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Norton Anti Spam causing freezes in outlook and outlook express

Q: Norton Anti Spam causing freezes in outlook and outlook express

I have noticed that over the past couple of days....anytime i try to get anti spam to either identify received email as either spam...or not spam....it ends up freezing. This happens in both Outlook and Outlook Express. This may have corresponded with my subscribtion renewal. Any ideas?

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Preferred Solution: Norton Anti Spam causing freezes in outlook and outlook express

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I've been receiving unwanted emails and keep having to place them within my "blocked senders" folder, but the mail keeps coming in from those addresses.
I soon got fed up constantly deleting these messages , so went out to buy Norton's Anti-spam software.
Installed it fine...but Norton doesn't seem to be doing anything...the program is there installed, but it doesn't filter the spam or junk mail like it is suppose to...It kinda sits there idle. Now, with 2 programs running anti-spam, nothing should be coming in...RIGHT?...Nope!!!! Still coming in everyday...HELP !!!!
What can you suggest I could do?
Any help is appreciated

A:Office Outlook won't block senders...Norton Anti-spam either

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Does anyone know why after installing nortons anti spam 2004 i can no longer send or recive mail but if i turn it off i can then recive mail again.

A:Solved: Nortons anti Spam has Broken Outlook Express

Uninstall Norton. Seriously. There are tons of free tools on this site and in sig's that can help you protect your computer. I, and everyone in my IT dept, will never install Norton. Use McAfee if you insist on purchasing AV.

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Hi everyone, what is in your opinion the best anti-spam anti-phishing mail program?

As I got my new computer from Dell I got their McAfee security center and McAfee anti-spam. Well, I believe McAfee effects Internet Explorer performance, and I also believe is a cause of some mail not delivering to the people. I would like to get something different to replace McAfee (only mail program).

I used to have MailFrontier. It's pretty good , easy to customize. MailFrontier is not cheap - $30 per year. I am contemplating should I purchase it again, or there is another mail program as good, and could be one time purchase, instead of doing yearly membership.

What do you know guys?

Thanks a lot everyone!!!

A:Solved: Need advice on anti-spam mail program for Outlook Express

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I have had Avast Free anti-virus for a long time. At some point, after an automatic upgrade, all my messages in Outlook 2003 got an added anti-spam toolbar from Avast. I don't want it.

I did not find any way to make it go away from inside Outlook. It does not appear as an add-on in the relevant places. At some point, there was a register-based solution that was floating around on the Web. It worked with a previous version of Avast, but not with the current one.

I uninstalled Avast (with the proprietary uninstall tool, in safe mode) and reinstalled it twice. At some point, the anti-spam appeared as a separate module, so naturally I refused installation / deactivated it / uninstalled it (don't remember which). Yet it's impossible to make the toolbar go away.

If I de-activate or uninstall the mail shield module, the anti-spam toolbar goes away, but I don't want that. I want Avast to scan my mail, of course.

Now that I have nixed it somehow, the anti-spam component does not show anymore in the Settings / Components panel, not even in order to be re-activated. I don't know if this is a bug or a feature. It happens with other Avast components that I have refused, or uninstalled, and which do not appear anymore in the options panel as an option available for re-activation.

The anti-spam, illogically, is not part of the mail shield component, and no relevant settings appear in the mail shield settings.

A request in the Avast forum did not bring any helpful answers.

Thanks... Read more

A:Avast Free anti-virus : unwanted anti-spam toolbar in Outlook 2003

I wonder why you're still using Outlook 2003?

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I use sometimes outlook to retrieve my emails but all spam email are also fetched, even after I mark them as Junk email in outlook.
So I am wondering why the filter antispam in outlook (junk mail blocker) is not efficient?

Thank you

A:Why outlook anti-spam is inefficient?

It would rather give you junk than block something important. Depending on your account, ie: Gmail/yahoo the spam filters tend to change quite a bit. For an all inclusive spam filter to email, you're going to spend some bucks.

ex: postini

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I'm not quite sure how to explain this, but I have been getting a certain Spam in my outlook express for sometime now, I have tried to get rid of it but it just keeps coming back. This email spam, is the "same" email everytime, it's some kind of Google Search but a different name, each time, for instance, one will be from [email protected] and the next will be from [email protected],but all of them are from sbcglobal.net, but with a different name each time, but the same email.I have tried everything I know, to stop this nuisance. I can't block every email from sbcglobal,.... sbcglobal is my DSL server. I don't know who, or how to report this problem.Anyone have any ideas? I guess my last resort would be to call my server.

A:Spam in Outlook Express!

Is the first part of your email address easy to generate? My son had the same problem with his, someone was sending email to Tom, TomA, TomB, TomC, etc. at his ISP. If the spam doesn't go away, one painful solution would be to change your name by adding some numbers or odd letters.

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Can please someone advise me which anti-spam program for outlook express should i use, because the "block sender" option in outlook doesnt help anything at all. i get at least 10 spam emails a day and even more during weekends. i had one program(cant remember the name) but it didnt do no good. it only messed up whole windows. the program should be as simple as a donut, with a list of blocked domains and a list of particular blocked words in the subject line/in the message itself...(no extra stuff that i need a week to understand what is it about) so that i can change/add subjects in these lists.
thank you!

A:outlook express spam

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when i try to add spam source,eg, amazon, sirius, to spam address book i get message 'already in sender address book' : any way to block spam, using outlook express ? thanks

A:Outlook express : Spam

Amazon.com doesn't send spam. If you're getting messages from them, you've signed up for something.

Any filtering done at the e-mail client level means you haven't blocked anything. You're just filtering it to a Junk folder. If you're getting actual spam messages (not marketing you've signed up for), then your e-mail provider has a very bad filter. I use Gmail and get hardly any spam.

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hi guys,

can anyone give any advice on how to stop spam in OE 6?


A:spam in outlook express 6

There are various free spam filters available for download if you do a Google search, or a search on this site.


Your ISP might provide one, too.

You can also create message rules within OE, but can be problematic unless all your spam is coming from one place (unlikely).

Another solution is to change your email address, and never post it anywhere on the web.
Never, ever reply to spam in any fashion, even if it asks you to opt out or unsubscribe. Any response indicates a valid email address thus opening the door to a flood of spam.

Free email accounts are offered by MSN or Yahoo and others that are accessed online and don't download via OE. I use one email addy when purchasing online or registering on a site, for example, and another just for trusted sources. So I basically get spam only in one inbox which is checked online, the spam never comes to my computer directly via OE.

Always look at the privacy policy of any site that requires a valid email address. Tedious and boring, I know, but sometimes worth it.

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i add it to address book, oe, says it's already in the spam address book: AMazon, sirius, etc.; i also have my email address in gmail, iv'e tried blocking the spam using gmail: any ideas ? thanks

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I have set up a message rule for spam which is supposed to direct any spam into my 'Deleted' file but it doesn't seem to work. My ISP filters spam and marks emails as [spam++++++]. Surely this should work?

A:Outlook Express and Spam

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O/S XP Outlook 2002. Have tried to download 2 different anti spam programs. One is SpamCatcher and the other is Spam Inspector. Once these programs are running I cannot paste anything onto the Subject line of an e-mail message. I use Outlook for my e-mails. I file most of my e-mails by Subject so I have to be able to copy and paste on occassion. When I uninstall the program the problem is resolved. Any ideas. Tks

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I Keep getting spam emails that appear to have foreign characters in them.. and it seems impossible to block them out

I already block out words .. through ->> message rules

but i'm getting subject lines that look like this



or at least thats how it looks if you go right click on the subject then go to properties then details

any ideas on how i can stop this kind of spam through outlook express without new software?

A:Outlook Express ... Spam Question

Does your ISP have any kind of Spam Filters that you can activate. If not here is one solution that you might want to try while you weather the storm:

Receive Email Only From Addresses In Your Address Book

Go to OE/Tools/Message Rules/Mail/New/ Tick the first item "Where the from line contains people"/ Tick an item in the #2 box(You have a choice to copy, delete, move to folder, do not download it from server or delete it form server) you might want to set up a junk folder and put them there. Now click "contains people" under box #3/click "address book"/highlight the first name and scroll down to bottom of list and hold "Shift key" and click the last name/click "From" at top right and it will copy address to "Rule Addresses"/click "ok"/click "options"/tick "Message does not contain the people below"/click "ok"/click "ok"/Then click "Specified Folder(if you chose that option earlier)/pick a folder/ click "oK"\Apply Now\Apply Now\Ok\Close\Ok.


I did once set up 10 different rules to block out any subject with 0 through 9 in it. The only drawback is you might block some legimate email although you probably don't receive much email with a number in the subject line.

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Please help me is it possible spam checking in outlook express ?

A:Spam check In Outlook Express

Built-in: Outlook Express Spam Blocking

Third-party: Mailwasher Free Spam Filter Software: The Reliable Free Spam Blocker | MailWasher - Mailwasher Free

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Here's the problem.

I've been getting a lot of spam emails lately. I know they're not directly aimed at me because everyone that is contacted has the same email server that I do and the names are alphabetical.

I have over the past month added about 100 new spam addresses to my Blocked senders list. I have tried to set up my Outlook Express to not even except them from the server but unfortunately I have been unsuccessful. The only thing that's been accomplished is when the emails are blocked they go straight to my delete file. According to my setup options I should be able to not even upload them from the server, which is Road Runner.

I have tried to set it up and then send myself a test message from my Yahoo account. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong, as far as setting up Outlook Express? I use a different email program at work and it does just fine with filtering. Unfortunately, I've only ever seen it work on a network system. And I actually can't get a copy of it anyway.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Outlook Express-Spam Blocker


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Using Windows ME...can anyone recommend a good free or cheap* spam filter for Outlook Express?

Did the ol' google search expecting a couple of results that look good and one hundred results that look flakey. Although there is literally dozens of spam filters out there that look good, I'm sure not all of them are.

Recommendations would be appreciated.

* cheap

1. Relatively low in cost; inexpensive or comparatively inexpensive.
2. $9.95 or less as it relates to spam filters.

A:Outlook Express Spam filter

try a free one...
i hear its good, try a google search for it

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simple question, hope there's a simple fix. just recently, i've been receiving approx. 100 spam emails a day. apparently, something was opened that shouldn't have been along the way. before that, never received all this junk mail. is hre some way to block all this crap, or some free spam blocker i can add to the outlook express mail? HELP.

A:outlook express spam mail

Searching for spam here will give you a lot of hits.
Here are a couple of threads that might help.

Spam tracking

What programs are you using for SPAM control?

Here is a website with all kinds of information about OE


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I use Outlook Express for several email accounts - is there a good spam filter for Outlook Express?


A:Spam Filter for Outlook Express

i use free spamihilator, i have mine set on high and get NO spam in my inbox. it will take you a few days to train the program but it does a nice job.

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Im getting a lot of spam mails, maybe 20 per day. Do you have any tips for a spam blocker that works well with Outlook Express?

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i use outlook express for my mail,no problems. my mom also use it and she receives tons of unknown mail and spam. we just changed username through our ip, thinking that would solve the problem, but still receive tons of unknown mail amd spam. she doesn't receive mail i send her either. what can i do? had tech come in before and said to change username, will take care of problem. It DIDN"T. this is very annoying. can i delete outlook express all toghether and how?

A:outlook express spam mail

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I am getting tons of Junk email to all my office email addresses, i am using outlook express 6 , plz recommend any Good, Easy to USE SPAM Blocker.


A:SPAM Blocker for Outlook Express

here is a free spam blocker.


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My mother's email account receives a large amount of junk email (spam) daily. The account was one that came with our Internet service provider, adelphia powerlink so we access it using outlook express. The spam filter provided by the company has not helped nor prevented the problem (from the site http://oss.adelphia.net/bm/filter.cgi). I was wondering if there is a good filter that I can use through Microsoft Outlook to stop the spam? Or is there a way to block the unwanted senders? Thank you in advance for any help. This computer runs on Windows XP operating system if that helps and has Outlook Express 6. Let me know if you need any other information

A:Outlook Express Spam Problem

hey, You could use Microsof spam Filter and that should help, you will find it by going to http://www.outlook-spam-filter.com/

Hope that helps

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I have tried numerous times to get Kaspersky Anti Spam to load as an add-in to Microsoft Outlook 2013. I am using the following version of Kaspersky:

If I go into the add-in menu on Outlook the Anti Spam add-in is disabled:

So I re-enable the add-in:

and the add-in appears in the Toolbar/Ribbon:

Then when I close and restart Outlook 2013 again it disappears making it unusable:

I have removed (using the removal tool) and reinstalled Kaspersky and I have repaired Microsoft Office which is effectively a reload of the Office suite but the problem still exists

Would be grateful of some assistance...

It needs to be set to load at start-up but there does not seem to be a way to make this happen?


A:Kaspersky Anti Spam won't load in Outlook 2013


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i had McAffe anti spam installed with other tools from them security set i guess u can say had a heck of a time getting rid of McAfee but the only thing that i have problems with is i get to error messages when i open outlook something about windows cant find McAfee anti-spam. this comes up to times click ok twice and then i get my mail. anyone ever have this problem? thanks

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I have no way to manage my spam folder and approve or deny senders since the anti spam tool bar disappeared on my outlook 2003. On CNET I found this suggestion (copied below), however, when I got to the step of the symantec folder I discovered I didn't have one.

Any other ideas?
In Microsoft Outlook go to:
Tools > Options > Other > Advanced Options > COM Add-ins
Do an ADD...
find the file NASPlug.dll in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\Antispam\
Select it and say 'OK'.

This should trigger Norton Internet Security to re-add the Norton Toolbar and folder.

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Typically when I receive spam, my isp provider marks it as such, then I discern whether it's actual spam, then add those msg's to my junk folder listing. At times I recognize the same spam frequently returning. I'm sure there's a more effective way of managing this unwanted traffic. I've never used "rules & alerts" and "auto-delete"...

Can anyone offer some simple tips?

A:Outlook 2003 (not Express) Spam Management

Hi RubyBlu

Use the Actions > Junk E-mail > Add Sender to Blocked Sender's List to mark unwanted e-mails that download into your Inbox. These are then moved to the Junk E-mail folder and Outlook 2003 will remember next time, if the spammer uses the same address again. Probability of that is low. They'll just use a different e-mail address.

Place your Junk E-mail options to High or use the Safe Sender's List option.
I also use the Tools > Organize feature in Outlook 2003 and have messages from people I know appear in color.
If a message comes in as black, then I can see right off that the message needs to organized by color or use Actions > Junk E-mail > Add Sender to Blocked Sender's List
I go through my Junk E-mail folder at least once a week to verify no messages have been inadvertently marked as Junk that should not be. Then I empty the Junk E-mail folder.

You can also download a free spam program or purchase one, you will more than likely need to train the program as to what is spam and what is not.

There are some free spam alternatives at this site: http://www.majorgeeks.com/downloads10.html
Not all the programs listed, at that link, are spam blockers, read the descriptions and check for the word: Freeware

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ihave heard that it's possible to configure some email programs to place all received email without my direct email address into a special folder; that way, all the spam that is mass-sent to general addresses would be diverted away from my main box. I could quickly glance through it all at some point on the off chance that something of value actually appears in there(not likely).

I have outlook express but would upgrade to outlook if there was a compelling reason (I'm a private user without any of the demands that would justify such purchase.)


A:configure outlook express to resist spam?

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Hey, that's pretty much what I'm looking for. I know there are plenty out there, pretty much an infinite amount, I've searched google for a bit. I need one that's very simple, that can block addresses as simple as [email protected] or even *@blah.com or [email protected]* for more broad blocking. I want it to also not run any services in the background, and if needed, most likely would run a service when Outlook express starts or is sending/recieving. Or be able to set the service to manual and only have it run when outlook is open and then it automatically ends itself when outlook express closes. Oh and, needs to be able to block AIM IMAP mail too. Like manage to take any mail from blocked senders and autodelete them as fit. I'm just seeing if there's such a thing, because I used to manually put them all in on my two AIM.com emails, but now I'm getting errors when trying to save my settings. So kudos to Aim's lovely online email system.

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I want to know how can we block Spam emails in Outlook Express 6?

I am constantly getting spam emails on my business email id and the number of emails is increasing day by day.

Any help will be appreciated.


A:How to Stop Spam Emails in Outlook Express 6?

Hi bushibashir

One way to stop Spam from entering in your Inbox is to install MailWasher. This program sits on your desktop and all mail comes in via this. From here you can view your mail (without the senders knowing) and delete any you do not want. There is a box you can tick for all Spam emails so that when they arrive again, it will be automaticallly deleted without any more intervention.

At this point, all mail is still on the actual ISP server. Once you have vetted the mail, you can allow in the ones you want into your Inbox without worry.

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Evening gang, As the title says I'm looking for a free spam plugin/filter for MS Outlook Express. I've found a few websites offering the software but I'm just a bit warey as to wether its scamware. but as with everyting on the net you can't trust it! unless you have done some homework prior. I was wondering if any of you have any software recommendations? I've had a look through the 'free alternative software' section but not found anything.Have any of you herd fo the following:link 1link 2Cheers in advance

A:Spam Filter Or Plugin For Outlook Express

SpamFighter is not really free - it is a 30-day trial.

Spampal works fine. I used to use it, but it works by checking the domain name of the email. So it won't catch everything. Now I use Cloudmark which is $50/year.

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Hi, I have been trying to install a spam filter software for outlook express but none of them seem to work. The programs install but when i open outlook express these programs are meant to show a toolbar and a folder where it filters spam but they are not showing. Ive tried everything i can think of. Is there something wrong with outlook express? Thanks!

A:free spam software for outlook express

I'm fond of spampal.

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I have been deluged lately with spam of the sort that are headed "Delivery Failure" or something similar, and are being bounced back or "returned" to the non-existent sender at my office - returned to (make up a name, sometimes add a number)@mycompany.com,
So far today I have had to delete over 60 of these - and it is only 11:30 in the morning.
Most of the free spam filters I have looked at put ads into outgoing messages - not okay for a business.
My ISP has been useless; not returning my emails, and I am about to pull out my hair.

I would just cough up the $$, but, well, it has been a lousy year for the company, so if there is a free software anyone could recommend?

(aaagh, there is another one!)
Thanks in advance!

A:Best (hopefully free) spam filter for Outlook Express?

Which spam blockers have you looked at?
Have you checked majorgeeks.com?

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Hi there,

Im not 100% sure if i have a virus or not but im receiving 100+ emails every day saying similar things, stuff like stocks and rubbish about nothing, things that dont even make sense.

Im also getting tonnes of delivery vailure notices for emails ive never sent...

can anyone tell me whats going on?



A:Outlook Express Spam - 107 emails in 1 session

have you run a updated virus scanner and spyware scanner ???

try an online version here


you should also post a Hijackthis log for a secruity guru to analyis

post a hjt log


Download and copy hijackthis to its own folder , it makes backups so keeping them separate and available can be useful.
SO DO NOT put hjt onto the desktop or temp files.

create a directory say my documents/hjt

Note the Spyware tools websites are very often under attack and so I have provided more than 1 location to download from:

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Unfortunately many of us get flooded with empty emails which seem to be used to determine if our email addresses are active. It we open these emails a signal is sent to a mailing list seller who keeps the email address on his lists. I have been advised to always only read my email off-line to avoid this problem. It seems to work but takes a month or two before the siege abates. Then when you forget to go off-line or open an offending email which gets you back on the lists and it starts over again.
Does anyone know for sure that this method is really effective? Is there a better way to handle this without resorting to keeping your email address secret except to the trusted few?
I have several email accounts and the one affected most is the one I use with Outlook Express. I have tried Outlook but don't need all its functions it has.

A:Outlook Express spam handling problem

We all have friends that are the kind to forward to all their contacts a message about nokia giving away free cellphones or hotmail becoming a paying service. So I don't really believe there's a way to prevent all spam.

Anyone knows about a mail provider or client that can use ip adresses ranges in its block list ? And about a list of spamming ip's ?

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Several of my web sites have contact forms. Some of them are being used by nut cases to send a message containing rubbish.
Like any other spam, the sender's name is changed each time. However, the rubbish in the body of the message is the same each time.
I used to be able to utilise a constant like that to set a message rule in Outlook Express. I would set the filter to look for one or more of the rubbish words in the body of the email, and then I set the filter to to delete the message from the server.
Now, the message rule fails to delete the email from the server. Has something changed in Outlook Express?



A:Spam filter fails on Outlook Express

A great add on for Outlook/OE is called Spambayes.

Im pretty sure that it now supports Express and it does an awesome job with spam management.

Take a look and see if this helps you any.

Hope this helps

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I am using outlook express and whenever i sent a outward mail ,the recipient subject line contains heading as **SPM**.I have company logo attached in my mail .When i removed the picture and sent the mail,no spam was shown.But the company logo(gif image) is an ISO standard and it is compulsary to use that(all employess use same gif image and only for me the SPAm is shown,).When i check for virus in this gif image no virus is shown,my PC is also free from virus.Is there any way to get out of these spam indication in my subject line.?


A:outgoing messages always shows **SPAM** in my outlook express

I'm having the same problem. Have you found a solution? Thanks...

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any quick way of deleting email messages in Outlook Express instead of doing each individually ?

A:Any quick way for deleting spam messages in Outlook express ?

Single click the first one then hold down the Ctrl key and do that too the rest of them then click delete and they will all be gone.

Do you have any message rules set up to get rid of them?

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Computer began restarting several times a day. Realized only happening when Outlook Express is open. Any clues on how to fix this?

A:Outlook Express Causing Restarts

You can try a repair of IE/OE.How to reinstall or repair Internet Explorer and Outlook Express in Windows XP - http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?kbid=318378 Louis

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Hope someone can help me with this. Last night I downloaded a handgun screensaver with music. This morning I noticed that as soon as I brought up Outlook, I would be disconnected from the internet. I uninstalled the screensaver thinking that since it was the only thing to change, it must be the culprit. I also noticed in Windows Explorer that I had two G: drives listed although they didn't show in My Computer.
I even went into regedit and found the keys for the screensaver and deleted them and re-started my PC. Still, I am getting disconnected when I try to use Outlook to download my email.
I can usually trouble shoot but this has me stumped. Anyone have any ideas or links for support? Thank You!

A:Outlook Express causing disconnection

I guess that Microsoft is into gun control, and that screen saver offended them.

It sounds like you got a bit more than a screen saver with that download, did you do a AV scan? How about a spy-ware scan with something like AdAware?

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Need blocker to combat Spamming of my home E-mail account that's effective, easy to set up, use, & change settings in the Spam blocker if needed.

Using Outlook Express 5.50.4133.2400 with no updates since computer was bought in Sept. 2001.

Also using DirectX 6.1a

A:What's a GOOD FREEWARE Spam Blocker program for Outlook Express Ver. 5.50

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does one exist? (not looking to change clients-- please don't suggest that...)

A:decent free outlook express client side spam filter?

Hi and Welcome!
Are you in the UK?
If so which ISP are you with? As most can run IMAP connections, and will automatically allow you to "train" the spam filter, by putting e-mails into the spam box.
If you arn't in the UK, I have found Spam Fighter however I have never used it myself.
Kind Regards

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I am running windows XP pro. i am using Norton AV email protection with outlook express.
I like to allow certain mail (html page and exe and xl statements) from a particular address without deleted by NA.Now it is deleting the contents. whether it can be done? How?
KIndly someone help.....
thanks in advance...

A:Norton AV+outlook express

Try this first.
It may be a security option in Outlook Express is enabled.

Error: "OE removed access to the following unsafe attachments in your mail" when opening email
If that don't help you can try this.

Under Email Protection you can select the Ask me what to do: option.

Open Nortons control panel

click Options

on the left under Internet, click Email

under How to responed when a virus is found:

select Ask me what to do: (this gives you manual control on what to do if a virus is incountered.)

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Hi All,

My daughter (who lives in London) recently got connected to BTbroadband. Since getting the system set up, whenever she tries using IE 6 and/or Outlook Express 6, the system (Windows 98SE) freezes after about two or three minutes and she has to reboot. I have gone through the configuration settings, etc. with her and can't find anything wrong. The problem happens irrespective of whether the firewall (ZoneAlarm) is enabled or shutdown.

My QUESTION is, has any other member had this problem? If so, any advice on how to cure it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance...

PS. The BT Yahoo Broadband modem is connected to her Dell Dimension XPS 400 PC via a USB cable.

A:Solved: IE6 & Outlook Express is causing Win98se to Freeze

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Recently my outlook express 6 keeps displaying an error when i send an e-mail particularly when there's an attachment. There's no description of the error but it keeps the message in the outbox and not in the sent box even though its actually been sent. I suspect its something to do with my Norton antivirus and even turning off the email protection doesn't change anything. Please help!!

A:outlook express 6 / norton problems

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