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Official AMD Catalyst Drivers for Windows 8 Thread

Q: Official AMD Catalyst Drivers for Windows 8 Thread

I created this thread in order to inform people about any new catalyst drivers that AMD will release for our Graphic cards. I will try to keep it updated.

For now one we only have these drivers.

AMD Catalyst Drivers Windows 8 Consumer Preview

A future AMD Catalyst Windows 8 driver release that adds support for the AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series, and AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series is planned for the coming weeks.

Preferred Solution: Official AMD Catalyst Drivers for Windows 8 Thread

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Official AMD Catalyst Drivers for Windows 8 Thread

And hopefully HD 7800 series also. (I have a 7850).

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hello welcome to the official windows xp support thread,

i am downloading something from the net, is their away download and save electricity, i hate electricity bills very much, and if i put my pc to sleep or hibernate it stuff up my download and i have to download all over again and i hate that, please help me out

A:the official windows xp support thread

turn of the monitor and turn off anything thats not needed. otherwise no besides building a low power using system.

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ATI released their official 4.9 Catalyst drivers. These are supposed to be the drivers that give you a better Doom3 performance. Anyone here can do a before and after Doom3 benchmark?

A:Official Catalyst 4.9 released

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Here's the place, since so many runescape things arise here.
1) Help websites
-a: www.runehq.com <-Best site, though experiencing technical difficulties
-b: www.tip.it <-Good forums
-c: www.runevillage.com
-d: www.runescape.salmoneus.net
-e: www.rsbandb.com <- GREAT calculators, nice site
-f: www.gamefaqs.com/computer/online/game/562728.html <- changing link
-g: Ofcourse the runescape forums

2) No talk about hacking will be posted here

A:Official Runescape Thread (not like it was needed)

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So here are the first official pictures of both the HD 6850 and HD 6870:

Radeon HD 6870

Radeon HD 6850

The NDA for performance tests expires on Friday the 22nd. But as a sneak preview, here's something I found over @ Hardforum.com (grain of salt as always):

Dirt 2
1920 x 1080
8x AA, 16x AF
Intel Core-i7 920, 6GB DDR3 Ram
1120 meaning 'Radeon HD 6870'
920 meaning 'Radeon HD 6850'

Comments? =)

A:AMD Radeon HD 6000 Series GPU's official thread.

pretty good numbers there, but im intrested in the Cayman series, coming late Nov or so they say. I think its called the 6950? It's meant to replace and be better then the 5870.

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Hi All,

It's been a busy couple of weeks but I'm pleased to say I have just released a new version of Download Ninja (build 11) which includes all sorts of things.. including...
Media Conversion (FLV=>MP4=>MP3, etc)
Download Queues
Download Scheduling (auto start/stop queues at a certain time/date/day of week)
Download Types (auto send certain file types to certain locations)
Bandwidth Throttling (Per download, queue and global)
Dedicated Media Download page
Refresh Link
Clear Completed option
Max Connections in config
Proxy settings
Download summary window (was that already in there?!)
As well as a whole load of small improvements and bug fixes. A more complete list can be found in the Download Ninja - Change log

I've also cleaned up the site a little bit and added a dedicated download page.. I think generally the whole thing looks a lot nicer now.

Anyway you can get the latest version here:

New Plugin Versions

I released a new version of the Firefox/Chrome plugins the other day that allow you to download media directly from the webpage without having to load the URL into DownloadNinja first.. if you don't already have them you can get them from the download page above.

Bug Fixing Time!

I'm not planning on adding many features for a while now.. I'd like to spend the next month or so responding to bug reports so please let me know of any issues you find either by creating a ticket on the support p... Read more

A:Download Ninja (Official Updates Thread)

Thanks for the update.

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Hello all. My laptop used work perfectly until the day I decided to remove all the extra stuff by doing a clean install of Windows 10.  I predownloaded all the drivers I would need and then did the clean installation.  Now I have an issue with my wifi.  It randomly drops connection to wifi and is slow to start working again.  After coming out of sleep it does not automatically reconnect to the ap and I have to trigger it manually.  Separately (i think) when coming out of sleep, the login screen does not respond to the keyboard and I am forced to use the mousepad to click or a touchscreen swipe to get to the password field. What I'm seeking is an official list of drivers that are required for a clean windows 10 install on a thinkpad yoga series 20CD.  If order of installation is critical, please give this also.  I believe I downloaded everything available from the support page but just want to be sure.  Sometimes not all drivers are available when filtering by OS "Windows 10".   Thanks in advance. Laptop specs are:512gb ssdmemory card slot2.4/5 n/ac wireless 7260ac w/bluetooth   

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Open question, discussion, and somewhat of a problem.

I've recently been having various issues with my pc, among the things I tried to do was update my graphics card driver: found the newest driver crashed madly, and rolled back. It's brought to mind a simple question:

What benefits are there in going for the newer ATI Catalyst drivers compared to the one defaulted by windows but which hasn't updated in 3 years.

Generally what could have changed? Compatablity? If it works it works. Stablity? Performance? Heat management?

Since it takes me 2 hours to download a driver (slow connection) I'm sticking on my w7 default ones: I know they work. It does make me ask though if there is a benefit to upgading after i've got my PC stable again.

A:Windows Drivers vs ATI Catalyst Drivers

newer drivers are made to improve performance and add new features in the graphic control panel and fixes bugs and issues that were in the previous drivers.

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I just installed the office AMD VGA Driver jan 17 2017 16.40.2701.1. once through amds regular install and then a second time after using DDU in safe mode.  I can now access radeon addition settings display color setting all drivers since 16.9 drivers.  I use a tv as a display and need that function greatly.  I havent been able to get it to show that tab with AMDs newest drivers at all.  My new problem is with Lenovos drivers my apu is max 800mghz constantly when plugged in. I attached a pic so you can see.  The APU going from 800 to 300 was me plugging and unplugging it.  This is an issue for me now because I down clocked my CPU to play some games and now im crashing constantly from what my guess is the APU at 800 mghz constant even with little no no load.  THis is so frustrating Lenovo and AMD.  THis is the flagship laptop for AMD right now and Its terrible with drivers.  So any help or explanation would be greatly appreciated. I just want to use the newest drivers with display color settings.  Its not that hard to ask. EDIT in radeon additional settings I always have used maximum performance when plugged in and now when I switch it to optimize battery my APU for down to 300 when in idle or light load like it should and used to with all the other drivers ive used and left it on Maximum Performance.  This sucks if that settings on optimize battery the cpu runs at 2.5ghz on high performace. &... Read more

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ATI has released Catalyst 5.2 as an update to Catalyst 4.10 for the ATI Radeon 7000 - 9500 graphic cards. The driver version, however, is still to the text file, and which I've confirmed). It's no big deal, but I'm curious about it. The download site is here.

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After I installed Windows 8 Pro from scratch it automatically installed my Radeon HD6900, everything worked fine, but Photoshop has some problems in the advanced GPU-drawing-mode. So I wanted to see if an original Catalyst driver would work better, besides I wanted to have access to the Catalyst Control Center.

I deinstalled the driver Windows automatically installed and started the Catalyst installer. It told me, everything went fine and the screen flickered as it always does, when you install the graphic card driver.
But listed in the device manager was still the one windows installed at the beginning. And the CCC won't start, telling me:

"Catalyst Control Center cannot be started. There are currently no settings that can be configured using Catalyst Control Center."

When I deinstall the driver again and reboot I have the wrong resolution (that's how it should be without a graphic card driver installed), but only for a few seconds. Then Windows kicks in and installs its Radeon-driver again.

Is there any way to install a Catalyst instead of the one Windows keeps on choosing for me?

Thanks for the help!

A:Catalyst drivers won't install - Windows won't let it

If you have AMD processor and Radeon HD6900 go to the link below and download choice
(1 Automatic Download and Update) once you downloaded small app
Run it and it will do all you want. No need to uninstall any drivers
So long as you have the latest drivers.
Ati Drivers Download - Ati

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Ok, I've been trying to get this video card to work for almost a solid week. I tried contacting customer support, but I got a generic email telling me to disable my onboard video which is already done.

Dell Optiplex gx1p
Diamond Stealh s80 (radeon 9200se) PCI
p3 500
320 mb ram

So I was using a Radeon 7000, and decided to upgrade, the 7000 was working fine and figured it would be simple matter of uninstall the drivers, swap the card, reinstall drivers, and bang it's done.

I was using windows xp SP2, and tried the drivers that were shipped with the card (didn't work), and the system would hang on boot st the loading screen. If I disabled to primary adapter, it would boot in VGA mode on the secondary apapter. Figuring the drivers were not compatible with sp2, I uninstalled them and tried the latest drivers from ATI. Same issue.

After much frustration and trying different varibles (different drivers ati/diamond) I decided to try windows 2k pro. after more frustration and more hours trying to get a different result, I (somehow) got a working display with the latest DNA drivers from 3dguru.com, but I had no 3d accelleration, every time I tried to load a 36 program, it told me i couldn't load the opengl subsystem and D3D programs would simply hang. So figuring I might as well try the latest catalyst drivers, I'm back to square one.

In short when I boot to VGA mode everything works fine, but when I try to boot normally, and win2k trys to load th... Read more

A:Windows 2k pro sp4 hangs loading catalyst drivers

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Release Notes


The following section provides a summary of open issues that may be experienced under the Windows 8 operating system with the AMD Catalyst Driver for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. These include:

Graphics corruption may be intermittently experienced while running the Metro UI in High Performance mode.
HDMI/DisplayPort audio may be unavailable when connected to an audio enabled display device.
Bezel compensation may not function as expected.
AMD Steady Video options may be missing on initial launch of the Vision Control Center.
The AMD Overdrive option may be missing in some configurations.
The list of supported HDTV modes may be incomplete or missing in some configurations.
Random flickering and screen corruption may be observed while playing Dirt2 and F1 2010 in DirectX 11 mode.
Random flickering and screen corruption may be observed while playing Just Cause 2 in DirectX 10 mode.
Crysis 2 may experience corruption when run in DirectX 11 mode.
F1 2010 may fail to launch when run in DirectX 9 mode.
3D video playback may not be available while running PowerDVD 10.
Flickering may be observed when playing World of Warcraft in HD3D using the Tridef? launcher.

Note! This Driver is provided ?AS IS? in accordance with the End User License Agreement.


A Guy

A:AMD Catalyst™ Drivers Windows® 8 Consumer Preview

I had problems and switch back to 12.1

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Exact same problem as the post listed above. Windows 7 RC 7100 using Radeon x1650 card will not allow drivers to install. See the screenshots in above post for details. This is not just a situation where things run slower on the Vista/7 architecture, this really won't install new drivers beyond This is causing Flash movies to freeze after a few seconds of play for me. If you seek forward it will play a few seconds again then freeze. This only happens after installing the Catalyst driver and did not occur with the default Windows VGA drivers.

A:Windows 7 Radeon x1650 Catalyst drivers

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any suggestions?

Sempron x64 2600+
160GB Primary
Gforce 6200A
Vista Ultimate x64
Motherboard is
Compaq - K8S-LA (I think) no Asus Support for the board as it`s a proprietary Compaq board
Sound Blaster Live 5.1 24bit
Onboard Realtek ALC658
so here is my total delema
I've downloaded the Sound Blaster live 5.1 drivers from Windows Updates... but i am not getting any feedback for audio... any suggestions anyone? yes all basic and sum advanced trouble shooting has been done... <--(8/23/2007)

(8/01/2007)--> I got the WDDM Drivers working for the SBL but then it craped out.... now it won`t detect in any of my PCI Slots i haven`t tested to see is the slots are toast but the cards not because it works in my other computer... so i re-enabled my Onboard no WDDM drivers from M$ for it... so realtek.com.tw it is... i download the AC`97 vista x64 drivers installs fine speaker (beside clock) has volume now not a red circle with a white x.... no audio....ok failed attempt so i remove tho`s drivers completely even with registry... install the HD realtek drivers installs fine well minus the fact they (were not designed for my chipset) speaker has volume and the "device is working correctly" well? I really do not know what to do... and yes i have driver signing completely disabled

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Just noticed this on www.hardocp.com. Grab em while they're hot:


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Just noticed that nVidia has posted their release of video drivers on their web page bringing the version up to 28.32.

For Win9x:

For Win2k:

Don't have the time to try these out yet; hoping that someone would

A:Official nVidia Drivers 28.32

If you check the front page... Only joking.
I'll install these tomorrow when I get home from Milan
Nice find, the drivers have only just been posted.

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I had this problem with the earlier 66.71 drivers and I just installed 66.93 and had the problem again (I was using a nonofficial driver, can't remember number). What it appears to be doing is taking the polygons of certain things and extending them, like lines, across the entire world, they move with the originating entity, but they just extend to infinity... This has happened with both Far Cry and the World of Warcraft Beta, both of which worked fine with the non-official drivers. Has anyone ever heard of this kind of thing before, or am I alone in this?

Nvidia GeForce 6800 by Chaintech
3 Gig P4
1024 MB DDR 400 Ram
Audigy 2 Pro


A:Very odd artifacts with Nvidia Official Drivers..

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Did you completely uninstall the old driver first?

Also when installing drivers it`s a good idea to disable any antivirus programme you are using as this can seriously screw up the process of installing and uninstalling.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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I had been tearing my hair out for the last 2 days trying to work out why my SSD performance was slower than my previous computer (Q9300, GA-EP41-UD3L with no AHCI, 4GB DDR2 RAM) and realised that it was the SATA drivers that came with my motherboard. As soon as I went back to the Windows default AHCI SATA drivers my read/write speeds were about 280MB/270MB per sec. once I installed the Intel ICH10R drivers and the Marvel SATA 3 drivers, my performance dropped to about 240MB/235MB per sec (This is using ATTO Benchmark)

Anyone notice this and is there a solution for this problem?

P.S. It also appears that the Intel/Marvel drivers do not support the TRIM command as when I run a program to force this to happen, the drive does nothing (whereas it works with the default drivers)

A:Slower SSD performance with official drivers

Hello Scorpian, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might give the beta Intel AHCI SATA drivers a try to see how it works for. It supports TRIM. I got better performance with my SSD with this one.

The latest official WHQL Intel AHCI SATA drivers (Intel Rapid Storage Technology) also supports TRIM, but it not the latest version as the one above.

Hope this helps,

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Sir,       I tried to download drivers for my laptop from hp official website. The drivers are missing in the website. I request you to post the list of drivers required and their respective links. My Laptop model is HP Pavilion 15-ab027tx.

View Solution.

A:Drivers are missing in the HP official website

@Sai_Kiran4485? Drivers, some User Guides and Product Information is down at the moment. HP has been notified and is working on it. Please check back later. Sorry for any inconvenience. REO

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Hello, Ideapad u260 , page not found when searching through the support for that model.. Please help.SN, lenovo servie bridge not finding anything (newest version of service bridge installed , windows 10 pro 64-bit) Thank you

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I am having this laptop since more than 3 years.. I had update my softwares before from the official website of hp. As my laptop is not connected to internet now I am trying to download them individually and install it manually from hp drivers and download page. The page shows all the drivers for my product after finding it. But i cannot see a download button or a download option to download the drivers. I need to update my drivers but I am unable please help me direct downloading them.

A:Cannnot download drivers through the official driver and dow...

Hi, If you're not seeing the Download button, another option would be to click the Details box and then click on the link next to File name: Regards, DP-K

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Hello HP community,I have quite a problem here. I game on this HP 15-r032nx notebook that I obtained about a year and a half ago (as silly as it seems, but I'm a low-spec gamer, so anything goes), and I've been vouching for Intel to grab the latest Intel HD Graphics drivers, as the official ones provided by HP are sorely outdated (a little bit over a year, to be exact, latest official driver was released back in August 2015), meanwhile Intel's latest driver update was released in the middle of August 2016. But, the big thing was, when I decided to revert into HP's official latest drivers, all my games' performances improved marginally. I seriously feel the performance could be further improved by having HP release their version of the latest drivers for Intel HD Graphics 4400, but unfortunately I do not see that for my laptop model. Anything going on here?

A:Official HP Intel HD Graphics 4400 Drivers Outdated

Nothing is going on. HP does not create the drivers for the HD 4400 graphics, Intel does. It is their product. The graphics solution  is on the same chip as the CPU\APU and not on the system board. Your best source for an Intel HD 4400 graphics driver will be at the Intel driver download website 

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i have Toshiba Satellite A200-1GM (PSAECE-02C00DPL) serial no. 97303299K.
I would like to refresh my Windows. I reinstalled to Win 7 - 32bit.
My problem is, when i try enter my notebook model in Toshiba driver search, there is no matches... for any windows.
Just simple Toshiba deasn't recognise my notebook model...

Can someone help me...

It's radiculous...

Best regards...

A:Satellite A200-1GM - no drivers on official Toshiba website

Your files aren't stored in the main Toshiba files, which probably means Toshiba no longer supports your model. But they are still stored in the listed archives. This is all the files I could find for your device Windows 7 32bit

Important drivers

Firmware: You will need at least one of these but not all, use the one you know you had before the refresh. If you don't know which one you had then use the top one.

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Hello Everyone,First of all really thankful for Dell Community for  my last query,  Most satisfactory technical support. we (sloxsoft) looking forwards for further assistant. in our office we had more 200 desktop and 100 laptom of Dell. They are working properly but on timely basis we need to boost the performance of system.So, Please anyone can suggest us for re-installation of Dell official software drivers. Sincerly
Steve Smith
Manager SloxSoft

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Just wondering which drivers you guys with ATI cards use. I stick with Catalyst drivers but Ive heard Omega drivers are faster but they are third party which raises some questions. Any opinions?

A:Omega drivers vs. Catalyst drivers

Here are some comments about the Omega Drivers: http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/1086739971/1. I've looked at it but don't feel like messing with my video card drivers... I'm sticking with ATI.

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AMD Catalyst 13.1 Drivers Now Available to Download | Maximum PC

A:AMD Catalyst 131 Drivers Now Available

Thanks for informing . Downloading ...

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I am look for catalyst drivers that run with the combination of :
1) Madden NFL 2005,
2) Call of Duty
3) Half Life 2
4) Medal of Honor Pacific Assault
5) Rise of Nations: thrones & patriots

if they is anyone with that combination or know about it please please help out please
p.s. I have allinwonder RADEON® 9600 pro

A:catalyst drivers help

Is this what you want http://www.majorgeeks.com/download4038.html. make a restore point before you install them just in case.

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I recently downloaded the ATI Catalsy 5.6 drivers, but I'm having some issues, so I'm trying to see if reverting to an older version might help. I have two questions:

1. How can I safely uninstall the graphics card driver?

2. Where can I find older versions to download?

A:ATI Catalyst Drivers?

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Hi, i was wondering whether it was possible to install ATi Catalyst without the drivers, the reason for this being, that Catalyst has a better overclocking feature than the software im currently using, the software I am currently using is ASUS SmartDoctor. I am using this as the ATi drivers are (strangely) not compatible with ASUS modified cars, so gameplay cuts out often, now I've installed SmartDoctor, i miss the really effective overclocking feature. Although the drivers work. Any Help ??

Thanks, chazshep.

A:ATi Catalyst without the drivers ???

I doubt it.

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AMD GAME! Drivers and Utilities

A:NEW catalyst drivers out 8.2

Thanks for the Update !

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AMD Catalyst Drivers are not working correctly. I get this error when attempting to open the Control Centre.

Recently I did a clean install of Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit due to unrelated issues; I have two Radeon 6700 HD GPUs in a Crossfire configuration.

At this point, I am wondering if my employer's VMWare-based secure remote desktop is the problem. Is this what is meant by 'side-by-side' configuration, or is this a Crossfire issue?

I read elsewhere that incorrect or missing C++ Redist. packages might cause this issue, so I have done clean installations on those services as well.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 4 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 16381 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 122102 MB, Free - 49038 MB; F: Total - 953866 MB, Free - 653324 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., GA-970A-D3
Antivirus: ESET NOD32 Antivirus 5.2, Updated and Enabled

A:AMD Catalyst Drivers

What CCC version do you have installed? I highly doubt a remote desktop application is interfering with CCC.

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They came out a few days ago. But I've noticed that the ATI overdrive is quite a bit different. The 10.2 drivers allowed the GPU to automatically step down to 600MHz from 750MHz, when idle. The memory could be run as low as 450MHz (though it had to be switch manually), and the gauge would report ice cold temperatures at idle. This is a 4870 I'm talking about, and underclocking the ram was almost like turning the card into a 4850 at the flick of a switch. Great for when you're not using the video card much. And some games will obviously run at 60fps with the memory underclocked like that anyway. It was pretty cool, even though you had to switch it manually.

Anyway, I notice in the 10.3 catalyst, that the GPU won't go lower than 750MHz, even at idle (even though you can set the slider as low as 600MHz). And the Memory is the same, in that it won't go any lower than 900MHz.

Anyone else noticed this at all?

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I had an nvidia card before (8800 gts) and their drivers would allow me to run a certain .exe file with different video settings (AA and AF).

I play cs and battlefield bad company 2 and want cs to have 4x AA and 4x AF. But, I want BFBC2 to run at "application setting".

Anyone know how to do this in the ATI drivers? I haven't owned an ATI since the pre-AMD years.

A:Catalyst Drivers AA and AF Profiles?

Pretty sure you do this in the Profiles option ATI Catalyst? Control Center - Features has an explanation

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I've been having quite a few crashes in a lot of my games (mostly the ones designed for nvidia e.g San Andreas, Sims 2 etc.) referencing a 0xc0000005 fatal crash. My PC does not restart, simply crashes to desktop. I checked google and it says that 0xc0000005 errors in games are usually 70% of the time due to device drivers with around 50% caused by Graphics drivers. I'm currently running the latest catalyst 5.7 drivers and was wondering if anyone knew of any stable catalyst versions which I could test? I'm pretty sure it's graphics drivers as Farcry and Half Life 2 run like charms.

{EDIT} SPEAK OF THE DEVIL! Just received a BSOD, ran the minidump through windbg and it came out as most probably caused by ati2dvag.dll :evil: Anyone who can infiltrate the minidump further to help me with my problem is willing to try.

{EDIT2} Ok So I degraded to 3.1 (my original discs drivers) and everything has gone haywire, windows freezes, restarts everything!!

A:Stable catalyst drivers

Ok I'm going to upgrade to 5.5, if I can recall correctly my PC problems all started back when I installed 5.6 before playing San Andreas. Will report on the situation.

{EDIT} Ok so I degraded to 5.5 and tested out Warcraft 3 (primary crasher) and have had no problems, no BSOD's, Farcry looks a bit less exquiste but is still amazing and tranquil as ever. I checked the net, apparently ATI made some major changes when developing cat drivers 5.6 & 5.7. When 5.8 come out later this month I'll give em a go.

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I have an HP notebook running on Windows 8.1
I wanted to check for driver updates so I went to the AMD website
I downloaded an autodetect software and it suggested I download an AMD Catylist Omega 14.12 without dotnet45
I have AMD Radeon HD 8650 + 8600/8700M Dual Graphics with its drivers (presumably up to date)
Should I install that driver? and if yes how do I go about doing it without f***ing up my PC?
Thanks in advance!

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A10-5750M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 21 Model 19 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 7386 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 8600/8700M, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 935519 MB, Free - 570173 MB; D: Total - 17554 MB, Free - 1709 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 198A
Antivirus: Avira Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

A:Solved: AMD Catalyst Drivers

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Ok, so I have taken the big leap of faith in Microsoft and put Vista on one of my systems. After regretting the decision nearly immediately, I opted to just duke it out with my overloaded computer and try to get this to run. I have searched through numerous tech help forums looking for references to the ATI drivers, and it seems that everyone is able to get their graphics card to run. I found my card on a list of Vista supported cards, and downloaded the Vista drivers from the ATI website. After some minimal problems getting the drivers installed, and a reinstall just for luck (although the installer informed me that everything was up to date and running), I am still exactly where I started - without my Radeon. I can't even get the Catalyst Control Panel to open from my desktop (I double click the icon, or right click to Open, or go straight from the program file, and it basically just sits and blinks at me). The kicker is that of the numerous ATI programs in my Installed programs list, Catalyst is listed absolutely nowhere. Any suggestions?

Quick run down on specs:

Vista Beta 2 Build 5384
AMD Sempron 2.0 GHz 80 GB
512 MB RAM
ATI Radeon 9600 All-In-Wonder
Creative X-Fi Xtreme Music

A:ATI Catalyst Beta Drivers

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ATI has released its Catalyst v9.10 drivers.

A:ATI Catalyst v9.10 Drivers Released


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Just for your information These are the release notes: https://a248.e.akamai.net/f/674/9206/0/www2.ati.com/drivers/Catalyst_72_release_notes.html and you can find the drivers here: http://ati.amd.com/support/driver.html

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I have a Radeon 5850 installed in my desktop and my laptop has a 5650 card. The catalyst driver suite installs without a hitch on my laptop which is running Windows 7 HP (x64) but when I try to install the latest or previous versions of the same driver suite on my desktop which is running Windows 7 Ultimate (x32) the installation mentions errors and in the log it states the driver has not installed. In order to install the drivers I have to do it manually through device manager. I have used Driver Sweeper to erase all traces of the old driver files inside safe mode. I always uninstall my old drivers before putting in the new versions. Anyone know what is going on here and how to fix it?

A:ATI Catalyst Drivers won't install :(

Ok, firstly, alarm bells started ringing when i noticed that one device (laptop/pc) is 32bit, and the other 64bit. If you are using the same instal file on both machines, thats probably the problem!

If I'm reading that wrong, then sorry.

What I would do is firstly try the manufacturers website of your graphics cards for the latest drivers. If not, try windows update. If not, did you have drivers with the pc/laptop? If not, run dxdiag, save all info to text file and upload here for me to see.


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May I present to you (an otherwise, most excellent find, if you ignore the nay-sayer below) the Catalyst WHQL ATI 9.8 drivers in both x32 and x64 flavors. These feature great support for newer (and older games) and a much-needed interface improvement for the Catalyst Control Center. Enjoy.


Vista/Win7 Catalyst 9.8 x32

Vista/Win7 Catalyst 9.8 x64

WinXP Catalyst 9.8 x32

Installation Report:

Catalyst? Install Manager
Installation Report
08/16/09 19:44:45

Hardware information
NameATI Radeon Graphics ProcessorManufacturerATI Technologies IncDevice ID0x9441Vendor ID0x1002Class Code0x030000Revision ID0x00Subsystem ID0x2542Subsystem vendor ID0x1002Other hardwareExisting packagesCatalyst Control CenterATI Catalyst Install ManagerATI Display DriverHDMI Audio DriverAVIVOMicrosoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 RedistributablePackages for install
Catalyst Control CenterFinal Status:SuccessVersion of Item:2009.0714.2132.36830Size:150 MbytesATI Catalyst Install ManagerFinal Status:SuccessVersion of Item:3.0.736.0Size:20 MbytesATI Display DriverFinal Status:SuccessVersion of Item:8.640.0.0000Size:90 MbytesHDMI Audio DriverFinal Status:SuccessVersion of Item:5.00.7000.05Size:1 Mbytes
Other detected devices
ManufacturerATI Technologies IncDevice ID0xaa30Vendor ID0x1002Class Code0x040300Revision ID0x00Subsystem ID0xaa30Subsystem vendor ID0x1002ATI Radeon Graphics Processor
ManufacturerATI Technologies IncDevice ID0x9441Vendor ID0x1002Class Code0x038... Read more

A:Catalyst 9.8 Drivers x32/x64 - Leaked

These are not leaked, and they are not exclusive. And this post is late.

But thank you for an almost excellent find.


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Hey all, I've got an older 4850 that's perpetually stuck with CCC 11.2 drivers. I had issues when I originally put it in where it wouldn't install drivers at all which required a boot into safe mode alongside driver sweeper and some deleting of mucked up files in a system folder. But now when I go to do the automatic update through CCC, it says everything installs correctly but it doesn't actually install the latest drivers. And I've uninstalled CCC and reinstalled to no avail. I'm thinking something is broken deep down but I wouldn't know where to begin to look. Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

A:HD 4850 won't take new Catalyst drivers

Zach, have you tried driver sweeper in Safe mode? The reason I ask is that the drivers need to be COMPLETELY removed for a new install to work correctly.


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ATI has released new Vista 32 and 64 bit drivers for Legacy cards (X19xx series and down),

32 bit - ATI Catalyst? Legacy Display Driver

64 bit - ATI Catalyst? Legacy Display Driver

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i recently bought an ati 9800xt 256mb agp off ebay & recieved it this morning. i got a disk with it but cant get it to work. anyone know which drivers i would need? i went onto the ati website but there seems to be hundreds.. which do i need? thanks

A:ati 9800xt catalyst - which drivers etc do i need?

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ATI has released its Catalyst v9.10 drivers.

A:ATI Catalyst v9.10 Drivers Released

Nice one matey.

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What's the deal with the latest Catalyst drivers? I just installed 4.8, and I would get a black mask over the image in PowerDVD, and Fullscreen in WMP9 when watching DVDs from my Virtual Drive. You can hear the movie playing and all, so that's not the issue.

I uninstalled them, and put back 4.6, and they play fine.

Is this some sort of protection/encryption system? If not, is this some sort of driver problem?

How stupid. (If its the former)

A:Solved: ATI Catalyst Drivers 4.8

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