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Does a system image save "deleted" data on the hard drive

Q: Does a system image save "deleted" data on the hard drive

I'm trying to wipe/secure erase my computer hard drive and put it back to factory settings--the computer is getting sold. From reading the forums, I realize I can use clean all or other programs to write over the "deleted" data with ones or zeros.

However, my plan of action was to:
1. Use system recovery to put the computer back to factory settings
2. Create a system image
3. Use clean all from the command prompt to wipe the drive
4. Reinstall Windows 7 via installation CD
5. Restore via system image

The one problem is that I don't know if a system image saves absolutely everything, including data that had been "deleted" and is still present on the hard drive but is designated by the computer to be written over. I'm worried that if I do this, I'll just be undoing my attempt at securely erasing my hard drive and the "deleted" data will still be available for people to find if they tried.

Does anyone know? If this is true, I'll just do all of this and just reinstall the HP drivers and software that came with it manually and the hard drive won't have a recovery partition for the next person.

Preferred Solution: Does a system image save "deleted" data on the hard drive

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Does a system image save "deleted" data on the hard drive

I'm not sure I follow your steps. I'm missing why you'd install Windows 7, then restore. Do you have a Recovery Disk ?? If not can you still make one ?? If either is yes, then I'd wipe the drive and restore and be done with it.

On the other hand, if I was that concerned I'd probably just put another HDD in it and restore to it.

In answer to your question though, it depends on what you use to capture / apply the image. Imagex, by nature, simply gets the "meat" of the OS install and leaves behind anything else. Other stuff may well carry the "ones and zeros" of deleted data as well. I seem to recall once using a utility that grabbed the entire partition to apply elsewhere. I quit using it because it was more trouble than it was worth.

But by far the most secure method is to replace that hard drive and keep the drive that "might" have recoverable data and use it yourself as a spare or external drive.

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It's a mole hill of a problem, but it is a bit annoying to have to click on my principal drive ("C") every time I'm doing a "save". I have enclosed an excerpt of a screen shot of my "save as" window to display how the default drive being automatically selected is the "D" drive rather than the "C" drive that I use primarily. To be honest, I don't know whether this can be corrected by a software change, or whether it's the way the two hard drives are connected in my computer.

I'd appreciate it if anyone has a suggestion to offer if there is a way to make my "C" drive the default selection when I attempt to do a save function. Thanks

A:Solved: How do I change default hard drive when doing a "Save as""?

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I just got a new Hewlett Packard computer with Windows XP. The CD drive is a combo CD reader, writer and DVD. The main reason I need it is to backup my many documents, database programs (RootsMagic family history, Quicken, etc.), photographs and drawings. The pre-installed burning program on the computer is Adaptec's (I think) Sonic RecordNow!, which is useless for my needs because of the way it works. The HP tech suggested I download DLA to enable me to use "drag & drop" through Windows Explorer, but I haven't had much luck with that, either. What I need is to be able to use a CD-RW as a giant floppy - to add, delete, copy, edit and move files, just as I do on my regular floppies, using "drag & drop" through Windows Explorer, or "save as...". What software do I need for this? Please use "baby-talk" with me, because I don't understand any of the initials, terms and technical language I see all over these forums. Thanks, Dellasha

A:Data backup and storage to CD-RW's using "Drag & Drop" or "Save as..."

The most versatile program for that is "Nero"
The latest version Nero6 Reloaded is a bit bloated, maybe the NeroMIX will do better for you. Read the specs here: www.nero.com

The part that interests you specifically is InCD.

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Until today my computer, running Windows XP Home Edition, had two user accounts; one for my mother (titled "Nancy Loury") and one for me (titled "Kev"). However I found myself simply using my mothers more often and saw having two accounts when both of us really only use one as redundant. So I decided to delete the Kev user account. The account had all of my very important files in it under My Documents. When I went to delete the account, it of course asked me if I wanted to save the contents of the My Documents folder for the Kev account under a folder labeled "Kev" on the Nancy Loury user's desktop. I of course did want to save them, so I clicked "Save Files", the account was deleted, and on the desktop is the file labeled "Kev" which, according to the system, should hold all the contents of the My Documents from the Kev account. I clicked on the folder and to my horror I found that it was completely empty; the system had not saved a single one of the files in My Documents like I had asked it too and like it said it would do. Nothing is there.

I've no idea why this happened, all I know is I'm extremely upset about this. What do I do to recover the files from the now deleted My Documents?

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somewhere on techguy forum,i once read about a recommended,excellent software program which cleans a hard disk so data is not retrievable. i understand "deleted" items must be written over many times.

the software was a top notch recommendation as i recall


A:Cleaning a hard drive...including already "deleted" items

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I only want a file tree so that if something happens to the drive I know exactly what was on it. I'd like to do this once a week or so. I do not want to make a copy of the drive contents.


A:Solved: How to tak a "snapshot" of hard drive contents without creating an image?

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"scanning the BIOS image in hard drive" waht does that mean? its wont allow me to access my computer completely. i cant get into my bios, which is probably cuz of my wireless keyboard. anyone can help me please??? i have an assignemtn due soon and i really need my computer.

A:"scanning the BIOS image in hard drive" waht does that mean?

Hi hedge,

On many motherboards, the image of the BIOS is copied
to the HDD, usually invisibly.

Not to worry.

However, your wireless motherboard may not work right
until after it's drivers are loaded. Consequently, when you
hit the key to get into the BIOS, it isn't seen by the

Use an old fashioned Keyboard to get to the BIOS on that

I had a similar problem installing XP using a fancy keyboard.
Eventually had to use an old keyboard for it to work.

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athlon 2600+, Gigabyte NNXP Mobo, Windows 2000, adding a new 250Gig slave HDD (Seagate ATA).
Plugged it in and booted up, bios sees it, boot windows, starts hdd install, instead of success message, a message comes up that there was an error with the install and data services were locked, click finish.

Once windows had fully finished booting, no second drive visible, did "find new hardware", and selected exclamation marked hdd, and installed drivers from win update. The hard drive still does not appear in the My Computer drive tree.

Please, does anyone know what's happening here? Can this be fixed?

A:Hard drive instal error "data services locked"

Check your Disk Management. You can find this in:

Control Panel
Administrative Tools
Computer management
Disk Management

It should tell you if it is properly formatted, healthy, or degraded. Post results.

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I was recently made aware, that the data on the disc will vanish overtime due to the fact they are stored in a magnetic way, if the disc is not used internaly. This is the case with my 500GB Seagate disc, that I consider as data storage, and which is just laying on the shelf in a closet.

I wanted to ask what I need to do to prevent it. Do I need only to READ the data off the disc, or do I have to RE-WRITE them to prevent this from happening ? If I only need to read them, is there a command in windows XP terminal, that I could use to do this ? I found a command for MAC to read the whole disc:
sudo cat /dev/rdisk0> /dev/null
but I can't find similar for Windows XP.

The best soslution for me though, would be to use the software to scan the disc, as I want to do it from time to time, to check if everything with the disc is ok. So, would scanning of the whole disc using some software (to find bad secotrs) like for example "[email protected] Hard Disk Monitor" do the trick ? If it would coule be great, as I would cook 2 dishes on a 1 stove.

Thanks guys

A:Refreshing data on a hard drive (to prevent it from "evaporating" over time)

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Hello A friend of mine's father passed away suddenly, and she gave me an external hard drive to try and retrieve pictures from for his funeral this upcoming Thursday, she said it malfunctioned when it was knocked over and fell a few hours ago.. I tried it with the case still on and Windows wouldn't even recognize it, so I took apart the case of the external drive and removed the SATA WD Desktop drive to my Hard Drive reader, it shows the Drive under the letter:F and says "The F: Drive needs to be reformatted before any access".. Is there anyway I can retrieve the data from this drive with the current tools I have (Drive reader), along with a potential program perhaps? or will they need to escalate this to a data recovery place that takes the platter completely out and retrieves the information that way?

I am using Windows 7 64 Bit, and this drive reader is pretty good never let me down in the past, I'm just stuck.. Thanks!

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Hey guys, I need one of you hardware geeks to help me here. I finally bought the Maxtor DiamondMax10 hard drive. Its SATA 300 Gig with a 16 Meg Cache and NCQ. I already have a SATA WD Raptor as my main drive and trying to install this one has a data drive. I have an Asus PW5D2 Premium Board.

When I boot up, it takes a long time (about a minute) to do anything than I eventually get a "Hard disc error" and I have to hit F1 to continue. The BIOS recognizes the drive, but Windows does not. I've swapped out the cable and tried a different controller, same result. While I have like 10 hard drives laying around, they are all PATA--no SATAs to try.

I think the drive is damaged. I downloaded Maxtor's PowerMax, but its worthless--goes through some tests and the inital ones pass and later ones fail, but its the same thing on the other drive (the Raptor) and that one works fine. Tells me eventually to contact Maxtor Tech Support on both drives!

Any ideas?

A:Getting "Hard Disk Error" on second SATA data drive

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Ok, so first off, let me say I regret ever going to the stupid Geek Squad to fix my computer at all. I understand it instantly makes me an object of ridicule. However, I am a jerk and usually can't fix my computer myself.


A few months ago my computer was acting all sorts of wonky: taking forever to boot up, refusing to run simple programs, taking forever to connect to the internet, wouldn't run even a simple YouTube video, etc. etc. As I desperately needed the computer for school (I had an online class about to start), I caved and took it to Geek Squad. They told me the hard drive was dead and needed to be replaced. They also told me it would cost about $200 for data recovery. I didn't have any $ (this was all done under warranty) so I told them to just go ahead and fix it.

Fast forward a week or two...

I'm at Best Buy picking it up:

Geek Squad: Sign here. Oh, and here's your discs.
Me: Discs? What discs?
Geek Squad: The discs you dropped off when you dropped off the computer.
Me: I didn't drop off any discs!
Geek Squad: Well, they were with your computer when we got it.

Come to find out, my two darling sons (ages two and four) shoved a couple discs into the DVD drive, at the same time and without my knowledge. Hence, my computer did NOT need a new hard drive (I'm assuming) because my kids just clogged it up by trying to force two discs to run at the same time. Rather than check this before they ran their diagnostic tests, Geek Sq... Read more

A:Recover data from "dead" hard drive?

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Which one should I do? I originally wanted to just do "Return computer to factory condition" but Theog just suggested "Use A System Image Created Earlier." I have no idea what to do. So confusing!

A:"Return computer to factory condition" or "Use A System Image Crea..."

Hello M4TE and welcome to Seven Forums. Sorry for the delay in responding but I just came across your question.

Most newer manufactured computers have a hidden recovery partition on the hard drive. The manufacturer provides specific instructions on how to access that partition in case you want to restore your machine to the exact condition it was in when it left the factory. That means you'd have to go through the time consuming process of cleaning out factory bloatware (like free trials of programs you'll never need), installing programs you do need, updating everything, creating your personal settings, etc. Here is a general idea of how to access the hidden recovery partition.

HP Recovery From Partition

Let's say it took you a day or two to set up your machine to your liking using the hidden recovery partition. A System Image is like a snapshot of your entire hard drive. It will include everything from the operating system to all your programs, files, photos, music, all updates ... everything. Most folks keep it on a separate external hard drive. Let's say a week later you get a virus or your machine crashes for some reason. You can use that System Image to return your machine to the exact condition it was in when you made the image. Usually takes about 30 minutes or so and you're back in business. It's a lot faster and more convenient to only worry about a week of updates compared to probably months with the hidden recovery partition. The newer a System Image is the... Read more

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Dear Experts,

I have created windows image on Drive F: but delete it after some time manually due to some space prob.
But while backup shows about 40 GB only few GB space got free after deletion. When i try to again take the the backup using windows 7 backup & restore option, its still shows 35 Gb of System Image in drive F: when i brows the Manage Disc Space option but i cant find it on the same drive. (Plz see attached pic)
Plz help me to locate this and delete the same.


A:Cant find "System Image" of 36 GB but its shows on "Manage Disc Space"

Hello sattyaji, and welcome to Seven Forums.

It may still be showing if the system image was created as part of a Windows backup. Using the tutorial below to reset Windows Backup should clear it for you, but you will need to set up your backup again afterwards.

Backup User and System Files - Reset to Default Configuration

Hope this helps,

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Having had my life saved several times now by the availability of a reasonably or completely current "system image" on a local non-boot second drive, I'm trying to come up with a suitable emergency recovery plan for my brother-in-law's new single drive Win7 machine.

I've already partitioned the single 300GB drive (for OS and data), and had previously copied all the contents of the previous two-drive (three partition) WinXP machine to a 2TB USB drive for copying back to the new Win7 machine of what is worth saving on the new local hard drives.

So I have this external 2TB USB drive that I've told him could be used as a very convenient primary backup storage device... for the NovaBackup program I've installed for him in Win7. These disk-resident compressed backup datasets can be very easily produced, and then recovered from if necessary.

He also has an external USB HP DDS5 tape drive which was used for years in the WinXP system (using Sonic's Backup MyPC v6.0, which does not run on Win7) as the primary backup device, but now can clearly be the "backup" secondary backup device.

I would like to also write the emergency "system image" backup to the 2TB USB drive as well (since he only has one internal hard drive on the machine).

But all of this plan this depends on whether that 2TB USB drive can be used by Win7's emergency repair process as a discovered source for "system image" datasets.
So, my question is simple: is an external USB ... Read more

A:Can "system image" be written to and restored from USB drive?

Yes, a "system image" can be written to and restored from a USB drive. That's how I do all of mine.

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Hi - I've had a total computer meltdown. The repair shop has said that my hard drive is "bad" (whatever that means), that I need a new lcd screen, among other things. I don't want to spend the money to replace all of that (it's a 4 year old Toshiba Satellite 3000 series), but I need to get the data off of it! They said they tried getting it off, but the hard drive was "too damaged". So am I screwed? There is a lot of important info on that computer!

What are my options here?

A:Hard Drive "too damaged" - need data from it!

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This could sound confusing but please bare with me...

So I had a 1TB HD (Sata) with win 7
I took it out and used a new SSD which I put Win 7 on
Then I hooked up a 2TB HD (Sata) as Storage

Simple so far right? Well now I want to get my documents, Bookmarks etc off the "OLD" drive.
I figured simple like with IDE HD's... but no!
When I hook it up as the only drive I get this message:
EFI Shell Version ### Current running mode ### Map: Cannot find required map name
Press Esc in 5 seconds to skip startup.nsh, any other key to continue
shell id>

When I hook it up as the second drive (After the SSD) the drive doesn't show up

I tried to put it in another PC by itself but it said something like it wasn't the disk for that PC

Someone please tell me there is an easy way around this, I googled a bunch of stuff and tried a few things with no luck.... I'm hoping I'm just frustrated and missing the obvious

Thanks for any help

A:How do I get Data off My "former" main Hard Drive?

How about unplugging ssd plug old drive back in then transfer stuff to ur 2tb once done unplug old and replug ssd ?

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I Just installed my system with Windows XP Pro SP3. But I have a very strange problem.

I have installed hundreds of computers before but have never come accross this, I have 3 SATA drives in RAID and another 1TB drive as a backup souce. Now when I installed I selected the RAID array as the installation destination, and all went fine. But now that I am in windows this is what I see:

As can be seen, my 1TB HD has been set as the C:\ root and the RAID array with windows on as D:\ When installing programs they are directed to D:\

I think this has something to do with the MBR but Ii do not want to go and remove/remake it without been sure first, does anybody know how to sort this mess out please without a reinstall?


A:One hard drive is set as "Boot and the other as "System"...Help

You know i'm not sure. I don't think that you can change the drive letter for the system partition

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When our website users click on an html attachment embedded on a web-page in IE9, the download manager will not display the "Open" option. It will only display "Save" and "Cancel" which our users don't like, having to save the
html document in a folder to open it. Whereas, when downloading attachments like pdf, word etc. all three options are displayed. 

Is there any setting to tweak , which will display all the 3 options for HTML attachments as well?

A:IE9 download manager will not display "Open" option (only "Save" and "Cancel" is displayed) for downloading HTML documents.

As you know, the Open-Save-Cancel dialog box helps you prevent your computer from affecting by virus while downloading. 
So I suggest you test to reset all zones to a lower level temporarily and then please attempt to download this html attachment again.

However, since you can normally download the other documents, I suspect there is some restriction in the website which you are trying to view. I recommend you to contact the administrator of that website if possible.
could you please send me the link of the website from where you are trying to download the html attachment?

are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this
interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time.
Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.

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every time i try to open one of this folders a window apears with this content
cant have acces to C:\Documents and Settings\Mike\Local Configuration\{one of these folders} acces denied
this affects my IE i cant download nothing thru IE all my files on that locations i cant set dispaly pictures on WINDOWS LIVE messenger and all thinks that has anything to do with those folders
any suggsestions or idea
hope you can help me
pd ive scanned my computer and its all clean also i cant install windows XP serivce pack 2 im kinda stucked :/

A:cant open "temprorary files" "aplication data" "program data"

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I have an entire column of data that I need in one cell. When combined I need each piece of data to be surrounded by " " and a , between each one.


results = "151","183","2001"

A:Solved: Excel Column of data place in one cell with "data", "data" results

ASAP's "Merge row data" ("Columns and rows" category) will do 99% of the work for you.


(edit: "entire column" -- do you mean full from top to bottom? )

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As stated, my system runs fine but I wanted to try the F12 diagnostics to see how it worked.  To my surprise it shows a problem was found and the Hard Drive - not installed.
Would this be a normal situation when running a PCIe drive using a NVMe driver?
I am wondering what the Support Assistant would do if it popped up for some reason.  If it can't see the M.2 drive, would it give me incorrect responses?
Should I disable Support Assistant?
System is two week old XPS 13 9365 2-in-1, running a Samsung 960 Pro in PCIe mode using the Samsung NVMe driver, running without problems..

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I switched my Fujjitsu-Siemens Amilo li-1718 the other day and was met with the dreaded 'operating system not found' message.

I haven't changed anything big recently, and it's more or less been working fine for a long time now.

I had, however, just had it in a bag and moved it across town, so after reading up I thought maybe something might have come loose inside. But I also read that it could be a BIOS problem, and after going in there I noticed that under 'hard drive' in 'main' it said 'None.' Changing it to auto or user didn't seem to make much difference as it still wouldn't load and would always revert back to none.

However, I also read that if the computer keeps resetting itself to an arbitrary time and date that it can be symptomatic of a CMOS problem... my computer had been doing this occasionally for a month or two before this happened.

I also tried making a windows vista recovery CD, and tried to boot off that, but still got the same 'Operating System Not Found...' message.

Basically, I want to make sure i've tried everything before I open the case and go poking around inside, as I'd really have no idea what i'm doing, but i'm hoping it's just a loose wire that will be pretty self-evident when I open it up.

Any ideas?

A:"Operating system not found" - BIOS or Hard Drive error?

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The hard drive is a Western Digital 320 GB that I've had plugged into this computer before (and worked). Then i got a virus and had to do a recovery of windows.

Ever since then I can't get windows to recognize/show it in my computer. I just "disabled" and "enabled" it in device manager to no effect. I have a C, D, and E drive which are: two partitions on the hard drive, and then the CD drive (respectively).

So i'm stuck, not sure where to proceed since it's obviously not the hard drive itself, I use it on my xbox all the time. What next?

A:External Hard Drive doesn't show up in "my computer" but does in "device manager"

Does it show in Disk Management ? ?
Right clik My Computer...select Manage...then Disk Management.
Find the drive...right clik it and select Properties.
Report back with your findings.

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Let me recap, first of all, all of the occurances that may be relevant towards the current issue with my computer.

Actually, let me just start off by saying that I'm running a Gateway desktop that's at least 8 years old - probably more. There's a sticker on my computer which states, "designed for Windows 95." So, an old computer.

Anyway, a few weeks or months ago, my computer began making odd clicking noises. It only seemed to happen when I left my computer on for greater than 24 hours at a time (I live in a dorm.) I think maybe the first time I noticed these noises, a portion of the hard drive in question was damaged or erased. I recovered the files and began turning my computer off every night, and I haven't noticed the noises since.

Also, it should be noted that my computer has two hard drives, one which is about 20GB, that contains all my windows and program files, and another, which is about 40GB, that holds all my miscellaneous media files. The latter is the one which was damaged.

Getting to the point, I turned on my computer a few days ago to find a message indicating that "no operating system was found." I opened it up, just to make sure all the cables were connected, and they seemed to be. Now I'm noticing that Widnows XP only boots up when my media hd isn't connected. When it is connected, Bios does seem to recognize it, but only it, and no other drive. Such would probably be the reason why "no operating sys... Read more

A:issue with hard drive and "no operating system found"


Try getting into the Bios and reset the boot order and if you start it up with just the 20gb HDD hooked up what happens?

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I recently had a hard drive fail on my laptop. I was able to recover my data as well as the "system restore/recovery" partition.

Due to the fact that my computer did not come with a seperate Windows XP disk, I really need my "system restore/recovery" partition to be put one my new hard drive so I can install xp.

How? How do I put the partition on the hard drive so when the computer boots up it gives me an option of doing a system restore?

any help would be appreciated.

Bryan in Tucson

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I am using a 120GB portable hard drive for back ups and additional file storage. When defragging this drive, you are able to see how much space is actually "reserved for system files". Since this is not a bootable drive with no operating system on it, is there a way to recover this space that is reserved for system files? On this drive it amounts to about 10GB of space. If possible, how is this done?

A:Portable Hard Drive "reserved system space"

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Have Win2K/IE6...how do I delete unwanted menu items from the Right Click "Save Image As" menu? The number of items causes the menu box to be either top justified or bottom justified, depending on where the cursor is located when the right click button is used. I am therefore having to move the cursor all over the screen to chase the desired "save Image" command. Also, with IE6, several menu items have been added (over IE5)....but, I am NEVER going to "email picture", "print picture", nor "go to my pictures" from this menu box. I could delete 7 of these pesky items, if I knew how, thus making this a much more user friendly menu box.
Thanks for any help.

A:How to Delete items from Right Click "Save Image As" Menu

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I was copying (cut and paste) data from one external hard drive (a 250 GB IDE Maxtor in a Adaptec USB enclosure) to another external (a 400 GB IDE Samsung in a Roswill USB enclosure). During the move. During this move, my Thinkpad T43p encountered a NMI Parity error, to which I'm still unsure what caused it, though I think it may have been my Dock II screwing stuff up. I did memtest 10 times over and my memory passed, so I am assuming its my Dock II. ANYWAYS...

So the NMI Parity error was a blue screen, and I restarted the computer. After the restart I noticed the Maxtor external hard drive was missing from my drive list, and in disk management it show as an uninitialized disk.

Okay, no biggie, I've dealt with this before. I tried using GetDataBack for NTFS, that failed to recover. Also failed were Active Partition recovery, Data Doctor Recovery, File Recovery, Restorer 2000, TestDisk, and ZAR.

I'm guessing my Master File Table is trashed and I can't recover it.

Does anyone have any ideas?

A:"Hard Drive Catastrophic Failure" or "The night is darkest before dawn"

Zar should have recovered it (if the data is recoverable)
Also (you may already realize this now) in future Copy and paste

More recovery tools here

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infected with "vbs", used "Flash_Disinfector" & folders on hard drive unable to open
i got infected with "vbs" through someone's usb, i ran "Flash_Disinfector", then installed "kaspersky 7", scaned the whole computer, it also deleted vbs trojan. However, after that when i tried to open my computer by clicking on its icon, it did not open, i tried to open it fron strat up, but the result was same. all others like my documents etc were all right, i open my computer through my documents, opened my c drive, when i tried to open further any folder present present in the C drive it gave me the error, that is,this item "1002931234.vbs" that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved, so this shortcut will no longer work properly. Do you want to delete this shortcut? Howerever all my folders were not having any shortcut sign & it was same with all folders present in all my drives, but when i wrote the name of the folder in the address bar, it opened normaly, so now i cannot open my computer through its icon plus all the folders present in my hard drive. please help me to sort this thing out.


DDS (Ver_09-12-01.01) - NTFSx86
Run by Nadeem_Ahmad at 14:54:49.54 on Sat 03/13/2010
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702
Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.2.1252.1.1033.18.1975.1542 [GMT 8:00]

AV: Kaspersky Anti-Virus *On-access scanning disable... Read more

A:infected with "vbs", afte "Flash_Disinfector" all folders on hard drive don't open

Hello buct,

It will require more than 1 round to clean the system. Please stay with me until given the 'all clear' even if symptoms seem to abate.

Download ComboFix from one of these locations:

Link 1
Link 2

* IMPORTANT- Save ComboFix.exe to your Desktop


Disable your AntiVirus and AntiSpyware applications as they will interfere with our tools and the removal.


Double click on combofix.exe & follow the prompts.

As part of it's process, ComboFix will check to see if the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is installed. With malware infections being as they are today, it's strongly recommended to have this pre-installed on your machine before doing any malware removal. It will allow you to boot up into a special recovery/repair mode that will allow us to more easily help you should your computer have a problem after an attempted removal of malware.

Follow the prompts to allow ComboFix to download and install the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console, and when prompted, agree to the End-User License Agreement to install the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console.

**Please note: If the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is already installed, ComboFix will continue it's malware removal procedures.

Once the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is installed using ComboFix, you should see the following message:

Click on Yes,... Read more

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I just installed a new 60gb hard drive as a back up to put my movie files on,it installed fine and it works fine but i get "windows milenium emergancy boot" when i boot the system up .I don"t know if this error is serious but I do know that the system seems less stable in this boot mode..can someone please help? thanx

A:after installing new "hard drive" it starts with "windows emergency boot"

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i got infected with "vbs" through someone's usb, i ran "Flash_Disinfector", then installed "kaspersky 7", scaned the whole computer, it also deleted vbs trojan. However, after that when i tried to open my computer by clicking on its icon, it did not open, i tried to open it fron strat up, but the result was same. all others like my documents etc were all right, i open my computer through my documents, opened my c drive, when i tried to open further any folder present present in the C drive it gave me the error ( i am including the error meggage in attachment), howerever all my folders were not having any shortcut sign & it was same with all folders present in all my drives, but when i wrote the name of the folder in the address bar, it opened normaly, so now i cannot open my computer through its icon plus all the folders present in my hard drive. please help me to sort this thing out.

A:infected with "vbs", used "Flash_Disinfector" & folders on hard drive unable to open

Hello and Welcome.

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I download a lot of images for my job and was wondering how to get rid of the save suggestions from the "Save Image As" window. I don't mean when you click on windows explorer and try to find a file, I mean when you find an image and press "Save Image As...". How do I remove the suggested save titles from the bottom of the window? I've tried highlighting them and pressing delete, but that doesn't seem to work. Forthcoming help will be appreciated.

A:How to remove the suggestions when I press "Save Image"

The easiest way is to just start typing your preferred filename in the filename box. There may be some registry editing that could eliminate any suggestions, but I'm not aware of the combination.

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I would like to disable the right-click context menu's "save-image-as" command in the registry.
Not by using Java script or whatever on a web page...
I am comfortable making registry edits.
NOT the whole menu! Just that particular command, so that users are inhibited from copying images on browser web pages.
I know there are other ways to copy online images, but I'd still like to remove at least this particular convenience for doing so.
Thanks for your help

A:disable right-click "save-image-as" in win7

Add this code to the body section in your web page. It will disable the right click on your web page,

<script language=JavaScript>

//Disable right mouse click Script
//By Maximus ([email protected]) w/ mods by DynamicDrive
//For full source code, visit http://www.dynamicdrive.com

var message="Function Disabled!";

function clickIE4(){
if (event.button==2){
return false;

function clickNS4(e){
if (document.layers||document.getElementById&&!document.all){
if (e.which==2||e.which==3){
return false;

if (document.layers){
else if (document.all&&!document.getElementById){

document.oncontextmenu=new Function("alert(message);return false")

// -->

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This isn't a bug but to document current IE/Chrome/FF behavior when saving an image.

When viewing a jpg image in IE 8.0.7600.16385, if you do right-click | Save Picture As, the default save location is Libraries\Pictures.

With FireFox 3.5.7, right-click | Save Image As, the save location is c:\users\username\downloads.

With Chrome, right-click | Save Image As, the save location is c:\users\username\documents\downloads

If using different browsers, this saves images in various locations when then must be manually consolidated.

With IE the default save location is a library, which can then be managed using the library feature: change default save location, etc.

With FF/Chrome, there's apparently no way to change the browser's default image save location. Does anyone know a workaround for this?

A:Default browser "save image" location

Decide on one browser as your default one.... easiest solution I can think of....

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I have created a form and placed two buttons on the form---one to add a new record and one to save the entries. The
"add a record" button adds a blank line to the table. The Save button is not saving the data entry one the new entry to the table.

I used the wizard to create the buttons and select the activity to perform. Is there a step I am missing?

A:"Save" button is not saving data to the table

No guarantee that I will have an answer, but it might help if you told us exactly what software you are using to create and edit the form.

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I've ordered a new hard drive for my laptop to replace the current 160 GB it has. It should arrive very soon so I've just tried to create a system image of my C:/ drive but when choosing where to save the image I am not able to select my external hard drive, instead it blanks it out the on hard disk option and goes straight to the DVD or Network option.

The hard drive works fine in Windows 7 for normal operation, it is a IOMEGA 250 GB USB 2.0 Hard Drive. It does however have files already on it, it's free space is 195 GB.

Does it need more free space, or am I missing something?



A:Unable to select external hard drive to save a system image

I don't know what I did, but after messing around with drive letters and paths I managed to get my external hard drive to appear in the list and it is currently saving a system image of my C:/ drive right now. Fingers crossed.

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I used a DriveWire - Universal Hard Drive Adapter (IDE / PATA / SATA to USB HDD Adapter) to hook up A 3.5" Hard Drive (Samsung model HD502HJ) to my desktop in an attempt to get my wife's files off her old desktop machine and merge them into mine. It all started off fine, the drive was recognized and I could see the files when I plugged in the USB cord. I started a NOD32 scan of the drive and a few minutes later a spark flew off my power strip and the fuse blew - looks like a letter opener shorted between two of the plugs. I think I killed the hard drive.

I replaced the power strip and started everything back up. The drive spins, but no longer is recognized by the computer when plugged in (no drive letter for it). Under Disk Management, I see the disk listed as "unknown" and "not initialized". Originally I had the option to right click and select "Initialize", and I was given option to use two partitiion styles (MBR or GPT).. I tried both to no avail, and get the "device is not ready" message.

I can right click select "Offline", and get the same message. right-click "Properties" say the device is working properly.

I plugged in another drive on the hard drive adapter and it works (so it's not the vault of the adapter). I try the same setup on my laptop and get the same results.

So I'm pretty sure I killed the drive. I just care about getting pictures and documents off it. Any advise? I know t... Read more

A:Hard Drive "Not Initialized", "device is not ready",won't recognize

If you have killed the drive, there isn't very much you do about it. Even experts cannot sometimes recover anything, and it's just a wast of money.

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My hard drive not showing in "my computer" or "Disk Management" but is showing under device manager. I got the hard drive from a friend and his dad had put a Password encryption on it. Any Ideas?

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Tricky to word this properly as I found out searching the web...
There are tons of info and technique to recover files delete "from" and existing recycle bin.
My question is rather simple.....
Using a partition recovery program, I have found a couple partitions with Recycle bin folders that have date in them.
I have not had luck opening any of the files.
Is there a proper restore method for the content in these "recovered recycle bins"
such as would be done when your restore files from the bin on desktop?
The hierarchy seems to be still there.... after saving, I have a recycle bin folder with content that I cant open...
I have a herniated disk and have been on meds and deleted 3 years worth of files and only discovered it yesterday.....

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I have suddenly gotten an issue. Whenever I click "Save Image As" my browser will crash and immediately close. I initially noticed this problem on Chrome then tried on Firefox to see if the problem happened and it did. I also noticed it also crashed if I wanted to upload an image. For example, when I try to comment with a picture on Facebook.

I have no idea what is causing the problem and any help will be appreciated.

A:Browsers crash when I "Save Image As"

Are your browsers Java enabled? Also did you check in Internet Explorer as well? Try re-installing the third party browsers that you have in your system. Make sure you display drivers are up-to date as well.

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Hi there, I'm at my wits end and hoping someone can help!

The past few days I've been having a mess of problems with my two web browsers, Google Chrome and Firefox.

Whenever I go to right click save an image, as soon as the save as folder/explorer windows pops up, the browser freezes and crashes. This happens in BOTH Firefox and Chrome, which is why I think it's an issue on Windows' part?

It's even worse with Chrome, where recently I can't even open it - it immediately freezes and goes all "Not Responding" on me. Both browsers freeze to the point where I can't even close them - I have to go to task manager and close them manually.

What I've Already Tried:
Uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox and Chrome
Erasing browser data
Using Windows System Restore (for some reason I only have a few restore points that span back only 2-3 days. Restoring has not changed anything)
Temporarily turning on McAfee Firewall and virus protection
Using CCleaner on registry

Any suggestions? I have no idea what to try next.

Not sure if this matters, but I did install Adobe Illustrator recently. Didn't have a problem with anything the first day I installed it, but the next day is when troubles got serious I believe. I have since uninstalled it - didn't fix anything though.

Thank you SO much for your help.

I don't know what parts of this are important, but:

Model: Studio XPS 8100
Processor: Intel(R) Core i7 CPU 860 @ 2.80GHz
System Type: 64-bit

Oh and one more thin... Read more

A:Web Browsers Crash Whenever I Do Image "Save As"

Well for your browser bit type...all browser are 32 bit....only IE 11 is 64 bit. This is completely different from your OS....so no worries with that. However, FF does have a 64 bit browser (beta) available. I'm not sure if Chrome has one.

Now for your problem: Do you have in extensions and addon's installed? Is so uninstall all of them and check for issue. Next I would uninstall McAfee and check for your problem.

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i try to backup my laptop data using system image recovery.. In the process, the system told me that 'the backup could take up to 16 GB of disc space.' So, i just create another partition (17 GB) on my external hard disc as a backup location. The process went smoothly. But unfortunately, all my external hard disc partition has been deleted and there is only one partition (RECOVERY 31.9GB ) that include recovery data is created.. Is it any way that i can apply to get back my deleted partition?

A:System image recovery has deleted my external hard drive partition

Hi Fuadansari

Can you please tell us the manufacturer and the model of the hard drive that was overwritten.

I've done that process so I think that I understand what happened. Is it an Acer laptop?

The most important thing at this point is that you DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING TO THE AFFECTED DRIVE. That means do not format it or do anything that may alter the data that is currently on it.


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New installation of windows 7 ultimate 32bit and on trying to copy a 38gb folder from c drive to d drive, pc gives bsod.
Lately playing world of tanks is resulting in system lock ups,please can anyone help


A:bsod copying files from "c" to "d" drive and system lock ups

Post it following the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions.

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Just this really. And then I have to go to task manager and close it down and open it again but I can't get any work done as I can't save anything. I just installed the windows 8.1 patch two days ago. Any ideas anyone?

A:Word stops working when I press "save" or "save as"

Hey tra,

Go into control panel's uninstall programs section, find office, and select 'change'. Click repair, restart, and let me know if that helps.

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After last night i have re-turn on my computer about five minutes ago............ i see on "My Computer" i have a new "strange" system drive named F: (C and D it's my HD... E it's dvd burner) whit label "SYSTEM" and i have tryed to access and result inaccessible.
The size it's about 100MB and 47,2 it's be filled but i can see what's inside and i don't have idea what's is that............. i thinks it's possible there's sometighs like a "hidden" partition but i don't even idea because now it's appears on "My Computer".
Yesterday and last night (before i go to sleep and turn off this same pc) there's no listed here................
If it's necessary i can post some pics.... or info about it... apparently there's a FAT32 partition.........

I can add this info about this:
i have opened the diskmgmt.msc and here i can't see nothings about this newest drive F:.... look at here:
And here the the disk manager.. no F: appears:

A:Strange "SYSTEM" drive has been appears on "My Computer". What's it's?


what is F System directory that suddenly appears in Windows 10

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