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Protégé R930 how plug two exyernal monitor + internal display

Q: Protégé R930 how plug two exyernal monitor + internal display

With fn + f5 , i have limited option and nothing with internal plus 2 external ...

Perhaps there is ? new driver to do so ...

Which driver ???

Thanks ? lot !!!

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Preferred Solution: Protégé R930 how plug two exyernal monitor + internal display

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I think I have to upgrade mine , the one used by pushing FN + F5

But I dont know which one ?



A:Protégé R930 - Which driver for display multiple monitor ?

Install Toshiba System Driver and System Settings.

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Okay I have a Toshiba Protege m100 here I think.

I set the boot priority in the BIOS to like CD-ROM>LAN>FDD>HDD

I reboot, doesn't work. Boots straight to HD and loads the OS.

I also tried pressing escape or whatever to make the boot menu pop up.
I navigate over to the 1 that looks like a single CD disc. I hit enter on it, and it still boots to HD.

The CD rom works. The current OS is Ubuntu. I can go into Ubuntu and look at the windows XP CD...

But it won't let me boot to any cd, it doesn't even look like it tries to search for one. Doesn't make the sound or the clicking noise.

(and for the record, I'm going from Ubuntu to XP for work, not personal preference lol).

Edit: Oh yeah I had to turn the LAN network card off in the bios because the boot priority would skip the cd again anyway, and search the lan for a connection or something... So with it off, yeah, it skips the LAN too now, to boot from HD.

Message was edited by: chriswf

A:Protege M100 won't boot to internal CD, though it's set to in BIOS

In my opinion in BIOS you should set HDD as first bootable device.

For some reason if you need to use other device as first bootable device you can choose it manually in boot menu when you use F12 at start-up.

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control buttons on monitor do not seem to work properly
have to keep pushing control buttons to make it go away ... then it flashes back on ......... then flashes back off
a major annoyance
that has just started

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i'm using a Toshiba Protege R700 on a Dockingstation and i have problems in swichting the display from the integrated to external.
Is it really neccessary to press FN + F5 to switch Display when undocking?

My scenario:

Laptop on dock, using external display
Shutdown Windows XP
Startup Laptop
Enter my Win XP Login on Logon-Screen
Integrated display turns black

After that i either have to press blind FN+F5 or dock the Laptop to change setting on my external display.

A:Protege R700 on Dockingstation / Switching Display

>Is it really neccessary to press FN + F5 to switch Display when undocking?
Hmm? yes it?s necessary to press FN + F5 in order to switch back to internal notebook screen if you have used the external screen previously?

The Fn + F5 switches between external and internal screen... so you have to use this if you want to use internal notebook screen again.

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Hey there people.

My problem is quite complicated, so bare with me. The problem has lasted quite a few months, me only getting around to trying to do something about it when I had time, seeing as I could just use my laptop for other things I do.

I've been reformatting/reinstalling Windows XP (Either Home or Pro) for quite a while now and have been having trouble with my monitor/video card. I'm not sure which is causing the problem.

So I've been reformatting quite a few times, and after each reformat/reinstall I've tried installing drivers (GeForce 6600 [Both the newest and the oldest versions - have tried both] and nForce 4 series) and after every time I've installed them the Display settings keep showing my monitor as Default, instead of Plug and Play as it use to do about a few months back.

Anyway, the reason this is problematic is that I can't play Battlefield 2 with these settings, and whenever I try to my computer shows an Out of Range message.

I'd really appreciate any help with fixing this problem.


A:nVidia 6600 - Display shown as 'Default Monitor' instead of Plug and Play

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Last Christmas Eve, jb hardman wrote "I have a Toshiba Portege R705 with a unique problem that I've never come across. The display has shifted down and to the left"; I have the identical problem as of the following Memorial Day, lost task bar had to put it on right with dark space to the right of it, here's the comment.

In my case, I dropped the machine. It was an accident, the cord was caught on the swivel chair. Here's where the problem appears to be. The machine has two buttons side by side to the upper right of the the keyboard. The left one is the eco settings, it brings up a window with easy power saving controls including sound off, wireless off, screen dim. It's marked with a world globe with a couple of leaves, some kind of green thing.

The button to the right has the image of a notebook computer and a desk display. It is useful I think when you run a cable to an external monitor or a projector. But since the fall, that is at this moment, the right button also brings up the eco window.

In other words, the fall stuck the machine in a display mode for an external monitor with the consequence of a screen alignment problem The solution involves opening the machine and freeing that button. This machine's been unopened, but I'm sure in my case at least that that's the cause of the unique, well, if unique is one, this duique problem. Darn.

I should be able to look up how to open the machine all by myself but would not mind... Read more

A:protege r705 display shift down and left because i dropped it

The shift down and to the left is in the direction of the corner of impact, as if the display physically shifted, never mind buttons

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I have 3 4K Monitors connected to a TB-16 docking station.  One monitor blinks erratically and has been an issue since my first purchase in May of this year.  I am on my 3rd replacement laptop and since it arrived 6 weeks ago, it has the same issue and DELL PREMIUM support says they are working on it but I have not heard back from them for now 6 weeks.  
I've seen many posts on this similar issue.  Is this just a defect that cannot be resolved.  If so, issue a refund and this will be returned.
And Yes, I've updated every driver in the order that was recommended by the DELL technician and they also did the same.  It has gotten more erratic and ridiculous that I have to pay this much money for a laptop that is unstable.  Help me escalate this to Mr. Dell and get this working or refund me. 

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I have a 9360 with the 3200x1800 touch screen and 16 GB of RAM.
When I connect an external 4K monitor and also use the internal laptop monitor, the external monitor flickers on and off every few seconds whenever the laptop is doing something graphically intensive (just zooming in and out of google maps is sufficient to trigger it, but lots of other things can too).
So far, I have tried two different 4K monitors, two different 9360 laptops, two different docks, connected directly to the laptop w/o the dock, a bunch of cables, and different intel graphics driver versions.  Currently running the Dell driver ( but they all have the same problem.
I can avoid the flickering if I disable the internal laptop screen when using the external screen - but that's not exactly optimal -  I'd love to be able to run both simultaneously.  I can also avoid it if I use a lower resolution monitor, but, according to the specifications, this laptop should be able to run 2 4K external monitors at 60 Hz simultaneously, and here it is choking on one + the internal display which isn't even 4K!
Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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Hi All,

I have a need to install Windows XP onto a Portege R930-14T with an Intel I3-3110M CPU. When I try to install the driver for the graphics I get a message "This Computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software".

The readme for this driver suggests it is for the 2nd gen I3 not the 3rd Gen as is installed.

I am sure its something simple I am missing.

Any help or guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


A:WXP on Portege R930 - need display drivers

Do you try to install Intel display driver ( from Toshiba download page?

Can you please post exact model name of your Portege notebook?

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For 6 weeks I have had no problems driving my 30" dell from the W520 displayport at its native 2560x1600 as the single "projector" display. Today, I aroused the laptop from sleep as usual, and was greeted with a blank Monitor and the laptops internal display on, with a fixed unchangeable resolution of 640x480. after about 5 reboots (includring removing power and battery), I found a way to get the W520 panel back to 1080p,but it wont display anything on the external monitor.  The monitor works fine connected to the displayport of my dell laptop, so I dont think its anything to do with the monitor. Interestingly, If I have the monitor plugged in, and do "Detect Displays" in he windows Display->Screen Resolutoin dialogue, I get this: 1. ThinkPad Display 1920x10802. Display Device on: Mobile PC DisplayAvailable Display output on: Nvidia Quadro 2000MAvailable Display output on: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family what on earth is a "Mobile PC Display?" If I disconnect the DisplayPort and detect displays, the "Mobile PC Display" goes away.  During the many attempts to fix this issue, twice I saw the message "Nvidia user experience driver component has stopped working", but I cant find specific steps to reproduce this. I have done no sw updates, nor installed any SW or changed any configuration in the last 2 weeks. I have tried all the combinations of connecting an external Projector:Show desktop on 1Show desktop on 2ExtendDupli... Read more

A:W520 internal 1080p display stuck at 640x480, and freaks when connected to my displayport monitor.

Did you hit Fn (Function) + Spacebar ?   That seems to put the screen in some wierd zoomed in yet low res mode)

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I have the Portege R930 (pt331a-01w001) running window 7. Everything on the laptop works as expected, however when I plug the laptop into a high resolution monitor (2560x1440) via the HDMI port I get blue screen of death.
I can use the HDMI port to connect to my 1080p LCD TV and my work monitor which is a lower resolution and it works ok.

I have tried multiple cables and different monitors of the same resolution.

Can anyone assist?

A:Portege R930 - BSOD when connecting high resolution monitor to HDMI port


Simply said: the notebook does not crash using external monitor with lower resolution than 2560x1440. Right?

Found your notebook model.
[Portege R930 PT331A-01W00101 |http://www.mytoshiba.com.au/support/computers/portege/r930/pt331a-01w00101/specifications]

and it seems that the unit supports the Intel? QM77 Express Chipset and Intel? Graphics Media Accelerator QM77

I would recommend updating the graphic card driver.
On the Toshiba page you can find the Intel display driver v8.15.10.2712 (Win 7)
Also you could test the version downloaded from Intel page.

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Running a Portege R930-1d0 through High speed port replicatior II.
Is it possible to output to dual displays?


A:Portege R930-1D0 + High speed port replicator II - dual monitor support

By ?dual display? do you mean the internal + external display or do you mean two external monitors?
The Hi speed port replicator II supports the RGB port as well as the display port and HDMI port but both (display port and HDMI) cannot be used simultaneously.

You can use the internal notebook?s HDMI port and for example one of the Hi speed port replicator II ports to connect another external monitor.

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Where can I get a internal charge plug. mine is broke inside.

A:internal charge plug broke.

leavitttrucking wrote:Where can I get a internal charge plug. mine is broke inside.You can search for the part using the HP Product Number (P/N) at the HP Parts Store:  http://partsurfer.hp.com

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I am being told by the guys at Frys Electronics that the BUILT IN 802.11 wireless will be MUCH BETTER then any USB plug in adaptor I can buy for Range and connectivity.

Is this true?

searching for a new computer and it needs to be fast to get email and internet for the wifey.........thinking about a simple I-3 with built in 802.11 wireless???

A:802.11 wireless - Built in (internal) vs USB plug in??

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i have installed this new videocard gt 430, i reinstalled graphics driver but windows shows microsoft basic display adapter as current display does not detect gt 430
my monitor is plugged in videocard but detected as basic display adapter and not detected as gt 430 and my game lags what should i do

A:display plug in graphics card (has display) but does no detected

Where did you get the driver from ?

Did you find a Windows 10 driver for that card ?

What did nvidia come up with, what driver did you install ?

GeForce GTX 430 | GeForce

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I have Toshiba Portege Z30-B-10v.

there is an issue when I plag in the Headphones the internal microphone stops working and I can't find any possibilities how to switch it on.

It was found on both win7 and win10 platform

any hint how to resolve it ?



A:Portege Z30-B-10v - internal mic stops working when I plug in Headphones

any way I find out that if I plugin ony 2/3 of jack to Combo Audio jet it works in this combination (External headPhones + internal mic)
but it is not acceptible

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Hello,I have issue with sound on my T460s. I played blueray disk on my laptop, then sound stoped working completely from both laptop speakers and the earphone plug. Driver installs correctly since I see the Realtec high definition audio at the bottom. When I tested the sound, I see the green signal in the testing windows, but I don't hear any sound. However, if I use HDMI or Bluetooth, I can hear sound normally. I tried to unistall and reinstall Realtec sound driver, reinstall windows 10 again, using commant 'Services.mcs'..... but still it was not successful. Is there any solution to this issue, since I tried to search the forum and google, and it still failed to play sound. Thanks.

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I have a Seagate Free Agent HDD that just quit on me. First I had several errors, going to the deadly I/O error and to the point that neither of my laptops recognize the drive. I've tried almost everything to get my files back (same'ol story: all my pics and music are stored there). As last resort I'm thinking of opening the case and plug it as a slave/secondary HDD straight into my Dell Inspiron Laptop but I don't know if that can even be done.
PS. If you can believe my bad luck this happened just a WEEK after I bought another external HDD to back up all my data.

A:How to open a Seagate Free Agent HDD case and plug it as an internal HDD in Dell LT

you tube
that is how i found to open my wd passport

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 recently bought a Dell latitude E6420 i5-2520M 8GB and I am experiencing a very annoying issue with the speakers.
The sound coming from the speakers worked until I plugged in the headphones jack into the computer for the first time - when I unplugged the headphones internal speakers stop to work completely.
What I have tried so far with no success:

Uninstall and reinstall windows audio/sound drivers
Tried Realtek drivers
Disabled headphones
Recovery and reinstall Windows 10

What is strange is that every time I uninstall and reinstall the sound drivers the speakers start to work again until i plug the jack of the headphones and again speakers stop to work. Any Idea?
Please let me know what you need to know about my computer to better understand the problem and I will amend the question accordingly.

A:Dell latitude E6420 - plug headphone jack in stop internal speakers to work

I resolved installing windows native audio drivers
Apparently, this is a known issue with the Realtek drivers on the Dell Latitude.

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hi when i plug in my charger or even when i remove the charger my laptop display goes off and comes back in 2-3 secs i see this each time i remove or plug in the chargerPlease help me to fix it.

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I installed a Gigabyte "GA-X48-DQ6" motherboard into an Antec 300 case. It powers up but there is no place to screw in my 15 pin LCD connector. Hopefully there is an adapter. If anyone knows of one I would be grateful to learn of it. Thank you !

A:No Place to plug my LCD display

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Yoga 500 display goes off when the power input removes. The system is still running, only the display goes off. when the power cord connects back, the displa will come active. What should I do to rectify the problem?

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I was waking my laptop up because it was in sleep mode and I plug in my charger because the battery is currently at 47%. I don't have power saving on and I did not get any error messages. I got the windows 10 most recent update yesterday as well.  Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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This is kind of a strange problem, but my monitor plug is missing a few of the prongs that are inserted into the computer. I was wondering if this could be fixed, or do I need to buy a new monitor?

A:Monitor Plug

I just had a look at a spare and it seems to have a few holes where you would think pins should be, works fine.

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Hello all, This is an ASUS P5P43TD-Pro socket 775 Q8400, latest BIOS release. Works normally in all known other aspects. Windows 7 Enterprise, x64. 16GB memory. BIOS settings all "auto", i.e. no OC or anything of the sort. On-board LAN, Serial, parallel, IEEE all disabled. NVidia 220 video card, also set for defaults. There are six internal SATA ports (native ICH10R), with five fixed internal drives connected. The sixth port goes to an external SATA tray intended for hot-plugging bare drives. The BIOS does not distinguish between fixed and removable drives as some newer BIOSs permit. All you get to set is IDE emulation or AHCI. The drives are all set for AHCI to enable hot-swapping. The SATA driver in Windows is the Intel RST recommended by ASUS for this board. I have not allowed it to update to more recent versions. All this stuff basically works, but there's one screwy problem I can't seem to resolve. Out of the four drives that typically get hot-plugged into the external bay, three of them work exactly as you'd expect them to. The OS detects them and mounts them with a drive letter (H:, which is the next in line). No problem. ONE of the four drives causes this weird problem where it actually causes a dismount of one of the fixed drives. Not only a dismount, but it disappears from the list of devices too. And to make it even stranger, the new drive mounts with the correct drive letter (H), even though it knocks off the drive designated E! A... Read more

A:Hot-plug external drive = forcibly dismounts internal drive. Why??

That's a first time hearing an issue like that, I am puzzled as well, I'd look at BIOS settings and drivers as cause or bad drive electronics on the ONE.

Is there something different about that one?

I would have your co. pay for another drive in that situation and probably perform destruction procedures on the one not working, or DoD procedures to wipe it if it's under warranty before RMA'n it.

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The LCD display goes blank if I disconnect the power plug.  This laptop was purchased in April 2015. Months ago, the display flickered if power was less that about around 60%, w/o AC power connected. So, it has progressively gotten worse.  I guess I have a high tolerance for pain. There is no flicker with continuous AC power.  I am looking for suggestions on how to fix this issue?

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OK, so, it's been a half year since I have a nvidia gt 440 2gb ram and so on. And recently sometimes freezes my PC and I get a black screen(sometimes other colors), but that's not the problem, so I wanted to change my graphics card until I get a new one with an ATI Radeon Sapphire X1550 that I found, I know its old, but I don't have another one.

OK, I removed my nvidia drivers completely with DDU, pull out physically the graphic card from mobo and...
My problem is: When I plugged ATI X1550 in my motherboard, my PC boots but nothing appears on my screen.

Please help!!

And oh, one last thing, if u guys think that ATI X1550 is broken or damaged, it's not, I have tried it on a friend with windows xp sp3.

A:pc boots but no display when i plug my graphics card

Could you fill out your system specs completely please? It's hard to give good advice if we don't know what we are dealing with for hardware.


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Is there any tool to monitor IE in terms of the creating and destruction of plug-in instances?

Thank you

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I have an Emachine T-5026 with an Intel 915GAG board. Ubuntu 7.10 is installed. I currently have a SOYO 24" LCD monitor in the system, (1920 X 1200 native resoution).
Ubuntu will not pick this monitor up at more than 640 X 480 resolution. I couldn't find a video driver for the Linux at Intel's support page. What now?

The previous monitor was a Westinghouse 22" at 1680 X 1050 resolution. Ubuntu picked this up at a maximum of 1280 X 1024.

The Intel XP video drivers for this chipset will provide all native resolutions.

A:No Plug n' Play Monitor

Perhaps install an inexpensive graphics card which does have driver support for Linux.

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I bought a new motherboard (Asus A8R-MVP) and the thing where you plug the monitor is a male and my monitors cable is a male at the end as well. If you don't know what a male and female is, then here's a pic

Do I buy this to solve the problem?

Thanks in advance,

A:Need help with monitor plug and mobo

Yes that would be what you want.

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When I boot my system my monitor has 3 of everything on the desk top...( I know my old eyes are bad), but I do the "add new hardware" to correct this every time...any suggestions to help me would be appreciated.
Monitor: Nec MultiSync A500 ( I now old old)
OS: win 98se

A:Monitor Plug and Play

Try starting your computer up in safe mode. and check the resolution setting of the graphics. If it is set too high for your old old monitor as you put it, lower the resolution. Try 800X600. Also try setting your color quality to a lower setting.

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I have a little problem...
I have CTX PR705F monitor whch doesn't have drivers(even in CTX homepage). I was sad that it should be found as Plug & Play monitor and work properly. But it didn't, it found it as a standard monitor. So, does anyone know how you can chose Plug & PLay manually?
I tryed reinstallng and 'manually chosing' the drivers but couldn't find plug & PLay
Any ideas?
(I have Win ME)

A:Plug & Play monitor

Right-click on your desktop and chose "Properties". That will bring you to the "Display" option in "Control Panel". Click on "Settings", and then on the "Advanced" button near the bottom.

Next, click on the "Change" button near the top of the new window and then look for and select "Plug and Play Monitor". Windoze should be able to find and load the standard Plug and Play monitor drivers for you.

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I am trying to install a 17" LCD Monitor with a no name LCD controller that has no plug and play capability. I have tried turning off hidden modes (works in 2000 Pro) and changing the monitor type to standard LCD 1280 by 1024. In the display information window it show 1280 by 1024 but it is displaying 640 by 480.

Anyone have a work around this feature of XP Pro? Oh, yes I have tried this on XP Home and it works up to 1024 by 768. Which is better then I get with XP Pro.

Thanks for any help I can get.

A:Non Plug and Play Monitor

check the manufacturers site for a driver for it,but if it is working in pro reinstall your video drivers

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I purchased an Acer monitor today to use as my second monitor. Whenever I plug the Acer monitor in I get a BSOD right away. I have tried to boot up my PC with just the new monitor plugged in and not my original, and I get the BSOD immidiately after I sign into my PC account. I have tried updating my drivers and restarting many times, no installation CD came with it so I'm not sure if I need to install something for it to work.

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I arose last morning to find my display upside down 180 degees from normal ..I use a hdmi cable to display my desktop onto my big screen tv. When I disconnect the hdmi, every thing returns. I plug the cable in its turn upside down.. By the way for about a year the lower portion of my display was distorted. Something reset itself and I don’t have that problem anymore. But now I’m unable to use my big screen, thru my hdmi cable without it flipping both the laptop and tv display It appears to be an issue with my lap top hdmi port,as I tried a new cable. Please help with suggestions
Thank you in advance

A:Upside down display (180 degrees) when when hdmi cable is plug in

Press and hold
Ctrl     Alt     and press the up arrow

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I did a Dr. Watson snapshot on the computer and it stated it does not appear to be a windows 95 plug and play compatible display driver
this problem does not start windows in normal mode and it stops aol from running on normal mode
please help thanks

A:does not appear to be a windows 95 plug and play compatible display driver

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My monitor is a 17" TFT LCD Monitor made by Hanon Model: L-1715.
The monitor will not turn on as the PSU green light is flashing when I plug it in to the monitor. When i diconnect the monitor from the PSU, the PSU green light becomes constant like it should be, so..
the PSU green light stays constant when not plugged into the monitor.
as soon as i plug the PSU into the monitor the green light starts flashing and my monitor won't work
please help

A:Monitor PSU is fine until I plug it in!! WAAAATT

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Hi, I recent came across another monitor, and I'm trying to use it as a dual display monitor (the kind where you can drag things across both monitors, etc). My graphics card is a Nvidia GeForce GT 240 and it has a VGA port and DVI port. I bought a DVI to AGP plug (DVI male, AGP female) since the other monitor has a AGP male plug. However, when I plug it in it isn't detected, nor is it detected when I plug it into the motherboard AGP port. Both monitors work when I use them with the AGP port on my graphics card. Also, in device manager, if they are both plugged in, they both show up.

Any suggestions?

A:Extra Monitor not being detected, may have something to do with AGP/DVI plug

I think you mean D-Sub, not AGP. AGP is a type of graphics card slot on the motherboard. On the chance that the adapter is bad, try another brand. They are relatively inexpensive.

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I am using windows 7 64bit and i have a hdmi cable hooked up to my monitor for my computer, I have it hooked up to the ati radeon 5770 pci express
Every since i upgraded to the latest versions of catalyst everytime i turn my computer on the screen is not the right size about 2 to 3 inches is black and i have to right click on desktop and goto ati control panel and then just click ok to make the monitor use the whole screen i have to do this everytime i start my computer and it is very annoying. How can i get it to save my settings so i dont have to do this everytime i start my pc thanks.

A:Problem with monitor and hdmi plug

Can you set up a profile?

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I have a PIII 700 motherboard with an on-board SIS 630 graphics card.

I updated the drivers for the graphics card recently, and it works just fine, with one exception - when the computer boots up, it doesn not load the driver for the plug and play monitor!

If I check the display properties (via Control Panel), it seems that the monitor cannot be recognised, and consequently the power scheme settings for the monitor do not work and have to be reset.

If I run the 'Add new hardware' applet, it finds the 'Plug and Play Monitor' immediately, and the system returns to normal!

I have been to the monitor manufacturer site (Logix) and can't find any specific drivers for the monitor. That doesn't seem to be the issue. I assume that it's probably tied up with the order in which things are being loaded, but I can't work out how to alter this?

This one has me stumped. Hope someone can help.

A:Can't identify plug and play monitor

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Hey! I bought a plug and play monitor with embeded speakers.. The monitor works great! But the speakers do not!!! I have everything plugged in right and it still doesn't work.

The monitor/speakers I bought is the 17 inch LCD monitor by Westinghouse
When I go to the sound and audio devices part of the control pannel, it sais "No Audio Device"
When I go to the hardware part it says that everything is working properly.
I am running windows XP Home Edition
I was thinking my computer is confused and only thinks it is a monitor, but the speaker part has its own seperate plug (the little green type)

I don't know what else to say about it so I guess we can just start with that.

A:Plug and play Monitor/Speakers

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Hi everybody
My name is Majid , I live in Iraq ,
Due to electric power crisis in my country , I replaced my old , 500 watts monitor with second hand Fujitsu LCD monitor (50) watts , so that I could work on UPS for longer period of time , the problem is the connector is not standard "D" type , it's MDR28 ,28 pin , having a built-in speaker , .
Any body please help me with pin assignment , to convert it to standard "D" type ?

Thank you

A:Fujitsu monitor plug assignment

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Having issue on the monitor DisplayPort Hot Plug issue on the  HP EliteDisplay E222.  The monitor wiil lost signal after reinsert the DisplayPort or the monitor power plug.  Did follow the instruction to change both Source Detection mode and DP Hot-Plug Detection mode to Always Active, some of the PC able to recover the screen after hot plug, but some of them failed. Noted that all of the PCs are using Intel(R) HD Graphic 530 Display adapter. 

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I recently upgraded my board and processor from a pentium 450 to an AMD while keeping my drives. I am operating on windows 98se. My new board has built in onboard 64 meg graphics while my old system had on board 8 meg. My problem is, I cannot change the monitor settings. It is set at 16 colors and 640x480 res. I have only two color selections available, 2 and 16.
I have tried various bios changes, driver updates, reinstalling windows and also deleting the device and rebooting.

Any Ideas?

A:Plug and play monitor problem

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I just got a new Compaq Desktop computer and was woundering why it detects default monitor insted of the monitor i have hooked up it wont install the driver for the monitor.

A:Monitor wont plug and play

Do you have the driver for your display adapter installed? Have you tried installing the monitor driver manually?

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