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Low benchmark scores on CPU & HDD - Is my HDD poo?

Q: Low benchmark scores on CPU & HDD - Is my HDD poo?

Hey all,
Just built a new comp and I thought this thing would scream but I'm only getting a whimper

AMD FX-62 Dual Core CPU
1.0 GB DDR2 PC3200 (I believe its 3200)
ASUS M2A-VM-HDMI Motherboard
Ultra X-Connect Titanium w/ UV Blue 500Watt ATX PSU
Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250GB Hard Drive (Serial ATA II, 7,200 RPM, 8MB)
Haven't done the video card yet
This thing should move like lightning right?

Something about this thing is mega slow to load programs and such.
I just used CrystalMark to get some Benchmark scores and my CPU ranked a bit lower than an AMD FX-60 (19442 vs. 25188) but my HDD was piss poor with a score of 4738 vs others out there ranking between 2 and 4 MILLION!!
Now my HDD is in a constant churning state, ya know always sounds like its struggling and grinding away when running programs especially ones like adaware or spybot that scan, not super loud but it bugs me. Is this an indication that is a piece of junk?

Is there any other way to determine if its is my HDD that is the weakest link in my new computer besides getting another and popping it in and are there any other good benchmark programs out there that can confirm this for me. Also, why would my CPU be scoring lower than a lower model? Maybe its just that CrystalMark isn't reliable.
Also, I'm running some EMSA Disk Check Program right now to try that out and see what happens

Preferred Solution: Low benchmark scores on CPU & HDD - Is my HDD poo?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Low benchmark scores on CPU & HDD - Is my HDD poo?

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I dont know what is wrong with my computer but recently i ran aquamark3 and 3dmark 2003 and in aquamark i scored a low 21,000 and in 3dmark2003 i scored a low 2,500
yet i am running a intel p4 2.8 ghz 800 fsb ht oced at 3.6
512 mb 3200 hyperx ddr
visiontek 9600
Asus p800s
i know its not the ram because i tested it with prime95

A:Low Benchmark Scores

i think it is either the motherboard or videocard because i know that the visointek 9600 is underclocked at 324 mhz core and 202.5 memory but can it really make that much of a difference because people with the same ram, similiar video card and processor have scored in the 30,000- 40,000 range yet i can barely score 20,000

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I made this thread so we can share the results of our benchmark scores from unigine heaven 4.0. If you want to post your result, all you have to do is go to this site , download it and install it.

Run it in the Extreme preset, save the results somewhere you can find, print screen the results and post it here!

I own a GTX 580 3 GB EVGA Classified version, and this is what i got at nVidia stock settings:

A:Unigine Heaven 4 Benchmark scores

I'm a bit confused... I have a GTX 690 and i only get 2.6 fps more than you...

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I recently purchased a Dell Precision 5520 with the following hardware: i7-7820HQ, 32GB RAM, M.2 PCIE 512GB, Quadro M1200. I noticed performance issues with the laptop - simple things like a lag sometimes between when I typed on the keyboard and when things actually appeared on screen. Generally slow performance with simple tools like PgAdmin, etc. Subsequently, I ran benchmark tests (PassMark, Geekbench, and others) and I find that my CPU scores are dismal - about a 1/4 of what they should be. I did a couple of things to isolate the problem: (1) updated the bios and switched off sidestep, (2) complete reformat and reinstall of the latest recovery image from Dell, (3) all windows 10 updates and driver updates through command center, (4) configured power option in Windows to "High Performance" and plugged in the a/c adapter, (5) removed all peripherals - basically back to stock, out-of-the-box factory image except the Intel Sidestep setting in the bios. Again, no improvement - low CPU benchmark scores (Passmark CPU score - 2424). See attached image for details. I'm not sure what else to do? Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

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Hi!I'm a pretty new gaming notebook owner, as i got a really screaming good deal on a y530 (8750h/1060-6gb/16gb/512ssd/144hz). Im currently trying out some recommendations from the internet like undervolting the CPU and having the power limit at 50W (CPU) and im currently getting 2678 points in cinebench r20, and the cpu is sitting comfortably at 70-72 degrees C at full load. (-0,150v undervolt) Is this good or is there something else i should change?

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I put a new processor in a computer here at work yesterday. Previously, the computer had a K6/233, and I replaced it with a K6-2/300.

I was surprised to note that the benchmark scores (I used WinTune for the Benchmark test) for the new, "faster" processor were lower than the "slower" one

CPU Integer................... -2%
CPU Floating Point............ +29%
2D Video...................... +2%
Direct 3D..................... +12%
Open GL....................... -15%
Memory........................ -38%
Cached Disk................... +18%
Uncached Disk................. +1%

So what's going on here? Why would the CPU Integer and memory transfer scores go down with the new processor? Did I missed a configuration in the BIOS, or could this processor just not be suited for the motherboard? Specifications on the motherboard are at: http://www.qdigrp.com/eng/products/tx1bp.htm

Thanks for any insight, as this is rather perplexing to me.

A:Benchmark Scores Lower w/ Faster Processor?

You may need to check the version of the bios to ensure that it supports this chip.

I found this in the FAQ's at that site.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Q5. Does Titanium B series support AMD K6 266/300 and K6-II 266/300 CPU?
Our Titanium IB+, Titanium IIB and T1E(TX400) Motherboards can support AMD future K6 266/300 MHz and K6-II at 266/300 MHz CPU in specification, which may use 2.2v as CPU core voltage with the latest BIOS downloaded and flashed.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Check out this little program for CPU info. WCPUID At http://www.h-oda.com/ This program will give you all of the info you need. It is on this download page. http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA002374/src/download.html

Remember the light at the end of the tunnel just might be a train

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I thought that I would bring this over from Seven Forums to see what scores we are getting with this OS.

I'll start off with mine. The first image is my score, using the default settings, and the second is with all applicable settings maxed out.

Download Heaven DX11 Benchmark | Unigine: real-time 3D engine (game, simulation, visualization and VR)

A:Show us your Unigine Heaven Benchmark scores!

Updated, for my new system. Note that I have only used the default settings for Heaven here, but you can quite clearly see what an improvement I have over my old system. In addition, the effect of having crossfire enabled can be clearly seen in the second image, with a final score approximately twice that where crossfire is disabled.

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I was surprised to see here that the Intel Celeron D 330 2.66 GHz processor benchmark scores are lower than the AMD Sempron 3100+ 1.80 GHz processor benchmark scores.

I recently resurrected and upgraded 2 older desktops.

Both have 2 GB DDR PC2700 RAM and have an UDMA/ATA100 7200 rpm hard drive and have the same antivirus program running.

The Intel processor has a 533 MHz FSB and the AMD processor has an 800 MHz FSB.

The desktop with the AMD processor appears to be the faster and more snappier of the two.

Is the higher FSB of the AMD processor the deciding factor, or is it something else?


A:Solved: Intel Celeron Vs. AMD Sempron Benchmark Scores

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Are areas other than RAM affected (score wise on the WEI assessment) by the amount of RAM you have?

I had an A42JV notebook with 4gb, but it had some issues and I traded it in for K42JV which only has 2 GB. The processor and GPU are the same, yet now my Windows experience score for Aero Performance is 3.9 (Intel HD). It was 4.2 with the other notebook.

Could the difference possible be due to having 2GB instead of 4GB now...Or could it possibly be due to a different motherboard or a different Intel HD?

Also I see people with the same processor scoring 6.7 (i5 450) for the processor score, yet I'm scoring 6.2... What could account for the difference? Motherboard?

Thanks much for any answers...

A:Windows 7 experience scores...Does RAM affect other scores?

You will see a performance boost by having more memory. Having less memory will affect your Aero performance.
Processors will vary slightly in speed. Also, the processor is going through your mobo.

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I have 2x2GB of DDR3 1600mhz memory installed on my machine.

My WEI score is only 5.9. Can anyone help me understand why this is low?

You can see my system specs below.

A:WEI Scores

I am wondering if it's running at 1600 Mhz. Have you set it in your BIOS? That may be an issue. Some boards you will have to set the speed in the BIOS.

You can check CPUz memory tab to see if you're running at 1600.

Dual channel will be 800(X2=1600) and triple channel will be 533 (533X3=1600)

If it's running at 1600, it's probably just the WEI...I would not put too much faith into it.

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I am curious what the AMD CPU's are getting.
Currently I score 5.9 with my FX-60 at 2.8GHZ.
I am wanting to upgrade.......
I am getting 7.9 on my AGP but the FX-60 and the amout of ram I can use I think is maxed out.
I can only do 1GB per slot.

I was looking at the X2-6400 for 130$ and I would like to know what it scores.
I see the 6000+ at 5.9, thats not a huge increase for me to shell out for new ram, mobo and CPU and video card.
I'm confused on what CPU to get, Intel or AMD.

I want fast at everything, but particularly games.


A:AMD CPU scores in Windows 7

I have a 6.1 with my AMD Athlon 64 x2 6000+ 3ghz
I think most members will tell you to go with Intel.

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Please not, these scores where with fresh installed Windows 7 and updated with everything available excluding language packs.

Windows XP x64 13,000+

Windows 7 x32 11,700

Windows 7 x64 11,481

3Dmark06 ran with no problems on x32 but i had quite a few hickups running it on the x64. Nothing major but it was obvious W7 x64 didnt like it.

Also, nVidia Controll panel isnt too fond of W7 x32 or x64. Enabling SLI took a couple trys and black outs to enable.

I felt it was a little laggy running W7.

Post your Scores

A:3DMark06 Scores x32 & x64

Quote: Originally Posted by thomas0zero

I felt it was a little laggy running W7.

This has been my experience with just about every game in W7 thus far. They lag behind in speed compared to playing them in XP.

All Microsoft had to do was update XP with DirectX 11 and it would've made a killer gaming platform. But instead it seems like they are going to kill PC gaming in favor of their Xbox.

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ok heres the story i have a quite new system run everything well no problems,

i was told by a mate to run 3d mark 06 to test my computer agianst his.

My computer :

Thermaltake 430W psu
amd athlon 64 3200+ 939
mobo pci-e dual channel etc
sapphire x800gt 256mb
dual channel corasair 2-2-2-6
250 gig 7200rpm 8mb cache hdd

i got a total score of 1456

His computer:

antec 300w psu
P4 2.8 ghz (old version)
mobo agp
6800gs 256mb
dual channel generic ram
80gig 7200rpm 8mb cache

his total score 1986

i thought to my self WTF!
his system has a major bottle-neck and it general is poor.
how could his system be better than mine?

Hints: neither computer is overclocked or has been overclocked
my system is brand new
His is old
Both systm with latest drivers
both ran 3d mark with same setup with resolution and AA etc

any ideas? i think he is just plain lying

A:3D mark scores BS?


Out here in the "up over" (Arizona western US)
We have a saying, 'If it quacks, waddles, smells & has feathers like a duck, there's a distinct possiblity that it's a duck".

Does he have Hyper thread cpu, 533 fsb?
I have p4 2.8 ht 800 fsb, dual channel ddr
OC'd to 3.2 and do not get a score that high.

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TSG sysinfo below
I have a machine with Win 7 HP 64 bit.

AMD Phenom II- 965 w/ 8 gig of mem

ATI card - Radeon 4300/4500

Realtek- PCIe GBE family net card
I think because of the 7 HP I won't get any higher then 3.7. If I had 7 Ultim or Pro I could get a higher score. If the score was would I notice a performace difference? If I wouldn't get a performance improvement I don't care about the score

Let me know your thoughts
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 4 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8188 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 Series , 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 238318 MB, Free - 179798 MB; D: Total - 238518 MB, Free - 238255 MB; E: Total - 95385 MB, Free - 94368 MB; F: Total - 95385 MB, Free - 94363 MB; G: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 318682 MB; H: Total - 953867 MB, Free - 379386 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., GA-MA785GM-US2H, x.x,
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:Do Performance scores really mean anything?

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I was wondering if anyone have reference if my unigine and 3dmark scores are under or right on par with other similar systems. Currently these are stock score no oc'ing on gc yet.

Fire strike ultra score : 4493
Fire strike extreme score: 8229
Fire strike score: 16283
Unigine score : 2908

A:3dmark scores


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Instead of posting 3DMark06 score, Post your PassMark 6.1 scores here.
(download the software at PassMark PC benchmark and test software )

Nothing impressive but my Passmark score:


AMD Phenom X3 8450 ~2.1
6144 MB of PC-5300 ~667Mhz D/C
2 X 500 GB Western Digital 7,200 RPM SATA 16 MB

A:PassMark 6.1 Scores

My Passmark is 1179.1

Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3
Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66GHz @ 3.6GHz
4.96 GB of PC-8500 ~900MHz
Jetway 8800GT
2 X 500 GB Western Digital 7,200RPM SATA 16 MB

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I'm sure this can't be right

I have a HIS 5770 1GB graphics card, this seems pretty low too me. Any suggestions?

A:5770 low scores

Sorry guys just installed latest AMD drivers and popped in a new Athlon II x4 640 CPU, lo and behold these are the results, next item is a SSD me thinks :P

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Just talk about your graphic card scores that you get in the Windows Experience Index.

Gaming Graphics performance: 5.4
Graphics: 3.9

Meh, not that good. I'm guessing people will have amazing scores.

A:Graphics scores

you can actually post that in this thread Show Us Your WEI

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does anyone have any idea on how i would go about making a high scores list in a VB app?? i have spent ages and i cant think of any good ideas.


A:High Scores in VB

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Hey i'd like to view some Aquamark scores. Just post your pc and scores.

Here is mine http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y290/nvidia290/aquamark.jpg

CPU: 8,965
GFX: 9,238
Score 60,945

AMD Athlong 64-bit 3200+
Sapphire X800GTO

How do I rank up?

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Hi gang,
has anyone been playing with the new benchmark tool as of yet? just wondering what kind of scores you guys are getting.
If you haven't seen it as of yet, there is a free basic version that can be had here:


A:3DMark11 scores

what resolution? i haven't used one of them in a long time...

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Hi everyone,I don't know if Iam in the right forum or not....if not maybe someone can point me to the right one...I have joined this mp3 site for like 85 cents a mp3....anyways would any one know why when I download a mp3 that it puts a down score in every word of the mp3 like this _ it not like that when I download it......any help on this matter would be greatly Appreciated..

**Thanks bobbylee**

A:down scores in notepad

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I recently reformatted my computer, installed all the drivers and everything. Everything looked good.

I started playing some games, Call of Duty, Team Fortress and my FPS was way down from what I remembered so I installed 3dmark Advantage.

I have a 8800gts, q6600, 2gb RAM and yet im getting a combined score of about 3000. My video card gets about 3000 and my CPU is getting in the low 2000s. Compared to other people's scores, this is VERY low and very odd.

Nothing is overheating, no viruses or spyware slowing the computer down. Its just been reformatted

I tried installing several different drivers 175.19, 175.16 and some of the older ones and none of them work any better.

This is all pretty odd, any suggestions?

A:Very low 3dMark Scores

Were your 3D mark scores higher before the reformat?

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I've just built a machine -i5 2500 Gigabyte GA-H67A-UD3H-B3 8Gb RAM and the thing is flyiing yet my score only comes up 4.2 whereas my Toshiba laptop is running 5.6 with a i5 430m @2.23Ghz dual core and 4Gb RAM.

My other desktop is also only 4.3 mind you it has a two core AMD Athlon II X2 245 @ 2.9Ghz 4Gb RAM on a Gigabyte GA-MA78MLT-S2 board.

I would have thought as I do not have much on the machine (new build) at the moment the score would have been more than the 4.2.

Am I doing something wrong or missed out something - perhaps this about right for the course of things?

Anyway gottta dash to the workhouse (to be able to buy more bits).

A:Performance scores

You're using integrated graphic on your desktop machine.
That's probably what's giving you a 4.2.

4.2 is not the average, just the number for the lowest link in your system.

Out of curiosity, what item are you getting the 4.2 on?

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Hey everyone who has a System similar to mine. What is your 3DMark2001 scores? I got only like 5995 or somrthing like that, and whats odd is that I got Higher scores with my older machine(Athlon 1700+ 512MB DDR2100 GeForce TI 500 64MB)
With that one I got 7000+ so I figured that with the new machine I'd get much better scores. Hmmm... Is the 2001 version use DirectX 8? Would it matter if I used DX 9?
Thanks for any tips given,

A:3DMark2001 scores?

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Hi all !! I just tested my comp with the Mark3D and i got 1266 I know my comp ist all that but man that score sux comparing to other scores ive seen.

AMI P4 1600 MHz (4x400) SIS 650 Radeon 9000 PRO 128 XP.
Does anyone know what i can do to up the score?

A:Bad MARK3D Scores.

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Windows Vista
The pre-installed games on the PC and installed games no longer keep up to date scores. Ex: If PC says I have played solitaire 50 times then I play it 10 times today, the next time I turn it on it does not register those games played, it still says 50. Other games do not keep a running score, always start me back at the same game level and old score of some previous time. I think someone here must have unknowingly changed some settings or something cause I never had this problem before. Anyone understand what I am talking about?

A:saving scores

If you had XP I would suggest

Start > Control Panel > Add/remove programs > Add/remove Windows components > go into Accessories, uncheck games, click ok, then doing it all again and rechecking games.

Maybe it's similar enough in vista to if you wanted to give it a shot.

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I just built a gaming rig over the weekend and I am shocked at how low my MadOnion 2001 SE scores are. Mind you this system is in no way overclocked.

I am not a super expert or anything but could you look at my system specs and offer an opinion as to whether these scores seem reasonable?

I ran the standard bmark for 2001SE.

Mobo MSI KT4 Ultra MS-6590 (v1.0)
AMD Athlon XP 1900+ (1.6ghz)
256 mb PC2700 DDR333 Kingmax RAM
40GB Maxtor 7200 HD
Gainward Geforce 4 Ti4200 64mb (40.52's)
SB Live 5.1 Digital
WXP sp1

I have mostly standard settings in the Bios of the MOBO, I have the Vsync disabled in D3d as OGL.

Comparing my scores to others I am outperformed in the main tests pretty soundly.

I am really baffled. My prior system was a 98SE, 10GB 5400, 256 PC133, SB Live 5.1, ABit Kt7, Geforce 3 Ti200 and I scored only 1000pts lower.

I would greatly appreciate your input. I would hate to think that my $800 investment only got me a 20% performance increase.



A:Do these MadOnion scores seem right?

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I have intel HD 3000 and GeForce GT 525 M (laptop) but the graphics score is always 4.9 !!! in Win 7 and Win 8

A:The graphics score is low in WEI scores !

Mate, is this a problem? I can't change your WEI scores.
4.9 is pretty high.

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Geekbench 2.1.2 is a free benchmarker that comes in both x32 and x64 flavors and allows you to compare scores.

Here's my 24/7 setup. Post yours!

System manufacturer Rampage Extreme : Geekbench Result Browser

A:Post your Geekbench scores!

Geekbench run on 24/7 settings:

System manufacturer P5KC : Geekbench Result Browser
4070 points

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Company settles 'spyware' lawsuit for $7.5 mlnWed Jun 15, 2005 08:13 AM ET SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Intermix Media Inc. has agreed to pay the state of New York $7.5 million to settle a lawsuit charging it with bundling hidden "spyware" along with millions of programs it gave away for free, the company said on Tuesday. The company also said it would permanently discontinue distribution of its adware, redirect and tool bar programs, all of which Intermix noted it has previously stopped distributing. Intermix said it did not admit any wrongdoing or liability. Intermix shares rose $1.50, or 24.6 percent, to $7.60 in after-hours trading on Inet following the news. The settlement deal follows New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's April lawsuit charging that the company's practice of bundling hidden spyware violated state laws prohibiting false advertising and deceptive business practices. It also came as the company on Tuesday posted a fourth quarter net loss of $409,000 compared with a loss of $4.4 million a year ago. Revenue rose to $24.1 million from $14.4 million, boosted by gains at its Alena business unit and network segment. Full Read @ Reuters

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I am wondering if is there the AFL live scores gadget for windows [Vista gadget or google gadget] ?



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I got this scores...

I Googled the scores, but cant get a clear picture of it...

Ran @ Perfomance level

Ran @ High level
Couldnt run it at Extreme,1920x1800 is not supported.

Is this good? Is this bad?
I am novice btw..

A:My Vantage scores normal?

Your scores are good I'm sure for your system.
To compare them to a similiar system would be ok but not sure how you can do that here.

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I have Microsoft Pinball Arcade. But I may have to re-format my hard drive and re-install it. Does anyone know which "file" the high scores list games are stored in so I can copy it over and not lose all my high scores?

A:Games Scores Question


Don't have the game myself, but if you open up Windows Explorer and have a look in c:\Prgram Files\

It may be as Microsoft Pinball Arcade, or just Pinball Arcade. Inside the folders, look for a txt or a dat file. Are there any in there?

The txt ones you can look at easiliy, so you can tell if they have them inside. If you see a dat file, tell us what their names are.



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Hey all,

First the specs:
Athlon XP 2500 Barton
ATI Radeon 9700 Pro 128MB
768 MD DDR 2700 RAM
Maxtor HD 36 GB 7200RPM
Gigabyte GA-7VAX KT400 Chipset

Just ran 3dMark 05 (free version) for the second time and I got a score of 1889. Before that it was a score of about 1100. Considering my specs I'm thinking that these are a bit low.
I've updated the graphics card, installed DX 9.0c, and even defragged my hard drive. Also installed those new Via 4 in 1 drivers. I'm guessing doing all of that is what bumped my score up a bit, but again, it still seems low.

Any ideas on how to get this score a lil higher. With HL2 coming out soon (hopefully) I'm trying to tweak this bad boy as well as possible.

A:3d Mark 2005 Scores---Need some help

Make sure V-sync, AA, and AF are set to "appl pref" in driver control panel

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Apologies wrong title and I cannot seem to edit it!Should be: Windows 7 Health report (Sorry everyone)Hello everyone,When I do a system health report in windows 7, I get this message under the lists of warnings:Investigate why 28% events were lost during data collection. The settings for Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) maximum buffers and buffer size may not be optimalAfter researching the subject I am non the wiser; can anyone advise what might be wrong please? This is a brand new PC, well, only 2 months old.Thanks,d.

A:Windows Experience Scores

Do you have a new or upgraded computer? The following site may be relevant:http://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=51808.15

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hey all,
how would i organise some integers into numerical order for a high score list??


A:Organising High Scores

Here are a couple of ideas:



Or you could cheat a little, add a listbox with .Sorted = True and fill it with the numbers, you will need to pad them with zeros so that for example 9,15,137,1057 are added as 0009,0015,0137,1057 so that they get sorted properly.

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My friend and i have same graphic cards. the 8600 GT. the thing is he has a laptop and i have a computer. but somehow he has better index scores in the " desktop performance for windows aero" thing
why is that?

A:Same graphic cards different scores

A lot also depends on the system hardware of the two machines. Without the specifications of your friend's machine, it would be difficult to ascertain the reason for the difference in WEI scores. It would also help if you could include these scores as well. To start off, make sure that you have the latest graphics card driver installed (link provided to the latest WHQL driver for your convenience).

ForceWare Release 169

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Alright, let's see how everyone is doing (links are best)


Athlon64 3700+
Asus EN7800GT
1Gb ram (512x2) PC3200
250Gb HDD, S-ATA 7200rmp 16mb cache
A8N-SLI deluxe
Nothing overclocked.

Main Test Results
3DMark Score

SM 2.0 Score

SM 3.0 Score

CPU Score

A:Post your 3DMARK06 scores.

3DMark06 Project Details
Project Info


xfx 6800gs agp 400/1100 unlocked 16/6

Project ID

Compare URL

Project not published

Full System Details Export Results in XML

System Configuration

General Information
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP
DirectX Version 9.0c
Mobo Manufacturer ASUSTeK Computer INC.
Mobo Model P4S800
AGP Rates (Current/Available) 8x / 4x, 8x
CPU Intel Pentium 4 3296 MHz
FSB 220 MHz
Memory 1536 MB

Display Information
Graphics Chipset NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT
Driver Name NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT -XTreme-G by TRU
Driver Version
Driver Status WHQL - FM Approved
Co-operative adapters No
Video Memory 256 MB
Core Clock 11 MHz
Memory Clock 1104 MHz

Benchmark Settings
Program Version 3DMark06 Revision 0 Build 2
Resolution 1280x1024
Anti-Aliasing None
Texture Filtering Optimal
Vertex Shader Profile 3_0
Pixel Shader Profile 3_0
Force Full Precision No
Disable Post-processing No
Force Software Vertex Shaders No
Force Software FP Filtering No
Disable HW Shadow Mapping No
Color Mipmaps No
Repeat Count Off
Fixed Framerate Off

Main Test Results
3DMark Score 2497 3DMarks
SM 2.0 Score 1119 Marks
SM 3.0 Score 1022 Marks
CPU Score 724 Marks

Detailed Test Results

Graphics Tests
1 - Return to Proxycon 8.9 FPS
2 - Firefly Forest 9.7 FPS

CPU Te... Read more

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Hey all, i just bought a geforce 7800gtx and i ran 3d mark and i'm getting scores of 5000.

I have looked online and people with my same rig are getting around 7000 and higher. I installed the latests video drivers (twice) and have directx running as well. I couldn't find the d/l for SP2 on microsoft so i didn't worry about that.

My rig is

Athlon64 X2 4200
Msi NX 7800GTX
Corsair 2G (2x1g)
80gig hd
Sound Blaster adigy 2 ZS

The case i have is a Xaser III Lanfire case from thermaltake. It comes with a 420W psu (nvidia says you need a 350 for the 7800).Any suggestion on why my score is so horribly low. I havn't really went into the bios because i'm not sure as far as the video options go.I even unplugged some of the fans in my case to see if it would give more power to the GPU but i don't think it helped at all. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I tried to place some screenshots but they're too big even in .jpg format.

According to 3dmark this is what it says :

Description NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX
Manufacturer NVIDIA
Total Local Video Memory 256 MB
Total Local Texture Memory 256 MB
Total AGP Memory 256 MB
Driver File nv4_disp.dll
Driver Version
Driver Date 7-20-2005
Driver WHQL Certified true
Max Texture Width 4096 px
Max Texture Height 4096 px
Max User Clipping Planes 6
Max Active Hardware Lights 8 ... Read more

A:PLZ Help 7800GTX low 3dmark scores :(

Never mind everyone, i updated the bios and it fixed the problem. 3dmark was originally saying i only had a total of 128 kb of cache but when i updated my mobo drivers it found the remaining cache, thanks everyone !

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Right this will make you laugh?

My cpu scored 1679 points in 3dmark06 with 1gig of ram (twin 512 sticks)
I had 1.5gig then I took a stick out to test performance with Everest inspection programme...

WOW! What a difference it made my data transfer rate tripled with the 2 sticks in. I would never have known anything about it until I had checked my specs and performance against benchmarks of similar models..

The third stick was eiher faulty or just a confusing factor for the cpu and or mobo...

ALSO is that a reasonable score for a CPU test on this new version?

AMD64 dual core 4200+ standard clock speeds just got tweaked ram timings..

CPU @ 2200mghz... ram @ 400 (3 3 3 8) 3.9us @200mz

A:3DMark 06 Scores... and ram sticks?

Your memory is now running in Dual Channel mode, you can download CPU-Z to confirm it.

3DMark06 gives you a bonus for using a dual core CPU. I get a CPU score of about 800 with a 3200+ at stock (2000MHz).

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I ran 3dMark06 today and scored... 3416.

My computer setup is as such:

PentiumD920 [email protected]
XFX 7600GT
3Gb DDR2-Not Sure, probably the lowest speed DDR2
Asus P5WD2 Motherboard

So I'm curious, is my hardware just outdated or should be able to score higher and something is wrong?


A:3dMark06 scores seem horrendously low

That score looks about right. With a 7800GS+ AGP (7900GT with lower clocks) and a single core CPU (Athlon 64 3200+), I got a score of 3711, which consisted of:

SM 2.0 1741
SM 3.0 1746
CPU 807

A magazine benchmark using a Core 2 Duo E6600 @ 3.15 and an MSI 7600GT (560/1400) scored 3399 at defaults.

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Well couldnt find a thread with any ATI X1900XTX 3DMARK benchmarks so decided to make one myself.

Pentium 4 3.06 GHZ
PC4300(266 MHz) 512 DDR2
Sappihre ATI X1900XTX stock - Core speed 499.50 Memory speed 594.00

3DMark 2005 v1.2.0
Score 6431


I think my score is bad (any tips on improving it). Please do share yours.

Softwares used -
3DMARK 2005 v 1.2.0
CPU-Z v1.33.1
IrfanView (for screenshot)

A:ATI X1900XTX 3DMARK Scores

I think that's pretty good. I only got 4885 3Dmarks
I think you could do with more RAM though, I think that'd make a difference for you. I've got a 6800gt here and my cpu-z info is here
The second set of tests nearly gave my pc a heart attack!

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Well I have never really been into the video benchmarking thing to much, but in light of my new video card situation i decided to play a little bit and see what i came up with. I have 2 7600GT's in SLI. However I really dont know how good the performance is in the scheme of things. I know i should check the project comparison guide on the 3Dmark homepage but them guys on there from what i heard like to doctor things up, do tricks to get higher scores ect ect. I dont want to feel discuraged if I have a low score LoL Im damn excited about this new system LoL.

Here are my 3dmark Scores. Keep in mind i didnt "prep" my system like restarting, halting all processes, getting rid of the desktop background ect ect. I just downloaded them and ran the dang things right in a row.

3DmarkO3 Score: 22248

3Dmark05 Score: 10347

3Dmark06 Score: 5771

Even though I dont know how good these scores are I will definatly tell you that SLI is really worth it. In FEAR and a few other games that I play my performance didnt just improove with the second card it doubled. And to tell you the truth with just one card my FPS performance was pretty good at maximun settings

A:Good 3DMark Scores ?

I would compare your scores with similar machines online. Register at futuremark. I have not heard anything about people faking scores.

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Hello all...

Bought a video from my last thread and now that I have it installed <Asylum GeForce FX 5700 ultra>, I've ran 3Dmark twice now and they are close as to the #'s., But something doesn't seem right watching the video's for the tests. Last card was a GeForce 2 mx 400, so I expected some great things, But for some reason I don't feel so good about it...lol

Can someone give me some tips, or settings or even if I have to have the Nvidia desktop running to make it work better...? lol

Drivers Are up to date on video/audio, everything else, (mobo,chip) pretty much no.

I also thought I could get a score or frame rate from playing my own game (desert combat), but it only runs its own..??

Thanks for the help..................

Have a great day................:rolleyes:

***General Information***

Operating System Microsoft Windows ME
DirectX Version 9.0b
Mobo Manufacturer Intel Corporation
Mobo Model D815EEA

AGP Rates (Current/Available) 0x /

CPU Intel Pentium III 930 MHz
FSB 133 MHz
Memory 512 MB

Display Information
Graphics Chipset NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700 Ultra
Driver Name NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700 Ultra
Driver Version
Driver Status Non WHQL
Video Memory 128 MB

Core Clock 50 MHz

Memory Clock 209 MHz

Sound Information
Sound Adapter Driver Name SB Live! Wave Device
Sound Adapter Driver Version

Benchmark Se... Read more

A:Help interpret My 3Dmark03 scores....please

Looks fine for a 5700. I get ~5600 with a 9800 Pro.

3dMark03 tests the video card and not much else. If you want higher scores, you have to get a better video card.

I don't know how much that 5700 cost you, but slap yourself if you paid ~$150 because a 9600XT/Pro costs that much.

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