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Disable Level 1 and Level 2 cache in CMOS

Q: Disable Level 1 and Level 2 cache in CMOS

Does anyone know how to disable Level 1 and Level 2 cache in CMOS
there doesnt seem to be any options in the bios menus (PHOINEX)
I have a problem of windows xp not booTing after installing windows sp2

Many thanks

Preferred Solution: Disable Level 1 and Level 2 cache in CMOS

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Disable Level 1 and Level 2 cache in CMOS

If there is no option for it in the BIOS you probably cant do it. Its not advisable anyways - and i also doubt your problems with SP2 come with the CPUs cache.

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I just ran cpu-z's latency test on my temporary computer and the results gave me the latency numbers for l1, and l2 cache, although, the prompt said is also had a third level cache. What is this?

I just ran the test again and it reported only two cache levels.

A:Level 3 Cache?

That's because some processors like the older Pentium 4 EE socket 478 processors had L3 cache. It was supposed to improve performance... and it did somewhat because a 3.2 Gallatin (P4 EE) was faster than a 3.8 Prescott with HT.

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Earlier today I went to PCPitstop.com to get my computer analyzed. After it had finish scanning my computer, it said that I had L2 Cache disabled, which could degrade my PC performance ALOT. I beieved this, because since I built my computer, I am noticing that it is not as fast as other P4 2.26GHz 512k 533MHz processors. It told me to go into my BIOs and enable Level 2 Cache.

When I went inot my BIOS, and went to Advanced BIOS Features, it had L1 & L2 Cache on Enabled. I was confused, so I went into my motherboard manual to find out how I can enable it, but it doesn't have any answers in there.

Is there any way that I can do this?

I'm very frustrated, so all your help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks In Advance,

A:No Level 2 Cache?!?!

Most likely that test doesn't identify your CPU correctly. You would definitely notice the absence of L2 cache, and if BIOS says it's enabled it is. I've seen a lot of tests where my CPU is said to have no L2 cache either - this is Celeron II 1.7 GHz, 128k L2 cache. Just wait for an upgraded version of the test, mailing them could help in that.

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Earlier today I went to PCPitstop.com to get my computer analyzed. After it had finish scanning my computer, it said that I had L2 Cache disabled, which could degrade my PC performance ALOT. I beieved this, because since I built my computer, I am noticing that it is not as fast as other P4 2.26GHz 512k 533MHz processors. It told me to go into my BIOs and enable Level 2 Cache.

When I went inot my BIOS, and went to Advanced BIOS Features, it had L1 & L2 Cache on Enabled. I was confused, so I went into my motherboard manual to find out how I can enable it, but it doesn't have any answers in there.

Is there any way that I can do this?

I'm very frustrated, so all your help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks In Advance,

A:No Level 2 Cache?!?

Hi Technix

IMHO I would never trust just one program like PC pitstop telling you you had something wrong. Sometimes it just reports things incorrectly. I would try running some other diagnostics like Sandra or see if you can find a different program to verify the missing Cache. Did your motherboard come with any Cache on it? (Most are integrated into the board). The system board could be bad also. If its under warranty you can call where you got the board and see what they say.

Ok checked more information. The pentium 4 has its L2 cache built into the processor chip so it could be just a bad benchmark test. Also make sure that you are running the latest bios for your motherboard.


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Dose the Pentium & Athlon have the same level of Cache Configuration.

Also the Celeron & Duron the same.

A:level Cache 1 & 2

it has been different at different times , during the time of the p2 intil had 512k l2 cash and the celeron had 128 lvl 2 casah, there was no duron and im not shure but i think the k6 had 512 also . all the p3s had256 lvl 2 cash and one of the things the AMD did to look good was add 512 to their Tbird , and while the celeron still had 128 for a while the duron whent to 256 . not untill the northwood p4 did Intil go back to 512 lvl 2 cash . I may have some of the details off but that the basic story.

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Am trying to work on a friend'sDell that is super slow to even open My Computer anything at all. (no spyware, no viruses).Dell rep no help. Reinstalled (clean install included reformat). Ran Dell hardware diagnostics CD which came up with (when looking at the CPU) = "error code 0700-0120 - Level 1 cache not detected".
How to activate this ? PIns? Jumpers? Setup reports 512 MB cache (information only).
Believe a good active cache may solve the problem. Open to any suggestions or help


A:Solved: Level 1 cache not detected

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Is there a chance do define two different audio levels?
I guess I am not the only one listening to music with my computer - so I'd like to avoid awkward and looooud system sounds while turning up my stereo...

is there a chance to do so? I know that apple has it, not sure bout win7...


A:Low system sound level, high music level?

I think I understand your question. I use powered partner speakers and in my audio controls for my sound card it has output levels and then and then my music manager has it's own. First I set my sound card at around 1/3 volume +- and then go to the mm and set a volume to around 1/2-3/4 full volume. Then at my speakers I adjust the volume to a clear but loud volume. Then going back to the mm I'll use it's volume only which is controlled off my keyboard and it seems to work well. You still will run into situations where things are too load or too soft and other than in your music files there really isn't much you can do about that, just be ready to ride your volume a little.

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I cannot use IE on my desktop, but several other applications (e.g. outlook) can access the internet. When I ping my router from the desktop, it works fine, but when I ping the desktop itself from the desktop it times out.

Pinging the desktop from other computers on the home network work fine.

Is my stack screwed up, or do I have a problem with the network adapter?


A:Low-level Connects work, not high-level

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5300 @ 2.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 6143 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4650, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 938406 MB, Free - 848180 MB;
Motherboard: Gateway, EG43M
Antivirus: PC Cleaner Pro, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Disable
I play FarmVille and was at Level 39. I started it today and am now at Level 1 and can't get my game back.

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HiJust installed security patch level 1 June 2017. Unfortunatley the microsoft office pacakge was not fully installed .Tablet is missing WORD app but the rest off office pacakge was installed is there anyway to run the same update again?or revert the firmware. kind regards

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I have read on here that in the case of reformatting to get rid of viruses that one should do a low level format and I do not understand what that is. I have read the article from Microsoft that some have linked to that is suppose to explain the difference, but it does not explain it to me.

Is formatting using the XP disk considered low level?

Also, how does one go about using third party formatting tools like killdisk or the format tools from the hard drive mfg? As in, do they have to be burned as an ISO to a cd or can the just be copied onto a cd?

I am assuming they have to be put on a cd as I cannot see how they could run off the hard drive, is that correct?

A:Low Level vs High Level Format

Also, how does one go about using third party formatting tools like killdisk or the format tools from the hard drive mfg? As in, do they have to be burned as an ISO to a cd or can the just be copied onto a cd?As an ISO. The instructions for Killdisk are very easy to followUsing Killdisk will remove partitions and overwrite the entire drive with zerosThat is a low level reformat

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When my laptop is on critical battery level it suspends automatically. How do I avoid that? I want it to run until the battery is completely empty. Yes, I know I may lose data and damage the laptop; I do not care.

I know the answer is somewhere around the POWERCFG utility but that thing is way too complicated for me.

I use Windows 7 Professional x64.

A:Disable automatic suspend on critical battery level

Hello Ruido, and welcome to Seven Forums.

That's correct. The settings for this will be under Battery in your Advanced Power Plan Settings. You would just need to set what action or level you want for "On battery" under each item under Battery.

Hope this helps,

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Hello,   Accorrding to lenvovo suppoer, on P1s we have  to modify the thunderbolt security in bios or it will not recognize the docking station. In bios I can see the Thunderbolt option but I cannot disable the security level like it is greyed out. Other options work like Keybord, USB, Network and etc.  I updated the Bios and it is now update and still the same thing. Next I downloaded and installed the drivers for the dovking station and tried again and no luck.  Has anyone encountered this?

A:Cannot disable security level for Thundershock dock in bios on p1

same here, on my x1e gen2

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Regardless of battery level, it will flash all 5 LED's when I press the indicator button.
 I have tried reinstalling the BIOS but it did not fix the problem. Any ideas? Could it be a motherboard issue?

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?????? ?? ??????? ??? HTML ??? ???????? ??????? ??? ?????????? ??? DNS ,, windows 7 64 bit.
???? ??? ???? ?? ????? ?? DNS & ??????? ??????? ???.
???????? ?? ???????? ???????? ,, ????? ???? ???????
?? ????????, ????? ???????????

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when i starting to play in game assassin's creed 3 fps falling to 15 or less. i think trouble in driver, but i don't know what kind of driver i need. can you give me solution of this problem in some manual step by steb?thank you

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Yea this is the level where you lose all of your weapons and you start out with an M4 and 10 shots to kill the tridgen..
Well I jumped off the waterfall, and managed to get down onto the ground without being seen, but the tridgens are everywhere!! I cant get through the place without being seen...
Does anyone know how to get through this level?
And I already checked the Gamespot Guide for far cry...
If anyone can download the guide from IGN in PDF format, I'd really appreciate it..
The IGN guide is here: http://guides.ign.com/guides/482383/

If someone could download that guide in PDF and email it to me or something, I would REALLY Appreciate it, as I dont have the money to start an IGN insider subscription..

A:Need far Cry Help on Dam Level.

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i was reading the mid-level pc guide and didnt like some things on it. just wanted to post and see what yall think about it and think if i should do it. thanks.
case & psu - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?item=N82E16811144133 if i need a better psu tell me please!

processor - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16819116001 and if you want to share what you have in your pc or can hook me up with another config and my budget is $1500. thanks

A:Mid-Level PC

Case and CPU are fine. Without knowing more about the rest of your system or the actual PSU specs it's hard to comment. It *should* be fine, but chances are it's a cheap PSU.

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On an older PC (no documentation) how can I tell if it has USB 1.1 or USB 2?
Under the hardware manager (and also under MSINFO) it only says "generic" -no numbers
Operating system is Win2000

A:USB Level 1.1 or 2?

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i have installed and updated all my drivers. i got IDT High Definition Audio CODEC. my problem is that my Volume Level in Control panel-Sounds-Recording-Microphone(Properties)-Level, goes down when ever my voice gets louder. is there a setting or a program i have to get through to make it not automatically lower it self? i Already Unclicked "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" from Exclusive Mode. this only happens on MSN and maybe other programs that are similar. but not on Ventrilo.

A:My Volume Level goes down on its own

Anyone? lol

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HI I am trying to log onto Sony vaio laptop but can't get through the first level security because it'seems asking for details I don't know and have never known. Thank you

A:Trying to get through 1st level security

What is this 'first level of security'? Please be aware of our Password:

Bypassing Passwords (show less)
Please do not ask for assistance with (or ways to bypass) a forgotten or unknown password, personal identification number (PIN) or any other type of access code that may be required on a computer, mobile device or web site. As there is no way to verify the actual situation or intent, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.
Click to expand...

Forum Rules: https://forums.techguy.org/help/rules/

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i have a pair of nice speakers but when i use the knob on the they crackle so i use the volume switch on the keyboard and usually there is a green volume meter in the screen when i adjust that meter does not show up any more how can i get this back

thanks for the help in advance

A:volume level


Originally Posted by gamer101

usually there is a green volume meter in the screen when i adjust that meter does not show up any more how can i get this back

Don't forget your punctuation, it makes it easier to understand As far as this part, are you talking about in media player or a game or what? Do you mean the volume meter that sits in the system tray? If so, click start, control panel, sounds and audio devices, click "place volume icon in the taskbar"

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There is a program on my computer (Calorie King) that I download an updated database to. I'm now being told I don't have permission to update the static database. Please Help. I change myself to administrator level, so I'm out of things I know how to do.


A:Permission Level

hello Bruce ,

administrative right / user contols

when you power on your system start tapping the (F8)key & keep tapping it until a screen is revealed thet give you the options

safe mode
safe mode with comand prompt
safe mode with network

and many others

you will want to select (safe mode ) then enter

then a screen with all types of codes will scroll down

then you will get the welcomscreen stating that windows is loading

then you will get the user log on screen

here you wil have a list of all users and a hidden (administrator account) you will need to log onto this account

then you will get awindow that is notifying you that you are loging into safe mode on this account / you will check the box & then select ( yes / okay / apply )

then the account will compleatly load

once loaded you will want to select start / then select (my computer ) by right clicking it / then you will want to right click on the icon for your harddrive icon/ local disk / from the drop down menu you will want to select (properties ) then another window will appear , you will want to select ( security)

it is here that you can set the administrative right for each account that you have created on your system

when you are done ajusting the settings you will need to select ( apply ) then select ( okay )

then close all windows and reboot

you will now have full access to all functions to your system

check to make sure these setting ha... Read more

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hi my computer's been attacked by - from what i know - a trojan/many trojans. i was on my cell phone/mobile phone on my bed and my laptop was on my table, i was laying down for a bit then all i heard was some weird alarm sound. i saw "microsoft total secure 2009" telling me about some crazy trojans and malware/spyware. dunno what was happening till i realised that i have never downloaded that software in my life and somehow the virus/unwanted software is forcing this programme to open. not only this but i tried using my mcafee anti-virus but that didn't work, only half of it works for some reason. i kept on getting blue screen for a while and it automatically restarts as soon as i do the slightest thing. i tried AVG and kasperski as i have those as well and kasperski caused blue screen as well - even tried installing from flash drives. AVG installed but needs to connect to the internet but unfortunately this weird thing that attacked my computer has removed the internet settings on it and now i can't even connect to my router.
i thought of doing the whole 5-step thing about hi-jackthis and stuff, but most of it needs a net connection and it won't allow anything - is there at all any chance of using a command promt or something? oh and btw before this huge attack i was receiving this weird command promt thing for a few days saying "1 file copied" and that's it, and then it closes. oh and i get loads of alerts on my computer about the virus and, whether i ... Read more

A:attacked on another level

hi sorry to send again but its been 4 days now and i know you guys are busy but i just thought i'd send this message because my thread may have been accidentally missed out or something. anyways if anyone could help i'd really appreciate it - thanks
ehab aboud

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so HP advertise the HP Beats Special Edition 15-p058na Notebook PC to have a batterty life of approximently 8 hours but my laptop charges to full and will stay on for about an hour and i do not hve keybored lights on and have my screen low too , but i also have sent my laptop back to hp because my harddrive stopped working and they checked everything for me but sum how my battery is ok !!! REALY NOT HAPPY HP BECAUSE I PAID £699 FOR THIS LAPTOP

A:battery level

How old is the laptop? That is not a new model. How old is the battery?

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Hey Guys
Does anyone know of a good low level hard drive formatting application? I've been searching around the web for one with no avail.

A:HD low level formating app

Micro 2000 diagnostics kit includes a low level format application, I have used it to rescue some hard drives successfully.
You could look at their website www.micro2000.com but the package doesn't come cheap.

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Windows 7 64 bit,Custom built desktop that's used on an amateur radio station,Has been since i built it about a hr ago with no problems,have an external soundcard on it attached to a hf radio by usb been on it since day one,2 day's ago the external sc stopped listening and when i opened the microphone tab on the recording device it was set to -192.0 db and muted,reset it and before i could i even click ok to close it the level changed itself right back to -192,and i noticed when i opened the volume mixer there is atleast 1 usually 2 instances of microsoft(C) register server running and i don't ever remember seeing them before,they are not running when the computer first starts and with no programs open they just appear and that's when it resets itself to -192 db

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I am having trouble installing a wireless printer and I need to do a lv4 uninstall to get rid of all the HP stuff the original uninstall missed. Can some one tell how to go about this???

A:level 4 uninstall

Hi and welcome

You would have to download the HP Utility from here: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/...softwareitem=bi-53254-1&jumpid=reg_R1002_USEN

It gives you a break down of the levels

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will a low level format completely wipe a hard drive where nothing is recoverable or should a hard drive just be destroyed?

A:low level format

If you've got sensitive data which you never want to be recovered there is a utility on Norton System Works which destroys to government standards. Someone can still recover data from a format high or low.

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Is it just like a normal format except cleaner?
Like i can still use a bootable xp setup cd to install xp on it afterwards?

A:Low level formatting...

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My first post – hope I’m in the correct forum. As an educator, I use .pst data files for students to import into Outlook 2007. I need to create a Sensitivity level for some of the e-mails that get imported into the Inbox. I use fictitious email addresses (the e-mails are never really sent).
Here is how I’ve been creating my e-mails: Create a message in Outlook Express, save to Desktop as .eml file. Open in Notepad, edit whatever I want, including a “Sent” date, saving changes. Now I drag that file into the Inbox of Outlook Express. Then import the files to Outlook.
However, because Outlook Express does not have a Sensitivity level, I’ve been unable to recreate this feature, and unable to edit in Outlook ( or an .msg file). I even tried exporting to an Excel file, adding a Sensitivity level and importing back to Outlook – this works but I lose the “Sent” date and it imports with no date. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi everyone,

Well I know that I pretty much know most of java syntax, any simple and intermediate program that you can think up I can most likely write. I pick up java very easy, like it was my native tongue. However, im having an issue trying to get to the next level, I dont know how to get to the next level, what books should i look into to get more experience?

A:next level in java

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I could use your expertise on this one.

Here's my setup:
Vista Ultimate x64 w SP1 - OS
2008 Mac Pro - Hardware
Bose MusicMonitor Speakers - analog plug in-line out of back of Mac Pro.

I run Vista Ultimate x64 natively on the Mac Pro. No VMware of anytype. The OS runs perfectly with everything except my audio.

Here's the issue:
If I run the default Vista audio drivers the output volume on my external speakers is very low ( i would guess 10% of maximum) with all volume controls set to maximum. Double and Triple Checked - but no change.

I have read here an in other forums to try updating to the new Realtek Audio drivers. I have done so, but when I do all of the volume comes from the internal speaker only on the tower. No audio coming out of external speakers. The Realtek Audio Manager in the system tray show a red (ish) speaker. And nothing seems to help. Now I'm wondering if I'm using the wrong audio driver, but other have claimed that this fixed their issue.

In addition, I have all software up-to-date - Mac Firmware and Vista OS, and I have installed all of the latest Bootcamp drivers. My understanding is that the drivers are provided by Apple so that Microsoft can interface with the Mac Pro.

I have tried everything, including an ongoing service request directly with Microsoft support, but they have been of no help (thus far).

I read your post today and tried once again with the latest R2.20 drivers, but no progress.

Do you have any thoughts or ideas on a p... Read more

A:Audio level is always low

This is only a guess here but have you checked the output devices in the realtek drivers? Im thinking that the internal speaker might be the default output device instead of the external speakers?

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How would i go about doing a low-level format of my hard-drive?? All i need to do is get rid of all of my partitions on my hd so i can install a fresh new OS. I check the bios and there was no format option available

and how do i make my comp boot up and check the cd-rom?? i check in the bios but i can't find the option to set the cd-rom as the primary boot device??


A:Low level format

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How do I lock in the zoom level so it doesn't keep changing on it's own?

A:Zoom Level

Hi kandicane, welcome to TSF

Could you give a little more detail to your problem so someone can help you.

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Hi folks, for some reason my browser won't let me change my browser level below medium when I go to tools/internet tools/security.
Does anyone know why?

A:IE security level

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I see these message that you need cookies to view this or that, but I never see anything about what level of cookies I need to view a particular item. Is there some kind of protocol that the word by itself refers to a certain level; if so, what level? I really don't understand the explanation for the different levels that I get when I go to Privacy in IE6.0. Is there some place I can look and get a fuller, and hopefully more simple, explanation? Thanks, grandpaw7

A:cookies: what level?

The most user friendly setting that will allow good surfing quality is under the Privacy tab from Tools>Internet Options at the top of an IE window.....the default is usually Medium, which blocks some 3rd party cookies. The Microsoft explanation is the first in the list , go through several different approaches so you get an idea of your options....there are small programs that can manage cookie and you will see those from other links in this results page from Google search....hope it helps.
To avoid blocking sites such as those that use secure settings, when you let's say, bank online (if you do....) you can add those sites to your Trusted zone under Security- this allows access to those sites you place there quickly without messages. Be very careful what ones you allow access to Trusted zone; I only put one site there. When you go to different sites, using an IE6.0 page, you may see the red and white privacy icon down at bottom of taskbar....double clicking it will bring up settings area, so you can see what is being blocked...usually, the 3rd party cookies are, but you can still use that site quite well. Better explanations are in the links I posted.

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I've search this Forum for the directions on how to perform a low level format which is supposed to take everything off a HDD. I just paid $75.00 to have one done to two HDDs. I have not been able to locate that information on this Forum and my time (at the library) running out. Could someone please tell me how to do such formatting.

(My search only netted me the words "low level format" but not how to do one. This is just another little piece of info I need; I go into the Registry quite often, but I still don't know how to do a "low level format".)

A:Low Level Format


Why do you even need to do this? A regular Windows format will usually suffice. Commiserations on losing the $75. You can probably do the same thing yourself with Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN)

As far as I know, a low level format, by definition, is not possible with modern day hard drives, its normally something which can only be done by the manufacturers in the factory. Dban will "write zero's" to your hard drive and, unless you have top secret government files on it, Dban will wipe it as good as anything else I know (though there are others).

Hope this helps.

Edit; Stay out of the registry, unless you really know what you're doing.

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Can anyone help me lowlevel format a drive please?

I know I can use the 'format x: /FS:file-system /P:2' to do a low level format with 2 passes on drive X but how can I do this via the command line with a drive with no partitons? ie if the partition has been deleted so there is no drive letters etc, but I still want the drive low leveling for security reasons.

Can I do it based on the disk id?


A:low level format help please

I would use the secure erase function on the drive. Secure erase is built into all modern hard drives. It's a very fast process using an internal wipe function and the data is unrecoverable.

Here are two tools that can do this:
Secure Erase - Powerful, easy to use, and inexpensive.
HDDerase.exe review: Freeware utility securely erases drives the old-fashioned way | PCWorld

I would suggest making sure that no other drives are connected to the system to avoid any data loss.

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how can i use 1 sound mixer or level for all the applications in win 7. One master control volume sort of thing for every application ?

A:How can i use 1 sound level?

Are you using the "System Mixer" as the recording sound source? (could be called Stereo Mix or SoundBlaster calls it "what you hear").

Some applications have their own volume control so the sound level can vary between applications. Depending on the sound or sound source the volume level can also vary. for example two MP3's or wav files can have different volume levels so unless you "normalize" all your sound files to a certain level they can all be different. Movies seem to all have different volume levels. Sound in games usually have their own volume controls.

I doubt that you will get everything to play at one level.

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I have a drive I need to send back to the Mfg. for warrant replacement. It was my "C" drive so I need to render the data on the drive unrecoverable. Will low level format of the drive do this or do I need one of the programs that 100% overwrites the HDD?


A:low level format

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Does anybody know how to low-level format a hdd ?

A:Low level Format

To perform a low level format you should use the drive manufacturers software.


Western Digital
These are diagnostic progams that must be loaded on a floppy disk. You must set your bios to boot A:\ first then run the program.

Here is a good guide for installing XP after you format;
Black Viper's

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Hi all

Please how do i do a low level format for a Hitachi laptop HardDisk in IBM Laptop?

I found some Bad sectors in this drive, it was working great last time i used the laptop !

Please can anyone help me with this?

Thanks in advance

A:Low Level Format

look here..you should be able to find something:

but first...look for a diagnostic utility..this worked when my HDD had bad sectors

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I have a HDD that was on its way out, so I low level formatted it. Which software do I need in order to be able to use the drive again? It does not show up in my list of drives. Plus partitioning software does not see it either. But the Low level tool I used does but it doesn't have a feature other than formatting the drives.

A:low level formatting of HDD

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I've purchased downloadable software before, and I've always been very careful to check the bonafides of the site to make sure I was not purchasing a pirate copy or one that wouldn't activate.

I ran across this site this afternoon, and the prices are hard to believe.

While browsing the FAQ, I ran across this red flag:
Do I have to get registered on the manufacturer's web site?
No, you don't need to because this is OEM software. Our company has already registered it and so there is no need to do it again. Click to expand...

But further down, there was this:

If I purchase your Windows or Office software, does it come with the Certificate of Authenticity?
No. We do not send COA, because its OEM-version. But we send you necessary serial numbers and activation instruction. Its full versions and you will get all updates from Microsoft site.

I want to purchase Windows XP, Vista and Office 2003 or 2007. Microsoft requires a valid product key for activation of the product. Does your software come with a valid product key?
Yes. You get valid serial number and full installation instruction.Click to expand...


Is this a pirate site? Or is it on the level?

I did recently pick up Office 2007 Pro from another download site for $150, and it is fully authentic. However this site has prices half that. Is it an avoid? Or a screaming deal?

Anyone here know?


I should have researched further before posting.

Here is a claim the site is a scam.
This... Read more

A:Is this site on the level?

read this at cnet:

EuroSoft, or Euro Software, at http ://idealprice - software.com/

Almost certainly a scam web site selling software that is not genuine and is not covered by the software developers' licensing terms.

What I found;

Despite the web site naming itself EuroSoft or Euro Software, it has an address at "210 East 59st Street New York, NY 10021 (718) 524-2096". A New York based, American software distributor calling itself EuroSoft, or Euro Software?

Bad English. The site is riddled with poor English, not a good sign for an American based company.

Location. I Google Mapped the zip code (NY 10021), and sure enough, Google Maps took me to a location in New York, but some distance away from E 59th street. In fact the location was between E 72nd and E 73rd streets.

I then Google Mapped "210 East 59st Street New York, NY 10021". No trace!

Other signs;

All software can only be downloaded. You do not get CD or DVD versions.Click to expand...

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I want to do a clean installation of win 98 on a Toshiba Satelite Pro notebook. I have booted from a win98 boot floppy and tried to format C:/s but it terminates around 3%. I believe I need to do a low level format of the disk, but where can I get a DOS utility to do it? BTW, the bios of the Tosh does not seem to allow me to low level the drive.
I had a look on the Tosh website but they don't seem to have any utilities for this purpose. Any ideas?



A:Low Level Format?

Try to find the Manufacturer of the drive most have there own Utilities

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