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Brother QL-800 Printer Driver Install Problem

Q: Brother QL-800 Printer Driver Install Problem

I am running into a problem trying to install a Brother QL-800 label printer on a Dell Desktop running 64 Bit Windows 8.1 Professional. The driver installer was downloaded directly from the Brother website Support download page for that model. The installation procedure took a while and completed without any kind of failure or warnings.

The previously installed P-Touch labeling software could not find a compatible label printer and chose the Windows default networked laser printer as the output device. The QL-800 was powered up and connected by a USB cable to the computer before launching the P-Touch software. When I checked the Windows Devices & Printers control panel, the QL-800 was listed as a storage device under Devices instead of under Printers. I removed the device and ran the Brother cleanup utility to remove the drivers and then repeated the installation procedure with the same results.

The user had been using the P-Touch software with an older QL-550 label printer that was starting to have mechanical problems but otherwise was working OK with the P-Touch software. It was not connected to the computer when I removed it from the Windows printer list before I installed the QL-800 drivers. The software was able to immediately recognize and use the QL-550 when the USB cable was moved from the QL-800 to the QL-550.

What do I need to do to make the QL-800 install as a printer? I am leary of uninstalling the QL-550 drivers as the user does need to print labels on a regular basis throughout the day.

EDIT: I just tried installing the same printer drivers on my computer running the same version of Windows on a different model Dell desktop. It never had any previous installations of Brother printer drivers or the P-Touch software. It included a dialog box asking if it was OK to temporarily use the printer with P-Touch software and gave information on how to do it permanently with the Editor Lite button on the printer. I did not get the dialog box when installing on the original computer. It installed with no problem and the printer shows up as a printer on my computer.

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Preferred Solution: Brother QL-800 Printer Driver Install Problem

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I have Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit version and the install of the Brother DCP 7065DN is causing me grief.

The copy and scan functions are operable, but not the printer function.

I am logged in as Administrator in Vista.

Printing a test page returns an "access is denied" message.

So I try to open as administrator and trying the Print test page, returns message "Printer not installed"

I have tried the XP compatibility mode as well as XP and Win7 printer drivers but no success.

I have had no problem installed the printer on another hard drive with Win 7

Brother says my Vista is corrupted and contact support.microsoft.com . How nice, Doing a web search, it seems that Brother definitely has compatibility issues with Vista judging on all the posts. Unfortunately I see few solutions.

Any takers out there?

A:Brother Printer DCP 7065DN printer driver won't install

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If you check posts by chuy123, he had the same problem as I do.An error message appears during installation of the Brother printer driver as follows: "An error occurred when copying file BRSM9569CDW_0000.DSI. Cannot copy file to destination directory." I spent over an hour with a Level 5 tech support person at Brother and he could not solve the problem. Any suggestions as to what can possilby be blocking the file from being copied?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.00GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 4
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2046 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 39542 MB, Free - 13132 MB; F: Total - 20316 MB, Free - 12522 MB; G: Total - 26231 MB, Free - 21542 MB; H: Total - 29721 MB, Free - 29574 MB; I: Total - 30914 MB, Free - 30175 MB; J: Total - 45739 MB, Free - 41362 MB; K: Total - 21108 MB, Free - 6293 MB; L: Total - 21108 MB, Free - 21040 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0X8582
Antivirus: Avast, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Disabled

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printer driver problem. Printer Model: Brother HL-730DX

Computer: Compaq Presario 8000 with XP Home

Background: There is no driver called HL-730DX in the vendor-supplied version of XP (I also downloaded the latest Win updates from Microsoft and looked on the Brother download site.) Brother says there, about win XP, that the driver is included. Brother has no XP driver available. I spoke with a Brother rep on the phone - same story.

There are drivers called HL-730+ and HL-730 600 DPI. I tried both with the same results - I now have the HL-730+ driver installed.
2 problems.

1. Each time I start the computer, whether from "system standby" or "cold boot", if the printer is turned on, I get the "new hardware found" window and “bubbles”. I just click "cancel" but I have to do it every time. The same thing happens if I turn on the printer when the computer is already on. How do I stop this?

2. Nearly every time I print for the first time in a session the printer spews out page after page – some blank – some with gibberish at the top. I can stop the process only by removing all paper from the feeder, causing the printer to pause. I turn off the printer power; delete the document from the printer queue (this takes about 45 seconds to a minutes after I select cancel to happen); replace the paper; turn on the printer and re-send the job. Usually printing works OK for the session after that?

I think this may be caused by a signal sen... Read more

A:printer driver problem. Brother HL-730DX

is this the driver ???


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I have been unable to find a Windows 7 driver for my Brother HL 1440 printer.

Has anyone an idea of where I can get one or if even exists?

Thank you/

A:Driver for Brother HL 1440 Printer

Brother: HL-1440: Downloads: Drivers: United States

Try this one, and maybe try to run it in Vista or Xp Comp.

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Am trying to install my printer brother HL-1070.
Brother indicates that a driver can be found through Windows Updates for the HL-1060. HL-1070 or 1060, it is basically the same so that would be fine for me.
Only if I follow the instructions for using Windows Updates I do not get any printers on the list of available printers. None at all.
If I go the other way (troubleshooting the unspecified printer) windows tries to get a driver for HL-1070 and can't find it.
How can I get windows to look for the HL-1060 driver ???? Or where can I get hold of the driver... if microsoft has it ?
I trust this will get sorted out cause there are so many knowledgeable and helpful people here... thanks for sharing your solutions

A:Driver for printer brother HL-1070

Give this a shot

How to Find Drivers
search Google for the name of the driver
- compare the Google results with what's installed on your system to figure out which device/program it belongs to
- visit the web site of the manufacturer of the hardware/program to get the latest drivers (DON'T use Windows Update or the Update driver function of Device Manager).
- if there are difficulties in locating them, post back with questions and someone - will help you search Google for the name of the driver
- compare the Google results with what's installed on your system to figure out which device/program it belongs to
- - if there are difficulties in locating them, post back with questions and someone will try and help you locate the appropriate program.
- The most common drivers are listed on this page: http://www.carrona.org/dvrref.html
- - Driver manufacturer links are on this page: http://www.carrona.org/drvrdown.html
To remove any left over driver remnants, especially from graphics cards, use driver sweeper

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Hi, I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.
My Brother p-touch QL-500 printer is USB connected.
My main hard drive, the C drive, is an SSD drive, just in case that matters.
My p-touch printer, which I use for address labels,worked OK until I installed it on a new PC, using the installation disk.
The installation seemed to work OK, until I tried to use the machine.
Then a message flashed up to say the drive was broken.
I re-installed it from the Brother downloads page and it seemed OK.
then I found that if I tried to make an address label it was OK until I got to the part where I click on 'check media'.
Then a message flashed up to say 'printer offline or no media', neither of which was correct.
If I ignored the message and continued through to the print stage, nothing happened except that the green light on the machine flashed rapidly until I turned the machine off.
The label position-er or reset button works fine.
Seemed like a software fault, so I uninstalled and re-installed the driver from the Brother downloads site. Now I again get a message to say the driver is broken.
I'd be grateful for any advice.

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Please guide me how I can get a driver for my brother printer HL -1030 for Windows 7. I called Brother office in Canada and they say this printer is not compatible with Windows 7. Is there any other printer driver I can download and get my printer working.

Thanks in advance.


A:Brother HL-1030 printer driver for Windows 7

You should be able to use the XP drivers and install them in compatibilty mode.

Here's a link to the XP Home/Pro 32-Bit Drivers
Brother Solutions Center: HL-1030: Downloads: Others

To run the installer in compatibility mode:

Right Click Installer > Properties > Compatibility > Select the OS you want. (In this case, XP)

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OK, so I grew a big pair of cajones and decided to just "go for it" on my main machine and try the inplace upgrade. I crossed my fingers and started setup off the DVD then downloaded the updated setup files...

BTW - I have previously run the Win7 upgrade advisor and found a few mobo drivers I knew I'd need to update afterwards like SATA RAID. No other issues were reported.
When I crossed my fingers and clicked upgrade, I waited anxiously... then a dialog box popped up informing me that I had issues that needed to be resolved before setup could continue:I need to update my laser printer driver <---???
I need to possibly remove iTunes <-- that's no big deal!
So, I closed setup and went to brothers support site looking for drivers... None were listed but I found a link to the Win7 driver update release schedule. Guess what these ID10Ts are doing with my driver??? Not gonna be released until December 2009!!! WTH??? Here is their release schedule: http://welcome.solutions.brother.com...r_schedule.pdf

As a teacher one peripheral I rely on heavily is my printer...

A:Brother HL-2040 Printer Driver Issue...

More info on the issue:

According to Microsoft my printer is compatible...

However, a support call to Brother confirmed that they will not have Win7 drivers until early December as shown in the release schedule above!


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I have Wins ME and am hoping to see if this printer works.

I can't seem to find any drivers for it or how to intall them

Any advice appreciated



A:Driver for Old Brother 2024L Dot Matrix Printer

try here. http://members.driverguide.com/index.php?action=aptlr_US&furl=

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D_SetUP.exe executes until it reaches the point of bringing down latest firmware. fter than nothing happens, but the printer shows up on the printer list. But no icon appears and the printer doesn't show under all programs list or on the control panel programs list.
Any ideas?

A:Brother label printer QL-570. Driver downloaded but won't run

Hi .... Try Downloading the Driver from the Link below ...
Downloads | QL-570 | United Kingdom | Brother

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Brother UK tell me they have no plans for providing a driver for this printer, which runs under XP, which means I am going to have to junk it and also a HP Scanjet 4370. Any solutions? There must be millions of such devices heading for the junkyard simply because of the success of Win 7

A:Win 7 driver needed for brother hl-1230 printer

Hi there
Don't junk your printer
Run a Virtual XP machine --your printer will still work.


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Here I go again. I asked this before and the problem was solved. However I installed a new and upgraded mobo and cpu. The printer will not install now. For general safety I reinstalled W10 and all my programs. I downloaded and ran the Brother drivers setup.exe. All I get is "machine not found". This is so even though after running setup.exe the Brother mfc-j895dw printer appears in Devices and Printers each time I attempt the install though I remove that device each time. I even tried the previously failed cd install just in case but it still fails. Setup.exe runs and decompresses all the files into a folder Install which contains setup.exe. I deleted that folder and the driver download and tried running setup several times to no avail. I deleted the downloaded file, the Install folder, and the printer from Devices and Printers before attempting each reinstall. I disconnect the Brother from everything before starting setup and only reconnect it when installation says to reconnect. I also set the printer as the default printer each time to no avail.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 3200G with Radeon Vega Graphics, AMD64 Family 23 Model 24 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 16310 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 710, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 111 GB (64 GB Free); H: 465 GB (369 GB Free); I: 931 GB (817 GB Free);
Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC., ROG STRIX B450-F G... Read more

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Hello all,
Just bought a Brother mfc-5490cn and am having issues installing the software suite to print from a PC via an ethernet connection.

Every time I attempt to install it, towards the end of the installation while it is installing everything I get this error message.


An error occurred during the installation.
Please restart your PC, ensure all applications are closed
- Then reinstall "MFL-Pro Suite".

ISO34- InstallNetworkDriver - 1

When I hit the "Ok" button, the installer hangs and I have to end task it.

Any ideas as to what may be causing this?

I am running Win XP Pro service pack 3 using an admin account.

Thanks in advanced.

A:Unable To Install MFL-Pro Suite For Brother Printer

I would try installing it in Safe mode
If you do it in normal mode, I would disconnect from the net, turn off your AV, firewall, and any spyware scanners that monitor registry changes like Spybot's Teatimer function

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Hi, I cannot re-install my brother printer HL2170W. I have seen here a post that had the link to the website for the latest drivers...went there and when i unzip the file there is no setup file or even an executable file that gets zipped. Am i missing something?

Prior to this, I ran the install of the latest drivers (I think) from the website for 64 bit vista. Then it went through the installation and completed but the printer does not show up on the control panel. So, that is why I tried to follow the instructions posted here.


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I've installed a Brother HL-1240 laser printer on a new Windows 8 computer. Brother says that Windows has built in the driver for this printer. Sure enough, the printer appears on my device list. However, the printer preferences says that the maximum resolution is 300 dpi. The specs for the printer clearly state a max resolution of 600 dpi.

When I used the printer on an XP computer I got 600 dpi.

Has anyone else run into the problem of the Windows 8 printer drive not allowing the maximum printer resolution?

Any solution? I chatted with Brother support and they said that since Windows created the drive that there was nothing Brother could do.

BTW - The printer functions in Windows 8, it just can't supply the max resolution so many of my pdf prints look pixelated.

A:Windows 8 built-in Brother printer driver caps resolution

Originally Posted by ChrisVan

I chatted with Brother support and they said that since Windows created the drive that there was nothing Brother could do.

Just my two cents but I seriously doubt that the Win 8 developers are in the driver development business for all 3rd party hardware. Just because it is inherently available via Windows 8 installation methods does not mean that it was created by the Windows 8 developers. With that said, I would be going back to Brother support and tell them that "they" made a mistake when they submitted that Win 8 driver for inclusion in the Win 8 operating system. Specifically, they forgot (or knowingly) did not include the 600 DPI option. And, while you are at it, ask them if there might be an alternative driver (w/600 DPI) available that might work for your specific printer. Good luck.

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Hi since changing to W10 I am unable to install the above on my lap top, both worked fine on my old vista machine, little notice comes saying something like ..incompatable with the O.S, is there away to get around this ?
The printer, an Epson DX4400 is a few years old I know, but it is still very good and I dont really want to get rid of it, any help / suggestions would be appreciated.

A:Unable to install Epson printer or Brother Labeller

Vista came in 2006 and Windows 10 in 2016.
Try Installing the Driver in compatiablity mode.Right click the Driver setup file and select properties>compatiablity>Run this in Windows vista.
50-50 chances that it should work.

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I cannot find a driver when trying to install the printer over my home network.Printer is installed and working on Dell XP 3100
Printer has prevously been installed via usb on Tosh Win 7
Printer & file sharing are set up on both computers
Files and printers can be seen from the Tosh that are on the Dell.
When i try to install, I get error message that a driver cannot be found. Remeber the printer is installed locally on both machines... so drivers are present.
Does anyone know how to direct to the driver? I do not have an printer install disc... installed from download.


A:Install Brother HL-1440 as network printer on Windows 7

With my Brother, running the downloaded installer finds the printer already on he network. Sets it up and install the drivers. Otherwise, W& will try to use it's geneic WSD, which is not bidirectional.
I did have a problem that I resolved by completely uninstalling and re-running the latest installer from Brother's website. Hope that helps.

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The DELL Inspiron 17R SE 7720of of my mother was used  since years and without problems with a wireless mouse and keyboard connected to.
But now, since I installed the drivers for a new "Brother DCP-L2500D" printer/scanner device, the wireless mouse and keyboard stopped working - more precisely: After a start/restart of Windows, the wireless mouse & keyboard are dysfunctional at the login screen. If then the printers USB connection is unplugged, the wireless mouse & keyboard are back operational after like 10 seconds.
I have tested all available USB ports and "permutated" the connections in all possible combinations - to no avail...
Any hint/idea how to fix this is highly welcome!

BTW: The laptops built-in keyboard and touch-pad are never affected and do work all the time.The OS is Windows 7 Home Professional (64bit).

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My Brother printer, Model MFC J825DW, will only print the very top of the page

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Hope this is the correct Forum for Printer questions.
Is it ?

Have a 5 yr old Brother printer (HL-2140) which uses a TN-360 ink Cartridge.

A Brother branded "high yield" TN-360 goes for about $ 50. Wow.

I see that Amazon carries several other non Brother, but supposedly compatible
TN-360 cartridges by mfg. names I've never heard of.

Much, much cheaper.
Am willing to try one, but am very uncertain which of the brands to go with.

Anyone have any experience with non Brother labeled "compatible" cartridges ?
Any good ?
Which Brand should I try, perhaps ?

Note: It's almost worth buying a brand new Brother printer instead !

Thought on ?


A:Brother Printer and Non-Brother Branded Ink Cartridges ?

Hi, again:

You will likely find that the answer to this question falls into 2 major camps:
Only use OEM, branded ink from the printer manufacturer (or a trusted, high-volume, reputable seller), OR
It's perfectly fine to use knockoff, refurb, non-branded
I don't know anything about Brother, as I have been using HP printers/all-in-ones since the days of the printing press.

No matter which brand, in the printer industry, the ink/toner is how the manufacturer makes its money, not on the hardware.

There are many factors in the risk:benefit calculation, such as budget, volume of printing needs, need for optimal performance, etc.

My own personal experience for relatively heavy home/home office use is that it is not worth skimping on the cost of discounted ink/toner.
There can be serious quality issues with the cheap stuff (even branded, refurbished ones).
And there can be quality issues even when buying "new" OEM ink/toner from 3rd-party sites or even brick and mortar big box stores (the items may be legit, but they are stale).
If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.
HP has a terrific ink/toner program -- 2 or 3 mouse clicks and I have the products on my doorstep 1 or 2 business days later, with free shipping. The price is highly competitive, and the ink/toner is always fresh and high-quality. This works very well for me.

Your mileage may vary, of course....
Cheers, MM
P.S. Did you resolve the other issue reported HERE??? If so, it helps us (a... Read more

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My Brother MFC-420cn has an error message that says "Unable to Clean". As a result, it won't print, fax, scan, etc. I've tried everything I can, but nothing has worked, and the Brother documentation is insufficient. What can I do to either get it to clean, ir override the cleaning function?

A:Brother MFC-420cn all in one printer problem

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Hi. I bought a Brother DCP-J315W and set it up to print via my wifi - it worked fine initially. A couple of days ago I tried to print something - but nothing: a message on the PC said that the document couldn't be printed. I tried via USB cable - still nothing. So I reinstalled the software from the CD-ROM and reset the wifi network (even though the LCD showed no problem - full signal). The wifi indicator on the LCD still shows full signal and the report that is printed out after wifi setup shows all OK. But although I can now print via a USB cable, still no luck via wifi. A bald 'cannot print the document' window: SO annoying, as it was working and I haven't done anything in the interim to stop it from doing so (I was away for Christmas and haven't used the PC (Win XP SP3) since I last printed successfully).

Any ideas why the printer now refuses to accept printing via wifi? In Control Panel/Printers, it is shown as being online. Change to offline, back to online. No joy. I can't see what else to do. A message when I go through troubleshooting steps (in vain) tells me to consult my network administrator - which only makes me angrier, this being a home machine!

Advice gratefully received! if it worked once, what's got into it all of a sudden??!



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I have acquired a Brother HL-5130 mono laser printer via Ebay and have successfully installed it but despite selecting 'English' on the installation menu, when it comes to viewing the printer's properties, everything is in a foreign language, eg Pappersstorlek for Paper Size, Kopior for Copies.

Any suggestions as to how this problem can be fixed?

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I have a brothers HL1240 printer that is not ejecting printed sheets from printer. It completes the printing completely and then holds on to the paper on the last inch or so.
I have to pull the paper loose or the next page printing jambs. Can you guys help me with this? I hope that I am posting on the right forum, I am a greeny. Thanks

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I have a brother printer Mfc-j265w with the screen saying unable to init 4f. I have search the web for a fix. The fix said to clean the encoder strip check for foreign objects, and to reset the machine. While doing these steps I found that the printer head will not move from the far right. Can I get some help with this or is my printer toast? Thank You for your help Larry

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz, Intel64 Family 15 Model 6 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2039 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) Q965/Q963 Express Chipset Family, 384 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 76216 MB, Free - 44887 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 0A60h
Antivirus: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2015, Updated and Enabled

A:Solved: Brother Printer Problem

You've probably seen this

It might be worth trying this

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I formerly used the Brother AIO MFC 3240C printer on a Windows XP Pro machine and now with this new Compaq with preinstalled Windows 7, I can't install and use it--even with my Brother CD for the software. The printer appears to be compatible with Win 7 but the CD fails to install the printer. I keep getting a message that updated drivers may be needed and that Win 7 Windows Update should install the necessary drivers. Not so or least I haven't seen them in any Windows Updates.
I was using a Brother HL 2040 but decided I wanted to resume using the Brother AIO printer so that I could scan and use the copy features. Anyone using this same setup on a Windows 7 OS machine?
And as luck would have it, one color ink cartridge is empty and since I don't print in color would that have a bearing on anything? Would this cause the printer to not print anything? I only print in B&W. As usual, TIA and I hope you can follow what I tried to convey.

A:Solved: Brother AIO Printer Installation Problem

Did the Compaq come with 32 bit or 64 bit windows? If 64Bit You may have to go to the Brother Website and see if a 64 Bit driver is available. My Canon MF3110 won't install on any 64 Bit OS either as there is no driver support for 64Bit.

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Hey i recently forgot my wireless password so i reset it and ever since then my printer says its offline and wont print.

IVE TRIED UNINSTALLING IT AND REINSTALLING IT but whenever i got to control panel and add printer it never finds it.

its definately connected to my wireless because it says connected on the printer.

A:Solved: Problem with brother MFC-5895CW printer

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Thanks in advance!

M problem:
I had accidentally deleted the printer icon from "Printer and Faxes" by right clicking it and selecting "Delete."
I only did this because the printer had a print job that wouldn't go away after many attempts.
But when I try re-installing it by downloading the correct driver for it, it would only load up initially with the status bar indicating the unpackaging of the installation, but after it reaches 100%, it wouldn't continue onward.
I kept launching the installation almost 7 times now, but the same result happens.

Solutions I've tried
I have contemplated on doing a system restore, but I had not created a starting point.
I have downloaded their standard driver installation instead of the full package installation, but the same problem arises.
I have went into "Printer and Faxes," and selected "Add Printer," but it doesn't have HP PSC 1315v All in One. I have tried updating the list, but it returns and error message.

My computing environment:
Windows XP, HP PSC 1315v All in One.

Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: HP PSC 1315v All in One Printer Problem - Cannot re-install the driver

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Opened up a large .pdf document to read, and after that, tried to print a simple one page
WORD document.

Using a Brother Printer. Model HL-2140

Anyway, all my printer wants to do now is print the very large .pdf.

Can't figure out how to "clear" its memory.

I think, but am not sure, that the .pf is in the Printers memory at:


Bit I can't get to the APPDATA.

Probable a "hidden" file "

How do I get to it please, so I can get to the WORD Folder underneath it ?

Or, How can I tell this Printer to Clear it's memory to stop it from
continually trying to print these hundreds of pages ?


A:Brother HL-2140 Printer Memory Problem, And How To Get To /APPDATA/

Perhaps try to clear the printer queue?

I Googled this:
<Brother Printer. Model HL-2140 clear queue>

And I got this:
Delete print jobs from the print queue. | Brother

I hope this helps,

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Hi tech guys,

since few months ago, I bought a new printer (Brother DCP-T700W)
Since started using it, I noticed whenever I print a colored document, the paper seems to be wet,
I never used such fill tank ink before, always using laser printers, so the paper always dry, no matter to be b/w or color,
I am not sure, is this is just my device, or all fill tank printers do the same outcome,
However, I have to continue using it, but I noticed the colored printer papers getting worst,
when I print a colored document, the whole content became blurry and mostly reddish and yellowish, no any other colors,
what is the problem seems to be? and how to solve it?
Any relevant feedback will be highly appreciated,

A:Brother DCP-T700W printer color problem, how to solve it?

In the future, please only create a single topic for each problem. In other words, don't post the same problem/question in multiple boards.

Paper being damp is common depending on what you are printing and the paper type you are using.

Improper printing would be an indication of a problem. Most printer software has options for printing a calibration page. That would indicate which colors are working/not working. You may also need to be perform a cleaning or deep cleaning to try and unclog the printhead.

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Windows 7 Professional

Haven't had the need to use my printer in a couple of weeks, so I don't know when the problem started. It is a Brother HL-2270DW that has been problem free. There are tests that can be tried using the printer itself and it says it has a good connection and should be functioning.

Nevertheless, when I click on print, the available choices are Microsoft XPS Document writer and Fax; the Brother unit is not included as an option. When I enter the control panel and look at the devices, my printer is mentioned with a Troubleshooting necessary indicated, but letting the troubleshooter do its job does not provice any suitable result.

I returned to a restore point the 23 of this month, but am not wanting to go much further back, because except for the printer problem, my computer is working great, and I don't want to remove necessary updates, etc. that might create a whole new problem.

I have shut down for half minute and restarted the printer to see if it might provide a benefit, but when I restart the printer, it's self trouble shooting feature suggest that the unit is both attached and working properly. Toner is over 90% remaining. BTW it is wifi and my router seems to be working perfectly. Drivers are latest.

Thanks for any input!

A:Printer problem needs guru. Looks like Windows not Brother problem.

Do you have it setup as a wireless printer? If so, reinstall the printer driver but use a USB cable initially.
Once that is working then setup wireless.

If you don't have the CD or can't find it, the drive is available from the Brother web site (I have the same printer).

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Would sure appreciate some help with this; driving me crazy.

Have a few year old Brother monochrome laser printer, Model HL-2140/ 2170W
One of their cheaper models; just does simple B&W single page printing.

I opened up a very big document of a few hundred pages.
The print option gives me the option to print "ALL" or "Just This Page"

I was careless, and didn't select the print only a single page option.

Now, no matter what I do, press, or turn the printer on or off, it always wants to come back to printing
the entire document.

I guess it's all loaded into it's memory.

How do I clear the printer memory, please, so I can go back to printing single pages ?

Much thanks,

A:Brother Printer Problem; Printing Just A Single Page ? Clearing Mem?

You need to "Clear the print queue" See here:
Delete print jobs from the print queue. | Brother

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My friend got this rather old laser printer, but it is not working with Win7 x86.

Win7 x86 does have driver for it build in, and at boot it finds the printer, and "install" the driver. The printer is showing up in "printer and other devices", but when I then rightclick on the printericon and selecting printerproperties, it says, that there is no driver installed for this printer, and ask if it should install one. I click Yes, and it seems to install OK, I can then see that the printer is connected to the parrallel-port (LPT1, but when I try to click on "print testpage", it writes back "access denied", and after that it ask if Windows should bee lookig for a solution. I click yes, and it is testing, but find no errors. I close the window, and rightclick on the printericon again. And it is starting all over again. No printerdriver is installed for this printer, and then ask if it should install one.

I have tried to remove the printer, rebooted, and the printer is then found again, but no difference. I have downloaded the Vistadriver, and tried this but no difference.

Any ideas what I can try now? The driver that is buildin in Win7 is WHQL certified.

A:Brother HL-1230 driver problem

Can you get to the Advanced tab to se if the name of the driver is correct.

Check the Ports tab also.

And select the printer, choose File > Printer Server Properties and verify here as well.

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I have just installed W7 32 bit on a desktop PC which has a HP deskjet F2180 attached to it via USB. I downloaded the W7 32 bit full feature driver and installed it. I have also enabled the printer to be shared on the network.

Now I have also just installed W732 bit on a Laptop. Both computers in are the same homegroup with same password etc.

When i try to add printer, network printer ... it finds the F2180 HP printer pretty quickly. However when it goes on to connect and download the drivers I get an error ..

"Unable to install printer. Driver files are missing or incorrect ...".

I have been searching for a solution to this, or to try and understand the problem but with no success. It would be really appreciated if anyone can shed any light on this?

Thanks in advance, Mike.

A:cant install printer driver when sharing HP printer

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums, Mike.

You may need to turn off password protected sharing in Homegroup's advanced settings.

You may also need to install your printer's HP driver to your laptop rather than the Windows driver.

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I need help..please ))
A week ago I disconneced my printer cable from the computer.When i connected again the windows searched dor device software for the printer and didnt find.
Driver to the MX 360 PRINTER(which i use) was installed I see it in the programms.
So then I uninstalled the driver and installed again from canon site,when i installed in the insallation process the driver found the printer!.
Then restarted the pc and again windows looked for a driver ans said he cant install. I attach the message here./
I tried this procedure with usa mp driver dor canon and also with europenian.. still computer doesnt reconize the printer..
When i go ro device and printer i see my canon printer with a caution sign on it(a yellow triangle with a "!" )
I downloaded the driver from canon site it was MP driver (the latest)
dont know what to do...
I using win 7 64 bit.
I talked to canon support they said its windows problem.
I tried to press at the printer sign in device and printers and then started the troubleshooter of windows but again its not helped..

advice please..??

A:Window 7 64 bit cannot install driver sotware(canon printer driver)

Hi did you try a system restore to a point when it did work.

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I am trying to install Lexmark's universal drivers for my E323 printer. I get to the bit where the install tries to find a printer to create a queue, and then it gets stuck.

If I unplug the printer, delete the Microsoft E323 queue, and then run the Lexmark driver installer again, and if I then get to the page in the installer for finding the printer and connect the printer, there is some brief activity from the installer showing that it has at least seen the printer and is trying to create a queue. However after a couple of seconds I get a notification from the system tray showing that Windows has once again nipped in there and installed its own queue, and the Lexmark driver installation gets stuck once more.

How can I force installation of the Lexmark driver/queue instead of the broken Microsoft driver?

A:Can't install Lexmark printer driver because MS driver blocks it

Hello halfbeing and welcome to Seven Forums.

According to Lexmark's compatibility page, the only driver that should be used with the E323 is the Windows 7 OS Driver which should be pre-packaged with the Windows 7 installation media or is available as an optional download from Microsoft or Windows Updates. The Universal Printer Driver doesn't appear to be compatible with the E323.


If Lexmark does have a newer driver for your E323, you might be able to find it by following these instructions; especially the part about uninstalling an older driver before installing the newer version.

If that doesn't help there's an email link in the left column here.

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hey guys,

i just recently bought a brother all-in-one printer (model # MFC-495CW) and was wondering how to use the feeder on the top of the machine to do couble sided copies/scans?

if you could help that would be awesome

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i just got a Brother MFC-4420C multifunction printer, i went onto the Brother site, downloaded the drivers, etc. and tryed 2 run the driver, and got this messgae, any1 know why? thanks :

A:Brother printer

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Today i found my brother HL - 1210 printer no respond, any suggestion?


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My brother printer won't print double sided ever since my hard drive crashed. I have a new hard drive now. I completely uninstalled printer and started over from scratch. Updated software and driver. My iPad will print to the printer and do double sided printer but not my laptop. What else can I do?

A:Brother printer

Please post only one thread relating to your problem. Posting multiple threads for the same problem makes it difficult to help when suggestions are spread across multiple threads, and it is against forum rules.

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I have a Oki Okipage 8w printer that I cannot reinstall to my computer. I had some problems with my computer, so I deleted everything, and reinstalled all the drivers...but now, my printer will not load/install

I get an error message which says: SEVERE WARNING

Okipage 8w Hi-per W Driver is not installed. Please goto the add printer wizard to add the driver.

Well that doesn't won't as well, so someone please help me.

A:Can't Install Printer Driver!

You can try downloading a new driver from here

Also make sure lpt1 is set to ECP mode

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Hi all,

I'm trying to get my Canon IP8500 printer to work with my Samsung NC20 netbook which is running Windows XP.

Usually I simply plug the printer into any Windows XP computer and it'll automatically install the necessary drivers. However, when I plug it into my netbook and instruct Windows XP to automatically search/find and install the drivers, it can't find any.
So I've gone onto the Canon website and manually downloaded the drivers, but when I try to install them via the setup.exe it says that a newer driver is already installed, and aborts the setup.

The weird thing is that there definitely isn't a driver already installed, because I've even gone into device manager and uninstalled the printer/driver before trying again.

I need to get this printer working as soon as possible, so any help would be appreciated.
This printer has been such a pain in the ***, it's probably the worse electrical item I have ever bought in my life.

A:Printer driver won't install.

Hi Zildjian285

Have you got the printer plugged in directly to your computer, or via a USB plug?

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I posted this on the Hardware forum a few days ago and I am still stuck. I've been thru many more steps since then.

Four days ago I bought a Lexmark x5150 printer-scanner-copier. Went through the setup steps, then put the installation CD in the CD tray.

It would not read the CD; I tried other CDs to see if it was my CD tray, and other CDs were read just fine. Tried to start CD from the Start menu, couldn't. It says there's no CD detected in the tray. (BWT, I am using a Sony VAIO notebook and Windows 98.)

Went to Lexmark site, where you can download drivers, etc. downloaded the driver and installed it on Desktop. Files seemed to transfer correctly.

Connected the USB cable as it said, and cancelled the New Hardware wizards as it instructed.

Specified a "CJ9X5150LE.exe to click on." I don't have that installed.

When I try to print, error message says "Problem communicating with the printer. Incorrect port detected."

Made sure it was set as my default printer. Then went thru Lexmark troubleshooter steps. It says to check to make sure the printer is set to a USB port; it is. (When I check Device Manager, the Host Controller and Root Hub are listed as should be.)

Went thru Windows troubleshooting steps, which suggested a dozen or so items to check, including making sure it is the default printer, checking the cable, etc. No luck.

Went to Lexmark web site's technical support area, and went to the online FAQ's.

It says to ma... Read more

A:Can't install driver for printer

Go to Start | Programs | Accessories | Windows Explorer
Double click to Open it
Click Tools | Folder Options | ViewTab

In the Advanced Settings Window, find Hidden Files and folders and put a check mark against Show Hidden Files and Folders

Uninstall all the software, using add/remove or the Uninstaller in Start | Programs| Lexmark Unplug the Printer

Reinstall all the software and restart the computer

Plug the printer back in

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Im trying to install im printer driver and i keep getting the followin error

c:\windows\system32\autoexec.net System file is not suitbable for running ms dos and microsoft windows applications........

then i have 2 options to close the program or ignore, tried to ignore but it just freezes

any ideas


A:help!! Cant install printer driver

One solution from microsoft


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I've done a quick search and have not found anything that answers my question so started a new thread.
Have a Canon S520 and win 2000.
Uninstalled the printer to make a few changes and could not reinstall.
Using the CD options to install the driver the driver would not install.
When the printer was uninstalled there was a message that all the related files were not uninstalled and that I should do the uninstallation of these manually.
However I was not able to find any files related to the printer to uninstall.
Does anyone have any ideas?????
P.S. Have checked for printer in the printer's folder and it is not listed, have checked add/remove programs and it is not listed.
I take it that the driver can not install because the driver still exists somewhere. Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated.

A:Printer Driver won't install

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