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Oxc0000225 boot fail after resizing storage drive want to duel boot

Q: Oxc0000225 boot fail after resizing storage drive want to duel boot

Hi i want to duel boot windows 7 and windows 8.1...i have a 240gb ssd with windows 7 already installed on it....i also have a 2tb storage hardrive and i use this for storage..btw this hardrive did have my windows 7 on it untill i bought the ssd then i ported windows 7 on to the ssd using Paragon Migrate OS to SSD...then i formatted the 2tb drive and have it as a storage drive now.

Ok so my problem is when i split my 2tb storage drive into 2 partitions using AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition ("i intend to use the one partition of about 750gb for windows 8.1") ..however my computer will not boot anymore? i get a Status Oxc0000225 The boot selection failed....i belive this is because the storage drive still has the mbr on it from when it had windows 7 on it...in fact i know it is still on there but i dont know how to delete the mbr from the storage drive???

If i split the storage drive into 2 partitions the computer will not boot....if i disconnect the storage drive and boot with only the ssd it will boot again my pc boots again....also if i rejoin the storage drive back to one partition and reconnect it..it boot fine with it connected again....so there for some reason windows on C drive does not like my storage drive having a different size or being 2 partitions and it appears it needs some information from the storage drive if conceted to be able to have successful boot??... could this have something with the old MBR on my storage drive from when windows 7 was on it?....my questions are as follows

1..Can i delete the mbr from the storage drive....and if so how and with what software

2..does my storage drive need an mbr?

3..my storage drive is 2tb i was going to use around 750gb for windows 8 in a new partition the other partition will have data in it from downloading films etc that i dont want to lose....so if i delete the MBR from the storage drive will i lose this data?

Also the only way i could get my C drive to reboot again with the storage drive...was to make a boot disk and rejoin it with partition magic boot disc....and set from a primary drive to a logical drive...what difference does this make?....and can i ever restore that drive back to a primary drive?

Many thanks for any help

Preferred Solution: Oxc0000225 boot fail after resizing storage drive want to duel boot

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Oxc0000225 boot fail after resizing storage drive want to duel boot

Can i delete the mbr from the storage drive


does my storage drive need an mbr?


and can i ever restore that drive back to a primary drive?

yes make sure none of the volumes on it are marked active

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Hi guys,

I was reading How to get Acer laptop to boot from CD? and seemed to be making progress, but unfortunately the discussion fell flat and my problem persists.

I recently purchased an Acer Aspire V5 Touch which came pre-installed with Windows 8 Single Language. Unfortunately I need this Laptop to run Windows 7 Professional for work. In the past I have played around with Duel booting on my Desktop, however this Acer is proving to be quite a challenge. Thus far I have managed to create a new Volume using the disk management application in Windows 8. I have also managed to set the first boot device in the (F2) bios to the CD/DVD rom by configuring it in the Boot tab as first boot device. Now in theory the Laptop should boot from the Disk while restarting, which doesn't happen.

I have also spammed F12 trying to access the boot menu, to no avail. Every-time the the laptop just boots straight into the log screen.

The ideal would be where I would have Windows 8 and Windows 7 duel boot when booting the laptop.

Please assist

A:duel boot on Acer fail

ok update: I have set the boot option to legacy boot which made the laptop boot from CD. The Win7 installer loaded fine. I then when into the drive options, deleted the partition I made and then chose create partition like I always did with fresh install. After I did that I got a message that read: Can not install windows on this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT.

I have no idea what is wrong, and if I am going about this in the wrong way. Any assist would be greatly appreciated.

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How do I get Windows XP Pro to duel boot from a second scsi hard drive. First scsi hard drive has Windows ME and works fine.
Second scsi hard drive has Windows XP pro but only works when I change the scsi ID from 1 to 0. But then the other scsi hard drive is not reconized in windows explore. However, it is reconconized in the XP disk manager and everthing else appears normal excapt that the drive is not read in explorer. Any help PLEASE

A:Duel Boot XP on second scsi hard drive

Was XP installed with both HDs in the machine, and with Me installed first? If you installed XP with only its HD in the system (so it was 0 when you installed it), the XP boot files are on the wrong hard drive. They need to be on the system's primary partition, which should be C: (where Me should be now if this is going to work right and properly dual-boot) and the ARC path in your boot.ini file is referencing the wrong disk for the XP startup to look on to boot XP when you have both disks set up.

Please post the contents of your boot.ini file here, and we will take a look.

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when I use fdisk there are three choices as far as what sort of partition I wish to create; extended dos logical etc. what Should I use?

A:partitioning hard drive for duel boot XP and 2k server

When you use fdisk to create an additional partition, you first create an extended partition. Logical partitions are created in the extended partition. IE you have a 30 gig hard disk, create a primary dos partition of say 5 gig; create an extended partition; inside the extended partition you create a 10 gig partition and a 15 gig partition. This will give you three partitions on your disk. Note; the numbers will not come out exact in that a partition must start and end in certain areas of the disk so your 5 gig partition might actually be 5002 megabytes.
Remember to back-up anything you want to keep prior to working with fdisk.

Hope this helps

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M5A97 LE R.20 MB
AMD FX 4350
2 Sandisk SSDs one with Win7 other with Ubuntu/Kodi
1 Seagate 1 TB HD
8 gig RAM
Thermaltake 500 PSU
7 130 fans
Win 7 Professional 64
Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS
When PC running Ubuntu, this does not happen
When PC running Windows and applications run, does not happen
Only occurs when PC idle in Windows 7
Have stopped boot after post pending hitting escape...no shutdown
Monitored temps and voltages....all within spec
Windows logs:
I found this "workaround" but it does not help:  https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2001061
At this point, my thought is to simply use Acronis to restore the system to an earlier time.
Any other thoughts.

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I've used Disk Director successfully before.  This time I attempted to shrink my C: partition so that I could clone to an SSD.  I had 148 Gb on 299Gb that I was trying to resize to 238Gb.  When the dust settled this bleeper reported Corrupt Master File Table.  My gut feeling tells me that 5 years of programs and tweaks are still there.  Does anyone know how to recover?  So far Acronis Recovery Expert, TestDisk and Seagate File Recovery no help.  DMDE shows daylight but what is the proper procedure to work it's magic?
I'm currently copying the D: partition of the afflicted drive just in case.

A:Partition resizing failed-now corrupt master file table on boot drive

When you ran Testdisk click on Advanced then Boot. Does it show that the backup MFT is intact?  Even the backup is actually only a few first bytes fo the MFT so it may not work even if the backup is listed as okay.
Also, if you can create a System Repair Disk on another computer with Windows 7 doing a chkdsk /r will try and repair the MFT.
You may have to recover your data with a program like Easeus Data Recovery. This would let you recover 1GB for free. After 1GB you would need to purchase a key.
This is why I recommend a complete disk image be done when doing any kind of partition movement. Though rare, things can go bad as you found out.
I am not familiar with DMDE but I would assume you need to scan the drive for it to find any recoverable files. Here is the online manual.

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I have two Asus M5A97 R 2.0 LE and one Asus M5A97 R 2.0 MBs. I want to do the following:

Duel booth them in the following manner. The main OS will be on an SSD. The trial (Win 10) will be on a second HD (not SSD.)

In addition, I want to use a third HD for data and do this on a clean install.

I know how to move the user folder by doing a single clean install but I am not sure I can have two Win OSs on two different drives using the same third HD to place the user folder.

My plan is to keep the OSs totally separate and using the bios to select the drives.

1) Can this be done?
2) Is it best for me to DISABLE SECURE BOOT IF I DO THIS?

A:New Builds: Duel Boot, ? Secure Boot

Secure boot is a pain. might as well disable it.

With all HD's disconnected except the SSD. Install the main OSDisconnect the SSD and connect the second HD. Install Win 10Connect everything back: SSD, HD1,HD2Boot up using the boot menu if available so you don't have to reconfigure the BIOS.

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my HP 2000 Hard drive has failed. I want to install a new hard drive but I need my product Key to install Windows 8 again. can anyone help me with this?

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my HP 2000 Hard drive has failed. I want to install a new hard drive but I need my product Key to install Windows 8 again. can anyone help me with this?

A:No Boot Hard drive Fail

@kgirouard, welcome to the forum. The Product Key for Win 8 is embedded in the BIOS.  Therefore, if you use the System Recovery disks you won't need the PK. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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Well I had no signs or symptoms of any sort of hard drive problem from my storage or my boot drives. Now I finished playing a round of hearts of iron 2 DDA, and turned off my computer and went off to get my car inspected. Came home booted it up "Windows loading* and windows loaded to a nice black screen where it stayed for about 20 minutes and then finally booted all the way. And Poof the storage drive is gone. I checked the wires to make sure. All is fine. Now the computer will only boot at normal speed (which is about 29-32 seconds) if the storage drive is disconnected. If it is plugged in , It is a painful long wait and the drive cant' be seen.

My boot drive is a maxtor 120 gb drive and my storage is a WD Caviar 400gb drive. I use Sata btw.

Any thoughts?

A:Storage Drive and Boot up issues

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I recently had a computer custom built at a repair store. A couple of weeks back my start menu stopped working because of a Windows 10 update. I decided to wipe everything and reinstall Windows. I have done this many times in the past on other computers with no problem. This time it was quite a headache. I have 2 hard drives. I first removed the data from both drives, then assumed Windows should be installed on the smaller drive. After installing there I realized I had no access to the larger drive anymore. So I started over and installed instead on the larger drive. After doing this I finally admitted that I had no idea what I was doing. I brought it back to the repair store and asked them to make it the way it was when I bought it. They did so with no questions asked, but I'm worried about it happening again. The main issue is I have no idea how the two drives are configured. If I need to reinstall Windows again, how can I set this up correctly?

These are the two drives I have:

Boot Drive: Samsung 850 EVO 120GB SSD
Storage Drive: Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD

Thank you!

A:Custom Built Computer Boot Drive vs Storage Drive

Is disk 2 an external 2TB hard drive ?

Going by your pic you seem to have Disk 0 of about 50GB that isn't being used and Disk 1 of 1TB which has everything on it !

If Disk 2 is an external drive disconnect it and see if the PC still boot into Windows ok.

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Hello Everyone,

I have been given a couple of hard drives and the above msg comes up when I plug them in as a master... but when I add them as a slave... My pc picks them up but.... wait for it... as a CDRom ??????? says CDRom(H)
I run Windows XP pro SP3.
I have tried FDisk that didn't work, unfortunately I cannot remember the msg that came up.
Any help would be wonderful....
Thank you....


A:Primary hard drive fail, on boot up

I would connect the drive as a slave to a working system. Now run the drive maker's diagnostic on the drive. You download this from whomever made the drive; ie WD, Maxtor, Seagate, etc.

In addition you need to make sure the jumpers are set correctly. If these are ide type drives and one of them is a WD, there are two different jumper settings for WD drives. It depends on whether the drive is a single device on the cable or a multi device.

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I have a Thinkpad Yoga 15, purchased with a factory installed 1tb HDD and an m.2 16gb SSD cache.I have purchased a compatible 120gb SSD drive and replaced the 16gb SSD cache drive with this one (opening up was thankfully straight-forward). I've been looking for instructions on how to designate this m.2 ssd drive as a 2nd drive and have not found anything online. I think I need to do this first before I can clone the Windows 10 OS from the 1tb HDD to the new 120gb m.2 SSD and then designate it as the boot drive, leaving the 1tb as a data drive. Many thanks!

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I have a 1T SATA system drive and a 1T SATA working drive. I installed a 3T SATA storage drive, and now my system won't boot from the C:. I have to go into the BIOS and boot from there, or use a boot disk. How do I get the system to boot from C: again?

A:Installed storage drive, now system drive will not boot

Was 1T drive was removed from the computer or it is still present in the computer and what is the boot sequence selected?
Also does your motherboard support 3TB hard drive?

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Recently purchased new mob/cpu/ddr3 to upgrade my system. Found out that you can't just swap RAID drives into new motherboard, okay drag/delay. So I setup the new RAID0 drivers from my mobo and reinstalled W7 pro x64.

After the successful install I turned of puter and plugged in my storage drive. What happened was nothing, never got past the initial boot. RAID0 drives detected and then freezes there...

Need fresh eye, storage drive does not have OS on it and is set to slave. In 10 years of building/tinkering with computers I always treated storage drives as plug and play-never had too many problems.

Any solutions?

A:Old Storage Drive prevents BOOT in new setup

Not sure why you want RAID0 for new install of Win7 as you get no performance gain and it isn't even redundant since you'd lose everything with one HD. Better to install Win7 to one HD, backup image and files to other.

It sounds like the wrong drive is set to boot first or the BIOS doesn't allow mixed RAID/SATA/IDE modes - check the manual.

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I have a Windows 7 Home Premium x64 desktop computer and an old Windows XP sp3 x32 desktop. The old hard drive is an N0804, 80GB, Seagate-Alpine. How do I reformat the old hard drive to use it as storage and place it into the new machine? I'm hoping someone can point me to the right tutorial.

Alternatively, I'm considering installing the old hard drive in my new machine and setting it up as a dual boot.

I see the forum has a tutorial on setting up a dual boot machine. I hate to ask what may seem to some to be terribly dumb questions. Nevertheless, I assume that both OSs have to be either x64 or x32--right? Or can I add a Windows XP x32 hard disk to my Windows 7 x64 box?


A:Add hard drive, storage or dual boot

1)Is your Old HD Sata or Pata?
2)If Pata has your mobo have Pata port?

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Hey guys I have 2 western digital sata hardrives, ones a raptor 150gb(main os XP 64X) and the other is just a regular 400gb(storage) and yesterday I went into My Computer to look for a file on the F drive(storage) and when I clicked F: the whole system froze. So I hit the reset button. Now when I go to boot the computer it goes through all the normal stuff tho detecting the IDE drives seems to take a tad bit longer, it goes through the windows loading screen and right after that just sits there at a black screen. If I unplug the storage drive windows will boot normally, what gives? I really really hope the drive hasn't failed because that's where all my files are :(

A:Windows wont boot with storage drive

Boot Windows without the drive attached, and then when it settles down, plug the USB drive in. Make sure you are plugging this into the Back USB port if this is a Desktop, not the front. And make sure the Power Adapter is plugged directly into the wall not a surge protector or extension cord. If your computer is still accessible, then go to Start/Run and type CMD. At the command prompt type the drive letter of the drive (F:) and hit enter. The prompt should now show the new drive letter. Then type chkdsk /f/r Type Y to dismount the drive. Check Disk will then try to correct any file errors. If any of this fails, you may have a bad HDD.

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I believe I lost my boot drive. My computer hangs when it can't find SATA4 in BIOS. I tried switching cables, but it did not help. I have 4 drives in a storage spaces array and a single boot drive. The computer is older, so I am thinking about pulling the 4 drive array and putting it in a mediasonic 4 bay box. I would attach it via usb to a windows 8 laptop. I only use the array for media storage.

Will the laptop see the array correctly in the usb box?

A:Boot Drive Failure with storage spaces array

So I went ahead and bought the mediasonic 4 bay box. I put in the 4 drives from the array and they showed up without any problems on my windows 8 laptop. They are linked by USB, but still show up as a regular hard drive.

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Hi everyone,
recently I bought a new laptop, MSI GP70 which came with Windows 8... I tried it for few weeks and than I decided to downgrade it to Windows 7. So, I did it, everything went well, I was using Windows 7 for couple of weeks, but now I have a problem...
Last night I didn't turn it off, and in the morning i got black screen saying:

"Reboot and select proper Boot device
or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press any key..."

So, here's the problem. I have hybrid hard drive (24GB SSD + 1TB HDD), which is divided to C:\, D:\ and E:\. My laptop can recognize hard disk so it's not dead. I can't start up, because it can't boot it, and I can't reinstall/repair Windows because it says:

"Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu."

I'll also provide pictures of my BIOS in attachments. You can see the settings and all boot devices.

I did a bit of research, and I came across that if you have 2 hard drives it may confuse Windows 7 (and Vista), so disconnecting one of them will solve the problem, that could be my case due to hybrid hard drive, I'm not sure. And the problem is that I can't open my laptop, because I will lose the warranty.

So, does anyone know what should I do to make it work again? I have some files on my e:\ drive which I would like to keep I've tried everything and I couldn't s... Read more

A:Fail to start up - Can't boot hard drive - Windows cannot be installed

I don't see where either Legacy BIOS or CSM are enabled, just Legacy Boot - is there a panel not shown? But that may be enough to Bypass UEFI to Install WIn7 if that's what worked for install.

That makes it easier to repair. Confirm the 100mb System Reserved (preferred if you have it) or C is Partition Marked Active then run Startup Repair - Run up to 3 Separate Times to see if it will start.

Different hybrid hard drives require different install procedures. If it's Intel Rapid Storage Technology it normally requires being turned off in BIOS for install, then enabled to activate the 24gb caching drive. But since IRST can also be problematic many leave it disabled. We've even helped users install to the SSD their OS and programs with the data folders linked from HDD, it worked and they wanted to keep it.

Read your Manual on the PC's Support Downloads webpage to see exactly how yours works. It would also help if you could post back a camera snap of Partition Wizard CD
drive map and listings. That tool can also mark Active and add another step which helps start Win7 by running Partition Wizard Rebuild MBR - Video Help.

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I am wanting to install my W8 O/S onto a 64GB SSD drive. I just want to use this for boot purposes and to fit some programs on as well. Everything else I am wanting to have stored on a 1TB WD Black drive.  I want to point my libraries (Docs, Music, pictures) towards the 1TB drive.  How do I do this?  Appreciate any feedback on this.  Thanks

A:Using my 64GB SSD Drive to boot from and another drive for storage!

64GB really isn't sufficient for the average user to use as a Windows boot drive.  If the drive manufacturer is using 64GB to mean 64x1000 and not 64x1024 you're going to lose 1.2GB.  Windows 8 is going to take 20GB (assuming 64 bit).  If you keep your page file on the SSD (required for memory dumps) you will lose the space equal to your RAM.  Then you have temp files, programs that default to C: for everything, and data.

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I have went into the bios settings and have changed it to legacy support legacy first , but it doesnt work, it actually makes it worse. I'm not sure what to do. Computer was bought 2 months ago.

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Hi there,

I've recently built a new rig and I've had continuous problems trying to boot. I have two HDDs and one SDD. It seems when the two HDDs are plugged in, i can sometimes boot ok, and most times i get:

Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.

Status: 0xc000000e

Boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible


Please select a boot device, or something to the affect.

I've updated to the latest bios on my new mobo ( Gigabyte z97x SOC Force ) and ive done a fresh install of windows several times on the SDD. I also ran crystal disk to check health on the SDD and it came back healthy.

It seems mostly my boot problems are linked to plugging in the two other HDDs, though I've no idea why this would be, and how to fix it? Is it a motherboard problem or a HDD problem?

Any help greatly appreciated.

A:Windows boot fail: Boot selection failed because a required device is


Please post a screenshot of "Disk Management" as per this guide - Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

( Make sure all disks are plugged ).

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My story:  The hard drive failed in my Y510P a few weeks ago, so I installed a 512 GB M.2 NGFF ZTC SSD.  (I bought the SSD a few months ago when hard drive first had symptoms, but then held off installing it due to lack of time and because HD passed diagnostic tests with no apparent problems).  Anyway, after the HD finally failed, I found I could boot it to BIOS and see the hard drive information, even though I couldn't boot the HD.  I originally had Windows 8.1, but had upgraded to Windows 10.  Prior to upgrading to Windows 10, I had backed up the recovery partition to a USB drive.  After physically installing the SSD, I tried using this recovery USB to clean install Windows 8.1 to the SSD (thinking Windows would then prompt me to upgrade to Windows 10 again), but the recovery software was unable to do that (so what good is the recovery software if it cannot deal with a catastrophic HD failure?).  Not that I wanted to go back to Windows 8.1 again, but I am really surprised it was basically useless under circumstances it might really be needed.  I was just trying to use it as a stepping stone in the recovery process. So next, with a little searching, I found I could download a Windows 10 installer directly from Microsoft.  I did that and it installed Windows 10 without any trouble. Yesterday morning, I found that my Y510P would not boot the new drive.  It would d... Read more

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I got Windows XP Pro SP3,Ubuntu 8.10 Is there a way to install Vista with them? =/ I always wondered about this.

Thanks to anyone that can help! :)

A:Duel Boot three OS's

I think you'll find you needed to load in this order for it to work.
If you load any version of Windows after a non Windows OS then Windows will wipe out the MBR and use it for itself.

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I am currently using win 7 Ult. X64 on my corporate domain with a dynamic IP. I would like to run duel boot with win 7 Ult. X32 with a static IP address. My laptop only has the one hard drive and I have tried everything I can think of to make this happen. I partitioned the hard drive but it will only create a dynamic partition and win 7 will not let me install on a dynamic drive. One of the four partitions on my drive is set up for system restore so if I convert to a basic drive I am afraid the restore will not function. I also looked into using VHD but I don?t think I can run it with the static IP. Does anyone know of a way to accomplish the Win7 X64/32 duel boot?

A:Duel Boot Win 7 x64 and x32

It's unlikely your HD came from factory partitioned as Dynamic Disk. This likely happened when you created the Dual Boot partition and accepted the conversion warning. You'll need to delete the partiition you created in Disk Management, then convert back to Basic using Partition Wizard home edition v. 4.2 partition wizard 4.2 free.zip - Windows Live

Once you do this, post back a screenshot of your maximized full Disk Mgmt drive map with listings, using Snipping Tool in Start Menu, and we can advise you how to create the new partition as a Logical extended partition which will allow further expansion without converting the disk.

To answer your IP address question, I would post it anew in Networking sub-forum as it was sorted here due to it's title.

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Ok so I am currently Running Windows 7 Pro 64bit. I have started making youtube videos and stuff and I want to use the screen capture device I picked up. But there is one problem. The darn thing HATES windows 7. Well it likes 32bit 7 just not 64 bit. Yes I tried to use a Virtual os but they did not work as I need them to.

So I want to put a copy of Windows Xp on my second HDD. So I want to be able to duel boot. You know be able to switch between Windows XP and windows 7. I have a legit copy of XP. I got it a while ago and never bothered to use it. SO how do I do this. I want to make sure that my copy of Windows 7 is safe. I used to know how to do this right but it has been around 2 years since I last set up a duel boot XD. And that was a duel boot of windows 2K and Windows XP.

A:Trying to do a Duel boot

Hi I think you can find what you need here Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP - Windows 7 Forums scroll down a bit for what you want

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i have win7 hp 64bit and i want to install win 8/8.1 on a seperate partition(duel boot).
how do i do this? i do not want to upgrade i want to keep seperate systems.

A:duel boot win 7 win 8

Read this Tutorial.

Dual Boot Installation - Windows 8 and Windows 7 or Vista


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I'm looking at setting up my computer for duel boot. How would I go about doing this?


A:Duel Boot

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hi everybody my name is raymond,and i am wondering if any body can help me with this litlle problem.i have two hard drives installed on my computer a desktop and would like to switch from one to the other withought having to go into bio,s to make the switch.is there any soft ware to do this at startup,and give me a choice.i would prefer doing it directly from my desktop or through my computer.any sugesstions would greatly appreciated. thanks raymond

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Hi, I would like to put another hard drive in my pc, both have an operating system in them, and I would like to know how to do this so I will have the option at start up to choose which drive I want to start up with. Also if I can, how do I set the master / slave jumpers on the hard drives, or do I connect them both as master.


A:duel boot

What two operating systems are you trying to dual boot?

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Ok PC gurus help me out. I'm building a new 64 bit PC for my wife, 64 bit mobo, CPU...etc. I want to install (duel boot config.) my old 32 bit version of XP on one drive and my new 64 bit version of XP on another drive. In other words two different versions of XP (32 bit and 64 bit) on two seperate drives. How can I accomplish this and be specific. Is this done by loading one OS on one drive, disconnecting the power to that drive and then loading the other OS, then plugging both in and rebooting. I sure can use some input people. Tech info: Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-DS4H ATX mobo, AMD Athlon 64X2 CPU, NVidia GeForce 8800 Gt OC Video card.
I have a duel boot set up on my PC with Vista 64 bit and XP 32 bit and everything runs fine but I know Vista's boot manager makes itself the priority boot.
Thanks in advance

A:Duel Boot XP 32 bit XP 64 bit


Originally Posted by bullman40

Ok PC gurus help me out. I'm building a new 64 bit PC for my wife, 64 bit mobo, CPU...etc. I want to install (duel boot config.) my old 32 bit version of XP on one drive and my new 64 bit version of XP on another drive. In other words two different versions of XP (32 bit and 64 bit) on two seperate drives. How can I accomplish this and be specific. Is this done by loading one OS on one drive, disconnecting the power to that drive and then loading the other OS, then plugging both in and rebooting. I sure can use some input people. Tech info: Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-DS4H ATX mobo, AMD Athlon 64X2 CPU, NVidia GeForce 8800 Gt OC Video card.
I have a duel boot set up on my PC with Vista 64 bit and XP 32 bit and everything runs fine but I know Vista's boot manager makes itself the priority boot.
Thanks in advance

you will have to load on, on the main drive, get it working and up to date.
then load the other on the "SLAVED" drive

then once both are loaded, on the main drive edit the boot.ini file to reflect the second drive

that is all


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I have been running Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Tech Preview 9926 each on a separate hard drive. I had a problem with Windows 10 and my pc would not reboot so I disconnected the Windows 10 HD. How do I get rid of the Windows 10 on the OS startup page.
Thank You,

A:Duel Boot

from the RUN box type> msconfig

go to the BOOT tab and delete the windows 10 entry

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i had windows 98 and win 2000 in my pc.windows was in c: and 2000 in e:.i had format c: and installed windows again in c:.my 2000 duel boot window had lost.i have emergency repair disk and registry back with me.how i can refix my duel boot?pls help me.

A:Duel boot

Hi There...

You'll need to re-associate 2000 to the boot sector on the C Drive. You might be able to run the ERD and fix the boot, but the other thing you may need to do is run a "REPAIR" install of Win2000.
Good Luck!


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Hi All,

I brought a samsung NP550P5C-S05IN and its pre win 8 installed one. I want to insatll win xp. I did the partition with partition magic and made 4 drives. When i started installing windows xp i can only see one partition c: with 953868 MB. and its asking me to do the partition again. If i do so i will lose all my win 8 backup and installed win 8. So please help me. How can I see the partition when i install win xp on windows 8 pre installed laptop.


A:Need Help for duel boot

Hi there
Why not install Windows XP as a Virtual Machine -- use VMware player or Vbox (both free).

Getting Windows XP to run Natively on modern hardware can be very tricky -- particularly with newer sata / e-sata HDD's as you'll have to slipstream the drives into the XP install media first to recognize all the HDD's.

The advantage is that when you want to use XP you don't have to re-boot --just start and stop (known as "Power on and Power off") the Virtual machine as a normal application - and you don't have to mess around with weird drivers.

Also if you machine has more than 4GB RAM in it then you can still use any RAM with your Windows 8 system - with XP the maximum is 4GB. - With a virtual machine you can allocate RAM as you want to --probably 1GB would be enough for a VM XP. Graphics etc is now much improved so you can play things like DVD's and run a few legacy games nowin Virtual Machines.

(It might not be very good for extreme gaming but it should certainly handle a lot of legacy games now).

I run several XP VM's on a laptop -- often have THREE (3) different XP VM systems running at the same time.


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Thanks to everyone that helped me with my duel boot, now I have another question. XP Home 32 bit is installed on "C" drive and XP Professional 64 bit is installed on "D" drive. Everytime I try to open (mainly a keygen) on "D" drive it tells me I don't have authorization. Now I tryed to uninstall a program on "D" drive with the same results, I actually had to boot "C" and delete the program in "D" from "C". It almost acts like all administrative priveleges have to go through through "C" no matter which drive you boot. Any suggestions? Will BCDEDIT help by switching drive letters? I have a duel boot with XP and Vista on seperate drives and each acts as it's own entity but not the XP OS's. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

A:XP 32 and 64 bit duel boot

the forum does not offer help with illeagal software

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Ok im trying to install a flaver of linux and I've it a road block. I can't get my PC to boot to the usb I am using i have used the UUSBI (Universal-USB-Installer- no put it on the drive and close out of it take out the flash and power down plugin the drive and power on and it just boots to windows i have tried F9 to boot to it but it just opens a root folder i have gone to the bios and turned on legacy suport and reboot and nothing. I have been all over the web searching for someone who has had this problem and found nothing. plz help 

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i have installed windows xp pro on a separate partition on my hard drive , i am already running windows 8.1 on my c drive the problem is when i boot up i only get the option to boot into windows 8.1, windows xp does not appear in the boot menu, i installed windows xp on my spare partition to run some older programmes but when my pc boots up it boots straight into windows 8.1 there is no option to boot into windows xp, if anyone can help i would be most grateful.

A:Duel Boot Problem

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Is it possible to run a duel boot system with these two?? and if so how ???

A:Vista 32 and Win 95 Duel Boot ???

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i am using windows 7 since three months ago, however my wireless device does not support windows seven and the manufratructres don't care about upgrading it's drivers so i needed either vista or xp to run the device. i decided to duel boot win 7 with xp for i might need to sometimes use that device. i checked on the web for various methods nd i installed XP on a seperate new drive.
after the installation was complete i restarted the system and i had two option to boot with the same name. how ever i choosed frist one and xp booted.
i installed basic drivers and softwares and everything was fine and i was redy to boot to win 7
but wen in the next re start i choosed second option it says some files missing so can't boot.
then i inserted win 7 dvd and re paired it
now when i start my system i won't get any option for booting xp or win 7 but i directly boot into win 7.
Please help me how can i get that option to choose boot between xp and win 7.
thank you.

A:i have a problem with duel boot win 7 and xp

Hi vivekvr, welcome to the forums
please take a look here, I believe this has the solution

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Hey Everyone, I just ordered Vista Home Basics for dir X 10.It should be here early next week.Heres the question(s).
First,I have three hard drives.I want to put Both OS's on the Raptor 74 if possible.Just partition the HDD down the middle.Is this going to work,or is it better to have them on seperate hard drives?Which OS should I install first?
Next,the two spare HDD's.One will be for storage which Im sure I can access with both system.The other HDD I want to use exclusively for games.The BIG Q is am I going to be able to access these games across both OS's?Say install it on XP and be able to play it on Vista?Or visa virsa.If so,how?
Thanks for the feedback in advance!:)

A:Win Vista & XP Duel Boot

I have set up several dual boot vista and xp. It is better to install xp first, then vista, since with vista Microsoft redid the bootloader.

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Anybody know how to unduel boot a machine with Win98/XP?
I wasn't sure which subject to put this under. I want the 98 to stay and remove the XP. I ghosted the 98 partition and now applied it to the new HD. However I get that Windows Selection Screen. just wondering if I can remove that screen. And if so, How?
Thanks to all.

A:Solved: Un doing a Duel Boot

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i have installed vista on a fresh hdd.

can i now install xp on the same hdd and duel boot it?

would i start xp setup, and create a new partition?

would that now erase the vista bit?


A:duel boot vista XP

You should install XP first, then install Vista.

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I just requested a CD of linux and was wondering how to duel boot it with XP. I wanna fool around with it mostly but I am also going to see what games play on it. So if anyone nows how to duel boot it thanks in advance for help.

A:How do you duel boot Linux?

I put 'dual boot xp linux' into google,and got at least 100 step by step guides :haha: HERE

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I want to confirm that this will work before i go ahead and make the leap.

I currently have 32 bit XP windows NTFS installed on 1 of 3 hard drives in my computer. I would like to install the 64bit version of Vista on to my second hard drive then choose my operating system to boot with when i turn on the computer.

Is this possible? and will my second hard drive get wiped by vista when i install it?

Any and all help would be much appreciated.

A:Duel boot vista and xp?

i have 2 hard drives in my system:

Vista and XP Pro.....if i want to boot off any particualr one, i just repeatedly tap F8 which will bring up a menu for me to choose which hard drive and corresponding operating system i wish to boot up on. One of these will of course be set as default but using this method is simple for swapping between drives

I presume your 2nd drive already has xp or something on it?

When you install Vista, it will overwrite all the previous operating system (i dont think you can revert back to it) but leave you a file called .old which gives you the opportunity to retrieve your data

That is how installed mine and did not lose any data whatsoever-a very simple procedure

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