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Solved: Reinstalling printer driver - stuck.

Q: Solved: Reinstalling printer driver - stuck.

I have Dell Inspiron 531 desktop, Dell 946 printer.

Everything went to hell when I installed Zone Alarm firewall -- because I can't sign onto the internet without closing Windows firewall every time! -- after seeing someone here recommend it and before seeing additional posts regarding how much trouble it causes. And it did. I did a system restore to get back and running, but multiple things are still haywire.

The printer is the most pressing. I thought I would try uninstalling the driver and reinstalling, so I followed Dell's directions here:


I did these things as directed:

Double clicked on the icon
Rec'd prompt to Run
Clicked continue
Clicked OK to unzip files
"All files were successfully unzipped"

Then they say, "Follow the prompts that appear to install the driver. If prompted to restart your system, click OK."

But I don't have any prompts! Instead I'm looking at a screen that says "Computer, OS C: drivers, R145315" across the top. I'm in the install folder, right? But what do I do next? I've got folders that say "apps", "common", "drivers", "install", "pubs", "tools" all "date modified" today. If I click on the install folder, then I see folders that say "config", "English", "x86". None of which looks like anything I should mess with.

How do I continue to install this driver? I'm hoping this is a really stupid question, because then the solution will be easy! Right??

The can't-sign-onto-the-internet-without-closing-Windows firewall will be my next question.



Preferred Solution: Solved: Reinstalling printer driver - stuck.

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Solved: Reinstalling printer driver - stuck.

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I was working on getting the Canon ImageClass 4150 machine to work on a machine with Vista installed. I downloaded the new driver and upon trying to install the installer informed me that I needed to uninstall the previous instances of "MF Drivers" in order to reinstall.

I ran a utility included in the setup zip file that is supposed to remove previous Canon drivers in the 4100 series. I removed it from Add/Remove programs and also in the Device Manager. I've searched the computer (including hidden files, etc) and can't find any previous instances of the driver. Can't figure out what else I need to install.. Any help please?

A:Reinstalling printer driver for Canon ImageClass4150



MF refers to the model group...ignore the fact that the second link refers to Win 7. Both links are provided as just info to consider.


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After installing HP software for my HP officejet 4680 printer, I get a screen requesting an installer for the following file "GP Basic Service2.msi" I am unable to get it off the screen unless I uninstall of the suite. Help?

A:Solved: Reinstalling HP Software for Printer J4680 officejet

If you don't already have it, here is the support and software update site for the HP Officejet J4680 All-In-One printer.

Here is the "Solve a problem" section that you can browse through.

You didn't mention if your computer has Windows XP, Vista, or 7.


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I have inadvertently uninstalled my sound device for my Windows Media Player. Here is the message that comes up:

"Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There may not be a sound device installed on your computer, it may be in use by another program, or it may not be functioning properly."

someone else had been using my computer, installed extra programs, and I was in the process of removing them and password protecting my computer when...uh oh.

Can you help me? Thanks

A:[SOLVED] reinstalling sound driver

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I have a Toshiba Laptop L735 Windows 7 64 bit.
Lately I have a problem with my problem getting stuck every time I try to connect to the Internet or disconnect it. Also when shutting down and once in a while when starting.

I think it's due to the Wireless Network adapter.

Atheros AR8152/8158 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.20)
Atheros AR9002WB-1NG Wireless Network Adapter

I think it's Atheros AR9002WB-1NG Wireless Network Adapter causing the problem because whenever I disable it the computer works perfectly fine. In Safe mode with networking it gets stuck once in a while but with Safe Mode without networking it works great.

Any idea on how to solve this? I'm tired of shutting down my laptop with the power button every time I try to shut it down!


A:[SOLVED] Problem with laptop getting stuck. [Due to Driver]

Go to Atheros.com located the model of your WIFI and NIC adapter and download the latest drivers for Windows 64bit.

Or go to the manufacture of your computer's website in your case it would be Toshiba.com Driver/Support. Located your model number of your laptop and Windows 7 64bit download and install the WIFI and NIC adapter drivers for Atheros.

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Recently I decided to reinstall windows 7 without wiping my hard drive, but I ran into a problem. Everything was going smoothly until it reached the transferring data and settings. It went up to 72% and hasn't changed for an hour. If I try and close it down it simply says that it can leave the PC in an unstable state. Is there any fix to this? Thank you

Here is an image of what I'm seeing: and the number hasn't changed, and it is always changing from please wait to Transferring files imgur: the simple image sharer

Windows 7 home Premium 64bit
6570 (amd radeon)
I5 2400
8gb of RAM
600W power supply (for future upgrades)

A:Reinstalling Windows 7, stuck at 72%

Could be a disk problem. Clean your disk/partition with the Clean command in cmd and then run a chkdsk /r in cmd. Then try again.

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It really sucks because it's a driver that, when not installed, causes me to crash all the time! Could someone please help? I've already tried disabling Windows Security Essentials' Real-Time Protection. I don't really know what else to do.

A:Solved: Driver installation screen gets stuck on Please Wait...

Have you tried it in Safe Mode?

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Hiya, I wonder if anyone can help me, I have a BT multijet 3000 printer which worked fine on XP, but when upgraded to vista says unrecognised device, the driver isnt in vista, the cd which accompanied the printer doesnt work, and the company stopped support for the printer before vista came out, I wonder if anyone can help me to find the driver or tell me how to set up a generic printer so it can at least print documents, I tried the generic ones on vista xps and image one, but they didnt work, any way of how to set up the port manually, its USB, and there is no option for usb, just says lpt1 or com ports on the xps one
Help! Thanks

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I was reinstalling XP on my Dell desktop. The program uninstalled my files (I had made a copy). Then it started to reinstall the new XP but the message came up "cannot reinstall files while in Safe Mode - restarting" Now it continaully re starts but won't start up. I can't get to my desktop to correct. Does anyone have any ideas how to get out of Safe Mode and back to my desktop?

A:Stuck in Safe Mode while reinstalling XP

Please check whether this lin kcan help u:

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My new boss has a 64 bit Windows 7 laptop. We are trying to hook up to a Xerox WorkCentre 128 wirelessly. It connects, but prints only gobbly-goop. When I talked to Xerox they said there are no drivers for the 64 bit Win 7, and suggested changing his computer to Vista, or getting a new printer. (brother)!
I'm wondering if any of you tech's would know a way around this?
Thanks for any help!

A:Solved: No Printer Driver for Win 7

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I am using a Hewlett Packard Deskjet 722C

I have it hooked to my desktop at work.

I want to hook my laptop to it as well.

I cannot seem to find a place to get the correct driver.

Any ideas?

A:[SOLVED] printer driver

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Really dumb old guy needs help...........

My cable line was accidently cut by a contractor this afternoon and then spliced back together a short time later. In the process, I lost my HP 1100 LaserJet Printer in that my computer no longer recognizes it. A vague memory told me to go to the HP site and download the driver for this printer. The driver download presently sits on my desktop. What do I do now? How do I get this driver into my computer so that it can interface with my printer and cause the computer to recognize it and start working again?


Larry deZ.

A:Solved: Printer Driver

Disconnect the printer from the computer and double-click the file. Re-connect the printer when prompted by the install program.
You may do just as well by deleting the printer and then rebooting.

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Installed a printer HP 4250 Laser. Windows XP. Installed PCL 6. Worked for a while, and then started printing machine language. Any idea why?


A:Solved: Printer driver

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My Canon Pixma iP1500 printer doesn't work with my new PC.....Compaq Presario W7 64 Bit.
Seems the present driver is 32 Bit and I need a 64 Bit. Can anyone help me find one to download or a work around..
I haven't had any luck so far in my search.

Thanks for any help

A:Solved: I need a Driver for Printer

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I am having difficulty installing my printer driver...all the other things of the printer such as scan ,user guide etc.. have been installed but for some reason the driver is not.
The messsage says. There was problem installing hardware. Epson Stylus 4800 error occurred during installation of device. The driver cannot be installed because it is not difgitally signed or not sigend in the apppropriate manner. Contact hardware vendor.
I tried to to download a driver from the epson website but no luck. Whats going on?

A:Solved: printer driver

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OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 16331 Mb
Graphics Card: BB Capture Driver, 6 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 2861457 MB, Free - 2430671 MB; K: Total - 2861457 MB, Free - 2613884 MB; P: Total - 152624 MB, Free - 33877 MB;
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

The graphics card is a Nvidia GeForce GTX-660. Previous was a Asus EAH 5770.
The previous card was running at my monitors native resolution, 1920 x 1200.
When I installed and booted up the new card, all was good, and it, too, was running at 1920 x 1200.

The computer is connected to a Belkin OmniView Pro3 KVM switch, along with three other computers. The other three, with a variety of other cards and either Win7 or XP, are running at 1920 x 1200.

After 3 days, I shut down and rebooted this computer. On reboot, the resolution had changed to 1024x768, and Windows will only allow that resolution or 800x600. The GeForce software has an option to set a "Custom Resolution", but when I try this setting, the entire screen is scrunched into a thin line at the top of the screen.

I have found this same, or similar, complaint all over the internet, but no one seems to have a workable solution. My guess is that the blame lies with Windows default generic plug and play monitor driver or perhaps the graphic card's use ... Read more

A:Solved: PNP driver not properly detecting monitor - stuck on 1024x768 or 800x600

As an additional note, after posting, I removed the GeForce graphic driver. I was then able to get up to 1600x1200 in Windows Control Panel. Reinstalling the GeForce driver (and yes, it is the latest) took me back to the previous 1024x768/800x600 situation.

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I have an XP (SP3) PC with a HP Laserjet 2420 connected by an old parallel cable. When I do a test print the characters are 99% nonsense. You can barely make out the word Windows at the tope but the rest looks like it is in Mandarin/hieroglyphics!

I presume I have the wrong printer driver but which one should I use?

I have tried the HPLJ2420 PCL 5 and 6. Don't know which one is right as neither give English characters.

Can anyone help? I guess it is something simple I've missed?


A:[SOLVED] XP SP3 & HP LJ2420 - which printer driver to use?

This is caused by a document stuck in the Print que. Go to Start/Printers and Faxes and Open you printer and Cancel all Documents in the Print Que. Turn off the printer, and then turn it back on.
As for drivers If the PCL5 doesn't work try the PCL 6 or verse visa.
You can also try the Universal Driver if you like. HP LaserJet 2400 Printer series*-* Download drivers and software - HP Business Support Center

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I have a Canon i9100 printer which worked great through XP, Vista and Win 7....Canon provided updated drivers.. However, for 8.1, Canon does not provide a driver for this printer. Is there another source which makes a generic driver for this printer so it does not become obsolete?

A:Solved: Canon Printer Driver For 8.1

The below image shows the list of compatible Windows versions for the Canon i9100 printer.

Unless Windows 8.1 provides a built-in generic driver for it, you're probably out of luck.

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I'm trying to reinstall my printer after I updated my aol security. When I try installing it says printer driver unknown. I've tried installing from disk and hp website. Printer driver unknown keeps coming up. I tried the restore point 3x's and computer will not restore back to a previous date. Hp support told me to reinstall windows xp, which I don't have a disk for. Is there a way to install this printer that was working for the last year without a problem?
Hope someone can help me.
It's a Hp psc 1315v printer and I'm running window's xp home.
Why won't it install?
thank you

A:Solved: HP printer driver won't install

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I have an HP Laserjet 5 printer and I need to get it working on my newly-installed Windows 7. That driver isn't available from HP and it isn't available in Windows 7's list of printers. Windows Update has been giving me the "try again later" error message since yesterday afternoon.

I know the driver is available from Windows Update because I got it working on a previous Windows 7 installation by downloading an expanded list of printers from Windows Update before.

Now, here's my question: I would like to have this driver in my possession so I don't have to risk this problem again at a later time. Does anyone know where/how I can get it?

A:Solved: Need a Windows 7 driver for my printer

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Can anyone give me a link where I can download a printer driver for the above printer. It has not installed properly using the printer cd I have been trying to download it by going online but I may as well be chinese,plenty of sites but when I try and download I end up with driver detective or some other useless application which needs to be paid for, I have been to other sites where I have to choose the printer I'me using which is'ent listed. Its all most annoying.

A:Solved: lexmark4400 printer driver

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I have been trying to add my computer afetr unistalling hten reinstalling. when I get it completely done I get this:

RTL unable to start driver hpoid
WHAT is htis and how cna I fix it?
Faithful one

A:[SOLVED] Printer Driver Problem

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I was cleaning my laptop by reinstalling Windows XP Pro.

I reformated first as it was FAT32 and I wanted NTSC next time.

When I tried to reinstall Windows XP Pro from the CD it went into set up mode and was all OK until I got to the product key - for some reason it no longer works. So I can't reinstall XP Pro and it is stuck in the set up loop. No idea why the key won't work.

I do also have a Vista Home CD and key but the system is stuck in the setup loop so I don't seem to be able to install that either. I've put the CD and tried to boot it but no joy.

Can anyone help?

Thanks Rob

A:Reinstalling Windows and stuck at set up due to product key no longer working

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The tablet ran out of power during a factory reset and bricked (windows doesn't boot up). I tried to fix it by trying to boot from usb with windows. However I made a mistake and set efi as the second boot choice. The tablet does not boot from usb for some reason and goes straight in to efi. I'm unable to access BIOS during boot.

How do i access the BIOS from efi ?
Why doesn't windows boot from usb as it should ?

Any help would be much appreciated as I am stuck on what to do next, I am not an IT specialist but I have a basic understanding.

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my hp psc 1410v printer keeps reinstalling the drivers for the printer and asks to register it after i bring the computer on from vista stand-by mode. just wondering what can caus that?

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I recently reformatted a Dell computer running Windows XP, and upon reinstallation of everything I failed to unplug the dp d145 printer from the USB port. It now will not work. There are no error messages or anything, it just doesn't work at all. I have no idea what's wrong with it. The copier works, so it's not a printer issue, it just doesn't work with the computer. Any suggestions?

A:HP Printer not seen (after reinstalling XP)

uninstall the software from add-remove programs.

Unplug the printer.

Remove it from the Printers folder if it remains.

Then reinstall exactly as per the instructions.

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The problem is each time I turn the computer on, I get the message new hardware found and it reloads the printer. Even though I have that driver loaded already. It loads as many times as I turn on the computer and calls it Copy 1, 2, 3, etc. I have tried 4 different printers and the same thing keeps happening.
I also get found new hardware each time I use the same flash drive
Also, If I turn the printer on or off while the computer is on, it reboots the computer.

cheers to anyone who can solve this problem for me.

amd 64bit, winxp pro, sp2.

A:Printer keeps reinstalling

Did you leave the install disk in your cd rom?

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I just got a new computer with XP pro. I downloaded the drivers for my Lexmark Z51 printer. XP says driver not signed, but I got the printer to work. Now XP keeps re-installing the printer every time I reboot, or turn the printer on.

I have emails in to Lexmark, but they are not known for their support. I just want the darned thing to work.

Anyone have any ideas?

A:XP keeps reinstalling my printer?

Wellcome to TSG.

Shut the printer off and disconnect it. Uninstall the drivers. Reconnect the printer and turn it on and let windows load the drivers. XP has the Z51 driver in its database.


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Recently got Windows 7, everything is fine except one printer (Xerox Document Centre 265ST) doesn't have a windows 7 64bit driver (or a 64bit driver at all for that matter). Therefore now rendering this next to useless. Is there a way around this?

A:Solved: Windows 7 64bit Printer Driver

You may find this thread of interest: http://serverfault.com/questions/90928/can-32-bit-print-drivers-work-on-64-bit-windows

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Can't get the driver to work on Windows 7. Anyone have suggestion on how to do this.


A:Solved: Printer driver for HP officejet 4315 all in one

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I have an Epson DX7450 that I urgently need to use. However I can't get the driver for the printer too install. I've tried using the disc, and downloading the driver.

When trying to install via w7's Update Driver, I get the error "One of the installers for this device cannot perform the installation at this time" when I try too use the disc, and "There is no driver selected for the device information set or element". When using the disc or the downloaded driver I get "The printer driver package cannot be installed".

Any help is appreciated.

A:Solved: Printer driver won't install. Urgent

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Hi. I am trying to help a friend who is extremely computer illiterate, by her own accord.

Basically, what she has said is that every time she tries to print, she gets an error message saying that the printer is not receiving the information or that there has been an LPT Error and to re-start the computer. She's tried re-starting, unplugging and just about everything else.

We (two other friends & I) have suggested that she reinstall her driver. She can't find the disk. I've done a search for it, and can only come up with a 98 driver. She tried installing it, and it doesn't work.

She has an Apollo P-2250 (?) printer and is using ME.

Any other suggestions? Is there a site with a list (and hopefully this one) of drivers?

Thanks so much!

A:[SOLVED] Apollo P-2250 Printer Driver for ME...

As far as I can tell, I don't think they made a driver for WinME, see http://www.ap-sure.com/myapollo/support/2200_specs_01overview.htm.

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Good morning friends
I just formatted the hard drive of a pc on which was installed a printer hp laserjet p3005. I don't have the driver of the printer and i have tried in vain to download a driver from the internet. All the files i downloaded seemed to be updates or fixes. I haven't succeeded to get the installation file. could anyone please help? I went already to this site: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsuppor...lang=fr&prodSeriesId=1846088&prodTypeId=18972
but could net get what i was looking for.
Thanks in advance

A:Solved: driver for printer hp laserjet p3005

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I got a new laptop loaded with seven. I have an older HP7150. New pc runs 64 bit, printer 32. When I plugged in printer, it loaded "sometype" of driver that said it would work. Well, it sorta does and don't and for the most part, it jams up, feeds through unprinted paper and etc. Upon further reading I found where 32 bit devices do not work with 64. So, I called HP and they provided a little free help and I took it, up to the point where they wanted $$ for there help. So, what I did find out that by going to command prompt and typing driverquery that I do not have any type of 7150 driver. By going to the HP does not offer a 64 bit driver for seven, only for vista. Hmm, thought I'd give the vista driver a whirl...and this PC is so smart, in will not unload the driver. It just comes up with a message and says something like..."it's been determined that the driver you are already using, is better than the one that you want to use". Hmm, so can somebody please tell me, where I can find an actual driver that will work, that I can download to say, my thumb drive, that I can actually locate and installed in the printer properties? Thank you

A:Solved: printer driver issue w/windows 7 pro

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Lexmark is not supporting a Vista Printer Driver for their X73 All IN One Printers, stating that they are too old. This printer works fine on my XP computer, but the only thing that it will do on my Vista Laptop is Scan. Is there not a generic printer driver that will allow to print from this laptop?

A:Solved: Vista Printer Driver for Lexmark X73 All in One

See this thread:

"I am new to this forum but had to write in because it helped me w/my problem. I have an X73 also. Lexmark just sent me an email telling me they have no plans to update the driver for this printer to be compatible with Vista. However, this forum helped tremendously and I am now able to both scan and print with mine.

Here is what I did: I installed the latest (XP) drivers for my printer, making sure I did so as an administrator (by right clicking and choosing to load as administrator). I did not have the option to select XP SP2 compatibility mode either, so I just installed it. It installed the scan and copy control program, but failed on attempting to install the printer. The scanner works great. However, thanks to Mepis Man's post to use the Z42 driver, I went into the Printers program and clicked "Add Printer". I then chose the Z42 as my printer and set it up on the USB port and it works like a charm. It also works perfectly with my scanner as well (the printer integrates with the scanner).

I had been through many issues with this and was close to tossing it out until I came across this forum.

I can't be happier as I had been fighting this thing for the past 3 weeks and bemoaning the fact that I had purchased Vista. Thank you for your help on this forum!"

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Can anyone give me a link where I can download the above from. I have tried lots of sites and they nearly all try to fool me into downloading an application such as driver update, driver navigator etc all which have to be paid for I know if I get the right site I can get it for nothing.

A:[SOLVED] printer driver lexmark 2450

it should be available here

what is your windows version,

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Hi - anyone know if there is a postscript printer driver available for HP P2035 printer. I'm running Win 7 - 64x. If so where can I find it. Not having any luck at hp.com.

A:Solved: HP P2035N Postscript Printer Driver

Here is the support site for the HP Laserjet P2035n printer.

Here is the compatibility section.

Here is the user guides section.
(Note: Adobe Reader needs to be installed in order to open and view them)


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We have a new laptop with Vista os. we have added it to our network, which consists of an XP desktop wired to the printer and a couple of other laptops both xp which also use the printer wirerlessly.

The printer is a dell 942 which is compatible with both vista and xp

The network is set up correctly and all computors can see each other,

Without considering the need for different drivers being needed for the different OS, i attempted to install the printer to the new vista laptop via the visible printer in the network folder on the vista laptop.

vista laptop wouldnt accept the printer and mentioned something about spools!

my research found this:-


now im confused!
does my xp desktop need the vista drivers?

do i use the dell patch on the vista laptop even though the printer isnt installed on it but may have some bits of an xp driver somewhere in its workings because of the failed attempt to install? or just roll back the system?

im guessing all my other laptops wont be effected, but then again????

A:Solved: connecting printer to vista and xp driver?

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Can anyone tell me if it is possible to get a driver to allow a HP Apollo P-2100U Printer to work with a Toshiba laptop that has a Windows Vista operating system. If possible where do I get it? Query is for a friend of mine

A:Solved: Driver for Apollo P-2100U Printer


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Hi Guyz,
Having a problem setting up my new printer.
Its technically not just a printer but printer/scanner/fax

the only bit im having prolems with is the fax.
When i try to set up the LAN FAX driver.

i get the
"The software you are trying to install has not passed windows logo testing, to verify its compatability with this version of windows"

Im using sbs2003 and the printer is a ricoh aficio 3025.

any ideas as to how i can get the drivers to install, and get rid of the logo testing message,
i have installed this printer on other servers with no problem, 1st time i have came across this with these drivers.

A:Solved: Printer Driver wont install

Its ok guyz, even though no replies were made, i found the answer in the driver signing options.

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I took my computer in for service to erradicate a nasty trojan that snuck past my virus protection software. They had to completely wipe my hard drive clean and then reinstalled windows xp os.

I brought the computer home and have been reloading programs and trying to reconnect printers, etc.

Anyway, I have a crazy problem. My printer ports keep disappearing! My main printer has been installed and it works fine right after the computer is booted up. then the next time I try to print it doesn't. When looking at the properties of the printer in the control panel--it is easy to see why the printer can't print---there are NO ports listed. It is really connected to LPT1 and if I restart computer then it will be fine with the first thing that prints (usually whatever didn't print from prior to the shut down). All of the different ports show up as they should be. Then they disappear again!!!

The tech already tried a remote access repair to my computer. But it didn't work---he didn't know what the problem was and all he did was reinstall the printer (which I have done many times) and chose a different driver. Doesn't matter--it is fine when computer first comes on then....gone. even if I just put it into standby--when I wake it up---no printer. :-(

Also, my secondary printer which is a USB connection has the exact same problem so it is not the printer.

Any suggestions?? Has anyone ever heard of this problem before/

thanks in advance for any assistance


A:printer problems after reinstalling XP

This only happens with printers? You can plug in any other USB device and it will continually work fine?

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After successfully installing a Cannon ip 4200 and after a failed install of other programs I had to roll back the windows to the "last system settings that worked". When installing the new printer driver it comes up with numerous errors depending on which method I use to install the driver.

My Question:

Can anyone tell me how to get the printer driver into a fresh state so I can re-install it?


A:Printer driver issue - can not reinstall printer driver.

Uninstall the Printer driver in Add Remove Programs. Download Glary utilities and run the defaults. Then go to Start/Run and type CMD and hit enter. in the command prompt type chkdsk /f/r and hitr enter Then type Y and reboot your computer. The Check Disk utility starts at next boot up to correct any errors.

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Thanks in advance!

M problem:
I had accidentally deleted the printer icon from "Printer and Faxes" by right clicking it and selecting "Delete."
I only did this because the printer had a print job that wouldn't go away after many attempts.
But when I try re-installing it by downloading the correct driver for it, it would only load up initially with the status bar indicating the unpackaging of the installation, but after it reaches 100%, it wouldn't continue onward.
I kept launching the installation almost 7 times now, but the same result happens.

Solutions I've tried
I have contemplated on doing a system restore, but I had not created a starting point.
I have downloaded their standard driver installation instead of the full package installation, but the same problem arises.
I have went into "Printer and Faxes," and selected "Add Printer," but it doesn't have HP PSC 1315v All in One. I have tried updating the list, but it returns and error message.

My computing environment:
Windows XP, HP PSC 1315v All in One.

Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: HP PSC 1315v All in One Printer Problem - Cannot re-install the driver

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I am trying to debug printer driver using Visual Studio. Can someone tell me as to how to configure the Visual Studio?


A:Solved: How to Debug Printer Driver using Visual Studio

I found the answer by my self.
Just sharing the same as it can be helpful to others.

Well we can debug the driver plug-in code in visual studio by following the below method.
First we should have WDK installed with the build environments.

1. Add the code in to the visual studio by creating a project.
2. Do not build this code in this visual studio , instead choose any of the build environments provided by the WDK and build it.
3. After building the plug in you will get the corresponding .pdb and .dll in the area where you built( ie in that folder where you stored the plug-in code)
4. copy the .pdb and .DLL of the corresponding plug-in in to system 32->spool->drivers->W32x86\3.
5.Now in the build environment type commands as below
net stop spooler
net start spooler
6. Now put break points in the plug-in code.
7. Open any process like note pad or word pad and use it for printing purpose.
8. Now in visual studio in tools folder or in debug folder take attach process option and attach the notepad you have opened just before.
9. Now try doing operations on that note pad such as giving printing etc then the control stops at your break point.

This way we can debug the code....

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Not sure if this is the right place for this post but here goes anyway. My mother in law's old printer finally died and someone gave her a HP F380 all in one with no driver disk. She lives in another state and does not know how to download files like this. I used this older computer downstairs with the same Windows Version. I have it downloaded but when I try to put it on CD it gives me the error message that the title is too long. I'm not sure how to shorten the title so it will go on a CD. Here is the title....AiO_071_000_CDA_Default-full_Network_AmericasEuro1_NB.exe. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: unable to copy downloaded printer driver to CD

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ok i've tried a lot of stuff but im not getting anywhere here is the problem.

I have a Brother Mfc-240C printer that is connected via USB. i have the driver i installed it and then pluged in the usb plug and it says it has found a undetifed device. i try to update the driver and selete the folder the driver is in and it says it can't find it.

it did work before but i reinstall windows 7 and it does work on windows xp

here a report

Devices and Printers Publisher details

Issues found
Unknown device doesn't have a driverUnknown device doesn't have a driver
There is no driver installed for Unknown device. Not fixed
Apply solution for driver problem Completed
Install a driver for this device Completed

Problem with PnP devicesProblem with PnP devices
There are problems with some PnP devices. Windows will take additional steps to further troubleshoot these devices. Detected
Potential issues that were checked
Windows Update configured to never install driversWindows Update configured to never install drivers
Driver updates aren't automatically installed when detected by Windows Update. Issue not present

Issues found Detection details

6 Unknown device doesn't have a driver Not fixed

There is no driver installed for Unknown device.
Device information
ID: USB\VID_04F9&PID_01AB\BROB7F588656
Error code: 28

Apply solution for driver problem Completed

Follow the instructions in the solution to address the driver problem.... Read more

A:[SOLVED] windows 7: printer driver wont install

bump please (still needing help)

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