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Windows 8.1 Installation stuck at Finalizing your Settings

Q: Windows 8.1 Installation stuck at Finalizing your Settings

Hi Guys, It's me again. I've reinstalled Windows on my netbook, and reached the final stage, so I've waited for the "Finalizing your Settings" to complete and I've run it overnight and even let it run whole day. And when I finally arrived from school it is still "Finalizing Your Settings". What should I do?

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Preferred Solution: Windows 8.1 Installation stuck at Finalizing your Settings

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi Team,

I am trying install windows 7 ultimate 64 bit on dell vostro laptop.. finally it got stuck in "Windows is finalizing your setting".
i have restarted the system couple of times but still its coming to the same windows appearing same windows and same message.. please help on the issue... please find the attached image...

Thanks & Regards
Naresh R
Reach me @ +91-9884747784

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I have a Acer Aspire 5810 trying to start over fresh and when downloading it is stuck on finalizing your settings window and the bar is flashing by.

Acer Aspire 5810
upgraded memory from 3gb to 8gb
288 hd

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strange problem.
i've installed win 7 RTM X64
and when i get to Finalizing installation it get stuck for five minutes
and then the screen goes black and i can see the cursor and move it.
after five more minutes of nothing happening i get "preparing your desktop"
and then the screen fades out and stuck.

the disc is ok i've installed this on 10 computers perfectly.
also tried installing from DOK.

MB: asus m2r32-mvp, radeon hd 4870, amd athlon x2 5600 dual core and 4gb installed.
googled it and found no solution. please help!

A:stuck on finalizing installation

Have you tried booting into safe mode or a start up repair?

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Yo! I'm writing this before having to do a complete wipeout of my system

Lenovo Y510p
Hybrid HDD (Seagate) 1TB
m.2 SSD (Trascend) 256GB.

Story so far (Jump this in case you don't want to know the background):

So, since build 9841 I've been using Windows 10 Insider Preview (IP) as my mainly driver. Until the recent redstone builds, Visual Studio has been plagued with problems (From Windows Universal Apps Development to ASP.NET) . I've installed Windows 10 IP in the SSD and have been using it very happily since I've had no major issues, until the ones I've outlined before.

In my Hybrid HDD I had Windows 10 RTM (10586) installed and didn't use it for a quite while (3 months). When these problems rose, I decided to start using that partition again, but out of the blue it decided to start giving me some serious problems: mostly, the whole XAML interface (Start, Volumen, Sound, Battery, etc.) didn't show up. After trying some fixes (From reinstalling Windows Apps to Creating a separate user), I decide to refresh the bits. Unfortunately, even after refreshing my machine didn't fix the XAML interface problems and even worse: I got no possibility to run Universal Apps.

I went and ran some hard disk checkups, from both: the Lenovo Utility and CheckDisk and none threw an error.

The actual problem:
Yesterday (Feb. 4) I decide to clean install Windows 10 Build 10586 64-bit in the Hybrid HDD partition (without deleting the OEM reserved spaces) and I'm stuck now on Finalizi... Read more

A:Windows 10 B. 10586 Stuck on "Finalizing Your Settings"

Well then. It's not that I wanted to do that... I ended up wiping both Windows Installations. I'm back on RTM. What I can guess is that the OEM reserved partition got corrupted somehow and broke the Other OS.

Anyways, will install Insider Preview when things are going better.

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Hello everyone,

I recently bought a new Asus Notebook G56JR and installed Windows 7 on it. Didn't seem to have any problems. Today, all of a sudden, when I turned it on, it said that Windows failed to start and that I should go into recovery mode. And after this, the recovery loop occurred. It was telling me that the errors were fixed, but the next time I was starting it, I had to go through the same process. Finally, I decided to re-install the Windows cleanly.
The process went fine, but now it has been stuck at "Windows is finalizing your settings" for several hours. Tried to restart the laptop and reboot, but it just skips ahead to resuming the installation. I can't acces the BIOS either, I've tried every key several times. Maybe there's a fix to with the cmd.exe (Shift+F10), but after "tasklist /v |more" there's a really long list and I don't know what to "kill". I'm out of ideas, I don't know what to do anymore since I can't do anything on the laptop besides waiting...
I should also mention that I'm using a USB port to boot the installation from. Before I decided to re-install the windows, I was able to access the BIOS and I set it to boot from it first at start-up. I assume it is still set that way.
Is there another way to install it cleanly? Could this happen because the windows files are corrupted?

Edit: I was thinking of buying a Windows 8 OS, but how do I know it won't behave the same as now and skip to the finalizing part ... Read more

A:Stuck at "Windows is finalizing your settings" after re-installing

Did you delete all partitions during the Clean Install Windows 7 using the Drive Options pictured in Steps 7 and 8? Try again and this time wipe the hard drive first with Diskpart Clean Command from the disk's System Recovery Options Command Line

Other tips and tricks here to get and keep a perfect install, even for retail: Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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Microsoft Office 2016 won't finish installing, it has been stuck on "finalizing installation. This may take a few minutes" for over a half an hour now. the progress bar is about three quarters full and has been for more than a half an hour. I googled the problem but only junk results came up. I googled the message again in quotes but only results pertaining to Office XP and Windows XP showed up, way too old and outdated to be of any relevance now days.

Can anybody help me get the ball rolling?

This is an ASUS T100TA Windows tablet

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Hello, I know this issue has been posted before but none of the solutions are working for me (that or I'm doing it wrong).

I'm building a new system using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (bought from my university's bookstore, not a burned .iso). At first, my computer powered off while I was installing Windows 7 on a fresh HDD (about 75% of the way through Step 2). Now I've gotten as far as installing Windows 7 and reaching the "Starting up Windows for the first time" screen, at which point my computer began freezing.

I read into the issue on these forums and saw that clearing the CMOS, changing the BIOS settings (specifically, changing the USB storage setting to "disabled"), removing USB devices during start-up, and swapping out an ATI graphics card had helped people. I've cleared the CMOS, bought a new Nvidia card with the intention of using it long enough to finish the install and then returning it, altered the BIOS settings, removing my USB mouse during startup, etc. None of these have worked for me, and now the computer is powering off entirely rather than just freezing. I've also tried the Windows 7 Startup repair utility to no avail--it claimed it found something, but when it rebooted I continued to have the same issue.

I have not tried updating the BIOS because my motherboard manual says I have to do that after the OS is installed (quite frankly, I don't know for sure how to do it before the OS is completely installed, either).

I thi... Read more

A:PC shuts off while finalizing Windows 7 Installation

I thought through the installation process of windows the computer turns on and off by itself so it can make the changes, and configure/install quicker.

Correct me if i am wrong please.


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Hi all! I stuck with an anoying problem and perhaps there is a solution or an other way to do it.
The situation is as follows:
i deploy windows 10 IoT from MDT server on s physical maschine. as next step i run a batch file which configurates the system and the new users.
i set custom mousecursers, custom coler schemes, etc.

the problem now is, if i perform a first login to the new users after, the screen `finalizing your settings` appears, and windows sets the properties default again!
the question is, is there a way to perform a first login automatically out of the batch file which does finalizing the settings, before i customize the cursors and colors, for example by powershell?

if anybody have an idea, i would be glad to know!
greets, Philae

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Hello everyone, when I try to install something, I had a problem with a driver that say it will install it, after I saw "Finalizing Installation", and when it is ready and I click it nothing happen, help?

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Ok heres my situation. I have a e9120 HP Pavillion elite or rather its my dads. I wanted to upgrade to win 7 from vista and decided to do a clean install. I pop in the cd and delete all the partitions and then create a new one and select it as the installation source. It goes through the whole loading files and installing then it says set up needs to reboot to continue installation. It restarts and loads some files, then i see the windows logo, after that the screen turns black. I can see the mouse curser and move it but it stays at that black screen. Note this isnt the curser at post. I have done the installation 3 times and the same result it stays at that black screen. This is odd considering its never happened to me and I have done a lot of installations. Tried to get an answer at the hp site but so far nothing came here seeing as las ttime I posted here I got great help on my build that was having issues. I hope someone can help me. One more thing i did run the win set up and selected repair and it ran a test it detected nothing wrong and said boot succesful and no errors detected to fix. I am able to see the Windows will now guide you through first start up, but only if i run the pc in safe mode though it makes me restart seeing how it wont complete or it doesnt allow it to run in safe mode.

A:Issue finalizing Win 7 Installation

May We get the system specs of the e9120 HP Pavillion.. well I should say.. have you done any upgrades to this computer.

2nd.. I see that you have specs in the "My System Specs" page... are those system specs pertaining to this particular computer or are they two completely different computers.

Once we know the specs you have.. it will clear up some things

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I have a classroom of 25 Win 7 x64 clients and they all seem to hang on "Applying Software Installation Settings". 

The DC is read only and running Server 2012 R2. 
I have an issue when I apply new groups to the PC it causes them to get stuck in "Applying Software Installation Settings".  Once the applications get installed the PC's are able to boot successfully. 

There is one Application (Adobe Muse) if added to the clients all the PC's will not boot successfully and hang on the "Applying Software Installation Settings".  When using the command gpupdate /force on any
PC it takes around 15 - 20 minutes to complete.  I did check event logs to find that adobe muse was causing this issue.
When shutting down at times the PC's can hang on "Shutting Down Group Policy Service". 
Any help with this would be appreciated and thank you in advance.

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After I format a partition and begin installing, it goes threw all of the steps and gets stuck on "installing updates". I've let it sit for 2 hours and still was stuck. I've tried a different disc, and even tried a usb. It still does the same thing. But I can install ubuntu on it and it works fine. and I don't get the option to turn off upgrades before it begins the installation.

A:Windows 7 Installation Get's Stuck

Hello beanyymontana, welcome to Seven Forums!

What version of Windows 7 / where did you get the disk you're using?

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I have restarted my computer to factory setting several times in the past without coming to this problem. I did so and went to school while it was doing this and when i came back i saw that the screen said that windows was setting up its services, so i was thinking why would it do it now if it never did it before.
I restarted the computer while it was like that. Now it says "the computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click "OK" to restart the computer, and then restart the installation." When i click ok it restarted and goes back to this specific screen and says the same thing, and its stuck in this loop. I've checked other pages and i cant seem to find the answer im looking for. I don't have an installation disk because this computer came with windows 7 installed and apparently it didn't come with any disks. The screen is black with just the words "Setup is starting services" and the box telling me to restart again. If anyone has a solution to this please post. P.S. Its an acer computer.

A:Stuck in Windows Installation

Can you go back and restore the factory image again?

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Right, straight to the point. I've recently been given a few parts of computer from my friends that has now been assembled into a working desktop.
I've got Windows 7 saved as a .iso file on a usb-hdd. I manage to get it working up to the point where i click "Install Now" on the Windows 7 installer programme, then after a couple mins of loading once clicked it comes up with this message.

"A required CD/DVD drive device is missing. if you have a driver floppy disk, CD, DVD, or USB flash drive, please insert it now.
Note: If the Windows installation media is in the CD/DVD drive, you can safely remove it for this step."

There are 3 options that come up with this pop up being "browse" "ok" and "cancel"

After clicking "ok" it comes up with another message saying

"No device drivers were found. Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers, and then click OK."

Can anyone tell me what's wrong or what i have to correct in order for it to actually download please?

Computer specs are as follows:-
AMD Athlon ii x2 (3GHz)
Gigabyte M61PME-S2P Motherboard
WDC WD1600JD-75HBB0 Hard Drive (came from a Dell Dimension 5000, been wiped of everything.)
Kingston hyper DDR2 RAM (unsure of make so i've just written what's on the RAM itself.)
ATI Radeon HD 5750 Graphic card.
Some random CD/DVD drive
Another random Power Output

Thanks for your help!

A:Windows 7 Installation stuck

Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewM124

Can anyone tell me what's wrong or what i have to correct in order for it to actually download please?

Download??? I don't follow that.

If I had a Windows 7 ISO, I would burn it to a DVD, and then install from the DVD.

Or am I misunderstanding something?

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its stuck on 43% copying the file mstscax.dll its been there for exactly 24 hours in about 45 minutes
please help..shoulld i stop and start or should i let it go
please please please help

A:Windows Xp Pro INstallation stuck on 43%...please help

sec4allstar said:

its stuck on 43% copying the file mstscax.dll its been there for exactly 24 hours in about 45 minutes
please help..shoulld i stop and start or should i let it go
please please please helpClick to expand...

You should stop the install, eject your CD, and clean it... if it can't copy the file, it's probably because your disk is dirty. i installed my system in like 2 hours. So, check your cd, if it's really dirty, or there are scratches, try downloading a new version(it will be legal, cause you already have an original, right?) or go to a friend, and ask him for his CD...

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Hi All
In the last week I have set up my sons very old university tower PC in a spare room it was hand built years ago and his Uni installed Windows XP on it
Its only when we turned it on we got messages saying the copy of windows was not an official copy but it still allowed us to surf web and all that a computer should do with Windows working fine but just not getting updates.
I got a new copy of Windows XP and the discs keycode and began the load of the new Windows XP without removing any programmes.
The installation had to go through around five areas to fully install and it did the verification, checking files and got to the installation section and started to go through this area showing countdown of 39 to 34 minutes to go,then it just started to go round and round sticking on this 39-34 minutes to go with the screen blacking out with just the cursor blinking in the top of the screen.
I tried numerous times to switch off and on and each time the screen goes to the installation page and just continues to go around the full circle back to the 39-34 minutes area and obviously failing to load although the message says loading which it obviously is'nt as the disc in the drive stops spinning and the computer just goes then to a black screen .
As a result I cannot access anything or get out of this cycle the disk has put me in.
I dont have passwords or anything to access the computer in its hidden depths so wondered if there is any way of breaking the cycle its in and try... Read more

A:Windows Xp stuck at installation

Might worth it to format (erase everything) and reinstall fresh.
When doing an update to an operating system it is difficult to get the system stable again, since a lot of files are supposedly to been "updated", but in the process the system hangs or the files are being used or simply corrupted copy process and all goes to oblivion.
Hard way: Try the recovery console by booting from your XP CD.

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Hi. I started to install windows. Did full format for all partitions. When computer was copying files (dark blue screen, long yellow bar) from setup few failed to copy at 97th%, disk is a little bit scratched. Everything kept going fine till the end. At the last step of installation "saving setting" I stuck on. When tryed restart computer and insert another disk of windows to install computer just normaly booted and opened that installation with reading "setup is being restarted" then everything started again and stucked on "saving settings" again. How do I can format hard disk and start with good disk from the beginning?

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hi guys, i am no computer wiz so can help please be simple and not in too technical words
basically i have purchased windows 7 home premium and when i install it, it starts working until it gets stuck on 87% of "gathering files" in setup. i have tried installing this on another pc and it works so it is not a faulty disk, also i have tried another disk and i have the same problem.

what do i do. both times when installing on my alienware m9750 (the laptop i am talking about) i have tried doing an update coz i don't really want to lose microsoft word and other files, but will do a complete installation if people think that's the answer.

Please help!

p.s. i have tested my pc with the microsoft windows 7 compatability check it says it should work

A:Windows installation gets stuck on 87% HELP!

How long are you waiting? Try leaving it overnight, if you haven't already. Also try unplugging all unnecessary hardware before trying to install.

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Windows 8 is asking me to unistall PC health monitor which I have already unistalled (including folders and registry).

I cannot go forward until I resolve this issue. I have spent 2 days searching for a result without sucess.
Thanks to any one who can help.

A:Stuck on windows 8 installation

Try going in "Recovery" and go to a point prior to installing offending program. If you need help getting to the recovery screen go to the tutorial section of the eights then click on "r" and it will bring up a screen that will hopefully be able to help you. If not then post back here and I will walk you through the process. . .good luck.

Oh BTW, "Welcome to the Eight Forums." . . .

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My laptop runs Windows 7 HP 64-bit.
I tried repair installing the OS from setup from my hard disk.When I returned after two hours, there was a black screen, and system was non-responsive. I waited for another half an hour, but decided to restart the laptop.

Since then there were two options in the boot menu:
1.Windows 7 2.Windows Setup Rollback

Either of them lead to the same black screen(even the backlight is off) after the windows logo.
when I selected Windows 7 option and ran in Safe mode, a low res setup screen saying that
"Windows cannot complete the installation in safe mode. to continue installing windows, restart the computer"
appears and then the system restarts

Then I tried repairing the OS from Command Prompt in the repair options. I tried bootrec, of which FixMbr and FixBoot ran successfully, but ScanOS and FixMbr showed 0 windows installations.

Since this step, the "Windows Setup Rollback" Option has disappeared from the Boot menu, but the back screen after booting and the "setup cannot continue..." screen still appears in safe mode.

The black screen stays indefinitely long until I press Ctrl+Alt+Del, which causes reboot after some time

Startup repair can't detect any problem
sfc /scannow says that there is a system repair pending, restart and try again
No memory hardware errors

Note:I cannot format the disk as a lot of important data is in the same partition as windows.

How am I supposed to repair the Windows without... Read more

A:Stuck Windows Installation

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Hi every body. I have problem with my old computer one Hp pavilion Dv3000
HP Pavilion dv3000 Laptop With Fingerprint Reader | Laptop.Views see this link for specs
and when i try to install win7 it stuck on installation at the last part "completing install"

Also i would like to mention that i have delete and format everything.And when i have to choose on which HDD i get a metion warning and it says that "windows will not install because the hard drive will fall please choose one other hard drive"

I know you guys are brilliant with this things so please give me one solution. Thanks

A:Windows 7 Stuck on installation

Try repartitioning your laptop's HDD through the setup, this could be the required action.

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Guys, I must have a solution for that because I'm treating with this installation for about a week (and a lot of re-installations).

I'm trying to install Win7 on my PC.
I'm getting a black screen right before the language screen is suppose to be shown.
This is happen right at the beginning : the white installation line is running in the bottom of the screen and then a Windows logo appear, right after that suppose to be the small window with the language selection, but instead , I see a black screen.

I CHANGED the cd's for couple of times, this is not the cd.
I also copied the image to a flash drive and tried to install from there - Stuck exactly at the same phase.

Please.... someone... Help ....

A:Windows 7 installation stuck

Where did you get the Win 7 CD? Was it from a local store, from a store online, from Ebay or from a friend?

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Hi guys,

I post here the Userenv.log of my client machine. It stays on Applying computer settings for 6 minutes. I'm on this problem since several days but I'm not able to solve this issue.

I hope you can help me to understand the problem. Thank you
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:00:906 InitializePolicyProcessing: Initialised Machine Mutex/Events
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:00:906 InitializePolicyProcessing: Initialised User Mutex/Events
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:00:906 LibMain: Process Name: \??\C:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exe
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 Entering CUserProfile::Initialize ...
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CUserProfile::Initialize called by winlogon
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CUserProfile::Initialize: critical section initialized
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CSyncManager::Initialize: critical section initialized
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CUserProfile::Initialize: registry key Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList opened
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CUserProfile::Initialize: Proccessing S-1-5-21-3065971401-1583081497-775716447-500
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CSyncManager::EnterLock <S-1-5-21-3065971401-1583081497-775716447-500>
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CSyncManager::EnterLock: No existing entry found
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CSyncManager::EnterLock: New entry created
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CHashTable::HashAdd: S-1-5-21-3065971401-1583081497-775716447-500 added in bucket 16
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CUs... Read more

A:Windows XP SP3 stuck on Applying computer settings

What were you doing when this happened? Were you installing SP3?

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I decided to ugrade to 10 from Windows 7. The download went fine, and installation was going smoothly until it reached 99%. It was stuck there. I did read that some installations make take awhile. I left my laptop on -stuck at 99% from 7p.m. until 7.pm. the following day and it was still stuck. I aborted the installation and tried again a few days later. I had the same result. Does anyone else out there have the same problem?

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance for any input!!

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A few days ago my computer got a virus causing my computer to get a black screen. trough the bios section I managed to start the reinstallation of windows 7 ultimate with a USB, but after agreeing to the terms and conditions Choosing where to install the program and watching the files load my computer restarts and It sends me back to the terms and conditions. I have tried everything any suggestions? all answers are apretiated.

A:Windows installation stuck in loop.

I fixed it I just had to change the boot priorities in bios.

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computer specs, GeForce GTX 760 and i5-4670k CPU. MSI Z97-G45 Gaming Series motherboard. 2tb hdd. finally was able to get my new copy of windows 8 to boot from the cd drive. now when i try to install it, (no current operating system is on this hard drive) it keeps getting stuck before it finishes completion. says install failed. think it slugs out at 56%. tried running it 2x same thing. any idea what this could be or what i could do to make it finish the install?

A:windows 8 getting stuck at 56% installation failed

Where did you get you disk from and was it a full retail version? Did you remove all external devices except the keyboard and mouse?

There is the possibility that it was a bad disk. Download an ISO disk and try to install from that.
Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 ISO - Download or Create

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My windows vista sp1 installation has been stuck at 70% for the last hour or so. I have rebooted twice already. The computer simply goes back to the install starting at step 3 of 3. It gets to 69% and stays there for about half an hour. Then it gets to 70%. It's been at 70% for an hour now. Any recommendations? Has anyone had this problem before?

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Hello everyone.I format my windows 10 Hp 15-af114AU laptop. After resetting the pc it was in the process of installing windows when my battery went dead. So when i powerup the installation was at 67% with the two status message below the percent bar which reads, installing features and drivers(highlighted in dark blue) and the other message configuring settings. The installation seems to be continuening with the percentage upto 98% and reboots over again and again looks like the same process is happening there.I needed help on how to proceed with these issue.Thanks

View Solution.

A:Windows 10 installation stuck after formatting

Please read my post again and answer the question that I asked you.  Use the troubleshooting on the following HP web documenthttp://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03483233

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Hi all,
I'll do my best to explain the problem as clearly as possible. I installed Windows 8 Pro on my Desktop PC using the web-based installer, and it had been working fine with no problems. A problem developed with the power unit of my PC and I needed to do a refresh installation of Windows 8, keeping the old settings but basically installing Windows 8 again on the same PC. Initially I thought Windows 8 was working fine but now I am unable to access the C drive of my computer and can't make any changes to files or anything. I'd even uninstall the operating system and start again from scratch if I could but it won't let me do that. Can't log in to ASP account, can't set admin status on any file, even changing the desktop background seems too much to ask. About the only thing I can do is restart the computer and access files on my desktop. If anyone could please help that would be great. Thanks for reading.


A:Please help - Completely stuck with Windows 8 installation

Hello EGuitar. Welcome to the Eight Forums.

Here's my 2 cents worth. Others will add more. Since you have already tried other options, can you create a bootable installation DVD from the ISO of the Windows 8 product that you bought. Can you save your work files to another drive? Have you ever done a clean install?

Clean Install - Windows 8

Installation & Setup - Windows 8 Forums

Are you still having problems with your power supply?
Probably a good idea to fix that issue first.

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I started installing windows xp and some of the files were not copied which screwed up the installation process.I'm thinking it was cuz my disk was scratched, but I have others. So i wanna do a repair but everytime i restart my computer it will not give me the option to boot from my disk. And yes, i went into the BIOS and changed the settings to boot from the disk first. Now all it does is continue at the part where installation stopped asking for the missing files and then of course, I get an error because the files are missing.

A:Stuck in the middle of windows XP installation

Try another XP disk.

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Hello, I need some help.
I can't fix a problem with the installation of Windows 10. When I'm going for a clean install, the computer restarts normally and then hangs at the blue logo of Windows 10. I don't even see the 'loading dots'. It just hangs and does nothing, it's so weird. I presume it's a driver/motherboard issue, but I can't find anything about it on the internet.

I have tried the following things:

Waiting USB/DVD installation.Disabling the WiFi-module.Removing all peripherals.Replacing the ram modules.Older builds of Windows 10.Disabling fastboot.Disabling secure boot.Tried the USB at my laptop and it works.Updated the bios to the latest firmware.Crying

My specs: Asus Z87-PRO GTX 970 16 GB ram ( 2 x 8 )
A couple months ago I could install Windows 10. After using it for a month or two my computer could not start and was hanging at the logo. I reinstalled to Windows 7 and everything was back to normal. Now I want to go back to Windows 10, but the installation hangs at the logo.

A:Can't fix a problem(stuck) with the installation of Windows 10.

Try this:

Windows 10 ISO Download - Windows 10 Forums

or this:

Windows 10 - Clean Install

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I am in the process of installing Windows XP Pro. During the installation, at the fourth step titled 'installing windows', I had to shut my computer down. (I'm installing it on my laptop at work; I was getting off work and I'm not able to leave my laptop there.)

So I get around to finish installing it a couple days later, but this time with a different installation CD. It's still Windows XP Pro, it's just a different CD. When it boots, it loads up the fourth step where I left off.

But now, when I enter the CD-key, it won't accept it, because the data from the previous installation CD is still intact, and I don't have the previous CD anymore.

Now it is stuck at that fourth step in the installation mode with 39 minutes remaining. I can't get past that step because I don't have the correct CD-key and I can't restart the installation because when it boots, it will only continue from the fourth step of the installation.

Am I basically screwed here? Do I just need to boot with a DOS disk and format the drive? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

A:Windows XP Pro stuck in installation mode

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So I am installing windows 10 on my laptop. It is stuck on this black screen with the HP symbol on it. There isn't anything else on the screen. It said it would restart a few times but this is the second restart and hasn't moved since.There are no externals on it but the charger.Help anybody?

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When I power up my Sony Vaio SVE model machine, it goes to the "Insyde H20" setup utility. I haven't asked it to, and I can't exit succesfully. The recovery disks seem to have no effect.

I believe the internal keyboard is broken (I have an external one)

One or more of the keys are sticking, and I think it's causing my problem.

How do I remove a Sony E series keyboard (If that IS the problem). I can find no guide that is
specific to my model. There are guides for other Sony series, but the underneath of mine is different.

A:Somy Vaio Windows 7 Stuck in System Settings

I can't provide instructions on how to replace the keyboard; you'll have to rely on someone else for that.

I did have a question: Are you able to access the BIOS by pressing F2 when the system first turns on? You may have to tap F2 more than once for the system to register it and give you the BIOS options. If you can access the BIOS, make sure your boot order is setup properly with the CD/DVD drive first and your hard drive (HDD) second.

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As the title describes. I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate x64. My SSD only has 15GB free space or so. SP1 has failed for me twice: First time it gave me an error code, most likely due to lack of free space (say, you need at least 15GB). On second time, it's frozen with a black screen saying "reconfiguring Windows settings" in Finnish.

I tried booting to safe mode with network, it worked just fine. I cannot open Windows Update from there though, and My Computer tells me that I have 14,7GB free space on my C:/, which is my SSD drive.

Just to be sure, I also left it reconfiguring settings overnight with no results.

Now I can't use my computer in any other than safe mode, which sucks obviously. Any fix for this to cancel the update?

Cheers and thanks in advance!

EDIT: Oh, and it's a full retail version I've bought.

A:Win7 SP1 is stuck at reconfiguring Windows settings after reboot

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

According to Microsoft, your version of Windows requires drive space of at least 20GB for installation puposes.

Windows 7 system requirements - Microsoft Windows

The reason you can run in Safe Mode is because only the minimum files and drivers to get Windows up and running. What is the total size of your SSD? If it's less than 40GB I'd suggest getting a bigger drive. (Do you have anything on the SSD other than Windows 7?)

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I've had this happen before where the system just keeps on wanting to go into recovery mode and check start up. With nothing wrong, it fails to find an issue or repair it. Then after a reboot it just wants to check itself again, over and over.

I can't remember how I got out of this boot loop before, but this time I just went into the boot folder and replaced the BCD file with The previous backup.

Which got me out of the recovery loop, but now the cursor just sits there on a black screen and it doesn't boot.

I even tried going into safe mode with command prompt and I wouldn't boot completely there either, it just hangs on the "black screen of death".

I have a further complication because I have an additional bootable system drive installed, (and that's where the boot folder is) with a 32-bit version of Windows 7, and I don't know if that is exacerbating the issue.

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Hi I wanted to format my pc and while i was trying to install it stucked in getting files ready for installation.. Also when it stucks i cant even move my mouse + I have tryed also with windows 8 and still same problem. What to do?

A:Windows Stuck in getting files ready for installation...

Where did you get WIn7? How is it burned to Disk or flash stick?

Work through the steps to Troubleshoot Windows 7 Installation Failures - Windows 7 Help Forums

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I'm gonna try to make this short. I started installing windows xp and some of the files were not copied which screwed up the installation process. Ok, not a big deal, I'm thinking it was cuz my disk was scratched, but I have others. So i wanna do a repair but everytime i restart my computer it will not give me the option to boot from my disk. And yes, i went into the BIOS and changed the settings to boot from the disk first. Now all it does is continue at the part where it has that countdown on how long its gonna take for XP to install, and then of course, I get an error because the files are missing. Anyways, I really just need to get this to boot from my disk so i can do a repair! If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks,


A:[SOLVED] Stuck in the middle of windows XP installation

SOLVED. Fixed my own problem. I took out the hard drive, started it up, turned it off, put the hard drive back in, started it up again, and it gave me the option to boot from disk again. GO ME!

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I started the upgrade to 1903 yesterday and after three hours of watching the Lenovo Splash Screen frozen, I cycled the power. This morning the Splash Screen is there with the dots spinning. Anyone have any ideas? I'd be grateful. 

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I have a Compaq 2140US laptop that came with Windows XP Home on it. I've started a new Windows installation where I did a full format in NTFS. When XP goes into Setup mode, it stops with 39 minutes remaining and will not go any further. I've searched all forums and can not find anything that will fix this problem. I've tried using the following CDs as well with no luck: Windows XP Home (no SPs), SP1, SP2, SP3, and XP Pro SP3. All CDs were not upgrades, all were fresh install attempts. After every attempt I did do a full format as to not have any conflicts between any of them. I've ran a full system diagnostics and everything has "passed". (Memory, CPU, Hard Drive and all).

I've read on some forums that some laptops had problems if they had more than 256MB of memory installed (this one has 512MB). I took one out and that did not work either.

I don't have any extrenal devices hooked up to the laptop and have disabled what I could in the BIOS (though there were not many thing I could disable).

I've copied the Setupact.log file and here is what it says:

GUI mode Setup has started.
Failed to install assembly from manifest: "D:\I386\asms\52\POLICY\MSFT\WINDOWS\NETWORKING\RTCDLL\RTCDLL.MAN"; Win32 Error Code = 21
Installation Failed: D:\I386\asms. Error Message : The device is not ready.

One of the components that Windows needs to continue setup could not be installed.

The device is not ready.

GUI mode Setup has ... Read more

A:Solved: Windows Installation Stuck at 39 Minutes

Ok, so I solved it myself.

I want to update this in case anyone else has this problem.

How weird is this:

Ok, I have been trying to figure out what in the world has been going on with this issue and why nothing I tried in the suggestions of other posts would work. Well, I still had the XP Home SP3 ISO file on my computer. I tried another burn to a CD and, still got stuck in the exact same spot. Then, something struck me. I opened the ISO with PowerISO and extracted all the files on other computer. I took all the extracted files and put them on a USB stick.

I started the laptop back up and did not put the Windows XP Home SP3 CD back in. Instead I attached the USB stick. (You might have to do this before the computer is turned back on).

This time, when the startup continuted, right away it asked for the "Windows XP Home Serivce Pack 3 CD" and I hit OK. It couldn't find the CD of course so the next box popped up and ask for the CD again but had the directory below where you could change the drive from D:\ to what ever you wanted. Well, with the USB stick in, it's drive E:\

Since E:\ had the exact files on it that the CD has on it, all I did was change any D:\ prompt that kept coming up, to E:\ (and the directory it was asking for) so in my case I kept changing the prompt to E:\i386 and every time the prompt came back, it was asking for a new file, so I knew it was woking. The only annoying part was having to change the D:\i386 to E:\i386 every time. (C... Read more

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I'm trying to install win8 on my pc (hp pavillion g6) which its hdd is completely empty; but it gets stuck on expanding files at 98%
I'm installing it via dvd
please help

A:Installation stuck at Expanding windows files 98%

Is this a OEM manufacturer's PC with Pre-installed Windows 8?

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Ok , I have just bought a new PC 5 hours ago .. I have bought everything GPU/CPU/MOBO/RAM/PSU/CASE .. only thing I did not buy was a HDD and DVD-Rom.. Because I own both and both are only 4 months old.. So I have put the new Parts together.. Then went to old PC , Formatted C drive.. Then added HDD and DVD=ROM from old PC to New one .. Booted and everything was fine except ofc no windows so gave the boot.msgr is missing thingy .. So I put in my Windows DVD .. Set it to boot from DVD .. It boots .. Goes through the "Loading Files" Then it shows me the Windows logo and stays there for a small while.. Then it suddenly turns black with a small gray bar at the bottom... and thats it .. it stays there forever and after some mins I can even here the DVD stops running.. I have uploaded a PIC to help u understand.. Also I tried installing from USB flash drive and same problem.. Help?

Here is the PIC of where I am stuck at *Notice the barely visible gray bar at bottom? :

Here are the parts I bought : http://oi49.tinypic.com/aoar80.jpg (Sorry for it being sideways but not much to be seen anywayz )

XFX Pro 550W
ATI 6850
AMD FX6100
AsRock 970 Extreme 4 Motherboard
Thermaltake Spacecraft VF-I Case.

A:Windows 7 installation stuck after loading files

Make sure you have the bios set to the default settings. Is the hard drive SSD or SATA?

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Hello there! I have been trying to install Windows Essentials 2012: Movie Maker for the entire day today. However thou, no matter how many times I try to install-reinstall-reboot-reinstall, the installation process stops at 80%.

Does anybody here experienced the same issue? I could really use some help. Thanks in advance!

A:Windows Essentials 2012 installation stuck

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
I just downloaded it last night and didn't have any issues with the Custom install of just Movie maker and Photo gallery :/
Is that how you installed it or did you install the entire package ?

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I just replaced my old hard drive with a new 1TB due to a hard drive because my old hard drive failed. I am attempting to run an installation of Windows 7 and once I set my #1 boot device to my DVD drive and insert boot media, it begins to load at the "Windows is loading files" screen with a full progress bar. It stew,s to be stuck at this screen. What should I do?
I have tried:
-Removing 1 Ram stick
My specs are
Processor: Phenom ii x4 965 BE
GPU: Radeon 7770
Corsair 650W
8gb Ram
ASRock 970 E3 Motherboard
New Hard Drive: WD Black Desktop Hardrive 1TB

A:Installation stuck at "Windows is loading files"

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You can pursue that topic at http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/484007/my-computer-wont-boot-help/#entry2966290 .
This topic is closed to prevent confusion.

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My computer has been stuck on 'finishing installation' for 5 hours now. I have an 2008 alienware laptop.
It was kind of bugged out so i decided to completely reinstall it but now it's stuck on 'finishing installation'.
Please help.

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