked again in safe mode. This time I left all the services on, and it continued to work after restart.
Once more I loaded W10, then W7 in regular and safe mode. Both times the peripherals failed.
But once I entered the advanced BIOS again, W7 resumed normally. I have a feeling that this is what reset the problem.
Any clue to what is going on? Right now I can use my computer, but it seems touch and go.
If it makes a difference, my keyboard is a Corsair K70R and my mouse is a Corsair M95. The motherboard is a GIGABYTE Z87 series. This issue hasn't occured in W10 so far.

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Preferred Solution: Peripherals not Activating in OS

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I need suggestions for a motherboard & graphics card to go with this CPU & Widows 8 PRO & Mucho Memory.
I can't really afford it but I've saved for it (or most of it) It is intended as a game machine for my grandson as a gift and money is limited.

Intel Core i7-3770K Processor - Quad Core, 8MB L3 Cache, 3.50GHz (3.90GHz Max Turbo), Socket H2 (LGA1155), 77W, Fan, Unlocked, Retail (BX80667i73770K)
Which is better ? Affordable?
CrossFireX Ready
SLI Ready
4-Way SLI
Quad-GPU CrossFireX
3-Way CrossFireX
Thank you

A:i7 peripherals

I don't really want to write an essay, but...

I suggest going for the I5-3570k rather than the I7. Same number of cores, but without hyperthreading. (The value of hyperthreading for gaming may be limited.) That'll save roughly $100.

For the graphics card, what's your budget? At the moment, I believe that the best $200 graphics card is based on the Radeon HD 7850 chipset. (I prefer nVidia's drivers, but I have used both makers cards.) You may not get a good gaming graphics card for much less than that.

You probably want a board with a Z77 chipset. Serviceable ones are available for less than $100. Asrock may be the most respected name for relatively low-cost boards.

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I have 6 items trying to use IRQ 11 and can't get any of them to change. ACPI IRQ HOLDER FOR PCI IRQ STEERING, MY NETWORK CARD, MY MODEM, BOTH MY PCI TO USB UNIVERSAL HOST CONTROLLERS, AND SCI IRQ USED BY ACPI BUS. I have no available IRQs. In fact, most have two entries on them already. I have IRQ steering enabled and PNP OS enabled in BIOS. The system keeps freezing on boot and showing only my background with a green squiggly line at the top and it locks up incessantly, especially when I'm using DSL. Thanks in advance.

A:Too Many Peripherals using IRQ 11

What os are you running.


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I've been looking into getting some new gear for my computer to meet my gaming needs. To be specific im looking for a new keyboard, mouse and headset. anyone have any suggestions on whats good. price range is probably 100 or less usd for each. also i think going with a headset that has a usb connection would best suit me since my audio card isnt very good. another thing is that wireless a mouse and keyboard would be nice, although i know that you might sacrifice some performance. what do you guys think about the new wireless setups?

A:New Peripherals

Go with Logitech products...

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As XP is coming to the end of its life I am acquiring a redundant pc with windows 7 from my daughter.I just wanted to know if my hp printer and my visioneer onetouch9000 usb scanner will work with the new pc, also an external hard drive.


whats the exact model of the HP Printer?

the onetouch9000 usb scanner does not appear to have a windows 7 driver , so may not work, and if thewindows 7 version is 64bit - would need a 64bit driver


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tried everything i could think of to solve this, after 3-4 days of no avail i even went as far as to hit it.

so - this seems to happen all the time, but most commonly when playing a game of some sort, both my keyboard and mouse will cut out for about 1 second, every 5-10 seconds but not at the same time. the keyboard and mouse are a corsair raptor K30 and a corsair raptor M3, i've installed, re-installed, re-installed again the drivers, all to no avail. it doesnt happen ALL the time. it can do 2-3 days without breaking out, then start again. let me know if anyone has any ideas as what could cause it

i have windows 7 64 bit OS.

A:USB peripherals cut out.

have a look at the power consumption being used

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My mouse just recently rolled over and died (Third one this year. It's getting rediculous. -_-) and so until I can replace it, I'm using the numberpad/mouse thing from Accessibility to get around with. But it's getting a bit annoying because I don't remember all the buttons well, or get thrown off a line and wind up closing the window instead of right-clicking it...
Anyway, I've got a game pad here, and I'm a bit curious; Is it possible, through some other program or some Windows XP trick I don't know about, to set the gamepad to work as my mouse? It's got analog sticks on it, I'd kinda like to use one of those and a game-pad button to click around with than this numpad thing...
Sorry if it's a stupid question, but it'll be awhile before I can get into town to replace my mouse (I live in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma) and I'm kinda looking for any possible alternatives.

A:Using other peripherals as a mouse?

yep, theres a program called joystick 2 mouse
works great
i use it all the time so i can use my wireless logitech controller as a remote control for my music while using wireless headphones.

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Hi all,

I just came back home from a weekend out of town and tried to turn on my computer. My computer itself turns on - fans, lights, etc. are all going - but none of my peripherals are receiving power. My mouse/keyboard/mic lights don't turn on, and my monitor is receiving no signal (even though it is receiving power because it's plugged into its own outlet). it was working perfectly fine before I left for the weekend.

I tried disconnecting and reconnecting all my peripherals and other cables from the back and reconnecting them, and when that didn't work, I opened it up and removed and reconnected my sound and video cards, hard drive, everything - I even disconnected and reconnected all power supply connections. Still, nothing fixed it.

The only advice I've gotten so far is to reset CMOS, which I know how to do after a quick google, but I'm afraid that this will reset my BIOS settings, and I have no idea how to configure BIOS at all.

Does anyone know what might causing this? If so, how do I fix it?

A:No power to peripherals?

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Hello, all.  My first posting - due to fighting this issue for a couple weeks for a friend....
Windows XP Home SP3.
Originally, when the family went out, leaving the system on (and allowing to go into Standby), they would return home to use the system and find that while the system "proper" would fire back up, several of the peripherals won't come back on (printer, mouse, etc.).  I nailed these down to USB devices and checked the USB settings in Device Manager - turning off power mgmt for all hubs.  I then changed the system Power Options to turn monitor off after 30 mins and *Never* shut the system down.
These seemed to do the trick, as updates from the family let me know everything was working perfectly again - no hangups...  Until this week, when they fired off a text to tell me the problem was back.  I had them check the Power Options, to make sure something didn't get reset/reverted, and they are where I left them.
So having a hmmmmmm moment, and wondering if anyone out there knows of something to look at.  I'm thinking, next step may be checking/updating drivers for the peripherals, and/or the mobo drivers (as they would run everything else)?
Anyone else run into this?
Thanks much!!!

A:Peripherals don't come out of Standby

My standard response to any USB problem...is to uninstall the USB controllers in Device Manager (only the items with "controller" in the description) and then reboot the system.  This should provide new USB controllers, which may be necessary because of corruption.

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Over the last few days I have noticed that my computer has failed to receive any power to the peripherals on reboot (no signal to monitor, no lights on mouse & keyboard). It's happened on two occasions in three days & has been solved, simply be rebooting (several) times.

I rebooted my computer this afternoon, after waking up to find it had lost power to the peripherals (I leave computer on overnight, several nights a week).

When it's turned on the hard drives are spinning, fans on the motherboard & graphics card are spinning (although erratically) and there are no lights or sounds beeping from the motherboard.

After looking up archived threads, I found some people had problems with the motherboard connections, so I removed the graphics card (AMD HD 6950) and removed & reconnected the sata connections that were under the graphics card. After doing all that, I rebooted & the motherboard emits a constant, shrill beep noise (I obviously haven't reconnected everything right)

I'm not really sure where to turn from here. If it helps, I built the computer myself with some help from a friend. I don't consider myself a veteran around computer parts, but I know a fair amount. The rig was built around 2 years ago & has had no problems until today. I have 2 HDDs & 1 SSD, running 3 operating systems, Win 7 on 1st HDD, Win 7 on SSD & Win 8 on a partition of the 2nd HDD. On start up it boots into Win 8.

If there's any ot... Read more

A:No power to peripherals

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We currently have a web application that contains features to print in very precise locations, scan documents to upload to our server.  For one client we have implemented a ClickOnce implementation and they are able to use proxy bypass settings to make
this work in their environment.  For another client the proxy bypass is not an option and as a result when have implemented a solution where a .msi is installed on the machine via SCCM.   As it turns out there are now concerns that the roll out of
these .msi will take long periods of time and hence we are being pressured to prove that in IE11 does not have workarounds to allow you to communicate to these peripherals without the need of a download.   I am looking for a Microsoft link or a discussion
or even a reply to this question that states that something has to be downloaded to the client machine in order to do this.   

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Hello all. I'm one of those "not quite sure how to phrase my question" people so I'll explain as best I can. I recently bought a new computer (good computer) to replace my Win95 PC (bad computer). The problem is, I really want to play the Myst trilogy which is only compatible with Win95/Win98. I've done a little bit of research and my options for running it on good computer seem to be to load it and hope it will work in XP, load it and try to run it in compatibility mode in XP, or partition my hard drive to run two operating systems. The other option is to run it on bad computer. The problem is that over the years bad computer got a whole lot of garbage installed on it which is taking up most of the space. I'm thinking of formatting the hard drive on bad computer and reloading ONLY Win95 and the game, but I don't want to constantly switch back and forth between good computer and bad computer, disconnecting and reconnecting monitor, kybd, etc. What's the best way to do it? Network the computers together? I only ever want to use bad computer for this game - no Internet, no file share, nothing. Would that even help me with my problem? Should I get a KVM switch to share peripherals? I'd be grateful for any light somebody could shed. Thanks!

A:Share peripherals?

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Is it possible to network a scanner?

I don't think it is, but my boss just asked me.

Anyone know if it is possible, and how you would do it?

A:Network Peripherals

Newer HP scanners can be networked.

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I have just installed a new motherboard, to try and fix a crashing problem. There is no power to the peripherals now and when the computer switches on it beeps twice, then six times. It is a new (well new to me) PSU as well (working fine before I replaced the motherboard).

The mother board is Socket LGA775 - Intel 915G Chipset Motherboard, Brand/Model: Acer/VERITON 3700G with embedded Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 915G. It is second hand, but was working in the computer it was taken from (apparently).

The heat sink fan and hard drive are working, so power is getting through.

After surfing the net all evening, I have:

Checked the wiring - all good
Removed the CMOS battery and replaced after five mins
Cleared the CMOS jumper
Tried the RAM stick in all four housings
unplugged the hard drive (still get the same problem)
Checked the other jumpers, all there.
Can anyone suggest anything else to check?

A:No power to peripherals

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Hello all,

After recently fixing some hardware problems with my new PC, It was running fine until i came across a new problem (Running Vista Home Premium 32-bit.)

It seems any USB Device, such as memory sticks, external HDs and my iPod, just aren't recognized by Vista. When I plug them into any USB port i get the option to search the internet for drivers.. which are never found.

I recently flashed BIOS to its latest version and am running the latest version of iTunes, so i don't know where the problem can be. When i open Device manager they are listed under "Other Devices" with the Yellow "!" and the message "The drivers were not successfully installed."

Also, an unrelated problem is the fact that a phantom A: drive has appeared under "Computer", despite the PC not actually having a physical floppy drive. It wasn't there before... one day it just.... appeared. Whats the deal?

Any help would be appreciated


A:USB peripherals not recognized

Well..... bump....

Recently I tried to use my Digital Camera, which never required any drivers in the past, and Vista rejects it as well. This is getting rather annoying..

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I had my computer on this morning but shut it off to go to work. It's an hp pavilion p7-1414.

Turned it on after work, and the unit powers on, all lights. I get a single short beep like I always have and I can hear the hard drives spinning up.

No power to mouse, no power to keyboard, both are connected via USB, and no signal to the monitor.

After much reading I've removed all the ram and tested for POST, I got several long beeps so I believe that's good. I then tried a single stick of ram in each of 4 slots... I repeated the whole process with the other stick of ram also by itself. I believe ram is confirmed good.

Next I tried to reset the cmos. I removed the jumper from the two pins, the middle pin is shared so originally it was (..). Then I moved it to be .(..) and powered it on, shut it off, moved the jumper back to (..). and no fix. I took the battery out for 10 minutes and put it back, still no fix. If the battery is somehow dead, would that cause this?

So, next I tried removing the processor. Removed the fan and heat sink, removed and replaced the processor. Put fan and sink back. No fix.

I then unplugged and reseated every connection to the mother board. No fix.

Kind of out of avenues at this point, what should I do next? Really don't want to go out and buy a whole new computer.

Edit: I feel like this important, but I forgot to mention that this has been happening a few times a week the past month or two with the computer powering on but no ... Read more

A:Everything powers on except peripherals.

Last time I had this issue it was due to a 4 pin connector from my power supply not connected to the motherboard. I would recommend trying another power supply before anything else if everything is definitely connected.

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hey guys

i'm havin some problems with my USB ports.

comp info: intel duo core
1.8 GHz

ok, so my computer isn't recognizing certain devices. it recognizes my external hard drive, my webcam, and mouse. but it doesn't recognize my ipod or digital camera. i desperately need it to recognize my camera because i need those pictures for my work.

the computer recognizes that something is connected, but it shows as an unknown device. i've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the ports, but to no avail. any ideas?

A:not recognizing certain USB peripherals

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Hey guys i know this might seem like a stupid question, but I was wondering if there is a good keyboard for gaming? I play allot of cs source and bf2, things of that nature; and my mouse and keyboard are pretty shotty at best I see allot of these specialty keyboards for games like bf2 and doom 3 withswitchable keyplates. I personlay think those are really stupid and unecessary and need something a little more practical. If any of you guys have a board that you really like or something other to recommend that would be great!

A:Good Peripherals

Also what is the difference between blutooth wifi, ir, if wireless keyboards?

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Hey. I was just wondering what kind of Mice/Keyboard/Headset/Speaker/etc. setup some other gamers out there are using. Post a link to a picture or desc. of your stuff if possible. Thanks.

I run with a Razer mouse (800dpi, older version than whats on the page), Zboard, [/Logitech X-530 5.1 speaker system, and just some generic headset I got in Korea for 10 bucks that works great.

Thanks a bunch guys

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Whenever I try to attach my digital camera via the usb port I get the following error message: "The Disk in Drive F is not formatted...do you want to format it now." I get the same error message when I try to access one of two floppy drives using floppies data ladened disks. When I insert a cd OS tells me there is nothing there (i.e., I can't access the drive via the mouse). Any ideas or solutions?

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I have a problem. Few days ago I have bought new active hub (LogiLink UA0096). Hub recognizes devices rightly and I can use them. Unfortunately, Hub is not able to eject them properly. After the ejection Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit (on my ASUS N65VZ) announces that device can be safely removed, but hub still powers the peripheral and LED control proves it. Normally, power should be cut off, external HD (for example) should spin down. And then removal would be possible.

I checked whether the same problem exists when computer is booted directly from Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander Live CD. It doesn't. Hub can extinguish devices properly. LED controls turns off as they should. So, hardware problem can be excluded. I checked the hub as well on my small netbook (Acer Aspire One AOD260) powered by Windows 8.1 Pro 32-bit. Everything works properly. Computer can cut off energy from the given usb port of the described hub.

So, I reinstalled the Generic USB Hub drivers on my ASUS computer. It did not solve the issue. I know that presumably installing Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit from scratch could be helpful as well as so-called in-place upgrade. However, until now, my Windows haven't found any integrity violations. Actually, I want not to reinstall Windows or execute in-place upgrade. It would be too time consuming.

Help me find less invasive method, please.

Thank you

A:Usb hub is not able to extinguish peripherals

You don't have to click "eject." just unplugging does the same thing. The reason it still has power is because it is plugged in to the hub and possibly reconnected.

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Hi guys, I live in Croatia and I am looking to buy myself a new gaming mouse.
I was looking at some web sites like Amazon and Ebay but prices there for a mouse I want(Razer Deathadder) are simply stupid so my question is where can I buy PC peripherals for a low price and they can be shipped to Croatia?
Thanks in advance.


A:Where to buy computer peripherals?

I think Amazon is the best bet. I am not sure how the policies change for you since you are in Croatia (return policies for example). But overall, I think they are the best option.

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I am new to the site and have liked what I found here so far. But here is my problem...

I am upgrading my mobo on an older system that I have. I purchased an Asus M2N-SLI Socket AM2 mobo. I installed the mobo and realized that I that I would need to save my data from my HD's so I reinstalled my old mobo. After my old one was in, I just decided to scrap the data from the HD's and do a fresh install. After, I installed the new Asus back in and booted up, it didnt detect any of my IDE peripherals. I have 2 HD's, an 80g and a 120g along with 2 CD drives including a Memorex DL DVD-R. None of them are being recognized.

I tried clearing the Bios by removing the battery and moving the jumpers like the booklet said, but it still didnt solve my problem. The mobo is SATA capable and I looked in the bios and the SATA is disabled. The jumpers on the drives are in the right spots as well. Still cant figure out what the problem is.

Need help!!! Please and thank you.

A:Mobo not detecting any IDE peripherals

There may be an option in your bios for ide/sata support. I know my board has it, although yours is a different brand it may be an optional fix.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8172 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD RADEON HD 6450, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 936358 MB, Free - 855591 MB; D: Total - 150474 MB, Free - 95875 MB; E: Total - 96 MB, Free - 78 MB; F: Total - 2109 MB, Free - 2028 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, Aspire M3970
Antivirus: Norton 360, Disabled

In December 2012, I did a clean installation of Windows 8, and the system worked well until the end of March 2013. The system crashed, and when I attempted to use the Windows 8 disk to reinstall, a message said that my Win 8 disk was invalid. Microsoft refused to replace the disk, and so I re-installed Windows 7. The computer works well except for one problem as follows:
My USB webcam is loaded and the driver appears ok. Under "Devices", the webcam is seen. However, although the video works, sound does not work. When I go into Accessories/Sound Recorder, a message says "An audio recording device cannot be found". I am unable to use USB headphones or USB webcams as a result.
I have tried many computer repair shops, but they cannot help. A few years ago, I had a similar problem, but after two years, the problem cleared itself. I am now unable to use Skype on my computer. I contacted Skype for help, but they could not assist.
Thanks for any assistance.
&nbs... Read more

A:Solved: USB sound peripherals

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I noticed quickly after I bought my third external hard disk that my DVD-ROM was gone, but I was real busy, and I'm forgetful, so I forgot it about it. I used my second peripheral, CDDVDW, whenI needed to play games or watch DVDs. But I bought a new DVD I want to watch and now I've noticed that both my DVD-ROM and CDDVDW are gone. I've checked in the BIOS and they're both there and fine. They're also there in System, but they have yellow exclamation points, and I tried to update the drivers through Windows 7 but got nothing. Also, I tried to reinstall the driver of the CDDVDW but it did not star at all. I also tried the software of the driver, that updates through the internet, and it does not see the peripheral so I could not use that either.

I really hope someone can help me...


Windows 7 64 bits ~ XFX Radeon HD 6950 2GB 850MHZ ~ Gigabyte MA790FXT-UD5P ~ 8 Gig RAM DDR3 ~ AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition 3.2GHZ ~ Corsair TX650W ~ 24 inches Samsung BX2431 ~ Compaq DVD-ROM ~ CDDVDW Samsung SH-S223B ~ 2 external hard disks WD My Passport (1TB) + 1 external hard disk WD My Book (3TB).


A:Solved: Lost some peripherals

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering to know what program you recommend me to check the Peripherals Temperature inside my computer. I'm mentioning every peripherals or the most important ones...

Thanks in advance

A:Peripherals Temperature Check

I make a little search on Google and find Speed Fan. I already used it before on my old PC but he did not recognize all my peripheral but now try it and works well but the problem is that for the Tempertaure I can only see: System, CPU, AUX, Core 0 and Core 1 but how can I know for the temperature of the RAM? Also the temperature is below the normal suppose to SpeedFan is it a big problem?

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Yesterday i went to work and left my computer on (only restart once a week).

When i got home my computer was on, but froze up, so i rebooted and nothing happened. decided to leave it off for the night and went to bed, work up today and here's my issues:

No power to peripherals (monitor registers no signal, keyboard and mouse won't work, my hdd wont spin, but my cdrom works.)

Graphics card fan will spin at variable speeds, changes randomly when i reset power.

No beeping (no beeping when i remove ram and power on, no beeping when i unplug the cpu fan)

Here's what i've done so far to fix it:

Swapped power supplies (same issues)
Removed ram and replaced it with identical sticks (same issues)
Reset bios via battery and jumper (same issues)
Cleaned the computer from head to toe (cleaner computer but no fix)
Removed cpu, checked pins, cleaned any dust, regressed and reset (no effect)

I'm at the end of my rope, as far as i can tell its either a blown cpu or a short on the mobo somewhere, any suggestions?

CPU: amd athlon 64 x2 6000+

MOBO: Asus M2R32-MVP

RAM: 6gb patrio DDR2 800 (2x1g) (2x2g)

GPU: HIS radeon hd 4850 iceq 4

PSU(S): Main psu is a OCZ Fatal1ty 550w, spare is a 500w raidmax psu i got with my case.

The computer is future proofed for today's games and software, and i don't really have the money to build another machine, so im on a budget.

A:Solved: No power to peripherals

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Help! I am an avid Mac user, but have a couple of older windows PCs . I also have experience repairing computers. The computer I need help with is a HP Pavilion m9000. It used to have Windows Vista but I put Ubuntu 14.04 on it. It has worked since I bought it in 2009, but a couple of weeks ago, I tried to turn it on, and the tower booted, but no externals worked (I use a wireless mouse, plug-in keyboard, and HDMI/VGA monitor). I have opened the tower and cleaned inside, as well as looked for loose wires and other problems, but it still does not work. If I could get the keyboard and monitor to work long enough to boot to USB, I might be okay, but the keyboard does not do any input and the monitor does not receive a signal.

What can I do to fix my computer?


A:Computer Peripherals Don't Work

nothing works in the back of the computer ???
how long ago did U install Ubuntu ????
I would say to try to print something but U can't get it to show anything on your monitor------
I would say its either something to do with Ubuntu drivers
or somewhere where the I/O ports block is soldered to the motherboard is cracked / broke----
and if the solder is cracked / broke then that would be a repair shop fix----
U could look on the motherboard to see if any of the capacitors are leaking or swelled
look burnt-----anything on the motherboard around where the I/O port block is looks wrong--

I'll leave it to the Linux guys here on the site to check Ubuntu with U-----

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I have read that the "always on" USB 3.0 port does/is capable of delivering higher power for charging phones, etc. Couple of questions: If I plug in a normal peripheral to it that does not require high output can I damage the device or does the device only draw what is needed?  (external USB wifi device) If the "always on" USB 3.0 does deliver more amperage, can somebody tell me what it puts out in comparision to the other normal 3.0 USB ports when the PC is on? I have no use for fast charging and would like to use the port for a normal peripheral that was designed for the low output USB 2.0 standard. Thanks ThinkCentre X1 desktop.

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So I ran virus scans I doubt this is the problem, but the monitor goes black in a middle of a game most the time when playing leauge or hearthstone. Sometimes when browsing I think one time while doing nothing. Usually happens anywhere from 1 to 5 hours and happens frequently 3-4 times a day, some days once or twice.
Monitor goes black I sometimes hear a loud buzzing sound through my headphones that seems to go on for a long time. The fans are still on and I'm force to reboot and I end up starting up the computer back up in normal mode.
Not sure how to pinpoint the problem or where to find logs of what happened prior to the monitor going black.
My guess is either graphics card, power supply or motherboard. I'm willing to check components and see if any pieces are rusted or damaged. I could use on tips on what parts to look at and what to look for.
But yeah helping me first find out what the problem is first seems whats best.

A:Peripherals Shut Down with computer still on.

The good folks here will need your system specs to proper guidance.
Use this tutorial by Brink to help you.

System Info - See Your System Specs

Please also list your power supply, security programs in you system specs.

Could you also put in a post any Tuneup, Cleanup or Registry programs you use.

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I have a PC running on Intel platform with Windows XP Pro SP3. The PC runs fine when performing light operations such as browsing the internet, creating docs etc. but while performing processor intense operations such as recoding videos, defragmenting drives the processor and keyboard/mouse/monitor goes down, the LED's glowing so the PC's still powered on.

I hope this isn't a prob with the processor/motherboard. I would appreciate if someone can gimme pointers to potential places with problems.

A:Solved: Win XP - Processor and Peripherals go down... help!

For a start, have you backed up all your Important documents ?

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I have recently built a new PC and am having some issues, I am getting power to all of my components but no power to any of my peripherals (keyboard, mouse & monitor) my monitor is in power saving mode.

I have done the following steps to try and resolve the problem:

- Upgrade from a 500w to 750w PSU
- Replace CPU as there was a slightly bent pin.
- Replace motherboard.
- Reset the CMOS.
- Clean the RAM sticks and put back in
- Boot with 1 RAM stick.
- Tried using DVI, VGA & HDMI cables to connect to monitor.

Also, please note my motherboard does not have a VGA or DVI port so I am unable to test if it is the graphics card.

None of these steps worked, does anyone have any idea what may be causing this issue?

Your help would be much appreciated.


A:Peripherals not powering up on new build PC

Need more info on what hardware you are using. Make and Model of: Motherboard, CPU, RAM, Video Card, PSU, etc.
It's easier to troubleshoot with this info.

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Just got a new computer, installed vista, anti-virus, ran updates then isntalled other software. So far so good.

I has most of my data transferred to my external hard-drive (Western Digital My Book Essential, 250 gb) prior to switching computers. Vista had no probklem with recognising the drive and accessing the data.

Today, came back from work and it cannot recognise the drive. It sees the USB connection as an "unknown device".

I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the drive, no result.
Thought it might have been one of the updates installed today, uninstalled and rebooted, no results.

It also no longers sees my DVD reader and tries to see a non-existing floppy (other wise I would have tried to run a repair from the vista disk).

Any suggestions?

A:Vista lost peripherals

Sorry, for the double post... I could not find an edit fonction..

Forgot to mention : I tried to plug the external hard drive to an other computer, it works fine, all of the files are there.

Also, System configuration :
- Vista home premium (64 biits edition) with SP1
- Antec Nine Hundred Mid Tower Gamer Case 900 Atx 9 Drive Bay No Ps Top USB2.0 1394 Audio
- ASUS P5K SE ATX LGA775 P35 DDR2 PCI-E16 2PCI 3PCI-E1 SATA2 Sound GBLAN Motherboard
- Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Quad Core Processor LGA775 Kentsfield 2.40GHZ 1066FSB 8MB Retail Box
- G.SKILL F2-6400CL5D-4GBPQ PC2-6400 4GB 2X2GB DDR2-800 CL5-5-5-15 240PIN Dual Channel Memory Kit
- Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 3.5IN 500GB SATA2 8.5MS 7200RPM 32MB Cache NCQ Hard Drive
- EVGA E-GEFORCE 9600GT Superclocked 675MHZ 512MB 1.8GHZ DDR3 PCI-E Dual DVI-I HDTV Out Video Card
- OCZ GameXStream 700W ATX12V 24PIN SLI Ready Active PFC ATX Power Supply 120MM Fan Black
- LG G-H20L-S10 Black DVD+RW 20X8X16 DVD-RW 20X6X16 Lightscribe INT SATA DVD Writer OEM
- LG L226WTY-BF 22IN Widescreen LCD Black 2MS 1680X1050 3000:1 300CD/M2 VGA DVI Tilt Swivel Monitor

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I was installing updates with windows update and also installing a usb wireless adapter driver. the mouse stopped working, so i forced restart it, and now i can't use the mouse or keyboard. not even sure how to boot from the cd drive to install xp again... any ideas what to do?

A:Loss of windows peripherals

Hi sniper -If you have your XP CD then the link below is one of the better Reinstall / Repair tutorials to follow.http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/topic/138-how-to-repair-windows-xp/page__view__findpost__p__489There are also several other places to find Reinstall / Repair tutorials on the web, if you Google XP Reinstall / Repair.This also depends on your Operating System -Thank You -

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After suffering a crash and having to reinstall the OS (Win XP-SP2), I upgraded to SP3 and then attempted to install two peripherals, Lexmark X5150 MFC and Creative Live Webcam, both of which functioned perfectly on SP3. But now I'm experiencing the following problems:

Re: Lexmark --> Although I can print on the machine, I am unable to scan. A ! appears next to the printer in Device Manage; and I get error "code 19" when attempting to update the driver.

Re: Creative Webcam --> Although the camera installs correctly (I get no error messages), a ! appears next to it in Device Manager, and running a driver update completes with the message that Windows cannot find a better driver for the cam. Nevertheless, the cam does not function.

My first attempt to solve these conflicts was to contact the Lexmark and Creative. However, after exhausting all their suggestions, both came to the conclusion that the problems have to do with SP-3 which makes sense to me given that my upgrade to it was coincident with the problems.

Any help you can give me would be hugely appreciated!!!

A:Windows XP-SP3 & Conflicts with Peripherals

when you reinstalled windows, did you download updates from the computer manufacturers website.

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My G13 keyboard, G610 keyboard, and my G800 mouse keep turning off and on. It's as if someone is unplugging and then plugging them back in again via the USB port. It does his continuously and is rather bothersome.
I look at Device Manager and it list way more USB device than I even own yet alone have connected to my PC. DM claims that I even have THREE of the same mouse plugged into my PC....what gives?
Has anyone experienced this issue before?

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After loading Razer Keyboard/Mouse Drivers and or loading LogiTech Mouse drivers, everything works great till I reboot. The only work around we were able to come up with was to go into the particular software shortcut, either Razer or Logitech Right Click>Properties>Compatibility>Run this program as administrator. Reboot. Open the software by Right Clicking>Run as administrator. This process has to be done "each" time the computer is rebooted "and" the kicker, its often times intermittent.

The Microsoft Tech said its a Peripheral Compatibility issue, Logitech and Razer say its a Win7 issue, so the classic conundrum. After working with each of these, the long story short is the only way the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Keyboard/Razer Tiapan or the LogiTech G700 will work is by the following the method mentioned above.

A:Peripherals Issue (Run as Administrator)

Hello BuzzWeaver mate have you tried updating the USB ports drivers software through the Device Manager?

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Hello, downloaded windows 8 pro onto a windows 7 64 bit pc, get to the stage where it asks you to personalise your system with the colours however I can't get past this part because neither my mouse or keyboard works, they're plugged in but nothing, I use a razer black widow and a razer naga mouse, neither work, I also have a razer mamba, again doesn't work, I used a spare rubbish mouse, doesn't work, I then proceeded to try a cheap wireless keyboard but to no avail. I honestly don't know what to do since if I restart my pc it then says after rebooting that windows installation was not successful and restores windows 7 back to how it was and thus the cycle begins, my last thinking is to take my hard drive and use my friends pc to try and install it. By the way I am installing it onto an ssd, I have a hdd as well by that doesn't have either OS on.

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Every time I plug in an external item ( Ipod, External hard drive ) I get the message that this device could perform faster.

My computer is 1 month brand new and I checked the device manager and it is "enhanced" which should mean 2.0

It takes forever to update stuff, especially th 160GB ipod.

I have included attachments of my system, the message and its followup and the device manager showing the USB enhanced ports.



A:USB 2.0 port and peripherals not matching

It's telling you to use another port. Have you tried that?

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Hi there,

I have just fitted a PCI usb card, and all appears well in "system - hardware devices"

The usb controller menu shows:
USB PCI universal Host Controller,
2.0 Root Hub,
Root hubs (x3)
Enhanced Host Controller,
Universal Host Controllers (x2)

usb is enabled in bios, I'm using Win2K pro.

When I plug in a flash card the led on it doesn't light, and the card doesn't show on the system.
When I plug in a printer (peripheral) switch the switch led does light, but the printer doesn't work and the computer doesn't recognise it either.

The led on the printer switch suggests the power is working on the usb port, but the flash card not lighting suggests the power is not working.

All I want is to get the printer to work on the usb port.
I've checked the seating of the card but don't know what to look for next.

Has anyone come across this before?

A:System doesn't see usb peripherals

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Have just networked two computers with a direct cable connection. We are seeing the other computer and can access and transfer files , but my daughter is wondering if it is possible to operate her scanner and tablet through the guest while operating files are on the host. Neither peripheral is plug n play (Aiptek tablet and Mustek flatbed scanner). Both are in excellent operating condition and she'd really hate to have to replace them.

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Upto 15% off Computer Peripherals! {spam removed}

A:Upto 15% off Computer Peripherals!

User also removed

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I have a Ready120LT laptop by NEC. It has 1 PS/2 port and 1 serial port. I want to run a peripheral keyboard and mouse with it, both of these are PS/2 devices, and both work fine when plugged into the ps/2 port.

I got a serial adapter, but the plug n play doesn't recognize that anything's plugged into the serial port when it's connected. The system also has a stupid over-ride; according to the book, to use a mouse in the serial port I have to disable the mouse setting in the bios, which ALSO disables the ps/2 port - so theoretically even if I could get the mouse working in the serial port, I couldn't plug the keyboard into the ps/2 slot. (Not that i have been able to get the mouse to work in the serial port either way.) This seems idiotic, because it basically means I can't use the serial port and the ps/2 port at the same time.

Any suggestions? Could this possibly be an IO conflict? I have tried setting the mouse to enabled, disabled and auto in the BIOS, it makes no difference. I'm beginning to wonder if either the serial port or the adapter might be broken, but maybe someone knows a secret??

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Shoot me for buying this but maybe someone knows how to get it running.
Bought a "pinnacle PCTV Remote Kit for Vista" and I'm running XP, is there a way to get it running? Hardware wizard couldn't do anything with it.

A:Solved: Vista peripherals on XP?

Havent seen it, but I doubt it. If the Pinnacle site hasnt got XP drivers, it would seem a no. Mind, as it says "for Vista", I reckon thats the giveaway,

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Hi There,

My tower is not sending a signal to my monitor, keyboard and mouse. I have to continually press it on and off and it usually eventually connects sometimes it takes 10 times, sometimes it takes more than 50.

I have taken apart my tower, cleaned it and rewired it etc. Nothing is working. I just want it to turn on in the first instance.

When it eventually turns on and it runs absolutely fine, no issues.

Any help??

A:Tower not connecting to Peripherals

Hello Tokiahonta, and welcome to TSG.

Unless you are developing your own operating system software you have posted your problem in the incorrect forum on this site. If your computer is running some version of Windows, it should have probably been posted to our hardware forum. Please advise if this is the case and I will request a moderator move for you.

If this is a standard computer from a major manufacturer, please give us the name of the manufacturer and the full and exact model number of the computer. Otherwise please provide a list of the manufacturers and model numbers of all the major components.

When you say, "I have to continually press it on and off" do you mean a power button on the front of the computer? If so, does anything happen at all when you press the button for the first time? Do any lights on the tower come on? Do fans spin? Can you hear hard drive activity? Do you hear any beep noises from the tower?

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Hi there! I want to start by thanking this group for the service you provide; even though I have never posted before, I have solved several issues already just by perusing your archives. This is a great resource and kudos to you for donating your time and thought.

My problem is almost exactly the same as this one, except the fix didn't work for me. I usually leave my PC on sleep and only cold-boot it in the morning. Two days ago I turned it off before bed and the next morning it was no longer functioning: It still powers up, the fans run, and the disk drive works, but neither the keyboard nor the mouse get power and the monitor says that there is no input.

This has happened once before, about 3 months after I bought it; I was instructed to re-seat all the cables on the motherboard. The fix worked, and with the exception of the monitor bug (explained later), I have had no problems with it until last week, when I had the same problem. I re-seated the motherboard again, and once again, it worked. 5 days later it happened again. At first I assumed that I had simply not latched one of the wires and it had jiggled out, but this time re-seating achieved nothing. I have since re-seated twice more, gone through the power supply troubleshooting checklist up to step 10 (unsuccessful), and searched for another solution. There is no beep code and the LEDs on the motherboard and power supply are solid and green.

The possibly related monitor issue is this: At seemingly random times ... Read more

A:My PC has power but none of the peripherals work.

This problem is still driving me crazy- does anyone have any idea what to do?

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