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dsl internet connectivity suddenly drops

Q: dsl internet connectivity suddenly drops


I have a big problem with an hp brio pentiom pc.
it is a network computer running win98se, 128mb ram, 500mhz cpu chip. it is a networked pc connected to verizon DSL through a 4- port linksys router which is connected to an SMC switch we have at work. All other computers on the network do not have this problem except for this pc and another dell optiplex gx1 pc with the same specifications as this one.
What happens is that after 4 or 5 hours the pc's disconnect themselves from the internet and i have to reboot them to regain connectivity.
it's a pain because on one machine we are running gotomy pc software because we have employees who log on from home and do work. overnight the machines disconnected and we cannot get work done. i have tried to re-install tcp/ip. also diabled any power management on the harddrive within windows and the bios but still disconnects. also forgot to mention both these machines that disconnect after 4 or 5 hours have static ip addresses they are not obtaining any leases from a DHCP server.
please help me;

Preferred Solution: dsl internet connectivity suddenly drops

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: dsl internet connectivity suddenly drops

Sounds like a DHCP lease renewal. I would call your ISP and ask them why it is disconnecting at that time interval. It also sounds like Code Red symptoms.

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Hello, I would first like to say Hi I'm Brian!

I've been using computers for a very long time now but I occasionally run into some errors.

I was wondering why Firefox keeps telling me that I'm not connect to wireless Internet, even when my toolbar says that I am. I know that I'm still connected because I can still be downloading a program using a third-party downloader at the same time as Firefox is acting up. I've also been trying to use Internet Explorer and it doesn't work either.

I use Windows 7, I've had this computer for less than two weeks!

I also have another question and I through my experience on forum websites, it's better to reduce clutter so I'll post it here: My firewall on McAfee will disconnect right after I click connect?

I've run anti-malware software and it constantly tells me that I have no malware at all!

There haven't been any glitches or lags that tell me I have a virus. Could I have one? McAfee doesn't detect any but I'm sure it's possible that a virus could be hiding somewhere...

A:Internet Connectivity Drops On Browser

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I upgraded my laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  Upgraded the Wireless Network Adapter Driver to the latest version, but still losing connectivity, and some times get the blue screen with the message "driver power state failure".  It looks to me that the Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 2230, Single Band is not compatible with Windows 10 SW.  I would like to know if HP has an alternative to replace it with a compatible Network Adapter. Thanks 

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My internet connection is strong, all 5 bars. Randomly though, the connection will be dropped down to Limited Connectivity. Once I disconnect, then reconnect, the internet connection is fine. I can continue browsing with full signal strength. A few minutes later, it's been dropped to limited connectivity again.

We have three laptops in the house. The two Dell's we have are both dropping the internet. The HP laptop hasn't dropped once. My laptop has never had this problem on any other networks I use (I'm only home for the month from school). My parents have said that they never had this problem before on the other Dell either. The fact that the HP still hasn't dropped the connection once makes me thing it might not be the router? I have no idea. Any suggestions???

A:Internet connected, then drops to limited connectivity

Are all Machines connected by wireless

A bit contradictory really -
The HP laptop hasn't dropped once. My laptop has never had this problem on any other networks I useClick to expand...

Lets assume a PC issue as other devices are solid assuming they are connected in the same way - ie cable or wireless

I would suggest first looking at the DELL service TAG numbers on a label on the PC and using that info to goto the dell website and updating the network adapter drivers

If wireless lets see an xirrus screen shot - it maybe interference - but would expect all to drop connection

Lets also see the ipconfig /all and ping tests when its working and also when it disconnects - see below

{run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector} Download and install
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC

Direct link to the program is here http://www.xirrus.com/library/wifi_download_redirect.php
Then run and install the program
if you get an error - You need NET Framework installed for the WiFi Inspector to function.

Run the program

post a screen shot of the program running - if there are a lot of networks showing can you click on "networks" top lefthand area - so we can see all the network information, and also post which network "Adapter Name" (1st column) is yours on the list

To post a... Read more

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I'm using Win 7 64 bit. Recently, over the past week or so, I've noticed that the internet connectivity will drop after a little while. It can be 5m or perhaps an hour. After this, a reboot is required to reconnect. The strange part about this, is that the icon in the corner that tells you your network connectivity status stays at 5 bars rather than the familiar 5 bars with a caution sign as if there isn't an issue.

Some tests I've tried after this happened before a reboot:

1. ping google.com in cmd
RESULT: Strangely, I receive ping packets back from google, which may explain why the status in the corner stays the same.
2. telnet to google.com on port 80 and send a request.
RESULT: telnet acts strangely. Characters appear black on black and thus are unreadable. I was unable to send an HTTP request to google, and thus the result is inconclusive.
3. Check facebook notifications in chome
RESULT: Oddly enough, I can receive notifications, but I cannot reply, nor click on a new link to open the notification.

After the connection "drops", you will not be able to use chrome, nor firefox to access the internet. Both browsers will send requests that never return packets from the host. One guess I have is that the connectivity does not drop completely, but drops to a pace that is so slow, little information can be loaded.

My initial response to this was: "I have a virus". I downloaded AVG, ran a scan, it found a few viruses, removed them f... Read more

A:Internet connectivity drops; No change in taskbar icon

It sounds like either TCP/IP network stack or winsock is messed up which is a fairly typical problem but virus problems can look like many things.

If it's a virus problem run more scans.

You should also run malwarebytes to check for more virus's .

Windows security essentials is also worth using.

If you did have a virus it may have messed up the network stack or winsock.

Winsock entries tells Windows 7 how to access your network services. Additionally, your TCP/IP protocol can be corrupted. The TCP/IP protocol is a stack of 4 layers that includes several transport layers, but when this stack is corrupt you will constantly have connectivity issues.

Type or copy each command one at a time into an elevated command prompt then hit "enter" after each one, then reboot your machine.

netsh winsock reset catalog (reset winsock entries)

netsh int ip reset reset.log hit (reset TCP/IP stack)

If it's something on the wireless side then you should install Xirrus wifi inspector. A screen shot of this will show me the wireless landscape in your area and adjustments can be made from there.


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About 3 days ago my computer started dropping connections, giving massive lag while browsing/gaming, and other various connection issues for no apparent reason.

There are 2 computers (mine & my boyfriend's), all the cell phones, and an Xbox connected to the router. Before anyone says its a router or bandwidth issue, NOTHING but my PC is having issues and we have all been connected just fine with high speed connections for a very long time.

I have installed no new software or hardware on the computer. Windows 10 is up to date & last update for it was Nov 18th. All of my drivers are up-to-date. The PC I have is a custom built one that was built a year & a half ago.

I have taken my boyfriend's network adapter & tried it on my PC but get the same results. I have bought a new adapter and still same results. I have disabled my firewall & same. I have ran 2 separate full system virus scans & found nothing.

What could be wrong with my connection?

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Ill try and be breaf, i have a home security system (arlo) which depends on wifi to function. the cameras are wireless and require my network connection to work. so it dawned on me that my children can just unplug the internet if they want to sneak out (hopefully they haven't figured that out, but if i have they most likely have as well). i want a way or program i can use that will monitor the internet and alert me via email/txt or any other way, that my internet is down!
i apologize in advance if this is something already answered. i simply cannot find what i want. something basic, that just records or alerts me when my internet isnt working. 24/7

A:tracking (monitoring/logging) internet connectivity & drops in connection.

Tell the kids that your alarm company called because your wireless connection went down and they receive a message to this affect and they wanted to know if this was something they should dispatch the police to.  Explain that you don't know how the wifi went down, but if it does go down this will be the response in the future.
Years and years ago I was involved with alarm systems that were connected to a dialer which would call the alarm company when the alarm system was tripped.  When the phone lines were cut the company monitoring the alarm system would see this as the system being tripped and dispatch the police.  So I wouldn't be surprised if they have some means of monitoring you system from their end.  It may be worth calling then to find out what does happen when you wifi goes down.

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OK. This is my first post here, and I admit I joined this Forum solely to help solve this issue!

My computer has recently been upgraded (actually it was a clean install over a wiped drive) from W2K Pro to XP Pro. The problem detailed below has followed me. Since this is so, I suspect my issue may have something to do with the ISP I use, but more about that later.

Here's the problem. I can have hours and hours of good clean Internet surfing behind me, get up for a cup of coffee, and come back to a dead connection. We use a wireless connection. Clicking on a link or reloading gives the Firefox "unable to connect" page. IE does not work, either. I cannot ping a web page via the command prompt. Email, however, seems to keep working. That is, I get no timeouts, and it seems to be connecting to the mail server. In the early days, I thought it was my ISP. However, a reboot solves the problem, so it's me?

Since changing to XP Pro, I am using a new firewall (ZoneAlarm instead of Norton) and even a new AV (NOD32 over Symantec). I also picked up a router for the first time. None of these were around back when I had W2K, so I don't think these are at fault.

It is as if some program or something I do is suddenly making it impossible for me to get out. I just don't know where to look.

I thought it was the ISP doing something, like maybe a reset or a session changing. Guessing here. Especially since it appears I can still query the email server. The fact ... Read more

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I'm running Win XP SP2 on a Shuttle system I constructed, internet connectivity through Comcast cable.

Several days ago, I had a two-second power flicker in the home. Since then, no internet connectivity. Since the problem started with the power flicker, I thought that maybe the cable modem had been damaged, but a cable tech just came out to the house and said that the modem is fine. So, the problem must be specific to my PC. I am usually on a router, but in order to make things simplier, I directly connected my PC to the cable modem.

The problem is that I have a 169 IP address. I tried going into Services to stop and restart the DHCP service, but the stopping process took too long, and I got an error saying, IIRC, "The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion". Using ipconfig /release also fails to work, but I can't remember what error/message came up with that command. (since I have no internet connectivity at home, I am posting at work from memory).

It just occured to me to try a system restore from before the outage, so I'll try that when I get home tonight. Any suggestions, aside from a fresh install of XP? I went into the Device Manager, and no problems with my ethernet port.

Thank you very much.

Update: Just got a call from home. Our laptop works fine when directly connected to the modem, so the problem is specific to a software issue on my machine. The tech told me that Winsock had been "cleared out... Read more

A:Suddenly lost internet connectivity - seems software-based

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I use a three year-old Acer Aspire V3-571-6698, running on Windows 8.1.
A few days ago, the Internet would cut off at random. To fix this, I would try to disconnect and re-connect from the modem, but in doing so, it would tell me that I can't connect to the network. After that, all available connections suddenly drop to only one bar, regardless of the strength before it happens (and usually, it gets five bars from the modem and a few nearby providers).
Restarting my computer fixes the issue, albeit only temporarily.

So far...
I've tried to reset the modem (both by sending refresh signals and unplugging and re-plugging), but it didn't solve the issue; nothing changes if I don't restart. The other computer in the house and any mobile devices don't experience the same problem, either, so I'm under the impression that it has to do with my laptop in particular.
Tightening the screws on the bottom of the laptop body didn't do anything either.
I tried to do a System Restore to several days prior to the problem arising, but it only fixed it for a couple of days.

At first, it seemed like it would only occur when I was running games that required a lot of computer strength, e.g. Minecraft and League of Legends, but this morning, the connectivity dropped when I only had two Google Chrome tabs open.

I am completely lost. Could someone please help me figure out what could be wrong?

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Win7 home 64bit on Gateway laptop.
My laptop Wifi keeps dropping.
InSSider shows the beacon signal strength of my router, -25dB; well above other networks near me, at -80dB.
My router is the only broadcaster on its channel.
InSSider shows receiving the signal at -25 dB, but then drops down to -95dB (which is complete loss) then back up. It may be up for three or four seconds or only a second before dropping. The up/down is continuous.
Control panel shows no warnings. Everything is installed correctly.
I power cycled the router as well as the modem, uninstalled/reinstalled the drivers for the wifi adapter. Installed newer wifi drivers.
I changed channels on the router.
Changed authentication type, then back to WPA2.
ipconfig release all /renew
SSID is not hidden.
Replaced the router and tried everything again.
--signal still up then down then up/down--changing routers gives same results.

Connectivity is constant with Ethernet (non-wireless) connection.

Last night, between 12 a.m and 6 a.m. the wifi signal was steady. No drop out at all. But after 6 the connection is never up for more than a few seconds before going down.
Unable to locate any potential interference--appliances that may have been off during the solid time.
On a different computer, the local network and wifi has good connectivity. InSSider shows the signal coming from the router to be steady, no drop out.

Any ideas?

Here is a screen shot of what InSSider shows. My wireless router connectivity is the red ... Read more

A:Wifi continuously drops connectivity

You might want to start up in Safe mode with Networking to determine if this problem is caused by an installed program or software.

Safe Mode with Networking - Add to Windows Boot Manager Screen

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I started some consulting work for a company that uses a wireless connection with 2 access points in their office (one on channel 6, the other on channel 11). They use a WPA-PSK key to secure the connection.

The problem is that with about 70% of the laptops that come preimaged from the parent company the following problem happens.
You try to connect to the wireless, enter the password, the authentication passes, an IP address is assigned, it appears connected, about 5 seconds later the connection is dropped, the computer tries to reconnect, it reconnects, then it drops and stops connecting.

I have tried the following things:
Disable all firewalls/antivirus
Reset the TCP/IP stack (using netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt )
Reinstalled the drivers of the card
Tried different software besides the Windows Wireless Zero Configuration (like the software for that driver)
Winsock repair
The other two things I tried with some success is:
Connecting to another wireless connection - worked but only for unsecure
Reformatted Computer (or Repaired Windows installation) - worked for 4 of the 5 computers I tried.
Now the other 30% have a similar yet annoying issue. Everytime I connect to the wireless network I get a limited, no connectivity message. I tried the same kind of things I did above but nothing worked. I'm not sure what the problem is, with one computer i actually replaced the wireless card (only to get the issue that i was getting at the top). Reformatt... Read more

A:Wireless connection drops/no connectivity

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Hi,I've bought E50-80 a bit more than month ago, and something is wrong with battery.Battery charge % drops suddenly from 20%-30% to 6%.It looks like battery is damaged.I am using Windows 10 and have current acpi drivers, and all stuff from lenovo download.I am really disappointed, it's my first time with lenovo notebook and its really worrying. Regards

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When ever i ON  my laptop.First it shows like 61% available, within 5 -10 mins battery discharges to 7%.Could you please help me? Would you replace battery?

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I have 2 virtually identical Dell Vista laptops (details below), both bought about one month ago. One has a reliable connection to my wireless network, the other initially connects fine but then drops to "limited connectivity" almost daily.

On the problem laptop, everything will work fine, then my daughter goes to use it and the "internet is down". Looking at the laptop, I see it has "limited connectivity". Frick. It can see the network, and signal strength is "excellent". My wired desktop unit and the other wireless laptop work fine, so definitely seems like an issue with this laptop.

If I reboot, it will work fine... right up until the point that it doesn't again. Lather, rinse, repeat. I tried the Vista "fix my problem" wizard last night - I can't remember the exact steps it did but I know the first try didn't work (maybe releasing and renewing its IP addr from DHCP?), the second step worked... so hooray for that. But I don't want my daughter running the "fix my problem" wizard every 24 hours!

I've searched the forums and can't find any answers for the situation where the networking works, then doesn't, then does again.

Router: Linksys WRT54G, WPA2, DHCP for 5 users w/ max expire time (7 days?)
"Problem" Laptop: Dell Studio 15, Vista Home Premium. One month old.
"Good" Laptop: Dell Inspiron 1525, Vista Home Premuim. One month old.
Desktop:... Read more

A:Vista Drops to Limited Connectivity Daily

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Hi everyone,
I'm helping my girlfriend's dad with his new toshiba satellite L505D, it's running vista, and i have it over at my place. I finally got the wireless working to the point it uses the WEP encryption in place, but at his house everything is wired. When I plug in the LAN cable everything works for a minute or so(i can view web pages) then it goes straight to Limited connectivity. WHen I view the dhcp table on the router it no longer exists. The only way to get it back connected is to reset the network adapter, but then it drops again...I've never seen a case where the connection is there, then drops to limited, any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

A:vista wired lan drops to limited connectivity

Welcome to TSG.
Think that since the failing environment is at his house,you will probably have to shoot this bug at his house.
When you say that everything there is wired,do you mean all hardwired to a router,modem,or modem/router ?
From the failing environment we would like to see,when it fails.

From a Johnwill post on the Networking Forum

Try these simple tests.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD (COMMAND for W98/WME) to open a command prompt:

In the command prompt window that opens, type the following commands one at a time, followed by the Enter key:


PING <computer_IP_address> For addresses,follow instructions below&#8230;.

PING <default_gateway_address>

PING <dns_servers>


PING www.yahoo.com
Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter to copy the contents to the clipboard.
Paste the results in a message here.

<computer_IP_address> - The IP Address of your computer, obtained from the IPCONFIG command above. IPV4 for Vista

<default_gateway_address> - The IP address of the Default Gateway, obtained from the IPCONFIG command above.

<dns_servers> - The IP address of the first (or only) address for DNS Servers, obtained from the IPCONFIG command above.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

This will give us a pc's ... Read more

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Alright guys, I'm pretty illiterate when it comes to computers and the Internet. I can install things, run CCleaner, and do other basic tasks. I've been stumped about this issue for months and after repeated, and failed, attempts to resolve it via the ISP, I've come to the internet for help. I've done searches via Google, this website, and all the other places I can think of, so hopefully I didn't miss a solution to my problem.

I mentioned my illiteracy also because I'm not exactly sure what info you'll need to help me, so I'll describe the issue as best as I can.

When playing games online, my internet connection will occasionally drop for 5-8 seconds, every 5-10 minutes. Sometimes, the game will allow me to reconnect after a short lag spike. Other times, I must meet a breakpoint for getting booted, and I'll have to leave the game.

It happens with all games I play online. Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3, Minecraft, Guild Wars, Starcraft II, the Diablo 3 Beta (MAY 15), and even Ventrilo does it. Where ping is given, I'll either get any of the various "Disconnected" messages, or if I manage to recover fast enough for that not to happen, it will read as a 1000+ ping spike that soon returns to normal.

It also happens to all computers on the network. Three desktops all experience it, and the various laptops we may have connected experience it. However, even if only one computer is active, the issue will occur, so I know ... Read more

A:Online games connectivity drops periodically

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I got a new Thinkpad Bluetooth Mouse with my Thinkpad Yoga 370 and although I love the machine, the bluetooth isn't that great. I have to pair the mouse to use it everyday.  After an hour or two of inactivity the mouse disconnects and I have to re-pair it.   Anyone have a solution for this?  Is this just Windows 10 behavior or something I'm missing in a setting on the machine?

2000 T61 ? ten years of various terrible Dell & HP work laptops - 2014 MacBook Pro 13.3 - 2015 HP 800G1 (just a train wreck) - 2017 Yoga 370 ? 2018 T560

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Dell Vostro 330 AiO
Core i3 2.53GHz
Wireless nic: Dell Wireless 1502 802.11 b/g/n;

For about the last 2 weeks, I've been dealing with an issue where my AiO drops WiFi connectivity randomly. At this point i have to manually reconnect/associate with the router. I receive two errors in my log:

Event ID 11002
Wireless network association failed.

Network Adapter: Dell Wireless 1502 802.11b/g/n
Interface GUID: {00a5676e-0755-4823-9d54-cd31a3cf493e}
Local MAC Address: 38:59:F9:02:25:60
Network SSID: E1QE5
BSS Type: Infrastructure
Failure Reason: The driver disconnected while associating.
Dot11 Status Code: 2


Event ID 8002
WLAN AutoConfig service failed to connect to a wireless network.

Network Adapter: Dell Wireless 1502 802.11b/g/n
Interface GUID: {00a5676e-0755-4823-9d54-cd31a3cf493e}
Connection Mode: Automatic connection with a profile
Profile Name: E1QE5
BSS Type: Infrastructure
Failure Reason:The driver disconnected while associating.


So far this is what i've done to troubleshoot.
1) Updated the driver
2) Unchecked the option in device manager to allow the computer to turn this device off to save power
3) Within power options, i've set wireless adapter settings >> power saving settings >> setting: maximum.
3) Configured a static address on this PC
4) Re-configured wireless security which was previously WEP encryption to WPA2 personal AES.
5) Rebooted the router.
I've... Read more

A:Dell AiO Drops Wireless Connectivity Randomly

Hi there,

Can you please provide us with a Xirrus snip capture? Please follow the guidelines here:
Pre-posting Requirements - for both Wired and Wireless Connectivity Issues

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Our office is set up with two windows 7 machines, and a single XP machine. I am on the XP machine. The printer and most shared files are on the windows 7 machine. This normally works fine, but randomly it will stop allowing me to access it, and won't fix itself until it has been rebooted. Nothing will change as far as we can tell. I can still ping it, and they can still access my computer. They can also access their computers. Know of where to start trouble shooting? It is currently un-connected, so items that don't require a reboot, and would thus fix it anyway are of a lower priority than things that can be tested without it.

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I have an Acer 5532 laptop Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. Out of the blue about two weeks ago wireless connectivity started dropping. My wireless bar shows connectivity and full bars. I right click troubleshoot, run it and it resets my wireless connectivity and I'm good to go until the next episode. Sometimes I will be on for an hour with no wireless problem and sometimes I am running troubleshoot every 5-10 minutes. I have searched for solutions but cannot find anything that works. Any help would be appreciated. I have an Atheros AR5B93 Wireless network Adapter and have checked for updated drivers and it tells me I am running the latest driver.

A:Wireless Connection Suddenly Drops

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Hope these help:

Is your wireless connection dropping?

Internet Connection Drops Repeatedly

Lost Network Connection - Dropped Wi-Fi Network Connections

Why does my network connection drop every so often?

You might also want to contact your ISP to see if they can check your line speed and suchlike in case they are having problems at their end.

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I have i5 3210m @ 3.0/3.1ghz, intel hd 4000, 4gb ram, I have fully updated drivers, and in minecraft on low settings with medium render distance i get like 25 fps?! And the wierd thing is, once i got the pc, i had 80 on max? I don't know what happened, it is definately not a virus, i never had one, i have an anti virus and a fresh computer with still over 500gb of space? Alot of people say its because my dedicated video ram is only 32mb? anyway to make it 64? or something? On minecraft I had the shadow mod, and I got 40 fps, now 9? Please help thanks, before, the minute i turned on my laptop and got it running, minecraft was PERFECT, ma graphics 80 fps, now I play on low and i get 20-25, its insane, and this happened in every game, I have fully updated drivers, any help please?

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We have a number of X1 Yoga 2nd Gen (20JG) w/ EM7455 LTE cards. We have updated all drivers on some machines but we continue to have issues w/ the card at time dropping connectivity to LTE and it not returning until a reboot or a disable/enable of the LTE card.When the connectivity hangs you are unable to ping any IP addresses. This occurs randomly but is seen within an hour of waking up from a sleep.  Lastest driver as of July 29, 2019 has helped some but not fixed the problem. We have tested newer firmware version for Verizon but in those cases when the connectivity issues happen the entire card resets itself losing connectivity anyway. We have tested on Windows 10 1803 and 1903 w/ similar results. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

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I have 2 laptops, one running Vista Home Premium SP1 and the other running XP Pro. Both are connected wireless to the same home cable internet connection.
On the Vista laptop, internet connectivity dropouts have become so frequent that they make web browsing on the machine almost unbearable.

While the Vista machine has problems, the XP machine loses no connection, performing just fine. When I am not experiencing connectivity drops I get intermittant VERY SLOW page loads. I Get etiher "Connection to the Server was reset, Try again" messages or have to continually reclick the link to get it to connect.

The laptop has a Dell 1395 wireless WLAN mini card and it reports that it has the latest drivers.
I have disabled Bluetooth in case it was causing a conflict, I have turned off the lan card, set the wireless power settings to Maximum performance and disables some page scaling thing that vista does all to no improvement.

I am running PCcylinn Internet security 14 as well as MS Defender, have disabled both and again found no improvement.

We have had this laptop for about a year and these problems have become progressivly worse for the past 3 months or so. About 3 months ago Dell replaced the motherboard under warranty (my wife spilled a glass of wine on the laptop).To the best of my recollection these problems began AFTER the MB change, but I can not say that for sure.

Any help in diagnosing this and ultimately solving this would be most appreciated.


A:Constant Wireless Connectivity drops on Vista, fine on XP

What about logging in to your wireless router on the vista machine? Does that seem slow as well? Have you tried transfering data between the two computers via a shared folder to test the connection without going on the web?

I would try going into the wireless router and double checking settings like mac filtering and playing with wep wpa on or off.

Another thing you could probably do and I would try this first is to change the frequency or "channel" of the routers broadcasting signal. Some routers you can change it from ex: channel 9 11 or 6. Some better routers have more options available.

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Hello, good morning and thank you for reading

I have been experiencing drops in my wired internet connection and a google search brought me to your forums.

It seems to disconnect more often either during a call on my voip phone (a snom) or shortly after - as if a surge of usage makes it drop out?

It is currently working, so, as read on other similar threads, I shall post the ipconfig results:
Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : DenisesOffice
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection 2:
Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : D0-DF-9A-ED-5A-73
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:
Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : 802.11n Wireless LAN Card
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : D0-DF-9A-ED-5A-72
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
Physical Address. . . . . . .... Read more

A:Frequent drops in connectivity - seems to be related to voip phone?

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The Wifi adapter (Ralink RT3290 802.11bgn) has been malfunctioning for the past two weeks. The wifi signal strength of visible networks is vey weak. It shows good strength in other devices though. Also, the Bluetooth , when turned on, never finishes searching for nearby devices. So, i am unable to connect to new devices. This laptop is 2 years old. Please suggest methods to resolve.

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Today i have had this issue twice, Both times my laptop was on around 25% battery so i connected the charger and the battery suddenly says it has 0% and charging. Before connecting the charger it had minimum of 20% and after connecting it suddenly says 0% and charging. Can you help me out with this please?? Model - Lenovo Yoga 3 pro - 1370 

A:Yoga 3 pro battery suddenly drops to 0% when charg...

Dear sadmanshams,
Welcome in Lenovo Community.
Does the battery charge over when you connect the charger or it keeps saying 0% available, charging?
What happen if you disconnect the charger while the machine is showing 0%, will it go off?
Also please advise with the Windows version running on your machine.
Waiting for your kind reply.

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Hi all,

I would to start off saying that I hope I've posted this thread in the correct section.

Since some time, I've been having problems playing SP and MP games. For example, just a few minutes ago I was playing CS:GO with around 200fps (I know the human eye only sees about 25fps; and I always disable VSYNC since it's of no use to me). Suddenly, the frame rate dropped to 100fps. That wouldn't bother me if there wasn't such an awful lag. It feels like everything is delayed by one second - it just doesn't feel like 100fps at all, more like 10fps. This happens in other games as well, e.g. Far Cry 3. I have absolutely no clue as to how to fix this.

My computer specs are:

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
16GB RAM @ 1333MHz
Intel i7-2600k @ 3.40GHz
Nvidia Geforce 590GTX 3GB

A:Frame rate suddenly drops heavily

What else is in your computer?

When you mention the power supply, list the make and model.

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Hey there! I have been using Lenovo laptops for years now, and to be honest, the battery problem happened to my both last and current laptop. I tried to solve the problem using Lenovo Energy Management, but I found out that it's not working on Win 10. I'm from Morocco, My laptop has guarantee, but I'm sure Lenovo doesn't have an HQ in here so I can get in touch. For that reason, I'm asking for someone expert to help me out with some suggestions. I installed Lenovo Vantage software, but it didn't seem to solve the problem. This problem is really annoying me and I wanna get it solved ASAP. Thanks.

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Hi everyone. I have an acer E5-575g laptop that has these specs:Intel Core i5 6200u 2.4GHZ up to 2.8GHZ4GB Ram DDR4Nvidia 940MX GDDR5 with 2GB Vram500GB HDDWell i bought this laptop a few days ago and i installed games to test its performance. Actually i have a good enough system to run games like GTA V, Battlefield 4. But for example when i play gta v for about 10 minutes the game starting lag and the FPS dops from 40 to 11,10 and i can't play it normally. But in Far cry 4 with ultra settings i can play smoothly. I tested several graphics settings and even on medium i have this problem. The temperatures are fine i think. Cpu temp while im playing is about 65~70 degrees celsius and when fps drops its about 70 °C and the gpu temp while im playing is about 59~62 °C and when it starting lag its about 62~68 °C. I tested many solutions like buy a cool pad or placed a fan in front of laptop's fan or i defrag my hdd nothing helps. I hope someone can help me or tell me if anyone have this laptop too have the same problem or not

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my laptops (LENOVO Z70-80)  battery comes down to 7 % within 3 min and gets charged to 100 % within 5 min. Help me in resolving the issue 

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I have Vista x64 and it has hummed along just fine until yesterday. I couldn't watch any YouTube videos because YouTube said I need to update my Adobe Flash plugin.

OK, so I use the Chrome browser, usually. But even in IE, same message. I go to Adobe and check out their Flash Player 11 download.

Note:Flash Player does not support 64-bit versions of Windows XP and Vista. Flash Player 11 now includes support for Windows 7 64-bit.

Not supporting WinXP I can understand. But Vista?

I've been trying all night, and no dice. My only solution was to use a developer's debugger version that is constantly nagging me to update, and it STILL doesn't work in IE, only Chrome.

Anyone else want to verify if I'm reading this right?

A:Adobe suddenly DROPS Vista64 support?

Adobe Flash Player 11 | Tech specs
Yes thats how i read it too , it has been droped for Vista 64 bit what a shame

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i experience in my battery when i fully charged it to 100 it drops to 93% after 15 to 20 minutes. i just bought it last april 28. what could be the causing of this? im just so bothered of my battery. please help me get tru this. thank you very much

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I have had my Lenovo IdeaPad Z410 since around January, and I have just recently expierienced the problem of the battery dropping to zero. What happens is my battery will be draining at a normal pace then all of a sudden my laptop will shut down and will not go back on as it thinks the battery is dead. If it is plugged when this happens then the orange battery low light will begin flashing and the message goes from saying "Fully charged (100%)" to "1% remaining (plugged in, charging)". This is quite annoying as I cannot take my laptop anywhere without fear of it randomly dying on me. I would assume I wouldn't need a new battery after only having the laptop for a few months. Also, if you are not familiar with this model, the battery is built in internally so I cannot try removing it and putting it back in myself. Any advice would be appreciated; I'd rather not deal with Lenovo's customer support unless I absolutely have to.

A:Lenovo IdeaPad Z410 Battery Suddenly Drops From 100% to 0%

hi LordMothim,
Welcome to the Lenovo Forums.
Based from your findings, it's possible that:
- the battery circuit inside is not working to unload the charge, or
- one of the battery cells have already reached its life span
- the chip that handles how the battery gets charge/discharge and checks the charge level of each battery cell (both are controlled by a firmware) is malfunctioning.
Batteries degrade overtime due to heat and daily use. If you're still under warranty, I recommend you contact lenovo and report the issue as you most likely need a replacement battery.
More info:
How Lithium-ion Batteries Work

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Okay, well, here are a lot of details:
•My Specs, as complete as they can get (freetexthost.com)

•The computer was bought in Dec 2008, the video card was replaced in Aug 2011. The previous GPU was an ATI Radeon 4770 HD. I wiped all the drivers from the old one, and I double and triple checked for leftovers.

•All of my drivers are up to date.

•Disk fragmentation is not the issue - I defrag on a weekly basis.

•I thoroughly uninstall programs that I want to uninstall. Usually there's no registry leftovers.

•While we're on the topic of the registry - it's pretty clean - I don't think the issue lies in there.

•Temp files are wiped on a weekly basis.

•The problem started about a year and a half ago - in late 2011, or at least that's when I started noticing it as a reoccurring thing; I did not install something new that triggered it, I did not remove something either, as far as I know. It just kind of started happening.

•I play games often, but this happens when I've surfed the web for a while too.

•What exactly happens is the following: I start up the computer, let's say in the morning. Everything's fine, everything is running smoothly. I start up a game, let's say Fallout 3 (I know it's a glitchy game, but this has nothing to do with it, it's just a recent example. Other games this happens in are GTA IV, Crysis, The Witcher 2, FarCry 3, Saints Row The Third, Bastion, Firefox (browsing, doing stuff online)),... Read more

A:Solved: After medium to heavy usage, performance suddenly drops to a bare minimum, th

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From yesterday I have this problem on my network. All the pc's give me limited or no connectivity. I unplugged the network hub and plugged another one in but still the same problem. Even if I plug just one machine in to the hub I get the limited connection error. I tried uninstalling the NIC and reinstall it but still the same.
Any help would be appreciated!!

A:Solved: Suddenly Limited or no connectivity on all PC's

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Would really appreciate any help.

My Desktop PC (running XP) usually connects to network/internet via external adsl wireless router. I have a Laptop (running Vista) that is still connecting to the internet via this network/router but the Desktop suddenly has 'limited or no connectivity'.

Based on other threads have tried reseting TCP/IP stack and also WINSOCK entries to installation defaults and rebooted the machine.
I don't know what any of this means but unfortunately it hasn't solved teh problem yet.

Here is some info:

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.
C:\Documents and Settings\Kathryn SMITH>ipconfig /all
Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : KATHINTHESTUDY
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Cont
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-0D-56-58-80-24
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration IP Address. . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

Thanks in advance

A:Host PC suddenly has 'limited or no connectivity'

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All of a sudden, all three of my laptops' wireless network speeds and signal strengths are fluctuating. The speed used to stay at a constant 54 Mbps and the signal strength was always excellent. Now randomly the speed drops to 48/18/11/5.5 while the signal strength is still excellent, or the signal strength goes to very good/good/poor while the speed is still 54. One of my laptops, the Dell Latitude x300, disconnected completely quite often, the IBM Thinkpad T40 would rarely, and I think the Dell Inspiron B130 wouldn't actually disconnect at all, though it may have once or twice, I don't recall. Pinging google.com or Charter Spectrum's DNS on the Latitude occasionally got timeouts, while the other two wouldn't at all, although the thinkpad did a few times. When the speed or signal is down (sometimes they both go down at once but usually not) they would all ping just fine. I couldn't ever catch when the latitude timed out whether or not the network dropped, at some points the SSID would disappear and the signal bars would be empty for a split second, and I think it would timeout then but I don't think that happened every single time it timed out.

I still have the AT&T modem/router combo from when I had DSLExtreme, and so I plugged that in and turned off the Charter wifi, and tried connecting the AT&T combo to the Charter router to use for wifi. I wasn't able to disable DHCP on the AT&T combo so I just set it to an IP range t... Read more

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On most recent bootup, my Toshiba Mini-Laptop won't recognize the wireless connection. It worked fine last night. It is model NB-205-N310/BN. The OS is Win XP Home Edition. Message screen states that Windows is no longer managing the wireless connection. Went through process of re-establishing Windows as wireless manager, but it keeps coming back with the same message. I feel like I'm overlooking something simple. Isn't there a "Wireless connection wizard" in WinXP???

A:Wireless connectivity suddenly lost

Google LinksLouis

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I have SMC router, i have 2 PCs connected to it, my PC sometimes suddenly lose connectivity with the router ( i can't ping the router ) while the other PC doesn't lost connectivity. The problem can sometimes be solved by just restarting my PC, but last time restarting didn't solved it, i tried uninstall and reinstall my NIC, but it didn't work, so i had to use System Restore which solved the problem. Today i had the problem again.
I have Nod32 and Super Anti Spyware both updated, no threats found.
My NIC is Nvidia nForce Networking Connector ( Integrated with the MB ) with the latest driver.


A:Suddenly My PC Lose Connectivity With Router

Have you swapped the PC cable positions in the router?

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Hey all,
The laptop at my house is connected directly to a Comcast Cable Modem. The connection works fine randomly, but works very slowly or not at all more than half the time. I need some help. Why is my internet going so slow? We've had the Comcast people come and check things out, only for them to say that our connection is fine. The next day, it stops working. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Ipv4 Connectivity: Internet, Ipv6 Connectivity: Limited. Help Please

Closing triplicate, please reply here:



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Hey all,
The laptop at my house is connected directly to a Comcast Cable Modem. The connection works fine randomly, but works very slowly or not at all more than half the time. I need some help. Why is my internet going so slow? We've had the Comcast people come and check things out, only for them to say that our connection is fine. The next day, it stops working. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Ipv4 Connectivity: Internet, Ipv6 Connectivity: Limited. Help Please

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Hey all,
The laptop at my house is connected directly to a Comcast Cable Modem. The connection works fine randomly, but works very slowly or not at all more than half the time. I need some help. Why is my internet going so slow? We've had the Comcast people come and check things out, only for them to say that our connection is fine. The next day, it stops working. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Ipv4 Connectivity: Internet, Ipv6 Connectivity: Limited. Help Please

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Hi, it has been a month or two that ive started using my netbook again. However i noticed a strange problem and that is when it connects to a network i could only get limited access. Ive tried connecting from school, my aunts place, but the result is all the same. Does anyone have any idea what problem my netbook may have? I dont know too much about computers especially when it comes to netwoerking, so any help would be great.

Thank you

A:Solved: Suddenly limited connectivity on my net book

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My Dlink Dir-825 seems to have crapped out on me. I am looking for things I could do to confirm it has indeed died, or if there's some setting that spontaneously changed that would prevent connectivity.

Yesterday, I suddenly lost all internet on 3 PCs (1 running Windows 7, other Vista and other XP) connected via cable to my Dlink. My other devices on the wireless network of my Dlink still had internet though.

This network has been up and running for at least a few months.

I have tried:
Restarting all of the computers
Resetting the Dlink (by unplugging and waiting 20 seconds, and also by pushing the reset button in the back for 20 seconds)
Enabling/disabling MAC address filtering.
Tried connecting a Mac (as in OS X) by cable (to see if it was pc specific. Mac couldn't connect via cable either)
PCs connected directly to Modem get to the internet fine, so I'm thinking it isn't the PC's internal cards taht are the problem.

Sometimes the PCs will say they are connected to Local and Internet, or just Local, but they never really are.
All the lights on the Dlink light up and blink, saying that a connection is established.

Here is the ipconfig /all I get while my vista PC is connected to the Dlink
C:\Users\Brousseau>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Brou
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . ... Read more

A:Solved: Dlink DIR-825, suddenly lost cabled connectivity, wireless works fine.

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Hi All,
I have established a Virtual Wifi Miniport and would like to share my laptops internet via the Miniport. Whenever I connect my android phone with this access point, it works perfectly for a few minutes and then all of a sudden there is no internet on the phone. The phone remains connected to the laptop hotspot but the internet access is no more there. Now at this point if I disconnect the connection between my phone and the hotspot and then again try to reconnect back again, it wont even connect. The phone will keep on searching and shows connecting status but can never connect. I have tried all sorts of softwares connectify, virtual router, intel mywifi and even tried to create a hotspot from the cmd using netsh command. All the hotspots work in the exact same way intially works perfect but maybe after half an hour internet is gone. I have completed all the steps properly even changed the settings in the laptop adapter with interet access to allow other networks to connect but nothing seems to work. I have a Windows 7 Machine and my wireless adapter is Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless N-100 and the drivers are up to date according to windows. I know that its a problem with my laptop/OS or something because my android phone can connect and remain connected( without losing internet ) to the connectify hotspot in my wifi enabled desktop PC.I am breaking my head over this for the past 15 days even formatted my system once but no use. Please help if you can..please!

A:Internet sharing via Virtual Wifi miniport drops internet access

I guess no one has an answer to this one...my bad luck...

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