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free windows 8.1 for win 7 users ???

Q: free windows 8.1 for win 7 users ???


Preferred Solution: free windows 8.1 for win 7 users ???

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: free windows 8.1 for win 7 users ???

@ all the malware removal guy's. Get ready to be busy If this happens.

Windows 8.1 Update 1 could be specifically designed to do this, with some people close to the matter explaining that the upcoming release might only require 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage space on either tablets or PCs.

 Yes I wanna see that, If Microsoft says 1 gig You will need 2... LOL

Windows 8.1 Update 1 is slated to make its public debut in April as part of the Patch Tuesday cycle

Better be an optional Update, I paid for my Win7 and would be upset If I was forced to upgrade by a sneaky( automatic) Update.

Of course, such a product could also help Microsoft compete against the likes of Linux

I can see it now Microsoft Windows open source where you can do anything you want like in Linux.
Then again it might improve security.

Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus, And the Easter Bunny is real..........
April HUH? Microsoft setting us up for a April Fools Day joke?
I can see it now Microsoft realeases new free secure operating system that runs on 1 gig of ram on older systems....... APRIL FOOLS.

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A:Windows 10 Free to Win 7 and Above Users...

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?Do not install any third-party software on Windows 10 PCs?

It's a well-known fact that many OEMs and retailers across the world are shipping Windows computers, no matter the OS version installed, with lots of useless software solutions that do nothing more than to slow down the PCs themselves and to create additional issues.

Anti-virus apps, word processors, toolbars, and other additional software tools that aren't specifically requested by users are all installed on these computers, so it takes time and effort for users to remove them completely.

And yet, this has to end in Windows 10, users claim in a new suggestion on UserVoice, as Microsoft needs to work with OEMs to avoid installing unnecessary software on computers powered by this new operating system.

Users Want Windows 10 to Be Bloatware-Free - Softpedia

A:Users Want Windows 10 to Be Bloatware-Free

I hope those same people that want all bloatware removed before they get their new computer realized that bloatware lowers the cost of the new oem computer. Also one person bloatware is another's favorite utility.

Now it would be nice if microsoft had an uninstall utility in the control panel (or whatever they are going to call it in win10) where you can select everything you do not want and it all will uninstall at the same time. That would save a lot of time.

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Microsoft announced recently that Windows 7 SP1 & Windows 8.1 users have until July 29, 2016 to exercise their option to upgrade their systems to Windows 10 for free  Effective July 29, 2016, Windows 7 SP1 & Windows 8.1 users will have to purchase the Windows 10 upgrade from Microsoft  Microsoft's goal is to help our customers get the most secure and best version of Windows before the promotional offer expires on July 29  Effective immediately, customers on Windows 7 SP1, and Windows 8.1 whose Windows Update settings are configured to accept 'Recommended' updates may start seeing the below notification even if they have not previously reserved the Windows 10 upgrade  If the customer does not cancel or reschedule, by default the upgrade will install at the scheduled time 

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Microsoft announced recently that Windows 7 SP1 & Windows 8.1 users have until July 29, 2016 to exercise their option to upgrade their systems to Windows 10 for free  Effective July 29, 2016, Windows 7 SP1 & Windows 8.1 users will have to purchase the Windows 10 upgrade from Microsoft  Microsoft's goal is to help our customers get the most secure and best version of Windows before the promotional offer expires on July 29  Effective immediately, customers on Windows 7 SP1, and Windows 8.1 whose Windows Update settings are configured to accept 'Recommended' updates may start seeing the below notification even if they have not previously reserved the Windows 10 upgrade  If the customer does not cancel or reschedule, by default the upgrade will install at the scheduled time. 

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Microsoft announced recently that Windows 7 SP1 & Windows 8.1 users have until July 29, 2016 to exercise their option to upgrade their systems to Windows 10 for free

Effective July 29, 2016, Windows 7 SP1 & Windows 8.1 users will have to purchase the Windows 10 upgrade from Microsoft

Microsoft's goal is to help our customers get the most secure and best version of Windows before the promotional offer expires on July 29

Effective immediately, customers on Windows 7 SP1, and Windows 8.1 whose Windows Update settings are configured to accept 'Recommended' updates may start seeing the below notification even if they have not previously reserved the Windows 10 upgrade

If the customer does not cancel or reschedule, by default the upgrade will install at the scheduled time


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So my brother got a new vista laptop recently and it came with a paper saying he can upgrade to Windows 7 for free.
So i go on HP's site (he got a pavilion), and i come across the page where i place my order. But then i find this:

It says it costs 30 euros! I thought it was meant to be free!? 30 euros isnt much anyway but thats not the problem, my problem is also that i cant pay online becuase i dont have paypal or a credit card!

Isnt it meant to be free? Or is that the shipping cost?

A:Windows 7 free upgrade for vista users

I would call HP and ask them ... though it doesnt sound like a free upgrade to me...

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Starting today, current users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 will be able to reserve a free upgrade to Windows 10 once the operating system is released in a few months' time. And yes, the free upgrade will give you...

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A:Microsoft lets Windows 7 and 8.1 users reserve free upgrade to Windows 10

DirectX 12 here we come. Oh yeah!

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How shall users upgrade to free Windows 10 after July 29, 2016 if they need to reinstall OS? What should they prepare for reinstallation of Windows 10 in the future, creating a copy or what else? Thank you for your answer.

A:How shall users upgrade to free Windows 10 after July 29, 2016?

If you upgraded and activated Win10 before the free offer expires on 29 July 2016, you can re-install any time. You'll need Win10 install media, which you can download from MS.
See: Windows 10 ISO Download

If you did NOT upgrade and activate before the deadline, you will have to buy a Full Packaged Product (FPP), also known as Retail.

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To receive your free one-year trial subscription to eTrust EZ Antivirus, please complete and submit the form below. This information is used to create your free account, in the event you need product support. We respect your privacy. Your information will not be shared with any third parties for marketing or related purposes without your consent. See our Privacy Policy below for more information.Upon completion, you will receive a confirmation email that includes a link to download the product.https://www.my-etrust.com/SubscriptCenter/M...55〈=en-US

A:Free Etrust® Ez Antivirus For Windows Vistatm Beta Users

avast antivirus also has a vista compatable antivirus program for free goto www.avast.com

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The latest batch of market share statistics provided by Net Applications for desktop operating systems puts Windows 10 on the second position in the rankings, but it also reveals something totally unexpected that happened last month.

Windows 10 has actually lost market share last month despite the fact that everyone expected the operating system to continue its growth, which could be a sign that Microsoft?s 1 billion devices running Windows 10 goal might take a bit longer to become reality.

While it?s a bit too early to tell whether Windows 10?s market share could stagnate for a longer period or not, the September 2016 performance was clearly below expectations, especially because this happens only one month after Microsoft ended its free upgrade campaign.

As part of this promo, Microsoft often became rather aggressive and sometimes users accused the company of forcing the upgrade on them, with many complaining that Windows 10 was installed on their PCs even if they didn?t ask for it.

No forced upgrades, no growth
But now that Windows 10 is no longer available for free, the operating system?s growth not only that slowed down but it also stopped completely, and this can only be bad news for Microsoft.

Windows 10 dropped last month from 22.99 percent to 22.53 percent, and while the decline isn?t substantial, it?s a sign that the new OS might really struggle to get ... Read more

A:No Free Upgrades, No New Users: Windows 10 Declines for First Time Since Launch

They can't be surprised, if they are they don't have the team I thought they did.
Their approach brought this on, and the good part is they can change that far
easier than changing code. I just hope they are "socially" smart enough to see
that fact.
Cool Share Exterminator.

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Beginning of 2013 there was about 40,000 apps ready to be downloaded at the Windows Store. The Store grows rapidly, faster than other similar stores for other platforms.

Not all Windows Apps cost money. In fact a great number of games and apps is available for free, ready to be installed. This is a collection of Windows Store Apps the users of the Eight Forums have tested and used and want to recommend.

The idea is to give you a short description, only a few words for you to get the idea what the app does. If you are interested you also get a direct link to app at Windows Store where you can get more information before deciding if you want to install the app or not. Notice that as Windows Store URL protocol is not recognized by our forum software you need to copy the link manually and paste it to IE10 addressbar (protocol ms-windows-store is only recognized by IE10, it does not work on other browsers).

If you have found an app you would like to share with us, reply to this thread giving the app name, short description and enough details for us to find it in Store. Remember that the app should be free, no test or paid for version.

Have fun!

You need to copy the full Store Path for the app, paste it to IE10 and hit Enter to open app presentation and installation page on Store. Notice that because of forum software word wrapping the link might be divided on two rows. You need to copy and paste it as one continuous link. ... Read more

A:List of free Windows Store Apps recommended by our users

After completing my favorite list above, I found PC Monitor from MMSOFT Design.

Remotely monitor and manage your IT infrastructure using this securely encrypted app that gives you total control of your critical servers and applications from anywhere, anytime.PC Monitor is free for non-commercial use and you can monitor up to 5 computers or applications with no subscription payment required and no time limitation.All computer resources, network performance, IIS, Exchange, Active Directory and Hyper-V - just to name a few.Run tasks, execute commands in a terminal, manage running processes and services, check and apply updates, restart, shut down and wake your computers.Monitor the status and uptime of all computersMonitor the current CPU usage and available memoryMonitor and start/stop/pause/restart services

The user interface is clear, straight to the point, no unnecessary clutter. Here me playing with it, checking my wife's laptop over the network:

An ideal tool for family IT guys. I like it. Added to the list.


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Hello, everyone. This is my first post. I have been in touch with Microsoft 3 times to ask this question and each time I get referred on to someone else. I would have thought that the answer would have been straight forward so I looked around and found you guys. I guess you can tell from the "title" what I was asking about but here it is anyway.

"will the free download of Windows 8.1 (for existing Windows 8 users) be released on DVD for those with a very slow broadband connection? It would take me 48 hours to download at around 20kb/s - I really need it on disc."

I am waiting for the response to this second rewording of my question and will post Microsoft's response here. In the meantime I would appreciate knowing if anyone here has an answer.


The Professor.

A:Windows 8.1 Free Update on Disc for Windows 8 Users?

You will need to buy the DVD.

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First of all, the details are here.According to a leaked document, customers acquiring Vista PCs will be given the opportunity of inexpensive and free upgrades to Windows 7, as long as they will buy the machines with Vista and not wait for the launch of Windows 7. The latest documentation leaked for the program reveals an Eligibility Period spanning from July 1, 2009 through January 31, 2010

A:Free Upgrades for Windows 7 only to Windows Vista users

Keep in mind this is subject to change

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I was reading an article, and it said that Windows 10 would be free for 8 users. Do all versions of 8 get it, or just 8?

I refuse to go to the Windows 10 forum to find out, because they were really ugly about things.

A:Windows 10 Free for Windows 8 Users

Microsoft has so far said nothing on the subject. So anything anyone else says at this point is just speculation.

Based on past events with earlier versions of Windows, they will at least probably offer a substantial discount to those that upgrade to Windows 10. Beyond that, who knows?

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Read more about what 10 offers in the link below.
BBC News - Windows 10 upgrade to be 'free' for one year
Microsoft has announced that its next operating system will be offered as a free upgrade to owners of devices running Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Phone.
The announcement marks a change in strategy to its previous policy of charging for major updates.
The offer, which is limited to the OS's first year of release, may aid its adoption.

A:It's Free ! For A Year...For Win 7, 8 and 8.1 Users

It's great, my own laptop and the Windows 7 laptop of my mom can be upgraded! <3

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ZoneAlarm Update is now available. If you do not receive a notification here is a link. This update is for the free version of Zone Alarm.ZoneAlarm UpdateThere is also a NEW Free ZoneAlarm Support Center And a NEW Free Online Spyware Detector

A:Free ZoneAlarm Users:

Scarlett have you tried the spyware scanner?

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Grisoft will no longer be supporting it and is encouraging users to purchase version 7.0. You can read more about it here and here.

A:Attention! All Users Of AVG 6.0 Free Edition

Frank, it would seem that Grisoft will be coming out with their free version 7.0. What appears below was taken from their web site this morning:

Red Boy

"New Generation of AVG Free Edition to Replace Current 6.0 Free Edition
GRISOFT is pleased to announce that the next generation of AVG Free will be available soon!

The new AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition, which is currently available for Beta testing, is scheduled to be Generally Available at the beginning of November.

All current AVG 6.0 Free users will be able to upgrade to the new AVG Free Edition before December 31, 2004 or purchase the full AVG Anti-Virus protection for $33.30 at any time.

AVG Anti-Virus 6.0 FREE Edition will be discontinued on December 31, 2004, and virus database and program updates for this edition will no longer be available.

In order to provide sufficient time to upgrade to the new AVG Free, all AVG Anti-Virus 6.0 Free users will be informed through the update process in the coming weeks about the availability of the upgrade.

GRISOFT continues to provide improved overall computer security by providing free anti-virus tool for home users.We are excited about the new release of AVG Free and think that you will be, too!

Thank you for using AVG Free!

- October 27, 2004 -"

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If you haven't seen this already, SONY has put on the Playstation Store 2 opportunities to download 2 free games. This is due to the recent debacle with the PSN.

The games available are: Dead Nation, INfamous, LittleBigPlanet, Stardust HD, and Wipeout HD with Wipeout Fury bundled.

They will be listed under Welcome Back section in the games.

You can also rent free movies, but the movies are too old... Bad Boys, Ghostbusters and Final Fantasy: Spirits Within.

A:Playstation3 Users - Free games!

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On my bookshelf lies original, authenticated copy of German Vista Ultimate 64-bit DVD, of course with original key. It?s been there since summer of 2008, I do not even remember why I bought it. It?s useless for me, having Vista DVD`s in English and Finnish.

First one to claim can get it free, I?ll even pay the postage.


P.S. It?s Ultimate, so with language packs anybody can use it, if you just manage installation in German. Non-German speakers I promise help with installation.

A:German users: Want a free Vista Ultimate 64-bit?

I have the impression it might be gone already, but my hand is up!
It could solve my problem, you know...

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I am looking for a cheap / free program that will allow 2 or more users to connect over the internet and record a PODCAST for a small business.

I looked at Skype with IMCAPTURE but the cost is about $50.00 so I was wondering if anyone knows a cheaper way to do this without being overly complicated.

Would seems there should be some IM client that allows native capturing of recorded content no?


A:Any cheap or free way to PODCAST multiple users over internet?

Have a look at trillian im not sure its what you need but it has a free version,although its probably limited as its free
All Features - Trillian Astra

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Popularity of different free Anti Virus softwares among MT users

A:Malwaretips users currently using Free Anti Virus software.

Qihoo 360 Essential Security On Desktop.

SecuraLive Internet Security On Laptop with Xvirus Free.

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Hi all!
In my ever-ongoing search for anti-malware tools to try, I stumbled upon FreeFixer - a general purpose removal tool which can help getting rid of potentially unwanted software, such as adware, spyware, trojans, viruses and rootkits.
The program is freeware, but offers a Pro-version with some extra features.
I am therefore wondering, are there any users of this program?
Thank you very much in advance!

A:Are there any users of FreeFixer - a general purpose removal tool - Free or Pro?

Like other similar tools, FreeFixer does not distinguish between good and malicious entries so the scan results can contain legitimate entries. It is up to the user to investigate and determine what should or should not be fixed. This can be done utilizing FreeFixer's file database or any number of other reputable online file databases. For those you are not sure, FreeFixer advises they should submit a log to helpers at the FreeFixer forums who will assist in analyzing it...similar to what we do here in the AII and MRL forum.For more specific information, be sure to read the FreeFixer User's Manual.

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User 1 logs in and works does whatever... Doesn't log out but screensaver goes back to user screen. 
User 2 logs in (switching users - not logging out user 1) and gets to work. 
Sometime later (ie. not right away) and not at a prescribed time, the network stops working.  
I try to disable / enable the network adapter and the machine freezes.   Reboot fixes problem.
If user 1 or user 2 is the only one logged in then never a problem.
Anyone heard of this? 
Thanks for any help!

A:Multiple Windows 7 Users-Switch between Users-network stops working

When switching users, it's always a good idea to have User 1 close out any applications and documents they have open and then log out before User 2 logs in. It sounds like you have fast user switching enabled, but I'm not aware of that causing any network issues -- unless User 1 was doing something that required a network connect.
Check the Event Viewer for error logs from the time it froze when you tried to disable and enable the network adapter. Post the event ID and description here if you need help diagnosing the issue from the log files. Perhaps another fix is to disable fast user switching, so that users are always forced to log out before someone else can log in.

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This may only be for the US. A link that can take you to the offers is at http://forum.raymond.cc/threads/kasp...8/#post-294755
There are a good number of other free offers, including ESET Smart security, AVG Internet Security, and Nero. They involve rebates.

I want to know from Kaspersky and BitDefender users :

1. How are these programs on false positives and over-aggressiveness with detection of so-called Potentially Unwanted Programs or Applications (PUPs and PUAs)? For me, avast! and Webroot have gone after way too many legitimate programs on my computer.

2. Do these programs allow user discretion before eliminating programs? I don't want them wiping good programs off my computer without allowing me the opportunity to whitelist them instead.

3. Do they tell you what they are doing or have done? One time I used the malware function of Glary Utilities. It got rid of something, but it never told me what it was. I have never again used the malware function on Glary Utilities.

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IT security vendor launches ESET Online Scanner for Facebook to protect all Facebook users against malware.
ESET®, the global leader in proactive digital protection, joins Facebook?s anti-malware initiative and offers ESET Online Scanner for all Facebook users for free. ESET?s solution will help users to scan and identify malware that was posted to their Facebook account after logging onto an infected computer and safely remove it. ESET Online Scanner for Facebook is going live today and will be available for all Facebook users.

?Our goal is to offer our users the right technology to improve their experience of our services and better protect their devices. ESET Online Scanner for Facebook will significantly decrease the number of malicious links from among the trillions of clicks that take place every day on Facebook,? said Chetan Gowda, Software engineer at Facebook.

ESET Online Scanner for Facebook was designed to detect and clean infected computers of Facebook users.

?ESET is pleased to offer its services to Facebook users all over the world. Signature low system footprint and ESET?s top rated detection technology used in ESET Online Scanner guarantee effective and easy detection for free,? said Ignacio Sbampato, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at ESET.

When a Facebook user logs into their account, Facebook checks for signs of any suspicious behavior ? like sending spam messages or infected links to people?s friends. If this kind of activity is de... Read more

A:ESET joins Facebook to offer free security service for all users

they may what to work their zero day protection before doing this

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hi i would like to see which every one prefers?

A:Avast Free vs AVG Free vs Avira Free Antivirus for Windows

AVG proactive protection does very good work most of the time

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Please note that I have a domain user with a laptop, then someone else from the same domain logged on and it created a profile. I tried to delete it to free up disk space. I logged off all users and disconnected the laptop from the network. Then I logged on
with a local admin account, went to start, right click on computer -> properties, advanced system settings, settings for user profile and selected the profile and clicked the delete button.

This window told me that user was using ~60GB however after I clicked delete, I noticed my C drive space did not change. Please help. I also checked in control panels, user accounts and that profile name is no longer there. I also checked the HKEY_Users and
HKEY_Local_machine->software->microsoft->windows NT->current version->profile list and that user is not there.

I am very low on disk space ~10GB left and wanted to delete that profile to free up space as that person has their own computer.

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LucidLink Home Office Edition, free for home users (wireless security)

News Release


Award-Winning Security Software Now Available Free On Website

ANN ARBOR, MI * April 18, 2005 * LucidLink Home Office Edition, an award-winning wireless security program for home office and small office environments, is now available free of charge from Interlink Networks at www.lucidlink.com. The easy-to-use application, called “dazzling” by PC Magazine, supports up to three Wi-Fi users and offers high-level protection for wireless networks by blocking unauthorized users and hackers.

LucidLink Home Office Edition makes it easy to set up and secure a three-user network in less than 15 minutes, with automatic setup for the D-Link, Linksys and 3Com access points and routers most commonly used in the home. LucidLink Wireless Security, Interlink’s solution for larger offices, employs the identical technology and interface to simplify wireless protection for up to 250 wireless users. Click to expand...

More info here.


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Is hitmanPro.Alert free for those using hitmanpro full version
i mean lisenced ?

I read it somewhere

If it is then i already have a lisence for hitmanpro and i will use it as a lisence companion for hitmanpro.alert

A:Is HitmanPro.Alert free for Hitmanpro licenced users?

saket said:

Is hitmanPro.Alert free for those using hitmanpro full versionClick to expand...

That's what the developer said, it is.

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Kaspersky found HEUR:trojan.win32.generic
says it's awating re-boot, i have re-booted several times and no change.
Malwarebytes found PUP.riskwaretool.ck and
PUM.Hijack.Startmenu bad : (0) good: (1) > quarantined and successfully repaired.
Avast didn't find anything
and i can not gain acces to the internet , but do see a strong signal.
can you help me out, Bleepingcomputer? did i provide enough information?
thank, you.

A:Windows 7/64-bit scanned with Kaspersky/Malwarebytes (free)/ and Avast (free)

Please boot into safemode with networking and let me know if you can connect to internet

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What is a good free Anti-Virus program to replace the now dead (Internal Virus Database is out-of-date) AVG Free 7.5.557 version 270.12.11/2089? The AVG icon in my task tray is black and gray.AVG Free 8.5 will not work on Windows ME! It must be an Anti-Virus program that will operate on Windows ME. I can not afford to buy a new computer. This computer does not have enough memory to upgrade the operating system, we already tried that for other reasons.

A:Need good free AV to replace AVG Free 7.5.557 on Windows ME

HI, you can get AntiVir Personal Edition or avast! Home Edition to replace AVG

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I thought it would be a good idea in keeping with the overall goal of this site to start a thread to give people a list of legal and secure sites for downloading free or dirt-cheap movies, music and software/games.
I believe this would helpful in terms of not just telling people not to visit/support pirating websites,
but to also give them other alternatives so that there wouldn't be a temptation to go there anyway
(And also for people like me that Don't want to steal, but also don't want to pay more than I have to)
Master list of sites for free/dirt cheap movies, music and free/free to try software:
Open Music Archive
Contains music with expired copyright according to UK copyright law, which states that the copyright expires 70 years after the author's death.
As such, some of the music may be considered "pirated" in countries with longer copyright periods.
For example, The longest copyright period I know of is Mexico (100 years after the author's death).
This guy composes his own music and gives it away for free!
Movies and/or TV
Movies and tv free with ads, or (for cost of membership) watchable without ads.
Free for Dishnetwork users?
Not completely free, but VERY low price!
WARNING! As stated by Quietman, Many free Software Sites contain ads  or link to sites containing ads with misleading down... Read more

A:Good source sites for secure & legal free movies and free/free to try software?

That is a good question.
When I think about it Hulu does have movies.
I use Netflix.
I can use http://www.epixhd.com/ as I have Dishnetwork and can use that to be able to watch. Yup, just tested works good.
Many of the Movies channels can be watched that way.

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Hey Guys,

If you are using Kaspersky on Windows XP, and your Blue Shift is not working, I may have a solution for you. If you go into Kapersky, go to My Security Zone and then application activity. Go to Category and then click all. Scroll down until you find everything to do with Blue Shift ( Half Life Launcher, installation etc). Right click on each of these and change the status to Trusted. The game should work now. I hope this helps I've had the problem for a while and it was driving me nuts. I'd also like to thank the user "fragger" for giving me the idea to look at Kaspersky. If your reading this, hope it helps you out buddy.

A:Half Life Blue Shift Problem for XP Users: Solution for Kaspersky users

I'd also like to add the game only works when I have Safari open. Absolutely no idea why, but this seems to be a requirement.

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A:Bitdefender free vs Panda free vs Avira free 2016


This is my Top from what you listed.

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Can anyone help me regain Security Permissions to C:\Users\All Users\Application Data Folder which I lost while looking at the access rights. I mistakenly closed the box while playing with the access rights and lost any access to the file.
I pulled the access rights to the file using icacls they are below.

application data

I am thinking I can change the information in the file and restore it. Not sure exactly what to change?

I was also thinking I could pull the info from another computer running with the same operating system and reapply them to this file? Would this work?

I looked at Previous Versions of the upper level folder. Can I restore a previous version of this whole folder? Will it restore the Application Data folder with the prior permissions?

A:Lost Access Permissions to C:\Users\All Users\Application Data Folder

Are you asking about the Application Data or Appdata folder?

If Application Data, this is not a real folder but a junction used to allow interface with legacy programs. No access is necessary since it is pointing to the Appdata folder.

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working with vista homeprem sp2 32bit here. ran a quick avast scan a few minutes ago, it caught some small-time junk in the temporary internet files (which were purged easily enough), but it also pointed out C:\users\all users as "the system cannot find the path specified". so I open up windows explorer and try to go there. cue the "refers to a location that is unavailable" error message. now, I don't usually need to prod around in there so I'm not familiar with what normally happens, but I know vista loves to have a bunch of directories displayed that are shortcuts it uses for people who leave "hide protected OS files" checked (I don't, I want to see what's where) which really ought to not be shown when you're not hiding stuff but I digress, that's for MS to be groused at after win8 flops.

SO. should I panic that I've had another thing sneak past the security screens (mvp hosts file, spyware blaster, avast's shields, mbam scans)? nothing else seems out of sorts, but one man's paranoia is another man's preparation, and all.

A:C:\Users\All Users refers to a location that is unavailable *error message*

This is normal.All users folder points to c:\programdata folder.These are called symbolic links.

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Hi everyone,

I am the web masters of a local snowmobile club and our new website is having a few problems with printing. Please take a look at the site, http://www.strathroysnoblizzards.com/Strathroy_Sno-Blizzards/index.html

As you can see it has a black background which when printed on my Mac OS X has no problems with printing (it leaves out black background and keeps the text and images) and prints everything.

The problem is that one of our members are ticked that they can not print the site because of the black showing up above the text and images and I really don't want to change the background because it look good the way it is, so is there any way to change to printer settings or some ideas for him to help him out with this problem.

Second problem is that out of 4 pages, 2 are blank with nothing on it and there is suppose to be text and images on those pages, anyway how to fix this too?

Thanks Guys

A:Website printing??? (backgrounds causing problems with PC users but not Mac users)

I only have one suggestion. Do they have this unchecked?
Print background colors and images.

IE->Tools->Internet Options->Advance Tab-> scroll down
to the Printing headline. Make sure it is unchecked.

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Got a problem here with a classroom full of Windows XP Pro PCs, where if I put new shortcuts into All Users\Desktop, when a user logs on they can only see the shortcut as an unknown file type which does not run. Any existing shortcuts in All Users\Desktop work ok, just not any new ones!

The PC's are on a Windows 2003 Server network (with AD) and have local user profiles.

A:Network users cannot run shortcut items placed into All Users Desktop folder

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I was wondering if there is a soulution to this issue, if anybody has any ideas please let me know thank you

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Hi, There seems to have been a problem with a Microsoft Antispyware update, so those of you who have BOTH Norton software, and use Microsoft Antispyware program, had better wait till the next update which will hopefully resolve this:


We are seeing several other posts with this issue, right now, so I am sure it is not a mistake.

A:READ!! Norton users/Microsoft Antispyware users.....

This only affects the corporate edition and has been corrected in the latest MS Anti-Spyware updates.

See stickied thread:


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The general method to change ownership is not working
Please suggest some other method

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Hi all! I've found a found two windows xp based APPS that'll optimize your performance "Right Mark CPU Utility" is the 1st one and your just set the profiles to the optimal performance... another tip that you could use to optimize your turion 64 is to uninstall the turion 64 update with evidently keeps your processor running at a specified temp with does limit your performance. Another application that you could use to optimize your ati 200m or anyother mobile based graphics card is Power Strip.. Hope's this helps everybody out!

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Does anyone know what explorer is showing OneDrive instead of Chad in this case? You can see the first pic that shows OneDrive, but then when you select the folder in the explorer path, it shows the true path is D:\Users\Chad.
Is this a registry setting?

Thanks in advance!

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What is the best way to share execution priviledges between limited users, power users, and administrators?

Say an application has already been installed by a higher priviledged user type, and a limited user cannot execute it - e.g. an ISP login software, or Spy Sweeper. Note: ISP login software lacks profile, so I suppose I could just create that, however, Spy Sweeper is a head scratcher.

Should the application be uninstalled and reinstall under All Users? How do you install an application to allow All Users to use it?

I have already tried to use the "Run As" right-click Properties w/Shift key approach and that does not work.

Is there an approach with regard to local security policy that would do what I want to do? How is that done? Or, is Access Control List the way to go?

-- Tom

A:Sharing applications between users, power users and admin


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How do I add custom items to the above folder ?

I need to add shortcuts for our corporate ERP application.

A:C:\Users\All Users\Start Menu - Access Denied !!!

That is because it is not a real folder it is a junction point for old software. The real place is:

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